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Polling Booth in Jahanabad Assembly Constituency

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Jahanabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Jahanabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jahanabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Asifpur1258Galatha
2P.S. Bada Kher Majre Abhaypur782Kaudia
4P.S. Jade Ka Purwa Amjre Abhaypur1108Abhaypur
5U.P.S. Abhaypur910Abhaypur
5P.S. Thanpur910Awseri Khera
6P.S. Manikpur1345Abhaypur
7P.S. Shiv Rajpur480Thanpur
9U.P.S. Shiv Rajpur426Sultanpur
10P.S. Bhau Pur Room - 11120Shivrajpur
10P.S. Bhau Pur Room - 21120Shivrajpur
11P.S. Pahur1049Bhaupur
12P.S. Ravatpur676Bhaupur
13P.S. Beekam Pur1379Pahur
14K.P.S. Keechak Pur1357Ravatpur
15I.C.Badahar Room - 1759Bhikhanpur
16I.C. Badahar Room - 2391Keechakpur
17P.S. Holapur872Badahar
18P.S. Hajipur762Badahar
19P.S. Rahsupur372Holapur
20P.S. Shadipur574Hajipur
21P.S. Chhivli921Rahasupur
22P.S. Mirai1064Sadipur
23P.S. Riyari Majre Mirai722Chhiwali
25P.S. Parsadepur636Mirai
25P.S. Kharauli636Mirai
26P.S .Badsawanpur1057Parsadepur
27U.P.S. Khadra Room - 1805Kharauli
28U.P.S. Khadra Room - 2360Basawanpur
29P.S. Gangchauli Khurd841Khadara
31P.S. Gangchauli Bujurg970Harchandra Khera
31U.P.S. Aung Room - 1970Shahjahanpur
32U.P.S. Aung Room - 21117Gangchauli Bujurg
33P.S. Godharauli Room - 11279Aung
34P.S. Godharauli Room - 21129Aung
35P.S. Baniyan Kheda856Godhrauli
36P.S. Ali Pur1126Godhrauli
36P.S. Jalala1126Godhrauli
37P.S. Shahjahanpur Room - 1777Baniya Khera
39P.S. Shahjahanpur Room - 2699Jalala
40P.S. Dundra1050Shahjahanpur
41P.S. Rasulpur981Shahjahanpur
42P.S. Mayaram Kheda1077Dundra
43P.S. Karchalpur Room - 1721Rasulpur
44P.S. Karchalpur Room - 21063Delemau
45P.S. Bijauli893Keechakpur
46P.S. Padhara Room - 1579Keechakpur
47P.S. Padhara Room - 2977Bijauli
48P.S. Hardas Pur1048Padhara
49P.S. Akbarabad1235Padhara
51P.S. Jogapur902Akbarabad
52P.S. Rampur Nakewar1200Nama Mau
53P.S. Sarayanmahmood Pur839Jogapur
55P.S. Hafijpur Harkaran1348Sarai Mahmoodpur
56P.S. Barethar Khurd1161Sarai Hawa Khawah
56P.S. Mawaiya1161Hafijpur Harkaran
57P.S. Chakmadhaupur1277Barethar Khurd
58P.S. Barethar Bujurg1091Mawaiya
60P.S. Beerpur Majre Lakhana Kheda817Barethar Buzurg
60Purushottam I.C. Khajuha Room - 1817Barethar Buzurg
61Purushottam I.C. Khajuha Room - 2806Lakhana Khera
62Purushottam I.C. Khajuha Room - 31179Bagbadshahi
63P.S. Nandapur1213Bagbadshahi
64P.S. Husepur1238Bagbadshahi
65Punchayatghar Araipur1475Nandapur
67P.S Gandharpi804Araipur
67P.S Ghoraha804Araipur
68P.S. Sadanbadan Ka Purwa Majre Ghorha871Gandharvi
69P.S Bijuri815Goura
70P.S. Kripalpur Bindhya Room - 1705Ghorha
71P.S. Kripalpur Bindhya Room - 2963Bijauli
72P.S. Karanpur Room - 11137Kripalpur Vinda
73P.S. Karanpur Room - 2737Kripalpur Vinda
74P.S. Mohiuddinpur912Karanpur
75P.S. Kansmiripur751Karanpur
76P.S. Jagdeeshpur Bakewar234Mohiuddinpur
78Janki I.C. Bakewar837Jagdishpur
78P.S. Second Bakewar Bujurg Room -1837Jagdishpur
79P.S. Second Bakewar Bujurg Room -21104Sarai Bakevar
80P.S. Rasulpur Bakewar1048Bakevar Bujurg
81P.S. Dilawal Pur598Bakevar Bujurg
82P.S. Murarpur1223Rasulpur Bakevar
83Kanya P.S. Barigawan Room - 1663Dilawalpur
84Kanya P.S. Barigawan Room - 21005Murarpur
85P.S. Lakshaikesh Majre Dema Room - 11124Barigawa
87P.S. Lakshi Kheda Mare Devmi Room - 2858Dev Mai
88P.S. Devmai Room - 1703Tiwaripur
88P.S. Demai Room - 2703Lachhi Khera
89U.P.S.Devmai Room - 11014Dev Mai
90U.P.S. Devmai Room - 2753Dewmai
91P.S. Tikara1091Dev Mai
92P.S. Roosi811Dewmai
93P.Dayashankar Shu.I.C. Bhaisauli Room - 11330Tikara
94P.Dayashankar Shu.I.C. Bhaisauli Room - 21026Rusi
95P.Dayashankar Shu.I.C. Bhaisauli Room - 31024Bhaisauli
96P.S. Kansahi726Bhaisauli
97P.S. Sujawalpur Room - 11083Bhaisauli
98P.S. Sujawalpur Room - 2751Kansarahi
99P.S. Gutaiyakheda Majre Sujawalpur915Sujawalpur
100P.S. Dhamauli1055Sujawalpur
102P.S. Dubepur726Duvepur
102P.S. Dari Bujurg Room - 1726Dewmai
103P.S. Dari Bujurg Room - 2781Duvepur
104P.S. Dari Khurd1049Dari Bujurg
105P.S. Kakraiha609Dari Bujurg
106P.S. Musafa Room - 1788Dari Khurd
107P.S Musafa Room - 2646Kakraha
108P.S. Chakpata1036Musarfa
110P. S. Gauri Aranj1095Musarfa
110P.S Jarara1095Musarfa
112P.S. Bhulbhuliyapur1140Chaklalupur
112P.S. Isepur1140Chaklalupur
113P.S. Madhaupur408Bhulmuliyapur
115P.S. Bhelgaonv938Madokipur
115P.S. Lalabaksara938Madhopur
116P.S. Alampur628Bhelgaon
117P.S. Nahramau890Lalawaksara
118P.S. Pahadipur1021Alampur
120P.S. Mathurapur1020Paharipur
121P.S. Patari Majre Sarayan Langar1215Paharipur
122P.S. Shakurabad Majre Sarayan Langar1092Sarai Langer
123P.S. Benta750Shankrawad Majre
124P.S. Sarayan Holi1282Beta
125P.S. Makrauli880Sarai Holi
126P.S. Mirjapur Makrandpur933Sarai Holi
126P.S. Paneruwa933Abul Haipur
127P.S. Chak Lal Bibi1453Mirzapur Makrandpur
128P.S. Kishunpur Kapil771Peneruwa
129U.P.S. Kapil234Chaklal Bibi
130Dr.Amb.Samu.Mi.Kendra Kapiliya1107Kishunpur Kapil
131P.S. Kalana1479Kapilmaiyke Kishunpur Kapile
132P.S. Narayanpur Majre Kalana119Kapiliya
134P.S. Ibrahimpur Danda765Kalana
134Sh.Gy.V.H.Se.S.Ramtalai Jahanabad Room - 1765Kalana
136Sh.Gy.V.H.Se.S. Ram Talai Jahanabad Room - 2982Shahjahanpur Aaham
136P.S. Kasba Koda Room - 1982Shahjahanpur Khalsa
137P.S. Kasba Koda Room - 2589Shahjahanpur Khalsa
138Krashi Ut.M.S. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 11414Kora Jahanabad (NP)
139Krashi Ut.M.S. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 2875Kora Jahanabad
140Krashi Ut.M.S. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 3978Kora Jahanabad (NP)
141N.H.Se.S. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 1965Kora Jahanabad
142N.H.Se.S. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 2561Kora Jahanabad (NP)
143N.H.Se.S. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 31123Kora Jahanabad
144G.S.L.G.P.I.C.Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 1572Kora Jahanabad (NP)
145G.S.L.G.P.I.C.Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 21335Kora Jahanabad
146G.S.L.G.P.I.C.Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 3695Kora Jahanabad (NP)
147G.S.L.G.P.I.C.Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 4818Kora Jahanabad
149A.S.S.A.I.C. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 11207Kora Jahanabad
150A.S.S.A.I.C. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 2410Kora Jahanabad (NP)
151A.S.S.A.I.C. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 31372Kora Jahanabad
152A.S.S.A.I.C. Kasba Koda Jahanabad Room - 4924Kora Jahanabad (NP)
153Smt S.D.A.B.I.C. Jahanabad Room - 1712Kora Jahanabad
154Smt S.D.A.B.I.C. Jahanabad Room - 21301Kora Jahanabad (NP)
155Samudayak Milan Kendra Kasba Koda924Kora Jahanabad
157P.S. Dwarikapur Jatt1299Kasba Kora
158P.S. Ghanshyampur1042Dwarikapur Jatt
158P.S. Safarpur Sitharra1042Dwarikapur Jatt
159P.S. Chirli1462Ghanshyampur
160P.S. Kalana ( Sarayandharampur)1101Jafarpur Sithara
161P.S. Lahuri Sarayan Majre Sarayan Dharampur1286Chakki
163Kanya P.S Banthara Room - 11306Lahari Majre Sarai Dharampur
163Kanya P.S.. Banthara Room - 21306Sari Dharampur
164P.S. Chandipur Majre Banthara1000Banthara
165P.S. Nirakhi586Banthra
166P.S. Dhamna Khurd739Banthara
168P.S. Jhaupur Majre Gohrari793Nirkhi
169P.S.Gohrari1001Dhamna Khurd
170U.Ps. Gohrari968Jhaupur Majre Gohrari
171P.S. Kotha Bakhariya1190Gauhrari
172P.S. Birnai Second1265Gauhrari
173P.S.Birnai816Kotha Bakhariya
177P.S.First Amauli Room-1610Jajmoiya
178P.S.First Amauli Room-2848Kunday Rampur
179Kanya U.P.S. Amauli Room-11055Amauli
180Kanya U.P.S. Amauli Room-2579Amoura
181P.S.Amauli Room-1898Amauli
182P.S.Amauli Room-2638Amauli
190P.S.Madwahidera Majre Dapsaura681Shyampur
192P.S.Dapsaura Room-1909Dapsawra
192P.S.Dapsaura Room-2909Dapsaora
195P.S.Sarahan Bujurg Room-1707Kahijara
196P.S.Sarahan Bujurg Room-2668Itara
197P.S.Sarahan Khurd1032Sarahan Buzurg
198P.S.Sikandarpur1365Sarahan Buzurg
199U.P.S.Rustampur930Sarahan Khurd
200P.S.Mawai748Sikandar Pur
201P.S.Rethwan453Ranmast Pur
202U.P.S.Rithwan Room-11349Mawai
203U.P.S.Rithwan Room-21283Rithwa
204P.S. Gauri Aura Room-1846Rithwa
205P.S.Gauri Aura Room-2708Rithwa
206P.S.Taran Dera Majre Gauri Aura886Gauri Awara
207P.S.Auranisfi1018Gauri Awara
208P.S. Makrandpur Nisfi Jakha461Gauri Awara
209P.S. Govindpur Bilari821Aura Nisphi
210P.S. Gangpur1177Makarndpur Nisphi Jakha
211P.S.Pahadpur Batigawan987Govindpur Bilari
213P.S.Sadigawan708Paharpur Barigawa
214Panchayat Ghar Rampur Kurmi833Salhepur
215P.S. Kauh823Sathigawan
216P.S.Bijauli957Rampur Kurmi
218P.S. Madri Room-11232Bijauli
220P.S. Madri Room-21103Mirzapur Majre Madri
221P.S.Behta Khurd1301Madari
222P.S.Ajampur Gadwa1153Deochali
223Samudayek Milan Kendra Husenabad1210Behta Khurd
225G.C.S.L.I.C.Budawa Room-1371Husenabad
225G.C.S.L.I.C.Budawa Room-2371Husenabad
226G.C.S.L.I.C.Budawa Room-3798Budawa
227P.S.Nonara Room-1649Budawa
228P.S.Nonara Room-2907Budawa
229P.S.Mangalpur Takauli923Nonara
231P.S. Khaira Bad728Nonara
232P.S. Paprenda Room - 1635Khairabad
232P.S. Paprenda Room - 2635Khairabad
233P.S. Naraini902Paparenda
235U.P.S. Basfara Room - 1628Naraini
235U.P.S. Basfara Room - 2628Naraini
237P.S. Devari Bujurg Room P- 1892Basfara
237P.S. Devari Bujurg Room - 2892Basfara
238P.S. Shivpuri840Daveri Bujurg
239P.S. Udupur667Daveri Bujurg
240P.S. Gangauli1136Sheopuri
241P.S. Jarauli663Udupur
242P.S. Sitapur Majre Jarauli1093Gagauli
243P.S. Naraicha Room - 1462Jarauli
244P.S. Naraicha Room - 2539Jarauli
245P.S.. Argal1140Naraicha
246P.S Judakhera Majre Argal1033Naraicha
248P.S. Raipur961Adhirijapur
248P.S. Rampur Husena Room - 1961Joda Khera
249P.S. Rampur Husena Room - 2853Raipur
251P.S. Kamaasi351Rampur Husana
251P.S. Bhauraj Pur351Rampur Husana
252P.S. Damodarpur730Kamasi
253P.S. Sahimalpur612Bhaurajpur
254P.S. Hasanpur Devri714Damodarpur
255P.S. Taruwa Pur Majre Hasanpur Devri627Sahimalpur
257P.S. Pandey Pur626Taruapur Majre Hasanpur Devari
257P.S. Parsad Pur626Taruwapur Majre Hasanpur Devari
258P.S. Roti800Pandepur
259P..S. Naseniya318Parsadpur
260P.S. Chihurpur945Roti
262P.S. Purerahat Ali596Chihurpur
263P.S. Kanera Maychak476Pura Rahat Ali
264P.S. Jalal Pur Neori422Kanramai Chak
264K.U.P.S. Bakiyapur Majre Beeghanpur422Kanramai Chak
265P.S. Salempur Kanera1198Jalalpur Neori
266P.S. Paradhanai923Bighanpur
267P.S. Babupur Majre Babai791Salempur Kanera
268P.S. Babai Room - 1765Paradhani
269P.S. Babai Room - 2849Babpur Majre Babai Babai
270I.C. Digharuwa Room - 1830Babai
271I.C. Digharuwa Room -2702Babai
272P.S. Rusiya Majre Digharuwa945Digharuva
273P.S. Khanpur Kadeem742Digharuva
274P.S. Dariyapur Chhediya990Digharuva
275U.P.S. Gaura Room - 1619Khanpur Kadim
276U.P.S. Gaura Room - 2851Dariyapur Chediya
277P.S. Ibrahimpur Nawabad1001Goura
278P.S. Budanda984Goura
279P.S. Mehndiya587Ibrahimpur Nawabad
280P.S. Gopalpur Dhadhaura628Budawa
283P.S. Makandipur Majre Chandpur435Kedar ka Dera
283P.S.Bhikhanipur Majre Chandpur435Kedar ka Dera
284P.S.Chandpur1339Makandipur Majre Chandpur
285U.P.S. Chandpur Room-11081Bhikhanipur Majre Chandpur
286U.P.S. Chandpur Room-21051Chandpur
288P.S. Bara Room-11055Chandpur
289P.S. Bara Room-2744Kakora
290P.S.Khuntajhal Majre Reuri1084Bara
292P.S. Reuri1297Khoontajhal
292P.S.Sultangarh Room-11297Barwa
293P.S.Sultangarh Room-2296Rewri
294P.S.Basantkheda Majre Sijauli1192Sultangarh
296P.S.Pooredaan Majre Sijauli Room-11454Sijoili
296P.S.Pooredaan Majre Sijauli Room-21454Basantkhera Majre Sijaoli
298U.P.S. Sijauli Room-1812Sijoili
298U.P.S. Sijauli Room-2812Anagadpur
299P.S. Khotila Majre Sijauli835Sijoili
300P.S.Nayapurwa Majre Tendulilakhipur717Sijoili
301P.S.Maduri999Khotila Majre Sijoili
303P.S. Dhaurahra Room-1851Maduri
303P.S. Dhaurahra Room-2851Maduri
305P.S. Kukedi860Dhourahara
307P.S. Gadi Room-1734Kukade
308P.S. Gadi Room-2624Itara
309P.S. Charai Majre Gadi851Gari
310P.S. Bhikhampur1043Gari
312P.S. Gaharu Kheda Majre Mansurpur865Agnakhera Majre Bhikhanpur
312P.S.Jafarganj865Kasiyapur Majre Bhikhanpur
314Be.B.Purwa M.S.Jafarganj Room-11015Mansoorpur
314Be.B.Purwa M.S.Jafarganj Room-21015Jafarganj
315P.S. Jamrauli830Jafarganj
316P.S. Bindaur874Chak Jafar Ali
317P.S. Sainbasi1241Jamrouli
318P.S. Mauhari930Bindour
319P.S. Bharatpur459Siawsi
320P.S. Bahadurpur Room-1955Mauhari
321P.S. Bahadurpur Room-21167Bharat Pur
322P.S. Danda Amauli Room-1989Bahadur Pur
323P.S. Danda Amauli Room-2612Bahadur Pur
324P.S. Ranmastpur919Dadan Amouli
325P.S. Danda Sahimlpur851Dhamauli
327P.P.Dagaipur(S.Wing)815Ghasila ka Dera
328P.P.Dagaipur (Extra Room)551Gangouli

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