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Polling Booth in Khatauli Assembly Constituency

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Khatauli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Khatauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khatauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Sikheda1286Sikhera
2Prathmik Vidhalaya Pachimi Bhag Room No.1 Sikheda788Sikhera
3Prathmik Vidhalaya Pachimi Bhag Room No.2 Sikheda803Sikhera
4Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Behda Asa936Behrhassa
5Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Behda Asa802Behrhassa
6Junior High School Room No.1 Behda Asa818Behrhassa
7Junior High School Room No.2 Behda Asa844Behrhassa
8Junior High School Room No.1 Bhandoor960Bhandur
9Junior High School Room No.2 Bhandoor807Bhandur
10Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Dahkhedi1084Dahkheri
11Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Dahkhedi1107Dahkheri
12Prathmik School No.1 Nangla Mandaud1167Nagla Mandor
13Pra School Room No.1 Nangla Kabeer1319Nagla Kabir
14Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Katka1274Katka
15Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Katka1146Katka
16Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1Nangla Mubarik860Nagla Mubarik
17Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Nangla Mubarik893Nagla Mubarik
18Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Chittoda1160Chitaura
19Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Chittoda845Chitaura
20Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Chittoda729Chitaura
21Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.4 Chittoda1272Chitaura
22Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Jandhedi1415Jandheri
23Junior High School Jandhedi1342Jandheri
24Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Rataur1101Rathur
25Prathmik Vidhalaya Kheda Chaungava521Khera Cogawa
26Prathmik Vidhalaya Maksudabad Majra Kheda Chaugava806Maksudabad Majra Khera Cogawa
27Prathmik Vidhalaya Ahmadgadh Majra Kheda Chaugava473Ahmadgar Majra Khera Cogaya
28Pra Pathshala Hajipur Majra Kheda Chaugava521Hajipur Majra Khera Cogaya
29Pra Pathshala Nithari Majra Kheda Chaugava670Nithari Majra Khera Cogaya
30Prathmik Vidhalaya Sadpur1071Saidpur
31Dharamshala Harijan Mandir Sadpur793Saidpur
32Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Naya Kamra Bhaledi833Bhaleri
33Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Kamra No.2 Bhaledi951Bhaleri
34Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Pimoda891Pimorah
35Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Pimoda806Pimorah
36Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Vajidpur Kawali1041Wazidpur Kawali
37Primary School Rno 2 Wazidpur Kawali1075Wazidpur Kawali
38Gomti Kanya Inter College Room No.1 Jansath816Jansath (NP)
39Gomti Kanya Inter College Room No.2 Jansath973Jansath (NP)
40Prathmik Vidhalaya Purana Beriyan Jansath915Jansath (NP)
41Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Budh Bazar Jansath1085Jansath (NP)
42Karyalaya Khand Vikas Adhikari Meeting Hall Husainpura Jansath1039Jansath (NP)
43Main Room Karyalaya Khand Vikas Adhikari Ado Husainpura Jansath869Jansath (NP)
44Karyalaya Khand Vikas Adhikari Ado Room814Jansath (NP)
45Karyalaya Khand Vikas Adhikari 32 Ke Samne Vala Kamra Jansath858Jansath (NP)
46Dav Inter College Room No.1 Jansath1418Jansath (NP)
47Dav Inter College Room No.2 Jansath356Jansath (NP)
48Dav Inter College Room No.26 Jansath1024Jansath (NP)
49Dav Inter College Room No.27 Jansath630Jansath (NP)
50Dav Inter College Room No.28 Jansath864Jansath (NP)
51Dav Inter College Room No.33 Jansath724Jansath (NP)
52Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Uttari Bhag Talda1141Talera
53Prathmik Pathshala No.1 New Room Talda900Talera
54Prathmik Pathshala No.2 Talda407Talera
55Praimary Pathshala Gujarhedi Majra Talda494Gujarheri Majra Talda
56Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Gadhi Jansath1136Gari Jansath
57Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2Gadhi Jansath977Gari jansath
58Prathmik Pathshala Room No.1 Khalwada1110Khalwara
59Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Basayach1262Basayach
60Prathmik Vidhalaya Paschimi Bhag Basayach1347Basayach
61Adarsh Janta Jr. High School Aharoda1013Ahrora
62Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Mehalki936Mehalki
63Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2Mehalki879Mehalki
64Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Mehalki1473Mehalki
65Mandir Ke Pas Panchayati Ghar Meerapur Dalpat Majra Tisang481Mirapur Dalpat Majra Tisag
66Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Bhawan Meerapur Dalapat Majra Tisang706Mirapur Dalpat Mnajra tisag
67Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Tisang1240Tisang
68Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Tisang1201Tisang
69Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Tisang954Tisang
70Prathmik Vidhalaya Faizabad Majra Tisang955Fejabad Majra Tisang
71Prathmik Vidhalaya Mustfabad Majra Tisang624Mustafabad Majra Tisang
72Prathmik Vidhalaya Jabardastpur Urf Mantaudi699Jabardastpur Urf Mantori
73Pra Pathshala Saidipur Raju818Saidipur Raju
74Jr. High School Nagli Mahasingh645Nagli Mahasingh
75Pra Pathshala Nagli Mahasingh223Nagli Mahasingh
76Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Begrajpur1006Begarajpur
77Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2Begrajpur950Begarajpur
78Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Ghasipura Majra Husainpur Bopada916Hausainpur Bopara
79Prathmik Vidhalaya Paschimi Bhag Ghasipura Majra Husainpur Bopada942Hausainpur Bopara
80Panchayat Ghar Ghasipura Room No.1950Hausainpur Bopara
81Panchayat Ghar Ghasipura Room No.2712Hausainpur Bopara
82Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Husainpur Bopada1426Hausainpur Bopara
83Prathmik Vidhalaya Pachimi Bhag Husainpur Bopada1441Hausainpur Bopara
84Inter College Shugar Mill Mansurpur Room No.1 Khanupur985Khanpur
85Inter College Shugar Mill Mansurpur Room No.2 Khanupur914Khanpur
86Inter College Shugar Mill Mansurpur Room No.3 Khanupur954Khanpur
87Inter College Shugar Mill Mansurpur Room No.4 Khanupur1198Khanpur
88Junior High School Room No.1 Navla960Nawala
89Junior High School Room No.2 Navla679Nawala
90Junior High School Room No.3 Navla1013Nawala
91Junior High School Room No.4 Navla797Nawala
92Junior High School Room No.5 Navla1387Nawala
93Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Naya Bhawan Extra Room1 Navala1132Nawala
94Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 Room No.1 Ramp Vala Navala1243Nawala
95Prathmik Vidhalaya Khedi Tagan1310Kheri Tangan
96Prathmik Vidhalaya Raypur Nagli1055Raipur Nagli
97Prathmik Pathshala Boys Room No.1 Bhainsi785Bhainsi
98Pra Pathshala Boys Room No.2 Bhainsi1151Bhainsi
99Govt Kanya Inter College Room No.1 Bhainsi1238Bhainsi
100Govt Kanya Inter College Room No.2 Bhainsi1147Bhataura
101Pra Path. No.2 Bhainsi1128Bhainsi
102Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Abdullanagar Urf Sonta1082Abdulla Nagar Urf Sonta
103Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Abdullanagar Urf Sonta895Abdulla Nagar Urf Sonta
104Prathmik Vidhalaya Purana Abdullanagar Urf Sonta828Abdulla Nagar Urf Sonta
105Kanya Pra Pathshala Paschimi Room Dudhahedi853Dudhaheri
106Kanya Pra Pathshala Purvi Room Dudhahedi775Dudhaheri
107Kanya Pra Pathshala Madhaya Room Dudhahedi1281Dudhaheri
108Prathmik Vidhalaya Boys Dudhahedi415Dudhaheri
109Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Johara988Johra
110Prathmik Vidhalaya Beech Ka Kamra Johara769Johra
111Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Johara1000Islamabad
112Prathmik Vidhalaya Manvvarpur Kalan1112Munawwarpur Kalan
113Uchh Prathmik Vidhalaya Faheempur Kalan984Munawwarpur Kalan
114Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Mansurpur1194Mansoorpur
115Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Mansurpur986Mansoorpur
116Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Mansurpur1221Mansoorpur
117Uchh Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Mansurpur1244Mansoorpur
118Uchh Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Mansurpur941Mansoorpur
119Prathmik Vidhalaya Daulatpur1023Doulatpur
120Prathmik Vidhalaya Bhatauda1280Bhataura
121Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Moghpur765Moghpur
122Prathmik Vidhalaya N0.2 Moghpur609Moghpur
123Prathmik Vidhalaya Nona515Nauna
124Harijan Panchayat Ghar Nona951Nauna
125Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Saray Rasoolpur764Sarai Rasulpur
126Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Saray Rasoolpur787Sarai Rasulpur
127Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Saray Rasoolpur846Sarai Rasulpur
128Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.4 Saray Rasoolpur807Sarai Rasulpur
129Kisan Seva Sahkari Samiti Saray Rasoopur1033Sarai Rasulpur
130Prathmik Vidhalaya Tajpur1197Tajpur
131Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Buada Kalan1264Buwara Kalan
132Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Buada Khurd680Buwara Khurd
133Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Khanjahapur768Khanjahanpur
134Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Khanjahapur884Khanjahanpur
135Prathmik Vidhalaya Umarpur Lisoda1164Umarpur Lisora
136Kanya Purv Madhymik Vidhyala Ladpur North Part New Building1129Ladpur
137Kanya Purv Madhymik Vidyalaya Ladpur Southern Part New Building481Ladpur
138Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Pttha499Puttha
139Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Gangdhadi1000Gangdhari
140Prathmik Vidhalaya Paschimi Bhag Gangdhadi1389Gangdhari
141Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Shekhpura1457Shekhpura (CT)
142Shri Gurunanak Junior High School Bhood Room No.5 Shekhpura793Shekhpura (CT)
143Shri Gurunanak Junior High School Bhood Room No.8 Shekhpura869Shekhpura (CT)
144Shri Gurunanak Junior High School Bhood Room No.6 Shekhpura1288Shekhpura (CT)
145Shri Gurunanak Junior High School Bhood Room No.7 Sekhpura1173Shekhpura (CT)
146Pra Pathsshala Yahiyapur786Yahiyapur
147Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Mohiddinpur882Mohiuddinpur
148Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.3 Mohiddinpur940Mohiuddinpur
149Prathmik Vidhalaya Shahpur883Shahpur
150Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Room No.1 Madhkrimpur974Marhkarimpur
151Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Room No.2 Madhkrimpur826Marhkarimpur
152Pra Pathshala Naveen Bhawan Room No.1 Shahbajpur Tigai919Shahbazpur Tigai
153Prathmik Pathshala Room No.1 Mubarikpur842Mubarikpur
154Prathmik Pathshala Sardhan1096Sardhan
155Prathmik Vidhalaya Dudhali661Dudhali
156Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Purvi Bhag Bhayangi789Bhaingi
157Prathmik Vidhalaya Naya Paschimi Bhag Bhayangi861Bhaingi
158Prathmik Vidhalaya Khedi Raghdan1380Kheri Rangudan
159Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Rukanpur602Rukanpur
160Prathmik Vidhalaya No2 Room No.1 Titauda1074Titaura
161Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 Room No.2 Titauda1388Titaura
162Pra Pathshala Tabitta596Tabita
163Jr. High School Room No.1 Chandsamand757Chand Samand
164Jr. High School Room No.3 Chandsamand808Chand Samand
165Jr. High School Room No.2 Chandsamand1432Chand Samand
166Pra Pathshala Kakrala780Kakrala
167Pra Pathshala Naya Purvi Bhag Yusufpur Piplheda1033Yusufpur Piplhera
168Pra Pathshala Naya Paschimi Bhag Yusufpur Piplheda1067Yusufpur Piplhera
169Pra Pathshala Faheempur Khurd1386Fahimpur Khurd
170Pra Pathshala Adampur Mochadi1093Adampur Mochari
171Pra. Vi. Purvi Bhag Dahaud1013Dahaur
172Pra Vi. Paschimi Bhag Dahaud864Dahaur
173Prathmik Vidhalaya Biharipur Majra Bahpur878Bahpur
174Prathmik Vidhalaya New Room No.1 Galibpur887Galibpur
175Prathmik Vidhalaya New Purvi Room No.5 Galibpur703Galibpur
176Prathmik Vidhalaya New Room No.2 Galibpur1155Galibpur
177Pra Pathshala Jandhedi Jatan1072Jandheri Jatan
178Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Jasaula977Jasaula
179Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.4 Jasaula958Jasaula
180Prathmik Vidhalaya Kadhali1422Kadhli
181Prathmik Vidhalaya Sikanderpur Khurd686Sikanderpur Khurd
182Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Room No.1 Kailavada Kalan853Kailawada Kalan
183Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Room No.2 Kailavada Kalan671Kailawada Kalan
184Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 Room No.1 Kailavada Kalan1412Kailawada Kalan
185Prathmik Vidhalaya Gadanpura1203Gadanpura
186Babusingh Inter College Purvi Bhag Pamnavali819Pamnawali
187Babusingh Inter College Paschimi Bhag Pamnavali537Pamnawali
188Prathmik Vidhalaya Chittauda574Chitaura
189Prathmik Vidhalaya Chcharpur1118Chhacharpur
190Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 Uttari Bhag Anti1022Anti
191Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 South Side Anti993Anti
192Pra Pathshala Meerapur Khurd643Mirapur Khurd
193Pra Pathshala Khanpur1163Khanpur
194Prathmik Vidhalaya Nagla Rudra881Nagla Rudra
195Prathmik Vidhalaya Vajidpur Khurd625Wazidpur Khurd
196Panchayat Ghar Harijan Khedi Kuresh1141Kheri Kuresh
197Prathmik Vidhalaya Khokani1402Khokni
198Prathmik Vidhalaya Rasulpur Kailora1309Rasulpur Kailaura
199Prathmik Vidhalaya Paldi1209Palri
200Prathmik Vidhalaya Bhalva1172Bhalwa
201Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Antwada1402Antwara
202Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.2 Antwada978Antwara
203Jr. High School Pal996Pal
204Panchayat Ghar Tulsipur709Tulsipur
205Prathmik Vidhalaya Chindaurha No 21327Chandaura
206Prathmik Vidhalaya Uttari Bhag Room No.1 Ratanpuri837Ratanpuri
207Prathmik Vidhalaya Uttari Bhag Room No.2 Ratanpuri824Ratanpuri
208Prathmik Vidhalaya Dakshni Bhag Ratanpuri1322Ratanpuri
209Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Majahidpur1050Majahid Pur
210Prathmik Vidhalaya Paschimi Bhag Majahidpur747Majahid Pur
211Uchh. Pra. Vi. Room No.2 Bhoopkhedi1321Bhoopkheri
212Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Sikanderpur Kalan1410Sikanderpur Kalan
213Prathmik Vidhalaya Paschimi Bhag Sikanderpur Kalan1495Sikanderpur Kalan
214Junior High School Room No.1 Badsu781Barsu
215Junior High School Room No.3 Badsu841Barsu
216Junior High School Room No.2 Badsu1405Barsu
217Prathmik Vidhalaya Samauli1503Samauli
218Prathmik Vidhalaya Ghanshyampura Majra Samauli1165Ghansyampura Majra Samoli
219Prathmik Vidhalaya Purvi Bhag Chandsina1495Chandsina
220Prathmik Vidhalaya Paschimi Bhag Chandsina1447Chandsina
221Prathmik Vidhalaya Rampur669Rampur
222Prathmik Vidhalaya Ambarpur1092Amberpur
223Pra Pathshala Mathedi719Matheri
224Pra Pathshala No.2 Purvi Bhag Phulat1083Phulat
225Pra Pathshala No.2 Paschimi Bhag Phulat1135Phulat
226Shaheed Satish Kumar Jr. High School Room No.1 Phulat828Phulat
227Shaheed Satish Kumar Jr. High School Room No.2 Phulat767Phulat
228Prathmik Vidhalaya No. 1 Room No.1 Sathedi969Satheri
229Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Room No.2 Sathedi902Satheri
230Prathmik Pathshala No.2 Sathedi1289Satheri
231Prathmik Vidhalaya Lahaudda1269Lohdada
232Pra Pathshala Mohammadpur Mafi753Mohammadpur Mafi
233Piket Inter College Uttari Bhag Khatauli1158Khatauli (NPP)
234Piket Inter College Room No.1 Khatauli994Khatauli (NPP)
235Piket Inter College Dakshini Bhag Khatauli856Khatauli (NPP)
236Piket Inter Collegebeech Ka Kamra Khatauli1443Khatauli (NPP)
237Shridevi Mandir Kanya Inter College Room No.1 Khatauli1327Khatauli (NPP)
238Shridevi Mandir Kanya Inter College Room No.2 Khatauli830Khatauli (NPP)
239Shridevi Mandir Kanya Inter College Ka Baramda Khatauli776Khatauli (NPP)
240Shridevi Mandir Kanya Inter College Haal Room South Side Khatauli1026Khatauli (NPP)

Last Updated on December 19, 2014