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Polling Booth in Koil Assembly Constituency

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Koil Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Koil

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Koil Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Smb Inter College Ramghat Road R.No.-1790Aligarh (M Corp.)
2Smb Inter College Ramghat Road R.No.-2966Aligarh (M Corp.)
3Smb Inter College Ramghat Road R.No.-3481Aligarh (M Corp.)
4Smb Inter College Ramghat Road R.No.-4705Aligarh (M Corp.)
5Abdulla Nursury School689Aligarh (M Corp.)
11Provest Office1432Aligarh (M Corp.)
14Saint Phidelis Junior Haigh School1228Aligarh (M Corp.)
18Ali Uniti School419Aligarh (M Corp.)
22Projest Office517Aligarh (M Corp.)
26Ikra Public School974Aligarh (M Corp.)
31Vayapar Kar Karyalay1002Aligarh (M Corp.)
33Dr. Bhimrao Amvedkar1472Aligarh (M Corp.)
35Childran Accedmi Schol1039Aligarh (M Corp.)
40Rashtriy Pratidarsh Sarwexan Sangthan Maris Road1173Aligarh (M Corp.)
43Income Tex Office Maris Road558Aligarh (M Corp.)
45Karyalay Nichli Ganga Nahar Dodpur1409Aligarh (M Corp.)
49Zakir Husain Modal School Dodpur971Aligarh (M Corp.)
55Jamiya Urdu College Medical Road 956Aligarh (M Corp.)
60Senior Secondary Boys School A.M.U Medical Road886Aligarh (M Corp.)
64Trening And Adjustment Center Zamalpur1232Aligarh (M Corp.)
67Minto Circle School A M U Jamalpur761Aligarh (M Corp.)
75A B K U M School A M U Jamalpur1373Aligarh (M Corp.)
84M R Sherwani Public School Jamalpur1379Aligarh (M Corp.)
87Balck Del Public Jamalpur822Aligarh (M Corp.)
89S T H I Public School Jamalpur1502Aligarh (M Corp.)
95A M U Blind Of School Kila Road1272Aligarh (M Corp.)
96Wild Life Centre A M U Kila Road1457Aligarh (M Corp.)
104Y K Junior High School Bhmaula Mafi757Aligarh (M Corp.)
107Adhi. Abhi. Prantiya Khand Lo. Ni. Section Anoopshehar Road1014Aligarh (M Corp.)
109Samudayic Kendra Uacch Shakti Kendra Akashwandi Anoopshahar1012Aligarh (M Corp.)
112Basic Primary School Police Line494Aligarh (M Corp.)
115Basic Primary School Pulic Line677Aligarh (M Corp.)
116Karyalay Jila Vidkalay Nirishak Naurangilal Inter College1277Aligarh (M Corp.)
117Sewa Bhawan Nagar Nigam Karyalay Nagar Nigam1185Aligarh (M Corp.)
119Aligarh Public School Laldiggi Road668Aligarh (M Corp.)
121Morden Public School Mathuriya Nagar Baraula Bypass Road449Aligarh (M Corp.)
122Parishdiy Primary Vidhalya Nagla Baraula731Aligarh (M Corp.)
123Prishdiy Primary Vidhalya Nagla Baraula1149Aligarh (M Corp.)
124D A V Inter College G T Road660Aligarh (M Corp.)
127Kishore Bal Vidyalaya Ambedkar Colony Chhavni1165Aligarh (M Corp.)
129Jaydevi Memorial School Tikaram Colony Chhavani1592Aligarh (M Corp.)
139Mohan Lal Memoriyal Piblic School R.No. 1784Aligarh (M Corp.)
140Mohan Lal Memoriyal Piblic School R.No. 2869Aligarh (M Corp.)
141Samudayik Vikas Centra Ambedkar Nagar Chhavani912Aligarh (M Corp.)
149Adarsh Gyandeep Inter College1330Aligarh (M Corp.)
154D A V Girls Inter College G T Road791Aligarh (M Corp.)
162Shri. Mahauru P.M.V. R.No.-1896Aligarh (M Corp.)
163Shri. Mahauru P.M.V. R.No.-2918Aligarh (M Corp.)
164Shri. Mahauru P.M.V. R.No.-3804Aligarh (M Corp.)
165Shri. Mahauru P.M.V. R.No.-41120Aligarh (M Corp.)
168Primary School No. 44 Bela Marg Vishnupuri1058Aligarh (M Corp.)
171Vishnupuri Grah Nirman Samiti Kanya Bela Marg Vishnupuri665Aligarh (M Corp.)
172Primary School No 14 Vishnupuri1255Aligarh (M Corp.)
182Kanya Junior High School Bela Marg Vishnupuri816Aligarh (M Corp.)
184Tikaram Kanya Mahavidhyalay Ramghat Road811Aligarh (M Corp.)
191Raghuveer Bal Mandir Ramghat Road925Aligarh (M Corp.)
194Tikaram Kanya Inter College Ramghat Road637Aligarh (M Corp.)
196Edal Singh Junior High School Kishanpur1488Aligarh (M Corp.)
199Morden Kanwent Inter College Rambag Colony Kishanpur1440Aligarh (M Corp.)
208Three Dots Narsary School Ramghat Road1464Aligarh (M Corp.)
212Primary School No 33 Chandniya1079Aligarh (M Corp.)
216Primary School Dhaurramafi808Dhaurra Mafi (CT)
224Lefti Nahar Singh Inter College Quarsi1165Kwarasi A.
234Primary Schoo Raja Nagar1339Kwarasi A.
236Primary Schoo Jalupur Sihor860Jalupur Sigher Nashik
238Primary School Fridpur1101Bhilawali
239Primary School Sisroi402Sisroi Nagla Dhak
240Primary School Asgarpur613Asgarpur
241Primary School Balukheda951Balukhera
242Primary School Rohina Singhpur828Rohina Singhapur
244Primary School Nagla Dhak735Nagla Dhak
245Primary School Bhankari Ahiwasi1150Bhakari Ahivasi
246Junior High School Dihauli502Dihauli
247Primary School Malikpura504Malikpura
248Primary School Sonoth375Sonoth Gokulpur
249Primary School Gokulpur373Gokulpur
250Primary School Shahbajpur874Shebajpur
252Primary School Sirawali431Shebajpur
253Primary School Bhatua1086Bhartua
255Primary School Uajrra530Bhartua
256Primary School Adaun798Adaun
258Primary School Anwrabad400Adaun
260Primary School Nagla Asha425Adaun
261Primary School Dheerdharpur Gdhiyawali571Girdharpur Gadhiyavali
262Primary School Jorawar Nagar343Joravar Nagar
263Primary Shcool Kamalpur741Kamalpur
266National Public High School Quarsi Bypass R.No.-1940Kasba Kol
267National Public High School Quarsi Bypass R.No.-21000Nagla Dalchand
268Primary School Bhadeshi Mafi752Bhadesi Mafi
270Primary School Chirauliya Daud Khan705Chirauliya Daudkhan
271Primary School Nagla Paankhani645Nagla Pankhani
272Primary School Mukundpur813Mukundpur
274Primary School Padiyawali977Pariyavali
276Primary School Ghasipur1401Ghasipur
277Junior High School Kauchhod919Kochhor
279Primary School Balrampur672Balrampur
280Primary School Nagla Pusa800Balrampur
281Primary School Rustampur542Rustampur
282Primary School Gajnipur343Gazripur
283Primary School Ishanpur968Ishanpur
284Primary School Hajipur Fateh Khan598Hajipur Fathehkhan
285Primary School Haiwathpur Pratha406Haivatpur Piratha
287Juniour High School Keshopur Gadrana1181Keshopur Gadrana
288Juniour High School Keshorpur Gadrana900Keshopur Gadrana
290Secertery Aawas Musepur Jalal522Musepur
291Primary School Bhopatpur Nagla Keshopur Gadrana818Bhopatpur A. Nagla Keshopur Gadrana
293Primary School Pali Rjapur869Pali Razapur
295Pirmary School Sikrana526Sikarna
296Champa High Secendary Scholl Alipur1027Alipur
297L S S Bhawan Shahpur Madrak844Shahpur Madrak
298Junior High School Madrak999Madrak
301Primary School Ramnagar Magra Madrak853Ramnagar
302Primary School Nagla Puranmal351Madrak
303Primary School Aryanagar329Aryanagar
304Primary School Nauhati869Nauhati
306Primary School Kothiya683Nauhati
307Primary School Mukutgarhi498Mukut Garhi
308Primary School Samstkeetpur531Samastpurkeerat
309Primary School Manoharpur Kaysth739Manoharpur Kayastha
310Primary School Mainath781Mainath
312Primary School Eisee1047Aisi
313Primary School Chhanhari372Cchahari
314Primary School Aboopur470Abupur
315Priamry School Ahmad Umar Khan748Ahamadpur Amarkhan
316Primary School Hasanpur Bujurg677Hasanpur Buzurg
317Primary School Saharanpur853Saharanpur
318Primary School Ajeetpur Aasna1110Ajitpurasna
319Primary School Khediya Khawaja Budhda885Kheria Khauja Buddha
320Priamry School Pala Eisee798Palaaisi Anshik
322Primary School Bhakraula1448Bhakraula
323Primary School Nirpal931Daulra Nirpal
324Primary School Badhauli Fateh Khan1172Barhauli Fateh Khan
326Primary School Sarai Harnarayan 828Kasba Kol
330Primary School Nagla Aashik Ali1095Kasba Kol
331Primary School Hajipur Chauhtta712Daultabad

Last Updated on December 19, 2014