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Polling Booth in Jewar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jewar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jewar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kendrya Vidhyalay Sector P-3 K.N. 21424Kasna
2Pry. School Echchhar K.N.1986Kasna
4Pry. School Echchhar K.N.2312Jewar (NP)
5Pry. School Echchhar K.N.31376Jewar (NP)
6Pry. School Biraunda R.No. 11005Acchepur
9R.Pry. School Biraunda No. 2986Biroda 1
9Pry. School Darha K.N. 1986Sector 37
9Pry. School Darha K.N. 2986Kasima pai 1
10Pry. School Sirsa R.No.11493Jewar (NP)
11Pry. School Khanpur R.No. 11083Dadha
12Pry. School Khanpur R.No. 2793Dadha
12Pry. School Luksar R.No. 1793Tahsil kampaund
13Pry. School Murshadpur R.No.11408Sirsa
14Pry. School Gharbara R. No.1709Khanpur
16J. H. School Atai Muradpur R.No.1938Luksar
17Pry. School Imaliyaka R.No.1693Murshadpur
18Pry. School Imaliyaka R.No.21209Gharbarah
19Pry. School Ladpura R.No. 1572Atai Muradpur
20Pry. School Ladpura R.No. 21037Imalyaka
21Pry. School Ladpura R.No. 3791Imalyaka
21Pry. School Ghaghaula R.No. 1791Pauvari
22Pry. School Ghaghaula R.No. 21469Ladpura
23Pry. School Ghaghaula R.No. 3765Ladpura
24Pry. School Cheersi R.No.1863Ladpura
25Pry. School Fazayalpur R.No.1800Ganghola
28Pry. School Dolarazpura R.No.11049Chirasi
29Pry. School Dolarazpura R.No.21474Fazayalpur
29Pry. School Salehpur R.No.11474Shahpur Khurd
29Pry. School Mandpa R.No.11474Chandrawal
30Pry. School No. 2 Zamalpur No 2 R.No.-11089Daularajpur
32J. H. School Rajpur Kalan R.No. 1848Salepur
33Pry. School Cheeti R.No.-11341Mandpa
34Pry. School Cheeti R.No-21007Jamalpur
34Pry. School Nagla Cheeti R.No.-11007Raghunathpur
35Pry. School Devta R.No.-11134Rajpur Kalan
36Pry. School Devta R.No.-21474Chiti
37Patel I.C. Astauli R.No.-1933Chiti
38Patel I.C. Astauli R.No.-2422Nagala Chiti
39Ch. Laxminarayan I.C. Mandi Shyam Nagar Urf Kherli Hafizpur R. No.-11142Deota
40Ch. Laxminarayan I.C. Mandi Shyamnagar Urf Kherli Hafizpur R.No.-2742Deota
41Ch. Laxminarayan I.C. Mandi Shyamnagar Urf Kherli Hafizpur R.No.-3759Astauli
42Ch. Laxmi Narayan I.C. Mandi Shyamnagar Urf Kherli Hafizpur R.No.-41431Astauli
43Ch. Laxmi Narayan I.C. Mandi Shyamnagar Urf Kherli Hafizpur R.No.-51007Kherli Hafizpur (CT)
44Pry. School Panchayatan Inayatpur R.No. 11160Kherli Hafizpur (CT)
45Uchcha Pry. Vidhyalaya Girdharpur R.No. 1652Kherli Hafizpur (CT)
46Pry. School Rauni R.No. 1590Kherli Hafizpur (CT)
47J. H. School Salempur Gujar R.No. 1966Kherli Hafizpur (CT)
48J. H. School Salempur Gujar R.No. 21205Panchayatan Inayatpur
49J. H. School Salempur Gujar R.No. 31383Girdharpur
50Pry. School Aminabad Urf Nyana R.No. 1848Rauni
51Pry. School Rampur Mazra R.No. 11091Salempur Gurjar
52Pry. School Kulipura R.No. 1772Salempur Gurjar
53Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 1736Salempur Gurjar
54Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 21100Aminaabad Urf Nyana
55Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 31427Rampur Majra
56Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 4965Kulipura
57Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 51202Bilashpur
58Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 6887Bilaspur (NP)
59Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 7982Bilaspur (NP)
60Rajendra I. C. Vilaspur R.No. 8937Bilaspur (NP)
61Pry. School Azampur Garhi R.No. 1714Bilaspur (NP)
62Pry. School Banjarpur R.No. 1729Bilaspur (NP)
63Pry. School Sarakpur-2 R.No. 1952Bilaspur (NP)
64Pry. School Bhatta R.No. 11391Bilaspur (NP)
65Pry. School Bhatta R.No. 2872Azampurgarhi
66Pry. School Chuharpur Bangar R.No. 11111Bajarpur
67Pry. Path. Talra R.No. 1755Sarakpur
68Pry. School Hateva R.No. 11272Bhatta
69Pry. School Dalel Garh R.No. 11394Bhatta
70Pry. School Bagpur R.No. 1800Chuharpur Bangar
72Pry. School Piplka Suratpur R.No. 11067Hatewa
73Pry. School Piplka Suratpur R.No. 21156Dalelgarh
74Pry. School Visaech R.No. 11320Bagpur
74Pry. School Dadupur Dankaur R.No. 11320Daudpur
75Pry. School Dadupur Dankaur R.No. 2777Pipal Ka Surajpur
76Pry. School Amarpur R.No. 1843Pipal Ka Surajpur
77Pry. School Nanuaka Rajpur R.No. 1468Bisaich
78Pry. School Navada R.No. 11452Dadupur Dankaur
79Pry. School Navada R.No. 2854Dadupur Dankaur
80Pry. School Kanarsi R.No. 1941Amarpur
81Pry. School Kanrsa Mazra Kanarsi R.No. 1451Nanua Ka Razapur
82Pry. School Kanarsi R.No. 21153Nawada
83Pry. School Junaidpur R.No. 11233Nawada
84Pry. School Junaidpur R.No. 2961Kanarsi
85Pry. School Chachula R.No. 1810Kanarsi
86Pry. School Chachula R.No. 2892Kanarsi
87Pry. School Roshanpur R.No. 1797Junedpur
88Pry. School Dhanauri R.No. 1715Junedpur
90Sunhari Lal Balmukund I. C. Dhanauri R.No. 1645Chachula
93Sunhari Lal Balmukund I. C. Dhanauri R.No. 2310Dhanauri
102Pry. School Chandpur R.No. 1866Parsaul
103Pry. Path. Nilauni R.No. 1795Parsaul
105Pry. Path. Nilauni R.No. 21436Acchepur
107Pry. School Shahpur R.No. 1797Nilonip Shahpur
108Pry. School Mirzapur R.No. 1835Nilonip Shahpur
108Shri Hardwari Lal Janhit H.S. School Mirzapur R.No. 1835Nilonip
109Shri Hardwari Lal Janhit H.S. School Mirzapur R.No.2556Nilonip Shahpur
109Shri Hardwari Lal Janhit H.S. School Mirzapur R.No. 3556Shahpur
110Pry. School Chapargarh R.No.21348Mirzapur
111Pry. School Rampur Bangar R.No. 11366Mirzapur
112Pry. Path. Achchheja Bujurg R.No. 1717Mirzapur
113Pry. School Dungarpur Reelka R.No. 1473Mirzapur
114Pry. School Dungarpur Reelka R.No. 2500Mirzapur
115Pry. School Mohammadpur Gujar R.No. 1784Rampur Bangar
116Bihari Lal I. C. Dankaur Purva R.No. 11267Achhe Buzurg
117Bihari Lal I. C. Dankaur Purva R.No. 2783Dungarpur Rilka
118Bihari Lal I. C. Dankaur Purva R.No. 3853Dungarpur Rilka
119Bihari Lal I. C. Dankaur Purva R.No. 4850Mohammadpur Gurjar
120Bihari Lal I. C. Dankaur Purva R.No. 51322Dankaur (NP)
121Bihari Lal I. C. Dankaur Purva R.No. 61237Dankaur (NP)
122Purva M.V. T.A. Dankaur R.No. 11315Dankaur (NP)
123Purva M.V. T.A. Dankaur R.No. 12931Dankaur (NP)
124Pry. Vidhyalaya No. 1 T.A. Dankaur R.No. 11151Dankaur (NP)
125Pry. Vidhyalaya No. 1 T.A. Dankaur R.No. 21325Dankaur (NP)
126Kisan Adhyatmik I.C. Dankaru R.No. 11350Dankaur (NP)
127Kisan Adhyatmik I.C. Dankaru R.No.21440Dankaur
129Kisan Adhyatmik I.C. Dankaru R.No. 3727Dankaur
131Pry. School Gunpura R.No. 1529Samspur
131Pry. School Atta Gujran R.No. 1529Muhfar
132Pry. School Atta Gujran R.No.2387Samspur
133Pry. School Jaganpur Afzalpur R.No.358Gunpura
135Pry. School Orangpur R.No. 1751Mustfabad
136Pry. School Fatehpur Atta R.No. 1778Jaganpur Afzalpur
136Pry. School Fatehpur Atta R.No. 2778Motipur
138Pry. School Salarpur R.No. 11037Fatehpur Atta
139Pry. School Munjkhera R.No. 1740Bela Kalan
139Pry. School Ballukhera Mazra Munjkhera R.No. 1740Bela Khurd
140Pry. School Derin Khuban Mazra Munjkhera R.No. 11192Salarpur
141Pry. School Kherli Bhav R.No. 1798Munj Kheda
142Pry. School Kherli Bhav R.No. 2918Munj Kheda
143Pry. School Latifpur R.No. 1555Munj Kheda
145Pry. School Kadalpur R.No. 1635Kherli Bhav
146Pry. School Kadalpur R.No. 2912Latifpur Khadar
147Pry. School Makanpur Bangar R.No. 1799Kadarpur Mojampur
147Pry. School Makanur Khadar R.No. 1799Kadarpur
148Pry. School Rampur Khadar R.No. 1774Kadarpur Mojampur
148Pry. School Mohammadabad Khera R.No. 1774Kadarpur
149Pry. School Mohammadabad Khera R.No. 2958Makanpur Bangar
150Pry. School Taqipur Bangar R.No. 11000Makanpur Khadar
152Pry. School Anwargarh Bangar R.No. 11196Mohammadabad Khoda
154J. H. School Raunija R.No. 1326Taquipur Bangar
154J. H. School Raunija R.No. 2326Taquipur Khadar
155J. H. School Raunija R.No. 3704Anavargarh Bangar
155Pry. School Rustampur R.No. 1704Anvargarh Khadar
156Pry. School Chakjalalabad R.No. 1949Ronija
157Pry. School Nagla Padam Singh R.No. 1793Ronija
160Pry. School Pachokara R.No. 1318Chak Jalalabad
161Pry. School Utrawali R.No. 11119Rabupura (Rural)
161Pry. School Rasulpur Ikbail R.No. 11119Nagla padam Majra Rabupura
161Pry. School Mohammadpur Jadon R.No. 11119Nagla Srigopal majra Rabpura
162Pry. School Mohammadpur Jadon R.No. 2873Pachokara
163Pry. School Doogali R.No. 11091Utrawali
164Pry. School Hazipur R.No. 1168Raslpur Ekbel
165Inter College T.A. Rabupura R.No. 1914Mohammadpur Jadau
166Inter College T.A. Rabupura R.No. 2452Mohammadpur Jadau
167Inter College T.A. Rabupura R.No. 3646Dubli
168Inter College T.A. Rabupura R.No. 4346Hajipur
169Inter College T.A. Rabupura R.No. 5659Rabupura (NP)
170Inter College T.A. Rabupura R.No. 6896Rabupura (NP)
171Sarswati Shishu Mandir I.C. Rabupura R. N. 1886Rabupura (NP)
172Sarswati Shishu Mandir I.C. Rabupura R. N. 21453Rabupura (NP)
173Pry. School T.A. Rabupura R.No. 11300Rabupura (NP)
174Pry. School T.A. Rabupura R.No. 21450Rabupura (NP)
175Pry. School T.A. Rabupura R.No. 3708Rabupura (NP)
176Pry. School Bhaipur Brahmnan R.No. 1810Rabupura (NP)
177Pry. School Bhaipur Brahmnan R.No. 2893Rabupura (NP)
178Pry. School Menhadipur Bangar R.No. 1862Rabupura (NP)
179Pry. School Menhadipur Bangar R.No. 2829Rabupura (NP)
181Pry. School Sirauli Bangar R.No. 11256Bhaipur Brahmanan
184Pry. School Dhanpura R.No. 11089Siroli Bangar
184Pry. School Tirthali R.No. 11089Siroli Khadar
184Pry. School Tirthali R.No. 21089Sultanpur
184Pry. School Bhunnataga R.No. 11089Amarpur Palaka
185Pry. School Maksoodpur R.No. 1351Dhanpura
186Pry. School Myana R.No. 11467Tirthali
187Pry. School Kalupura R.No. 11384Tirthali
188Pry. School Kalupura R.No. 21289Bhunnataga
189Pry. School Jaunchana R.No. 1690Maksudpur
190Pry. School Chachura R.No. 11193Mayana
191Pry. School Amanullapur Urf Marhara R.No. 11184Kalupura
192Pry. School Bhikanpur R.No. 1787Kalupura
193Pry. School Akalpur R.No. 11101Jaunchana
194Pry. School Mudrah R.No. 1851Chachura
195Pry. School Mudrah R.No. 21347Amanullapur Urf Mahara
196Pry. School Ismailnagar Urf Bhoyra R.No. 1803Bhikanpur
197Pry. School Kanpur R.No. 11202Akalpur
198Pry. School Nagla Shahpur R.No. 1703Mundrah
199Pry. School Birampur R.No. 1991Mundrah
200Pry. School Birampur R.No. 2391Ismail Nagar Urf Bhoyra
201Pry. School Chakbirampur R.No. 11144Kanpur
202Pry. School Muradgarhi R.No. 1772Nagla Sahapur
204Pry. School Nagla Hukam Singh Mazra Karauli R.No. 1719Birampur
205Pry. School Nagla Hukam Singh Mazra Karauli R.No. 21122Chakbirampur
206Pry. School Nagla Hukam Singh Mazra Karauli R.No. 31182Fazilpur
207Pry. School Nagla Kanchan Mazra Karauli R.No. 11071Karauli Khadar
209J. H. School Falainda Bangar R.No. 1807N/A
210J. H. School Falainda Bangar R.No. 21303Karauli Bangar
210J. H. School Falainda Bangar R.No. 31303Karauli Khadar
210J. H. School Falainda Bangar R.No. 41303Nagla kancan
212Pry. School Kuraib R.No. 1788Falaida Bangar
213Pry. School Kuraib R.No. 21404Falaida Bangar
214J. H. S. Kuraib R.N. 11382Falaida Bangar
214J. H. S. Kuraib R.N. 21382Falaida Khadar
215Pry. School Ranhaira R.No. 1974Kureb
216Pry. School Ranhaira R.No. 2777Kureb
217Pry. School Ranhaira R.No. 31137Kureb
218Pry. School Dayanatpur R.No. 1763Kureb
219Pry. School Dayanatpur R.No. 21414Ranhara
220Inter College Dayanatpur R.No. 1829Ranhara
221Inter College Dayanatpur R.No. 2766Ranhara
222Inter College Dayanatpur R.No. 3905Dayantpur
223Inter College Dayanatpur R.No. 41240Dayantpur
224Pry School Nagla Shareef Khan Majra Dayanatpur R.N. 1983Dayantpur
226Pry. School Rampur Bangar R.No. 2728Dayantpur
228Pry. School Ballabhnagar Urf Karrol Bangar R.No. 1690Dayantpur
230Pry. School Machhipur R.No. 11253Rampur Banger
231Pry. School Kishorpur R.No. 1268Karauli Khadar
232Pry. School Sabauta Mustfabad R.No. 11259Manjhipur Banger
232Pry. School Sabauta Mustfabad R.No. 21259Sirsa
232Pry. School Mukimpur Shivara R.No. 11259Manjhipur Khader
233Pry. School Alauddinnagar Urf Durhera R.No. 11200Kishorpur
234Pry. School Alauddinnagar Urf Durhera R.No. 21223Sabota Mustfabad
235Pry. School Rohi R.No. 11282Sabota Mustfabad
237Pry. School Rohi R.No. 2785Allauddinnagar
238Pry. School Parohi R.No. 1691Allauddinnagar
239Pry. School Banvarivas R.No. 11203Rohi
239Pry. School Ramner R.No. 11203Nagla Ganeshi
240Pry. School Dhansiya R.No. 1950Rohi
241Pry. School Dastampur R.No. 1347Parohi
242Pry. School Mohbalipur R.No. 11193Banwari Bara
244Pry. School Ali Ahmadpur Urf Garhi R.No. 1715Dhansia
245Pry. School No. 1 Thaura R.No. 11431Dastampur
246Pry. School No. 1 Thaura R.No. 21136Mahvalipur
247Pry. School No. 2 Thaura R.No. 1250Milk Karimabad
248Pry. School No. 2 Thaura R.No. 2856Alli Ahmadpur Urf Garhi
249Pry. School Bankapur R.No. 1914Thora
250Pry. School Neemka Shahjahanpur R.No. 1836Thora
251Pry. School Neemka Shahjahanpur R.No. 21203Thora
252J. H. School Neemka Shahjahanpur R.No. 11119Thora
253Pry. School Sadullapur Urf Modelpur R.No. 11243Bankapur
254Pry. School Khwajpur R.No. 1853Neemka Shahjahanpur
255Pry. School Khwajpur R.No. 21358Neemka Shahjahanpur
256Pry. School Jewar Khadar R.No. 1727Neemka Shahjahanpur
257Sarswati Shishu Mandir T.A. Jewar R.No. 1946Sadullapur Urf Madlepur
258Sarswati Shishu Mandir T.A. Jewar R.No. 2769Khwajpur
259Sarswati Shishu Mandir T.A. Jewar R.No. 3822Khwajpur
260Sarswati Shishu Mandir T.A. Jewar R.No. 41050Jewar Khader
261Sarswati Shishu Mandir T.A. Jewar R.No. 5944Jewar (NP)
262Pry. School Jafrabad R.No. 11016Jewar (NP)
264Pry. School Sahabnagar R.No. 11325Jewar (NP)
265Adarsh Kanya I. C. T.A. Jewar R.No. 11302Jewar (NP)
266Adarsh Kanya I. C. T.A. Jewar R.No. 2647Karauli Bangar
266Adarsh Kanya I. C. T.A. Jewar R.No. 3647Sabota jafarabad Majra Jewar bangar
267Adarsh Kanya I. C. T.A. Jewar R.No. 4640Jewar Banger
268Adarsh Kanya I. C. T.A. Jewar R.No. 5894Jewar (NP)
269Pry. Path. School T.A. Jewar R.No. 11088Jewar (NP)
270Pry. Path. School T.A. Jewar R.No. 2888Jewar (NP)
271Janta I. C. T. A. Jewar R.No. 1938Jewar (NP)
272Janta I. C. T. A. Jewar R.No. 21399Jewar (NP)
273Janta I. C. T. A. Jewar R.No. 3723Jewar (NP)
274Janta I. C. T. A. Jewar R.No. 41286Jewar (NP)
275Janta I. C. T. A. Jewar R.No. 51428Jewar (NP)
276Janta I. C. T. A. Jewar R.No. 61408Jewar (NP)
277Kanwar Technical T.A. Jewar R.No. 11170Jewar (NP)
278Kanwar Technical T.A. Jewar R.No. 21078Jewar (NP)
279Pry. School Mirpur Kachchh Urf Kanigarhi R.No. 1928Jewar (NP)
280Pry. School Mirpur Kachchh Urf Kanigarhi R.No. 2916Jewar (NP)
281Pry. School Govinsgarh R.No. 11298Jewar (NP)
282Pry School Shamshamnagar1047Jewar (NP)
283Pry. School Bhagvantpur Chhantaga R.No. 11154Mirpur Kachh Urf Kanigarhi
284Pry. School Chhatanga Khurd R.No. 1795Mirpur Kachh Urf Kanigarhi
285Pry. School Jhuppa R.No. 1664Govindgarh
286Pry. School Mevla Gopalgarh R.No. 1794Shamsham Nagar
287Pry. School Mevla Gopalgarh R.No. 2625Bhagwantpur Chhatanga
288Pry. School Aliyabad Urf Menhadipur R.No. 1644Chhatanga Khurd
289Pry. School Mangrauli R.No. 11243Jhuppa
290Pry. School Mangrauli R.No. 2849Mewla Gopalgarh
291Pry. School Alawalpur R.No. 1912Mewla Gopalgarh
292Pry. School Ahmadpur Chaurauli R.No. 1731Aliyabad Mahdipur
293Pry. School Ahmadpur Chaurauli R.No. 21130Mangroli
294Pry. School Ahmadpur Chaurauli R.No. 3586Mangroli
295Pry. School Ahmadpur Chaurauli R.No. 4531Alawalpur
296Pry. School Ahmadpur Chaurauli R.No. 5750Ahmadpur Coroli
297Pry. School Bhavokra R.No. 1735Ahmadpur Coroli
298Pry. School Dyorar R.No. 11365Ahmadpur Coroli
299Pry. School Chanchali R.No. 1880Ahmadpur Coroli
300Pry. School Chanchali R.No. 2807Ahmadpur Coroli
301Pry. School Orangabad Urf Himayupur R.No. 1961Bhabokara
302Inter Colleg T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 11046N/A
303Inter Colleg T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 2981Chanchali
304Inter Colleg T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 3421Chanchali
305Inter Colleg T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 4677Aurangabad urf Himaupur
306Kanya Path. T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 1738Jahangirpur (NP)
307Pry. School T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 1855Jahangirpur (NP)
308Pry. School T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 21202Jahangirpur (NP)
309Pry. School T.A. Jahangirpur R.No. 3789Jahangirpur (NP)
310Pry. School Alampur Hathla Urf Laudona R.No. 11412Jahangirpur (NP)
311Pry. School Alampur Hathla Urf Laudona R.No. 21460Jahangirpur (NP)
312Pri School Kocchabhawar861Jahangirpur (NP)
313Pri School Kocchabhawar Part-21246Jahangirpur (NP)
314Kanya Kramottar Junior High School Kochabanwer1126Alampur Iathla Urf Lodona
315Bu En College Sc Bhawan Part-1934Alampur Iathla Urf Lodona

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