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Polling Booth in Hata Assembly Constituency

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Hata Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Hata

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hata Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Utra R.N 2910Ghoda Deur
2Primary School Chandaiya879Ghoda Deur
3Primary School Ninamai1088Ghoda Deur
3Primary School Tikari R.N.11088Munderalala
4Primary School Tikari R.N.21472Belwa
5Primary School Dhataroi1276Barwa Asthan
5Junior High School Chhaunk R.N.11276Belwa
6Junior High School Chhaunk R.N.21037Bishunpura
7P.S Tatarpur1223Tikar
7P.S Shekhupur Ajeet1223Chhapiya
8Inter College Toolai798Sahjauli
9P.S.Heerapur1202Harpur Sukhar
9P.S.Salempur.R.N.11202Moti Pakar
10Primary School Salempur R.N.21449Sakhauli
11Primary School Salempur R.N.3716Singhpur
16Primary School Bahata1506Sumahatar
18Primary School Taundh R.N.1722Pipra
19Primary School Taundh R.N.2662Langari
20P.S. Rampur1151Chhapiya
21P.S.Rampur R.N. 1531Mundera
22P.S.Rampur R.N. 21209Mundera
23Primary School Farauli925Binduar
24P.S. Ajeetpur942N/A
25P.S. Alipur Ta. Dariyapur885Binduar
26Primary School Bhopatpur Ta. Dariyapur839Binduar
26P.S. Amokhari839Ahirauli
27Sahab Inter College Dariyapur990Senduar
28Girls Junior High School Dariyapur R.N.1961Senduar
29Primary School Shankarpur1025Senduar
29Girls Junior High School Dariyapur R.N.21025Rampur
31P.S Usava R.N. 1748Khotaha
32P.S Usava R.N. 2909Khotaha
33Primary School Nagla Paupa787Khotaha
35Primary School Kaliyanpur1424Lohjhar
37P.S. Nagala Thakur889Barwa
39P.S. Khediya892Turk Diha
40P.S. Sitahari1129Bhaluha
41P.S. Hadauli1177Bhaluha
42P.S Bhojgarhi R.N.1773Bhaluhi
43P.S Bhojgarhi R.N.2806Bhaluhi
44P.S. Gopalpur782Bhaluhi
45Junior High School Lutsaan R.N. 1943Bhaluhi
46Junior High School Lutsaan R.N. 21482Mahui
47P.S.School Nagala Ramval789Ashana
50P.S. Nagala Vairisahay941Ashana
54Primary School Tilauthi R.N. 11107Bankata
54Primary School Tilauthi R.N. 21107Bharpurwa Urf Muzaffarpur
55Primary School Khorana803Pokhar Bhinda
56Primary School Jageepur939Pokhar Bhinda
57Primary School Veernagar936Turkaha
58Primary School Darkaula1437Belwa Urf Belwania
59Primary School Darkauli833Kodra
60Primary School Ajaroi1023Khairatawa
61K.L.Jain Inter College Sasni R.N.11094Khairatawa
62K.L.Jain Inter College Sasni R.N.2589Ranikaph
63K.L.Jain Inter College Sasni R.N.61148Sodhara
64K.L.Jain Inter College Sasni R.N.3823Situhiya
65Junior High School Sasni R.N.11047Situhiya
68P.S.Sasni Dehat (Nagala Minya)934Dumri
72Junior High School Sasni R.N.2989Jamuan
73Girls Inter College Sasni R.N.1183Jamuan
74Girls Inter College Sasni R.N.2784Bhuradih
75Girls Inter College Sasni R.N.3733Chiurapali
76Girls Inter College Sasni R.N.4770Bishunpura
77Primary School Virra R.N.1789Bishunpura
78Primary School Virra R.N.21420Sat Bhariya
79Primary School Kehariya1007Sonia
80P.S. Nagala Vijaiya851Paikauli
83P.S. Nagla Seva921Paikauli
84Junior High School Badhanu Shikohabad R.N1849Sikta
85Junior High School Badhanu Shikohabad R.N.2451Sikta
86Primary School Jalalpur Sasni R.N.11217Sonbarsa
87Primary School Jalalpur Sasni R.N.2903Mangalpur
88Primary School Nagala Singh842Mangalpur
88Primary School Gauhana842Bhiswa Urf Belbhariya
90Primary School Nagala Jaharu1382Hanskhor
91Primary School Seekur1089Patan
92Primary School Akabarpur542Pagara
93Primary School Nadauna1280Pipraicha
94Primary School Nagala Lachchhee484Pipraicha
95Primary School Nagala Loka812Lehni
97Primary School Mamauta Kalan535Balua
99Primary School Mamauta Khurd783Belwa
100Primary School Basai Kaji R.N. 11121Belwa
100Primary School Basai Kaji R.N. 21121Mahui
101Primary School Samamai Ruhal R.N. 11042Sihuliya
104P.S. Ruhal988Bairia
105P.S. Nagala Hariya785Dhanha
106Primary School Samamai Ruhal R.N. 21294Mahuawa
108Primary School Ramnagar829Waghra Deur
109P.S. Kheda Firojpur1492Nawapar
110Primary School Nagala Fatela1363Barsaina
111Primary School Lauharra R.N. 11248Barsaina
112Primary School Lauharra R.N. 2795Basantpur
116Primary School Jariya760Sirsia
117Junior High School Gadakheda786Bishunpur Kaithwaliya
118P.S Nagala Bhambhujhat1345Belwa Buzurg
119Primary Pathshala Vijahari746Morwan Urf Gopala
122Primary School Vijaharee R.N.21307Pipriya
126P.S. Vijalighar Vijahari (Bangadh) R.N. 1823Anantpur
128P.S. Vijalighar Vijahari (Bangadh) R.N. 2922Bhatgaon
130K.L Jain Inter College Sasni R.N. 41166Deotaha
132K.L Jain Inter College Sasni R.N. 5650Koarauli
134Primary School Raghaniya R.N.1894Mohanpur
135Primary School Raghaniyan R.N.2342Mohanpur
137Primary School Sathiya R.N.1796Bhagwanpur
138Primary School Sathiya R.N.2729Kotwa
139Junior High School Basagoi R.N. 1659Mahuawa
144Junior High School Basagoi R.N. 2919Mundera
145Junior High School Chhauda Gadauaa R.N.11266Pipra Humel
146Junior High School Chhauda Gadauaa R.N.21232Dumari Maldwan
147Primary School Hardpur1132Dumari Maldwan
148Primary School Nagala Gadhu883Pipra Urf Titala
149Primary School Mauhariya R.N. 1898Pipra Urf Titala
150Primary School Mauhariya R.N. 21195Bishunpur Urf Thuthi
152Primary School Alipur1186Sukrauli
154Primary School Dinavali845Sukrauli
155Primary School Jirauli R.N. 11230Barhya Khurd
156Primary School Jirauli R.N. 2628Chaknilkanth
157P. S. Ladauta1061Barhya Buzurg
159Primary School Rudayan805Barhya Buzurg
160Junior High School Rudayan907Barhya Buzurg
161Primary School Vilkhaura Kalan499Barhya Buzurg
162Primary School Vilkhaura Khurd826Parsiya
163Girls Primary School Susayat Kalan1066Sankhapar Mafi
164Primary School Susayat Khurd541Asirauli
166Primary School Susayat Kalan Hanuman Chau1054Pidra
168Primary School Dwarikapur1020Pidra
169Primary School Tatarpur Mauhariya1419Pidra
170Primary School Jasarana754Math Surajgir
171Junior High School Dedamai835Math Surajgir
172Primary School Sahajpura1111Banchara
173Primary School Nahaloi959N/A
174Primary School Vighaipur R.N. 11097Jagdishpur
175Primary School Vighaipur R.N. 21493Padari
176Primary School Bheem Nagariya780Padari
178Primary School Singharr929Padari
180Primary School Sandalpur978Padari
182Primary School Nagala Bhika545Padari
183P.S.Gadhi Tamana R.N.011198Paikauli
184Junior High School Gadhi Tamna R.No. 1948Paikauli
186Gadhi Tamna Anshik792Mahadanpur Sihuliya
187P.S.Nagla Bhooraa1302Naumunda
188P.S.Garhi Tamna R.N.03634Naumunda
189Junior High School Gadhi Tamna R.No. 21268Gidaha Dhanna
190P.S.Laharaa R.N.01704Pipra Lalmani
191P.S.Laharaa R.N.02837Bhiswa Math Walgir
192P.S. Nagla Singhee1161Rampur Sohrauna
193P.S.Ahavaranpur R.N.011310Rampur Sohrauna
194P.S.Ahavaranpurr.N.021354Rampur Sohrauna
195P.S. Nayabaans775Karmaha Ugersen
197Primary School Sangeelaa873Rampur Maharath
198P.S.Visraat810Dharha Buzurg
199P.S.Nagla Mani999Dharha Buzurg
200P. S.Moongsaa1164Dharha Buzurg
202P.S.Tuksaan R.N.011129Dharha Buzurg
202P.S.Tuksaan R.N.021129Dharha Barhiha
203P.S.Dhatra Kalan1051Dharah Khurd
205P.S.Dhatura Khurd1214Ghortap
206P.S.Bhojpur Khetsee1156Ghortap
207P.S.Budhu Na0 Hemraj906Bishunpura
209P.S.Baad Na0 Athvariyan1040Tharua Dih
210P.S.Jogiya R.N.01906Tharua Dih
211P.S.Jogiyar.N.021307Tharua Dih
212Primary School Nagla Kunvarjee R.N.01988Baghnath
216P.S.Nagla Kunvarjee R.N.02989Madaraha
218P.S.Nagla Motha862Moti Pakar
221P.S. Hateesa N.02 R.N.01826Balua Rampur Sohrauna
222P.S. Hateesaa N.02 R.N.021228Deo Kali
223P.S.Bhagvantpur N.01817Baluwa
235Akroor Inter Collage Hathras401Mahui
236Mahaatma Gandhee Kanya Inter Collage Mursan Gate Hathras R.N.011427Dumari Arjun
236Mahaatma Gandhee Kanya Inter Collage Mursan Gate Hathras R.N.021427Gotha Pokhar Bhinda
236Mahaatma Gandhee Kanya Inter Collage Mursan Gate Hathras R.N.031427Mahui
237Mahaatma Gandhee Kanya Inter Collage Mursan Gate Hathras R.N.041070Dumari Arjun
238Seth Harcharanlal Girls Inter Collage Hathras R.N.01851Rampur Misri
239Seth Harcharanlal Girls Inter Collage Hathras R.N.02816Rampur Misri
240Seth Harcharanlal Girls Inter Collage Hathras R.N.03984Ahirauli
241Seth Harcharanlal Girls Inter Collage Hathras R.N.04890Ahirauli
241Seth Harcharanlal Girls Inter Collage Hathras R.N.05890Sirsiya
242Primary School Chahburj R.N. 011116Dharmauli
243Primary School Chahburj R.N. 02818Mahuawa Masjidia
244Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.01809Mahuawa Masjidia
245Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.08971Pipra Kapur
246Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.02990Pipra Kapur
247Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.031077Hata (NP)
248Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.071039Hata (NP)
249Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.041397Hata (NP)
250Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.051251Hata (NP)
251Chotelal Ramnaryan Seksariya Higher Secondary School Hathras R.N.061112Hata (NP)
252Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.011248Hata Khas
253Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.02854Hata (NP)
254Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.03969Hata (NP)
255Bagla Inter Collage Hathras0041071Hata (NP)
256Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.010315Hata (NP)
257Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.051182Paikauli
258Bagla Inter Collage Hathrasr.N.061165Pagara
259Bagla Inter Collage Hathras827Pagara
260Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.09925Pagara
261Bagla Inter Collage Hathras R.N.081038Sonbarsa
262Kendriya Vidhyalay Hathras R.N. 01602Deoria
263Kendriya Vidhyalay Hathras R.N. 02792Deoria
264Kendriya Vidhyalay Hathras R.N. 03805Deoria
265Kendriya Vidhyalay Hathras R.N. 04662Gopalpur
266Kendriya Vidhyalay Hathras R.N. 05962Radhiya Deoria
267Ramchandra Kanya Vidhyalay Hathrasr.N.01786Radhiya Deoria
268Ramchandra Kanya Vidhyalay Hathrasr.N.021272Mujahana Rahim
269Ramchandra Kanya Vidhyalay Hathrasr.N.03992Laxmipur
270Primary School Jagshwar R.N. 01910Laxmipur
271Primary School Jagshwar R.N. 021062Singhpur
272Primary School Jagshwar R.N. 031038Singhpur
272Vidhyapati Poorv Maa0 Vi0 Vidhyapati Nagar Hathras R.N. 011038Bardiha
273Vidhyapati Poorv Maa0 Vi0 Vidhyapati Nagar Hathras R.N. 021249Narainpur
274Vidhyapati Poorv Maa0 Vi0 Vidhyapati Nagar Hathras R.N. 03801Pipra Shital Urf Bakarabad
275Ramchandra Kanya Vidhyalay Hathrasr.N.041158Jhanga
276Ramchandra Kanya Vidhyalay Hathrasr.N.051302Jhanga
277Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 01717Sikta
277Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 02717Jhanjhanpur
277Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 08717Deoria
278Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 03915Mangalpur Urf Mangrua
279Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 041025Mangalpur Urf Mangrua
280Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 05988Belwa Sudama
281Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 06712Belwa Sudama
282Surjobai Va0 Inter Collage Hathras R.N. 07668Dharampur
283Rameshwardas Girls Digree College Hathras R.N.01741Farad Mundera
284Rameshwardas Girls Digree College Hathras R.N.04788Farad Mundera
285Rameshwardas Girls Digree College Hathras R.N.021459Harpur Barwa
285Rameshwardas Girls Digree College Hathras R.N.031459Gonha
285Aadarsh Inter College Hathras1459Farad Mundera
286Gandhi Inter College Hathras R.N.01959Gonha
287Gandhi Inter College Hathras R.N.041496Aziz Nagar
288Gandhi Inter College Hathras R.N.02924Sat Bhariya
289Gandhi Inter College Hathras R.N.031047Sat Bhariya
290Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.011226Gaunariya
291Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.06805Gaunariya
292Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.021121Atharaha
293Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.081185Atharaha
294Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.051163Siktiya
295Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.03773Siktiya
296Surendranath Ucchtar Madh0 Vi0 Hathras R.N.071371Siktiya
297Primary School Kachpura1207Dubauli
298Primary School Laldiggee Hathras R.N.011215Mahmada Zameen Sikatiya
299Primary School Laldiggee Hathras R.N.021089Langari
300Primary School Laldiggee Hathras R.N.031174Langari
301Kanya Primary School Laldiggee Hathras R.N.01547Deorajpur
302Kanya Primary School Laldiggee Hathras R.N.021187Badaraha
303Ahiyaapur Khurd Va Kalan Anshik787Badaraha
304D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.07862Nanhu Mundera
305D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.021112Parsauni
306D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.081239Parsauni
307D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.031265Bhiswa
308D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.0261210Tikari
309D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.091339Rampur Patwa
310D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.04899Pokhar Bhinda
311D.R.B. Inter College Hathras R.N.05974Pokhar Bhinda
312Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.01766Barwa Chhatardas
313Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.05785Barwa Chhatardas
314Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.02774Gaunar
315Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.06806Gaunar
316Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.03600Gaunar
317Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.071006Mahadeo Chapra
318Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.041054Sakarauli
319Saraswati Inter College Hathras R.N.08876Sakarauli
320Primary School Nagla Algarjee R.N.011091Sakarauli
321Primary School Nagla Algarjee R.N.02750Pipra
323Kanya Primary School Dhakpura Road R.N.011303Pipra
326Primary School Nagla Raanee R.N. 03457Khajhawa
330Kanya Primary School Dhakpura Road R.N.02561Chak Narain
331Primary School Nagla Raanee882Chhapra Bhagat
333Primary School Sokhna R.N.011073Pakari
334Sprimary School Sokhna R.N.03722Batrauli
335Primary School Sokhna R.N.021119Piprahi Bhadkulwa
336P.S. Ratangarhi257Piprahi Bhadkulwa
338Panchayatghar Seer Majra Sokhna1111Dumari Sawangi Patti
339Islamiyan Junior High School Mendu R.N. 011439Dumari Sawangi Patti
340Islamiyan Junior High School Mendu R.N. 041375Dumari Sawangi Patti
341Islamiyan Junior High School Mendu R.N. 02957Lalipar
342Islamiyan Junior High School Mendu R.N. 05915Lalipar

Last Updated on November 15, 2014