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Polling Booth in Ghatampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ghatampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ghatampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sarvoday Inter College Girsi Room No. 11414Girsi
2Sarvodya Inter College Girsi Room No. 21307Girsi
3Sarvodya Inter College Girsi Room No. 3645Girsi
4Pr. Pathshala Surjan Singh Ka Purwa M. Girsi680Girsi
5Pr. Pathshala Daheli Room No. 1852Daheli
6Pr. Pathshala Daheli Room No. 2519Daheli
7Pr. Pathshala Samajnagar M. Daheli604Daheli
8Pr. Pathshala Basaura988Basaura
9Pr. Pathshala Ichhauli671Ichhauli
10Pr. Pathshala Dobha615Dobha
11Pr. Pathshala Machhaila1036Machhaila
12Pr. Pathshala Makhauli Room No. 1884Makhauli
13Pr. Pathshala Makhauli Room No. 2887Makhauli
14Pr. Pathshala Rahti Aima526Rahti Khalsa
15Pr. Pathshala Rahti Khalsa524Rahti Khalsa
16Pr. Pathshala Sakhajanwara1296Sakha Janwara
17Pr. Pathshala Tahrapur362Taharapur
18Pr. Pathshala Gadholamau Room No.1924Garhola Mau
19Pr. Pathshala Gadholamau Room No.2716Garhola Mau
20Pr. Pathshala Katar Room No.1973Katar
21Pr. Pathshala Katar Room No.21075Katar
22Pr. Pathshala Katri Room No.1811Katari
23Pr. Pathshala Katri Room No.2942Katari
24Pr. Pathshala Koron Room No. 1858Korau
25Pr. Pathshala Koron Room No. 21143Korau
26Pr. Pathshala Gadatha Room No. 11484Garatha
27Pr. Pathshala Gadatha Room No. 21267Garatha
28Pr. Pathshala Kotra Room No. 11286Katra
29Pr. Pathshala Kotra Room No. 21192Kutra
30Naya Pr. Pathshala Kiranv Room No.1778Kiraon
31Pr. Pathshala Kamandalpur M. Kiranv696Kiraon
32Pr. Pathshala Palpur M. Kiranv691Kiraon
33Pr. Pathshala Badlesimnapur1188Badle Simnapur
34Pr. Pathshala Baksara482Bakasara
35Naya Pr. Pathshala Ghughuwa Room No.1674Ghughuwa
36Naya Pr. Pathshala Ghughuwa Room No.21112Ghughuwa
37Pr. Pathshala Shrinagar891Shrinagar
38Pr. Pathshala Muiya704Muiya
39Pr. Pathshala Saraiyan Room No. 1836Saraiyan
40Pr. Pathshala Saraiyan Room No. 2810Saraiyan
41Shri Lalmadi Inter College Revna Room No.11000Rewna
42Shri Lalmadi Inter College Revna Room No.2855Rewna
43Shri Lalmadi Inter College Revna Room No.3843Rewna
44Pr. Pathshala Ismailpur Qadeem805Ismailpur Qadim
45Pr. Pathshala Chainapur M. Ismailpur Qadeem496Ismailpur Qadim
46Pr. Pathshala Mavaee Madhau1026Mavai Madhau
47Pr. Pathshala Bichhipur571Bichhipur
48Pr. Pathshala Baradaulatpur Room No.11391Bara Daulatpur
49Pr. Pathshala Baradaulatpur Class No.2743Bara Daulatpur
50Pr. Pathshala Gaura446Gaura
51Naya Pr. Pathshala Divli1083Diwli
52Pr. Pathshala Rathigaon1471Rathgaon
53Poorv M. Vidhyalay Durauli Room No.1880Durauli
54Poorv M. Vidhyalay Durauli Room No.2885Durauli
55Pr. Pathshala Sargawan707Sargaon
56Pr. Pathshala Arkhari373Arkhari
57Pr. Pathshala Pararaib517Para Raib
58Pr. Pathshala Akbarpur Jhawaiya Room No.11139Akbarpur Jhawaiya
59Pr. Pathshala Akbarpur Jhawaiya Room No.2833Akbarpur Jhawaiya
60Pr. Pathshala Aswakpur454Aswakpur
61Pr. Pathshala Musepur617Musepur
62Pr. Pathshala Agapur843Agapur
63Pr. Pathshala Bhadauli M. Khempur1166Khempur
64Pr. Pathshala Hathehi Room No. 11346Hathehi
65Pr. Pathshala Hathehi Room No. 21139Hathehi
66Pr. Pathshala Mugulpur M. Hathehi485Hathehi
67Pr. Pathshala Bhagwantpur M. Hathehi657Hathehi
68Pr. Pathshala Nandana Room No.11265Nandna
69Pr. Pathshala Ganeshpur M. Nandana588Nandna
70Pr. Pathshala Sarkhelpur580Sarkhelpur
71Pr. Pathshala Datari382Datari
72Naya Pr. Pathshala Patarsa Room No.1569Patarsa
73Naya Pr. Pathshala Patarsa Room No.2946Patarsa
74Jr. H. School Syodhari Room No.1992Seodhari
75Jr. H. School Syodhari Room No.2730Seodhari
76Pr. Pathshala Tada M. Syodhari592Seodhari
77Pr. Pathshala Faraur M. Syodhari505Seodhari
78Pr. Pathshala Salamatpur M. Syodhari290Seodhari
79Pr. Pathshala Bamburaha947Bamburaha
80Pr. Pathshala Ghatwa M. Bamburaha238Bamburaha
81Pr. Pathshala Chanvar1371Chanwar
82Pr. Pathshala Behunta Room No.1130Garhwa
83Pr. Pathshala Behunta Room No.2889Behuta
84Pr. Pathshala Motipur693Motipur
85Pr. Pathshala Miranpur841Miranpur
86Pr. Pathshala Chilli807Chilli
87Pr. Pathshala Juraiyan976Juraiyan
88Pr. Pathshala Chaubepur781Chaubepur
89Pr. Pathshala Navedi507Naberi
90Naya Pr. Pathshala Benda Room No.11400Benda
91Naya Pr. Pathshala Benda Room No.2587Benda
92Pr. Pathshala Sherpur M. Benda578Benda
93Pr. Pathshala Nimdha1100Nimdha
94Pr. Pathshala Tilhali368Tilhali
95Pr. Pathshala Parachand747Mustafabad
96Pr. Pathshala Rampur Nihura293Rampur Nihura
97Pr. Pathshala Daulatpur Ghatampur488Daulatpur Ghatampur
98Jr. H. School Nihura1035Nihura
100Pr. Pathshala Makrandpur Bangar Sthit Gram Sujanpur M. Makrandpur Bangar430Makrandpur Bangar
101Kanya Purv Madhyamic Vidyalay Makrandpur Bangar Room No.1936Makrandpur Bangar
102Kanya Purv Madhyamic Vidyalay Makrandpur Bangar Room No.2849Makrandpur Bangar
103Pr. Pathshala Usmanpur M. Makrandpur Bangar427Makrandpur Bangar
104Jr. H. School Akbarpur Beerbal Bangar Room No. 11162Akbarpur Birbal Bangar
105Jr. H. School Akbarpur Beerbal Bangar Room No. 2927Akbarpur Birbal Bangar
106Pr. Pathshala Guraiyannpur M. Akbarpur Beerbal Bangar745Akbarpur Birbal Bangar
107Pr. Pathshala Ghuraupur384Ghuraupur
108Pr. Pathshala Sargaon1480Burhanpur
109Pr. Pathshala Raipura818Raipura
110Pr. Pathshala Radauli330Radauli
111Pr. Pathshala Madha930Marha
112Pr. Pathshala Maya Ka Purwa499Maya Ka Purwa
113Pr. Pathshala Itaura763Kurseda
114Pr. Pathshala Kurseda858Kurseda
115Pr. Pathshala Sukhapur1453Sukhapur
116Pr. Pathshala Hatherua1020Hatheruwa
117Pr. Pathshala Raha Room No.1827Raha
118Pr. Pathshala Raha Room No.2770Raha
119Pr. Pathshala Sheetalpur M. Raha1198Raha
120Pr. Pathshala Laukaha1127Laukaha
121Pr. Pathshala Jalala678Jalala
122Pr. Pathshala Ratanpur Room No.1761Ratanpur
123Pr. Pathshala Ratanpur Room No.2700Ratanpur
124Pr.School Barauli1172Barauli
125Pr. Pathshala Kathetha327Kathetha
126Pr. Pathshala Tejpur1099Tejpur
127Pr. Pathshala Kunwarpur805Kunwarpur
128Pr. Pathshala Targaon Room No.11165Targaon Ghatampur
129Pr. Pathshala Targaon Room No.2917Targaon Ghatampur
130Pr. Pathshala Bakhariya M. Targaon663Targaon Ghatampur
131Pr. Pathshala Mominpur M. Targaon Room No.1853Targaon Ghatampur
132Pr. Pathshala Mominpur M. Targaon Room No.2691Targaon Ghatampur
133Pr. Pathshala Tilsada Class No.1807Tilsarha
134Pr. Pathshala Tilsada Room No.2577Tilsarha
135Pr. Pathshala Tilsada Room No.3834Tilsarha
136Pr. Pathshala Tilsada Room No.4682Tilsarha
137Naya Pr. Pathshala Balhapara Kala1373Balaha Para Kalan
138Pr. Pathshala Balhapara Khurd523Balaha Para Khurd
139Pr. Pathshala Kewadiya1046Kewadiya
140Pr. Pathshala Siromanpur509Siromanpur
141Pr. Pathshala Barnav Room No.1903Barnao
142Pr. Pathshala Barnav Room No.21099Barnao
143Jr. H. School Gadariyanpur M. Barnav721Barnao
144Pr. Pathshala Kanwanpur M. Barnav Room No.1419Barnao
145Pr. Pathshala Kanwanpur M. Barnav Room No.2741Barnao
146Pr. Pathshala Sanchitpur834Sanchitpur
147Pr. Pathshala Kakrahiya846Kakrahiya
148Naveen Pr. Pathshala Patara1372Patara
149Pr. Pathshala Patara Room No.11387Patara
150Pr. Pathshala Patara Room No.2827Patara
151Pr. Pathshala Patara Room No.3823Patara
152Jr. H. School Patara607Patara
153Pr. Pathshala Nagelinpur M. Patara663Patara
154Pr. Pathshala Gauranpur M. Patara241Patara
155Pr. Pathshala Jagdishpur M. Patara989Patara
156Pr. Pathshala Tenapur M. Patara Room No.11279Patara
157Pr. Pathshala Tenapur M. Patara Room No.2726Patara
158Pr. Pathshala Chaturipur511Chaturipur
159Pr. Pathshala Narsinghpur395Narsinghpur
160Pr. Pathshala Hirni Room No.11015Hirni
161Pr. Pathshala Hirni Room No.21165Hirni
162Pr. Pathshala Chhanja1267Chhanja
163Pr. Pathshala Jahangirabad Room No.1906Jahagirabad
164Pr. Pathshala Jahangirabad Room No.21092Jahagirabad
165Pr. Pathshala Rahampur M. Jahangirabad602Jahagirabad
166Pr. Pathshala Beerpur905Birpur
167Pr. Pathshala Katra270Katra
168Pr. Pathshala Jagannathpur M. Katra532Katra
169Pr. Pathshala Bhadras Room No.11230Bhadras
170Pr. Pathshala Bhadras Room No.21112Bhadras
171Jr. H. School Bhadras Room No.1864Bhadras
172Jr. H. School Bhadras Room No.2801Bhadras
173Pr. Pathshala Mavai Bhachchhan991Mawai Bhachhan
174Pr. Pathshala Jajpur572Jajpur
175Pr. Pathshala Jaitipur443Jaitipur
176Pr. Pathshala Gujela Room No.1891Gujela
177Pr. Pathshala Gujela Room No.2885Gujela
178Pr. Pathshala Dohru1263Duhroo
179Pr. Pathshala Syondi Lalaipur Room No.11103Syondi Lalaipur
180Pr. Pathshala Syondi Lalaipur Room No.2542Syondi Lalaipur
181Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.1668Ghatampur (NPP)
182Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.2949Ghatampur (NPP)
183Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.31297Ghatampur (NPP)
184Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.41123Ghatampur (NPP)
185Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.5718Ghatampur (NPP)
186Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.6841Ghatampur (NPP)
187Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.7881Ghatampur (NPP)
188Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.8867Ghatampur (NPP)
189Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.9749Ghatampur (NPP)
190Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.101369Ghatampur (NPP)
191Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.111022Ghatampur (NPP)
192Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.121323Ghatampur (NPP)
193Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.13750Ghatampur (NPP)
194Shri Gandhi Vidhya Peeth Inter College Room No.141255Ghatampur (NPP)
195Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.11075Ghatampur (NPP)
196Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.2829Ghatampur (NPP)
197Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.3769Ghatampur (NPP)
198Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.4945Ghatampur (NPP)
199Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.5911Ghatampur (NPP)
200Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.6836Ghatampur (NPP)
201Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.71044Ghatampur (NPP)
202Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.8957Ghatampur (NPP)
203Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.9731Ghatampur (NPP)
204Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.10917Ghatampur (NPP)
205Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.111073Ghatampur (NPP)
206Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.121027Ghatampur (NPP)
207Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.13516Ghatampur (NPP)
208Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.14830Ghatampur (NPP)
209Capton Sukhwasi Janta Audyogic Vidhyalay Inter College Room No.151044Ghatampur (NPP)
210Pr.Pathshala Guchchupur Room No.1813Guchchupur
211Pr.Pathshala Guchchupur Room No.2908Guchchupur
212Pr. Pathshala Banhari881Banhari
213Pr. Pathshala Bamhaura566Bamahaura
214Pr. Pathshala Ramsari Room No.11298Ramsari
215Pr. Pathshala Ramsari Room No.2598Ramsari
216Pr. Pathshala Chandanpur M. Ramsari471Ramsari
217Pr. Pathshala Mirzapur717Mirjapur
218Pr. Pathshala Raypur Room No.1905Raipura
219Pr. Pathshala Raypur Room No.2802Raipur
220Kanya Pr. Pathshala Padrilalpur Room No.1833Padri Lalpur
221Kanya Pr. Pathshala Padrilalpur Room No.2902Padri Lalpur
222Pr. Pathshala Charaiya M. Padrilalpur343Padri Lalpur
223Pr. Pathshala Padrilalpur Room No.1985Padri Lalpur
224Pr. Pathshala Padrilalpur Room No.21047Padri Lalpur
225Pachayat Bhawan Padrilalpur889Padri Lalpur
226Pr. Pathshala Dharampur Ghatampur473Dharmangadpur
227Pr. Pathshala Parauri Room No.1822Parauri
228Pr. Pathshala Parauri Room No.2796Parauri
229Pr. Pathshala Kanhara308Kandhara
230Pr. Pathshala Sarany661Saray
231Pr. Pathshala Satrahuli1007Satarhuli
232Pr. Pathshala Itarra Room No.11143Itarra
233Pr. Pathshala Itarra Room No.21119Itarra
234Jr. H. School Itrra Room No.1750Itarra
235Pr. Pathshala Mohanpur M. Itarra402Itarra
236Pr. Pathshala Kalyanpur M. Itarra772Itarra
237Pr. Pathshala Oriya757Oriya
238Shri Grameen Parasar Jr. H. School Paras Room No.1610Paras
239Shri Grameen Parasar Jr. H. School Paras Room No.21238Paras
240Shri Grameen Parasar Jr. H. School Paras Room No.3946Paras
241Pr. Pathshala Sheetalpur M. Paras820Paras
242Pr. Pathshala Kasturipur M. Paras546Paras
243Pr. Pathshala Bangla M. Paras639Paras
244Pr. Pathshala Devmanpur M. Paras871Paras
245Pr. Pathshala Bhairampur M. Paras Room No. 11073Paras
246Pr. Pathshala Gopalpur Ghatampur Room No.1941Gopalpur Ghatampur
247Pr. Pathshala Gopalpur Ghatampur Room No.2587Gopalpur Ghatampur
248Pr. Pathshala Sardepur M. Gopalpur Ghatampur Room No.1458Gopalpur Ghatampur
249Pr. Pathshala Kohra Room No. 1996Kohra
250Pr. Pathshala Kohra Room No. 21063Kohra
251Pr. Pathshala Kirar407Kirar
252Pr. Pathshala Amauli1513Amauli
253Pr. Pathshala Sajeti Room No.11430Sajeti
254Pr. Pathshala Sajeti Room No.21298Sajeti
255Pr. Pathshala Dharmangadpur1144Dharmangadpur
256Poorv M. Viddyalay Aliyapur591Aliyapur
257Pr. Pathshala Jalla653Jalla
258Poorv M. Viddyalay Tikwanpur Room No. 1919Tikwapur
259Poorv M. Viddyalay Tikwanpur Room No. 2730Tikwapur
260Milankendra Gaura Chhajmal583Gaura Chhajmal
261Pr. Pathshala Maunakhat1134Maunakhat
262Pr. Pathshala Bibipur Room No. 11307Bibipur
263Pr. Pathshala Bibipur Room No. 21068Bibipur
264Jr. H. School Dahilar Avval820Dahilar Awwal
265Pr. Pathshala Mohta468Mohta
266Panchayatghar Hardauli1394Hardauli
267Panchayatghar Rampur1332Rampur
269Pr. Pathshala Bandh1420Bandh
270Pr. Pathshala Aanupur961Anupur
271Pr. Pathshala Hamiramau1125Hamira Mau
272Pr. Pathshala Ajyori1443Ajyori
273Pr. Pathshala Dheerpur1040Dhirpur
274Pr. Pathshala Padri Gangadeen1464Pandri Gangadin
275Pr. Pathshala Chitauli1030Chitauli
276Pr. Pathshala Bamhauri1136Bamhauri
277Pr. Pathshala Asgaha1069Bilgawan
278Shri Astik Muni Inter College Koriyan Room No. 1526Koriyan
279Shri Astik Muni Inter College Koriyan Room No. 2744Koriyan
280Shri Astik Muni Inter College Koriyan Room No. 3610Koriyan
281Shri Astik Muni Inter College Koriyan Room No. 4408Koriyan
282Pr. Pathshala Ravaipur M. Koriyan Room No. 1783Koriyan
283Pr. Pathshala Ravaipur M. Koriyan Room No. 2701Koriyan
284Pra Pathshala Taga M. Koriyan451Koriyan
285Pr. Pathshala Jamalpur M. Koriyan1254Koriyan
286Pr. Pathshala Dibri M. Koriyan436Koriyan
287Naveen Pr. Pathshala Jiyapur M. Koriyan549Koriyan
288Pr. Pathshala Bahrauli270Duhroo
289Jr. H. School Nauranga1370Nauranga
290Pr. Pathshala Meharalipur860Mehar Alipur
291Pr. Pathshala Shekhpur499Shekhpur
292Pr. Pathshala Bhatpurva315Bhat Purwa
293Pr. Pathshala Fattepur935Fattepur
294Pr. Pathshala Bihupur Room No. 1839Bihupur
295Pr. Pathshala Bihupur Room No. 2852Bihupur
296Pr. Pathshala Husena987Husena
297Pr. Pathshala Milkinpur590Milkinpur
298Pr. Pathshala Paheva Room No. 11097Pahewa
299Pr. Pathshala Paheva Room No. 2528Pahewa
300Pr. Pathshala Kanthipur995Kanthipur
301Pr. Pathshala Devra529Dewra
302Pr. Pathshala Lakhankheda778Lakhan Khera
303Pr. Pathshala Nibiya512Nibiya
304Pr. Pathshala Pasikheda Room No.1978Pasi Khera
305Pr. Pathshala Pasikheda Room No.2756Pasi Khera
306Pr. Pathshala Pasema1197Pasema
307Pr. Pathshala Tiwaripur Sadh1426Tiwaripur Sarh
308Pr. Pathshala Bhadwara898Bhadwara
309Pr. Pathshala Nibiyakheda M. Bhadwara1395Bhadwara
310Pr. Pathshala Chandapur M. Bhadwara1248Bhadwara
311Pr. Pathshala Udaipur862Udaipur
312Poorv M. Viddyalay Gugura1096Gugura
313Pr. Pathshala Umari Room No.11182Umari
314Pr. Pathshala Umari Room No.2693Umari
315Panchayat Bhavan Faizullapur660Faijullapur
316Pr. Pathshala Rar1326Rar
317Pr. Pathshala Patari1370Patari
318Jr. H. School Murlipur M. Patari Room No.1598Patari
319Pr. Pathshala Sihupur1045Sihupur
320Pr. Pathshala Sandauli628Sandauli
321Pr. Pathshala Mohammadpur Ghatampur655Mohamadpur Ghatampur
322Pr. Pathshala Bairipur383Bairipur
323Pr. Pathshala Sakhahari Room No.1883Sakhahari
324Pr. Pathshala Sakhahari Room No.2423Sakhahari
325Pr. Pathshala Lauli641Lauli
326Pr. Pathshala Harbaspur Room No.1809Herbaspur
327Pr. Pathshala Harbaspur Room No.2813Herbaspur
328Pr. Pathshala Bavan1021Bawan
329Pr. Pathshala Anoiya380Anoiya
330Jr. H. School Baripal Room No.1770Baripal
331Jr. H. School Baripal Room No.2768Baripal
332Jr. H. School Baripal Room No.3929Baripal
333Jr. H. School Baripal Room No.4782Baripal
334Pr. Pathshala Nadlanpur M. Baripal361Baripal
335Pr. Pathshala Taiyanpur M. Baripal437Baripal
336Pr. Pathshala Maduri688Maduri
337Pr. Pathshala Sidhaul1353Sidhaul
338Naya Pr.Pathshla Lahurimau Room No.11085Lahurimau Kasimpur
339Naya Pr.Pathshla Lahurimau Room No.2686Aswarmau
340Pr. Pathshala Aswarmau740Aswarmau
341Pr. Pathshala Samuhi884Samuhi
342Pr. Pathshala Sahbajpur M. Samuhi541Samuhi
343Pr. Pathshala Bhatpurwa M. Samuhi882Samuhi
344Pr. Pathshala Sirsa Room No.1988Sirsa
345Pr. Pathshala Sirsa Room No.2757Sirsa
346Pr. Pathshala Maidhari792Maidhari
347Pr. Pathshala Kandhauli579Kandhauli
348Pr. Pathshala Dharchhua1035Dharchhuwa
349Pr. Pathshala Biriya712Gauri Ghatampur
350Pr. Pathshala Maniharpur526Maniharpur
351Pr. Pathshala Chaturipurwa804Chaturi Purwa
352Naya Pr. Pathshala Dhamnabuzurg1427Dhamana Bujurg
353Pr. Pathshala Barimhatain Room No.1954Bari Mahtain
354Pr. Pathshala Barimhatain Room No.21116Bari Mahtain
355Pr. Pathshala Chaprehta669Chaparehta
356Pr. Pathshala Pachkhura756Pachkhura
357Pr. Pathshala Asdhana Room No.11151Asadhana
358Pr. Pathshala Asdhana Room No.21463Asadhana
359Adarsh Vaidic Inter College Kuankheda Room No.1961Kuwa Khera
360Adarsh Vaidic Inter College Kuankheda Room No.21109Kuwa Khera
361Pr. Pathshala Kamalpur697Kamalpur
362Pr. Pathshala Navahi495Nawahi
363Pr. Pathshala Kaitha Room No.11132Kaitha
364Pr. Pathshala Kaitha Room No.2970Kaitha
365Pr. Pathshala Kumhediya1204Kumhediya

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