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Polling Booth in Kasganj Assembly Constituency

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Kasganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kasganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kasganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pra.Path. Mehmudpur Pukhta900Mahmood Pur Pukhta
2Durvin Singh Rai Singh U.M.V. Mehmudpur Pukhta643Mandawali
3Pra.Path.Abaypur Rampur Pukhta942Abhaypura Rampur Pukhta
4Pra.Path.Ismailpur1103Ismail Pur
5J.H.School Alipur Barbara R.No. 11155Allipur
6J.H.School Alipur Barbara R.No. 2983Delasarai
7Pra.Path.Sirawali R.No. 11034Sirawali
8Pra. Path.Sirawali R.No. 2742Sirawali
9Pra.Path. Fazilpur768Fazilpur
10Pra.Path. Pachlana1162Pachalana
11Pra.Path. Kumraua R. N. 1738Kumraua
12Pra. Path. Kaumraua R. N. 2776Kumraua
13Pra. Path. Kaumraua R. N. 3678Kumraua
14Pra.Path. Siyapur. M. Kumraua718Siypur
15Pra.Path. Khadiya1209Kharhia
16Pra.Path Nagla Lodhi M. Khadiya599Kharhia
17Pra. Path.Kudar1002Kudhar
18J.H. School Nagla Moti M. Kudar1146Nagla Moti M. Kudhar
19Pra.Path Dokeli1195Daukeli
20Pra.Path Baroli Urf Badagaon1094Barauli Urf Baragaon
21Pra.Path. Harsaina1129Harsaina
22Pra.Path Nagla Kehar M. Harsaina724Harsaina
23Mahendra Int. Coll. Gadhi Harnather924Harnathpur Urf Nagalamoti
24Pra.Path Chakeri983Chakeri
25Pra. Path. Nameni R.No. 1912Nameni
26Pra. Path. Nameni R.No. 2858Nameni
27Pra. Path. Nameni R.No. 31007Nameni
28Pra.Path Badwari Kalan M. Nameni905Barwari Khan
29Pra.Path. Kedi1011Kendi
30J.H.School Chandaus1467Chandaus
31Pra.Path. Kampur589Kampur
32Pra.Path. Takhru R. No. 11005Takhru
33Pra.Path. Takhru R. No. 2678Eamanpur
34Pra.Path. Nagla Ulfat888Nagala Ulfat
35Pra.Path Birauchi1092Biraunchi
36Pra.Path. Harnathpur556Harnathpur Urf Nagalamoti
37Pra.Path Khusalpur483Khushalpur
38Pra.Path. Sohabatpur Bhood588Sohbat Bhoodh
39J.H. School Pachora School425Pachaura Jungle
40Pra.Path Kunvarpur843Kunwarpur
41Pra.Path. Gyoti1051Goyati
42Pra.Path. Badanpur1046Baranpur
43Pra.Path. Naurata1431Naurtha
44Pra.Path. Agoli M. Agoli Kiramai852Agoli
45Pra.Path. Rampur258Rampur
46Pra.Path. Kiramai501Kuramai
47Pra.Path. Bhidoni1248Bhidauni
48Pra.Path. Karuvara M. Fatehpur Kalan R.No. 2623Fatehpur Kalan
49Pra.Path. Karuvara M. Fatehpur Kalan R.No. 1610Karuawra
50Pra.Path. Fatehpur Kalan R.No. 11038Fatehpur Kalan
51Pra.Path. Fatehpur Kalan R.No. 2631Fatehpur Kalan
52Pra.Path. Fatehpur Kalan R.No. 3690Fatehpur Kalan
53Pra. Path. Bhaupur918Bhaupur
54Pra.Path. Adhpura739Bhaupur
55J.H.School Salempur Bibi R.No. 11267Salem Pur Bibi
56J.H.School Salempur Bibi R.No. 2256Dabrabad
57J.H.School Salempur Bibi R.No. 3923Salem Pur Bibi
58Pra.Path. Bhadpura1031Siyarpur
60Pra.Path. Ukurri1161Ukarri
61Pra.Path. Banupur Pukhta1151N/A
62Purv Madhyamikk Vidyalaya Malikpur604Malikpur
63Pra.Path. Jaraitha480Jaraitha
64Pra.Path. Pasoi919Paisoi
65Pra.Path. Nagla Lale616Nagala Laley
66Pra.Path. Tarapur Kanak454Tarapur Kanak
67Pra.Path. Tarapur Nasirpur Pukhta480Tarapur Nsirpur Pukhta
68Pra.Path. Kadarbadi R.No. 11376Kadarbari
69Pra.Path. Kadarbadi R.No. 2968Kadarbari
70Pra.Path. Thaterpur916Tatherpur
72Pra.Path. Pathakpur744Pathak Pur
73Pra.Path. Shahpur Mafi1022Shah Pur Mafi
74Pra.Path. Milkiniya M. Shyamsar643Shyam Sar
75Pra.Path. Shyamsar R. No. 11412Shyam Sar
76Pra.Path. Shyamsar R. No. 2515Shyam Sar
77Pra.Path. Timbarpur892Timber Pur
78Pra.Path. Himayunpur986Himaunpur
79Pra.Path. Bahadurnagar727Bahadur Nagar
80Sant Tulsidas Int. Coll. Soron R. No. 11415Soron (NPP)
81Sant Tulsidas Int. Coll. Soron R. No. 2994Soron (NPP)
82Sant Tulsidas Int. Coll. Soron R. No. 3941Soron (NPP)
83Sant Tulsidas Int. Coll. Soron R. No. 41058Soron (NPP)
84Sant Tulsidas Int. Coll. Soron R. No. 5963Soron (NPP)
85Sant Tulsidas Int. Coll. Soron R. No. 6684Soron (NPP)
86N.P. Karyalaya Soron R.No. 11296Soron (NPP)
87Pra.Kanya Pathshala Ward No. 4 Soron (Multipurpose Room)1319Soron (NPP)
88Kanya Pra.Vidh. Ward No. 3 Soron R.No. 11352Soron (NPP)
89Kanya Pra.Vidh. Ward No. 3 Soron R.No. 21172Soron (NPP)
90Kanya Pra.Path. Ward No. 2 Soron1366Soron (NPP)
91Balak Pra.Vidh. Ward No. 2 Soron R.No. 1(Multipurpose Room)798Soron (NPP)
92Balak Pra.Vidh.Ward No. 2 Soron R.No. 2761Soron (NPP)
93Pra.Path. Pahadpur Katra (Gadiya Ret)248Paharpur Katra
94Pra.Path. Badariya1463Soron (NPP)
95Kanya Pra.Path. Badariya1415Soron (NPP)
96Pra.Path. Basantnagar973Basant Nagar
97Purva Madhmamik Vidyalaya Mirzapur596Mirzapur
98Pra.Path. Tolakpur R.No. 1806Tolakpur
99Pra.Path. Tolakpur R.No. 2771Nagala Bhammi
100Pra.Path.Nagla Kashi383Nagala Kashi
101Pra.Path. Varkula1429Laharbarkula
102Pra.Path. Kherpur809Khairpur
103Pra.Path. Nagla. Sukha428Nagala Suka
104Pra.Path. Nagla Jhaddi531Nagala Jhari
105Pra.Path. Khalilpur622Khalilpur
106Pra.Path. Anandipur444Anandipur
107Pra.Path. Hodelpur R.No. 1975Hodalpur
108Pra.Path. Hodelpur R.No. 2987Hodalpur
109Pra.Path. Faridnagar686Farid Nagar
110Pra.Path. Musavali813Musawali
111Pra.Path. Salempur Urf Nagla Bhutal440Salem Pur Urf Nagala Bhutan
112Pra.Path. Sagarpur M. Gangagarh918Sarangpur
113Pra.Path. Gangagarh R.No. 11105Gangagarh
114Pra.Path. Gangagarh R.No. 21047Gangagarh
115Pra.Path. Brahmpuri1160Brahm Puri
117J.H. School Devri M. Devri Prahaladpur726Dewari Prahladpur
118Pra.Path. Prahaladpur M. Devri Prahladpur R. No. 1806Dewari Prahladpur
119Pra.Path. Prahaladpur M. Devri Prahladpur R. No. 2850Dewari Prahladpur
120Pra.Path. Prahaladpur M. Devri Prahladpur R. No. 3835Dewari Prahladpur
121Pra.Path. Pahadpur Khurd720Paharpurkhurd
122J.H.School Nagla Surji649Takuawar
123Pra.Path. Nagla Khanji M. Takuavar R.No. 1641Takuawar
124Pra.Path. Nagla Khanji M. Takuavar R.No. 21268Nagla Khanzi
125Pra.Path. Dorai896Dorai
126Pra.Path. Nagla Heera M. Gorha412Nagla Hira
127J.H. School Gorha R.No. 11127Nagala Ashik
128J.H. School Gorha R.No. 2668Gorha
129Pra.Path. Gurhena1280Loharre
130Pra.Path.Kyampur M. Kyampur Baheriya598Kyampur Bahedia
131Pra.Path. Baheriya M. Kyampur Baheriya R. No. 1865Kyampur Bahedia
132Pra.Path. Baheriya M. Kyampur Baheriya R. No. 2659Kyampur Bahedia
133Pra.Path. Mamon R.No. 1939Mamon
134Pra.Path. Mamon R.No. 2877Mamon
135Pra.Path. Bhitona R.No. 1909Bhitauna
136Pra.Path. Bhitona R.No. 21337Bhitauna
137Pra.Path. Kiloni Rafatpur R.No. 1994Kiloni Rafaat Pur
138Pra.Path. Kiloni Rafatpur R.No. 2660Kiloni Rafaat Pur
139Pra.Path. Nagla Naukas390Nagala Naukas
140J.H.School Nagla Than801Nagala Bhura
141Pra.Path. Narauli R.No. 11319Narauli
142Pra.Path. Narauli R.No. 2489Nagla Mehandi
143Pra.Path. Kisrauli1233Kislauli
144Champadevi J.H. School Nagla Chinti461Nagla Chtti
145J.H. School Jhavar781Jhawar
146Pra.Path. Pachgai1436Panchgai
147Pra.Path. Nagla Mandanpur326Panchgai
148Pra.Path. Nagla Samma466Nagala Satma
149Pra.Path. Akbarpur1068Jagdishpur
150Pra.Path. Gangabas M. Pachgai551Panchgai
151Pra.Path. Bhagvantpur R.No. 1659Panchgai
152Pra.Path. Bhagvantpur R.No. 2475Panchgai
153Pra.Path. Nagla Bich Urf Nagla Bidha625Panchgai
154Pra.Path. Ghinauna R. No. 11177Ghinauna
155Pra.Path. Ghinauna R. No. 21115Ghinauna
156Pra.Path. Mehava Khurd393Mahewa Khurd
157J.H. School Maheva Kalan443Mahewa Kalan
158Pra.Path. Gauspur Bhupalgarhi R. No. 1892Goshpur Bhupal Garhi
159Pra.Path. Gauspur Bhupalgarhi R. No. 2663Goshpur Bhupal Garhi
160Pra.Path. Ikhona1307Ikhauna
161Pra.Path. Chhichora883Chhichhaura
162Pra.Path. Nagla Sumra1027Nagala Sumra
163Pra.Path. Inayti726Inayati
164Pra.Path. Nagla Ambar M. Inayati594Nagla Amber
165Pra.Path. Tayyab Khan M. Kinawa574Nagla Teyab Khan
166Pra.Path. Kinawa R.N.1 West808Kinawa
167Pra.Path. Kinawa R.N. 2 East1267Kinawa
168Pra.Path. Bhamon1327Bhamon
169Pra.Path. Bahidpur Mafi1408Wahidpurmafi
170U.Pra.Vidyalaya Dholna R. No. 1787Dholna
171U.Pra.Vidyalaya Dholna R. No. 2720Dholna
172Pra.Vidyalaya Dolhna (Pratham)653Dholna
173Pra.Path. Nagla Bhoor828Nagla Bhur
174J.H. School Bharsoli Jungle R.No. 1876Bharsoli Jangle
175J.H. School Bharsoli Jungle R.No. 2648Nagla Narayan
176Pra.Path. Tawalpur1367Tawal Pur
177Pra.Path. Itaua743Itauwa
178Pra.Path. Ishepur435Esepur
179Pra.Path. Mohammadpur897Muhammad Pur
180Manpal Singh Int.Coll. Mahavar R. No. 1932Mahawar
181Manpal Singh Int.Coll. Mahavar R. No. 21066Mahawar
182Pra.Path. Nagla Chandan569Nagla Chandan
183Pra.Path. Hariyather456Hariya Ther
184J.H.School Nagla Godhi515Taiyab Pur Kamalpur
185Pra.Path. Tayyabpur Kamalpur R.No. 1297Taiyab Pur Kamalpur
186Pra.Path. Tayyabpur Kamalpur R.No. 2923Taiyab Pur Kamalpur
187Pra.Path. Sevar1181Sewar
188Kisan Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Rahmatpur Mafi1047Rahmat Pur Mafi
189Pra.Path.Tayyabpur Sujatganj1029Taiyab Pur Sujatganj
190Pra.Path. Nagla Chhata764Sujatganj
191Pra.Path. Naugawa1223Naugawan
192J.H. Himmatpur Sai1388Himmat Pur Sai
193Pra.Path. Faridpur1002Farid Pur
194Pra.Path.Kaliyanpur R.No. 1990Kaliyan Pur
195Pra.Path.Kaliyanpur R.No. 21088Tarora
196Pra.Path. Dhantoriya690Dhantoriya
197Pra.Path. Barkurdarpur289Barkhurdar Pur
198Pra.Path. Kotra415Kotra
199Pra.Path.Siroli M. Harsinghpur Siroli672Harsingh Siroli
200Pra.Path. Nagla Patti M. Harsinghpur Siroli707Harsingh Siroli
201Town Area Karyalaya Bilram759Bilram (NP)
202Kanya U. Madhyamik Vidyalaya Bilram R. No. 1817Bilram (NP)
203Kanya U. Madhyamik Vidyalaya Bilram R. No. 2889Bilram (NP)
204Pra.Path. Bilram First1220Bilram (NP)
205Shri Chandraprabha J.H. Bilram R.No. 1899Bilram (NP)
206Shri Chandraprabha J.H. Bilram R.No. 4634Bilram (NP)
207Shri Chandraprabha J.H. Bilram R.No. 2746Bilram (NP)
208Shri Chandraprabha J.H. Bilram R.No. 5754Bilram (NP)
209Shri Chandraprabha J.H. Bilram R.No. 31226Bilram (NP)
210Pra.Path. Jahangirpur957Jahangirpur
211Pra.Path. Birhara1199Birhara
212Pra.Path. Firozpur Sihola Aliyar Khan926Firozpur Sihola Aliyar Khan
213Pra.Path. Firozpur Sihola Farchand Ali Khan980Firozpur Sihola Farjand Ali Kh
214Pra.Path. Firozpur Sihola Baskulla Khan832Firozpur Sihola Farjand Ali Kh
215Pra.Path. Birsaua986Birsua
216Pra.Path. Karsari Hayatgarhi1293Karsari Hiyatgarhi
217Pra.Path. Muvarikpur Mafi1369Mubarikpur Mafi
218Pra.Path. Satpura Mafi1110Mubarikpur Mafi
219Pra.Path. Narayani822Narayani
220Pra.Path. Khairpur838Narayani
221Pra.Path. Mohini M0 Mohini Mamurganj R.No. 1995Mohanimamoorganj
222Pra.Path. Mohini M0 Mohini Mamurganj R.No. 2824Mohanimamoorganj
223Pra. Path. Mamurganj M. Mohini Mamurganj968Mohanimamoorganj
224Pra.Path. Nagla Bheem M. Mohini Mamurganj769Mohanimamoorganj
226J.H. School Nagla Pipal709Bharsoli Mustafabad
227Pra.Path. Kanarkhera1115Kanar Khera
228Pra.Path. Kutukpur771Kutakpur
229Pra.Path. Baira M. Brahimpur415Nizampur
230Pra.Path. Brahimpur664Brahm Puri
231Pra.Path. Nagla Beri1155Beri
232Pra.Path. Nagla Harnampur725Beri
233Pra.Path. Khurrampur846Kantaur
234Pra.Path. Kantaur R.No. 1870Kantaur
235Pra.Path. Kantaur R.No. 2886Kantaur
236Pra.Path. Nagla Dukariya M. Kantaur648Nagla Jukaria
237Nav.Nirmit. Rani Avantibai. Int. Coll. Rampur M. Kantaur767Rampur Kantaur
238Panchayat Ghar & Pra.Path. Mohanpura North1272Mohanpura
239Pra.Path. Afjalpur942Afjalpur
241Pra.Path. Badampur M. Salempur Piroda1036Badampur
242Pra.Path. Salempur Piroda1116Nagla Summi
243Pra.Path. Atyaiya R.No. 11177Athaiya
244Pra.Path. Atyaiya R.No. 2544Maddupur
245Nav Nirmit Pra.Path. Bahadurpur West R.No. 1394Rahimnagar
246Nav Nirmit Pra.Path. Bahadurpur West R.No. 21286Bahadurpur
247Baratghar Rajpur661Rajpur
248Pra.Path. Baheta M. Pathreki557Pathreki
249Pra.Path. Memdi M. Pathreki773Pathreki
250Pra.Path.& Panchayat Ghar Pathreki West975Pathreki
251Baratghar Marukpru M. Pathreki421Pathreki
252Nav Nirmit Panchayat Ghar Kunvarpur699Kunwarpur
253Pra.Path Jakhera Maheshpur1208Jakhaira Maheshpur
254Pra.Path. Jakhera Maheshpur Anshik539Jakhaira Maheshpur
255U.Pra.Path. Maheshpur M. Jakhera Maheshpur676Jakhaira Maheshpur
256Pra.Path. Salempur Lala1207Salempur Lala
257Pra.Path. Chhavni1082Chhawani
258Pra.Path. Tandoli Khalsa898Tandoli Mafi
259Pra.Path. Nadrai First R. No. 1893Nadrai
260Pra.Path. Nadrai First R. No. 2994Nadrai
261Pra.Path. Nadrai Second R.No. 11370Nadrai
262Pra.Path. Nadrai Second R.No. 2426Nadrai
263Pra.Path. Bankner958Bakner
264Pra.Vidh. & U. Pra.Vidh. Tatarpur R. No. 1589Tatarpur Mafi
265Pra.Vidh. & U. Pra.Vidh. Tatarpur R. No. 21103Tatarpur Mafi
266Pra.Vidh. & U. Pra.Vidh. Tatarpur R. No. 31130Tatarpur Mafi
267Pra.Path. Nagla Gulabi M. Jyauddinpur1426Jiauddinpur
268Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Paschmi R.No. 11392Kasganj
269Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Paschmi R.No. 21510Kasganj
270Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Paschmi R.No. 7379Kasganj
271Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Paschmi R.No. 31400Kasganj
272Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Paschmi R.No. 51365Kasganj
273Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Purav R.No. 11430Kasganj
274Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Samne Haal Ke Purav R.No. 21450Kasganj
275N.Palika Karyalaya R. No. 11059Kasganj
276N.Palika Karyalaya R. No. 2503Kasganj
277N.Palika Karyalaya R. No. 3632Kasganj
278N.Palika Karyalaya R. No. 4922Kasganj
279Kanya J.H.Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Piche R.No. 11192Kasganj
280Kanya J.H.Pra.Path. Nagar Palika Ke Piche R.No. 2781Kasganj
281Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 11246Kasganj
282Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 2693Kasganj
283Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 31185Kasganj
284Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 4857Kasganj
285Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 51284Kasganj
286Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 61134Kasganj
287Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 71041Kasganj
288Azad Ghandi Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 8917Kasganj
289N.Palika Kanya Mahavidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 1981Kasganj
290N.Palika Kanya Mahavidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 21039Kasganj
291Nagar Palika Kanya Maha Vidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 3713Kasganj
292Nagar Palika Kanya Maha Vidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 4775Kasganj
293Nagar Palika Kanya Maha Vidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 5731Kasganj
294Nagar Paika Maha Vidhylya Kasganj R.No. 61358Kasganj
295B.A.B Int. College Kasganj R.No. 1545Kasganj
296B.A.B Int. College Kasganj R.No. 21077Kasganj
297B.A.B Int. College Kasganj R.No. 3899Kasganj
298Shri Ganesh Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 11269Kasganj
299Shri Ganesh Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 21222Kasganj
300Shri Ganesh Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 31412Kasganj
301Shri Ganesh Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 41374Kasganj
302Rastriya Diksha Vidhyallya Kasganj R.No. 1948Kasganj
303Rastriya Diksha Vidhyallya Kasganj R.No. 2557Kasganj
304Karyalya Basic Siksha Adhikari Kasgnaj R.No. 1999Kasganj
305Karyalya Basic Siksha Adhikari Kasgnaj R.No. 2643Kasganj
306Chhedalal J.H.School Kasganj R.No. 11480Kasganj
307Chhedalal J.H.School Kasganj R.No. 21126Kasganj
308Nagar Palika Kanya Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 11094Kasganj
309Nagar Palika Kanya Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 21051Kasganj
310Nagar Palika Kanya Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 3624Kasganj
311Nagar Palika Kanya Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 41375Kasganj
312Nagar Palika Kanya Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 5835Kasganj
313Nagar Palika Kanya Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 6828Kasganj
314Pra.Vidhyalya Jai Jai Ram R.No. 11094Kasganj
315Pra.Vidhyalya Jai Jai Ram R.No. 3485Kasganj
316Pra.Vidhyalya Jai Jai Ram R.No. 21420Kasganj
317Nagar Palika Pra.Path. Nawalty Road R.No. 11107Kasganj
318Nagar Palika Pra.Path. Nawalty Road R.No. 2525Kasganj
319Rajkiya Balika Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 1821Kasganj
320Rajkiya Balika Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 2698Kasganj
321Rajkiya Balika Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 3875Kasganj
322Rajkiya Balika Int. Coll. Kasganj R.No. 4723Kasganj
323Sumant Kumar Int. Coll.Kasganj1392Kasganj
324Karyalya S.Kriya Vikrya Samiti Kasganj R.No. 11134Kasganj
325Karyalya S.Kriya Vikrya Samiti Kasganj R.No. 2773Kasganj
326Purvaottar Raiwlay Madhymik Vidhylya Kasganj R.No. 1810Kasganj
327Purvaottar Raiwlay Madhymik Vidhylya Kasganj R.No. 2948Kasganj
328Purvottar Railway Madhyamik Vidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 31014Kasganj
329Purvottar Railway Madhyamik Vidhyalya Kasganj R.No. 4624Kasganj
330Pra.Vidhyalya N.E. Railway Kasganj R.No. 1876Kasganj
331Pra.Vidhyalya N.E. Railway Kasganj R.No. 2788Kasganj
332Pra.Path. Mohlla Mohan Second Gand Nala Kasganj R.No. 11625Kasganj
333Pra.Path. Mohlla Mohan Second Gand Nala Kasganj R.No. 2627Kasganj
334Railway Institute Hall Me Kasganj Uttar R.No. 11267Kasganj
335Railway Institute Hall Me Kasganj Uttar R.No. 21427Kasganj
336J.H. School Nagla Vale R.No. 11158Nagala Wale
337J.H. School Nagla Vale R.No. 2670Nagala haweli
338Pra.Vidhyalya Aheroli1407Ahrauli
339Ambedkar Bal Vidhyalya Aheroli R.No. 1944N/A
340Ambedkar Bal Vidhyalya Aheroli R.No. 2811Ahrauli
341Pra.Vidhyalya Pavsara1311Pavsara
342Kothiwal Adhatiya Degree College Kasganj R.No. 5375Paharpur Mafi
343Pra.Path. Fatehpur1082Fatehpur Mafi
344Pra.Path. Hanota704Hanauta
345Pra.Path. Bainsora Khurd1045Bhaisora Khurd
346Pra.Path. Bainsora Bujurg1120Bhaisora Khurd
347Pra.Path Nagla Bhatta Urf Nagla Kishorpur494Bhaisora Khurd
348Pra.Path. Dilawali1266Dilawali
350Pra.Path. Mausampur598Tawalpur Mosampur
351Pra.Path. Rampuriya M. Nasratpur840Nasratpur
352Pra.Path. Badhari Vaishya1201Badhari Baish Puran
353Pra.Path. Kuramai Uttar1274Kuramai
354Pra.Path. Kuramai Dakshin979kadarpur
355Pra.Path. Nagla Tati M. Kuramai420Kuramai
356Pra.Path. Sultanpur644Sultanpur
357Pra.Path. Tilsai Kalan759Tilsai Kalan
358Pra.Path. Nagla Tal M. Tilsai Kalan471Nagala Lal
359Pra.Path. Tilsai Khurd883Tilsai Khurd
360Nav Nirmit Pra.Path. Manota1027Manauta
361Pra.Path. Muvarikpur M. Muvarikpur Singtara1073Mubarikpur Sigtara
362U. Pra.Vidhyalya Singtara M. Muvarikpur Singtara496Mubarikpur Sigtara

Last Updated on December 19, 2014