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Polling Booth in Isauli Assembly Constituency

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Isauli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Isauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Isauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Dewara R.No. 1846Atat Nagar
2P.S. Bahurawan Purbi Bhag1278Govind Pur
3P.S. Bahurawan Pachmi Bhag593Mahmud Pur
4P.S. Haidhana Khurd R.No. 11045Singhli
5P.S. Nandrai R.No. 11220Devalpur
6P.S. Sukhbaderi R.No. 11073Devalpur
7P.S. Ramnagar R.No. 1812Devalpur
9P.S. Vihinidura Uttari Bhag698Narahi
10P.S. Vihinidura Dachhari Bhag874Sukhbadari
11Sh0 Inter Collage Bihinidura Madhay Bhag705Gariyanvan
11Sh0 Inter Collage Bihinidura Paschimi Bhag705Ramnagar
13P.S. Baldirai Fast Bihinidura771Bihinidura
14P.S. Alalmau R.No. 11148Bihinidura
15P.S. Haidhanakalan Purbi Bhag1258Bihinidura
15P.S. Haidhanakalan Paschimi Bhag1258Pataila
16P.S. Nandauli Uttari Bhag816Umari
17P.S. Nandauli Dachhiri Bhag833Alamau
18P.S. Khanoha R.No. 11448Haidhana Kalan
21Pachayatghar Para R.No. 11091Nandaoli
22P.S. Virdhaura R.No. 11279Para
22P.S. Bhakhri R.No. 11279Khanoha
22P.S. Mahuli Uttari Bhag1279Gangapur
23P.S. Mahuli Dachhiri Bhag1046Para
24P.S. Gaura Baramau Purbi Bhag1289Birdhaora`
25P.S. Gaura Baramau Paschimi Bhag980Bhakhari
26P.S. Lohariya R.No. 1745Majhali
27P.S. Saini R.No. 1759Majhali
29P.S. Arawal R.No. 1802Gaora Baramau
30P.S. Bhawanishivpur Uttari Bhag554Louhariya
31P.S. Bhawanishivpur Dachhiri Bhag996Saini
31P.S. Ashrafpur R.No. 1996Malik Pur
33P.S. Ashrafpur R.No. 2557Chak Shivpur
34Junior High School Isauli Dachhiri Bhag808Bhawanipur
35Junior High School Isauli Madhay Bhag824Asharfapur
35Junior High School Isauli Madhay Bhag 2824Pakesar
36P.S. Chkkaribhit R.No. 1695ASHRUPUR
37P.S. Sikara Mafiyat R.No. 11127Isauli
38P.S. Aliyabad R.No. 11230Isauli
39P.S. Adampur R.No. 1825Isauli
41P.S. Sonbarasa R.No. 11084Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
42P.S. Saidullapur R.No. 11354Aliyabad
43P.S. Kalyanpur R.No. 1992Aalahaadadpur
43P.S. Durgapur R.No. 1992Nataoli
45P.S. Narasada Purbi Bhag868Saidullapur
46P.S. Narasada Paschimii Bhag443Kalyanpur
47P.S. Barsawan R.No. 11357Durgapur
47Pachayatghar Gopalpur R.No. 11357Ranipur
49P.S. Baghauna Fast Purbi Bhag320Narsara
50P.S. Baghauna Fast Paschimi Bhag639Barsawa
51P.S. Baghauna Fast Atrikt Room764Gopalpur
52P.S Dauno R.No. 1940Baghaona
53P.S. Raina Jagdishpur R.No. 1886Baghaona
54P.S. Pure Bholamau R.No. 1893Phul Pur
55P.S. Ismailpur R.No. 1798Daono
56P.S. Ismailpur R.No. 2660Jagdishpur
57P.S. Saflepur R.No. 11292Mau
59P.S. Chhatauna945Lahurepur
59P.S. Rasoolpur R.No. 1945Dariyapur
62P.S. Nisasin R.No. 11022Uaturi
62P.S. Pure Dariyavlal Vallipur R.No. 11022Chak Fazil
62P.S. Valipur Pure Jodhi Purbi Bhag1022Rasulpur
62P.S. Valipur Pure Jodhi Paschimi Bhag1022Meerpur
63P.S. Mohammdpur Kazi R.No. 1632Nirsahiya
64P0Pr0I0Ka0 Valipur292Gangapur
67P.S. Babuganj Bajar Valipur Hemanapur R.No. 1672Mahmudpur Kaji
68P.S. Chakmusi R.No. 11427Hemnapur
69Junior High School Ramnagar Uttari Bhag1169Hemnapur
70Junior High School Ramnagar Dachhiri Bhag1283Hemnapur
72P.S. Dhabiya R.No. 1972Chak Mavaiya
74P.S. Saraiya Mafi Uttari Bhag677Ramnagar
74P.S. Saraiya Mafi Dachhiri Bhag677Ramnagar
75Junior High School Varasin Paschimi Bhag832Dabiya
75Junior High School Varasin Madhay Bhag832Ajijpur
76P.S. Kewtali Uttari Bhag1061Saraiya Mafi
77P.S. Kewtali Dachhiri Bhag869Brahimpur
78P.S. Govindpur Makhdumpur R.No. 11084Brasin
79Laghu Madaymik Viddayala Chandaur Purbi Bhag990Brasin
80Laghu Madaymik Viddayala Chandaur Madhay Bhag699Katkawli
81Laghu Madaymik Viddayala Chandaur Paschimi Bhag892Katkawli
83Pu0Ma0 Viddayalay Khara Uttari Bhag1188Chandour
84Pu0Ma0 Viddayalay Khara Dachhiri Bhag1296Chandour
85P.S. Badanpur Purbi Bhag1070Chandour
87P.S. Badanpur Paschimi Bhag989Ramnagar
88P.S. Bisawan R.No. 11051Khara
89Junior High School Bisawan R.No. 1651Badanpur
89P.S. Pure Ausan Mishra R.No. 1651Updhaya Pur
90P.S. Pipargaon Atrikat Room994Badanpur
91P.S. Sathari R.No. 11217Bisawa
92P.S. Samarathpur Uttari Bhag1381Bisawa
93P.S. Samarathpur Dachhiri Bhag1352Pipergaon
95P.S. Samarathpur New R.No. 1951Pipergaon
96Junior High School Kumasi Majre Rashara R.No. 11227Satahari
98P.S. Vidhauli R.No. 1995Samrath Pur
101Junior High School Dehali Uttari Bhag1116Baradand
101Junior High School Dehali Madhay Bhag1116Nanda
101Junior High School Dehali Dachhri Bhag1116Sadrabhari
102P.S. Shyamnagar Majre Sonbarasa R.No. 1947Dehli
103P.S. Enjar New Bhawan Uttari Bhag1153Dehli
104P.S. Enjar New Bhawan Dachhiri Bhag922Dehli
104P.S. Enjar R.No. 1922Atoula
105P.S. Sewara R.No.1418Sonbarsa
107P.S. Kanehati Uttari Bhag1333Ejar
108P.S. Kanehati Dachhiri Bhag1195Ejar
109P.S. Kanakpur Shikwa R.No. 1606Ejar
110P.S. Pichhaura R.No. 1345Sewara
112P.S. Piro Saraiya Purbi Bhag693Kanehati
113P.S. Piro Saraiya Pachhimi Bhag511Kanakpur
114P.S. Padanre R.No.1746Pierokalan
114P.S. Eklakhi Purbi Bhag746Pichhaora
115P.S. Eklakhi Pachhimi Bhag854Piroosaraiya
117P.S. Barhamauli R.No. 11484Padre
118P.S. Harana Hadaura Uttari Bhag515Lakhane Pur
119P.S. Harana Hadura Dachhiri Bhag1119Eklakhi
119P.S. Bingi R.No. 11119Narsara
121Ra0I0 Collage Mayang R.No. 1802Haranahadoura
122P.S. Fattepur R.No. 11004Haranahadoura
123P.S. Raghawpur R.No. 11154Bingi
123P.S. Shivkari R.No. 11154Aardih
124Ka0Pra0Vi0 Barauli R.No. 1891Bharsada
127P.S. Mahmoodpur R.No. 1486Sevkari
128P.S. Pali R.No. 11174Barouli
128P.S. Pipari Uttari Bhag1174Dikhoura
128P.S. Mawaiya Dachhiri Bhag1174Bhagwanpur
130P.S. Kotiya Uttari Bhag1075Pali
131P.S. Kotiya Madhay Bhag1009Pipri
132P.S. Kotiya Dachhiri Bhag1096Maviya
132P.S. Pure Pawar Narottampur R.No. 11096Chak Mavaiya
135P.S. Mithanepur Uttari Bhag1237Kotiya
136P.S. Pahadauli R.No. 11041Pureudayram
137Panchayat Bhawan Bela Pachhim R.No. 11482Mithnepur
137Samudayik Milan Kendra Bela Pachhim R.No. 11482Purejrekhi
138P.S. Kota Uttari Bhag453Pahrauli
138P.S. Vinayakpur Uttari Bhag453Mithnepur
139P.S. Vinayakpur Dachhiri Bhag1199Balapashchim
140P.S. Rajapur R.No. 11197Balapashchim
141P.S. Domanpur Purbi Bhag1296Kota
142P.S. Domanpur Pachhimi Bhag424Vinaykpur
143Ka0Ju0Ha0 School Domanpur Dachhiri Bhag925Vinaykpur
144P.S. Pure Ledai R.No. 11388Rajapur
145P.S. Bahamarpur Uttari Bhag1077Domanpur
146P.S. Bahamarpur Dachhiri Bhag1019Domanpur
147Junior High School Saraiya Pure Visen Purbi Bhag632Domanpur
148Junior High School Saraiya Pure Visen Pachhimi Bhag801Pureladaie
149Junior High School Saraiya Pure Visen Uttari Bhag485Bahmarpur
150Junior High School Shivnagar Pachhimi Bhag1200Bahmarpur
151P.S. Tikariya Pure Hayat Ulla R.No. 11174Sarayapurevishan
152P.S. Pure Kasturi R.No. 1903Sarayapurevishan
153P.S. Ganeshganj R.No. 1793Sarayapurevishan
154P.S. Bahalolpur R.No. 11079Maniyari
156P.S. Dharawan Uttari Bhag775Tikariya
157P.S. Dharawan Pachhimi Bhag716Masetva
158P.S. Dharawan Dachhiri Bhag816Uttar Gaaon
159P.S. Dharawan Purbi Bhag1358Bahalolpur
160P.S. Garent Kurwar R.No. 11061Dhanrava
161P.S. Sarkauda Purbi Bhag R.No. 1959Dhanrava
162P.S. Sarkauda Pachhimi Bhag R.No. 21060Dhanrava
163P.S. Sarkauda Madhay Bhag1074Dhanrava
164P.S. Sarkauda Pachhimi Bhag732Grantkurvar
165P.S. Harakhpur Purbi Bhag751Sarkaonda
166P.S. Harakhpur Pachhimi Bhag971Sarkaonda
167P.S. Pure Bakhat Ka Purwa Majre Pataipur R.No. 1935Sarkaonda
170P.S. Mirapur R.No. 1743Harkhpur
171P.S. Parasipur R.No. 1943Pataipur
171P.S. Chitaipur R.No. 1943Kapurpur
171P.S. Dewalpur R.No. 1943Jagdishpur
173P.S. Pure Dayaram Rambhadra R.No. 1975Parsipur
175P.S. Kharaginpur R.No. 11066Devalpur
176Junior High School Kurwar Pachhimi Bhag497Devalpur
176Junior High School Kurwar Purbi Bhag497Devalpur
177Bi0Pi0I0Ka0 Kurwar Madhay Bhag 51199Devalpur
177Bi0Pi0I0Ka0 Kurwar Madhay Bhag 61199Kudwar
178Bi0Pi0I0Ka0 Kurwar Dachhiri Bhag1361Kudwar
179P.S. Isarauli R.No. 11383Kudwar
180P.S. Pratappur Purbi Bhag1166Kudwar
181P.S. Pratappur Pachhimi Bhag1305Kudwar
182P.S. Khadar Basantpur R.No. 1735Kudwar
183P.S. Bahubara R.No. 1838Isauli
184P.S.Madhaupur Acharya R.No. 11099Pratappur
185P.S. Madaha R.No. 1644Pratappur
186P.S. Khajhapur R.No. 1951Khadar Basantpur
187P.S. Basantpur Tiwaripur Atrikat Room1126Bahubara
188P.S. Muduwa Purbi Bhag832Madhopur Acharya
189P.S. Muduwa Pachhimi Bhag595Majhna
190Junior High School Agai Purbi Bhag527Khajapur
191Junior High School Agai Pachhimi Bhag989Basantpur Tivaripur
192P.S. Newara R.No. 1986Mudva
193P.S. Sadanwa R.No. 1917Mudva
194P.S. Audaha R.No. 11258Agai
197P.S. Navgawantir Uttari Bhag935Sarav
198P.S. Navgawantir Dachhiri Bhag630Aardieh
198Junior High School Bhandaa Parasrampur Dachhiri Bhag630Madhopur
198Junior High School Bhandaa Parasrampur Uttari Bhag630Soti
199Junior High School Bhandaa Parasrampur Madhay Bhag1065Nougbatir
201P.S. Tirchhe R.No. 11147Bhandar Parasrampur
202P.S. Nirsahiya R.No. 11309Bhandar Parasrampur
203P.S. Kumhai R.No. 11084Bhandar Parasrampur
203P.S. Sohgauli Uttari Bhag1084Updhaya Pur
204P.S. Sohgauli Dachhiri Bhag531Tirachha
205P.S. Sohgauli Madhay Bhag889Nirsahiya
206Kanya Junior High School Sohgauli R.No. 1619Kumhai
207P.S. Bhagwanpur R.No. 11486Sohgouli
209I0Pr0Pa0 Gajenhadi Purbi Bhag900Sohgouli
210I0Pr0Pa0 Gajenhadi Madhay Bhag1025Sohgouli
211P.S. Uttardaha R.No. 1920Utmanpur
212P.S. Bhadhara R.No. 1897Gajahati
213P.S. Babhangawan R.No. 1886Gajahati
214P.S. Dullapur R.No.1751Gajahati
215P.S. Dullapur R.No. 21005Uttardaha
216P.S. Firojpur Kalan R.No. 1804Bhada
217P.S. Khandsa R.No. 11334Babhan Gawan
218P.S. Ajiyadar Devi R.No. 1854Dulahapur
219P.S Unchgaon Uttari Bhag593Ruprpur
220P.S. Unchgaon Dachhiri Bhag1407Phirojour Kalan
221P.S.Rampur Matha R.No. 1703Khadsa
222P.S. Majhana Purbi Bhag642Ajiyavardabi
223P.S. Majhana Pachhimi Bhag1108Uttar Gaaon
226P.S. Baburi Purbi Bhag711Rampur Matha
227P.S. Baburi Pachhimi Bhag1360Majhna
228P.S. Senduri R.No. 11242Majhna
228Bharat Vi0Pi0Ju0Gk0 School Khokhipur Uttari Bhag1242Sanibhar
229Bharat Vi0Pi0Ju0Gk0 School Khokhipur Madhay Bhag1091Baburi
230P.S. Harkhipur Virapur R.No. 1557Baburi
232P.S. Rampur R.No. 11329Khokhipur
233P.S. Daudpur Purbi Bhag665Khokhipur
234P.S. Daudpur Pachhimi Bhag796Badauliya
235P.S Dewalpur R.No. 1896Rampur
236P.S. Hajipatti Purbi Bhag1147Rampur
236P.S. Hajipatti Madhay Bhag1147Rampur
237P.S. Hajipatti Pachhimi Bhag1144Dadupur
238P.S. Karamchandpur R.No. 1651Devalpur
239P.S. Narahi Uttari Bhag1097Devalpur
240P.S. Narahi Dachhiri Bhag1170Devalpur
241Junior High School Bhanti Dachhiri Bhag758Devalpur
242Junior High School Bhanti Madhay Bhag558Devalpur
243P.S.Dharupur R.No. 1860Narahi
244P.S. Bukunpur R.No. 1756Narahi
245P.S. Ravaniya Purab Pachhimi Bhag1069Bhati
246P.S. Ravaniya Purab Purbi Atrikt Room1250Bhati
247P.S. Ravaniya Pachhim Purbi Bhag1057Dharupur
248P.S. Ravaniya Pachhim P0 Bhag998Bukunpur
249P.S. Asroga R.No.1897Ramaiyapur
250P.S. Surjipur R.No. 1912Ramaiyapur
251P.S. Sarkandedih Purbi Bhag970Ramaiyapur
252P.S. Sarkandedih Pachhimi Bhag670Ramaiyapur
253P.S. Shahpur Purbi Bhag807Asaroga
254P.S. Shahpur Atrikt Room899Surjipur
255P.S. Rankedih Uttari Bhag842Shahpur Sarkande Dih
256P.S. Rankedih Dachhiri Bhag709Shahpur Sarkande Dih
257Panchayat Bhawan Mudui R.No. 11336Shahpur Sarkande Dih
258P.S. Navgawanraytasi Uttari Bhag1085Shahpur Sarkande Dih
259P.S. Navgawanraytasi Dachhiri Bhag979Rankedih
260P.S. Barhamjitpur R.No. 11108Rankedih
261P.S. Pratappur R.No. 11066Mudainavada
262P.S. Kotwa R.No. 1975Naaugva
263P.S. Shadipur R.No. 1992Naaugva
264P.S. Shadipur R.No. 2611Bramhjitpur
265P.S. Shadipur R.No. 3821Pratappur
267P.S. Ajhui R.No. 1832Shadipur
268P.S. Ajhui R.No. 2534Shadipur
269P.S. Ajhui R.No. 3583Shadipur
271P.S. Judupur R.No. 11456Ajhuie
272P.S. Harakhipur Daulatpur R.No. 1952Ajhuie
272P.S. Maniyarpur Uttari Bhag952Mahmudpur
272P.S. Maniyarpur Dachhiri Bhag952Mahmudpur Bangir
273P.S. Kachnawan Purbi Bhag1388Judupur
275P.S. Kachnawan Pachhimi Bhag1246Maniyar Pur
276P.S. Trilokpur R.No. 1960Maniyar Pur
277Junior High School Pikaura Pachhimi Bhag563Maniyar Pur
277Junior High School Pikaura Madhay Bhag563Kachanaya
278P.S. Kamoliya Uttari Bhag904Kachanaya
280P.S. Kamoliya Dachhiri Bhag1187Pikoura
281Junior High School Dhammaur Uttari Bhag986Pikoura
282Junior High School Dhammaur Madhay Bhag831Kamauliya
282P.S. Rajapur Purbi Bhag831Khaaupur
283Junior High School Shanichra R.No. 11375Karaampur Parvaarbhar
284P.S. Udhanpur R.No. 1674Dhammour
287P.S. Khetkuri Manbhawana R.No. 1490Rajapur
288P.S. Dhammaur R.No. 1741Rajapur
289P.S. Nurpur Mampur R.No. 1512Udhanpur
289P.S. Ramaiyapur Pachhimi Bhag512Karnaipur
290Junior High School Jaitapur R.No. 11045Khekuri Manbhouna
291P.S. Dharmaitepur Uttari Bhag768Maniyar Pur
292P.S. Dharmaitepur Dachhiri Bhag1185Maniyar Pur
293P.S. Chandelepur Uttari Bhag542Ramaiyapur
294P.S. Chandelepur Dachhiri Bhag637Jayatapur
295P.S. Samanabhar Burbi Bhag701Dharmdaspur
296P.S. Samanabhar Pachhimi Bhag580Nigoliya
297P.S. Husepur Saraiya R.No. 1554Chandelpur
298P.S. Bikana Burbi Bhag621Ddharpur
299P.S. Bikana Pachhimi Bhag1132Somnabhar
300P.S. Ugharpur R.No. 1411Somnabhar
301P.S. Ugharpur R.No. 2561Husenpur Sarovya
302Panchayat Bhawan Ugharpur R.No. 11431Bikna
303P.S. Paliya Second R.No. 11014Bikna
304P.S. Paliya Second R.No. 2837Udhanpur
305P.S. Bandhuakalan R.No. 1345Udhanpur
306P.S. Bandhuakalan R.No. 2804Udhanpur
307Baba Shahajram Laghu Ma0Vi0 Bandhuakalan R.No. 1652Paliya
308Baba Shahajram Laghu Ma0Vi0 Bandhuakalan R.No. 21315Paliya
309Junior High School Hasanpur Uttari Bhag1491Bandhuakala
310Junior High School Hasanpur Madhay Bhag1251Bandhuakala
312Junior High School Hasanpur Dachhiri Bhag1309Bandhuakala
313P.S. Hasanpur Uttari Bhag885Hasanpur
314P.S. Hasanpur Dachhiri Bhag895Hasanpur
315Junior High School Hasanpur Second Uttari Bhag931Hasanpur
316Junior High School Hasanpur Second Dachhiri Bhag833Hasanpur

Last Updated on December 19, 2014