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Polling Booth in Kanth Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kanth

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kanth Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Dariyapur Room 1905Daryapur
2P.S. Rajupur Khaddar Room 1863Rajupur Khadar
3P.S. Paindapur Room 1784Paindapur
4P.B. Salempur Dititya Room 11161Salempur Khas
5P.B. Salempur Dititya Room 4645Salempur Khas
6P.B. Salempur Dititya Room 2840Salempur Khas
7P.B. Salempur Dititya Room 3920Salempur Khas
8J.H.S. Salempur Ditiya Room 1934Salempur Khas
9J.H.S. Salempur Ditiya Room 21024Salempur Khas
10J.H.S. Salempur Dititya Room 31411Salempur Khas
11J.H.S. Salempur Dititya Room 4326Salempur Khas
12.P.S. Gadhi Room 11314Gadhi (CT)
13P. S. Gadhi Room 2972Gadhi (CT)
14P.S. Gadhi Room New612Gadhi (CT)
15P.S. Gadhi Room 31344Gadhi (CT)
16Panchayat Ghar Gadhi Room11385Gadhi (CT)
17P.S. Sikandrabad Room 1955Sikandrabad
18P.S. Sikandrabad Room 2587Sikandrabad
19P.S. Kasampur Nikat Kanth Room 11202Kasampur
20P.S. Kasampur Nikat Kanth Room 21245Kasampur
21P.S. Kasampur Nikat Kanth Room 3440Kasampur
22P.S. Akbarpur Chedry Room 11290Akbarpur Chahdauri
23P.S. Akbarpur Chedry Room 3495Akbarpur Chahdauri
24P.S. Akbarpur Chedry Room 21324Akbarpur Chahdauri
25P.S. Akbarpur Chedry Room 4661Akbarpur Chahdauri
26J.H.S. Bahadarpur Khaddar Room 1834Bahadurpur Khaddar
27J.H.S. Bahadarpur Khaddar Room 2703Bahadurpur Khaddar
28P.S. Mallibala Room 11386Malliwala
29P.S. Nya Bhaban Begumpur Room11093Begampur
30P.S. Nya Bhaban Begumpur Room2980Begampur
31P.S. Nya Bhaban Begumpur Room3846Begampur
32P.S. Mishripur Room 1920Misripur
33P.S. Mishripur Room 2896Misripur
34P. S. Mohdi Hajratpur Majra Khodtkheda Room 1931Mohri Hajratpur
35P.S. Mohdi Hajratpur630Mohri Hajratpur
36P.S. Mannagar Orf Kanth Room 11452Mannagar Urf Kond
37D.S.M.Inter College Kanth Room 11438Kanth (NP)
38D.S.M.Inter College Kanth Room 21018Kanth (NP)
39D.S.M.Inter College Kanth Room 31217Kanth (NP)
40D.S.M.Inter College Kanth Room 41048Kanth (NP)
41Adarsh Vihari Inter College Room 11471Kanth (NP)
42Adarsh Vihari Inter College Room 2751Kanth (NP)
43Adarsh Vihari Inter College Room 31273Kanth (NP)
44P.Kanya Pathshala Kanth Room 1928Kanth (NP)
45P.Kanya Pathshala Kanth Room 21104Kanth (NP)
46P.Kanya Pathshala Kanth Room 31307Kanth (NP)
47P.S. Ghosipura Room 11449Kanth (NP)
48P.S. Ghosipura Room 21397Kanth (NP)
49P.S. Mehmoodpura Room 11179Kanth (NP)
50P.S. Mehmoodpura Room 2928Kanth (NP)
51P.S. Mehmoodpura Room 3711Kanth (NP)
52J1150Mahamudpur Maf
53J.H.S. Mehmoodpur Mafi Room 21078Mahamudpur Maf
54P.S. Peli Vishnoi Room 1521Peli Bisnoi
55P.S. Pahadmau Room 1615Pahar Mau
56P.S. Dudela Room 1466Dudela
57P.S. Raypur Khurd Orf Syohara Room 11106Raipur Khurd Syohara
58Shrikrishna Inter College Room 1571Pathanagi
59P.S. Naseerpur Room 11101Nasirpur
60P.S. Harinoorpur Room 1881Hari Noorpur
61P.S. Jamna Azam Room 1398Jamniya Azam
62P.S. Kajipura Room 1763Kajipura Khalsa
63J.H.S. Mohammadpur Bhagbandas Room 1680M. Pur Bhagwandas
64P.S. Khatapur Room 1688Khatapur
65Kanya J.H.S. Mukhtyarpur Nawada Room 11395Mukhtyarpur Nawada
66Kanya J.H.S. Mukhthyar Pur Nawada Room 21337Mukhtyarpur Nawada
67P.S. Rasoolpur Gujar Dhyan Singh Room 1710Rasoolpur Gujar Dhyansingh
68P.S. Sirsa That Room 11147Sirsathat
69P.S. Ahmadpur Ningu Nangla Room 1759Ahemadpur Nigo Nagala
70P.S. Khempur Saifullapur Room 1786Khempur Saifullapur
71P.S. Mujaffarpur Tanda Room 11138Muzaffarpur Tanda
72P.S. Mehdood Kalmi Room 11421Mahmood Kalmi
73P.S. Kumhariya Jubla Room 11245Kumhariya Jubla
74P.S. Kumhariya Jubla Room 21291Kumhariya Jubla
75P.S. Hasanghadi Room 1491Hasanghari
76P.S. Faridpur Bhaindi Room 11063Bhainsli Jamalpur
77P.S. Faridpur Bhaindi Room 21088Bhainsla
78P.S. Bhasle Jamalpur Room 11505Bhainsli Jamalpur
79P.S.Sherpur Room 1920Sherpura
80P.S. Khalilpur Kaddim Majra Chetrampur Room 11039Khalilpur Kadim
81P.S. Khalilpur Kaddim Majra Chetrampur Room 2616Khalilpur Kadim
82P.S. Maghpuri Orf Inayatpuri Room 11158Madhupuri Inayatpur
83P.S. Phoolpur Mithanpur Room 11097Phoolpur Mithanpur
84P.S. Bagiya Sagar Room 11211Bagiya Sagar
85J.H.S. Mathana Room 11177Mathana
86P.S. Kiratpuri Room 1620Kiratpur Urf Kiratpuri
87P.S. Sadakpur Malookpur Orf Khichdi Room 1680Sadaqpur Urf Bhalupura Khichar
88P.S. Bhudanpur Orf Bilayatnagar Room 1525Budanpur Bilayatnagar
89Public Inter Collge Omri Kla Room 11091Umri Kalan (NP)
90Public Inter College Omri Kla Room 6705Umri Kalan (NP)
91P.S. Omri Kla Room 31214Umri Kalan (NP)
92P.S. Omri Kla Room 1719Umri Kalan (NP)
93P.S. Omri Kla Room 21287Umri Kalan (NP)
94Public Inter College Omri Kla Room 21419Umri Kalan (NP)
95Public Inter College Omri Kla Room 41471Umri Kalan (NP)
96Public Inter College Omri Kla Room New970Umri Kalan (NP)
97Public Inter College Omri Kla Room 3604Umri Kalan (NP)
98Public Inter College Omri Kla Room 51219Umri Kalan (NP)
99P.S. Dehra Nikat Omri Kla Room 21055Dehra Nikat Umri
100P.S. Dehra Nikat Omri Kla Room 1706Dehra Nikat Umri
101P.S. Dadhi Mehmoodpur Room 11077Dari Mahmoodpur
102P.S. Rana Nangla Room 1496Rana Nagla
103P.S. Sahupur Room 1886Shahupura
104P.S. Dehri Jumman Room 1594Dehri Jumman
105P.S. Sunderpur Chaupura Room 11109N/A
106P.S. Aabi Hafipur Room 11338N/A
107P.S. Paigambarpur Sukhbasi Lal Room 11266N/A
108P.S. Paigambarpur Sukhbasi Lal Room 21135N/A
109P.S. Kajikheda Room 1816N/A
110P.S. Mankua Room 1741N/A
111P.S. Kui Room 11095N/A
112P.S. Sehdoli Room 11185N/A
113P.S. Jamaniya Khurd Room 1436N/A
114P.S. Adhampur Room 1455N/A
115P.S. Khankhanapur Orf Bichpuri Room 1982N/A
116P.S. Shahpur Abdulbari Room 1815N/A
117P.S. Asgaripur Room 1618N/A
118P.S. Shekhupura Intjam Ali Khan Room 1849Sekhupura Intjam Alikhan
119P.S. Sherpur Etmadpur Room 1671Sherpur Atamadpur
120P.S. Madhuba Khalsa Room 1944Madhwa Khalsa
121P.S. Folda Patti Room 11335Felra Patti
122P.S. Sanjerpur Sultanpur Room 1574Sanjarpur Sultanpur
123P.S. Adelpur Jogi Sihali Room 1924Adalpur Jogi Siniali
124P.S. Simla Room 1594Simla
125P.S. Mundha Khedi Room 11086Mundha Kheri
126P.S. Nya Bhaban Telipura Khalsa Room 1579Telipura Khalsa
127P.S. Dhaki Room 11052Dhaki
128P.S. Akbarpur Sihali Room 1781Akbarpur Sihali
129P.S. Nya Bhaban Alipura Khalsa Room 11186Alipura Khalsa
130P.S. Chejleet Room 3897Chhajlet
131P.S. Chejleet Room 1638Chhajlet
132J.H.S Ramnagar Orf Rampura Room 1738Ramnagar Urf Rampura
133Jatab Dharamshala Room 11336Bhikampur Asdalpur
134P.S. Bhikanpur Asdalpur Room 11330Bhikampur Asdalpur
135P.S. Mahendry Sikandarpur Room 1482Mehandari Sikandarpur
136P.S. Rasoolpur Chohra Room 11561Rasoolpur Chaura
137P.S. Rasoolpur Chohra Room 2645Rasoolpur Chaura
138P.S. Samadpur Buniyadpur Room 1454Samadpur Buniyadpur
139Kanya P.S. Sadarpur Matlabpur Room 11142Sadarpur Matlabpur
140Kanya P..S. Sadarpur Matlabpur Room 21179Sadarpur Matlabpur
141J.H.S. Khalilpur Amru Room 1954Khalilpur Amru
142J.H.S. Kurirabana Room 1972Kori Rawana
143J.H.S. Kurirabana Room 21098Kori Rawana
144J.H.S. Kurirabana Room 31419Kori Rawana
145P.S. Khushalpur Room 11320Khushsahalpur
146P.S. Karanpur Harkishanpur Room 1629Karanpur Harikishanpur
147J.H.S. Berampur Room 11236Bairampur
148P.S. Kishanpur Room 1478Kishanpur
149P.S. Pachokra Khanpur Room 11072Pachokara Khanpur
150P.S. Chajjupura Doyam Room 21265Chhajjupura Doyam
151P.S. Chajjupura Doyam Room 1312Chhajjupura Doyam
152P.S. Golapadey Orf Sandlipur Room 11123Golapanday Urf Saindlipur
153P.S. Khanpur Mujjaffarpur Room 1253Khanpur Mujjaffarpur
154P.S. Manpur Mujjaffarpur Room 11113Manpur Mujjaffarpur
155P.S. Salaba Room 2963Salawa
156P.S. Salaba Room 1660Salawa
157P.S. Mustafapur Majra Khandsal Room 11247Mustafapur Majra Khandsal
158P.S. Bibipur Room 11139Bibipur
159P.S. Bibipur Room 21055Bibipur
160P.S. Saraykhjoor Room 11061Sarai Khajru
161P.S. Saraykhjoor Room 3645Sarai Khajru
162P.S. Saraykhjoor Room 21242Sarai Khajru
163P.S. Shahpur Mubarakpur Room 1750Shahpur Mubarakpur
164P.S. Ladawali Room 2868Ladawali
165P.S. Ladawali Room 1685Ladawali
167P.S. Jamalpur Munda Nangl Aroom 1737Jamalpur Madi Nagla
168P.S. Kuchabali Room 1814Kuchawali
169P.S. Kudameerpur Room 21220Kura Meerpur
170P.S. Kudameerpur Room 1402Kura Meerpur
171P.S. Kudameerpur Room 3604Nakshandabad
172P.S. Anyari Orf Alinagar Room 1963Anyari Urf Alinagar
173P.S. Changeri Room 11090Changeri
174P.S. Changeri Room 2878Changeri
175P. S. Dulhepur Nukat Changeri Room 1325Dehra Nikat Umri
176P.S. Mundala Mohammad Pur Jmapur Room 1936Mawala Mohammadjamalpur
177P.S. Mundala Mohammad Pur Jmapur Room 2868Mawala Mohammadjamalpur
178P.S. Barkheda Basantpur Orf Dyanathpur Room 11491Barkhera Basantpur Urf Dayanat
179P.S. Gopalpur Naththa Nangla Orf Kokarpur Room 11501Gopalpur Natthanagla Urf Kukar
180K. P.S. Gopalpur Naththa Nangla Orf Kokarpur Room 2502Gopalpur Natthanagla Urf Kukar
181P.S. Mohammadpur Dhyan Singh Room 1933Mohammadpur Dhyansingh
182P.S. Jebda Room 1745Jebara
183Shanti Devi Inter College Fattehpur Vishnoi Room 11381Fatehpur Bisnoi
184Shanti Devi Inter College Fattehpur Vishnoi Room 2970Fatehpur Bisnoi
185P.S. Najrana Room 1583Nazrana
186P.S. Mallehpur Khaiyya Room 1976Malhapur Khaiyya
187P.S. Nemptullanagar Urf Mithanpur Room 1971Naimtullahnagar Urf Mithanpur
188P.S. Faleda Issapur Room 11479Faleda Eshapur
189P.S. Modha Room 1968Mohra
190P.S. Modha Room 3636Mohra
191P.S. Modha Room 21126Mohra
192P.S. Modha Room 4542Mohra
193P.S. Mehlakpur Nijampur Room 11057Muhammadpur Bhagwandas
194P.S. Mehlakpur Nijampur Room 21047Mawala Mohammadjamalpur
195P.S. Umri Room 21119Umari
196P.S. Umri Room 1422Umari
197P.S. Ginnor Deh Mafi Room 1755Gidorade Mafi
198P.S. Gajgola Nanakbadi Room 1713Gajgola Nanak Bari
199P.S. Mangupura Room 11369Mangupura
200P.S. Mangupura Room 3548Mangupura
201P.S. Mangupura Room 21200Mangupura
202P.S. Mangupura Room 4740Mangupura
203P.S. Manoharpur Room 1943Manoharpur
204P.S. Manoharpur Room 21098Manoharpur
205P.S. Mehlakpur Mafi Room 3962Mahlakpur Mafi
206P.S. Mehlakpur Mafi Room 1656Mahlakpur Mafi
207P.S. Mehlakpur Mafi Room 4905Mahlakpur Mafi
208P.S. Mehlakpur Mafi Room 2815Mahlakpur Mafi
209P.S. Hasampur Gopal Room 11196Hashampur Gopal
210P.S. Bkeniya Room 21173Bakania
211P.S. Bkeniya Room 1436Bakania
212P.S. Lodhipur Rajpoot Room 11250Lodhipur Rajput
213P.S. Lodhipur Rajpoot Room 2818Lodhipur Rajput
214P.S. Nangla Balveer Room 11093Nagla Banbir
215P.S. Pallupura Ghosi Room 11260Palupura Ghosi
216P.S. Pallupura Ghosi Room 2442Palupura Ghosi
217P.S. Gindoda Room 1638Gindora
218P.S. Dhanupura Room 1721Dhanupura
219P.S. Bagadpur Room 11483Bagadpur
220P.S. Bagadpur Room 21280Bagadpur
221J.H.S. Guretha Ro0M 1833Guretha
222J.H.S. Guretha Ro0M 21068Guretha
223J.H.S. Pakbada Room 1616Pakbara (CT)
224J.H.S. Pakbada Room 21255Pakbara (CT)
225J.H.S. Pakbada Room 3866Pakbara (CT)
226J.H.S. Pakbada Room 4857Pakbara (CT)
227J.H.S. Pakbada Room 51121Pakbara (CT)
228J.H.S. Pakbada Room 61296Pakbara (CT)
229Kisan Seva Kendra Room 1868Pakbara (CT)
230J.H.S. Pakbada Room 71295Pakbara (CT)
231Sehkari Samiti Pakbda Room 11085Pakbara (CT)
232Sehkari Samiti Pakbda Room 21174Pakbara (CT)
233Sehkari Samiti Pakbda Room 31265Pakbara (CT)
234Gram Pachayat Bhaban Room 3861Pakbara (CT)
235Sehkari Samiti Pakbda Room 4752Pakbara (CT)
236Gram Pachayat Bhaban Room 41132Pakbara (CT)
237Adarsh J.H.S. Pakbda Room 1719Pakbara (CT)
238Adarsh J.H.S. Pakbda Room 21570Pakbara (CT)
239Adarsh J.H.S. Pakbda Room 31348Pakbara (CT)
240Adarsh J.H.S. Pakbda Room 4621Pakbara (CT)
241Gram Panchayat Bhaban Pakbda Room 11643Pakbara (CT)
242Gram Pachayat Bhaban Pakbda Room 2474Pakbara (CT)
243J.H.S. Samathal Room 11451Samathal
244J.H.S. Samathal Room 3502Samathal
245P.S. Samathal Room 1825Samathal
246J.H.S. Samathal Room 2697Samathal
247J.H.S Didora Room 2940Samathal
248J.H.S. Didora Room 1603Didaura
249J.H.S. Didori Room 11258Didauri
250J.H.S. Choudharpur Room 11208Chaudharpur
251P.S. Chodharpur Room 21064Chaudharpur
252P.S. Shahalampur Room 1740Shahalampur
253P.S. Salempur Bangar Room 11010Salempur Bangar
254P.S. Sikandarpur Room 1984Sikandarpur
255P.S. Gyanpur Room 1711Gyanpur
256P.S. Uttampur Behlolpur Room 11273Uttampur Bahlolpur
257P.S. Khadana Room 11280Khadana
258P.S. Khadana Room 2592Khadana
259P.S. Rasoolpur Sunbati Room 11137Rasulpur Sunwati
260P.S. Serua Dharampur Room 11113Serua Dharampur
261P.S. Serua Dharampur Room 21209Serua Dharampur
262P.S. Agwanpur Room 11128Agwanpur
263P.S. Agwanpur Room 4511Agwanpur
264P.S. Agwanpur Room 21479Agwanpur
265P.S. Agwanpur Room 31452Agwanpur
266K.J.H.S. Agwanpur Room 21338Agwanpur
267K.J.H.S. Agwanpur Room 31148Agwanpur
268P.S. Agwanpur Pachmi Room 41213Agwanpur
269P.S. Agwanpur Pachmi Room 2535Agwanpur
270P.S. Agwanpur Pachmi Room 51108Agwanpur
271P.S. Agwanpur Pachmi Room 3621Agwanpur
272K.J.H.S. Agwanpur Room 41174Agwanpur
273K.J.H.S. Agwanpur Room 1952Agwanpur
274P.B. Ahmadpur Aanadpur Room 11005Ahmadpur Annadpur (A.H.T)
275P.B. Adampur Room 1875Adampur
276P.B. Basabanpur Room 1864Basawanpur
277J.H.S. Bahedi Brahamnan Room 1983Baheri Brahmnan
278J.H.S. Bahedi Brahamnan Room 3751Baheri Brahmnan
279J.H.S. Bahedi Brahamnan Room 21394Baheri Brahmnan
280P.B. Gajrola Shaid Room 11260Gajraula Said
281P.B. Gajrola Shaid Room 2582Gajraula Said
282P.B. Mirjapur Karimuddin Room 11166Mirzapur Talluka Salar
283P.S. Nehtora Room 1818Mirzapur Talluka Beerwala
284P.B. Mansoorpur Room 11024Mansoorpur
285P.B. Himayupur Room 11022Humayunpur
286P.B. Dharak Nangla Room 11170Dharak Nagla (A.H.T.)
287P.B. Sadarpur Room 1801Sadarpur
288P.B. Maheshpur Room 1711Mahesh Pur
289P.B. Manpur Sabit Room 11419Manpur Sabit
290P.B. Manpur Sabit Room 2337Manpur Sabit
291P.B. Gulidya Mafi Room 21143Gularia Mafi
292P.B. Gulidya Mafi Room 1484Gularia Mafi
293P.B. Pilakpur Shyoram Room 1938Peelakpur Sheoram
294P.B. Govindpur Room 1502Govindpur
295P.B. Kuakheda Mafi Room 1680Kuakhera Mafi
296P.B. Milak Amawati Room 11365Milak Amawti
297P.B. Mebla Room 1277Mewala
298P.B. Bakarpur Atayan Room 11291Bakarpur Atayan
299P.B. Mankua Maksoodpur Room 11455Mankua Maksoodpur
300P.B. Mudiya Mohinuddinpur Room 1967Muhiuddinpur
301P.B. Sidarunajarpur Room 11590Sidhrav Nazerpur
302P.B. Sidarunajarpur Room 2351Sidhrav Nazerpur
303P.B. Sidarunajarpur Room 31405Sidhrav Nazerpur
304P.B. Salemsaray Room 11271Salem Sarai
305P.B. Salemsaray Room 21093Salem Sarai
306P.B. Chatkali Room 11079Chatkali
307J.H.S. Kajipura Room 21127Kajeepura (A.H.T)
308J.H.S. Kajipura Room 1462Kajeepura (A.H.T)
310J.H.S. Kajipura Room 3436Kajeepura (A.H.T)
311P.B. Badhera Room 11443Badera
312P.B. Mustafapur Abbal Room 11049Mustfapur
313P.B. Sihali Khaddar Room 11160Sihali Khaddar
315P.B. Sihali Khaddar Room 21111Sihali Khaddar
316P.B. Gutabli Mustkam Room 1443Gutawali(A.H.T)
317P.B. Wajidpur Room905Bajidpur
318P.B. Manjholi Room 1558Manjholi
319J.H.S. Gakharpur Room 11298Gakkhaarpur(A.H.T.)
320J.H.S. Gakharpur Room 21048Gakkhaarpur(A.H.T.)

Last Updated on June 09, 2020
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