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Polling Booth in Kursi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kursi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kursi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.H.S. Pataunja Room No.- 11019Pataunja
2P.S. Jaither Kisunipur Room No.- 1463Jather Kishnipur
3P.S. Bhikhampur Room No.- 1319Bhikhampur
4P.S. Bin Daura Gharathriya Room No.- 11309Bindoura Dharthariya
5P.S. Dhanvaliya Room No.- 1309Dhanwalia
6P.S. Sailak Jalalpur558Sailak Jalalpur
7P.S. Jalalpur Room No.- 1883Sailak Jalalpur
8P.S. Turkauli Room No.- 11448Turkauli
9J.H.S. Tandva Room No.- 1659Tanwa
10P.S. Basari Room No.- 1841Basari
11P.S. Basari Room No.- 2641Basari
12P.S. Keshrai Room No.- 11188Kesrai
13J.H.S. Chheda Room No.- 1766Cheda
14J.H.S. Chheda Room No.- 2715Cheda
15P.S. Ranjitpur Room No.- 1928Ranjitpur
16P.S. Para Room No.- 11289Para
17J.H.S. Jhabrapur Room No.- 1325jhwarapur
18P.S. Loharpur Room No.- 1862Loharpur
19J.H.S. Bhiriya Room No.- 1929Bheria
20P.S. Umri H/O Vishunpur Room No.- 1628Bishunpur
21P.S. Vishunpur Room No.- 1814Bishunpur
22P.S. Gaura Sailak Room No.- 11254Gaura Sallak
23P.S. Chiraiya Room No.- 1699Chraiya
24P.S. Chatwara Room No.- 1366Chatwara
25J.H.S. Jagatpur Room No.- 1669Jagatpur
26P.S. Lakuda Room No.- 1625Lakaunda
27P.S. Manjhgavan Room No.- 1858Maghgawan
28P.S. Devgavan Room No.- 1502Deogawan
29P.S. Singaha Visunpur Room No.- 1914Umri
30P.S. Singha Room No.- 1880Sigha
31J.H.S. Belahara Room No.- 1880Belhara
32J.H.S. Belahara Room No.- 2687Belhara
33J.H.S. Belahara Room No.- 31357Belhara
34J.H.S. Belahara Extra Room No.- 1843Belhara
35J.H.S. Belahara Extra Room No.- 2824Belhara
36P.S. Belahara Purvi Bhaj Room No.- 1869Belhara
37P.S. Belahara Extra Room No.- 1813Belhara
38Panchayat Bhavan Belahara Room No.- 11381Sauranga
39P.S. Kaitha Room No.-11029Kaitha
40P.S. Kaitha Extra Room No.- 1723Kaitha
41P.S. Ghaghasi Room No.-1948Ghaghsi
42P.S. Ghaghasi Extra Room No.- 1594Ghaghsi
43P.S. Ralbhari (Chak) North1201Ralbhari
44P.S. Ralbhari (Chak) South Bhag363Bibipur
45P.S. Bhundiya Room No.-1359Bhundia
46P.S. Bhatuwamau East990Bhatwamau
47P.S. Bhatuwamau West1116Bhatwamau
48P.S. Mohari H/O Bhatuwamau Room No.-1664Bhatwamau
49P.S. Mohari H/O Bhatuwamau Room No.-2819Bhatwamau
50P.S. Surjanpur Room No.-1808Surjanpur
51P.S. Tanda Room No.11205Tanda
52Panchayat Bhavan Amera Room No.-1742Amra
53P.S. Dohai Extra Room No.- 1896Dohari
54P.S. Sohai Room No.-1654Sohai
55P.S. Moham Madpur Room No.-11420Mohammadpur
56P.S. Raipur Room No.-1929Raipur
57P.S. Basauli Room No.-1789Basauli
58J.H.S. Basauli Room No.-1709Basauli
59P.S. Karanpur Room No.-1682Karanpur
60P.S. Sikohna Room No.-11010Sikohana
61P.S. Danpurva H/O Banmau Room No.-1919Banmau
62P.S. Ram Mandai Room No.-1942Rammadai
63P.S. Parvatpur Room No.-1410Parbatpur
64P.S. Jevli Room No.-1791Jeoli
65P.S. Chandura Room No.-1695Chandoora
66P.S. Chandura Room No.2959Chandoora
67P.S. Banjariya Room No.-1822Banjaria
68P.S. Sarva Room No.-11280Sarwa
69P.S. Aurangabad Room No.-1954Aurangabad
70P.S. Bihuri Room No.-1494Bihuri
71P.S. Hidayatpur Room No.-11018Hidayatpur
72P.S. Khapurwa Khanpur Room No.-1583Khaporwa Khanpur
73P.S. Lahsi Room No.-1462Lahsi
74P.S. Mithwara Fast East979Mithwara
75P. S. Mithwara Fast Extra Room865Mithwara
76P.S. Mithwara Fast Extra Room1127Mithwara
77P.S. Achaicha Room No.-1784Achaicha
78P.S. Talgawn Room No.- 11052Talgaow
79Panchayat Bhavan Dhakhauli Room No.-1399Dhakauli
80P.S. Mahuvadanda Room No.-1853Mahuwadada
81P.S. Baisda Room No.-1596Baisara
82P.S. Rahilamau Room No.-1632Rahilamau
83P.S. Sadrapur Room No.-1650Sadrapur
84P.S. Neri Room No.-1573Neri
85P.S. Rampurwa Room No.-1400Rangpurwa
86P.S. Kuwandanda Room No.-1956Kunwa Danda
87P.S. Saraiya Motividnagar Room No.-11242Saraiya Modmitnagar
88P.S. Bhagauli North1438Bhagauli
89P.S. Bhagauli South1363Bhagauli
90J.H.S. Sirauli Surjanpur Room No.-1580Sirauli surjanpur
91P.S. Gauri Baniyani Room No.-1736Gauri Baniyani
92P.S. Madanpur North737Madanpur
93P.S. Madanpur South789Madanpur
94J.H.S. Madanpur Room No.-1461Madarpur
95P.S. Kataghara Room No.-1712Katghara
96J.H.S. Kheriya Room No.-1915Kheria
97P.S. Mirjapur Room No.-1691Mirjapur
98P.S. Jarkha North1094Jarkha
99P.S. Jarkha South518Bamnitola
100P.S. Kandraula Room No.-1936Kandraula
101P.S. Mohm Mdipur Room No.-1505Mohmmadipur
102P.S. Sevli Room No.-1500Sheoli
103P.S. Al Hemau Room No.-11028Aalemau
104P.S. Dhadhauri Room No.-1647Dhadhauri
105J.H.S. Masudpur Room No.-1277Masudpur
106P.S. Chhan Dawal Room No.-1826Chandwal
107J.H.S. Sadhemau Room No.-1743Sarhemau
108J.H.S. Sadhemau Room No.-2813Sarhemau
109P.S. Gursel Room No.-11082Gursel
110P.S. Budhiyapur Room No.-1743Budhiyapur
111P.S. Dhausar Room No.-1913Dhausar
112J.H.S. Devkhariya Room No.-11286Deokheria
113P.S. Banni Salemabad Room No.-11413Bannisalemabad
114J.H.S. Banni Salemabad Room No.-1351Bunny Roshanpur
115P.S. Saray Khasi Room No.-1456Sarayan Khasi
116P.S. Dharauli Room No.-1567Dhaurali
117P.S. Isepur Room No.-1998Isepur
118P.S. Ibrahimpur Room No.-1900Ibrahimpur
119P.S. Ujarwara Room No.-11164Ujarwara
120P.S. Gangemau Room No.-1660Gangmau
121J.H.S. Gudauli Room No.-1669Gurauli
122P.S. Ahamadpur Roo No.-1715Ahmadpur
123P.S. Gangauli Room No.-1941Gangauli
124P.S. Gangauli Room No.-2535GANG GAULA
125P.S. Asohna Room No.-1950Asohna
126P.S. Asohna Room No.-2404Asohna
127P.S. Wajidpur Room No.-1445Bajidpur
128P.S. Dhamsad Room No.-11437Dhamsar
129P.S. Rasulpanah Extra Room No 1707Rasulpanah
130P.S. Rasulpanah Extra Room No 2821Rasulpanah
131P.S. Pakariyapur Room No.-11202Pakariyapur
132P.S. Bilauli Room No.-1824Bilauli
133P.S. Bilauli Room No.-2977Bilauli
134P.S. Khalilnagar Room No.-1361Khalilnagar
135P.S. Manjhgawan Sharif Room No.-11078Majhgawan Sharif
136P.S. Manjhgawan Sharif Room No.-21077Majhgawan Sharif
137P.S. Hasanpur Tanda Room No.-1938Hasanpur Tanda
138P.S. Hasanpur Tanda Room No.-21189Hasanpur Tanda
139P.S. Daulatpur Room No.-1354Daulatpur
140P.S. Tilran Room No.-1425Tilran
141J.H.S. Sihali Room No.-11212Sihali
142J.H.S. Sihali Room No.-21142Sihali
143J.H.S. Sihali Room No.-31185Sihali
144P.S. Bhaisuriya Mujahidpur North1128Bhaisuriya Mujahidpur
145P.S. Bhaisuriya Mujahidpur South1088Bhaisuriya Mujahidpur
146P.S. Kutubapur Room No.-1476Qutbapur
147P.S. Fattahpur Room No.-1392Fatehpur
148P.S. Rauja Room No.-1789Rauza
149P.S. Patna Room No.-11396Patna
150P.S. Rariya Room No.-1873Rariya
151P.S. Barouliya H/O Rariya Room No.-1926Rariya
152P.S. Paigua Room No.-1725Paigwa
153P.S. Tedhva Room No.-1734Tandwa
157P.S. Basara Bhukamprodhi Room No.-12746Basara
158J.H.S.Tikapur Room No.-1956Tikapur
159J.H.S. Tikapur Room No.-2850Tikapur
160P.S. Kutulupur Room No.-11487Qutlupur
161P.S. Rajauli Room No.-1447Rajauli
162Sarvodaya Inter College Vishunpur Room No.-11133Bishunpur
163Sarvodaya Inter College Vishunpur Room No.-21385Bishunpur
164P.S.Vishunpur Ii( Mohammadpur) Room No.-1908Mohammadpur
165P.S. Vishunpur Ii (Mohammadpur) Extra Room830Mohammadpur
166P.S. Gheri Room No.-1849Gheri
167P.S. Gheri Room No.-2839Gheri
168P.S. Shafipur Room No.-11487Safipur
169P.S. Mawaiya Room No.-11210Mawaya
170P.S. Tanda Nijam Ali Room No.-11138Tanda Nijamali
171P.S. Tanda Nijam Ali Room No.-2841Tanda Nijamali
172P.S. Tanda Nijam Ali Extra Room794Tanda Nijamali
173J.H.S. Israuli Room No.-1924Israli
174J.H.S. Israuli Room No.-2962Israli
175P.S. Sandupur Room No.-1644Sandupur
176P.S. Dadiyamau Room No.-11184Dandiyamau
177P.S. Fatehpur Fast North1361Fatehpurdehat
178P.S. Fatehpur Fast Extra Room656Fatehpurdehat
179P.S. Mirdahanpurwa Room No.-1671Fatehpurdehat
180Sarswati Shisu Mandir I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-11189Fatehpur (NP)
181Sarswati Shisu Mandir I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-2824Fatehpur (NP)
182Sarswati Shisu Mandir I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-31163Fatehpur (NP)
183Ajad.I.I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-1879Fatehpur (NP)
184Ajad.I.I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-4840Fatehpur (NP)
185Ajad.I.I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-2814Fatehpur (NP)
186Ajad.I.I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-5952Fatehpur (NP)
187Ajad.I.I.C.Fatehpur Room No.-31417Fatehpur (NP)
188J.H.S. Fatehpur Room No.-11267Fatehpur (NP)
189J.H.S. Fatehpur Room No.-21293Fatehpur (NP)
190J.H.S. Fatehpur Room No.-31339Fatehpur (NP)
191Kanya J.H.S. Fatehpur Room No.-11086Fatehpur (NP)
192Kanya J.H.S. Fatehpur Room No.-21280Fatehpur (NP)
193N.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-11353Fatehpur (NP)
194N.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-21185Fatehpur (NP)
195N.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-31057Fatehpur (NP)
196N.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-41334Fatehpur (NP)
197G.G.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-1823Fatehpur (NP)
198G.G.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-6723Fatehpur (NP)
199G.G.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-2924Fatehpur (NP)
200G.G.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-5800Fatehpur (NP)
201G.G.I.C. Fatehpur Room No.-31037Fatehpur (NP)
202P.S. Rasulpur Room No.-11382Rasulpur
203J.H.S. Shekhapur Makhadum Room No.-11021Shekhpur Makhdoom
204P.S. Shekhanpur Room No.-1669Shekhpur
205P.S. Meernagar Room No.-1855Mirnagar
206P.S. Behti Room No.-1655Behti
207P.S. Khaira Room No.-1547Khaira
208P.S. Gauragajani Room No.-11015Gauragajni
209P.S. Gauragajani Room No.- 21085Gauragajni
210P.S. Bibipur H/O Naktauli Room No.-11299Naktauli
211P.S. Banar Room No.-11011Banar
212J.H.S. Naimabad Room No.-1573Naimabad
213P.S. Nandkui Room No.-1640Nandkuin
214P.S. Vatiya Room No.-1599Vatia
215P.S. Nandna Khurda Room No.-1740Nandanakhurd
216P.S. Nandrasi Room No.-11179Nandrasi
217P.S. Kiratpur Room No.-1920Kiratpur
218J.H.S. Nan Dnakla Room No.-1953Nandanakala
219P.S. Rivan Chapri998Riwan
220P.S. Ibrahimabad H/O Haiderganj Room No.-11047Haiderganj
221P.S. Ibrahimabad H/O Haiderganj Room No.-2773Haiderganj
222P.S. Gaura Karaundi Room No.-1967Karaundi
223P.S. Jaura Kaurundi Extra Room657Karaundi
224P.S. Munderi Room No.-11117Munderi
225P.S. Mundera Room No.-1917Mundera
226J.H.S. Bilauli Room No.-1882Bilauli
227J.H.S. Bilauli Room No.-2888Bilauli
228P.S. Jagsenda Room No.-11376Jagsenda
229J.H.S. Tandva Gadmanpur Room No.-1909TADWA GADMANPUR
230P.S. Badawa Room No.-1697Barawa
231P.S. Itaunja Room No.-11381Itaunja
232P.S. Piprauli Room No.-1814Piprauli
233P.S. Piprauli Room No.-2763Piprauli
234P.S. Parvarbhari Room No.-1881Parkiar Bhari
235P.S. Parvarbhari Room No.-2668Parkiar Bhari
236P.S. Taravan Room No.-11276Terwa
237J.H.S. Sarsawan Room No.-11163Sarsawa
238P.S. Bhediya H/O Lilauli Room No.-11336Lilauli
239P.S. Mojampur Room No.-1788Moazzampur
240P.S. Mojampur Room No.-2765Maulabad
241P.S. Darawan Room No.-11065Dhaurahra
242P.S. Darawan Room No.-21001Dhaurahra
244P.S. Kharihani Room No.-11397Khirhani
245P.S. Savranda Room No.-1789Sanwarnde
246P.S. Budhna Room No.-1964Burhna
247P.S. Budhna Room No.-2907Burhna
248P.S. Katuri Khurd Room No.-11155Katurikhurd
249P.S. Katuri Kala North890Katurikala
250P.S. Katuri Kala South867Katurikala
251P.S. Bandginagar(Piparsand) Room No.-11369Piparsand
252P.S. Ojhiyapur Room No.-11134Wojhiapur
253P.S. Hidayatpur Sipah Room No.-1811Hidayatpursipah
254P.S. Hidayatpur Sipah Room No.-2785Hidayatpursipah
255P.S. Jharasawan Room No.-11348Jharsawa
256P.S. Kaji Behta Room No.-1864Behta Kaji
257P.S. Kodri Gopal Pur Room No.-1816Kondri Gopalpur
258P.S. Kodri Gopal Pur Room No.-2691Kondri Gopalpur
259P.S. Manikpur Room No.-1370Manikpur
260P.S. Shapur East1315Shahpur
261P.S. Shapur West1059Shahpur
262P.S. Behda Khemkaran Room No.-1787Behta Khemkaran
263P.S. Nijampur Room No.-1450Nijampur
264P.S. Shailikeratpur Room No.-11336Shaili Kiratpur
265P.S. Devariya Room No.-11377Deoria
266P.S. Gangchuli Room No.-11218Gangchauli
267P.S. Allapur Bhakrauli Room No.-1656Allahapur Bharali
268P.S. Salempur Room No.-1736Salempur
269P.S. Salempur Extra Room827Salempur
271P.S. Basantpur Room491Basantpur
272P.S. Dafarpur Room No.-1287Dafarpur
273P.S. Jiyanpur Room No.-1391Jianpur
274P.S. Chandauli Room No.-1723Chandauli
275P.S. Baddupur Room No.-1969Baddupur
276P.S. Baddupur Room No.-2760Baddupur
277P.S. Godaicha Room No.-11257Goraicha
278P.S. Bachrauli Room No.-1969Bacharauli
279J.H.S. Badagawn Room No.-11270Badagaon
280P.S. Salehpur Room No.-1435Salhepur
281P.S. Hasuwapara Room No.-1873Haswapara
282P.S. Hasuwapara Room No.-2880Haswapara
283P.S. Mallawa Room No.-11001Mallawa
284P.S. Mallawa Room No.-2488Mallawa
285P.S. Khatauli Room No.-1894Khatauli
286P.S. Shapur Baskholiya Room No.-1916Shahpurbaskholia
287P.S. Khadsara Room No.-1774Khandsara
288P.S. Amawan Room No.-1752Avawa
289J.H.S. Atahara Room No.-11070Athara
290J.H.S. Atahara Room No.-2849Athara
291P.S. Sirsaipur Room No.-1952Sirsaipur
292J.H.S. Bhandar Room No.-1965Bhandar
293P.S. Jamoliya Room No.-1700Jamolia
294P.S. Kamipur Room No.-1587Kamipur
295P.S. Chilgawan Room No.-11449Chhilgawa
296P.S. Nandpur Room No.-1433Nandpur
297P.S. Paliya Room No.-1654Palia
298P.S. Sarvan Room No.-1665Sarwan
299P.S. Dingri Room No.-11292Dingri
300P.S. Sangtara Room No.-1939Sangtara
301P.S. Sangtara Room No.-2710Sangtara
302P.S. Bijauli Room No.-1650Bijauli
303J.H.S. Khijhana Room No.-1956Khinjhna
304J.H.S. Khijhana Room No.-2861Khinjhna
305P.S. Khijhana Room No.-1930Khinjhna
306P.S. Khijhana Room No.-2575Khinjhna
307P.S. Sainder Room No.-1894Sainder
308P.S. Sainder Room No.-2785Sainder
309P.S. Udhapur Room No.-1622Udapur
310P.S. Bhadesiya Room No.-11000Bhadesia
311P.S. Deenpnah North1342Dinpanah
312P.S. Deenpnah South991Dinpanah
313P.S. Bajagahni North1229Bajgahami
314P.S. Bajagahni South953Bajgahami
315P.S. Bhadras Room No.-11131Bhadras
316P.S. Bhadras Room No.-21089Bhadras
317J.H.S. Khuj Jhi- Dhannagtirth Room No.-11138Khujjhi
318P.S. Gadiya Room No.-1831Garia
319P.S. Gadiya Room No.-2847Garia
320P.S. Jamua Room No.-11291Jamuwan
321P.S. Kasgawan Room No.-1920Kasgaon
322P.S. Jindpur Room No.-1334Zindpur
323P.S. Badhaidih H/O Maholiya Room No.-11478Mohalia
324P.S. Dhaurahra Room No.-11206Dhaurahra
325P.S. Dhaurahra Room No.-2841Dhaurahra
326P.S. Hajipur Room No.-11024Hajipur
327P.S. Raigawan Room No.-11023Raigawan
328P.S. Tikra Room No.-1697Tikra
329P.S. Karuwa Room No.-11329Karuwa
330P.S. Salemabad Room No.-11167Salemabad
331P.S. Meennagar Room No.-1809Akhaipur
332P.S. Akhaipur Room No.-1324Birampur
333J.H.S. School Ghunghter Room No.-11212Ghughter
334J.H.S. School Ghunghter Room No.-2531Ghughter
335P.S. Ghunghter Room No.-11124Ghughter
336P.S. Ghunghter Room No.-2522Ghughter
337P.S. Nagra Room No.-1262Nagra
338P.S. Sarai Sahbaj Room No.-1927Saray Shahbad
339P.S. Dadera Room No.-1872Dadera
340P.S. Odariya Room No.-11121Odaria
341P.S. Odar Room No.-11452Odar
342P.S. Nindura Room No.-1797Nindoora
343P.S. Nindura Room No.-21378Nindoora
344J.H.S. Pindsawa Room No.-1757Pindsawa
345P.S. Pindsawa Room No.-1778Pindsawa
346P.S. Tahirpur Room No.-1722Tahirpur
347P.S. Chakiya Room No.-1952Chakia
348P.S. Mohsand Room No.-11336Mohsand
349P.S. Mohsand Room No.-21491Mohsand
350P.S. Tikaitganj Room No.-11483Mohsand
351P.S. Tikaitganj Room No.-21492Mohsand
352Kanya J.H.S. Tikaitganj Room No.-11126Mohsand
353P.S. Bisai Room No.-1796BISAI
354P.S. Bisai Extra Room879BISAI
355P.S. Madeenpur Room No.-1739Madinpur
356P.S. Munimpur Bartara Room No.-1882Munimpur Baitra
357G.I.C. Nindura Room No.-11045Basara
358P.S. Baburiha H/O Kursi Room No.-1471Kursi
359J.H.S. Kursi Room No.-11165Kursi
360J.H.S. Kursi Room No.-21356Kursi
361J.H.S. Kursi Room No.-3878Kursi
362P.S. Kursi Fast Room No.-11027Kursi
363P.S. Kursi Fast Room No.-21064Kursi
364P.S. Kursi Extra Room832Kursi
365P.S. Kursi Secend Room No.-1756Kursi
366P.S. Kursi Secend Room No.-2758Kursi
367J.H.S. School Bahrauli Room No.-11189Bahrauli
368J.H.S. School Bahrauli Room No.-2808Bahrauli
369P.S. Bahrauli Room No.-1854Bahrauli
370P.S. Bahrauli Room No.-2831Bahrauli
371P.S. Bahrauli Extra Room914Bahrauli
372P.S. Amarsanda Room No.-11005Amarsanda
373P.S. Amarsanda Room No.-21039Amarsanda
374P.S. Umra Room No.-1813Umra
375P.S. Umra Room No.-2695Umra
376P.S. Katramau Room No.-1377Qatramau
377P.S. Guggaur Room No.-11105GUGGAUR
378P.S. Mahmoodpur Banauga Room No.-11222Mahmood Nagar Banauga
379P.S. Agasand Room No.-11119Agasand
380P.S. Ali Nagar Karawnda Room No.1556Alinagar Karaund
381J.H.S. Pilhati Haidrabad Room No.-1781Pilehati Haidrabad
382P.S. Kodwa Room No552Korhwa
383P.S. Tala H/O Baina Teekarhar Room No-1683Baina Tikaihar
384P.S. Baina Teekarhar Room No-11449Baina
385P.S. Pandri Room No.-11388Pandari
387P.S. Thakuramau Room No.-1751Thakuramau
388P.S. Anwari Room No.-11277Anwari
389P.S. Anwari Room No.-21256Anwari
390P.S. Anwari Extra Room1122Anwari

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