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Polling Booth in Ghaziabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ghaziabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ghaziabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Junior Haigh School Akbhar Bharampur1400Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
5Primery School Akbhar Bharampur1445Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
12K V Mordan Junior Haigh School Akbharpur1071Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
16Primery School Dundahera1306Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
20God Dharamshala Dunda830Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
24Junior Haigh School Dundahera891Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
26G D Adrash Modal School Dundahera2207Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
30Primery School Bihari Pura Dundahera1395Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
32Junior Haigh School Biharipura Dundahera1149Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
34A P N Primery School Sain Vihar1531Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
39Lelawati Primery School Pratap Vihar592Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
46R B Primery School Samrat Chowk1310Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
49Children Akdme K Block Vijaynagar1466Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
56Dayal Primery School Vijaynagar896Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
61Indrapuram Primery School Pratap Vihar942Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
68Goldan Primery School Haigh S0 School Pratap Vihar1067Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
72Primery School Kashiram Avashy Yojna1359Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
77City Primery School Mirzapur Vijay Nagar890Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
81Primery School Mirzapur Vijaynagar1366Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
85Happy Child Primery School Pratap Vihar917Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
92D A V School Pratap Vihar777Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
98S S K Primery School Pratap Vihar751Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
106Boolam Primery School Sec 11 Vijaynagar713Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
114Sarswati Shiksha Niketanhaigh School1431Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
118L.R.Public School Bhimnagar1180Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
122Raghunath Singh H.Secendri School1207Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
127Sentpal High School Krishanagar Bagu1359Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
129Bloom Public High School Siddharth Bihra Bagu1174Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
132Sentpal High School Kirshannagar Bagu759Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
134Kanosa Convent School Sec0 9 Vijaynagar965Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
138Rajkiya Kanya M.Vi.Sec 09 Vijaynagar1113Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
145J.K.G.Public School Vijaynagar1358Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
152Children Academi Vijaynagar A Block875Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
154Cerij And Begun Trainig Center Bhood680Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
156Roz Bail Public School Bhud Bharat Nagar754Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
157M.P.Public School Bhud Bharat Nagar883Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
159Uttar Railway Scout Hut Bhudbharat Nagar1237Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
161Gyandeep Shiksha Niketan Kailashnagar815Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
168Sarvhitkari Junior High School Kailashnagar760Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
173Seron Public Junior High School Gaupuri1267Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
175H.H.M.K. Inter College Vijaynagar760Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
180F.D.Junior High School Takiya Kaila1023Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
187Nagar Nigam Kanya Inter College Gulzar785Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
194Primary School Kaila1211Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
196Primary School Kaila Genral938Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
200Nagar Palika Junior High School Kaila Bhatta856Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
207Mahananda Mishan High School Patel Marg771Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
209Dr. B.R.Ambedkar School Patelnagar1253Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
218Spring Dell Public School Patelnagar1332Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
224Cho.Shibbn Singh Junior High School Sibbanpura773Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
231Cho.Chhabildas Public School Patelnagar883Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
239Geeta Sanjay Public Memo.School796Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
242Manohari Vidya Mandir H.Secondry School838Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
244Seth Mukandlal Inter College Mukandnagar207Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
252Primary School Sihani Gate1119Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
255Nagar Palika Balika Inter College Chanderpuri924Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
262Thakurdwara Balika Vidyalay Hapur Mod981Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
265Shambhu Dayal Digri College Ghaziabad713Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
272Shambhu Dayal Inter College Ghaziabad1438Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
280Kanya Vaidik Inter College Ghaziabad1330Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
287Sanatan Dharm Inter College Ghaziabad681Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
294Primary School Dasna Gate743Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
296Junior High School Dasna Gate779Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
298Sithharth Junior High School Jatwada1302Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
301Mahanand Mishan H.Secendry School Model Town660Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
306Ramawati Primary School Jaiprakash Nagar1401Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
311Jindal Public School B Block 335 Panchwati1027Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
317Taigor Public School Bhatia Mod465Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
319Mahanad Mishan Digri Collge864Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
326Sushila Inter College Ghaziabad934Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
333Primary School Nasirpur-01281Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
341Primery School Nasirpru-02931Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
345Gandhi Ideal School School Rakesh Marg1105Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
347Samudayik Kendra Nehrunagar809Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
349Manav Saskaran Canter Vivekanad Nagar1305Ghaziabad (M Corp.)
355Community Center Vivekanand Nagar1301Ghaziabad (M Corp.)

Last Updated on Sept 02, 2021
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