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Polling Booth in Jaswantnagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jaswantnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jaswantnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Nagari1100Mahamai
1Primary School Jonai1100Nagala Asroi
2Primary School Dholpur778Nagla Dhobi
3Primary School Nagla Khera1012Jonai
3Primary School Dharwar Room-11012Nagla Nandkishor
4Primary School Dharwar Room-2949Dhoulpura
5Junior High School Dharwar North711Dharwar
5Junior High School Dharwar South711N. Ramtal
9Primary School Kurakhar561Jhawrapur
10Primary School Fulrai1362Bhardwajpura
10Primary School Meerakhpur Putiya1362Kudapura
11Primary School Nagla Jula987Jalpokhara
12Primary School Aalai1004Meerakhpur
13Primary School Madanpura391N. Jula
14Primary School Ghanshyampura745Nagla Khushalpura
15Primary School Nagla Dayalpura379Dhanua
17Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Inter College Dhanua922Nagala Hire
17Primary School Nagla Jagan922N. Dayalpur
17Primary School Nagla Layak922N. Vidhu
20Primary School Nagla Fhatehpura450Dhanua
21Primary School Biyari Bhatpura West786Dhanua
21Primary School Biyari Bhatpura East786N. Dularai
21Primary School Bhujpura Bibamau786N. Khubchand
21Primary School Kakrai786N. Panchi
24Primary School Darshanpur389Bhujpura Beebamau
25Primary School Khera Bujurg North878Kakarai
25Primary School Khera Bujurg South878Nagala Gulal
26Primary School Tularampur406Darshanpur
28Primary School Bhagwanpura467Nagla Khushali
29Primary School Nagla Kehri660N. Nawal
30Primary School Kursena Room-1671N. Bhagwanpura
31Primary School Kursena Room-2599Nagala Asha
31Primary School Hanumant Khera599N. Kehari
34Primary School Gari Jalim709Kursena
34Primary School Rukanpura709Dhorera
35Panchayatghar Kanchania767Kursena
35Primary School Nagla Sugandh Nager767Nagala Kaisho
36Primary School Ajnora867Rukanpur
37Samudaik Kendra Pathakpura201Rukanpur
38Primary School Chandanpur Bibamau649Nagla Sugandhnagar
41Primary School Shahjahanpur678Kakarai
41Primary School Larkhor678Chandanpur Beebamau
41Primary School Mohanpura (Larhhaur)678Naglamardan
42Primary School Khushalpura (Larhhaur)815Shahjanhapur
43Primary School Bhaupura913Larkhore
45Primary School Nagla Subhan594Khushalpura
47Zila Panchayat Inter College Heonra1410Nagla Subhan
47Primary School Henora New Building1410Tirkarawath
47Primary School Nagla Aniya1410Nagla
48Primary School Banamai1276Nagala Aniya
49Primary School Bhaisan1364Henwara
52Primary School Parsaoua1361Bhaishan
52Primary School Alampur Naria1361Nagariya Gadriyan
52Primary School Bhawalpur1361Nagariya Jhandu
52Primary School Niloi East1361Utrai
53Primary School Niloi West1319Parsauwa
55Primary School Nagla Rathore682Bhavalpur
57Primary School Pratappura1015Niloi
58Primary School Mahlai Room-1527Nagla Nihal
58Primary School Mahlai Room-2527Nagla Rathor
59Jodhasingh Inter College Harkoopur558Pratappura
59Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav Inter College Rainager558Kold Stored
60Primary School Nagla Hare976Mahlai
62Primary School Kelokhar560N. Harakpur
63Primary School Nagla Sewaram926Rai Nagar
64Primary School Kunjpur771N. Hare
65Primary School Jarikhera1082Kailokhar
67Primary School Muhabatpur Nagla Bhagat677Kunjpur
68Kanya Primary School Kest463N. Madaiya
69Primary School Kest1181Nagala Kua
71Primary School Nagla Incha1389Kaist
71Primary School Durgapura (Ludhpura)1389Nagala Devipura
72Kanya Ucchatar Primary School Jaswant Nager (R.N.-1)923Kaist
72Kanya Ucchatar Primary School Jaswant Nager (R.N.-2)923Nagla Ichha
73Government Girls Inter College Jaswant Nager (R.N.1)368Durga Pura
73Government Girls Inter College Jaswant Nager (R.N.2)368Rampura Gram Kaist
74Government Girls Inter College Jaswant Nager (R.N.3)973Jaswantnagar (NPP)
75Government Girls Inter College Jaswant Nager (R.N.4)1442Jaswantnagar (NPP)
76Junior High School Jaswant Nager (R.N.1)791Jaswantnagar (NPP)
77Junior High School Jaswant Nager (R.N.2)873Jaswantnagar (NPP)
78Junior High School Jaswant Nager (R.N.3)671Jaswantnagar (NPP)
79Primary School Jaswant Nager (R.N. 1)751Jaswantnagar (NPP)
80Primaryschool Jaswant Nager (R.N. 2)1451Jaswantnagar (NPP)
81Pariganit Primary School Jaswant Nager (R.N. 1)1285Jaswantnagar (NPP)
82Pariganit Primaryschool Jaswant Nager (R.N. 2)1417Jaswantnagar (NPP)
83Hindu Vidyalaya Inter College. Jaswant Nager (R.N. 1)830Jaswantnagar (NPP)
84Hindu Vidyalaya Inter College. Jaswant Nager (R.N. 2)1424Jaswantnagar (NPP)
85Hindu Vidyalaya Inter College. Jaswant Nager (R.N. 3)1064Jaswantnagar (NPP)
86Hindu Vidyalaya Inter College. Jaswant Nager (R.N. 4)1217Jaswantnagar (NPP)
87Primary School Sishat East1160Jaswantnagar (NPP)
88Primary School Sishat West1222Jaswantnagar (NPP)
89Primary School Pipredi1180Jaswantnagar (NPP)
91Panchayatghar Jwalapur Vill. Pipredi1109Jaswantnagar (NPP)
93Primary School Rajpur Tameri599Piprendi
94Primary School Tameri477Addarate
95Primary School Jugoura725Rajpurtameri
95Primary School Bahoripur725Maiyakachhi
96Ashok Inter College Kukawali (R.N.1)702Tamera
97Ashok Inter Collegekukawali (R.N.2)818Jugora
99Primary School Bahadurpur Nasirpur1327Kokawali
100Primary School Nijampur1251Kokawali
100 0 0 1251Nagla Madaila
100Primary School Nagla Ramsunder West1251N. Khakbag
101Primary School Nagla Salahdi977Naseerpur
103Primary School Balrai936Nagla Ramsundar
106Primary School Dodua Gopalpur (Gadi Ramdhan)1361Doduya Gopalpur
106Primary School Bibamau East1361Chamaran
106Primary School Bibamau West1361Railway Station
108Primary School Ajabpur Bibamau982Beebamau
109Primary School Nagla Vishun Tijora East645Rotai
109Primary School Nagla Vishun Tijora West645Naglatiwari
110Primary School Prem Nager345Ajabpur Beebamau
111Junior High School Bauth1171Nagla Bishun
114Primary School Madiya Fakire Mauja Bauth1256Bauth
114Primary School Saramai1256Darkana
115Primary School Nagla Taur North602Madaiyafakire
116Primary School Nagla Taur South554Kachpura Beebamau
116Primary School Nagla Dhurha554Saramai
117Primary School Kiratpur1245Naglataur
119Primary School Peeharpur371Naglataur
119Primary School Sirsa Bibmau371Nagla Dhurha
121Primary School Salempur859Peharpur
122Primary School Chak1486Nagla Shaymnagar
122K.Primary School Bhikhanpur1486Prem ki Madaiya
122Primary School Nagaria Jasohan1486Navin Sirsa
123Primary School Garampur277Salempur
124Junior High School Sirhol357Chak
126Primary School Nagla Chhand483Nagariya Jasohan
127Primary School Muhabatpur Jasohan375Garampur
129Primary School Bagiya Jasohan386Nagla Chhand
130Primary School Janakpur (R.N. 1)1190Nagala Munj
130Primary School Janakpur (R.N. 2)1190Nagala Dhom
131Primary School Nagla Udaysingh1258Nagala Khand
132Primary School Nagla Keshonrai520Jasohan
134Primary School Jhalokhar466Naglauday Singh
135Primary School Sakhoa963Nagala Ramtal
135Primary School Jagsora East963Nagala Keshorai
135Primary School Jagsora West963Kilwari
138Primary School Nagariya Bhat1251Jagsaura
139Primary School Nagla Naya1232Lokpur
141Primary School Nagla Dudha826Jugora
141Primary School Malajani North826Pachpera
141Primary School Malajani South826Nagla Ramlal
144Junior High School Bhatora540Malajni
144Primary School Bhatora540Nagla Harishchandra
145Primary School Bhogatal1005Dharanagari
145Primary School Takpura Sarai Jalal1005Nagala Bishun
147Primary School Jainpur Nagar462Nagala Bhiogatal
148Primary School Araji Saraibhopat (Nagla Baba)705Nagla Bhagat
148Primary School Sarai Bhopat705kebala
149Primary School Nagla Vermajit991Jainpur Nagar
151Primary School Maloopur1131Sarai Bhopat
152Primary School Baliyapur585Mohmmadpur
154Junior High School Bankati Bujurg1123Balaiyapur
155Primary School Birampur1349Bankati Bujurg
156Primary School Adhiyapur650Beerampur
157Primary School Nagla Chhate1442Adhiyapur
157Primary School Bhesrai1442Udaynagar
157Krasak Inter College Bichpurikera1442Jhakarpura
159Primary School Patajhari545Nagariya Jhamman
160Primary School Hajratpur1122Khera Bichpuri
160Junior High School Jaitiya1122Saidpur
161Primary School Sonai441Patajhari
163Primary School Rajmau Room-1752Bichpuri
163Primary School Rajmau Room-2752Jatia
164Primary School Kantihar540Sonai
164Primary School Barra540Nagariya hari Singh
167Primary School Baidpura421Kantihar
168Primary School Jahanabad1416Nagla Chhotelal
169Primary School Chakoopur976Baidpura
170Primary School Mahola580Nagla Buddhu
172Primary School Umrahi1275Phulrai
172Primary School Khardooli1275N. Devsen
172Primary School Chhitoni1275N. Mahol
173Primary School Ramet545Umrahi
176Primary School Hirapur1494Rotai
176Primary School Baroli Baidpura1494N. Karan
176Primary School Siphari1494Radhopur
177Primary School Chhimara East460Hirapur
178Primary School Chhimara Middle1111Bhujpura Baidpur
181Primary School Borain1326Chimara A.
181Primary School Bhadai Kashipur1326Raksiya
182Primary School Bhadai Kashipur West645Naglaparmukh
183Primary School Nagla Sewa1456Nagla Kashipur
183Primary School Nagla Baba Bhagwatipur New Building1456Bamuri
185Primary School Bhalasaiya826Latupur
187Primary School Narholi Bhidarua1424Kakrara
188Primary School Lachwai East1471Bhidrua
188Primary School Lachwai West1471N. Chaturi
188Primary School Geenja (R.N. 1)1471N. Tejsingh
191Primary School Geenja (R.N. 2)1135Geenja
191Primary School Chobeypur East1135Nagla Kesha
191Primary School Jhigoopur1135Nagla Surajman
192Primary School Bhali990Geenja
194Primary School Muchhara1344Jhingupur
196Primary School Saifai East675Mangawan
196Primary School Saifai Middle675N. Nama
196Junior High School Saifai (R.N.1)675N. Anchhelal
198Junior High School Faifai (R.N. 2)927Saifai
199Junior High School Atirajpur878Saifai
199Panchayat Office Saifai Old Meeting Hall878N. Derawanjran
201Primary School Nagla Sabi1230Atirajpur
203Primary School Ujhiyani1126Nayakpur
204Primary School Baghuiya1055Ujhiyani
204Primary School Pindari New Building1055N. Jahan
206Primary School Kuiya East797Nagla Kothi
207Primary School Kuiya894Pindari
209Primary School Odampur928Kuiya
209Primary School Baroli Kala928Naglashri
210Primary School Nagla Bagerhar East761Nagla Nathu
212Primary School Sahsarpur969Barauli Khurd
212Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Jhs Usrai969Bhajarpur
213Sarvodaya Inter College Longpur841N. kehari
214Primary School Tulsipur New Building633Nagla Karaiya
214Primary School Nagla Dariyay633Naglachainsukh
217Primary School Bhagipur915Nagla Loha
217Primary School Nandpur915N. Bag
218Primary School Kumhawar614Bhagipur
219Primary School Uddhampur637Nandpur
219Primary School Hardoi (R.N. 1)637Matiyar N. Gani
220Primary School Hardoi (R.N. 2)1486Kumhabar
220Junior High School Hardoi1486Meshaoki Madiaya
224Primary School Mohati1206Nagla Bindi
224Primary School Ladampur1206Naglasemra
225Primary School Kathua664Nagla Mohti
226Primary School Nagla Mathiya565Ladampur
228Primary School Shivpuri Timarua East1083Naglahimmatpur
228Primary School Shivpuri Timarua West1083Naglabojhpur
229Primary School Madhaiyapur1181Heemrua
230Primary School Sarwarpur1075Naglagadriyan
232Primary School Parasna East421Sarwarpur
233Primary School Parasna West777Parasana
234Primary School Nagla Kookpur707Nandpur
234Primary School Nagla Bane707N. Chadepura
236Primary School Manigawna (R.N. 1)832Mangawan
237Primary School Manigawna (R.N. 2)510Mangawan
238Primary School Thulrai582Mangawan
239Primary School Sarsai Helu1020Dhulrai
239Primary School Nagla Kuatia1020Nagla simriya
241Primary School Shadipur967Siarsai Helu
241Primary School Jagannathpur967Nagla Jalimpur
242Junior High School Karri758Jigniya
243Primary School Nagla Baheliya (Karri)1168Nagla Bhutt
246Primary School Kalepura949Karri
246Primary School Ganeshpur949Mukundpura
246Primary School Bhootha949Patapura
248Primary School Beena West613Ganeshpur
249Primary School Paroli Ramain1132Rampura
250Primary School Kataiyapur (Krapalpur)1018Nagla Matu
253Primary School Hiddapura843Paroli Ramayan
254Primary School Unwa Santoshpur647Santoshpur Unwa
254Junior High School Santoshpur Unwa647Rajpura
256Primary School Iswarpur884Shantoshpur
257Primary School Baralokpur East756Iswarpur
257Primary School Baralokpur West Room-1756Khadaita
257Primary School Baralokpur West Room-2756N. Beech
260Primary School Lokpura253Baralokpur
260Primary School Seepuri253Darain
260Primary School Agupur Gopalpur253Banik
264Primary School Aaraji Gubariya542Raipura
264Prahlad Ismarak Inter College Krishna Nagar Chopula542Nagla Raipura
267Primary School Mugalpura577Lahairi
267Primary School Moonj East-1577N. Dhara
270Primary School Moonj East-21160Moonj
271Primary School Moonj West746Naglahari
271Primary School Rampura746Naglachhattarpur
272Primary School Fardpura289Ramsaneha
272Primary School Masnai289N. Sami
275Primary School Jainpur Chaubiya934Manai
275Primary School Chaubiya934Nagla Beni
277Primary School Bakhtyarpur1450Chobiya
277Primary School Tisuadev1450Padaw
278Primary School Mohanpur Rahin666Makhanpur
280Primary School Neewasai484Naglatuagaiya
281Junior High School Kakarpur907Mohanpur Rahin
281Primary School Gora Dayalpur907Nagla Gadriya
283Primary School Rahin400Katiya
284Primary School Roop Pur Sarai Bhikhan318Gora Dayalpur
285Primary School Gulabpur704Naglajagat
287Primary School Kalyanpur Rahin465Nagla Kachhinyan
288Primary School Biharipur701Jhawra
289Primary School Adupura1005Kalyanpur Rahin
290Primary School Keshonpur Rahin461Nagla Motiram
291Kannya Primary School Gangapur614Addpur
291Primary School Bitholi614Nagla Gagadeen
292Primary School Partapura380Keshonpur Kalan
295Primary School Khera Helu1263Wajirpur
296Primary School Dudha901Khera Helu
297Primary School Adarpur559Milkiya
299Primary School Jabarpur North1105Aadpur
299Primary School Nagla Taal1105N. Dhaokal
299Primary School Lakhanpur Pachar1105N. Khemi
302Primary School Dibrasai913Birsinghpur
302Primary School Apoorpur913Rawrohar
302Kisan Higher Secondry School Shekhupur Chandethi913Nagla Sidhu
303Junior High School Ber East642N. Dhra
303Junior High School Ber West642Dinrasai
307Primary School Nagla Bhooj801Ber
307Junior High School Roura East801Nagla Pan
308Junior High School Roura West942Kurrah
310Samudaik Milan Kendra Khiriya932Raura
310Primary School Bakoli932Nagala Ganesh
312Primary School Shekhupur Pachar1353Bakauli
312Junior High School Nagla Jind1353N. Skhnandan
312Primary School Santoshpur Pachar1353Bheekham
313Primary School Punja604N. Panchi
315Primary School Keshonpur720Nagla Singh
316Jan Hitkari M.V. Nagla Bhawar1090Gadriya Thakuran
318Primary School Takpura480Tukpura
318Primary School Bani Hardu480Nagla Bhawar
319Primary School Chamroua333Tukpura
321Jila Parisad Higher Secondry School Sarsainawar East607Matiyarpur
321Jila Parisad Higher Secondry School Sarsainawar607Dumha
321Jila Panchayat Higher Secondry School Sarsainawar607Chamraola
324Primary School Girdharpura1190Sarsai Nawar
324Primary School Nagla Balsingh1190Kachhpura
325Primary School Dolatpur443Girdharpura
325Primary School Bhadarpura443Chandpura
327Primary School Nagla Jalal433Daolatpura
328Primary School Sundra403Krapalpur
329Primary School Tirkhi Tilokpur602Ruriya
330Junior High School Kadampur West904Derabanjaran
331Primary School Kadampur615Tirkhi Tilokpur
334Primary School Kishanpura647Nagla Lalman
334Primary School Udaypur Kala647Pirthvepura
335Primary School Murcha704Kishanpura
336Sahkari Sangh Usrahar766kadampur
336Primary School Rampur East766Udaipur Khurd
337Primary School Rampur West557Murcha
340Primary School Badkanshahpur1187Bachhroi
340Higher Primary Vidyalaya Bharatpur Khurd1187Nagla Khiljipura
340Junior High School Tipatiya1187Nagla Kiratpur
341Pt.Babu Ram Mishr Adarsh Inter College Bamhnipur993Badkan Shahpur
342Primary School Nagla Lachi910Bharatpur Khurd
344Primary School Mohri North908Ramnagar
344Primary School Mohri South908Bamhanipur
345Primary School Chamarpur Rudrapur729Bharatpur Khurd
347Primary School Nagariya1230Morhi
348Primary School Kuita East1081Tauhar
349Primary School Kuita West781Nagria
351Primary School Nagla Bhage832Nagla Chhaju
351Primary School Kaua East832N. Dandi
354Junior High School Deeg1079Rampura
354Primary School Jafar Pura1079N. Bara
355Primary School Deeng570Bhunta
356Primary School Nagla Masood573Madaiya Adda
356Kanya Junior High School Samthar East573Deeg
357Kanya Junior High School Samthar West609Bhaupura
360Primary School Samthar762Samther
361Primary School Nagla Pachhaya980Samther
361Primary School Amthari980Hirmani
363Primary School Rudoli971Amthari
364Primary School Kurkha556Nagla Hukumsingh
365Primary School Aghini789Rudauli
367Higher Secondry School Kharagpur Sariya1358Nagla Vijai
369Primary School Hindupur Baidpur712Kharag Pur Sariya
369Primary School Sonthana712Rudrapur Itauhar
370Primary School Rampura Pachar935Nagaria
371Junior High School Rampura Pachar1360Sonthana
371Primary School Bhagwantpura Vill. Harkunjalpur1360Rajpura
374Primary School Purela (R.N. 1)1202Harkunj Pur
375Primary School Purela (R.N. 2)1121Puraila
375Junior High School Vishunpura Nagla Gujrati1121Pirthvepura
377Kannya Junior High School Kudrail East1122Puraila
377Kannya Junior High School Kudrail West1122Nagariya
378Primary School Kudrail835Kudrail
380Primary School Pooranpura902Kudrail
381Primary School Badariyapooth359N. Gadriyan
382Primary School Nagla Chatur1033Kudrail
383Primary School Narayanpur328Adlriya Pooth
386Primary School Kathotiya797Kudrail
387Primary School Patiyayat East726Kudrail
388Primary School Patiyayat West1033Patiyayat
389Junior High School Takha East935Mahua
389Junior High School Takha West935Nagla Nagriya
391Primary School Kayampur Room-11086Baratiya
392Primary School Kayampur Room-21132Kayampur
393Primary School Nagla Duli421Takha
394Primary School Nagla Dhakau Room-11437Takha
395Primary School Nagla Dhakau Room-2808Nagla Dakau
396Higher Secondry School Maman Himatpur East841Takha
396Higher Secondry School Maman Himatpur West841Nagla Bale
398Primary School Gangdaspur460Maman Himmatpur
399Primary School Nagla Makey671Maman Himmatpur
400Primary School Sarawa North1162Maman Himmatpur
400Primary School Sarawa Middle1162Kayampur
402Primary School Belahar866Sarava
403Balwant Shaheed I . C. Nagriya Yadvan (Belahar)1093Belahar
403Primary School Nagla Dhokal Soron1093N. Niwar
405Primary School Ratahri Sarawa1242Soron
406Primary School Nagariya Sarawa912Ratahari Sarawa
407Primary School Kakrahi East922Rajipur
407Primary School Kakrahi West922Banshiya Pura
409P S Birisamsuddinpur908Kakrahi
409P S Nauli West Side908N. Pachhay
409P S Nauli Middle Side908N. Chari
409P S Ahiroparshurampur908N. Talpar

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