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Polling Booth in Khair Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khair

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khair Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.H.School Gharbara R.N. 1883Gharvara
2Junior High School Gharbara R.N. 2934Gharvara
3Primary School Gharbara449Gharvara
4Junior High School Mharajgarh Gharbara537Maharajgarh
5Primary School Peepli Majra Gharbara R.N. 11295Gharvara
6Peepli Majara Gharbara R.N.2453Piplai
7Primary School Raypur Majra Gharbara722Gharvara
8Adarsh Krishi Vidyalay Siyaraul R.N. 11273Pokhar Mauhlla
9Adarsh Krishi Vidyalay Siyaraul R.N. 21168Syaraul
10Adarsh Krishi Vidyalay Siyaraul R.N. 31111Syaraul
11P. School Hamidpur R.N. 11003Hamidpur
12P. School Hamidpur R.N. 2633Hamidpur
13P. School Noorpur Majara Tappal R.N. 1915Tappal
14P. School Noorpur Majara Tappal R.N. 2771Mewa Nagla Majra Tappal
15Jamuna Khand Higher Secodry School Tappal R.N. 1640Tappal
16Jamuna Khand Higher Secodry School Tappal R.N. 2790Sotipajha
17Jamuna Khand Higher Secodry School Tappal R.N. 31282Tappal
18Jamuna Khand Higher Secodry School Tappal R.N. 4893Tappal
19Jamuna Khand Higher Secodry School Tappal R.N. 5655Black Kaloni
20Junior High School Tappal R.N. 1983Tappal
21Junior High School Tappal R.N. 2971Tappal
22Primary School Tappal494Tappal
23Primary School Udaypur Majra Tappal774Tappal
24Primary School Fatehpur Majra Tappal892Milak
25Junior High School Lalpur Raiyyatpur1334Lalpur Raiyatpur
26Primary School Lalpur Raiyyatpur394Lalpur Raiyatpur
27Primary School Kishanpur Majra Lalpur Raiyyatpur786Lalpur Raiyatpur
28Primary School Aadampur1167Adampur
29Primary School Malav R.N. 11198Malav
30Primary School Malav R.N. 21230Malav
31Junior High School Malav765Malav
32Primary School Ramgari Majra Malav614Ramgrhi
33Primary School Utwara867Utwara
34Primary School Jaldgari Majra Utwara464Utwara
35Primary School Narvari R.N.1961Narbari
36Primary School Narvari R.N.2436Narbari
37Primary School Utasani899Utsani
38Junior High School Utasani723Untasani Bangar
39Primary School Gajjugari Majra Utasani206Gajjoogdhi
40Junior High School Mevgari Majra Utasani1146Untasani Bangar
41Primary School Dharagari Majra Utasani925Ratangarhi
42Poorv Madhyamik Vidhyalay Pakhodna855Pakhodana
43Primary School Jedpura R.N. 1866Jaidpura
44Primary School Jedpura R.N. 2828Jaidpura
45Junior High School Ghanghauli R.N. 1945Godoli
46Junior High School Ghanghauli R.N. 21108Godoli
47Junior High School Gaurola R.N. 11006Goraula
48Junior High School Gaurola R.N. 2766Goraula
49Primary School Nagariya Gaurola1186Naglia Goraula
50Junior High School Khediya Kurd1460Khediya Khurd
51Panchayatghar Fjuaka1078Faizuaka
52Primary School Devaka612Dewaka
53Primary School Vajeedur1081Bajidpur
54Primary School Simrauthi R.N.1606Simrauthi
55Primary School Simrauthi R.N.2745Simrauthi
56Primary School Palar1091Palar
57Primary School Marorgari266Marorgarhi
58Primary School Jahangad1416Jahan Garh
59Primary School Jikarpur903Jikarpur
60Primary School Kansera995Kansera
61Junior High School Hetalpur813Hetalpur
62Primary School Hetalpur753Hetalpur
63Primary School Hasanpur Jareliya902Hasanpur Jarailia
64Junior High School Taharpur R.N. 11087Taharpur
65Junior High School Taharpur R.N. 21137Taharpur
66Primary School Kurana R.N.1818Kurana
67Primary School Kurana R.N.2888Kurana
68Primary School Nagla Birja857Nagala Birja
69Primary School Kripalpur895Kripalpur
70Primary Pathshala (Naveen) Khandeha R.N.11012Khandeha
71Primary Pathshala (Naveen) Khandeha R.N.2882Khandeha
72Prathmik Vidyalay Khandeha R.N. 1926Khandeha
73Prathmik Vidyalay Khandeha R.N. 21111Khandeha
74Primary School Gari Surajmal R.N.1836Gari Surajmal
75Primary School Gari Surajmal R.N.2715Gari Surajmal
76Primary Pathshala Bajauta R.N. 1825Bhojaka
77Primary Pathshala Bajauta R.N. 21018Bhojaka
78Junior High School Bajauta912Bhojaka
79Primary School Bodaka R.N. 11075Burhaka
80Primary School Bodaka R.N. 2737Burhaka
81Primary School Atari1332Atari
82Sarvoday High School Baina R.N. 11082Baina
83Sarvoday High School Baina R.N. 2859Baina Ansik
84Sarvoday High School Baina R.N. 3823Baina
85Sarvoday High School Baina R.N. 4643Baina
86Primary School Manpur R.N. 1714Manpur
87Primary School Manpur R.N. 2890Manpur
88Primary School Rasoolpur866Manpur
89Sarv Hitkari Junior High School Maur R.N. 1902Maur Ansik
90Sarv Hitkari Junior High School Maur R.N. 21082Maur Ansik
91Primary School Kheda Kishan511Khera Kishan
92Primary School Maur500Maur
93Junior High School Basera1058Bhasera Ansik
94Primary School Basera896Vasera
95Sarvopyogi Inter College Palsera R.N. 1997Palsera
96Sarvopyogi Inter College Palsera R.N. 2892Palsera
97Primary School Palsera655Palsera Ansik
98Primary School Lalgarhi656Lal Garhi
99Primary Pathshala Damuaka1160Damuaka
100Primary School Vijna Ki Nagariya R.N. 1729Bijana Ki Nagaliya
101Primary School Vijna Ki Nagariya R.N. 2605Bijana Ki Nagaliya
102Primary School Niguna Siguna1066Niguna Siguna 1
103Dankaur Devi Uttar Madhyamik Vidhyalay Nangal Kalan472Nagal Kala
104Junior High School Usrah Rasolpur R.N. 1961Usarah Rasulpur
105Junior High School Usrah Rasolpur R.N. 2814Usarah Rasulpur
106Primary School Itwarpur1268Itwarpur
107Primary School Jalalpur1267Jalalpur
108Primary Pathshala Chajjupur874Chhajjupur
109Primary Pathshala Vichpuri559Bichpuri
110Patel Smarak Inter College Jattari R.N. 1943Jatari (NP)
111Patel Smarak Inter College Jattari R.N. 21058Jatari (NP)
112Patel Smarak Inter College Jattari R.N. 31260Jatari (NP)
113Patel Smarak Inter College Jattari R.N. 41462Jatari (NP)
114Rajkiy Kanya Vidyalay Jattari R.N. 1492Jatari (NP)
115Primary School Durgapur Majra Jattari557Jatari (NP)
116Rajkiy Kanya Vidyalay Jattari R.N. 2944Jatari (NP)
117Rajkiy Kanya Vidyalay Jattari R.N. 3807Jatari (NP)
118Rajkiy Kanya Vidyalay Jattari R.N. 41080Jatari (NP)
119Patel Smarak Inter College Jattari R.N. 51056Jatari (NP)
120Patel Smarak Inter College Jattari R.N. 6661Jatari (NP)
121Primary School Fajilpur Kalan947Jatari (NP)
122Primary School Nagal Khurd896Nagala Khurd
123Primary School Harsukh Ki Nagariya406Harsukh Ki Nagaliya
124Junior High School Jartauli926Jartauli
125Primary School Jartauli875Jartauli
126Primary School Shahnagar Saurola1122Shahnagar Soraula
127Primary School Madak R.N. 1658Madak
128Primary School Beedha Ki Gari Majra Madak415Madak
129Primary School Madak R.N. 2866Madak
130Primary School Dariyapur Majra Salpur951Salpur
131Salpur Inter College Salpur R.N. 1931Boriyanagar
132Salpur Inter College Salpur R.N. 2405Salpur
133Primary School Salpur940Salpur
134Primary School Raghavgari Majra Salpur996Salpur
135Primary School Barkeegari Majra Salpur357Hansagharhi
136Primary School Nagla Jadana895Nagriya Jadana
137Primary School Karanpur R.N. 11017Karanpur
138Primary School Karanpur R.N. 2681Karanpur
139Gandhi Smarak Higher Secondry School Bajera1044Bajherha
140Primary School Kamalpur586Kamalpur
141Primary School Beramgunj594Bairamganj
142Primary School Hajiyapur1274Haziyapur
143Primary School Ranjeetgari R.N. 1724Ranjeetgrhi
144Primary School Ranjeetgari R.N. 2680Kheriabuzurg
145Primary School Khediya Bujurg1116Kheriabuzurg
146Primary School Bulakeepur R.N. 1649Kheriabuzurg
147Primary School Bulakeepur R.N. 2791Hirpura
148Junior High School Prempur R.N. 1737Paimpur
149Junior High School Prempur R.N. 2929Paimpur
150Kanya Primary School Balanpur R.N. 1716Balampur
151Kanya Primary School Balanpur R.N. 2762Balampur
152Primary School Shadipur1249Shadipur
153Primary School Bhadiyar572Bhadiyar
154Primary School Peepli Majra Kadirpur Karh342Pipli Nagala Kadirpur
155Primary School Bhojaka836Bhojaka
156Primary School Kadirpur Karh853Karah Kadilpur
157Primary School Gaundoli485Gaudoli
158Primary School Mada Habeebpur R.N. 11266Marha Habibpur
159Primary School Mada Habeebpur R.N. 2988Marha Habibpur Ansik 1
160Primary School Cheeti R.N. 1701Chiti
161Primary School Cheeti R.N. 2902Chiti
162Shrimati Shivdevi Sharma Parishd Junior High School Mahgaura R.N. 1817Mahgaura
163Shrimati Shivdevi Sharma Parishd Junior High School Mahgaura R.N. 2922Mahgaura
164Shrimati Shivdevi Sharma Parishd Junior High School Mahgaura R.N. 3819Mahgaura
165Shrimati Shivdevi Sharma Parishd Junior High School Mahgaura R.N. 4437Mahgaura
166Primary School Madi Majra Mahgaura481Mahgaura
167Primary School Nagla Khoba Majra Mahgaura535Nagala Khuba Majra Mahgaura
168Inter College Meerpur Dahaura R.N. 1979Mirpur Dahora
169Inter College Meerpur Dahaura R.N. 21162Mirpur Dahora
170Primary School Meerpur Dahaura962Andos
171Primary School Deeva Hameedpur R.N. 1830Diwahamidpur
172Primary School Deeva Hameedpur R.N. 3741Diwahamidpur
173Primary School Bajhera821Bajherha
174Primary School Deeva Hameedpur R.N. 2366Diwahamidpur
175Primary School Ganeshpur1100Ganeshpur
176Primary School Amargari Majra Rajpur693Amargarhi Majra Rajpur
177Junior High School Rajpur1074Rajpur
178Primary School Rajpur R.N. 1673Rajpur
179Primary School Rajpur R.N. 2664Rajpur
180Primary School Kesripur Majra Rajpur577Rajpur
181Junior High School Ftehpur Majra Rajpur652Fatehpur
182Primary School Sofa R.N. 1993Nagaliya Sopha
183Primary School Sofa R.N. 2311Nagaliya Sopha
184Primary School Nagariya Majra Sofa629Nagaliya Sopha
185Ganga Inter College Kheda1339Khera
186Primary School Takipur R.N. 1685Takipur
187Primary School Takipur R.N. 2677Takipur
188Junior High School Kilpur R.N. 1903Keelpur
189Junior High School Kilpur R.N. 2679Keelpur
190Primary Pathshala Gari Nagla Syoram799Garhi Urf Nagala Shyauram
191Primary School Domra818Dhumra
192Primary School Plaveeran566Palaviran
193Primary School Manpur Kalan458Manpur Kalan
194Primary School Narayanpur816Narayanpur
195Primary School Mohsanpur493Mohasan Pur
196Janta Vikas Inter College Mathna R.N. 1743Mathna
197Janta Vikas Inter College Mathna R.N. 2767Mathna
198Primary School Nivsani559Nivsani
199Primary School Madanpur677Madanpur
200Junior High School Shivala R.N. 11163Shivala
201Junior High School Shivala R.N. 21322Shivala
202Primary School Shivala1092Shivala Khurd
203Primary School Ahraula R.N. 1559Ahraula
204Primary School Harnarayangari Majra Ahraula452Ahraula
205Primary School Ahraula R.N. 21042Ahraula
206Rajkiy High School Ahraula547Ahraula
207Primary School Sahab Singh Ki Nagaliya371Shahab Singh Ki Nagliya
208Primary School Sajana895Sajana
209Primary Pathshala Gaumat R.N. 1986Gomat
210Primary School Ratanpur Majra Gaumat928Gomat
211Primary Pathshala Gaumat R.N. 21251Gomat
212Shri Sushil Candra Mittal Inter College Gaumat R.N. 11220Gomat
213Shri Sushil Candra Mittal Inter College Gaumat R.N. 2671Gomat
214Primary School Visayatigari Majra Gaumat512Bisayatgarhi
215Primary School Sujanpur R.N. 11072Sujanpur
216Primary School Sujanpur R.N. 21029Sujanpur
217Junior High School Sujanpur1124Sujanpur
218Primary Pathshala Resri R.N. 1743Resari
219Primary Pathshala Resri R.N. 2804Resari
220Primary School Nagla Assu1160Nagala Assoo
221Primary School Rooppur448Rooppur
222Primary School Dharampur645Dharmpur
223Junior High School Bankner R.N. 11231Bankner
224Junior High School Bankner R.N. 2898Bankner
225Primary School Rustamgar Majra Bankner1120Bankner
226Primary School Bilkhaura1020Bilkhora
227Primary School Manpur Khurd1041Manpur Khurd
228Primary School Nayal1007Nayal
229Primary School Khair R.N. 1689Khair (NPP)
230Primary School Khair R.N. 21196Khair (NPP)
231Old P.P Room No 1 Khair712Khair (NPP)
232Prachin Primarypathshala Khair R.N. 2675Khair (NPP)
233Prachin Primarypathshala Khair R.N. 31261Khair (NPP)
234Rashtriy Vidyalay Inter College Khair R.N. 11154Khair (NPP)
236Rashtriy Vidyalay Inter College Khair R.N. 3966Khair (NPP)
237Rashtriy Vidyalay Inter College Khair R.N. 41195Khair (NPP)
238Kahir Inter College Khair R.N. 1989Khair (NPP)
239Kahir Inter College Khair R.N. 2901Khair (NPP)
240Kahir Inter College Khair R.N. 5943Khair (NPP)
241Kahir Inter College Khair R.N. 31082Khair (NPP)
242Kahir Inter College Khair R.N. 41414Khair (NPP)
243Primary School Nai Basti Khair745Khair (NPP)
244Primary School Bhopa Nagla Majra Khair771Khair (NPP)
245Primary School Vishanpuri Majra Khair R.N. 11137Khair (NPP)
246Primary School Vishanpuri Majra Khair R.N. 2970Khair (NPP)
247Junior Kanya Pathshala Khari R.N. 1749Khair (NPP)
248Primary School Dhundhi Nagla Majra Khair619Khair (NPP)
249Junior Kanya Pathshala Khari R.N. 21031Khair (NPP)
250Primary Pathshala Patper Nagla Khair510Khair (NPP)
251Primary Pathshala Roopa Nagla Majra Khair645Khair (NPP)
252Kanya Primary Pathshala Nai Basti Khair667Khair (NPP)
253Primary Pathshala Savai Raghunathpur627Savai Raghunathpur
254Primary Pathshala Biraula1130Birola
255Primary Pathshala Nayela503Nayela
256Primary School Bhanera390Bhanera
257Primary Pathshala Vijeedpur1007Bajidpur
258Primary Pathshala Gaundoli853Godoli
259Primary Pathshala Kumarpur465Kunwarpur
260Primary Pathshala Bhogpur678Bhogpur
261Primary Pathshala Janhera544Bhogpur
262Primary School Nayabans396Naya Bans
264Primary School Arrana964Arrana
265Primary School Lohagarh1337Lohagarh
267Panchayatghar Beedha Nagla Majra Rasoolpur644Rasulpur
268Primary Pathshala Chaudhana1112Chaudhana
269Primary Pathshala Balipur769Balipur
270Primary School Mangaula781Mangola
271Primary School Traura Urf Peepal Gav1059Taraura Urf Pipal Ka Gaon
272Junior High School Jarara R.N. 1745Jarara
273Junior High School Jarara R.N. 2529Jarara
274Junior High School Jarara R.N. 3949Jarara
275Primary Pathshala Jarara1052Jarara
276Primary Pathshala Pala Majara Jarara791Jarara
277Primary Pathshala Sahroi R.N. 1700Sahroi
278Primary Pathshala Sahroi R.N. 2601Sahroi
279Junior High School Bhanauli1184Bhanauli
280Primary School Khediya Jhallu466Khediya Jhallo
281Primary Pathshala Kakola766Kakola
282Primary Pathshala Biharipur773Biharipur
283Primary Pathshala Hevatpur594Biharipur
284Madan Mohan Malveey Inter College Andla R.N. 11158Andala
285Madan Mohan Malveey Inter College Andla R.N. 2857Andala
286Madan Mohan Malveey Inter College Andla R.N. 3622Andala
287Primary Pathshala Tehra702Tehra
288Primary Pathshala Nagaula1131Nagola
289Primary Pathshala Sangrampur655Sangrampur
290Primary Pathashala Chaman Nagariya781Chamar Nagaria
291Primary Pathshala Kassion R.N. 1648Kasison
292Primary Pathshala Kassion R.N. 2894N/A
293Primary Pathshala Sabhapur769Sabhapur
294Primary Pathshala Fatehgari1344Fateh Garhi
295Kaniya Primary Pathshala Fathehgari1058Fateh Garhi
296Primary Pathshala Edalpur R.N. 1515Aidalpur
297Primary School Nagariya Darkana Majra Edalpur920Aidalpur
298Primary Pathshala Edalpur R.N. 2633Aidalpur
299Prathmik Vidhyalay Bhagwangarhi479Aidalpur
300Primary Pathshala Kheda Sattu R.N. 11119Khera Sattu
301Primary Pathshala Kheda Sattu R.N. 2649Khera Sattu
302Primary Pathshala Bamanee960Bamani
303Primary Pathshala Bharairee702Khera Sattu
304Primary Pathshala Usram Sattu R.N. 1954Usram
305Primary Pathshala Nagla Virua599Usram
306Primary Pathshala Usram Sattu R.N. 2463Usram
307Sankul Bhavan Pala Chand1205Palachand
308Primary Pathshala Nisoja375Nisuja
309Junior High School Arni896Arni
310Primary School Arni745Arni
311Primary Pathshala Utwara R.N. 11341Utwara
312Primary Pathshala Utwara R.N. 21040Utwara
313Primary Pathshala Bamauti R.N. 11138Bamoti
314Primary Pathshala Bamauti R.N. 2894Bamoti
315Primary Pathshala Chand Jor Majra Bamauti300Bamoti
316Primary Pathshala Udaygari1162Udai Garhi
317Primary Pathshala Aichna R.N. 1799Ainchana
318Primary Pathshala Aichna R.N. 2813Ainchana
319Primary Pathshala Lakshmangari1389Lakshman Garhi
320Primary Pathshala Mau R.N. 11050Mau
321Primary Pathshala Mau R.N. 2996Mau
322Primary Pathshala Keeratpur967Kiratpur
323Primary Pathshala Neem Kheda671Neem Khera
324Primary Pathshala Nahraula607Bhamraula
325Primary Pathshala Bhamraula1067Bhamraula
326Primary Pathshala Ismailpur754Ismailpur
327P.P Jala Kaseru454Kasison
328P.P Dilawarpur487Dilavarpur
329Inter Collage Room No 1 Kaseru1312N/A
330Inter Collage Room No 2 Kaseru1020Kaseru
331J.H.S Room No 1 Khurd Kheda1366Deta Saidpur
332J.H.S. Room No 2 Khurd Kheda808Detakhurd
333P.P Dharampur715Dharmpur
334P.P.K.N.1 Shahpur665Shahpur
335P.P.K.N.2 Shahpur1207Shahpur
337Kanya P.P.Jalokhri700Jalokhari
338P.P Room No 1 Pisawa1149Pisava
339P.P Room No 2 Pisawa906Pisava
340P.P.K.N.3 Pisawa1279Pisava Ansik
341Vikram Seva Sadan Inter College K.N.1 Pisawa958Pisava
342Vikram Seva Sadan Inter College K.N.2908Pisava Ansik
343J.H.S.K.N.1 Jalalpur Majra Pisawa941Pisava
344J.H.S.K.N.2 Jalalpur Majra Pisawa853Jalalpur Ansik
345P.P.K.N.1 Sujavalgarh Majra Pisawa474Sujawalgarha
346P.P. Roopnagar1425Rupnagar
347P.P.K.N.1 Sabalpur1039Sabalpur
348P.P.K.N.2 Sabalpur471Dargava
350P.P.K.N.1 Deta Kalan920Deta Saidpur
352P.School Deta Saidpur904Deta Saidpur
354P.P.Tikari Bhavapur1318Teekari Bhavapur
355P.P.K.N.1 Sudeshpur1150Sudeshpur
356P.P.K.N.2 Sudeshpur678Sudeshpur Ansik
360P.P.K.N.1 Elampura345Elampura
361P.P.K.N.2 Elampura1000Elampura
362P.P.Bhimnagar Majra Chandos345Bhimnagar Majra Chandaush
363P.P.K.N.1 Chandos1506Chandaus
364P.P.K.N.2 Chandos924Chandaus
365New Gandhi Inter College K.N.3 Chandos974Chandaus A. M.N. 0 Se 366 Tak
366New Gandhi Inter College K.N.4 Chandos713Chandaus
367New Gandhi Inter College K.N.1 Chandos1089Chandaus Ansik M.N. 0 Se 214 Tak
368New Gandhi Inter College K.N.5 Chandos716Chandaus
369New Gandhi Inter College K.N.2 Chandos822Chandaus
370P.P.Nagla Jaat259Nagala Jat
371P.S. Rami Ka Nagla Majra Rampur Shahpur304Rampur Shahpur
373P.S.K.N.1 Rampur Shahpur1374Rampur Shahpur
374P.S.K.N.2 Rampur Shahpur864Rampur Shahpur Ansik
375P.S.K.N.3 Rampur Shahpur772Rampur Shahpur
376J.H.S.K.N.1 Rampur Shahpur962Rampur Shahpur Ansik
377J.H.S.K.N.1 Nagla Padam1091Nagla Padam
378J.H.S.K.N.2 Nagla Padam999Nagla Padam
379P.P.Nagla Padam969Nagla Padam
380P.P.Resra Majra Nagla Padam832Resara Majara Nagla Padam
381P.P.Nagla Banjara Nagla Padam447Nagla Padam
382P.P.Nagla Badam Majra Nagla Padam201Nagla Badam Majra Nagla Padam
383P.P.K.N.1 Gangai722Gangai
384P.P.K.N.2 Gangai629Gangai Ansik
385P.P.Ramnagar Majra Gangai482Gangai
386J.H.S.K.N.1 Jamunka1310Jamanka Ansik
387J.H.S.K.N.2 Jamunka1244Jamanka
388P.P. Ajniya Majra Jamunka437Aanjniya Majra Jamunaka
389J.H.S.K.N.3 Jamunka884Jamanka
390P.P.K.N.1 Nagla Jait Majra Oomri643Umari
391P.P.K.N.2 Nagla Jait Majra Oomri599Umari
392J.H.S.K.N.1 Oomri876Umari
393J.H.S.K.N.2 Oomri884Umari
394J.H.S.K.N.1 Sahajpura900Sahajpura
395J.H.S.K.N.2 Sahajpura1048Sahajpura

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

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