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Polling Booth in Khadda Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khadda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khadda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Shivpur972Shivpur
2Primary School Basantpur958Basantpur
3Primary School Hariharpur1308Narainpur
4Primary School Bhaisaha Room N0 _11308Bhaisaha Mus.+ Aht.
5Primary School Bhaisaha Room N0_2889Bhaisaha Mus.+ Aht.
6Primary School Hanumanganj Room No_1508Hanumanganj Mus.+ Aht.
7Primary School Hanumanganj Room No_21034Hanumanganj Mus.+ Aht.
8Primary School Hanumanganj Room No_3534Hanumanganj Mus.+ Aht.
9Primary School Mahdeva Room N0_1557Jwalapur
10Primary School Mahdeva Room N0_2522Mahdeva
11Primary School Budhva Jangal418Burhawa Jungal
12Primary School Gainahe Jangle Room N0_11354Gonhi Jungal
13Primary School Gainahe Jangle Room N0_2847Gonhi Jungal
14Primary School Madanpur Sukrauli Room N0_1678Madanpur Sukrauli
15Primary School Madanpur Sukrauli Room N0_21050Madanpur Sukrauli
16Primary School Madanpur Sukrauli Room N0_3530Madanpur Sukrauli
17Primary School Bhedihari No -1596Bherihari No.1
18Primary School Sisai Dadhich379Sisai Dadhich
19Primary School Sisva Gopal Room N0 _11100Siswa Gopal
20Primary School Sisva Gopal Room N0 _2639Siswa Gopal
21Primary School Sisva Gopal Room N0 _3831Siswa Gopal
22Primary School Pakadi Brijlal N0-21485Pakari Brijlal No.2
23Primary School Sarang Chhapra745Sarang Chhapra
24Primary School Chamardiha837Chamar Diha
25Junior High Schoolrampur Gonha Room N0_11162Rampur Gonha
26Junior High Schoolrampur Gonha Room N0_2404Rampur Gonha
27Junior High Schoolrampur Gonha Room N0_3792Rampur Gonha
28Junior High Schoolrampur Gonha Room N0_41073Rampur Gonha
29Primary School Sonbarsa777Sonbarsa
30Primary School Sohrauna Room N0_11014N/A
31Primary School Sohrauna Room N0_21098Sohrauna
32Uchatar Madhyamic School Sohrauna Room No _11255Khadda Khurd
33Uchatar Madhyamic School Sohrauna Room No _2949Sohrauna
34Primary School Khadda Room N0 _1713Khadda (NP)
35Primary School Khadda Room N0 _2844Khadda (NP)
36Primary School Khadda Room N0 _3987Khadda (NP)
37Primary School Khadda Room N0 _4622Khadda (NP)
38Gandhi Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_1584Khadda (NP)
39Gandhi Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_2429Khadda (NP)
40Gandhi Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_3515Khadda (NP)
41Gandhi Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_41126Khadda (NP)
42Kisan Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_11052Khadda (NP)
43Kisan Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_2915Khadda (NP)
44Kisan Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_3648Khadda (NP)
45Kisan Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_41000Khadda (NP)
46Kisan Inter Collage Khadda Room N0_5967Khadda (NP)
47Primary School Basdila1065Basdila
48Primary School Turkaha1270Turkaha
49Primary School Laxmipur Room No_11099Laxmipur
50Primary School Laxmipur Room No_2620Laxmipur
51Primary School Laxmipur Room No_3422Laxmipur
52Primary School Shahpur Place Laxmipur1114Ranjita Jungal
53Primary School Bhagwanpur1187Bhagwanpur
54Primary School Nautar Jangal Room N0_1756Nautar Jungal
55Primary School Nautar Jangal Room N0_2734Nautar Jungal
56Primary School Salikpur Place Mathura Chhapra1166Salikpur Mus.+ Aht.
57Highr Secendary School Bulahawa873Chhitauni
58Primary School Bulahawa Bairatola Room N0_11175Bulahwa
59Primary School Bulahawa Bairatola Room N0_2850Bulahwa
60Primary School Bulahawa Bairatola Room N0_3932Bulahwa
61Primary School Bulahawa Bairatola Room N0_4612Bulahwa
62Primary School Bulahawa Bazar Room N0 1837Bulahwa
63Primary School Bulahawa Bazar Room N0 2833Bulahwa
64Primary School Bulahawa Bazar Room N0 31162N/A
65Primary School Bulahawa Bazar Room N0 41373Belahi
66Higher Secendary School Bulahawa Room No_1418Bulahwa
67Higher Secendary School Bulahawa Room No_2555Bulahwa
68Primary School Chhitauni Room No_11305Chhitauni
69Primary School Chhitauni Room No_2990Chhitauni
70Primary School Narkahawa Room No_1804Narkahawa
71Primary School Narkahawa Room No_2987Narkahawa
72Primary School Turkahi550Turkhi
73Primary School Dargauli Room N0_1948Dargauli
74Primary School Dargauli Room N0_2840Dargauli
75Junior High School Dargauli Room N0_11126Dargauli
76Junior High School Dargauli Room N0_2892Dargauli
77Primary School Surajpur Place Paniyahawa1036Panhiwa
78Primary School Bodhi Chhapra Room No_11024Bodhi Chhapra
79Primary School Bodhi Chhapra Room No_2570Bodhi Chhapra
80Primary School Bodhi Chhapra Room No_3972Bodhi Chhapra
81Primary School Bodhi Chhapra Room No_4589Bodhi Chhapra
82Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Bodhi Chhapra Room No_1601Bodhi Chhapra
83Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Bodhi Chhapra Room No_2670Bodhi Chhapra
84Primary School Malaheya1130Malhia
85Primary School Rampur Jangal Room N0_11424Rampur Jungal
86Primary School Rampur Jangal Room N0_2337Rampur Jungal
87Primary Schoolramnagar Room No_1526Ramnagar
88Primary Schoolramnagar Room No_2783Ramnagar
89Primary School Tinparsa351Tinparsa
90Primary Schooldharmauli /Jinda Chhapra Room N0_1934Dharmauli Urf Zinda Chhapra
91Primary Schooldharmauli /Jinda Chhapra Room N0_2487Dharmauli Urf Zinda Chhapra
92Primary School Hathiya Place /Dhanauji Aabadkari620Dhanauji Abadkari
93Primary Schooldhanauji Aabadkari Place Hathiya789Hanumanganj Mus.+ Aht.
94Primary School Kardah Room No_1923Kardah
95Primary School Kardah Room No_2595Kardah
96Naveen Kanya Laghu Madhyamic School Kardah Room N0 _1783Kardah
97Naveen Kanya Laghu Madhyamic School Kardah Room N0 _2605Kardah
98Primary School Kardah628Misrauli
99Primary School Aherauli Room N0_11083Ahirauli
100Primary School Aherauli Room N0_21117Ahirauli
101Primary School Jakhaniya839Jakhinia
102Primary School Sisva Maniraj1134Siswa Mani Raj
103Primary Schoolbanjari Patti1256Banjari Patti
105Primary School Lakhua Lakhuyi1399Lakhua Khurd
107Primary School Bahor Shhapra1122Bahora Chhapra
108Primary School Bhajan Chhapra1093Bhajan Chhapra
109Primary School Naval Chhapra898Nawal Chhapra
110Primary Schoolmathiya Bujurg1469Mathia Buzurg
112Primary School Langadi790Langari
113Primary School Vishunpura Bujurg990Bishunpura Buzurg
116Primary School Kop Jangal New Baluwa Tola773Chhitaoni Jungal
118Primary Schoolbhedi Jangal1392Bheri Jungal
119Primary Schoolchatur Chhapra972Chatur Chhapra
120Primary School Chatur Chhapra676Narku Chhapra
121Primary Schoolfatakdauna Hera Chhapra1291Phatak Dauna Khas
122Primary Schoolliladhar Chhapra774Lila Dhar Chhapra
123Primary Schooludho Chhapra1327Udho Chhapra
124Primary Schoolbhujauli Khurd755Bhojauli Khurd
125Primary Schoolbhujauli Bujurgd1402Bhojauli Buzurg
127Kanya Purva Madhayamic School Bhujauli Bujurg1332Bhojauli Buzurg
129Primary School Bairagi Patti Pas Chim Tola685Bairagi Patti
130Primary School Mundera497Mundera
131Purva Madhyamic School Pahadpur613Paharpur
132Primary School Dharani Patti860Makhanha
133Primary Schooldharni Patti1018Dharni Patti
134Primary School Manshachhapra1103Mansha Chhapra
135Primary School Tinvardaha738Teen Vardaha
136Junior High School Katayi Bharpurwa881Katahimar Purwa
139Primary School Katayi Bharpurwa1258Katahimar Purwa
141Kanya Primary School Katayi Bharpurawa1191Katahimar Purwa
143Primary School Padarahe /Pakadi1499Padrahi Urf Pakari
144Primary School Patkhauli1094Patkhauli
145Primary School Dhanaha570Dhanha
146Primary School Juda Chhapra Place Nirmal Patti855Nirmal Patti
147Primary School Khairy1139Khairi
149Primary School Kishunpur Vijaypur916Vishunpur Vijaipur
150Primary School Devgav970Deo Gaon
151Primary School Sekhuyi Khas895Sekhui Kaf
152Kanya Junior High School Nebua Raiganj1203Nebua Rai Ganj
154Primary School Nebua Raiganj851Nebua Rai Ganj
155Primary Schoolnebua Raiganj267Nebua Rai Ganj
156Primary Schoolshivdat Chhapra1494Shiv Datt Chhapra
157Primary Schoolsurat Chhapra714Surat Chhapra
158Primary School Narayanpur1015Narainpur
159Primary Schoolkohargaddi923Kohar Gaddi
161Junior High School Kohargaddi1086Kohar Gaddi
163Primary School Darbaha Ganga Chhapra877Darbahaganga Chhapra
164Primary School Bandhu Chhapra591Bandhu Chhapra
165Primary School Ekdanga Bhajan Chhapra916Kheman Chhapra
166Primary School Gulriha718Gulriha
167Primary School Ekdangi1343Ekdangi
168Primary School Kundeli Patti976Kundeli Patti
169Doctor Rajendra Prasad Inter Collage Barwa Ratanpur1380Barwa Ratanpur
173Primary School Vindawaliya706Bindwalia
174Primary School Atardiha1013Atardiha
175Primary School Belwa1237Belwa
176Primary School Semra758Semra
177Primary School Sisva /Sisvaniya891Siswa Urf Siswania
178Primary School Baluwahe910Baluahi
179Primary School Bali632Bali
180Junior High School Devataha1029Deotaha
182Primary School Devataha1365Deotaha
183Primary School Raipur Bhaisahe980Raipur Bhaisahi
185Junior High School Barwa580Barwa
186Primary School Raipur Khas1039Rampur Khas
187Primary School Raipur Fulwariya560Raipur Phulwari
188Panchayat Bhavan Raipur Banjari938Raipur Banjari
189Primary School Sakhuyi756Sehui Khas
190Primary School Khajuri966Khajuri
192Primary School Padari Mehadiya1114Padri Mehdia
194Primary School Rampur Bangar612Rampur Bangar
196Primary School Maheshra511Maheshara
197Primary School Naugawa1086Naugawan
198Primary School Gadaheya Basantpur1165Garhia Basantpur
200Primary School Dholha853Dholha
202Primary School Harpur Batesara846Harpur Maphi
203Primary School Pipariya Narhar715Parsu Rampur
205Janta Inter Collage Kotwa Kala1191Kotwa Kalan
208Panchayat Bhawan Vishunpura Khurd902Bishunpura Khurd
210Primary School Mansha Chhapra647Mansha Chhapra 48
211Primary School Parsauni1122Parsauni Kalan
212Primary School Bargaha754Bargaha
213Junior High School Pandey Chhapra1161Pande Chhapra
215Primary School Naurangiya1337Naurangia
217Junior High School Naurangiya960Naurangia
218Primary School Piparpati940Bhimal Chhapra
219Primary School Sargatiya689Sargatia
220Harijan Primary School Sirsiyakala1165Sita Chhapra
222Primary Schoolbasantpur521Basantpur
223Primary School Rampur Khurd1086Rampur Khurd
224Primary School Shobha Chhapra463Shobha Chhapra 67
225Primary School Harpur Purana1053Harpur Tappa Naugaon 55
226Primary School Harpur Kesari Chhapra684Harpur Tappa Naugaon 55
227Primary School Sauraha Bujurga798Saurha Buzurg
228Primary School Sauraha Bujurg995Saurha Buzurg
229Junior High School Sauraha Bujurg935Saurha Buzurg
231Panchayat Bhawan Sauraha Bujurg1132Dhir Chhapra
232Primary School Kalwari Patti622Kalwari Patti
233Primary School Sauraha Khurd Dubaraha788Saurha Khurd
234Panchayat Bhawan Sauraha Khurd Chargharwa950Saurha Khurd
235Primary Schoolmathiya Aalam924Mathia Alam
238Primary School Bagalaha1028Baglaha
239Primary School Kauvasar1425Kauwasar
241Primary Schoolsirsiya Bujurg1422Sirsia Buzurg
244Primary Schoolsagar804Sagar
245Junior High School Madar Vindawaliya1080Madar Bindwalia
252Primary School Malahe Patti868Madar Bindwalia
254Primary Schoolsri Nagar Madar Vindavaliya828Madar Bindwalia
255Primary School Laxmipur / Kurmipatti797Luxmipur Urf Kurmi Patti
257Panchayat Bhavan Laxmipur / Kurmipatti1257Luxmipur Urf Kurmi Patti
259Primary Schoolchakhani Bhoj Chhapra1399Chakhani Bhoj Chhapra
260Primary School Chakhani Puran Chhapra Udho Chhapra897Chakhnipuran Chhapra
261Primary School Chakhani Bhumihari Patti1007Chakhni Bhmi Hari Patti
263Primary Schoolpachfeda843Pach Phera
265Primary Schoolkhanu Chhapra808Khanu Chhapra
267Primary School Pakadiyar972Pakariyar
268Primary Schoolpakadiyar827Pakariyar
269Junior High School Khairatiya Shitalapur1052Khairatia Shitalpur
270Primary School Rajman Chhapra822Terhi
271Primary Schoolrajman Chhapra943Rajman Chhapra
272Primary School Sukhari Chhapra591Sukhari Chhapra
273Primary Schoolbadahara459Badhara
274Primary School Singha955Sigha
277Ganna Krishk Inter Collage Singha1192Sigha
279Primary Schoolmathiya Khurd867Mathiya Khurd
280Primary Schoolkathinaeya1020Kathinahia
282Primary Schoolchak Chintaman1037Chak Chintaman
283Primary Schoollaukariya968Laukaria
284Primary School Kueya732Kuia
285Primary Schoolpiprawar Siwan1140Piprawar Siwan
287Primary Schoolvijaypur1324Vijaipur
289Primary School Harpur Mafi963Harpur Maphi
291Primary School Harkeshwa438Har Keshwa
292Primary School Rampur Bhath717Rampur Bhat
294Primary School Mahuava1049Mhuawa
295Primary Schoolmahuava292Mhuawa
296Primary School Ghinahuva701Dhinuhua
297Primary School Pipra Bujurg1455Pipra Buzurg
298Junior High Schoolpipra Bujurg693Pipra Buzurg
299Primary Schoolpipra Khurd1251Pipra Khurd
301Primary Schoolmathiya Dhir814Mathia Dheer
303Primary Schoolbarwa Khurd759Barwa Khurd
306Primary School Babhnauli Khapardhikka1101Babhnauli
307Primary Schoolbandhva1414Bandhwa

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