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Polling Booth in Gopalpur Assembly Constituency

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Gopalpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Gopalpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gopalpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P. V. Mahaji Devara Jadid1123Mahaji Dewara Jadeed
2P. V. Naubrar Devara Jadid Kita Doyam1312Naubrar Dewara Jadeedkita - Ii
3P. V. Araji Malahpurva (R.N.-1)1069Arazi Malahpurwa
4P. V. Araji Malahpurva (R.N.-2)660Paharpur
5P. V. Semari405Arazi Semari
6P. V. Araji Shankarpur (R.N.-1798Arazi Hathiyagarh
7P. V. Araji Shankarpur (R.N.- 2)956Arazi Gulamrasul
8P. V. Araji Shankarpur (R.N.- 3)654Arazi Khokhar Jot Gobindlal
9J. H. S. Ibrahimpur1377Arazi Ibrahimpur
10P. V. Rasulpur Bhaiya1032Rasulpur Bhaiyya
11P. V. Kudahi1483Kurhahi
12P. V. Araji Amani (R.N.- 1)1179Arazi Amani
13P. V. Araji Amani (R.N.- 2)1279Arazi Amani
14S. S. S. Araji Amani1275Arazi Amani
15P. V. Saidpur (R. N. - 1)875Saidpur
16P. V. Saidpur (R. N. - 2)804Saidpur
17Durga H. S. S. Shivpur675Shivpur
18P. V. Shivpur (R. N. -1)663Shivpur
19P. V. Shivpur (R. N. -2)763Shivpur
20P. V. Shivpur (R. N. -3)1257Shivpur
21P. V. Naubrarharakhpura673Naubarar Harakhpura
22P. V. Naubrar Turkchara906Naubarar Turkchara
23P. V. Naubrar Tripurarpur Khalsa (R. N. -1)1099Naubrar Tripurarpur Khalsa
24P. V. Naubrar Tripurarpur Khalsa (R. N. -2)891Naubrar Tripurarpur Aima
25P. V. Nav. Dev. Jadid Kita -1 Augharganj (R. N. -1)1210N/A
26P. V. Nav. Dev. Jadid Kita -1 Augharganj (R. N. -2)1273N/A
27P. V. Nav. Dev. Jadid Kita -1 Mathura Ka Pura (R. N. -1)655Naubrar Dewara Jadeedkita - I
28P. V. Nav. Dev. Jadid Kita -1 Mathura Ka Pura (R. N. -2)735Naubrar Dewara Jadeedkita - I
29P. V. Nav. Dev. Jadid Kita -1 Mathura Ka Pura (R. N. -3)1108Naubrar Dewara Jadeedkita - I
30P. V. Totahava Devara Jadid (R. N. -1)721Dewara Jadeed
31P. V. Totahava Devara Jadid (R. N. -2)656Dewara Jadeed
32Jai Hanuman J. H. School Devara Jadid1323Dewara Jadeed
33J. H. S. Joravar Devara Jadid (R. N. -1)731Dewara Jadeed
34J. H. S. Joravbar Devara Jadid (R. N. -2)807Dewara Jadeed
35P. V. Devara Jadid1091Dewara Jadeed
36P. V. Chaknayak1216Chak Nayak
37P. V. Devara Kadim (R. N. -1)1284Dewara Kadim
38P. V. Devara Kadim (R. N. -2)1224Dewara Kadim
39P. V. Sugauti1014Hamirpur
40H. S. S. Maheshpur (R. N. -1)1016Mahesh Pur
41H. S. S. Maheshpur (R. N. -2)621Dewara Tripurarpur Aima
42P. V. Mundilpur777Mundilpur
43P. V. Pasipur (R. N. -1)412Pasipur
44P. V. Pasipur (R. N.- 2)1013Khoja Pur
45Sarvodaya J. H. S. Motipur1480Motipur
46P. V. Dev. Tripurarpur Ayama1003Dewara Tripurar Pur Khalsa
47P. V. Dev. Harakhpura (First) (R. N. -1)638Dewara Harakhpura
48P. V. Dev. Harakhpura (First) (R.N.-2)799Dewara Harakhpura
49P. V. Dev. Harakpura (Second)499Dewara Harakhpura
50P. V. D. Turkchara998Dewara Turkchara
51P. V. Chaukana Ramchandra822Chapri Khurd
52P. V. Chaukana Purusottam469Chaukana Parsottam
53P. V. Bhilampur1202Bhilampur
54P. V. Paikauli1476Paikauli
55P. V. Harakhpura (R. N.- 1)864Harakh Pura Khas
56P. V. Harakhpura Khas (R. N. -2)816Harakh Pura Khas
57P. V. Jamalpur (R. N.- 1 )543Khanpur Katya
58P. A. Jamalpur (R . N.- 2)881Jamalpur
59P. B. Meudiya1153Meuriya
60I. C. Gopalpur (R.N.- 1)1165Gopalpur
61I. C. Gopalpur (R. N.- 2)955Gopalpur
62P. B. Arahariya Khanurai566Arhariya Khanuroy
63P. V. Bhagwanpur561Bhagwanpur
64P. V. Budave Hisamuddinpur (R. N. - 1)1337Burhave Husamuddinpur
65P. V. Vudave Hisamuddinpur (R. N. - 2)1080Burhave Husamuddinpur
66Tapeswari Devi Jayaswal I. C. Sardaha1307Burhave Husamuddinpur
67J. H. School Sikandarpur Ayama1310Sikandarpur Aima
68P. V. Sikandarpur Ayama785Sikandarpur Aima
69P. V. Gobardhanpur621Govardhanpur
70P. M. V. Maharupur (R. N.- 1)640Mahrupur
71P. M. V. Maharupur (R. N.2 )810Mahrupur
72P. V. Mahaji Singhwara1321Mahaji Sidhwara
73P. V. Gondapur827Banjariya Khas
74P. M. V. Singhwara Kash818Banjariya Khas
75P. V. Mahuvi Serpur (R. N.- 1)214Banjariya Khas
76P. V. Mahuvi Serpur (R. N.- 2)562Mahui Khas
77J. H. S. Mahuvi Serpur755Mahuvi Sherpur
78P. V. Bhatauli969Bhatauli
79P. V. Rudrapur1066Rudrapur
80P. V. Barohi Chaube329Barohi Chaubey
81P. V. Nagva Maido (R. N.- 1)943Nagva Maido
82P. V. Nagva Maido (R. N.- 2)584Taluka Charnai
83P. V. Baijuapur458Baijuapur
84P. V. Barohi Fatehpur1194Barohi Fatehpur
85P. V. Barohi Fatehpur R. N. - 1474Barohi Fatehpur
86J. H. S. Barohi Fatehpur (R. N. -2)1360Barohi Fatehpur
87P. V. Chandpur Bhataura Lakesar (R. N. -1)596Chandpur Bhataura
88P. V. Chandpur Bhataura Lakesar (R. N. -2)490Lakhesar
89P. V. Keshavpur599Khalispur
90S. S. Smiti Uchadeeh Salempur844N/A
91Narottambrahm I. C. Sunderpur (R. N. -1)1205N/A
92Narottambrahm I. C. Sunderpur (R. N. -2)1238N/A
93Narottambrahm I. C. Sunderpur (R. N. -3)1235Barnapur Jagdishpur
94P. V. Para900Para
95P. V. Rasupur Nandlal (R. N. -1)347N/A
96P. V. Rasupurnandlal (R. N. -2)1150N/A
97P. V. Saidauligarthaulibudanpur (R. N. - 1)1044N/A
98P. V. Saidauligarthaulibudanpur (R. N. - 2)941N/A
99P. V. Hirnai Gulligarh894N/A
100P. V. Chalakpur (R. N. -1)945Chalakpur
101P. V. Chalakpur (R. N. -2)862N/A
102P. V. Natthupatti718N/A
103P. V. Jamin Rasulpur1336N/A
104P. M. V. Jamin Rasulpur (R. N. -1)487N/A
105P. M. V. Jamin Rasulpur (R. N. -2)491N/A
106P. B. Bibipur1084N/A
107P. V. Barauli Divakarpatti (R. N. -1)718N/A
108P. V. Barauli Divakarpatti (R. N. -2)811N/A
109P. V. Barnapur Jagdishpur848Lakshimanpur
110J. H. S. Pipraha Duliyavar (R. N. -1)341Pipraha Duliyawar
111J. H. S. Pipraha Duliyavar (R. N. -2)1462Pipraha Duliyawar
112P. V. Patila Gaushpur (R. N. -1)1318Patilagauspur
113P. V. Patila Gaushpur (R. N. -2)1275Patilagauspur
114P. V. Diha475Kankhbhar
115Shri Neharu P. M. V. Kakarhi Dular Kharagpur1271Kakrahi Dular
116P. B. Padari Paranpur1354Padari Paranpur
117P. V. Tenduva747Tenduwa
118P. V. Bhagatpur - Pratam898Langarpur
119P. V. Bhagatpur Second1215Bhagatpur
120Sri Jai Hanuman Ji P. M. V. Bhagatpur Badihari Bilariyaganj (R.N.-1)948Baghaila
121Sri Jai Hanuman P. M. V. Bhagatpur Badihari Bilariyaganj (R.N.-2)1481Bhagatpur
122P. V. Baisaha1053Bhaisha
123P. V. Madarepur945N/A
124P. V. Itaura Dayal (R. N. -1)911Itauradayal
125P. V. Itaura Dayal (R. N. -2)784Aurangabad
126P. M. V. Itaura Dayal890N/A
127P. V. Raghupur (R. N. -1)873Ragghupur
128P. V. Raghupur (R. N. -2)1190Tikar Paithan
129I. C. Raghubar Dayal Jamilpur (R. N. -1)945Parasrampur
130I. C. Raghubar Dayal Jamilpur (R. N. -2)718Jura Khurd
131P. V.. Jamilpur (R. N. -1)1434Jamilpur
132P. V. Jamilpur (R. N. -2)1204Jamilpur
133P. V. Raipur525Raipur
134P. V. Judarampur1106Jurarampur
135P. V. Kolmodipur1023Kolmodipur
136P. V. Badahardeeh816Barhardih
137P. V. Roopyanpur (R. N. -1)931Kasba Khas
138P. V. Roopyanpur (R. N. -2)683Rupyanpur
139P. V. Roopyanpur (R. N. -3)284Molnapur Patwari
140P. V. Roopyanpur (R. N. -4)359Surhanpur
141J. H. School Raghunathpur (R. N. -1)472Raghunathpur
142J. H. School Raghunathpur (R. N. -2)1048Raghunathpur
143P. V. Gosaipur931Gosaipur
144I. C. Maharajganj (R. N. -1)805Mahrajganj (NP)
145I. C. Maharajganj (R. N. -3)1290Rampur Katya
146I. C. Maharajganj (R. N. 3)983Mahrajganj (NP)
147P. V. Maharajganj (R. N. -1)1016Mahrajganj (NP)
148P. V. Maharajganj (R. N. -2)802Mahrajganj (NP)
149P. B. Achaivat732Akshaibat
150S. S. S. Narottampur Suryama782Narottampur Suryman
151P. V. Akharchanda (R. N. -1)1065Sikandarpur Khalsa
152P. V. Akharchanda (R. N. -2)840Chandpur
153P. V. Akharchanda (R. N. -3)888Chandpur
154Samudayik Milan Kendra Jhotiur811Akharchanda
155Samudayik Milan Kendra Devanpur536Devenpur
156P. V. Muradpur657Brijmani Khurd
157P. V. Nevada (R. N. -1)985Newada
158P. V. Nevada (R. N. -2)1303Nevada
159P. V. Kumbhavat1425Kumhavat
160P. V. Chaurasi1113Chaurasi
161P. V. Terhi (R. N. -1)984Terhi Jamin Terhi
162P. V. Terhi (R. N. -2)1011Terhi Jamin Terhi
163P. V. Bachuapar (R. N. -1)1097Bachuwapar
164P. V. Bachuapar (R. N. -2)1224Bachuwapar
165I. C. Kaptanganj (R. N. 1)700Kaptanganj
166I. C. Kaptanganj (R. N. 2)718Kaptanganj
167I. C. Kaptanganj (R. N. 3)1253Kaptanganj
168P. V. Kaptanganj (R. N.- 1 )673Kaptanganj
169P. V. Kaptanganj (R. N.- 2 )945Kaptanganj
170P. V. Khirideeha (R.N.-1)976Khiridiha
171P. V. Khirideeha (R.N.-2)914Bhitehara
173P. V. Kadipur Tivari (R. N. -1)659Kadipur Tiwari
174P. V. Kadipur Tivari (R. N. -2)984Amkolhi
175P. B. Pachkora (R. N. 1)706Pach Khora
176P. B. Pachkora (R. N. 2)824Pach Khora
177P. V. Manduri1119Manduri
178P. V. Devai Rasulpur1092Dewai Rasulpur
179Dravindra Nath P. M. V. Manduri Pachkora1012Jehra Pipri
180P. V. Jamuva Hariram854Jamuwa Hari Rampur
181P. B. Hasanpur733Hasanpur
182P. V. Jigina Karmanpur (R. N. -1)1016Jigna Karmanpur
183P. V. Jigina Karmanpur (R. N. -2)562Jigna Karmanpur
184P. V. Kadipur Harkesh737Kadipur Tiwari
185P. B. Gadanpur Hicchanpatti1413Gaddanpur Hichhan Patti
186P. V. Kuvadevchand Patti (R. N.-1)982Jamin Shanti
187P. V. Kuvadevchand Patti (R. N.-2)582Kuwadevchand Patti
188U. P. V. Asadhar Patti (R. N.- 1)856Jolhapur
189U. P. V. Asadhar Patti (R. N.- 2)848Jolhapur
190P. V. Jolhapur (R. N. -1)838Jolhapur
191P. V. Jolhapur (R. N. -2)687Jolhapur
192U. P. V. Baraipur (R. N. -1)721Jolhapur
193U. P. V. Baraipur (R. N. -2)825Jolhapur
194P. V. Akahapur (R. N. -1)895Akhapur
195P. V. Akahapur (R. N. -2)801Akhapur
196P. V. Miriya Redaha (R. N. -1)1027Miriya Reraha
197P. V. Miriya Redaha (R. N. -2)917Miriya Reraha
198P. V. Jamin Farenda368Balai
199J. H. S. Tandava740Tenduwa
200P. V. Jallupur Dubharan Khurd (R. N.-1 )913Jallupur
201P. V. Jallupur Dubharan Khurd (R. N.-2 )654Chak Maluk
202J. H. S. Dullahpar518Dullahpar
203P. V. Khairudeenpur (R. N.-1)462Khairuddinpur
204P. V. Khairudeenpur (R. N.- 2)738Pandey Pokhar
205P. V. Bakipur Sonhariya516Bakipur Sonhariya
206P. V. Gauri Narayanpur (R. N.- 1 )735Gauri
207P. V. Gauri Narayanpur (R. N.- 2 )666Gauri
208H. S. Avati (R. N.1 )839Awati
209H. S. Avati (R. N. 2)335Pahalwanpur
210P. V. Pandeychavar577Pandey Chawar
211P. V. Basti Ugarpatti1038Basti Ugrah Patti
212P. V. Raghopur638Radhopur
213P. V. Jamin Farenda (R. N.1)764Gaddipur
214P. V. Jamin Farenda (R. N. 2)731Chak Pharenda
215Madan Mohan Malviya I. C. Kandharapur (R. N. 1)1429Kandhrapur
216Madan Mohan Malviya I. C. Kandharapur (R. N. 2)1093Kandhrapur
217P. V. Kandharapur (R. N.1)875Sahpur Maulani
218P. V. Kandharapur (R. N.2)1111Sahpur Maulani
219P. V. Barji (R. N.1)1028Barji
220P. V. Barji (R. N.2)1125Barji
221P. V. Kharagpur1273Dharsan
222P. V. Devadha Damodarpur1117Dewra Damodarpur
223P. V. Phulehara492Dewai Rasulpur
224P. V. Kapsa (R. N. -1)478Kapsa
225P. V. Kapsa (R. N. -2)1213Kapsa
226P. B. Kohadi Bujurg435Kohari Bujurg
227P. V. Kohadikhurd658Kohari Khurd
228P. V. Mallupur684Mallupur
229J. H. S. Chewata (R. N.- 1)749Chewata
230J. H. S. Chewata (R. N.- 2)749Chewata
231J. H. S. Chewata (R. N.- 3)1098Chewata
232P. V. Kashipur283Kashipur
233J. H. S. Garh Kausik393Garhkaushik
234P. V. Ledupar1002Leddupar
235P. V. Bhawanpur (R. N.-1)799Bhawanpur
236P. V. Bhawanpur (R. N.-2)745Bhawanpur
237P. V. Bhatini (R. N. -1)1160N/A
238P. V. Bhatini (R. N. -2)605N/A
239P. V. Garchaube400Garhchaubey
240P. M. V. Baidara641Baidra
241P. V. Bhaluvai (R. N.-1)829Bhaluwai
242P. V. Bhaluvai (R. N.-2)792Bhaluwai
243Azad Siksha Niketan J.H.S. Khanpur Bhagatpatti (R. N.-1)1244Khanpur Bhagat Patti
244Azad Siksha Niketan J.H.S. Khanpur Bhagatpatti (R. N.-2)1472Khanpur Bhagat Patti
245P. V. Basirpur497Bashirpur
246P. V. Bara732Baramadpur
247P. V. Shantipur1043Shantipur
248P. V. Ismailpur Goriya (R. N.-1)1136Gaddopur
249P. V. Ismailpur Goriya (R. N.-2)382Gaddopur
250J. H. S. Ismailpur Goriya1010Ismailpur Goria
251I. S. Aludeenpatti (R. N. -1)1376Alauddin Patti
252I. S. Aludeenpatti (R. N. -2)1023Alauddin Patti
253P. V. Haripur (R. N. 1)933Haripur
254P. V. Haripur (R. N. 2)237Rampur Hajjam Patti
255P. V. Gulvagauri1212Gulwa Gauri
256P. V. Patibujurg507Panti Bujurg
257P. B. Jagmalpur1232Jagmalpur
258P. V. Jairajpur (R. N.- 1)1134Jairajpur
259P. V. Jairajpur (R. N.- 2)334Jairajpur
260P. V. Jairajpur (R. N.- 3)1213Jairajpur
261P. B. Jairajpur1216Jairajpur
262Islamiya School Bindawal (R. N.- 1)865Bindwal
263Islamiya School Bindawal (R. N.- 2)617Bindwal
264Islamiya School Bindawal (R. N.- 3)900Bindwal
265Islamiya School Bindawal (R. N.- 4)927Bindwal
266P. V. Devabindaval837Dewabindwal
267Parisadiya J.H. Tohafapur Banhaiya1105Tohfapur
268P. V. Pati Khurd1331Panti Khurd
269Ramkrishan V. M. I. C. Chanpur (R. N. -1)1239Manpur
270Ramkrishan V. M. I. C. Chanpur (R. N. -2)428Chandpur
271P. V. Harakhpur763Harakhpur
272P. M. V. Siraraha Urf. Srinagar1465Siyaraha
273P. V. Siyaraha (R. N. -1)520Basila
274P. V. Siyaraha (R. N.-2)665Gosari Patti Agandhroy
275P. V. Sethari650Sethari
276P. V. Gosadhipatti Hathi Rai176Gosri Patti Hathiroy
277P. V. Pathwadh Kautuk (R. N.-1)914Patwadh Kautuk
278P. V. Pathwadh Kautuk (R. N. -2)846Patwadh Kautuk
279Islamiya School Shekhupur1462Shekhupur
280P. V. Pathwadh Sudhakar786Patvadh Sudhakar
281Islamiya School Nasirpur Fatehpur (R. N. -1)1157Nasirpur Fatehpur
282Islamiya School Nasirpur Fatehpur (R. N. -2)876Nasirpur Fatehpur
283New Ambedkar S. N. Bagwar957Bagwar
284K. K. V. Bilariyaganj (R. N. -1)1435Bilariaganj (NP)
286K. K. V. Bilariyaganj (R. N. -3)164Bilariaganj (NP)
287P. M. V. Bilariyaganj (R. N. -1)914Bilariaganj (NP)
288P. M. V. Bilariyaganj (R. N. -2)1425Bilariaganj (NP)
289P. M. V. Bilariyaganj (R. N. -3)1229Bilariaganj (NP)
290P. M. V. Bilariyaganj (R. N.- 4)1088Bilariaganj (NP)
291C. P. Bilariyaganj Ka Suchna Kendra Bhawan990Bilariaganj (NP)
292Office C. P. Samiti Bilriyaganj733Bilariaganj (NP)
293P. V. Hengaipur932Hengaipur
294P. V. Madhnapar770Madhnapar
295Kisan P. M. V. Madhnapar (R. N. -1)839Madhnapar
296Kisan P. M. V. Madhnapar (R. N. -2)1264Madhnapar
297P. V. Akbarpur Bramsthan1422Akbarpur
298P. V. Devariya Abusaid804Deoria Abbusaid
299P. V. Andakhor (R.N.- 1)1143Andakhor
300P. V. Andakhor (R. N. -2)437Kothiya
301P. V. Vijayapar906Vijaiyapar
302Shivakanya P. M. V. Turkpadari (R. N. -1)238Maduwapar
303Shivkanya P. M. V. Rurkhpadari (R. N. -2)900Turk Padari
304P. V. Dorji Dhaurhara (R. N. -1)1181Dorji Dhavrahara
305P. V. Dorji Dhauraha (R. N. -2)369Dorji Dhavrahara
306P. V. Chihi (R. N. -1)1321Chhihi
307P. V. Chihi (R. N. -2)315Chhihi
308P. V. Chihi (R. N. -3)236Chak Tohfapur
309P. V. Muhammadpur1139Mohammadpur
310Kisan Seva Kendra Chicori1435Chhichhori
311P. V. Bibipur Ashrafpur (R. N. -1)1502Ashrafpur
312P. V. Bibipur Ashrafpur (R. N. -2)458Ashrafpur
313P. V. Bagahidarh671Baghidand
314P. V. Khalispur (R. N. -1)1108Khalispur
315P. V. Khalispur (R. N. -2)1277Mohiuddinpur
316P. V. Bhava Raipurpatti Tandanrai Naya Hkou850Bhawa Raipur Patti Tandanroy
317P. V. Phoolwari1082Bhawa Raipur Patti Bankaroy
318P. V. Amraula Deh585Amraula Deh
319P. V. Bankat Pratham936Rampur Mubarak Patti
320P. V. Bankat Dutiya (R. N. -1)1004Bankata Urf Bazargosain
321P. V. Bankat Dutiya (R. N. -2)842Bankata Urf Bazargosain
322P. V. Bijarwa (R. N. -1)853Gulaur
323P. V. Bijarwa (R. N. -2)740Bijarwa
324P. V. Tejpur1248Tejpur
325P. B. Langarhpur1209Langarpur
326P. V. Lado (R. N. -1)755Lado
327P. V. Lado (R. N. -2)850Lado
328P. V. Baliyakalyanpur (R. N. -1)726Baliya Kalyanpur
329P. V. Baliyakalyanpur (R. N. -2)834Baliya Kalyanpur
330P. V. Gadhwal1370Garhwal
331P. V. Kesavpur Mahmoodpatti409Keshopur Mahmood Patti
332P. V. Jamuva Hariram (R. N. -1)611Maigapur
333P. V. Jamuva Hariram (R. N. -2)506Jamuwa Hariram
334P. V. Nurudeenpur (R. N. 1)1093Nuruddinpur
335P. V. Nurudeenpur (R. N. -2)1019Nuruddinpur

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