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Polling Booth in Ghazipur Assembly Constituency

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Ghazipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ghazipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ghazipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Sauri928Sauri
2P.V.Sauri (W. Wing)746Sauri
3P.M.V. Sauri (E. Wing)1393Sauri
4P.M.V. Sauri (W.Wing)1401Sauri
5P.V. Salikpur S. Gram Andhokhar933Andhokhar
6P.V. Salikpur S. Gram Andhokhar (E.Wing)1034Dihwa Lakhmanpur
7P.V. Katghara (W. Wing)1033Katghra
8P.V. Katghara (E. Wing)519Katghra
9P.V. Raypur626Raipur
10P.V. Sultan Bairisal (E.Wing)1156Sultanpur Bairisal
11P.V. Sultan Bairisal (W. Wing)469Jaitwar Sawna
12P.V. Kukuda614Kukura
13P.V. Sawana339Sauri
14P.V. Sujanipur947Sujanipur
15P.V. Dharikala728Dhari Kala
16P.V. Narayanpur Hala1016Halla
17Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar I.C. Jangipur1252Jangipur
18P.V. Hariharpur (E. Wing)912Hariharpur
19P.V. Hariharpur (W.Wing)932Hariharpur
20P.M.V. Bhikkhepur (W.Wing)776Tardih
22P.V. Bhikkhepur (E.Wing)1453Araji Maphi Ramshala
23P.V. Dhari Khurd1321Dhari Khurd
24P.V. Mudarbha (W. Wing)1125Mudiar
25P.V. Mudarbha (C. Wing)379Mudiarbha
26P.V. Mudarbha . (E. Wing)504Jamin Mudarma
27P.V. Lakshimanpur1123Luchimunpur
28P.V. Sirgitha (N.Wing)1317Sirgitha
29P.V. Sirgitha (S.Wing)534Sarai Talbi
30P.M.V. Kusumhi Khurd (N.Wing)972Kusumi Khurd
31P.M.V. Kusumhi Khurd (S.Wing)742Kusumi Khurd
32P.V. Sammanpur (W.Wing)878Samanpur
33P.V. Sammanpur (E.Wing)1018Koryadih
34P.V. Sammanpur (C.Wing)1110Madarpur
35P.V. Atarsuva623Madarpur
36J.H.S. Badahara1152Madarpur
37P.V. Piparahi (N.Wing)939Madarpur
38P.V. Piparahi (S.Wing)660Dihiya
39P.V. Kishohari1341Imilia
40Neharu J.H.S. Pahalvanpur823Bhagawanpur
41P.V. Chilar (Room No 1)1139Chilar
42P.V. Chilar (Room No 2)932Chilar
43P.V. Gola1006Gola
44P.V. Budhanpur (E. Wing)1001Budhanpur
45P.V. Budhanpur (W. Wing)1337Sarai Sarif
46P.V. Rathauli759Rathauli
47P.V. Sarai Sariph S.Gram Harakhupur528Harakhpur
48P.S. Sihori (S. Wing)1243Sihori
49P.S. Sihori (N. Wing)1005Sihori
50P.V. Naisara (E.Wing)1071Nasara
51P.V. Naisara (W.Wing)970Nasara
52P.V. Devsingha1149Dawasiha
53P.V. Davopur1004Devapar
54P.V. Rampur Bantara (N.Wing)978Rampur Bantara
55P.V. Rampur Bantara (S.Wing)738Rampur Bantara
57P.V. Barahpur (Yadav Basti)1086Barahpur
58P.V. Barahpur New Bhavan1010Barahpur
59P.M.V. Barahpur (E.Wing)1413Barahpur
60P.M.V. Barahpur (W.Wing)941Barahpur
61P.V. Belasi1127Balasi
62P.V Belsadi1015Balasari
63J.H.S. Khankah Kala1239Khankah Kala
64P.V. Garthauli798Garatholi
65P.V. Pachara (E.Wing)991Pachara
66P.V. Pachara (Ex.Room)552Pachara
67P.V. Pachara (W.Wing)340Sahabuddinpur
68P.V. Rasulpur765Rasulabad
69P.V. Sarauli (Ex. Room)850Sarauli
70Subhash I.C. Naripachdevra (E. Wing)1146Nari Pachdewa
71Subhash I.C. Naripachdevra (W.Wing)1122Nari Pachdewa
72Subhash I.C. Naripachdevra (C.Wing)1179Nari Pachdewa
73Ra.Balika I.C. Naaripachdevra (N. Wing)1130Nari Pachdewa
74Ra.Balika I.C. Naaripachdevra (S. Wing)1404Nari Pachdewa
75P.V. Baghi861Baghi
76P.V. Lonepur687Lonepur
77P.V. Chadipur705Charipur
78J.H.S.Ba.V Chandipur (W.Wing)778Charipur
79J.H.S.Ba.V Chandipur (E.Wing)719Charipur
80P.P.Chochakpur (Suapur)1416Suapur
81K.J.H.School Chochakpur (E.Wing)1180Chochakpur
82K.J.H.S.Chochakpur W.Wing1092Chochakpur
84P.P.Bhavanipur U. Tiwaripur675Bhawanipur
85P.P.Manikpur Klan (E.Wing)787Monikpur Kalan
86P.P.Manikpur Klan (C.)763Monikpur Kalan
87P.P.Manikpur Klan (W.Wing)491Monikpur Kalan
89P.P.Sabua (E.Wing)822Sabuan
90P.P.Sabua (C.E.Wing)691Sabuan
91P.P.Sabua (C.Wing)1250Sabuan
92P.P.Sabua (W.Wing)1217Sabuan
93P.P.Souram (E.Wing)1469Shauram
94P.P.Souram (W.Wing)1453Sauram
95P.P.Souram (N.Wing)1373Sauram
96P.P.Shriganj U.Nandganj (N.Wing)1085Shriganj Urf Nandganj
97P.P.Shriganj U.Nandganj (S.Wing)547Shriganj Urf Nandganj
98P.P.Dharva New Bhavan (N.Wing)1220Dhawa
99P.P.Dharva New Bhavan (S.Wing)1213Dhawa
101J.H.S.Revasa (E.Wing)947Rewasa
102J.H.S.Revasa (W.Wing)601Rewasa
104P.P.Sahedi (W.Wing)1064Saheri
105P.P.Sahedi (C.Wing)445Saheri
106P.P.Sahedi (E.Wing)1146Saheri
107Kanya P.P.Sahedi864Saheri
108P.P.Phateullahapur (W.Wing)1108Fatehullahpur
109P.P.Phateullahapur (W.C.Wing)466Fatehullahpur
110P.P.Phateullahapur (E.Wing)1492Fatehullahpur
111P.P.Agsta Salamatpur1340Agusta Salamatpur
113P.P.Dilia (E.Wing)1111Dilia
114P.P.Dilia (W.Wing)631Dilia
116Lo.Ma.U.Ma.Vi.Dilia(E.Wing)917Chak Khazigi
117P.P.Talval (E.Wing)1365Talwal
118P.P.Talval (W.Wing)1142Talwal
119P.P.Khanpur Saphi739Chaukiya
120P.P.Chakabdul Sattar820Chak Abdul Sattar
121P.P.Choukiya (E.Wing)999Chokia
122P.P.Choukiya (W.Wing)973Chokia
123Ma Kalika Ad.Vi.Aurangabad1002Aurangabad
127P.P.Semrachakfaij688Semarachak Faiz
129P.P.Maharajganj (E.Wing)1076Mahrajganj
130P.P.Maharajganj (C.Wing)697Mahrajganj
131P.P.Maharajganj (C.W.Wing)712Mahrajganj
132P.P.Maharajganj (W.Wing)825Mahrajganj
133P.P.Chaukijivdhar815Chauki Jeodhar
134P.P.Babedi (N.Wing)1382Baberi
135P.P.Babedi (S.Wing)854Baberi
136P.P.Sonhuliya U.Bakuliyapur1013Sonhuliya Urf Bakuliyapur
137P.P.Bilapur U.Pasidih (E.Wing)1458Bikapur Ufe Pasidih
138P.P.Bikapur U. Pasidih (W.Wing)386Chak Asamani
139P.P.Phatehpur Sikandar1480Fatehpur Sikandar
140Lakshmi Bai J.H.S.Phullanpur (E.Wing)1454Fatehpur Sikandar
141Lakshmi Bai J.H.S.Phullanpur (W.Wing)558Fatehpur Sikandar
143P.P.Sohilapur (N.Wing)806Sohilapur
144P.P.Sohilapur (S.Wing)760Miranpur Sakka
145Kanya P.P.Hetimpur1492Hetimpur
146P.P.Pahadpur U.Langarpur755Paharpur Urf Langarpur
148P.P.Kusumhi Kalan (S.Wing)1177Kusumhi Kalan
149P.P.Kusumhi Klan (C.Wing)1069Kusumhi Kalan
150P.P.Kusumhi Klan (E.Wing)1075Kusumhi Kalan
153P.P.Alipur Bangawa (E.Wing)690Alipur Bangawan
154P.P.Alipur Bangawa (W.Wing)818Alipur Bangawan
155P.P.Pahuchi U.Madanahi (E.Wing)1140Pahunchi Urf Madanahi
156P.P.Pahuchi U.Madanahi (W.Wing)1404Pahunchi Urf Madanahi
160J.H.S.Mudval (E.Wing)1062Mundwal
161J.H.S.Mudval (W.Wing)1165Mundwal
163P.P.Sakra (N.Wing)1356Sakra
164P.P.Sakra (C.Wing)1351Sakra
165P.P.Sakra (S.Wing)1347Sakra
166Dr.Bhirav Am.Si.Sadan Raghunathpur (E.Wing)993Chhawani Lain
167Dr.Bhirav Am.Si.Sadan Raghunathpur (W.Wing)855Chhawani Laine
168P.P.Mangalmadai980Chhawani Lain
169P.P.Ganga Vishunpur (E.Wing)1198Chhawani Laine
170P.P.Ganga Vishunpur (C.Wing)1150Chhawani Laine
171P.P.Sareiya (N.Wing)998Chhawani Laine
172P.P.Saraiya (S.Wing)669Chhawani Laine
173P.P.Police Line839Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
174Ludars Kan.S.Misanhata (E.Wing)1150Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
175Ludars Kan.S.Misanhata (E.C.Wing)746Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
176Ludars Kan.S.Misanhata (C.Wing)1406Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
177Ludars Kan.S.Misanhata (W.Wing)1324Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
178Kisan Has.S.Kri.Badibag (E.Wing)955Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
179Kisan Has.S.Kri.Badibag (C.Wing)1070Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
180Kisan Has.S.Kri.Badibag (W.Wing)1142Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
181P.P.Vivekanand Colony (N.Wing)574Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
182P.P.Vivekanand Colony (S.Wing)1081Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
183Sarasvati Vi.Mandir Station Road (R.N.1)1390Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
184Sarasvati Vi.Mandir Station Road (R.N.2)1288Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
185Sarasvati Vi.Mandir Station Road (R.N.3)967Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
186Sarasvati Vi.Mandir Station Road (R.N.5)636Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
187P.P.Vishesharganj (N.Wing)1160Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
188P.P.Vishesharganj (S.Wing)1440Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
189Ra.City.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.1)1381Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
190Ra.City.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.2)1233Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
191Ra.City.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.3)1467Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
192Ra.City.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.4)1259Alampatti
193J.H.S.Rayganj (W.Wing)1241Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
194J.H.S.Rayganj (C.Wing)1139Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
195P.P.Rayganj (E.Wing)1163Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
196Oriyantal Chashmerahamat School (R.N.1)1003Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
197Oriyantal Chashmerahamat School (R.N.2)961Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
198Oriyantal Chashmerahamat School (R.N.3)1338Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
199Ajmiya School Barbarhana (R.N.1)1366Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
200Ajmiya School Barbarhana (R.N.2)852Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
201Ajmiya School Barbarhana (R.N.3)1198Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
202P.P.Martiganj1506Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
203M.A.H.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.1)918Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
204M.A.H.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.2)1362Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
205M.A.H.In.Co.Ghazipur (R.N.3)1455Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
206P.P.Nawabganj (E.Wing)851Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
207P.P.Nawabganj (W.Wing)1191Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
208U.P.Kanya Vi.Nawabganj (N.Wing)1432Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
209U.P.Kanya Vi.Nawabganj (S.Wing)1059Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
210Sarasvati Shi.Mandir Nawabganj S.Chahalsatun (R.N.1)1460Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
211Sarasvati Shi.Mandir Nawabganj S.Chahalsatun (R.N.2)1343Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
212Sarasvati Shi.Mandir Nawabganj S.Chahalsatun (R.N.3)431Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
213Sarasvati Shi.Mandir Nawabganj S.Chahalsatun (R.N.4)1143Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
214P.P.Jerkila Kot (N.Wing)791Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
215P.P.Jerkila Kot (E.Wing)772Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
216Dist.Pa.J.H.S.Kaji Tola R.N.11457Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
217Dist.Pa.J.H.S.Kaji Tola R.N.2341Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
218Dist.Pa.J.H.S.Kaji Tola R.N.31143Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
219Durga Bal Vi.Mandir Niyaji (E.Wing)1218Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
220Durga Bal Vi.Mandir Niyaji (W.Wing)949Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
221P.P.Subhashnagar (E.Wing)1205Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
222P.P.Subhashnagar (C.)431Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
223P.P.Subhashnagar (W.Wing)1309Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
224Chitragupt Vi.Mandir.Dadrighat938Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
225Anand Marg School Laldarwaja1493Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
226Add.Inter.Co.Mahuabag885Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
227P.P.Navapura (E.Wing)803Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
228P.P.Navapura (W.Wing)1417Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
229Prasar Pr.Ce.Ghazipur R.N.41130Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
230Prasar Pr.Ce.Pakka R.H.Ke.R.N.11036Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
231Prasar Pr.Ce.Pakka R.H.Ke.R.N.21489Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
232P.P.Gorabazar (R.N.1)800Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
233P.P.Gorabazar (R.N.2)785Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
234P.P.Gorabazar (R.N.3)1212Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
235P.P.Gorabazar (R.N.4)795Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
236P.P.Gorabazar (R.N.5)782Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
237Post.G.Ghazipur931Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
238K.P.P.Faxganj (E.Wing)1329Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
239K.P.P.Faxganj (W.Wing)375Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
240P.P.Hathikhana (N.Wing)1405Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
241P.P.Hathikhana (S.Wing)1349Ghazipur (NPP + OG)
242P.P.Kayacourt U.Kurtha721Kayakot Urf Kurtha
244P.P.Chakmubark Mohiuddinpur U.Janjirpur863Chak Mubarak Mahiuddin Urf Jan
245P.P.Jaitpura (E.Wing)1434Jaitpura Uparwar
246P.P.Jaitpura (W.Wing)883Jaitpura Uparwar
247P.P.Jaitpura (N.Wing)591Salahabad
248P.P.Bayepur (N.Wing)1224Jaitpura
249P.P.Bayepur (S.Wing)1182Jaitpura
252P.P.Jamalpur (E.Wing)1145Bhatoli
254P.P.Parmeth Bindpurva884Parmeth
256P.P.Mainpur (N.Wing)1331Mainpur
257P.P.Mainpur (C.Wing)1003Mainpur
258J.H.S.Mainpur (R.N.1)1189Mainpur
259J.H.S.Mainpur (R.N.2)1279Mainpur
260P.P.Tulapatti (E.Wing)1085Tulla Patti
261P.P.Tulapatti (W.Wing)876Amani Chak
266P.P.Lilapur (E.Wing)1185Lilapur
267P.P.Lilapur (W.Wing)623Lilapur
268P.P.Sikandarpur (N.Wing)1204Sikandarpur
269P.P.Sikandarpur (S.Wing)1339Sikanderpur
270J.H.S.Karanda (E.Wing)1371Karanda
271J.H.S.Karanda (C.Wing)581Karanda
272J.H.S.Karanda (C.W.Wing)970Madanpur Urf Pratappur
274H.S.S.Karanda (E.Wing)1077Lakhanchandpur Khurd
276J.H.S.Kuchaura (E.Wing)896Koochaura Uparwar
277J.H.S.Kuchaura (W.Wing)820Koochaura Uparwar
279P.P.Goshndepur (E.Wing)1071Gosandepur Uparwar
280P.P.Goshndepur (W.Wing)990Gosandepur Uparwar
281J.H.S.Goshndepurt (N.Wing)1126Gosandepur Uparwar
282J.H.S.Goshndepurt (S.Wing)1247Gosandepur Uparwar
284J.H.S.Dinapur (N.Wing)1355Dinapur
285J.H.S.Dinapur (S.Wing)897Dinapur
287Islamiya Be.P.P.Badsada (N.Wing)1188Barsara
288Islamiya Be.P.P.Badsada (S.Wing)1435Barsara
289P.P.Jamuaw (E.Wing)1138Jamuan Uparwar
290P.P.Jamuaw (C.Wing)904Jamuan Uparwar
291P.P.Jamuaw (W.Wing)583Beraso
292J.H.S.Pahadpur (W.Wing)895Paharpur Uparwar
293J.H.S.Pahadpur (E.Wing)655Paharpur Uparwar
294P.P.Saitapatti1354Saitapatti Uparwar
295Balika Vi. Atriya921Ataria Uparwar
296J.H.S.Katariya (W.Wing)1067Kataria Uparwar
297J.H.S.Katariya (C.Wing)463Kataria Uparwar
298J.H.S.Katariya (E.Wing)1143Kataria Uparwar
299P.P.Himardopur1223Himardopur Uparwar
300P.P.Saraymuhammadpur976Sarai Mohammadpur
303P.P.Puraina New Bhavan969Bayepur
304Laghu Ma.Vi.Dharmmarpur (E.Wing)1386Bayepur
305Laghu Ma.Vi.Dharmmarpur (W.Wing)1382Bayepur
306Laghu Ma.Vi.Dharmmarpur (N.Wing)1106Bayepur
307Laghu Ma.Vi.Dharmmarpur (S.Wing)1089Bayepur

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