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Polling Booth in Khaga Assembly Constituency

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Khaga Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Khaga

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khaga Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Khasmau Room No-1751Khasmau
2P.S. Khasmau Room No-2893Khasmau
3U.P.Khasmau Room No-11093Khasmau
4U.P.S. Khasmau Room No-2905Khasmau
5P.S. Iradatpur Teju513Iradatpur Taju
8P.S.Umara Room No-11270Umara
9P.S. Umara Room No-2503Umara
10P.S. Sujanipur1040Sujanipur
11P.S. Iskuri879Nandanpur Iskuri
12P.S. Tilkapur766Tilkapur
13P.S.Laukiyapur1396Shivdatt Ka Purwa
14P.S. Pambhipur926Pambhipur
15P.S. Raipur Hemlet Of Hardo Room No-1440Hardoan
16P.S. Raipur Hemlet Of Hardo Room No-21078Hardoan
17Panchayat Ghar Hardo1067Hardoan
18P.S. Hardo Room No-11215Hardoan
19P.S. Hardo Room No-21065Hardoan
20Janhitkaari Inter Collage Khaga Room No-11167Khaga (NP)
21Janhitkaari Inter Collage Khaga Room No-21156Khaga (NP)
22Ramesh Kalyankaari U.P.S. Khaga Room No-11031Khaga (NP)
23Ramesh Kalyankaari U.P.S. Khaga Room No-2973Khaga (NP)
24Ramesh Kalyankaari U.P.S. Khaga Room No-3701Khaga (NP)
25Ramesh Kalyankaari U.P.S. Khaga Room No-4973Khaga (NP)
26Ramesh Kalyankaari U.P.S. Khaga Room No-5671Khaga (NP)
27Ramesh Kalyankaari U.P.S. Khaga Room No-61010Khaga (NP)
28Kamla Balika Inter Collage Khaga Room No-1973Khaga (NP)
29Kamla Balika Inter Collage Khaga Room No-2661Khaga (NP)
30Kamla Balika Inter Collage Khaga Room No-3953Khaga (NP)
31Kamla Balika Inter Collage Khaga Room No-4693Khaga (NP)
32Block Development Office Room No-1(Khaga)1153Khaga (NP)
33Block Development Office Room No-2395Khaga (NP)
34Shukdev Inter Collage Khaga Room No-1918Khaga (NP)
35Shukdev Inter Collage Khaga Room No-21260Khaga (NP)
36Shukdev Inter Collage Khaga Room No-3780Khaga (NP)
37Shukdev Inter Collage Khaga Room No-4923Khaga (NP)
38Kanya P.S. Shahjadpur Khaga Room No-11226Khaga (NP)
39Kanya P.S. Shahjadpur Khaga Room No-21305Khaga (NP)
40P.S1122Khaga (NP)
41Kayalya Dugdha Utpadan Sahkaari Sangh Ltd. Sangrampur Sani635Sangrampur Sani
42P.S. Nai Bazar Khaga Room No-11187Khaga (NP)
43P.S. Nai Bazar Khaga Room No-21432Khaga (NP)
44P.S. Nai Bazar Khaga Room No-3870Khaga (NP)
45P.S. Sarsai Bujurg Room No-1906Sarsai Buzurg
46P.S. Sarsai Bujurg Room No-21217Sarsai Buzurg
47Panchayat Dayalpur811Dayalpur
48P.S. Gopalpur390Gopalpur
49P.S. Chitauli925Chitauli
50P.S. Hasanpur Akodhiya690Hasanpur Akuriha
51P.S. Sujrahi1148Sujarahi
52P.S. Chak Katoghan530Chak Katoghan
53P.S. Katoghan Room No-11294Katoghan
54P.S. Katoghan Room No-2896Katoghan
55Samudayik Vikash Kendra Room No-1686Katoghan
56Samudayik Vikash Kendra Room No-21296Katoghan
57P.S. Budwan Room No-11111Budwan
58P.S. Budwan Room No-21072Budwan
59Samudayik Vikash Kendra Budwan Room No-11113Budwan
60Samudayik Vikash Kendra Budwan Room No-21099Budwan
61P.S. Barkatpur1476Barkatpur
62P.S. Bhadar1178Bhadar
63P.S. Kashidaspur Tikri598Kashida Super Tikari
64P.S. Amaon Room No-1885Amaon
65P.S. Amaon Room No-21028Amaon
66P.S. Salempur Goli Room No-11217Salempur Goli
67P.S. Salempur Goli Room No-2939Chak Salempur Goli
68P.S. Karha349Karaha
69P.S. Manjhilgaon1214Manjihl Gaon
70P.S. Purain Room No-11059Purein
71P.S. Purain Room No-2879Purein
72P.S. Chhimi Room No-11381Chhimi
73P.S. Chhimi Room No-21145Chhimi
74P.S. Kaahi Room No-1939Kahi
75P.S. Kaahi Room No-2681Kahi
76P.S. Maanjhkhor1031Manjhkhor
77P.S. Rasulpur Sani530Rasulpur
78P.S. Kasba Sohan Room No-11288Kasba Sohan
79P.S. Kasba Sohan Room No-21355Kasba Sohan
80Dharmawati J.H.S. Kasba Sohan548Kasba Sohan
81P.S. Shikarpur435Shikarpur
82P.S Bahlolpur Ailai1271Bahlolpur Aelai
83U.P.S. Bahlolpur Ailai Room No-1880Bahlolpur Aelai
84U.P.S. Bahlolpur Ailai Room No-21404Bahlolpur Aelai
85P.S. Lakhipur1039Lakhipur
86P.S. Laxmanpur417Lachmanpur
87P.S. Bhakharna1200Bhakhrana
88P.S. Ramipur413Ramipur
89P.S. Teni Room No-11046Tani
90P.S. Teni Room No-2555Tani
91U.P.S. Teni Room No-11141Tani
92U.P.S. Teni Room No-21006Tani
93P.S. Majhteni Room No-1875Manjhteni
94P.S. Majhteni Room No-2852Manjhteni
95P.S. Peri967Peri
96P.S. Narauli977Narauli
97P.S. Khemkaranpur Basai755Khemkaranpur Basai
98U.P.S. Dharmangatpur Narwa623Dharmgadpur
99P.S. Sangrampur910Sangrampur
100P.S. Asdulla Nagar Sithiyani1164Abdullpur Sathiyani
101P.S.Tesahi Khurd Room No-1836Tasahi Bujurg
102P.S.Tesahi Khurd Room No-2726Tasahi Bujurg
103Kanya P.S. Tesahi Bujurg Room No-1828Tesahi Bujurg
104Kanya P.S. Tesahi Bujurg Room No-2902Tesahi Bujurg
105P.S. Ram Nagar Hemlet Of Narottampur673Narottampur
106P.S. Shahjahanpur Selrha Room No-11217Shahjahanpur Salraha
107P.S. Shahjahanpur Selrha Room No-2370Shahjahanpur Salraha
108U.P.S. Silmi Gadhwa Room N0-11411Silmi Garhwa
109U.P.S. Silmi Gadhwa Room N0-21346Silmi Garhwa
110P.S. Tilochanpur728Tilochanpur
111P.S. Chak Babullapur Bhabhuti732Chak Babullapur Bhabhuti
112P.S. Kura Room No-11187Kura
113P.S.Kura Room No-21484Kura
114P.S. Vijayipur1139Vijayepur
115Ram Gopal Tripathi Inter Collage Vijayipur Room No-11099Vijayepur
116Ram Gopal Tripathi Inter Collage Vijayipur Room No-21285Vijayepur
117P.S. Amani1460Sahabpur
118P.S. Jiharwa603Jihrawa
119P.S. Sonemau465Sonemau
120P.S. Itolipur1290Itauli
121P.S.Bandupur Hemlet Of Khyokhari694Khokhari
122P.S. Baraichi993Baraichi
123P.S. Ranipur Bahera1491Ranipur Bahera
124P.S. Byoti995Beyoti
125P.S. Anjana Bhairo979Anjana Bhairo
126P.S. Lodhaura781Loghaura
127U.P.S. Lodhaura454Jagatpur
128P.S. Barauliya778Barauliya
129U.P.S. Shiv Prasad Ka Dera Hemlet Of Raipur Bhasraul1462Raipur Bhasrauli
130P.S. Chatar Hemlet Of Raipur Bhasaraul Room No-1803Raipur Bhasrauli
131P.S. Chatar Hemlet Of Raipur Bhasaraul Room No-2780Raipur Bhasrauli
132P.S. Shivkanth Ka Dera Hemlet Of Raipur Bhasaraul1322Raipur Bhasrauli
133P.S. Bahiyapur Hemlet Of Raipur Bhasaraul853Raipur Bhasrauli
134P.S. Mandauli1313Madauli
135P.S. Manipur Semariya418Manipur Sameriya
136P.S. Gadhiwa Manjhigwan757Gadhiva Majhgawan
137P.S. Guruwal Room No-1682Gurwal
138P.S. Guruwal Room No-21110Gurwal
139P.S. Pahadpur1083Paharpur
140P.S. Mahawatpur Asahat1463Mahawatpur Ashat
141P.S. Rampur Room No-11080Rampur
142P.S. Rampur Room No-21107Rampur
143P.S. Kishunpur Room No-11182Kishunpur (NP)
144P.S. Kishunpur Room No-2928Kishunpur (NP)
145Sarvodaya Inter Collage Room No-11107Kishunpur (NP)
146Sarvodaya Inter Collage Room No-21193Kishunpur (NP)
147P.S. Ekdala Room No-11215Ekdala
148P.S. Ekdala Room No-2438Ekdala
149P.S. Pahora328Pahora
150P.S. Sarauli Room No-11058Sarauli
151P.S. Sarauli Room No-2863Sarauli
152U.P.S. Sarauli Room No-1767Sarauli
153U.P.S. Sarauli Room No-2797Sarauli
154P.S. Godaura Room No-11144Godoura
155P.S. Godaura Room No-21054Godoura
156Inter Collage Pauli Room No-11406Pauli
157Inter Collage Pauli Room No-21294Pauli
158P.S. Pauli1105Pauli
159P.S. Khairai Room No-1896Kheirai
160P.S. Khairai Room No-2529Kheirai
161P.S. Khairai Room No-3931Kheirai
162Kanya P.S. Khairai Room No-11123Kheirai
163Kanya P.S. Khairai Room No-2633Kheirai
164P.S. Ganahi320Ganhi
165P.S. Pai1138Pai
166P.S. Ruhellapur791Ruhallapur
167P.S. Raipur419Raipur
168P.S. Ukathu Room No-1961Ukathu
169P.S. Ukathu Room No-21117Ukathu
170P.S. Akilpur Airana1308Akilpur Airayon
171P.S. Bichhiyawan1261Bichhiyawan
172P.S. Umara Room No-11068Mubarakpur Gariya
174P.S. Alampur Geriya Room No-11103Alampur Gauriya
175P.S. Alampur Geriya Room No-2673Alampur Gauriya
176P.S. Tenduwa Room No-11023Tendua
177P.S. Tenduwa Room No-2747Tendua
178P.S. Hardaspur Thone523Khwajgipur Thaun
179P.S. Khwajgipur Thone734Khwajgipur Thaun
180P.S. Keshavraipur Kewatmai1234Keshoraipur Kawatmai
181P.S. Anjan Kabir Room No-11001Anjana Kabir
182P.S. Anjan Kabir Room No-2551Anjana Kabir
183P.S. Sudeshara1106Hardaspur Geriya
184P.S. Yadunandanpur450Jadunandanpur
185P.S. Kishunpur Chirai1064Kishunpur Chirai
186P.S. Andmau993Andmau
187P.S. Baraicha515Baraicha
188P.S. Basawa Room No-1929Basva
189P.S. Basawa Room No-2579Basva
190P.S. Basawa Room No-31145Basva
191P.S. Gursandi942Gursandi
192P.S. Takkipur737Takipur
193P.S. Gadhwa537Gadhawa
194P.S. Kathariya751Takipur
195P.S. Mahimapur497Mahimapur
196P.S. Saidpur Bhuruhi625Saidpur Bhurahi
197P.S. Chachida1456Chachinda
198Ch. Shiv Sahai Singh Inter Collage Jairampur549Jayrampur
199P.S. Gurgaula551Jairampur
200P.S. Hardaspur Saraphan945Hardaspur Sarafan
201P.S. Sheshpur476Shashpur
202P.S. Datriyamau1476Dariya Mau
203P.S. Rakshapalpur1114Rakshapalpur
204Pt. Jawahar Lal Inter Collage Khakhareru Room No-11258Khakharu
205Pt. Jawahar Lal Inter Collage Khakhareru Room No-21085Khakharu
206P.S. Khakhareru1271Khakharu
207U.P.S. Khakhareru Room No-11031Khakharu
208U.P.S. Khakhareru Room No-2945Khakharu
209U.P.S. Khakhareru Room No-3556Khakharu
211P.S. Salwan Room No-11116Salvan
212P.S. Salwan Room No-2254Salvan
213P.S. Sudanpur829Sudanpur
214P.S. Maheshpur Mathetha1049Maheshpur Mathetha
215U.P.S. Rari Room No-11136Rari
216U.P.S. Rari Room No-21098Rari
217P.S. Raghurajpur Hemlet Of Rari464Rari
218P.S. Ahamadganj Tihar1157Ahamadganj Tihar
219P.S. Arjunpur Gadha1420Garha
220P.S. Chandapur Gadha Room No-11009Garha
221P.S. Chandapur Gadha Room No-2669Garha
222P.S. Barha Gadha965Garha
223P.S. Gadha Khaas1424Garha
224P.S. Narauli Gadha1493Garha
225P.S. Sangolipur Gadha1391Garha
226P.S. Tikura Gadha Room No-1796Garha
227P.S. Tikura Gadha Room No-2738Garha
228P.S. Gajipur1096Gazipur
229P.S. Kharkhar453Kharkhar
230P.S. Dariyapur1114Barar
231P.S. Kachhara Room No-11020Kachhra
232P.S. Kachhara Room No-2502Kachhra
233P.S. Badanmau533Badan Mau
234P.S. Kulli1073Kulli
235P.S. Rahmatpur637Rahmatpur
236P.S. Shivpuri Room No-1807Shivpuri
237P.S. Shivpuri Room No-2725Shivpuri
238P.S. Pratappur458Pratap-Pur
239P.S. Barhata1253Barahata
240P.S. Hakimpur Khantawa1092Hari Rampur Kaithola
241P.S. Aimapur Hemlet Of Hakimpur Khantwa1101Hari Rampur Kaithola
242Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Aimapur722Arampur
243P.S. Manjhanpur1351Manjhanpur
244P.S. Bhadauha1241Bhadauha
245P.S. Saidpur Panchmai1016Saidpur Pachmai
246P.S. Chhadaini452Chhadaini
247P.S. Chandpur Audhera750Chandpur Auraira
248P.S. Jahangeer Nagar Room No-11448Jahangir Nagar
249P.S. Jahangeer Nagar Room No-21090Jahangir Nagar
250Kanya P.S. Jahageer Nagar Room No-11124Jahangir Nagar
251Kanya P.S. Jahageer Nagar Room No-2793Jahangir Nagar
252P.S. Purmai Room No-1851Purmai
253P.S. Purmai Room No-2786Purmai
254P.S. Harchandrapur640Harchandrapur
255Sri Baldev Prasad I.C. Room No-11409Dendasaie
257Shri Baldev Prasad I C Dendasai Room No.3843Dendasaie
258P.S. Sarvan Pur Nedaura Room No.11145Sarwanpur
259P.S. Sarvan Pur Nedaura Room No.2647Sultanpur
260U.P.S. Jaam Room No.11027Jaam
261U.P.S. Jaam Room No.21452Jaam
262P.S. Amdara560Amdara
263P.S. Semrahata1049Samerahta
264P.S. Devrar729Davrar
265P.S. Govindpur681Govindpur
266P.S. Birdhaulpur475Birdhaurpur
267P.S. Shahpur Charki389Shahpur Charki
268U.P.S. Shahpur Hardaspur1454Shahpur Hardaspur
269P.S. Virsinghpur376Birsinghpur
270P.S. Sihari Patii944Sihari Patti
271P.S. Shivdaspur581Shivdaspur
272P.S. Kabra Room No.1883Kabra
273P.S. Kabra Room No.2677Kabra
274P.S. Ratanpur Room No.1645Nagdilpur
275P.S. Ratanpur Room No.2918Ratanpur
276P.S. Bairi1234Bairi
277U.P.S. Gharvasipur Room No.11193Gazipur
278U.P.S. Gharvasipur Room No.2360Shankarpur
279P.S. Shahnagar617Shah Nagar
280P.S. Adhaiya Room No.1156Thariow
281P.S. Adhaiya Room No.21083Arhaiya
282P.S. Mujuddinpur Hemlet Of Oraha548Orha
283P.S. Dadhiya579Manmaie
284P.S. Naseerpur704Nasirpur
285U.P.S. Kot Room No.11135Kot
286U.P.S. Kot Room No.2968Kot
287P.S. Kot1153Kot
288P.S. Salempur747Salampur
289P.S. Saidpur757Saidpur
290P.S. Chak Shah Jahanpur669Chak Shahjhanpur
291P.S. Urai680Uraie
292P.S. Parvejpur579Parvejpur
293P.S. Belawan969Balawan
294Ch.Rameshwar Singh Inter Collage Belai742Balawan
295P.S. Bhadiyapur464Bhadiyapur
296P.S. Ghoshi525Dhoshi
297Gramya Darshan Inter Collage Kalyanpur Kacharauli Room No.-11118Kalayanpur Kacharauli
298Gramya Darshan Inter Collage Kalyanpur Kacharauli Room No.-2464Kalayanpur Kacharauli
299P.S. Galehara595Gelahara
300P.S. Bhula709BHULA
301P.S. Bachharauli717Bachhrauli
302Ch.Dhanraj Singh Inter Collage Karikaan Dhata Room No.-11314Karikan
303Ch.Dhanraj Singh Inter Collage Karikaan Dhata Room No.-21189Karikan
304Sanskrit Pathshala Karikan Dhata1080Karikan
305Block Development Office Dhata Room No-1926Karikan
306Block Development Office Dhata Room No-2787Karikan
307Inter Collage Dhata Room No-11060Karikan
308Inter Collage Dhata Room No-2817Karikan
309Kanya U.P.S. Karikaan Dhata Room No-11144Karikan
310Kanya U.P.S. Karikaan Dhata Room No-21280Karikan
311P.S. Karikaan Dhata1062Karikan
312P.S. Ghataipur Hemnlet Of Dhata462Karikan
313P.S. Benipur681Banipur
314P.S. Sarsauli831Sarsauli
315P.S. Kharsendwa826Kharsandwa
316P.S. Ahamadpur Kusumbha Room No-11325Ahamadpur Kusumbha
317P.S. Ahamadpur Kusumbha Room No-2881Ahamadpur Kusumbha
318P.S. Bhurchuni Room No-1921Bhurchuni
319P.S. Bhurchuni Room No-2444Rasulpur Sani
320P.S. Narsinghpur Kabraha Room No-1838Narsinghpur Kabraha
321P.S. Narsinghpur Kabraha Room No-2768Narsinghpur Kabraha
322P.S. Bhaidpur487Bhadpur
323P.S. Ajarauli Room No-11035Ajarauli
324P.S. Ajarauli Room No-2602Ajarauli
325P.S. Pallawan717Pallawan
326P.S. Sonari1101Sunari
327P.S. Makhauwa679Makhauba
329Inter Collage Adhauli Room No-2855Adhauli
331P.S. Tekari549Takari
332P.S. Parsidhdhapur1021Parsidhpur
333P.S. Airai Room No-1685Gokulpur
334P.S. Airai Room No-2873Arai
335P.S. Semri816Samari
336P.S. Bamhrauli Room No-1923Bamhrauli
337P.S. Bamhrauli Room No-2610Bamhrauli
338P.S. Kishunpur979Kishunpur

Last Updated on December 19, 2014