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Polling Booth in Kannauj Assembly Constituency

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Kannauj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kannauj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kannauj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P. P. East Part Ismilpur Digan1243Ibrahimpur Bangar
2P P Gauri Bangar574Saddupur Bangar
3P P Saddupur Bangar610Saddupur Bangar
4Girls P P Chachasanda756Chachasanda
5P P Gohna Kheda696Bharhar
7P P Mohanpur Ratanpur898Manorathpurbanger
8P P Mohanpur Ratanpur South Part798Mohanpur Ratanpur
9P P Naurangpur579Naurangpur
10East M. P. Rampur Bhudiya840Rampur Muderi Kasimpur Husain
11P P Jalesar Alipur752Jaleshar Alipur
12New Bavan P P East Part Walidadpur1243Balidadpur
13New Bavan P P West Part Walidadpur722Balidadpur
14P P Marhariya626Marhariya
15P P East Part Saunsarapur1102Sausarpur
16P P Midle Part Saunsarapur546Sausarpur
17P P West Part Saunsarapur704Sausarpur
18P P North Part Saunsarapur1039Sausarpur
19J.H.S.West Gugrapur Bangar1244Gugrapur Banger
21P P Narendrapur518Gugrapur Banger
22P P Gugrapur Bangar1265Gugrapur Banger
23P P Baramau Bangar508Baramau Banger
24East M P Sarai926Baramau Banger
25P P Navalpurwa450Baramau Banger
26P P Chandapur Bangar1058Chandapur Bangar
27P P Keeratpur Chandapur Bangar798Chandapur Bangar
28P P Mahmoodpur416Mahmudpurgang
29New Bavan East Part Barkagaon Kannauj826Barkagawn Kannauj
30Girl P P Amrauli507Amrauli
31P P Gosaidaspur848Gusaidaspur
32P P East Part Lalpur Rajupur1271Rajupur
33B P P G Sarai Maroof560Saraymaruf
34P P East Part Gunha361Gunhan
35P P Machha702Machhan
36P P West Part Gunha436Allapur
37P Sec. P Kachhiapur694Kachhiapur
38Islamiya P P North Part Kusumkhor Bangar920Kusumkhor Banger
40Islamiya P P Westpart Kusumkhor Bangar856Kusumkhor Banger
42P P Taj Mahmoodpur612Kusumkhor Banger
43J. H. S. Kusumkhor Bangar1256Kusumkhor Banger
44J. H. S. East Part Maujampur632Kusumkhor Banger
45J. H. S. Maujampur Kusumkhor1209Kusumkhor Banger
46P P East Part Ibrahimpur Bangar1441Ibrahimpur Bangar
47P P Kareempur774Ibrahimpur Bangar
48P P Akberpur Majre677Akabarpurmajre Kushamkhor
49P P East Part Sengarmau Bangar1097Sengermaubanger
50P P North Part Fatehpur828Fatehpur
51P P North South Fatehpur740Fatehpur
52P P Fatehpur1425Fatehpur
53P P Middle Part Fatehpur893Fatehpur
54P P Sagra806Fatehpur
56P P Hajratpur838Fatehpur
57P P East Part Satwari873Satwari
58P P Kulapur865Koolapur
59P P North Part Teraragi1004Teraragi
60P P South Part Teraragi924Teraragi
61P P East Part Baisawari1307Baisabari
62P P Jasaura1180Baisabari
63P P Nekpur Khatri R. No.-1885Neakpurkhatri
64P P Nekpur Khatri R. No.-2724Neakpurkhatri
65J H S Middle Jalalabad1292Neakpurkhatri
68B D Office Jalalabad716Jalalabad
69P P Middle Nekpur Kayasth496Nekpur Kayasth
70P P Nekpur Kayasth756Khudlapur
71P P Siyarmau1203Siyarmau
72P P East Part Tilpai Digasra954Tilpai Digsara
73P P West Part Tilpai Digasra770Tilpai Digsara
74P P Extra Room Tilpai Digasra958Tilpai Digsara
75P P Musari762Teraragi
76P P Gadiya Kachhpura1369Garhiya Kachpura
77P P East Part Mirgawan782Mirgawan
78P P North Part Mirgawan799Mirgawan
79P P Middle Part Mirgawan1371Mirgawan
80P P West Part Mirgawan1040Mirgawan
81P P Safipur Japti803Safipur Jubti
82J H S North Part Anaugi1308Anaugi
83J H S Middle Part Anaugi1189Anaugi
84P. P. Bahaleyanpuwa Majara Anaugi1120Anaugi
85P P East Part Pachaypurwa Anaugi887Anaugi
86P P West Part Pachaypurwa Anaugi941Anaugi
87P P North Part Matauli835Matauli
88P P South Part Matauli707Matauli
89P. P. Jalalpur418Matauli
90P P Banpura Narayanpur1120Banpur Rudauli Narayanpu
91P P Rudauli1248Radouli
92P P Bhwan Alinager1291Ali Nager
93P P Gauriyapur1035Gauriapur
94P P Nadsiya South Part794Nandsia
95P P Nadsiya North Part1062Nandsia
96P P Mawai Rihayak East Part1023Mabai Rihayak
97Panchayat Ghar Mawai Rihayak454Mabai Rihayak
98P P Patti Tirwa Extra Room416Utimapur Patti
99P P Tahsipur Thathiya477Tahsipur Thatia
100P P Atara North Part631Ataranisf Thathiya
101P P Inayatpur1086Ataranisf Thathiya
102P P Ataranisf Tirwa South Part1010Ataranisf Thathiya
103P P Ataranist Tirwa South Part554Ataranisf Thathiya
104P P Jeuwaa North Part1274Jewan
105P P Jeuwaa Middle Part807Jewan
106P P Bashirapur Bhant764Basheerapur Bhat
107Pre Sec.School Katra Bashirapur Bhant581Basheerapur Bhat
108P P Bachhrajapur733Bacharjapur
109J. H. S. Bachhrajapur887Bacharjapur
110P P West Part Farikapur961Farikapur
111P P East Part Farikapur938Farikapur
112P P Raigawan1404Raigawan
113P P Bisandhua978Bisandhua
114Panchayat Ghar East Part Paraspur1308Jaspurapur Saraia
115P P Gadanpur Thathiya584Gadanpurthatia
116P P Kaklapur868Kaklapur
117P P Meerpur857Meerpur
118New Bavan J. H. S. Jaspura Sariya855Jaspurapur Saraia
120P P Muraiya Buzurg1188Murauiya Bujurg
122P P Bahdurapur690Murauiya Bujurg
123P P Goora797Gura
124P P North Part Sahillapur912Sahillapur
125P P Khajuha South Part582Khajuha
126P P Devdhrapur705Sahillapur
127Girl P P Gangemau East Part1486Gagemau
128Girl P P Gangemau West Part1373Gangpur
129Girl J.H.School Gangemau1181Gagemau
130P P Tikra373Tikara
131P P Mahmoodpur Painth R. No.- 11003Mahmudpur Painth
132P P Mahmoodpur Painth R. No.- 2549Mahmudpur Painth
133P P West Part Rampur Majre Gangdharapur947Rampurmajara Gangdhrapur
134P P Wahpur583Bahpur
135P P Jalalpur Panchama1018Jalalpur Panchama
136Pre Sec.School Jalalpur Panwara914Panwara
137J.H.School Ghamaichmau East Part1052Ghamaichmau
138 871Ghamaichmau
145P P East Part Barauli438Barauli
146Pre Sec. School Bandhwa504Barauli
147P P West Part Barauli816Barauli
148P P Lohamarh1066Lohamarh
149P P Mahmoodapur707Mahmudpur
150P P Shahnapur Kartauli505Sahnapurkartouli
151P P Behrin North Part1077Behrin
152P P Behrin South Part976Behrin
153P P Rajaimau Raja1369Rampur Muderi Raja
154P P Phaguha East Part819Faguha
155P P Phaguha West Part941Faguha
156P P Pachore North Part1042Pachore
157P P Pachore South Part811Pachore
158P P Seehpur North Part1091Shehpur
159P P Seehpur South Part1234Shehpur
160P P Sausari North Part1010Saunshari
161P P Barkagaon Raja489Rampurshadi
162P P Wahidpur419Chhachhapur
163P P East Part Sataura1378Satoura
164P P Extra Room Sataura795Satoura
166P P Sujan Sarai453Sujan Sarai
167P P North Part Gowa1150Goora
168P P Gadanapur520Gadanpur
169P P Sahiyapur403Sahiapur
170P P Vaisapur Patti1426Baishapurpatti
171P P Bhidasin949Bhidasin
172Pre.Sec.School Najrapur R.No.-11062Nazarapur
173Pre.Sec.School Najrapur R.No.-2526Rajaimauthakurain
174P P Bhugaitapur1208Tirhiapur
175P P Khurdaiya643Tirhiapur
176P P Bilandapur Nalahar310Bilandpur Nalahar
177Pre.Sec. School Mahchandapur764Mahchandpur
178P P Haibatpur Katra780Haibatpurkatra
180P P Askaran Purwa1315Gangdharapur
182P P Gangdhrapur1056Gangdharapur
183P P Paindabad1140Paibandabad
184P P Khijarpur Bagh727Khijarpurbag
185P P North Part Tahsipur Kannauj1029Tahsipur
186P P South Part Tahsipur Kannauj419Tahsipur
187P P Ratanpur446Tahsipur
188P P Dahlepur Bangar R.N.1869Paibandabad
189P P Dahlepur Bangar R.N.21238Jalalpur Katri Banger
190P P Misripur1058Akauranpurwa
191P P Sadiyapur Bangar1051Saddupur Bangar
192P P Katri Aminabad721Katri Firojpur
193P P Katri Firozpur West Part618Katri Firojpur
194Pre.Sec.School Jalalpur Amra807Jalalpur Sarwan
195Gomti D.G.I.Collage Marakand Nagar Kannauj1416Kannauj (NPP)
196P P North Part Marakand Nagar416Kannauj (NPP)
197P P Kanpatiyapur1029Mauampur Mourara
198P P South Part Marakand Nagar900Kannauj (NPP)
199P P East Part Marakand Nagar732Mauampur Mourara
200Gomti D.G.I.Collage Marakand Nagar Kannauj R.N.41129Kannauj (NPP)
201P P Karanpur576Karnpur
202Gomti D.G.I.Collage Marakand Nagar Kannauj R.N.1884Kannauj (NPP)
203Gomti D.G.I.Collage Marakand Nagar Kannauj R.N.2914Kannauj (NPP)
204Panchayat Ghar Yusufpur Bhagwan1090Kannauj (NPP)
205Panchayat Ghar Yusufpur Bhagwan East Part678Kannauj (NPP)
206P P East Part Adangapur1095Dariipur Chandi
207P P Kapoorpur Katri323Kapoorpur Katri
208P P Kannauj Kachhoha964Kannauj Kachhoha
209P P Salempur Ramai406Kapoorpur Katri
210P P Kandrauli Kachhoha (Badhapurwa)432Kannauj Kachhoha
211P P Kannauj Kachhoha North Part696Dariapurpatti
212P P Gangpur957Gangpur
213B. S. A. Office Saraymeera Kannauj R. No.-1926Kannauj (NPP)
214B. S. A. Office Saraymeera Kannauj R. No.-2779Kannauj (NPP)
215Girls P P Saraimeera1051Kannauj (NPP)
216Girls P P Saraimeera R.N.31154Kannauj (NPP)
217Zila Panchayat Office Saraimeera R. No.- 1945Kannauj (NPP)
218Zila Panchayat Office Saraimeera R. No.- 2644Kannauj (NPP)
219K. K. C. N. H. Sec. School Saraymeera R. No. 51156Kannauj (NPP)
220K. K. C. N. H. Sec. School Saraymeera R. No. 61188Kannauj (NPP)
222P P Manpur752Manpur
223P P Saraimeera Dehat Rangiyanpuwra1166Saraimeera Dehat
224P P Nasrapur R. No.- 1698Nasrapur
225P P Nasrapur R. No.- 21022Nasrapur
226Govt. Mahela D. College Kannauj Bangar R. No. 1948Kannauj (NPP)
227Govt. Mahela D. College Kannauj Bangar R. No. 2723Kannauj (NPP)
228B.D.O Office Kannauj Hall R.N.3955Kannauj (NPP)
229B.D.O Office Kannauj Hall R.N.41074Kannauj (NPP)
230Dharamshala Bholanath Kannauj1127Kannauj (NPP)
233P P Kagjeyana Vishnupur Teela Field862Kannauj (NPP)
235Samudayak Bhawan Vishnupur Teela1453Kannauj (NPP)
236P P Nai Basti Balapeer853Kannauj (NPP)
237P P Nai Basti Balapeer East Part1031Kannauj (NPP)
238N. N. P. Office Meeting Hall913Kannauj (NPP)
239N. N. P. Office R. No.-1707Kannauj (NPP)
240Pre Sec. School Pakariya Tola R. No. 11051Kannauj (NPP)
241Pre Sec. School Pakariya Tola R.No-2476Kannauj (NPP)
242J.P.I.Collage R.N.9 Kannauj East Part1473Kannauj (NPP)
243J.P.I.Collage Kannauj West Part1408Kannauj (NPP)
245Madarasa Arbiya Haji Ilahi Bakhs Hajiganj East Part1126Kannauj (NPP)
246Madarasa Arbiya Haji Ilahi Bakhs Hajiganj West Part802Kannauj (NPP)
247J.P.I.Collage Kannauj Center Part918Kannauj (NPP)
248J.P.I.Collage Kannauj Center Part R. No.- 2635Kannauj (NPP)
249J.P.I.Collage South Part Kannauj1183Kannauj (NPP)
250S.D Girls I. College Kannauj R.No.-1743Kannauj (NPP)
251S.D Girls I. College Kannauj R.No.-2827Kannauj (NPP)
252K.K.I.College Kannauj Center Part962Kannauj (NPP)
253K.K.I.College Kannauj R. No.-4555Kannauj (NPP)
254K.K.I.College Kannauj South Part1110Kannauj (NPP)
255S. D. G. I. College Kannauj R. No. 1930Kannauj (NPP)
256S. D. G. I. College Kannauj R. No. 2594Kannauj (NPP)
257S. D. G. I. College Kannauj R.1163Kannauj (NPP)
258P P Gwalmaidan Room No 1958Kannauj (NPP)
259K.K.I.College Kannauj Center Part R.N.1651Kannauj (NPP)
260K.K.I.College Kannauj Center Part R.N.21304Kannauj (NPP)
261K.K.I.College Kannauj Center Part R.N.31323Kannauj (NPP)
262M.M. H.S. School Kannauj East Part1433Kannauj (NPP)
263M.M. H.S. School Kannauj West Part1080Kannauj (NPP)
264M.M. H.S. School Kannauj R.N.11740Kannauj (NPP)
265M.M. H.S. School Kannauj R.N.7686Kannauj (NPP)
266M.M. H.S. School Kannauj R.N.91081Kannauj (NPP)
267H M G I College Kannauj Room No 1957Kannauj (NPP)
268H M G I College Kannauj Room No 2785Kannauj (NPP)
269S.V.S.I.Collage Kannauj R.N.4881Kannauj (NPP)
270S.V.S.I.Collage Kannauj R.N.51071Kannauj (NPP)
271S.V.S.I.Collage Kannauj R.N.7967Kannauj (NPP)
272S. V. S. I. College Kannauj R.No.-7772Kannauj (NPP)
273S.V.S.I.Collage Kannauj R.N.8633Kannauj (NPP)
274S.V.S.I.Collage Kannauj R.N.2973Kannauj (NPP)
275K.K.I.College Kannauj R.N.91297Kannauj (NPP)
276P P Chaudhariyapur Bangar960Chaudharipur Kachhoha
277P P Jukaiya437Chachasanda
278P P Salempur Tara Bangar South Part1049Salempur Tara Bangar
279P P Madhharpur North Part840Madharpur
280P P Madhharpur South Part870Madharpur
281Pre Sec. School Chaorachadpur Bangar R.N.3844Chachasanda
282P P Devkali Bangar (Rijger)1132Deokali Bangar
283P P Ritukala (Blai)935Ritukala
284P P Bahadurpur Ujaina1046Bahadurpur Ujaina
285P P Malikapur1082Malikapur
286P P Balarpur South Part1312Balarpur
287P P Ahmadpur Rauni South Part774Ahamadpur Rauni
288P P Ahmadpur Rauni North Part1321Ahamadpur Rauni
289P P Aauti North Part671Anti
290P P Padarathpur760Padarath Pur
291P P Aauti West Part504Anti
292P P Bansaramau986Bansramau
293P P Sahjapur1361Sahjapur
294P P Jasauli West Part542Jarauli
295P P Jasauli East Part1200Jarauli
296P P Jalalpur Sarwan1351Jalalpur Sarwan
297P P Nera993Nera
298S.I.College Nera501Nera
299P P Sultanpur460Gukhroo
300P P Rampur Mudairi Raja1050Rampur Muderi Raja
301P P Rampur Mudairi Kajim Husain1053Rampur Muderi Kasimpur Husain
302P P Gukhru1004Gukhroo
303P P Madhupur795Gukhroo
304Girls P P Udaitapur North Part1252Udaitapur
305P P Kapoorapur1380Udaitapur
306P P Udatiapur Ceuter Part893Udaitapur
307P P Miyanganj1292Miya Ganj
308P P Mehandipur1286Mehandi Pur
309Girls P P Miyanganj832Miya Ganj
310P P Dadaura Khurd East Part1259Dedaura Khurd
311P P Naharghati550Nahar Ghati
312P P Manimau North Part1201Manimau
313P P Manimau South Part498Manimau
314P P Mahmoodpur Vija935Mohammadpur Beeja
315P P Dadaura Buzurg598Dedaura Khurd
316J.H.School East Part Daipur1035Daipur
317J.H.School West Part Daipur851Daipur
318P P Sakri Khurd891Sakari Khurd
319P P Mitrasenpur698Mitrasain Pur
320P P Yasinpur438Yaseenpur
321P P East Part Tikhwa1165Tikhwa
322P P Taarmau905Teraragi
323P P Teramallu580Tera Malloo
324P P Teramallu Room No 2953Tera Malloo
325P P Khurrampur1073Khurram Pur
326P P Mochipur West Part1280Mochipur
327Panchayat Ghar Aakilpur650Akilpur
328P P Sayedpur Sakri East Part959Saidpur Sakri
329P P Sayedpur Sakri1101Saidpur Sakri
330P P Durjanpur780Katri Durjanpur
331J.H.School Phulwari1122Fulwari
332P P Pardaunpurwa516Fulwari
333P P Basta926Basti
334Barat Ghar Himmatpur604Jalalpur
335P P Fatuapur606Basti
336P P Ramnagar665Basta
337J.H.School Dhirpur1072Basta
338P P Bhakhra648Bahera
339J H School Bahsora565Bahsora
340J H School Almapur627Alampur
341P P Sikrouri819Sikrauti
342Samudayik Bawan Bangar999Sikrauti
343J H School Jasapurwa372Ratnapursaraia
344P P Khalakpurwa761Ratnapursaraia
345P P Ajjyora833Ajyora
346P P Kanauli1097Singhpur
347P P North Part Gurauli1384Gurauli
348P P South Part Gurauli520Gurauli
349J H School Tijlapur687Tizalapur
350P P Girls Umgara528Umgara
351J H School Jankhat North Part742Jankhat
352J H School Jankhat South Part703Jankhat
353P P Barapur962Jankhat
354P P Jindapurwa913Jankhat
355P P Aima923Eama
356P P Jainpur1244Jainpura
357P P Bilandapur769Jainpura
358P P Girls Sikhwapur1012Jainpura
359P P North Partchandauli727Chandouli
360P P Sorthpart Chandauli834Chandouli
361P P Girls North Part Bhunna749Bhunna
363P P Beerampur509Bhunna
364P P North Part Katra Majra Bhunna699Bhunna
365P P M Part Katra Majra Bhunna798Bhunna
366P P Biharipur573Bhunna
367P P Barewa946Fakerpurberwa
368P P Fakharpur290Fakerpurberwa
369P P Rasoolpur466Rasool Pur
370P P Nistauli861Nistouli
371S S S Inter College Shyamnagar1302Nistouli
372P P East Part Rura1109Reri
373P P West Part Rura1049Reri
374P P Bhakhrauli1221Bhakrauli
375Panchayat Ghar Raughunathpur689Bhakrauli
376P P North Part Bahsuiya1033Bahsuiya
377P P South Part Bahsuiya652Bahsuiya
378P P Piprauli665Paprouli
379P P East Part Sursi1190Surshi
380P P West Part Sursi1038Sukhi
381P P East Part Khama749Khama
382P.P. Extra Room Khama816Khama
383P Pwest Part Khama514Khama
384P P Patti1136Kadera
385P P Kadera788Kadera
386P P Sanda670Sanda
387P P Sarhati1025Sikrauti
388J0H0S0 Paithana835Paithana
389P P Banki577Pala
390P P Kaulepurwa625Paithana
391Barat Ghar Kursara1044Paithana
392P P Paltepurwa376Paithana
393P P Balnapur1209Balanpur
394P P Satsaar1248Satshar
395P P Hansapur893Hanshapur
396P P Kakargatha416Kakardhara
397P P Simuapur558Simuanpur
398P P Girls Behta591Behta
399P P Girls South Part Behta1197Behta
400Pancyat Ghar East Part Thatiya1076Thatia
401Pancyat Ghar West Part Thatiya1178Thatia
402P P West Part Thatiya1325Thatia
403P P Middle Part Thatiya694Thatia
404P.P.Purani Thathiya768Thatia
405P P Kirpalpurwa544Thatia
407Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Thatiya955Thatia
408P P Rampur563Thatia
409Baratghar Holepur691Thatia
410P P Maisaiya762Mahsaiyan
411P P Mahsaiya797Mahsaiyan
412P P Bulbuliyapur447Mahsaiyan
413P P Harauli620Herauli
414P P Bhadausi1224Bhadousi
415P P Sisayanpurwa467Bhadousi
416P P Karaunda Shahnagar698Karaunda Shahnagar

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