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Polling Booth in Gangoh Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gangoh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gangoh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Vidhalay Naimazra978Nai Mazra Must.
2Prathmik Vidhalay Kallarheri1110Kaller Heri
3Purv Madhymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Sanoli1009Sanauli
4Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Bhogimazra315Bhogi Mazra
5Prathmik Vidhalay Bishanpur730Bishanpur
6Prathmik Vidhalay Chausahaspur654Chau Sahaspur
7Prathmik Vidhalay Thanvi431Thavni
8Prathmik Vidhalay Bisalhera533Bishal Hera
9Prathmik Vidhalay Shekhpura Urf Khospura634Shekhpura
10Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Shermau817Sher Mau
11Prathmik Vidhalay Kothda1033Kotda
12Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Mohanpura842Mohanpura
13Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Mohanpura1193Mohanpura
14Prathmik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Kamhera975Kamhera
15Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Kamhera859Kamhera
16Addras Kishan Mazdur Junior High School Uttari Bhag Salarpura967Salar-Pura
17Addras Kishan Mazdur Junior High School Dakshini Bhag Salarpura674Salar-Pura
18Addras Kishan Mazdur Junior High School Madhya Bhag Salarpura653Salar-Pura
19Prathmik Vidhalay Bishnot815Meghan Mazra
20Prathmik Vidhalay Halwana1088Halvana Aht.
21Prathmik Vidhalay Hussainpur430Hussainpur
22Prathmik Vidhalay Nagal Rajpoot951Nagal Rajput
23Prathmik Vidhalay Tatarpur Khurd576Tarapur Khurd
24Prathmik Vidhalay Rasoolpur Urf Ballamazra1172Rasoolpur Alis Balla Mazra
25Prathmik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Kamra Number-1 Sukheri943Sukheri
26Prathmik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Kamra Number-2 Sukheri581Sukheri
27Prathmik Vidhalay Naya Bhawan Kamra Number-1 Buddhakhera926Budha Khera
28Prathmik Vidhalay Naya Bhawan Kamra Number-2 Buddhakhera1431Budha Khera
29Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Badhimazra1252Badhi Mazra
30Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Badhimazra599Badhi Mazra
31Prathmik Vidhalay Budhanpur1332Budhanpur
32Prathmik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Khanpur Gujjer1306Khanpur Guzar
33Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Khanpur Gujjer1367Khanpur Guzar
34Prathmik Vidhalay Tataheri1353Tataheri
35Prathmik Vidhalay Hajipur679Hajipur
36Prathmik Vidhalay Dholapada1451Dhaulapara
37Prathmik Vidhalay Chakwali931Chakwali
38Purv Madhymik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Alipura786Alipura
39Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Randhedi900Alipura
40Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Randhedi761Randheri
41Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Beerakheri1205Bira Kheri
42Prathmik Vidhalay Banda Heri1178Banda Heri
43Prathmik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Ghatampur1500Ghatampur
44Prathmik Vidhalay Madhya Bhag Ghatampur131Ghatampur
45Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Ghatampur1186Ghatampur
46Prathmik Vidhalay Nawajpur794Nawazpur
47Prathmik Vidhalay Chadav912Chandav
48Prathmik Vidhalay Ambeheti1324Ambehati
49Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Kamra Number-1 Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta835Ambehta (NP)
50Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Kamra Number-2 Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta1184Ambehta (NP)
51Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Kamra Number 3 Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta1205Ambehta (NP)
52Gandhi Hayer Secandri School Uttari Bhag-2 Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta871Ambehta (NP)
53Gandhi Hayer Secandri School Uttari Paschimi Bhag Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta1324Ambehta (NP)
54Gandhi Hayer Secandri School Madhya Bhag Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta1492Ambehta (NP)
55Gandhi Hayer Secandri School Dakshin Bhag Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta1433Ambehta (NP)
56Prathmik Vidhalay Number-2 Kamra Number-1 Nagar Panchayat Ambeheta1459Ambehta (NP)
57Prathmik Vidhalay Tidauli Prathmik Vidhalay Tidauli1397Tidauli
58Prathmik Vidhalay Ramsahaywala538Ramsahay
59Prathmik Vidhalay Baikheri590Bai Kheri
60Prathmik Vidhalay Balalkheri460Balal Kheri
61Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Dhayki1287Dhayki
62Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Madhya Bhag Dhayki1041Dhayki
63Prathmik Vidhalay Habeebpur470Habibpur
64Prathmik Vidhalay Kandol825Habibpur
65Prathmik Vidhalay Muradkheri509Murad Kheri
66Prathmik Vidhalay Uttari Bhag Daidpura1177Daidpura
67Prathmik Vidhalay Daulatpur Urf Chaperchidi1082Daulatpur
68Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Raniyala Dayalpur923Ranyala Dayalpur
69Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Raniyala Dayalpur1134Ranyala Dayalpur
70Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Islamnagar1273Islam Nagar
71Prathmik Vidhalay Madya Bhag Kamra Number-2 Islamnagar1151Islam Nagar
72Choudhary Neranjan Singh Inter College Kamra Number-1 Islamnagar1002Islam Nagar
73Choudhary Neranjan Singh Inter College Kamra Number-5 Islamnagar554Islam Nagar
74Choudhary Neranjan Singh Inter College Kamra Number-2 Islamnagar1450Islam Nagar
75Choudhary Neranjan Singh Inter College Kamra Number-3 Islamnagar1201Islam Nagar
76Choudhary Neranjan Singh Inter College Kamra Number-4 Islamnagar1029Islam Nagar
77Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Nai Nagli Urf Mazri1184Nai Nagli Urf Majari
78Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Nai Nagli Urf Mazri1314Nai Nagli Urf Majari
79Prathmik Vidhalay Bambyala1307Bambyala
80Prathmik Vidhalay Singhkhera1179Singh Khera
81Prathmik Vidhalay Nain Kheri752Nain Kheri
82Mahirishi Dayanad Inter College Kamra Number-1 Jandkhera1170Jandhera
83Mahirishi Dayanad Inter College Kamra Number-2 Jandkhera1223Jand Khera
84Mahirishi Dayanad Inter College Kamra Number-3 Jandkhera1397Jand Khera
85Prathmik Vidhalay Nagal Gurjer495Nagal Guzar
86Prathmik Vidhalay Santaur1165Santaur
87???????? ?????? ??????1004Jukheri
88Prathmik Vidhalay Jandhera569Rani Kheri Guzar
89Prathmik Vidhalay Purana Bhawan Purvi Bhag Daidnor708Daid Naur
90Prathmik Vidhalay Purana Bhawan Paschimi Bhag Daidnor1033Daid Naur
91Prathmik Vidhalay Gungi1099Khandva
92Prathmik Vidhalay Khairsal1318Khair Sal
93Prathmik Vidhalay Rajpur Latifpur910Rajpur Latifpur
94Prathmik Vidhalay Haiderpur847Haiderpur
95Prathmik Vidhalay Satsara469Satsara
96Prathmik Vidhalay Peer Mazra Tofeer1021Peer Mazra Tofir
97Prathmik Vidhalay Uttery Bahg Sangatheda1073Sanga Thera
98Prathmik Vidhalay Madhya Bahg Sangatheda541Sanga Thera
99Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bahg Kamra Number-1 Sangatheda1239Sanga Thera
100Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bahg Kamra Number-2 Sangatheda1281Sanga Thera
101Prathmik Vidhalay Bhag-1 Mubarakpur817Mubarakpur
102Prathmik Vidhalay Bhag-2 Mubarakpur837Mubarakpur
103Block Karyalay Utteri Bhag Kamra Number 1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1265Gangoh (NPP)
104Balock Karyalay Utteri Bhag Kamra Number 2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh257Gangoh (NPP)
105Balock Karyalay Utteri Bhag-1 Kamra Number -3 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1395Gangoh (NPP)
106Prathmik Vidhalay Elahibaksh Kamra Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1240Gangoh (NPP)
107Prathmik Vidhalay Elahibaksh Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh480Gangoh (NPP)
108Prathmik Vidhalay Elahibaksh Kamra Number-3 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1101Gangoh (NPP)
109Prathmik Vidhalay Elahibaksh Kamra Number-4 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh453Gangoh (NPP)
110Hiroj Memorial Higher Secoundry School Utteri Bhag Kamra Number 1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh947Gangoh (NPP)
111Hiroj Memorial Higher Secoundry School Utteri Bhag Kamra Number 3 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh560Gangoh (NPP)
112Hiroj Memorial Higher Secoundry School Utteri Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1421Gangoh (NPP)
113Hiroj Memorial Higher Secoundry School Madhya Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1076Gangoh (NPP)
114Hiroj Memorial Higher Secoundry School Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1177Gangoh (NPP)
115Hiroj Memorial Higher Secoundry School Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh673Gangoh (NPP)
116H.R.Inter College Utteri Bhag Kamra Number 3 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1088Gangoh (NPP)
117H.R.Inter College Utteri Bhag Kamra Number 5 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh516Gangoh (NPP)
118H.R.Inter College Utteri Bhag Kamra Number-4 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1171Gangoh (NPP)
119H.R.Inter College Utteri Bhag Kamra Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1391Gangoh (NPP)
120H.R.Inter College Utteri Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh657Gangoh (NPP)
121H.R.Inter College Utteri Bhag Kamra Number-6 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh937Gangoh (NPP)
122H.R.Inter College Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1341Gangoh (NPP)
123H.R.Inter College Dakshini Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh796Gangoh (NPP)
124Saini Visram Bhawan D.C.S Mordan School Gulam Oliya Dakshin Ka Kamra Hal Madhya Gangoh Nagar Palika Parishad819Gangoh (NPP)
126D.Av.S.P.Mohriya School Kamra Number -1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1322Gangoh (NPP)
127D.Av.S.P.Mohriya School Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1107Gangoh (NPP)
128Nagar Palika Parishad Karyalay Purvi Bhag Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1211Gangoh (NPP)
129Nagar Palika Parishad Karyalay Paschimi Hal Ka Dakshini Bhag Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh2024Gangoh (NPP)
130Nagar Palika Parishad Karyalay Ka Sarkari Bhawan Kamra Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh491Gangoh (NPP)
131Nagar Palika Parishad Karyalay Ka Sarkari Bhawan Kamra Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh257Gangoh (NPP)
132Nagar Palika Parishad Karyalay Dakshini Bhag -2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh978Gangoh (NPP)
133Nagar Palika Parishad Karyalay Paschimi Bhag Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh1239Gangoh (NPP)
134H.R.Inter College Paith Bajar Utteri Bhag Kamra Bhag Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh761Gangoh (NPP)
135H.R.Inter College Paith Bajar Utteri Bhag Kamra Bhag Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh928N/A
136H.R.Inter College Paith Bajar Dakshini Bhag Kamra Bhag Number-1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh787N/A
137H.R.Inter College Paith Bajar Dakshini Bhag Kamra Bhag Number-2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh817Gangoh (NPP)
138Aarya Kanya Inter College Purvi Bhag Kamra Number -1 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh612Gangoh (NPP)
139Aarya Kanya Inter College Purvi Bhag Kamra Number -2 Nagar Palika Parishad Gangoh859Gangoh (NPP)
140Prathmik Vidhalay Ummedgadh611Gangoh Majbata Dehat
141Prathmik Vidhalay Jogipura1174Jogipura
143Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Fatehpur Dhola1492Fatehpur Dhola
144Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Fatehpur Dhola258Fatehpur Dhola
145Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Kutubkheri966Kutub Kheri
146Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Kutubkheri1029Kutub Kheri
147Prathmik Vidhalay Vajeerpur902Vazirpur
148Prathmik Vidhalay Bodpur1072Bodpur
149Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Mohda1105Mohra
150Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Mohda897Mohra
151Prathmik Vidhalay Tatarpur Kalan1136Tatarpur Kalan
152Naya Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Lakhnauti1381Lakhnoti Must.
153Naya Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Madhya Purvi Bhag Lakhnauti1435Lakhnoti Must.
154Naya Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Madhya Bhag Dakshinlakhnauti1254Lakhnoti Must.
155Naya Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Lakhnauti1302Lakhnoti Must.
156Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Lakhnauti1045Lakhnoti Must.
157Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Lakhnauti526Lakhnoti Must.
158Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Lakhnauti676Lakhnoti Aht.
159Prathmik Vidhalay Rangail713Rangel
160Prathmik Vidhalay Gandhinagar1214Gangoh Majbata Dehat
161Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Aalampur737Alampur
162Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Aalampur1329Alampur
163Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Dabkaula Kala885Sarajpur Takipur
164Prathmik Vidhalay Sarajpur Takipur698Sarajpur Takipur
165Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Sakarpur Sakraur1226Shakerpur Shakroor Aht.
166Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Sakarpur Sakraur1203Shakerpur Shakroor Aht.
167Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Kamra Number-2 Janpur Mazri654Janakpur Alis Mazri
168Prathmik Vidhalay Fakhanpur663Pilkhana
169Prathmik Vidhalay Manpur Thali602Manpur Aht.
170Prathmik Vidhalay Manpur Mu0 A0441Mandhaur Aht.
171Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshin Ka Kamra Number -1 Shahalipur Urf Hameerpur1495Shah Alipur Urf Hamidpur
172Prathmik Vidhalay Begi1103Begi
173Prathmik Vidhalay Shahpur Road965Shahpur Road
174Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshin Ka Kamra Bansdeva760Bans Deva Aht.
175Prathmik Vidhalay Kunda Khurd1297Kunda Kalan
176Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Kunda Kalan885Kunda Kalan
177Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2Kunda Kalan988Kunda Kalan
178Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Kunda Kalan1223Kunda Kalan
179Prathmik Vidhalay Aaganbadi Bhawan Kunda Kalan332Kunda Kalan
180Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-4 Kunda Kalan1182Kunda Kalan
181Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1Dhulavali1293Dhulawli
182Prathmik Vidhalay Basi907Basi
183Prathmik Vidhalay Naya Bhawan Kunda Mazra Basi1421Basi
184Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Essapur1086Essapur
185Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Essapur1071Kalal Hati
186Prathmik Vidhalay Chaupura769Chaupura
187Prathmik Vidhalay Bansdevi1373Bansdevi
188Prathmik Vidhalay Umarpur676Umarpur
189Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Sikanderpur Urf Gonsgadh1333Sikanderpur
190Prathmik Vidhalay Khalidpur1174Khalidpur
191Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Beenpur880Binpur
192Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Beenpur629Binpur
194V.H.U.Madhaymik School Bilaspur Tatarpur Kalan Dakshini Bhag Bilaspur976Bilaspur
196Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Dudhala1082Dudhla
197Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Dudhala1042Dudhla
198Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Jehra1208Jahra
199Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Jehra1100Jahra
200Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Khandlana1403Khandlana
201Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Khandlana1135Khandlana
202Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Khandlana709Khandlana
203Prathmik Vidhalay Utter Paschimi Bhag Dhanva1171Dhanwa
204Prathmik Vidhalay Utter Purvi Bhag Dhanva672Dhanwa
205Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Dhanva1873Dhanwa
206Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-2 Dhanva142Dhanwa
207Prathmik Vidhalay Kolakheri1329Kaula Kheri
208Vadik Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Radaur987Radaur
209Vadik Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Radaur1124Radaur
210Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Dubhar Kishanpur1231Dubher Kishenpur
211Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Dubhar Kishanpur1094Dubher Kishenpur
212Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Jhhadwan848Jhadban
213Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Jhhadwan1279Jhadban
214Eslamiya School Roshanpur718Roshanpur
215Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kalsi1142Roshanpur
216Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Kalsi1001Kalsi
217Narayan Singh Janta H0S0School Utteri Bhag Mahngi1104Mahangi
218Narayan Singh Janta H0S0School Dakshini Bhag Mahngi1208Mahangi
219Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Baloo1585Balu
220Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Baloo128Balu
221Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Tholafatehpur1220Dhola Fatehpur
222Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Tholafatehpur1010Dhola Fatehpur
223Prathmik Vidhalay Barsi1316Dhola Fatehpur
224Prathmik Vidhalay Madhopur1237Madhopur
225Prathmik Vidhalay Saliyer814Madhopur
226Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Manohara906Manohara
227Prathmik Vidhalay Fatehchandpur1015Fatehpur Chandpur
228Prathmik Vidhalay Tabrrakpur1152Tabarakpur
229Prathmik Vidhalay Mohd.Pur Gurjer952Mohammadpur Guzar
231Prathmik Vidhalay Khanpur Afgan481Khanpur Afgan
232Sarasvati Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number-5 Nagar Panchayat Titro1011Titron (NP)
233Sarasvati Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number-6 Nagar Panchayat Titro995Titron (NP)
234Eslamiya School Utteri Bhag Nagar Panchayat Titro1084Titron (NP)
235Eslamiya School Madhya Bhag Nagar Panchayat Titro1078Titron (NP)
236Eslamiya School Paschimi Bhag Nagar Panchayat Titro858Titron (NP)
237Sarasvati Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Nagar Panchayat Titro1168Titron (NP)
238Sarasvati Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Panchayat Titro825Titron (NP)
239Prathmik Vidhalay Aasafgadh812Asafgari
240Prathmik Vidhalay Pujna883Pujna
241Prathmik Vidhalay Bhavsa653Bhabsa
242Prathmik Vidhalay Berkhedi Hindu569Berkheri Hindu
243Juniyer Basic Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Bhavsi Raypur863Bhawsi Raipur
244Juniyer Basic Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Bhavsi Raypur849Bhawsi Raipur
245Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Kuakhera1315Kuakhera
246Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Kuakhera942Kuakhera
247Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kashipur751Kanshipur
248Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Kashipur958Kanshipur
249Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Yahiyapur648Yahiiyapur
250Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Bharidinarpur912Bharidin Daranpur
251Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Bharidinarpur1120Bharidin Daranpur
252Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Dadanpur824Dadanpur
253Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Madhopur1103Madhopur
254Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Bhasrau925Bhains Rao
255Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Chaura1053Chaura
256Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Jandheri1249Janderi
257Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Devpur606Deopura
258Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Pandokheri1319Pando Kheri
259Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Kamalpur Bagdoli956Kamalpur Bakdauli
260Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Jaidpura717Jaidpura
261Eslamiya Fatmi Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta979Nanauta (NP)
262Eslamiya Fatmi Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta848Nanauta (NP)
263Eslamiya Fatmi Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta1072Nanauta (NP)
264Eslamiya Fatmi Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-4 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta863Nanauta (NP)
265Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number -6 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta907Nanauta (NP)
266Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number -7 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta800Nanauta (NP)
267Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number -2Nagar Panchayat Nanauta1010Nanauta (NP)
268Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number -8 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta763Nanauta (NP)
269Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number -16 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta1254Nanauta (NP)
270Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number -15 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta835Nanauta (NP)
271Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta1384Nanauta (NP)
272Kisan Sevak Inter College Paschimi Bhag Kamra Number-2 Nagar Panchayat Nanauta738Nanauta (NP)
273Kisan Sevek Inter College Nagar Panchayat Nanauta726Nanauta (NP)
274Kisan Sevek Inter College Paschimi Bhag Nagar Panchayat Nanauta824Nanauta (NP)
275Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Purvi Bhag Nagar Panchayat Nanauta1254Nanauta (NP)
276Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Paschimi Bhag Nagar Panchayat Nanauta899Nanauta (NP)
277Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Dakshini Bhag Nagar Panchayat Nanauta1334Nanauta (NP)
278Prathmik Vidhalay Jambugadh703Jambugar
279Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Emampura559Himampur
280Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Barsa781Barsa
281Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Landhora1062Landhaura
282Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Tikraul1099Tikraul
283Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Tikraul536Tikraul
284Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Tikraul1266Tikraul
285Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-4 Tikraul1447Tikraul
286Prathmik Vidhalay Madhya Bhag Chhachharauli1309Chhachharauli
287Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Pathanpur652Chhachharauli
288Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Indrawali Kalyanpur1271Indravali Kalyanpur
289Prathmik Vidhalay Naya Bhawan Aabha1303Abha
290Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Nainpur Saiyyad496Nainpur Saiyyad
291Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Olara818Aulra
292Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Olara831Aulra
293Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Sadhauli Dunichandpur1152Sadhauli Dunichandpur
294Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Dariyapur583Dariyapur
295Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Babupura1401Babupura
296Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Fatehpur908Fatehpur
297Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Mitargadh586Kutubpur
298Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-1 Khudana1431Khudana
299Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-2 Khudana881Khudana
300Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Kamra Number-3 Khudana1110Khudana
301Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Subhari913Subhari
302Prathmik Vidhalayuttery Bhag Gudumb1024Gudamb
303Prathmik Vidhalay Madhay Bhag Gudumb904Gudamb
304Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Sambalheri850Sambelheri
305Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Sambalheri1246N/A
306Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Hussainpur1156Husainpur
307Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Sirsali Khurd751Sirsali Khurd
308Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Sirsali Kalan833Sirsali Kalan
309Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Sirsali Kalan770Sirsali Kalan
310Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Reda532Rera
311Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Delheri1472N/A
312Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-2 Delheri372Dalheri
313Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-3 Delheri1239Dalheri
314Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Mohd.Pur Gada537Mohmmad Gada
315Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number -1 Katla722Abdalpur
316Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Kamra Number -2 Jhhabiran1034Jhabiran
317Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Umahi Rajpoot670Umahi Rajput
318Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Kallerpur Rajpoot772Soobhari
319Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Kachrai1042Kachari
320Prathmik Vidhalay Utteri Bhag Thaska1279Thaska
321Prathmik Vidhalay Dakshini Bhag Thaska816Thaska
322Prathmik Vidhalay Madhay Bhag Thaska729Thaska
323Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Banhera Khemchandpur917Bhanhera Khemchand
324Prathmik Vidhalay Kamra Number-1 Bhojpur1367Bhojpur
325Prathmik Vidhalay Number-2 Kamra Number-1 Mora1080Mora
326Prathmik Vidhalay Number-1 Kamra Number-2 Mora957Mora
328Prathmik Vidhalay Purvi Bhag Tilafra Eanabad1153Tilfara Ainabad
329Prathmik Vidhalay Paschimi Bhag Tilafra Eanabad1263Tilfara Ainabad

Last Updated on June 08, 2020

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