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Polling Booth in Kundarki Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kundarki

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kundarki Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Bhaisiya Room-1953Bhensia
2Primary School Bhaisiya Room-31055Bhensia
3Primary School Bhaisiya Room-2869Bhensia
4Primary School Bhaisiya Room-4966Bhensia
5Junior High School Bhaisiya1084Bhensia
6Yuniti Publik School Bhaisiya1108Bhensia
7Primary School Kakar Ghata883Kakarghata
8Primary School Sahoo Nagla986Sahu Nagla
9Primary School Veerpur Than Room-1796Birpur Than
10Primary School Veerpur Than Room -3834Birpur Than
11Primary School Veerpur Than Room-21542Birpur Than
12Primary School Narkheda Room-1845Nar Khera
13Primary School Narkheda Room-2941Nar Khera
14Primary School Govin Dpur Khurd998Govindpur Khurd
15Junior High School Sirs Kheda Room-1816Siras Khera
16Junior High School Sirs Kheda Room-4896Siras Khera
17Junior High School Sirs Kheda Room-2822Siras Khera
18Junior High School Sirs Kheda Room-5898Siras Khera
19Junior High School Sirs Kheda Room-31049Siras Khera
20Primary School Harsainpur445Harsenpur
21Primary School Bhaypur Room-1666Bhaipur
22Primary School Bhaypur Room-31024Bhaipur
23Primary School Bhaypur Room-2723Bhaipur
24Primary School Bhaypur Room-4790Bhaipur
25Primary School Khaikheda Room-11203Khai Khera
26Primary School Khaikheda Room-2715Khai Khera
27Primary School Hasanaganj817Hasanganj
28Primary School Vinavala869Bina Wala
29Primary School Khavdiyabhood Room -1891Khabariya Bhur Ahatmali
30Primary School Khavdiyabhood Room-2699Khabariya Bhur Ahatmali
31Primary School Khavdiyabhood Room-3805Khabariya Bhur Ahatmali
32Primary School Varvara Khas Room-1970Barwara Khas Ahatmali
33Primary School Varvara Khas Room-31034Barwara Khas Ahatmali
34Primary School Varvara Khas Room-21386Barwara Khas Mustahkam
35Primary School Sihora Baje Room-1853Sihora Baz
36Primary School Sihora Baje Room -2940Sihora Baz
37Primary School Sihora Baje Room-31025Sihora Baz
38Rajen Dra Singh Inter Coll Ege Moondapan De Room-1754Mundha Pande
39Rajen Dra Singh Inter Coll Ege Moondapan De Room-2936Mundha Pande
40Primary School Moondapan De1058Mundha Pande
41Primary School Tah Nayak676Tahanayak
42Primary School Saijna Room-11022Saijna
43Primary School Saijna Room-2950Saijna
44Primary School Manakra1340Mankara
45Primary School Bhadasna1146Bhadasana
46Primary School N Yamtpur Ik Rotiya Room-11329Niamatpur Ikrosia
47Primary School N Yamtpur Ik Rotiya Room-2950Niamatpur Ikrosia
48Primary School N Yamtpur Ik Rotiya Room-31017Niamatpur Ikrosia
49Primary School Dolari Room-1808Daulari
50Primary School Dolari Room-3818Daulari
51Primary School Dolari Room-2818Daulari
52Primary School Dolari Room-41124Daulari
53Primary School Daulra Room-1984Daulari
54Primary School Room-21036Daulari
55Prmary School Dalapatpur Room-1810Dalpatpur
56Primary School Dalapatpur Room-2885Dalpatpur
57Primary School Dalapatpur Room -31370Dalpatpur
58Primary School Chamroa Room-11041Chamraua
59Prmary School Chamroa Room -21059Chamraua
60Primary School Khanpur Lak Khi986Khanpur Lakkhi
61Primary School Hala Nagla587Hala Nagla
62Primary School Ak Ka Dilari1888Akka Dilari
63Primary School Majhra Maulagdh Dilari260Akka Dilari
64Primary School Milk Dilari631Akka Dilari
65Primary School Yakootpur Chhaparra921Yaqutpur Chaparra
66Primary School Akka Pode Bhojpur1024Akka Panday Bhojpur
67Primary School Ghausipura Ak Ka Pan De Bhojpur516Akka Panday Bhojpur
68Primary School Govardhanpur948Goverdhanpur Ahatmali
69Primary School Ilar Rasoolavad669Islampur Rampura
70Primary School Machhariya Room-1627Machhariya
71Primary School Machhriya Room-21421Machhariya
72Primary School Sirsa Inaytpur Room-1914Sirsa Inayatpur
73Primary School Sirsa Inaytpur Room -21124Sirsa Inayatpur
74Junior High School Devapur Room -1727Devapur Ahatmali
75Junior High School Devapur Room -2786Devipur Ahatmali
76Primary School Devapur Room-11004Devipur Mustahkam
77Primary School Devapur Room-2958Devipur Mustahkam
78Primary School Devapur Room-31409Devipur Mustahkam
80Junior High School Kharagpur Baje Room-11012Kharagpur Baze
81Junior High School Kharagpur Baje Room-21079Kharagpur Baze
82Junior High School Kharagpur Baje Room-5538Kharagpur Baze
83Primary School Roostampur Badhmar Railway Lain Ke Pass Room-1520Rustampur Badhmar Ahatmali
84Primary School Roostampur Badhmar Railway Lain Ke Pass Room-2898Rustampur Badhmar Mustahkam
85Primary Schooljaitiya Sadullapur Room-1935Jaitia Sadullapur
86Primary School Jaitiya Sadullapur Room-21449Jaitia Sadullapur
87Primary School Sikndarpur Patti949Sikandarpur Patti
88Primary School Saifpur Palla1010Saifpur Palla
89Primary School Veerpur Varyar Urf Kharag Room-1963Birpur Baryan Urf Kharag
90Primary School Veerpur Varyar Urf Kharag Room-3967Birpur Baryan Urf Kharag
91Primary School Veerpur Varyar Urf Kharag Room-21403Birpur Baryan Urf Kharag
92Primary School Lodhipur Vasoo535Lodhipur Basu Ahatmali
93Primary School Chandanpur Isapur1268Chandanpur Isapur
94Primary School Najrpur Room-11217Nazarpur
95Primary School Najrpur Purvi461Nazarpur
96Primary School Samda Ramshaya903Samda Ramsahai
97Primary School Samdee1336Samdi
98Primary School Mudeeya Malookpur Room-1537Mundia Malukpur Ahatmali
99Primary School Mudeeya Malookpur Room-2517Mundia Malukpur Mustahkam
100Primary School Ghausiyan Mudiya Malookpur Aitmali1203Mundia Malukpur Mustahkam
101Junior High School Bhitkheda Room -1908Bhit Khera
102Junior High School Bhitkheda Room -2896Bhit Khera
103Primary School Hirankhada875Hiran Khera Mustahkam
104Primary School Gansh Ghat Room -11115Ganesh Ghat Ahatmali
105Primary School Gansh Ghat Room-21200Ganesh Ghat Mustahkam
106Primary School Sahriya Room -1847Seharia
107Primary School Sahriya Room -2781Seharia
108Primary School Dhatura Megha Nagla Room -11063Dhatura Megha Nagla Ahatmali
109Primary School Dhatura Megha Nagla Room-21492Dhatura Megha Nagla Ahatmali
110Primary School Manpur Patty835Manpur Patti Ahatmali
111Primary School Nabba Nagla705Navwa Nagla
112Primary School Jaitpur Visahat Room -11144Jaitapur Bisait
113Primary School Jaitpur Visahat Room -2547Jaitapur Bisait
114Primary School Bhajanpuri528Jaitapur Bisait
115Primary School Rajoda Kan Nardev887Rajura Kannardev
116Primary School Dupeda785Dupera
117Primary School Raniyather1054Raniather
118Primary School Gadai Kheda1125Gadai Khera
119Primary School Kohnkoo478Kohanku
120Primary School Lalpur Titri522Lalpur Titri
121Primary School Jagrampura756Jagrampura
122Primary School Ahrola567Ahraula
123Primary School Lalatikr Mahesh Nagli1266Lal Tikar Mahesh Nagli Mustahk
124Primary School Gatora1402Gataura
125Primary School Govin Dpur Kala1459Govindpur Kalan
126Primary School Daultpur Ajamatpur Room -1795Daulatpur Azamatpur
127Primary Schooldaultpur Ajamatpur Room -2804Daulatpur Azamatpur
128Primary School Mohm Madpur830Mohammadpur
129Primary School Rasoolpur Nagli677Rasulpur Nagli
130Primary Schoolron Da Room -11269Raunda Ahatmali
131Primary School Ronda Room -21174Raunda Mustahkam
132Primary School Ghon Da Room -11340Ghaunda Mustahkam
133Primary School Ghon Da Room-2711Ghaunda Mustahkam
134Primary Schoolparsupura Baje814Parsupura Baze
135Primary School Kisva Nagla650Kiswa Nagla
136Primary School Khairkhata Room-1900Kera Khata
137Primary School Khairkhata Room -3887Kera Khata
138Primary School Khairkhata Room -21077Kera Khata
139Primary School Chooha Nagla1090Chuha Nagla
140Junior High School Sardar Nagar Room -11199Sardar Nagar
141Junior High School Sardar Nagar Room -21303Sardar Nagar
142Primary School Jaitpur864Jaitpur
143Primary School Hamirpur Room -1854Hamirpur
144Primary School Hamirpur Room-2871Chak Hamirpur
145Junior High School Sarakda Khas Room-1974Sarkara Khas
146Junior High School Sarakda Khas Room-3966Sarkara Khas
147Junior High School Sarakda Khas Room-2992Sarkara Khas
148Junior High School Sarakda Khas Room-41199Sarkara Khas
149Primary School Karnpur Room -1838Karanpur
150Primary School Karnpur Room-21251Karanpur
151Primary School Munimpur Room-1887Minimpur
152Primary School Boojpur Asha Room -11091Bujhpur Asha
153Primary School Boojpur Asha Room-2924Bujhpur Asha
154Primary School Boojpur Man907Bujpur Maan
155Primary School Salempur547Salempur
156Primary School Maheshpur Bhila681Maheshpur Bhila
157Primary School Mohd Kuli Urf Nagla672Mohammadpur Kulipur Urf Nagla
158Primary School Rampur Bhila Room-11175Rampur Bhila
159Primary School Rampur Bhila Room-2927Rampur Bhila
160Primary School Matipur Urf Maini1376Mati Urf Maini
161Primary Schoolkharagpur Jagatpur Room-1892Kharagpur Jagatpur
162Primary School Kharagpur Jagatpur Room -2837Kharagpur Jagatpur
163Primary School Sikmpur Pan De Room-11020Sikampura Pande
164Primary School Sikmpur Pan De Room-2870Sikampura Pande
165Primary School Sak Too Nagla Room -1793Saktu Nagla
166Primary School Sak Too Nagla Room-3806Saktu Nagla
167Primary School Sak Too Nagla Room -2800Saktu Nagla
168Primary School Ahamadpur742Ahmadpur
169Primary School Madanapur1449Mednipur
170Primary School Gilpura455Gilpura
171Primary School Aanvla Ghat432Anwla Ghat
172Primary School Majhra Lakhnpur Nakatpuri Kalan549Nakatpuri Kalan
173Primary School Na Katpuri Kala288Nakatpuri Kalan
174Primary School Got Aan0 Room-11108Got (CT)
175Primary School Got Aan0 Room-2449Got (CT)
176Junior High School Got Aan0 Room-11231Got (CT)
177Junior High School Got Aan0 Room-2723Got (CT)
178Primary School Mohd Jamapur Room-1546Dhakiya Juma
179Primary School Dhakiya Jumma Room-11270Dhakiya Juma
180Primary School Dhakiya Jumma Room-21133Dhakiya Juma
181Primary School Naushna Shekhoopur Room-11364Nosna Shekhoopur
182Primary School Majhra Nababvali Milk Naushna Shekhoopur1488Nosna Shekhoopur
183Primary School Lalvara Room-11286Lalwara
184Primary School Lalvara Room-2786Lalwara
185Primary School Jafrpur599Jafarpur
186Juninior High School Rasoolpur Hameer Room-1979Rasoolpur Hamir
187Junior High School Rasoolpur Hameer Room-21003Rasoolpur Hamir
188Primary School Allapur Bhikan Room-1809Allapur Bhikan
189Primary School Allapur Bhikan Room-2811Allapur Bhikan
190Primary School Khurramanagar Bichaula590Khurramnagar Bichola
191Primary School Madarpura732Madarpura
192Primary School Hisampur Room-1920Hisampur
193Primary School Hisampur Room-2895Hisampur
194Primary School Baretha Khijrpur1309Baretha Khizarpur
195Primary School Koori494Koori
196Primary School Lalpur Gangvari Room-11448Lalpur Gangwari
197Primary School Lalpur Gangvari Room-2904Lalpur Gangwari
198Primary School Lalpur Gangvari Room-3900Lalpur Gangwari
199Primary School Takhtpur Alla Urf Nankar Room-1856Takhatpur Allah Urf Nankar
200Primary School Takhtpur Alla Urf Nankar Room-2842Takhatpur Allah Urf Nankar
201Primary School Kondri1189Kondri
202Primary School Yusoofpur Nagaleeya Majhra Kondri1024Yusufpur Nagli
203Primary School Karanpur990Karanpur
204Primary School Bhandra901Bhnadri
205Primary School Bhandri Room-1968Bhnadri
206Primary School Bhandri Room-2985Bhnadri
207Primary School Ratanpur Kalan Room-1784Ratanpur Kalan
208Primary School Ratanpur Kalan Room-4791Ratanpur Kalan
210Primary School Ratanpur Kalan Room-3823Ratanpur Kalan
211Junior High School First Ratanpur Kalan Room-1909Ratanpur Kalan
212Junior High School First Ratanpur Kalan Room-2919Ratanpur Kalan
213Purve Madhyamik Vidyalaya Second Ratanpur Kalan Room-2878Ratanpur Kalan
215Junior High School First Ratanpur Kalan Room-41285Ratanpur Kalan
216Primary School Maleepur1284Mali Pur
217Primary School Vahadurpur Rajpoot923Bhadarpur Rajpoot
218Primary School Karimpur Jabtee497Karimpur Jabti
219Primary School Fattehpur Khas Room-1780Fatehpur Khas
220Primary School Fattehpur Khas Room-3781Fatehpur Khas
221Primary School Fattehpur Khas Room-2927Fatehpur Khas
222Primary School Malakpur1107Malakpur
223Primary School Noorpur Bastaur Room-1761Mohemmadpur Bastaur
224Primary School Noorpur Bastaur Room-4770Mohemmadpur Bastaur
225Primary School Noorpur Bastaur Room-21475Mohemmadpur Bastaur
226Primary School Noorpur Bastaur Room-31352Mohemmadpur Bastaur
227Primary School Faridpur Hamir943Faridpur Hamir
228Primary School Oonchakani884Unchakani
229Primary School Sabjipur Room-1792Sabzipur
230Primary School Sabjipur Room-3712Sabzipur
231Primary School Sabjipur Room-2724Sabzipur
232Primary School Roostamasrai433Rustam Sarai
233Primary School Husainpur Hameer Room-1733Husainpur Hamir
234Primary School Husainpur Hameer Room-3746Husainpur Hamir
235Primary School Husainpur Hameer Room-21022Chirawli
236Primary School Sunari Room-1899Sunari
237Primary School Nanpur Room-11366Nanpur
238Primary School Nanpur Room-2935Nanpur
239Primary School Seekari966Sikri
240Primary School Rampur Maigan Room-11082Rampur Megan
241Primary School Rampur Maigan Room-2819Rampur Megan
242Primary School Farehdi Room-11436Faredi
243Primary School Jaitiya Firojpur981Jaitia Firozpur
244Primary School Mansoorpur524Makrandpur
245Primary School Imaratpur Udho Room-11219Imratpur Udhaw
246Primary School Imaratpur Udho Room-21363Imratpur Udhaw
247Junior High School Jatpura Room-11314Jatpura
248Junior High School Jatpura Room-2511Jatpura
249Primary School Madhupuri774Madhpuri
250Prmary School Amahdadpur Room-1869Alahadadpur
251Prmary School Amahdadpur Room-2858Alahadadpur
252Primary School Lalpur Hameer Room-1867Lalpur Hamir
253Primary School Lalpur Hameer Room-3875Lalpur Hamir
254Primary School Lalpur Hameer Room-2511Lalpur Hamir
255Junior High School Tahrpur Abbal Room-1761Taharpur I
256Junior High School Tahrpur Abbal Room-2754Taharpur I
257Junior High School Tahrpur Abbal Room-31501Taharpur I
258Primary School Basera Khas1402Basera Khas
259Primary School Udaypur Chandar713Udaipur Chandan
260Junior High School Masebi Rasoolpur Room-11200Masebi Rasoolpur
261Junior High School Masebi Rasoolpur Room-2993Masebi Rasoolpur
262Primary School Vahpur Room-1933Bahpur
263Primary School Vahpur Room-21144Bahpur
264Primary School Abdullapur593Abdullapur
265Primary School Sultanpur977Sultanpur
266Primary School Dingarpur Room-1896Dingarpur
267Primary School Dingarpur Room-3805Dingarpur
268Primary School Dingarpur Room-21274Dingarpur
269Junior High School Asadpur1495Asadpur
270Primary School Gurer Room-1925Gurer
271Primary School Gurer Room-4891Gurer
272Primary School Gurer Room-21081Gurer
273Primary School Gurer Room-51060Gurer
274Primary School Gurer Room-31206Gurer
275Junior High School Majhauli Khas Room-1843Manjholi Khas
276Junior High School Majhauli Khas Room-3826Manjholi Khas
277Junior High School Majhauli Khas Room-2864Manjholi Khas
278Primary School Domghar1301Domghar
279Primary School Bhiknpur Kulvada Room-11146Bhikanpur Kulwara
280Primary School Bhiknpur Kulvada Room-2838Kulwara
281Primary School Saifpur Chittoo1096Saifpur Chittoo
282Primary School Nagla Hasha717Nagla Hasha
283Primary School Kamalpur Fatehabad Room-1784Kamalpur Fatehabad
284Primary School Kamalpur Fatehabad Room-2788Kamalpur Fatehabad
285Primary School Gadipur1015Gadipur
286Junior High School Ruppur Room-11080Roop Pur
287Junior High School Rooppur Room-2557Roop Pur
288Junior High School Mohanpur Room-11147Mohanpur
289Junior High School Mohnpur Room-2864Mohanpur
290Primary School Takhtpurhasha1496Takhtpur Hasha
291Primary School Kutubpur Ajjoo382Kutubpur Raib
292Primary School Sauda1244Sonda
293Primary School Bakipur Jatni1015Baqipur Jatni
294Primary School Nagla Jatni654Nagla Jatni
295Aganwari Center Ahamadanagar Jaitvada761Ahmednagar Jaitwara
296Purba Madhymic Vidyalaya Ahamadanagar Jaitvad Aroom-1774Ahmednagar Jaitwara
297Purba Madhymic Vidyalaya Ahamadanagar Jaitvada Room-2742Ahmednagar Jaitwara
298Primary School Chakfajlpur Room-1878Chak Fazalpur
299Primary School Chakfajlpur Room-2901Chak Fazalpur
300Primary School Nahtora Chakfajlpur Room-1851Chak Fazalpur
301Primary School Nahtora Chakfajlpur Room-2906Chak Fazalpur
302Primary School Pandiya Room-1908Pandia
303Primary School Pandiya Room-3906Pandia
304Primary School Pandiya Room-2616Pandia
305Primary School Imaratpurfakhroodin1153Imratpur Fakhruddin
306Primary School Tevrapatti Urf Kajipura Aanshik Room-1778Tewar Patti Urf Kazipura
307Primary School Tevrapatti Urf Kajipura Aanshik Room-3773Tewar Patti Urf Kazipura
308Primary School Tevrapatti Urf Kajipura Aanshik Room-2746Tewar Patti Urf Kazipura
309Primary School Chittoopur812Tewar Patti Urf Kazipura
310Madan Svroop Intar Kalij Hariyana Room-111199Haryana
311Madan Svroop Intar Kalij Hariyana Room-3463Haryana
312Madan Svroop Intar Kalij Hariyana Room-9906Haryana
313Madan Svroop Intar Kalij Hariyana Room-10939Haryana
314Primary School Raibanagla587Raib Nagla
315Primary School Kadrpur Masti794Kadarpur Masti
316Primary School Shekhoopur Khas1469Shekhoopur Khas
317Junior High School Nagar Panchayat Kundarki Room-11118Kundarki (NP)
318Junior High School Nagar Panchayat Kundarki Room-21156Kundarki (NP)
319Junior High School Nagar Panchayat Kundarki Room-41147Kundarki (NP)
320Junior High School Nagar Panchayat Kundarki Room-3892Kundarki (NP)

Last Updated on Sept 03, 2021
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