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Polling Booth in Hastinapur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hastinapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hastinapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Room-1795Shahapur
3Primary School Khottha Room-21045Batawli
4Primary School Khottha Room-3401Batawli
5Primary School Khottha Room-4469Ftahpur Hansapur
6Primary School Khottha Room-51090Mor Kalan
7Primary School Lohjhar1308Sadarpur
8Subhash I.C.Bedupar1256Mohammadpur Kheri
9Primary School Barva1301Morkhurd
10Primary School Turkdiha Room-1959Morkhurd
11Primary School Turkdiha Room-21393Saifpur Firojpur
12Primary School Bhaluha Room-1922Saifpur Firojpur
13Primary School Bhaluha Room-2707Saifpur Firojpur
14Adarsh Hari.P.P. Bhaluhi Room-1966Saifpur Firojpur
15Adarsh Hari.P.P. Bhaluhi Room-21136Saifpur Firojpur
16Adarsh Hari.P.P. Bhaluhi Room-3911Saifpur Firojpur
17Matri Shishu Kalyan Kendra1013Saifpur Firojpur
18Primary School Mahui902Saifpur Firojpur
19Junior High School Asna Room-1668Saifpur Firojpur
20Junior High School Asna Room-21382Tarapur
21Junior High School Asna Room-3794Fajilpur
21Junior High School Asna Room-4794Shahpur Sultanpur
21Primary School Dombarva794Sarai Khadar
22Primary School Khokhiya Urf Mubarakpur414Chamraud
23Primary School Bankata Room-1565Manpur
23Primary School Bankata Room-2565Sujatpur
24Primary School Pokharbhinda Room-11231Gajrauli
25Primary School Pokharbhinda Room-2443Nagli Khadar
26Primary School Turkaha821Kunehra
27Primary School Belwa Urf Belvaniya348Bamnauli
28Primary School Kodhara545Rathora Kalan
28Junior High School Khairatwa Room-1545Bahorpur
28Junior High School Khairatwa Room-2545Sherpur
29Primary School Ranikaf596Partapur Hansapur
29Junior High School Sodhra596Haripur
29Primary School Situhiya Room-1596Dabkheri
29Primary School Situhiya Room-2596Fatehpur Prem
30Primary School Pakadi566Shirjepur
30Primary School Telgava566Hadipur Gaori
31Primary School Dumari1055Latifpur
32Primary School Rohuamachhargawa Room-1769Latifpur
32Primary School Rohuamachhargawa Room-2769Roopra
33Primary School Madhwalia1043Kunehra
33Primary School Jamuan Room-11043Kishanpur
34Primary School Jamuan Room-2421Rustampur Bhikund
35Primary School Mudadih663Jalalpur Maqbulpur
36Primary School Chiurapali733Dudhli Khadar
36Primary School Bishunpura Room-1733Kunda majra
37Primary School Bishunpura Room-2639Kheri Kalan
37Primary School Rohua Satbhariya639Badhwa
37Primary School Sonia639Manoharpur
38Primary School Paikauli Room-1367Aidalpur
39Primary School Paikauli Room-2418Jharaka
40Primary School Paikauli Room-3663Daulatpur Urf Mamipur
41Primary School Paikauli Room-4991Mahamudpur Shikhera
42Primary School Sikata Room-1289Hastinapur (NP)
43Primary School Sikata Room-2806Hastinapur (NP)
44Primary School Sonbarsa1304Hastinapur (NP)
45Primary School Mangalpur Room-1953Hastinapur (NP)
46Primary School Mangalpur Room-2741Hastinapur (NP)
48Primary School Bhaisahi1315Hastinapur (NP)
49Primary School Hanskhor974Hastinapur (NP)
50Primary School Pattan1497Hastinapur (NP)
51Primary School Pagara1127Hastinapur (NP)
52M.B.U.M.Piparaicha Room-1872Hastinapur (NP)
53M.B.U.M.Piparaicha Room-2738Hastinapur (NP)
54Primary School Lehani1275Hastinapur (NP)
55Primary School Patni430Hastinapur (NP)
56Junior High School Balua1121Hastinapur (NP)
57Primary School Chilua1116Hastinapur (NP)
58Primary School Belwa415Hastinapur (NP)
62Primary School Sihuliya1051Bahsuma (NP)
63Primary School Belwa Khurd976Bahsuma (NP)
64Primary School Khottha1438Bahsuma (NP)
65Primary School Bairiya856Bahsuma (NP)
66Junior High School Dhanaha1270Bahsuma (NP)
67Primary School Mahuawa879Tajpura
68Primary School Bagradeur Room-1973Shamaspur
69Primary School Bagradeur Room-21047Jhunjhunee
70Primary School Nawapar760Jhunjhunee
71Primary School Barsaina Room-1784Rahmapur
72Primary School Barsaina Room-2737Rahmapur
73Primary School Basantpur949Makhannagar
75Primary School Rampur Pokharihawa Tola786Matora
76Primary School Rampur Khas1038Kareempur
77Primary School Sirsiya1442Ganeshpur
78Primary School Bishunpur Kaithwaliya998Ganeshpur
79P.Bhawan Belwa Bujurg1007Ganeshpur
80Primary School Morwan Urf Gopala1221Afjalpur Urf Raninagla
81Primary School Subudhiya Bujurg406Afjalpur Urf Raninagla
82Primary School Bijaikaf620Nagla Chand
83Primary School Pipariya1067Ikwara
84Primary School Bhagwanpur Khurd832Pali
85Primary School Bhagwanpur Bujurg859Pali
86Primary School Subudhiya Khurd881Dariapur
87Harijan Primary School Anantpur Room-11210Nirawali
88Harijan Primary School Anantpur Room-2810Khorrai
89Junior High School Bhatgava1002Dayalpur
89Primary School Ganeshpur1002Dhuma Nagli
90Primary School Devtaha1158Bastora Norang
91Primary School Brindavan233Paharpur Ram
92Primary School Kohrauli915Makhdumpur
92Primary School Naipur915Bajampur
93Primary School Mohanpur Room-1809Mamipur
94Primary School Mohanpur Room-2603Kishorpur
95Primary School Bharwalia779Jalalpur Jora
96Harijan Primary School Bhagwanpur1210Alipur Morna
97Primary School Kotwa701Alipur Morna
99Primary School Mishrauli Room-11162Palra
100Primary School Mishrauli Room-21035Bahorpur
101Primary School Mundera Khagi Room-1692Baghpur
102Primary School Mundera Khagi Room-21135Mewa
103Primary School Pipara Humel785Mewa
104Primary School Dumari Malav Room-11296Mewa
105Primary School Dumari Malav Room-2938Akbarpur Garhi
106Primary School Pipara Urf Titala Room-1806Akbarpur Garhi
107Primary School Pipara Urf Titala Room-2399Akbarpur Ichchhabad
108Primary School Bishunpur Urf Thuthi988Himaupur
109Primary School Semari Maheshpur1232Gurha
110Primary School Sukrauli Room-1794Matora
111Primary School Sukarauli Room-2788Matora
112Primary School Sukrauli Room-3738Matora
113Panchayat Bhawan Badhaya Khurd1018Sona
114Primary School Chaknilkanth1034Sona
115Primary School Badhya Bujurg Room-11050Kuri Kamalpur
116Primary School Badhya Bujurg Room-2701Mawana (NPP)
117Primary School Badhya Bujurg Room-3757Mawana (NPP)
118Primary School Badhya Bujurg Room-4840Mawana (NPP)
119Primary School Badhya Bujurg Room-5879Mawana (NPP)
120Primary School Parsiya574Saidipur Seth
121Harijan Primary School Sankhapar Mafi1402Mawana (NPP)
122Primary School Ahirauli1159Mawana (NPP)
123Primary School Pidara Room-1658Mawana (NPP)
124Primary School Pidara Room-2720Mawana (NPP)
125Primary School Pidara Room-31293Mawana (NPP)
126Primary School Pidara Room-41004Mawana (NPP)
127Primary School Pidara Room-5889Mawana (NPP)
128Primary School Mathsurajgir Room-11330Mawana (NPP)
129Primary School Mathsurajgir Room-21027Mawana (NPP)
130Primary School Banchara1415Mawana (NPP)
131Primary School Jagdishpur Room-11079Mawana (NPP)
132Primary School Jagdishpur Room-2587Mawana (NPP)
133Primary School Padari Room-1776Mawana (NPP)
134Primary School Padari Room-21495Mawana (NPP)
135Primary School Padari Room-3822Mawana (NPP)
136Primary School Gaura Padari Room-1874Mawana (NPP)
137Primary School Gaura Padari Room-21206Mawana (NPP)
138Primary School Lilahi Kothi Padari Room-1867Mawana (NPP)
139Primary School Lilahi Kothi Padari Room-21289Mawana (NPP)
140Primary School Lilahi Kothi Padari Room-3938Mawana (NPP)
143Primary School Avrava974Mawana (NPP)
144Primary School Mahadanpur Sihuliya1120Mawana (NPP)
145Primary School Naumunda Room-11030Mawana (NPP)
146Primary School Naumunda Room-21092Mawana (NPP)
147Primary School Gidaha Dhanaha1331Mawana (NPP)
148Primary School Pipara Lalman539Mawana (NPP)
149Primary School Bhiswa Mathwalgir1098Mawana (NPP)
150Primary School Rampur Sohrauna Room-1469Mawana (NPP)
151Primary School Rampur Sohrauna Room-2976Mawana (NPP)
152Primary School Rampur Sohrauna Room-3712Mawana (NPP)
153Primary School Karmaha Ugrasen1319Mawana (NPP)
154Primary School Mahuaari717Mawana (NPP)
155Primary School Rampur Maharath571Mawana (NPP)
156Primary School Dhadha Bujurg Room-11360Mawana (NPP)
157Primary School Dhadha Bujurg Tola Baldiha Room-21028Mawana (NPP)
158Primary School Dhadha Bujurg Tola Baldiha Room-3691Mawana (NPP)
159Primary School Dhadha Bujurg Tola Baldiha Room-4695Mawana (NPP)
160Primary School Dhadha Bujurg Tola Baldiha767Mawana (NPP)
162Primary School Dhadha Khurd Room-1748Mawana (NPP)
163Junior High School Dhadha Khurd Room-2678Mawana (NPP)
164Primary School Ghortap Room-1750Mawana (NPP)
165Primary School Ghortap Room-2921Mawana (NPP)
166Primary School Bishunpura787Mawana (NPP)
167Primary School Pipara972Mawana (NPP)
168Primary School Tharuvadih Room-11033Mawana (NPP)
169Primary School Tharuvadih Room-2893Mawana (NPP)
170Primary School Tharuvadih Room-3803Mawana (NPP)
171Primary School Baghnath Room-11054Kheri Manihar
172Primary School Baghnath Room-21058Kheri Manihar
173Primary School Mishra Dhadha1269Mubarikpur
174Primary School Gopalpur897Mubarikpur
175Primary School Madaraha880Tigri
176Primary School Motipakad Kabilasaha Room-1951Tigri
177Primary School Motipakad Kabilasaha Room-21034Niloha
178Primary School Motipakad Kabilasaha Room-31141Niloha
179Primary School Motipakad Shrikant1136Niloha
180Primary School Balua Rampur Shripal1068Niloha
181Primary School Devkali1162Bhainsa
183Primary School Chaturchak1258Bhainsa
184Primary School Mathiya1124Bhainsa
185Primary School Mundera1181Paharpur Ram
186Primary School Karmahi998Nagli Issa
187Primary School Rampur Bujurg Room-1396Bana
188Primary School Rampur Bujurg Room-2944Bana
189Primary School Patna Mishrauli Room-1932Bana
190Primary School Patna Mishrauli Room-2689Phitkari
191Primary School Patni Room-1746Phitkari
192Primary School Patni Room-21204Phitkari
193Junior High School Karmaha1304Mawana Khurd
194Primary School Mahui Room-11086Mawana Khurd
195Primary School Mahui Room-21050Mawana Khurd
197Primary School Arjun Dumari879Rafan
198Primary School Rampur Mishri Room-11015Attaura
199Primary School Rampur Mishri Room-2843Attaura
200Primary School Ahirauli Room-1862Sandhan
201Primary School Ahirauli Room-21058Sandhan
203Primary School Dharmauli975Tatina
204Primary School Mahuava Masjidiya Room-1794Tatina
205Primary School Mahuava Masjidiya Room-2946Kishanpur Birana
206Primary School Pipara Kapoor Room-1707Kishanpur Birana
207Primary School Pipara Kapoor Room-2758Jandheri
208S.S.S.Baghnath Haritola Room-1986Mawana Khurd
208S.S.S.Baghnath Haritola Room-2986Jandheri
209Primary School Hata Room-11347Gazipur
210Primary School Hata Room-2598Rampur Sadhu Nagli
211Primary School Hata Room-3943Dhanpura
212Primary School Hata Room-4773Dhanpura
213Primary School Hata Room-51145Tofapur
214Junior High School Hata Room-11087Tofapur
215Junior High School Hata Room-2629Tofapur
216Junior High School Hata Room-31360Rasulpur Goari
217Primary School Paikauli1220Sathla
218Primary School Pagara Room-11043Sathla
219Primary School Pagra Room-21161Sathla
220Primary School Pagra Room-31254Sathla
221Primary School Barwa Khurd1033Bahadurpur
223Primary School Deoria Room-1939Bhirwara
224Primary School Deoria Room-21332Nasarpur
225Primary School Deoria Room-3869Khaikhera
226Primary School Gopalpur Biraicha788Shikhera
227Primary School Radhiya Deoria Room-1585Shikhera
228Primary School Radhiya Deoria Room-2629Shikhera
229Primary School Mujahana Rahim426Achikalan
230Primary School Laxmipur Room-1773Achi Khurd
231Primary School Laxmipur Room-2818Achi Khurd
232Primary School Singhpur Room-11395Jaisinghpur
233Primary School Singhpur Room-21333Nagla Gusai
234Primary School Narayanpur930Mirzapur
234Primary School Pipara Shital Urf Bakrabad930Edalpur
235Primary School Jhhanga Room-1967Agwanpur
236Primary School Jhanga Room-2788Agwanpur
237Primary School Bahuddeshiy Bhawan Jhanjhanpur773Agwanpur
240Primary School Mangalpur Urf Mangruva Room-11242Agwanpur
241Primary School Mangalpur Urf Mangruva Room-21000Agwanpur
241Primary School Belwa Sudama Room-11000Kunda
241Primary School Belwa Sudama Room-21000Khanwala
242Primary School Dharampur1367Neemka
242Primary School Phard Mudera Room-11367Khunti
243Primary School Phard Mudera Room-21160Shamashpur
244Junior High School Harpur Barva841Asifabad
245Primary School Gonaha605Sultanpur Dabal
245Primary School Ajijnagar605Mahmudabad
246Primary School Satbhariya Room-11106Tarbiyatpur Janubi
246Primary School Satbhariya Room-21106Tarbiyatpur Shumali
247Primary School Gaunariya Room-11242Narangpur
248Primary School Gaunariya Room-21266Narangpur
249Primary School Atharaha Room-1184Narangpur
250Primary School Atharaha Room-2946Jataula
251Primary School Sikatiya Room-1959Amarsinghpur
252Primary School Sikatiya Room-2770Amarsinghpur
253Primary School Sikatiya Room-3866Khatki
254Primary School Dubauli826Khatki
255P.Bhawan M.J.Sikatiya839Khatki
256Primary School Langadi Room-11004Chitwana Sherpur
257Primary School Langadi Room-21092Chitwana Sherpur
258Primary School Devrajpur1241Poothi
259Primary School Badahara Room-11028Poothi
260Primary School Badahara Room-21415Poothi
261Primary School Nanhu Mundera731Poothi
262Junior High School Parsauni Room-1951Saidipur Sadipur Urf Ramnagar
263Junior High School Parsauni Room-2624Saidipur Sadipur Urf Ramnagar
264Panchayat Bhawan Bhiswa905Bali
265Primary School Tikari1052Bali
266Harijan Primary School Rampur Pautawa1241Rasulpur Ikla
269Primary School Barwachhattardas Room-11040Khanpur Banger
270Primary School Barwachhattardas Room-21089Durveshpur
271Primary School Gaunar Room-11075Durveshpur
272Primary School Gaunar Room-2986Dhanpura
273Primary School Gaunar Room-31135Sona
274Primary School Mahadev Chhapara944Ahmadnagar Badhla
275New Primary School Sakrauli Room-11493Khejuri Alyarpur
276New Primary School Sakraula Room-21104Khejuri Alyarpur
277New Primary School Sakrauli Room-3713Khejuri Alyarpur
278Primary School Pipara Room-1866Khejuri Alyarpur
279Primary School Pipara Room-21158Parikshitgarh (NP)
280Primary School Pipara Room-3763Parikshitgarh (NP)
281Primary School Chhitauni1378Parikshitgarh (NP)
282Primary School Khajhawa Room-11275Parikshitgarh (NP)
283Primary School Khajhwa Room-2775Parikshitgarh (NP)
284Primary School Singhana763Parikshitgarh (NP)
285Primary School Sahbajpur Room-11343Parikshitgarh (NP)
286Primary School Sahbajpur Room-21461Parikshitgarh (NP)
287Primary School Chaknarayan1261Parikshitgarh (NP)
288Primary School Chhaparabhagat979Parikshitgarh (NP)
289Primary School Laxmipur1212Parikshitgarh (NP)
290Harijan Primary School Pakadi644Parikshitgarh (NP)
291Primary School Batrauli1144Parichhatgarh
291Primary School Bhadkulwa Room-11144Gawra
292Primary School Piparahi Bhadkulwa Room-21173Parichhatgarh
292Primary School Mujahana Hetim1173Rajpur Jhal
292Primary School Dumari Swangi Patti Room-11173Laudhipur
293Primary School Dumari Swangi Patti Room-121079Alamgirpur Badhla
294Primary School Dumari Swangi Patti Room-3840Alamgirpur Badhla
295Primary School Lalipar Room-1736Alamgirpur Badhla
296Primary School Lalipar Room-21297Dayalpur
297P.S Rahana R.N.1690Ahmadpuri Urf Amanpuri
298P.S.Rahana R.N.2759Ahmadpuri Urf Amanpuri
299P.S.Gadhi Nand Ram436Nagla Salempur
301P.S.Sumrat Garhi478Bondra
302P.S.Garav Garhi1191Nawal Surajpur
303P.S.Mahamood Pur606Nawal Surajpur
305P.S.Barsai 11204Shodatt
306P.S.Barsai R.N. 21209Shodatt
308P.S.Ruhedi R.N.1724Shivpuri
309P.S.Ruhedi.R.N 21434Gesupur Januvi
309P.S.Naya Nagala1434Gesupur Shumali
310P.S.Amarpur Ghana1231Gesupur Januvi
310P.S.Kunda1231Gesupur Shumali
311P.S.Shahapur Khurd1180Laliyana
314P.S.Nagala Ummed1202Laliyana
315Janior High School.R.N.11494Laliyana
316Janior High School.R.N.21084Chhuchai
318P.S.Miragamai1147Mahmudpur Garvi
318P.S.Audhua1147Mahmudpur Sherki
319P.S.Khitauli Kateliya.R.N.1597Khanpur Garhi
320P.S.Khitauli Kateliya.R.N.2785Salah Rasulpur Panah
321Inter College Kaumari R.N.11385Asilpur
322Inter College Kaumari R.N.21362Asilpur
323Junior High School Nagala Patuaa478Bhagwanpur Khadar
325Inter College Kaumari R.N.3428Sarangpur
327Primary School Utra R.N 1434Sikandarpur

Last Updated on Sept 03, 2021
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