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Polling Booth in Kithore Assembly Constituency

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Kithore Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kithore

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kithore Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Vidhalya Room No1 Shazadpur750Shahzadpur
2Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Navipur Amanatnagar772Navipur Amanatnagar
3Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 1 Vidhyalya Lalpur852Lalpur
4Maulana A.K. Azad Jr. High School Room No 1 Nangla Sahu907Nagla Shahu
5Maulana A.K. Azad Jr. High School Room No 3 Nangla Sahu695Nagla Shahu
6Maulana A.K. Azad Jr. High School Room No 2 Nangla Sahu1319Nagla Shahu
7Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 1 Jai1154Jai
8Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 2Jai1115Jai
9Prathmik Vidhalya Jai970Jai
10Co-Operative Soc. Officer;Lutfullahpur;Baxar822Lutfullapur Baksar
11Shree Sanskrit Inter College Room No 6 Aitmadpur727Atmadpur
12Shree Sanskrit Inter College Room No 7 Aitmadpur813Atmadpur
13Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Mubarikpur819Mubarikpur
15Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Shahkulipur1069Shah Kulipur
16Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Maanpur1518Manpur
17Islamia School Room No- 1 Kayasth Baddha1347Kayasth Barha
18Islamia School Room No- 2 Kayasth Baddha1168Kayasth Barha
19Prathmik Vidhalya Room No-1 Kayasth Baddha881Kayasth Barha
20Prathmik Vidhalya Room No-2 Kayasth Baddha1178Kayasth Barha
21Prathmik Vidhalya Room No-1 Amhera Sani469Ameharasani
22Prathmik Vidhalya Room No-1 Khandrawali848Khand Awli
23Prathmik Vidhalya Room No-2 Khandrawali897Khand Awli
24Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 2 Amarpur Majra Khandrawali754Amarpur Mazra Khandawli
25Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 2 Amarpur Mazra Khandrawali705Amarpur Mazra Khandawli
26Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 1 Bhatipura Manakpur1248Bhattipura
27Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 2 Bhatipura Manakpur1128Bhattipura
28Kanya Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Bhatipura Manakpur962Bhattipura
29Kanya Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Bhatipura Manakpur770Bhattipura
30Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Meghrajpur1222Meghrajpur
31Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Room No 1 Rachoti Deriyo630Rachhoti
32Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Room No 2 Rachoti Deriyo626Rachhoti
33Jawaharlal Nehru Smarak Inter Colleger Room No 1 Rachoti1124Rachhoti
34Jawaharlal Nehru Smarak Inter Colleger Room No 2 Rachoti1008Rachhoti
35Jawaharlal Nehru Smarak Inter Colleger Room No 3 Rachoti1155Rachhoti
36Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 1 Moh. Muradpur Urf Shaulda1025Muradpur Urf Sholda
37Prathmik Vidyalya Room No 2 Moh. Muradpur Urf Shaulda1153Muradpur Urf Sholda
38Dharamshala Room No 1 Hasanpur Kalan826Hasanpur Kalan
39Dharamshala Room No 2 Hasanpur Kalan690Hasanpur Kalan
40Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Hasanpur Kalan719Hasanpur Kalan
41Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Hasanpur Kalan783Hasanpur Kalan
42Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Nangli Abdulla524Nagli Abdulla
43Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Room No 2 Nangli Abdulla675Nagli Abdulla
44Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Machhra1223Machhra
45Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Machhra1114Machhra
46Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Kasampur866Kasimpur
47Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Kasampur731Kasimpur
48Prathmik Vidhalya Room 1 Govindpuri864Govindpuri
49Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Govindpuri884Govindpuri
50Aadarsh Janta Inter College Room No 1 Paswara834Paswara
51Aadarsh Janta Inter College Room No 2 Paswara742Paswara
52Aadarsh Janta Inter College Room No 3 Paswara631Paswara
53Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Singhpur740Singhpur
54Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Dabthala840Dabthla
55Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Dabthala840Dabthla
56Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Alipur Aalampur1341Alipur Alampur
57Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Behlolpur912Behlolpur
58Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Behlolpur633Behlolpur
59Prathmik Vidhalyaroom No 1 Mawi1035Mavi
60Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Kailee Rampur1512Kailirampur
61Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Rahdra838Rehadra
62Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Rahdra582Rehadra
63Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Muradgaonpur Urf Kuan Khera470Murad Gaon Urf Kuwan Khera
64Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Ameenabad Urf Bada Gaon741Aminabad Urf Baragoan
65Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Ameenabad Urf Bada Gaon934Aminabad Urf Baragoan
66Islamia School Room No 1 Radhana Inayatpur1254Radhna Inayatpur
67Islamia School Room No 2 Radhana Inayatpur1138Radhna Inayatpur
68Islamia School Room No 3 Radhana Inayatpur1265Radhna Inayatpur
69Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Radhana Inayatpur1016Radhna Inayatpur
70Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Radhana Inayatpur846Radhna Inayatpur
71Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Indrapura Majra Radhana Inayatpur521Radhna Inayatpur
72Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Behrora823Behrora
73Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Behrora860Behrora
74Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 3 Behrora1049Behrora
75Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Nangli Kithore1057Nagli Kithaur
76Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Nangli Kithore996Nagli Kithaur
77Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Room No 1 Kithore1270Kithaur (NP)
78Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Room No 2 Kithore912Kithaur (NP)
79Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Room No 3 Kithore685Kithaur (NP)
80Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Room No 1 Kithore723Kithaur (NP)
81Gandhi Smarak Inter College Room No 1 Kithore725Kithaur (NP)
82Gandhi Smarak Inter College Room N02 Kithore785Kithaur (NP)
83Gandhi Smarak Inter Colleger Room N0-3 Kithore848Kithaur (NP)
84Gandhi Smarak Inter Colleger Room N0-4 Kithore990Kithaur (NP)
85Gandhi Smarak Inter Colleger Room N0-5Kithore1361Kithaur (NP)
86Govt.Kanya Inter College Room N01- Kithore1003Kithaur (NP)
87Govt.Kanya Inter College Room N0-2 Kithore1146Kithaur (NP)
88Govt.Kanya Inter Collegeroom-3 Kithore829Kithaur (NP)
89Govt. Kanya Inter College Room N0-4 Kithore883Kithaur (NP)
90Lado Kanya Prathmik Vidhalya Room N0-1 Kithore777Kithaur (NP)
91Lado Kanya Prathmik Vidhalya Room N0-2 Kithore1409Kithaur (NP)
92Office Town Arearoom-1 Kithore1178Kithaur (NP)
93Office Town Area Room No-2 Kithore765Kithaur (NP)
94Prathmik Vidhalya Room N0-1 Shahzmal1038Kithaur (NP)
95Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Jhidio Majra Kithore Dehat277Kithor Dehat
96Bharat Shiksha Sadan Jr.High School Room N0-1 Shahjhanpur921Shahajhapur
97Bharat Shiksha Sadan Jr.High School Room No-2Shahjhanpur800Shahajhapur
98Bharat Shiksha Sadanjr.High Schoolroom-3 Shahjhanpur941Shahajhapur
99Bharat Shiksha Sadan Jr0High School Room N0-4Shahjhanpur887Shahajhapur
100Bharat Shiksha Sadan Jr.High School Room No 5 Shahjhanpur1138Shahajhapur
101Bharat Shiksha Sadan Jr.High School Room No 6 Shahjhanpur1399Shahajhapur
102Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Room N0-1 Shahjhanpur1381Shahajhapur
103Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 Room N0- Shahjhanpur1137Shahajhapur
104Prathmik Vidhalya No.1Room N0-2 Shahjhanpur1110Shahajhapur
105Prathmik Vidhalyaroom N0-1 Nityanandpur1314Nityanandpur
106Kisan Vidhalay Inter College Room N0-1 Chandlawad Urf Mahalwala841Chandlawar Urf Mahalwala
107Kisan Vidhalay Inter Collegeroom No-2 Chandlawad Urf Mahalwala735Chandlawar Urf Mahalwala
108Kisan Vidhalay Inter College Room No.3 Chandlawad Urf Mahalwala716Chandlawar Urf Mahalwala
109Kisan Vidhalay Inter College Room N0-4 Chandlawad Urf Mahalwala731Chandlawar Urf Mahalwala
110Prathmik Vidhalya Room N0-1 Isapur522Issapur
111Prathmik Vidhalya Room N0-1 Bhagwanpur Bangar993Bhagwanpur Bangar
112Prathmik Vidhalyaroom N0-1 Govindpur Sakarpur1125Govindpur Sakarpur
113Prathmik Vidhalyaroom N0-2 Govindpur Shakarpur917Govindpur Sakarpur
114Prathmik Vidyalaya Room N0-1 Jadauda1297Jarauda
115Prathmik Vidyalaya Room N0-2 Jadauda1347Jarauda
116Prathmik Vidyalaya Room N0-1 Bhadauli1172Bharolli
117Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalya Sadullapur Bhangar1019Sadullapur
118Samrat Chandragupta Subharti Inter College Room -3 Fatehpurnarayan1106Fatehpur Narain
119Samrat Chandragupta Subharti Inter Collegeroom No-4 Fatehpurnarayan791Fatehpur Narain
120Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Fatehpur Narayan453Fatehpur Narain
121Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter Collegeroom N0-1 Inchauli1178Incholi
122Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter College Room N0-2 Inchauli783Incholi
123Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter College Room N0-3 Inchauli1241Incholi
124Lal Bahadur Shastri Inter College Room N0-4 Inchauli829Incholi
125Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya District Board Room N0-1 Inchauli1253Incholi
126Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya District Board Room N0-2Inchauli1147Incholi
127Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya District Board Room N0-3 Inchauli1207Incholi
128Panchayat Ghar Inchauli755Incholi
129Prathmik Vidhyalya Naya Gaon Majra Inchauli780Incholi
130Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Room No.1 Muzaffarnagar Saini955Muzaffarnagar Saini
131Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Room N0-2 Muzaffarnagar Saini620Muzaffarnagar Saini
132Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 Muzaffarnagar Saini1304Muzaffarnagar Saini
133Prathmik Vidhalya N0-1Masoorie1263Masoori
134Prathmik Vidhalyan0-2 Masoorie1172Masoori
135Prathmik Vidhalyaroom-3 Masoorie1028Masoori
136Prathmik Vidhalyaroomn0-1 Khardauni Sheikhpur1479Khardoni Shekhupur
137Prathmik Vidhalyaroom N0-2 Khardauni Sheikhpur1404Khardoni Shekhupur
138Prathmik Vidhalyaroom-1 Pabla1086Pabla
139Prathmik Vidhalyaroom N0-2 Pabla1134Pabla
140Navjeevan Inter College Room No.-1 Kastala Shamshernagar869Kastala Shamshernagar
141Navjeen Inter College Room No 2 Kastala Shamshernagar889Kastala Shamshernagar
142Navjeen Inter College Room No 3 Kastala Shamshernagar696Kastala Shamshernagar
143Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Nagli Azmabad984Nagli Azamabad
144Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Kunkura1039Kunkura
145Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Kunkura835Kunkura
146Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Sadharanpur817Sadharanpur
147Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Sadharanpur801Sadharanpur
148Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 East Rasoolpur Aurangabad870Rasulpur Aurangabad
149Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 East Rasoolpur Aurangabad888Rasulpur Aurangabad
150Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 3 East Rasoolpur Aurangabad781Rasulpur Aurangabad
151Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 4 East Rasoolpur Aurangabad810Rasulpur Aurangabad
152Islamia School Room No 1 Rasoolpur Aurangabad779Rasulpur Aurangabad
153Islamia School Room No 2 Rasoolpur Aurangabad908Rasulpur Aurangabad
154Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Nagla Sheikhu1083Nagla Shekhu
155Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Nagla Sheikhu872Nagla Shekhu
156Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Gyanpur710Gyanpur
157Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Gyanpur872Gyanpur
158Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Syal790Sial
159Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Syal688Sial
160Kanya Primary School Syal1366Sial
161Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Pachpera1171Pachpera
162Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Pachpera1348Pachpera
163Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 3 Pachpera1327Pachpera
164Prathmik Vidhalya Ladpura1044Ladpura
165Prathmik Vidhalya Khwajha Pur612Khawajahanpur
166Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Rukanpur841Rukanpur
167Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Rukanpur866Rukanpur
168Prathmik Vidhalya Morna1333Morna
169Prathmik Vidhalya Mohiddinpur Lalsana1225Mohiuddinpur Lalsana
170Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Mamipur718Mamipur
171Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Mamipur825Mamipur
172Prathmik Vidhalya Uldepur1230Uldeypur
173Jai Jawan Jr. High School Room No 1 Sikhera783Sikhera
174Jai Jawan Jr. High School Room No 2 Sikhera642Sikhera
175Jai Jawan Jr. High School Room No 3 Sikhera774Sikhera
176Jai Jawan Jr. High School Room No 4 Sikhera670Sikhera
177Prthmik Vidhalya Room No.1 Amhera Adipur973Amehra Adipur (CT)
178Prthmik Vidhalya Room No.2 Amhera Adipur941Amehra Adipur (CT)
179Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Amhera Adipur905N/A
180Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Amhera Adipur711Amehra Adipur (CT)
181Ambedkar Shiksha Sadan Rajpura1035Rajpura
182Higher Secondrary School Room No 1 Rajpura1230Rajpura
183Higher Secondrary School Room No 2 Rajpura1204Rajpura
184Prathmik Vidhalya Bhudpur786Bhurpur
185Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Salarpur Jalalpur1001Salarpur Jalalpur
186Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Salarpur Jalalpur914Salarpur Jalalpur
187Prathmik Vidhalya Behchola1450Bahchaula
188Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Rali Chauhan842Rali Chauhan
189Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Rali Chauhan1110Rali Chauhan
190Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Islamabad Chilora1274Islamabad Chhilora
191Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Islamabad Chilora851Islamabad Chhilora
192Panchayat Ghar Bodh Bihar Kamalpur1361Kamalpur
193Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 1 Kamalpur1344Kamalpur
194Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 2 Kamalpur1319Kamalpur
195Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Gokalpur964Kamalpur
196Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Gokalpur678Kamalpur
197Prathmik Vidhalya Gesupur962Datavali Gesupur
198Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Datawali900Datavali Gesupur
199Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Datawali829Datavali Gesupur
200Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Medpur1066Medpur
201Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Medpur1031Medpur
202Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Bhawanpur1155Bhawanpur
203Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Bhawanpur938Bhawanpur
204Prathmik Vidhalya Jaluddin Masoodpur Urf Ganwari581Jalaluddinpur Masoodpur Gawri
205Sarvahitkari Inter College Room No 1 Kinanagar1130Kinannagar
206Sarvahitkari Inter College Room No 2Kinanagar1218Kinannagar
207Sarvahitkari Inter College Room No 3 Kinanagar1268Kinannagar
208Prathmik Vidhalya Kinanagar1151Kinannagar
209Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Hasanpur Kadeem1393Hasanpur Qadim
210Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Hasanpur Kadeem843Hasanpur Qadim
211Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 3 Hasanpur Kadeem880Hasanpur Qadim
212Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Panchgaon Patti Amarsingh1044Pachgaon Patti Amar Singh
213Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Panchgaon Patti Amarsingh952Pachgaon Patti Amar Singh
214Prathmik Vidhalya Panchgaon Patti Sanwal1121Pachgaon Patti Sanwal
215B.M.M.Inter College Room No 1 Maukhas882Mau Khas
216B.M.M.Inter College Room No 2 Maukhas566Mau Khas
217B.M.M.Inter College Room No 3 Maukhas1084Mau Khas
218Prathmik Vidhalya Patti Kherki Maukhas476Patti Kherki
219Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Bhagwanpur Chattawan1209Bhagwanpur Chittawan
220Prathmik Vidhalya Room No. 2 Bhagwanpur Chattawan974Bhagwanpur Chittawan
221Pt. Ram Swaroop Durga Higher Sec.School Room No1 Sisoli1186Sisoli
222Pt. Ram Swaroop Durga Higher Sec.School Room No 2 Sisoli1364Sisoli
223Pt. Ram Swaroop Durga Higher Sec.School Room No 3 Sisoli1281Sisoli
224S..S..B Higher Sec.School Room No 1 Murlipur Phool1038Murlipur Phool
225S..S..B Higher Sec.School Room No 2 Murlipur Phool964Murlipur Phool
226Adarsh Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Jitholi812Jithauli
227Adarsh Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Jitholi767Jithauli
228Prathmik Vidhalya Alampur Buzurg1168Alampur Buzurg
229Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Badhla Kaithwara1269Badhala Kaithwara
230Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Badhla Kaithwara1317Badhala Kaithwara
231Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 1 Samaypur1289Sameypur
232Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 2 Samaypur1238Sameypur
233Primary School Room No 1 Naglamal924Nagla Mal
234Primary School Room No 2 Naglamal909Nagla Mal
235Kanya Prathmik Vidhalya Naglamal972Nagla Mal
236Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Jasora836Jasora
237Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Jasora643Jasora
238Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 1 Jasora881Jasora
239Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 2 Jasora515Jasora
240Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Jasori864Jasori
241Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Jasori993Jasori
242Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Room No 1 Mundali869Mundali
243Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Room No 2 Mundali674Mundali
244Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Room No 3 Mundali636Mundali
245Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Room No 4 Mundali764Mundali
246Prathmik Vidhalya No 1 Room No 1 Mundali1256Mundali
247Prathmik Vidhalya No 1 Room No 2 Mundali1340Mundali
248Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Nagla Kaboolpur893Nagla Kaboolpur
249Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Nagla Kaboolpur886Nagla Kaboolpur
250Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Aar1022Aad
251Prathmik Vidhalya Room No. 2 Aar940Aad
252Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Piplikhera1393Peepli Khera
253Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Piplikhera1420Peepli Khera
254Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Piplikhera918Peepli Khera
255Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Piplikhera753Peepli Khera
256Kanya Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Bijoli1118Bijoli
257Kanya Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Bijoli1025Bijoli
258Kanya Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 3 Bijoli1129Bijoli
259Prathmik Vidhalya Bijoli947Bijoli
260Prathmik Vidhalya Govindpuri830Kharkari
261Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 1 Kaul968Kaul
262Unch Prathmik Vidhyalya Room No 2 Kaul787Kaul
263Prathmik Vidhalya Kharkhari1062Kharkhari
264Prathmik Vidhalya Chatari1129Chhattri
265Janta Inter Colleg Room No 1 Kharkhauda1148Kharkhoda (NP)
266Janta Inter Colleg Room No 2 Kharkhauda1315Kharkhoda (NP)
267Janta Inter Colleg Room No 3 Kharkhauda814Kharkhoda (NP)
268Janta Inter Colleg Room No 4 Kharkhauda772Kharkhoda (NP)
269Janta Inter Colleg Room No 5 Kharkhauda1245Kharkhoda (NP)
270Adarsh Basic Centrai School Room No 1 Kharkhauda1383Kharkhoda (NP)
271Adarsh Basic Centrai School Room No 2 Kharkhauda1388Kharkhoda (NP)
272Adarsh Basic Centrai School Room No 3 Kharkhauda608Kharkhoda (NP)
273Prathmik Vidhalya Naya Gaon Bamanpura361Mirpur
274Prathmik Vidhalya Dhanota903Dhanota
275Prathmik Vidhalya East Khandawali857Khandawali
276Prathmik Vidhalya West Khandawali719Khandawali
277Prathmik Vidhalya Khanpur809Khanpur
278Prathmik Vidhalya Nagla Paatu897Nagla Patu
279Prathmik Vidhalya Sadullapur Urf Chandpura1313Sadullapur Urf Chandpura
280Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalya Room No 1 Rasoolpur Dhantala1000Rasulpur Dhantala
281Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalya Room No 2 Rasoolpur Dhantala747Rasulpur Dhantala
282Prathmik Vidhalya Barhanpur1177Barhanpur
283Baddrul Islamia Madarsa Room No 1 Uldhan846Uldhan
284Baddrul Islamia Madarsa Room No 2 Uldhan902Uldhan
285Prathmik Vidhalya Uldhan1209Uldhan
286Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Panchi1009Panchi
287Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Panchi797Panchi
288Girls Prathmik Vidhalya Panchi1122Panchi
289Prathmik Vidhalya Setkuan945Set Kuan
290Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Nalpur1015Nalpur
291Pprathmik Vidhalya Naalpur875Nalpur
292Gandhi Shatabdi Inter College Room No 1 Kaile880Kaili
293Gandhi Shatabdi Inter College Room No 2 Kaile671Kaili
294Gandhi Shatabdi Inter College Room No- 3 Kaile1093Kaili
295Gandhi Shatabdi Inter College Room No 4 Kaile1136Kaili
296Prathmik Vidhalya Dheerkhera1097Dhir Khera
297Prathmik Vidhalya Naya Gaon Mazra Dheerkhera531Dhir Khera
298Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.1 Fakherpur Kabatta907Fakharpur Kabatta
299Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Fakherpur Kabatta962Fakharpur Kabatta
300Prathmik Vidhalya Kuree633Kuri
301Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Khashpur851Khaspur
302Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Khashpur644Khaspur
303Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.1 Badhauli742Badholi
304Prathmik Vidhalya Room No. 2 Badhauli1020Badholi
305Shree Shyamlal Junior High School East Atrara1243Atrara
306Shree Shyamlal Junior High School West Atrara1116Atrara
307Kisaan Mazdoor Inter College Room No.1 Atrara1030Atrara
308Kisaan Mazdoor Inter College Room No 2 Atrara631Atrara
309Prathmik Vidhalya Bamanpura745Atrara
310Prathmik Vidhalya Rajpura1186Rajpura
311Prathmik Vidhalya Ataula1446Ataula
312Prathmik Vidhalya Room No -1 Azrara913Ajrara
313Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Azrara619Ajrara
314Prathmik Vidhalya Allahabad Madhaiya Azrara458Ajrara
315Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Azrara688Ajrara
316Pachant Bhwan Room No 1 Azrara1397Ajrara
317Pachant Bhwan Room No 2 Azrara1150Ajrara
318Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Gulzar Husain Room No 1 Azrara797Ajrara
319Unch Prathmik Vidhalya Gulzar Husain Room No 2 Azrara784Ajrara
320Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 1 Shafiyabad Loti1457Shafiabad Loti
321Prathmik Vidhalya Room No 2 Shafiyabad Loti895Shafiabad Loti
322Prathmik Vidhalya Room No. 3 Shafiyabad Loti1337Shafiabad Loti

Last Updated on December 19, 2014