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Polling Booth in Goverdhan Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Goverdhan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Goverdhan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.H.S. Jaanu K.N.11090Janu
2J.H.S. Jaanu K.N.21097Janu
3J.H.S Daulatpur1322Daulatpur Mathura
4Primary School Mudseras K.N.11209Mudseras
5Primary School Mudseras K.N.21069Mudseras
6Primary School Nagla Akatiya152Mudseras
7Primary School Devseras Pratham1319Devseras
8Primary School Devseras Iind K.N..11331Devseras
9Primary School Devseras Iind K.N.21015Devseras
10Primary School Seenh K.N.1883Seeh
11Primary School Seenh K.N.2863Seeh
12Shankar Inter College Palson K.N.11204Palson
13Shankar Inter College Palson K.N.2297Palson
14Shankar Inter College Palson K.N.31472Palson
15Primary School Palson1306Palson
16Primary School Nagla Ram Kishan315Palson
17Primary School Mahrauli K.N. 11218Mahroli
18Primary School Mahrauli K.N. 2955Mahroli
19J.H.S. Mahrauli999Mahroli
20Primary School Madaura K.N.1951Madaura
21Primary School Madaura K.N.2885Madaura
22Primary School Bhagausa K.N.11012Bhagosa
23Primary School Bhagausa K.N.2692Bhagosa
24Primary School Nagla Dhannu303Bhagosa
25Primary School Padal1143Padal
26Primary School Nagla Rankoli Nagla Chhonkarwas493Padal
27Primary School Kunjera1379Padal
28Primary School Neemgaon K.N.11418Neemgaon
29Primary School Neemgaon K.N.21294Neemgaon
30Primary School Sakarwa K.N.11140Sakarwa
31Primary School Sakarwa K.N.21145Sakarwa
32Primary School Malsarai1454Malsarai
33Primary School Sakitara751Sakitara
34Primary School Haripura797Sakitara
35Primary School Nagla Sanki600Radhakund Rural
36Primary School Ganthauli K.N.11167Gantholi
37Primary School Ganthauli K.N.2375Gantholi
38Primary School Ganthauli K.N.31113Gantholi
39Primary School Nagla Ganthauli Nagla Chamaran475Gantholi
40J.H.S Jatipura K.N.1886Jatipura
41J.H.S Jatipura K.N.2758Jatipura
42J.H.S Jatipura K.N.31131Jatipura
43Primary School Bheem Nagar Bhag Anyur1252Aanyaur
44Primary School Anyur K.N. 11130Aanyaur
45Primary School Anyur K.N.2418Aanyaur
46Primary School Anyur K.N. 31473Aanyaur
47Primary School Mahadpur1104Mahmadpur
48Primary School Nagla Seu459Goverdhan Dehat
49R.I.K.Govardhan K.N.11298Govardhan (NP)
50R.I.K.Govardhan K.N. 21199Govardhan (NP)
51R.I.K.K.3 Govardhan796Govardhan (NP)
52R.I.K.K.4 Govardhan1423Govardhan (NP)
53R.I.K.K.5 Govardhan1209Govardhan (NP)
54Primary School Govardhan K.N.11346Govardhan (NP)
55Primary School Govardhan K.N.2737Govardhan (NP)
56Primary School Govardhan K.N.3896Govardhan (NP)
57J.H.S Govardhan K.N.11233Govardhan (NP)
58J.H.S Govardhan K.N.2845Govardhan (NP)
59J.H.S Govardhan K.N.3737Govardhan (NP)
60J.H.S Govardhan K.N.41254Govardhan (NP)
61J.H.S Govardhan K.N.5266Govardhan (NP)
62J.H.S Govardhan K.N.61174Govardhan (NP)
63Primary School Radhakund Pratham K.N.1936Radhakund (NP)
64Primary School Radhakund Pratham K.N.2722Radhakund (NP)
65J.H.S Radhakund K.N. 1901Radhakund (NP)
66J.H.S Radhakund K.N. 2766Radhakund (NP)
67J.H.S Radhakund K.N. 3885Radhakund (NP)
68Primary School Iind Radhakund1193Radhakund (NP)
69Primary School Konai1414Konai
70Primary School Julhaindi1237Junhaidi
71J.H.S Jikhangaon K.N.11122Jikhangaon
72J.H.S Jikhangaon K.N.2757Jikhangaon
73Primary School Nagla Parmodariya366Jikhangaon
74Primary School Basoti1080Basonti
75Primary School Pahalvariya507Basonti
76Primary School Mukhrai1472Mukhrai
77Primary School Jamunavata431Jamunavata
78Primary School Palibrahamanan1032Pali Brahmnan
79A.J.I.K.Aring K.N. 11170Aring
80A.J.I.K.Aring K.N. 2649Aring
81A.J.I.K.Aring K.N. 3909Aring
82A.J.I.K.Aring K.N. 4782Aring
83A.J.I.K.Aring K.N. 5468Aring
84A.J.I.K.Aring K.N. 61123Aring
85R.I.K.Aring K.N.11293Aring
86R.I.K.Aring K.N.21277Aring
87Primary School Rampur1046Aring
88Primary School Bhawanpura K.N.1820Bhavanpura
89Primary School Bhawanpura K.N.2923Bhavanpura
90Primary School Pentha1357Pentha
91J.H.S Pentha1351Pentha
92J.H.S Kaunthara1275Kothara
93Primary School Nagla Shera.871Bachhgaon
94Primary School Nagla Deviya K.N 1759Bachhgaon
95Primary School Nagla Deviya K.N 2472Bachhgaon
96J.H.S Bachhgaon K.N.11368Bachhgaon
97J.H.S Bachhgaon K.N.2857Bachhgaon
98J.H.S. Bachgaon K.N. 31076Bachhgaon
99Primary School Bachhgaon1402Bachhgaon
100Primary School Nagla Sawla Bhag Bachgaon1166Bachhgaon
101Primary School Nagla Mada603Nainupatti
102Primary School Nagla Dhaniya789Nainupatti
103J.U.M.V.Nagla Jangali Bhag Nainupatti938Nainupatti
104Primary School Nagla Bhag Nainupatti K.N.1468Nainupatti
105Primary School Nagla Jangali Bhag Nainupatti.K.N.2654Nainupatti
106Primary School Dompura760Nainupatti
107Primary School Nainukalan805Nainupatti
108Primary School Nagla Akkha997Nainupatti
109Primary School Ahmal K.N.11156Ahmal
110Primary School Ahmal K.N. 2442Ahmal
111Primary School Ahmal Khurd Nagla Shishram883Ahmal
112Primary School Nagla Adda958Singa Patti
113K.B.S.Saunkh K.N.1890Saunkh (NP)
114K.B.S.Saunkh K.N.21141Saunkh (NP)
115Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Saunkh K.N 1850Saunkh (NP)
116Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Saunkh K.N 2824Saunkh (NP)
117Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Saunkh K.N 31431Saunkh (NP)
118Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Saunkh K.N 41049Saunkh (NP)
119Primary School Nagla Tasiya706Saunkh (NP)
120Primary School Nagla Asha657Saunkh (NP)
121Primary School Ajal404Saunkh (NP)
122Primary School Malhu1304Saunkh (NP)
123Primary School Bhundan416Malhu
124Primary School Nagla Syoba1082Singa Patti
125Primary School Borpa1248Borpa
126Primary School Nagla Saunsa893Sonsa
127Primary Schoolnagla Udapura554Sonsa
128Primary School Madhurikund1456Madhuri Kund
129Primary School Khamini K.N.11384Khamini
130Primary School Khamini K.N.21292Khamini
131Primary School Jachaunda1403Jachonda
132Primary School Ramnagar549Jachonda
133Primary School Tosh K.N.1914Tos
134Primary School Tosh K.N.2806Tos
135Primary School Sakna689Sakana
136Krishak Majdur Laghu M.V.Nagla Maura1070Sakana
137Primary School Maura1408Mora
138Primary School Fenchari1466Phenchari
139Primary School Arhera1052Arhera
140Primary School Bati K.N.11101Bati
141Primary School Bati K.N.2671Bati
142Primary School Bati K.N. 31469Bati
143Kanya Primary School Bati K.N.11043Bati
144Kanya Primary School Bati K.N.2753Bati
145Mata Leelawati Shrikrishan Vaidhik Kanya Inter College Khushipura Ral406Ral
146Kishan Inter College Ral K.N.11440Ral
147Kishan Inter College Ral K.N.21387Ral
148Kishan Inter College Ral K.N.31450Ral
149Kishan Inter College Ral K.N.41167Ral
150Primary School Nagla Chiranji236Ral
151Primary School Nagla Mauhar Singh327Ral
152Primary School Nagla Pisawa336Ral
153Primary School Dokari341Ral
154Primary School Badauta K.N.1904Badhauta
155Primary School Badauta K.N.2454Badhauta
156Primary School Nagla Neta264Badhauta
157Primary School Nagla Brahamnan186Badhauta
158Primary School Bhadal Sundar K.N. 1853Bhadal Sundar
159Primary School Bhadal Sundar K.N. 2795Bhadal Sundar
160Primary School Maghera K.N.1916Maghera
161Primary School Maghera K.N.2719Maghera
162Primary School Chhatikara K.N.11307Chhatikara
163Primary School Chhatikara K.N. 21109Chhatikara
164Primary School Nagla Station870Chhatikara
165Naveen Primary Schooljait K.N.1996Jait
166Naveen Primary School Jait K.N. 21233Jait
167.J.H.S..Jait I K.N.1877Chhatikara
168J.H.S Jait I K.N.2755Jait
169.J.H.S Jait I K.N.31265Jait
170Primary School Badi Atas1082Atas Khadar
171Primary School Gaunda Atas1133Atas Khadar
172Primary School Devi Atas691Atas Bangar
173Primary School Nagla Summera533Atas Bangar
174Primary School Narayanpur849Atas Bangar
175Primary School Jaunai825Atas Bangar
176Primary School Sunrakh.K.N.11420Sunrakh Khadar
177Primary School Sunrakh.K.N.2876Sunrakh Khadar
178Primary School Gopalgarh881Sunrakh Bangar
179Primary School Nagla Ramtal961Sunrakh Bangar
180J.H.S Dhorera1056Dhorera Bangar
181Primary School Dhorera1336Dhorera Bangar
182Primary School Tehra K.N. 11018Tahra
183Primary School Tehra K.N. 2646Tahra
184Primary School Kota1108Kota
185Primary School Chandra Nagar652Kota
186Primary School Kunj Nagar467Kota
187Primary School Bajna K.N. 11279Bajna
188Primary Schoolbajna K.N.21124Bajna
189Primary School Datiya1118Datiya
190Primary School Kumheriya387Datiya
191Primary School Nagla Kashi290Nagla Kasi
192Primary School Lalitpur558Nagla Kasi
193J.H.S Govindpur628Nagla Kasi
194K.P.V.Satoha Asgarpur K.N.11277Satoha Asgarpur
195Kanya Primary School.Satoha Asgarpur K.N.21060Satoha Asgarpur
196Primary School Nagla Bohra895Nagla Bohra
197Primary School Junsuti K.N. 11103Junsuti
198Primary School Junsuti K.N. 21051Junsuti
199Panchayat Ghar Nagla Dhaniya487Junsuti
200Primary School Nagla Seeta Bhag Junsuti589Junsuti
201Primary School Basai322Basai
202Primary School Unchagaon K.N. 11154Unchagaon
203Primary School Unchagaon K.N. 2791Unchagaon
204Primary School Bithhal Nagar445Lalpur
205J.H.S.Shahpur Jatan670Shahpur Jaran
206Primary School Shahpur Chainpur604Shahpur Chainpur
207Primary School Beruka489Beruka
208Primary School Palidungra Naya Nirman869Palidungara
209Primary School Nagla Dharu K.N.1422Phondar
210Primary School Dharu K.N.2490Phondar
211Primary School Nagla Khandu Bhag Fondar1251Phondar
212Primary School Fondar K.N. 1370Phondar
213Primary School Fondar K.N. 21144Phondar
214Primary School Nagla Khari K.N. 1632Phondar
215Primary School Nagla Khari K.N. 21281Phondar
216Primary School Lorihapatti K.N. 11194Loriha Patti
217Primary School Lorihapatti K.N. 21145Loriha Patti
218Primary School Rasulpur K.N.1720Rasulpur
219Primary School Rasulpur K.N.2917Rasulpur
220Primary School Gopalpura251Rasulpur

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