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Polling Booth in Firozabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Firozabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Firozabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Tilak Inter College Arya Nagar Room N.1694Firozabad (NPP)
2Tilak Inter College Arya Nagar Room N.2849Firozabad (NPP)
3Tilak Inter College Arya Nagar Room N.3463Firozabad (NPP)
4Islamia Inter College Arya Nagar Room No.1750Firozabad (NPP)
5Islamia Inter College Arya Nagar Room No.2806Firozabad (NPP)
6Islamia Inter College Arya Nagar Room No.3767Firozabad (NPP)
7Islamia Inter College Arya Nagar Room No.4916Firozabad (NPP)
8Islamia Inter College Arya Nagar Room No.5904Firozabad (NPP)
9Islamia Inter College Arya Nagar Roon No 61236Firozabad (NPP)
10Jatav Dharamsala Mo Ganj625Firozabad (NPP)
11Sushila Brijraj Singh Inter College Mathura Nagar Room No 11228Firozabad (NPP)
12Sushila Brijraj Singh Inter College Mathura Nagar Room No 2790Firozabad (NPP)
13Sushila Brijraj Singh Inter College Mathura Nagar Room No 3729Firozabad (NPP)
14D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 1974Firozabad (NPP)
15D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 21175Firozabad (NPP)
16D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 3374Firozabad (NPP)
17D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 4985Firozabad (NPP)
18D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 51054Firozabad (NPP)
19D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 6659Firozabad (NPP)
20D.A.V. Inter College Kotla Chungi Room.No. 7751Firozabad (NPP)
21S.R.K.Inter College Ramlila Room.No.1939Firozabad (NPP)
22S.R.K.Inter College Ramlila Room.No.2941Firozabad (NPP)
23S.R.K.Inter College Ramlila Room.No.31117Firozabad (NPP)
24S.R.K.Inter College Ramlila Room.No.41459Firozabad (NPP)
25Bharammad Dharamsala Mo Duli Room.No.1693Firozabad (NPP)
26Bharamman Dharamsala Mo Duli Room.No.2473Firozabad (NPP)
27Kastoorba Inter College Durga Nagar Room.No.11418Firozabad (NPP)
28Kastoorba Inter College Durga Nagar Room.No.2983Firozabad (NPP)
29Kastoorba Inter College Durga Nagar Room.No.3640Firozabad (NPP)
30Kastoorba Inter College Durga Nagar Room.No.4771Firozabad (NPP)
31Kastoorba Inter College Durga Nagar Room.No.5703Firozabad (NPP)
32M.G.Balika Inter College Room.No.1809Firozabad (NPP)
33M.G.Balika Inter College Room.No.2806Firozabad (NPP)
34M.G.Balika Inter College Room.No.31066Firozabad (NPP)
35M.G.Balika Inter College Room.No.41041Firozabad (NPP)
36M.G.Balika Inter College Room.No.5924Firozabad (NPP)
37M.G.Balika Inter College Room.No.61092Firozabad (NPP)
38M.G.Balika Digree College Room.No.11020Firozabad (NPP)
39M.G.Balika Digree College Room.No.2799Firozabad (NPP)
40M.G.Balika Digree College Room.No.3877Firozabad (NPP)
41Royal City Public School Karvala Room.No.1708Firozabad (NPP)
42Royal City Public School Karvala Room.No.21005Firozabad (NPP)
43Royal City Public School Karvala Room.No.3906Firozabad (NPP)
44Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.11064Firozabad (NPP)
45Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.21142Firozabad (NPP)
46Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.31171Firozabad (NPP)
47Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.4775Firozabad (NPP)
48Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.51053Firozabad (NPP)
49Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.61195Firozabad (NPP)
50Rastriya Shramik V.Karbala Room.No.7815Firozabad (NPP)
51Nagar Palika Karyalaya Room.No.11238Firozabad (NPP)
52Nagar Palika Karyalaya Room.No.2548Firozabad (NPP)
53Nagar Palika Karyalaya Room.No.3444Firozabad (NPP)
54Digambar Jain College Chndraprabhu Room.No.1882Firozabad (NPP)
55Digambar Jain College Chndraprabhu Room.No.2839Firozabad (NPP)
56Dharamsala Chauban Room.No.11116Firozabad (NPP)
57Dharamsala Chauban Room.No.2803Firozabad (NPP)
58Dharamsala Chauban Room.No.31145Firozabad (NPP)
59Dharamsala Chauban Room.No.41023Firozabad (NPP)
60Jain Dharamsala Chokigate Room.No.1985Firozabad (NPP)
61Jain Dharamsala Chokigate Room.No.21091Firozabad (NPP)
62Jain Dharamsala Chokigate Room.No.3696Firozabad (NPP)
63Ambedkar Dharamsala Mohammadpur Room.No.11040Firozabad (NPP)
64Ambedkar Dharamsala Mohammadpur Room.No.2619Firozabad (NPP)
65Ambedkar Dharamsala Mohammadpur Room.No.3529Firozabad (NPP)
66Mehshri Balmik V. Mo Duli Room.No.1675Firozabad (NPP)
67Mehshri Balmik V. Mo Duli Room.No.2568Firozabad (NPP)
68Sugra Begum Girls Inter College Babu Ji Ki Bagiya Jatavpuri Room..No.1897Firozabad (NPP)
69Sugra Begum Girls Inter College Bagiya Jatavpuri Room..No.2834Firozabad (NPP)
70Sugra Begum Girls Inter College Babu Ji Ki Bagiya Jatavpuri Room..No.3828Firozabad (NPP)
71Sugra Begum Girls Inter College Babu Ji Ki Bagiya Jatavpuri Room..No.41009Firozabad (NPP)
72Alhuda Modern School Rahi Nagar Room.No.11072Firozabad (NPP)
73Alhuda Modern School Rahi Nagar Room.No.2612Firozabad (NPP)
74Dr.Zakir Hussain Junior High School Jhamaiya Tola Room.No.1784Firozabad (NPP)
75Rehbar P.V. Jhamaiya Tola Room.No.1919Firozabad (NPP)
76Rehbar P.V. Jhamaiya Tola Room.No.2661Firozabad (NPP)
77Rehbar P.V. Jhamaiya Tola Room.No.31009Firozabad (NPP)
78P.Pathsala Shesgran Room.No.1767Firozabad (NPP)
79P.Pathsala Shesgran Room.No.2624Firozabad (NPP)
80Jamia Public Junior High School Galib Nagar Room.No.1529Firozabad (NPP)
81Jamia Public Junior High School Galib Nagar Room.No.2577Firozabad (NPP)
82Jamia Public Junior High School Galib Nagar Room.No.3583Firozabad (NPP)
83N.P.P.P. Hajipura Room.No.1871Firozabad (NPP)
84N.P.P.P. Hajipura Room.No.21074Firozabad (NPP)
85N.P.P.P. Hajipura Room.No.3484Firozabad (NPP)
86N.P.P.P. Hajipura Room.No.4858Firozabad (NPP)
87N.P.P.P. Hajipura Room.No.51108Firozabad (NPP)
88Junior High School Hajipura Room.No.11066Firozabad (NPP)
89Junior High School Hajipura Room.No.2791Firozabad (NPP)
90Junior High School Hajipura Room.No.3744Firozabad (NPP)
91Madar Teresa H.School Hajipura Room.No.11125Firozabad (NPP)
92Madar Teresa H.School Hajipura Room.No.21020Firozabad (NPP)
93Lady Fatima Junior High School Hajipura Room.No.11214Firozabad (NPP)
94Alhamd Public School Hajipura Room.No.11232Firozabad (NPP)
95Alhamd Public School Hajipura Room.No.2875Firozabad (NPP)
96Alhamd Public School Hajipura Room.No.31151Firozabad (NPP)
97Alhamd Public School Hajipura Room.No.41061Firozabad (NPP)
98Hali Public School Galib Nagar Room.No.11384Firozabad (NPP)
99Hali Public School Galib Nagar Room.No.2628Firozabad (NPP)
100Hali Public School Galib Nagar Room.No.31294Firozabad (NPP)
101Abbasi School Galib Nagar Room.No.11167Firozabad (NPP)
102Abbasi School Galib Nagar Room.No.21143Firozabad (NPP)
103Abbasi School Galib Nagar Room.No.3810Firozabad (NPP)
104Abbasi School Galib Nagar Room.No.4994Firozabad (NPP)
105Samudayik Barat Ghar Masroor Ganj Room.No.11327Firozabad (NPP)
106Samudayik Barat Ghar Masroor Ganj Room.No.21394Firozabad (NPP)
107Sanjay Gandhi P.V.Rasoolpur Room.No.11014Firozabad (NPP)
108Sanjay Gandhi P.V.Rasoolpur Room.No.21288Firozabad (NPP)
109Gyan Sarovar M.School Rasoolpur Room.No.11082Firozabad (NPP)
110Gyan Sarovar M.School Rasoolpur Room.No.2933Firozabad (NPP)
111Gyan Sarovar M.School Rasoolpur Room.No.3657Firozabad (NPP)
112Gyan Sarovar M.School Rasoolpur Room.No.4934Firozabad (NPP)
113Gyan Sarovar M.School Rasoolpur Room.No.51084Firozabad (NPP)
114Gyan Sarovar M.School Rasoolpur Room.No.6696Firozabad (NPP)
115Mahrshi. Parsuram Junior High School Rasoolpur Room.No.11003Firozabad (NPP)
116Mahrshi. Parsuram Junior High School Rasoolpur Room.No.21242Firozabad (NPP)
117Mahrshi. Parsuram Junior High School Rasoolpur Room.No.3966Firozabad (NPP)
118Mahrshi. Parsuram Junior High School Rasoolpur Room.No.4917Firozabad (NPP)
119Mahrshi. Parsuram Junior High School Rasoolpur Room.No.51035Firozabad (NPP)
120M.R.Public School Naya Rasoolpur Room.No.1760Firozabad (NPP)
121M.R.Public School Naya Rasoolpur Room.No.2960Firozabad (NPP)
122Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.1724Firozabad (NPP)
123Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.2747Firozabad (NPP)
124Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.3779Firozabad (NPP)
125Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.4917Firozabad (NPP)
126Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.5959Firozabad (NPP)
127Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.61011Firozabad (NPP)
128Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.71019Firozabad (NPP)
129Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.81042Firozabad (NPP)
130Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.9874Firozabad (NPP)
131Gopinath Higher Secondari School Pameshwar Gate Room.No.10868Firozabad (NPP)
132Gopinath Inter College Pameshwar Gate Room.No.1956Firozabad (NPP)
133Gopinath Inter College Pameshwar Gate Room.No.2529Firozabad (NPP)
134Gopinath Inter College Pameshwar Gate Room.No.3409Firozabad (NPP)
135Gopinath Inter College Pameshwar Gate Room.No.4680Firozabad (NPP)
136Gopinath Inter College Pameshwar Gate Room.No.5454Firozabad (NPP)
137Agrawal Dharamsala Choti Chapati Room.No.1811Firozabad (NPP)
138Agrawal Dharamsala Choti Chapati Room.No.2708Firozabad (NPP)
139Agrawal Dharamsala Choti Chapati Room.No.3926Firozabad (NPP)
140Agrawal Dharamsala Choti Chapati Room.No.4824Firozabad (NPP)
141P.V. Mo Tila Room.No.1723Firozabad (NPP)
142P.V. Mo Tila Room.No.2562Firozabad (NPP)
143J.P.P.P.Bagiya Room.No.1717Firozabad (NPP)
144J.P.P.P.Bagiya Room.No.2633Firozabad (NPP)
145Shiv Public School Chandwar Gate Room.No.11310Firozabad (NPP)
146Shiv Public School Chandwar Gate Room.No.21249Firozabad (NPP)
147Shiv Public School Chandwar Gate Room.No.3965Firozabad (NPP)
148Shiv Public School Chandwar Gate Room.No.4913Firozabad (NPP)
149Rajkiya Kanya P.P. Chapatikala Room.No.1475Firozabad (NPP)
150Rajkiya Kanya P.P. Chapatikala Room.No.2981Firozabad (NPP)
151Rajkiya Kanya P.P. Chapatikala Room.No.3991Firozabad (NPP)
152Molana Azad Nisba Girls Inter College Mo Gadeya Room.No.11137Firozabad (NPP)
153Molana Azad Nisba Girls Inter College Mo Gadeya Room.No.2820Firozabad (NPP)
154Molana Azad Nisba Girls Inter College Mo Gadeya Room.No.3722Firozabad (NPP)
155Molana Azad Nisba Girls Inter College Mo Gadeya Room.No.4764Firozabad (NPP)
156Molana Azad Nisba Girls Inter College Mo Gadeya Room.No.5539Firozabad (NPP)
157P.Pathsala Kotla Room.No.1999Firozabad (NPP)
158P.Pathsala Kotla Room.No.2912Firozabad (NPP)
159P.Pathsala Kotla Room.No.3922Firozabad (NPP)
160Purani Tehsil Bhawan Room.No.11113Firozabad (NPP)
161Purani Tehsil Bhawan Room.No.2953Firozabad (NPP)
162Purani Tehsil Bhawan Room.No.3989Firozabad (NPP)
163N.P.Kanya P.P. Labour Colony Room.No.1786Firozabad (NPP)
164N.P.Kanya P.P. Labour Colony Room.No.2795Firozabad (NPP)
165N.P.Kanya P.P. Labour Colony Room.No.3759Firozabad (NPP)
166N.P. Balak P.P. Labour Colony Room.No.1927Firozabad (NPP)
167Karyalaya Shram Vibhag Labour Colony Room.No.11422Firozabad (NPP)
168Karyalaya Shram Vibhag Labour Colony Room.No.2911Firozabad (NPP)
169Karyalaya Shram Vibhag Labour Colony Room.No.3879Firozabad (NPP)
170Vivakanand Convent Junior High School Pathar Wali Gali Room.No.11229Firozabad (NPP)
171Vivakanand Convent Junior High School Pathar Wali Gali Room.No.2691Firozabad (NPP)
172Aadinath Junior High School Kotla Room.No.1962Firozabad (NPP)
173Aadinath Junior High School Kotla Room.No.2641Firozabad (NPP)
174Aadinath Junior High School Kotla Room.No.31020Firozabad (NPP)
175Aadinath Junior High School Kotla Room.No.4461Firozabad (NPP)
176Arshi Memorial Junior High School1059Firozabad (NPP)
177Mathur Vaishya Dharamshala Syam Nagar Room.No.11319Firozabad (NPP)
178Mathur Vaishya Dharamshala Syam Nagar Room.No.2917Firozabad (NPP)
179Mathur Vaishya Dharamshala Syam Nagar Room.No.3879Firozabad (NPP)
180Mathur Vaishya Dharamshala Syam Nagar Room.No.4856Firozabad (NPP)
181S.P.Memoriyal School Syam Nagar Room.No.1829Firozabad (NPP)
182S.P.Memoriyal School Shyam Nagar Room.No.21033Firozabad (NPP)
183Suman Sarowar V.Azad Nagar Room.No.1837Firozabad (NPP)
184Suman Sarowar V.Azad Nagar Room.No.2810Firozabad (NPP)
185Kashyap Dharamshala Ram Nagar Room.No.11233Firozabad (NPP)
186Kashyap Dharamshala Ram Nagar Room.No.21255Firozabad (NPP)
187Kashyap Dharamshala Ram Nagar Room.No.31155Firozabad (NPP)
188Bal Bharti School Ram Nagar Room.No.1798Firozabad (NPP)
189Bal Bharti School Ram Nagar Room.No.2992Firozabad (NPP)
190K.K.Junior High School Ram Nagar Room.No.1671Firozabad (NPP)
191K.K.Junior High School Ram Nagar Room.No.2835Firozabad (NPP)
192K.K.Junior High School Ram Nagar Room.No.3857Firozabad (NPP)
193Lalta Prasad School Sant Nagar Room.No.1869Firozabad (NPP)
194Lalta Prasad School Sant Nagar Room.No.2958Firozabad (NPP)
195Lalta Prasad School Sant Nagar Room.No.3684Firozabad (NPP)
196Lalta Prasad School Sant Nagar Room.No.4816Firozabad (NPP)
197Adarsh Shiksha Nikatan Inter College Sarjivan Nagar Room.No.1997Firozabad (NPP)
198Adarsh Shiksha Nikatan Inter College Sarjivan Nagar Room.No.21072Firozabad (NPP)
199Adarsh Shiksha Nikatan Inter College Sarjivan Nagar Room.No.3983Firozabad (NPP)
200Adarsh Shiksha Nikatan Inter College Sarjivan Nagar Room.No.41186Firozabad (NPP)
201R.B.S. Public School Samrat Nagar Room.No.1869Firozabad (NPP)
202R.B.S. Public School Samrat Nagar Room.No.21227Firozabad (NPP)
203Sant Vivakand Montasri School Room.No.1924Firozabad (NPP)
204Sant Vivakand Montasri School Rrom.No.2912Firozabad (NPP)
205Jila Parisad P.P. Sailai Room.No. 11124Firozabad (NPP)
206Jila Parisad P.P. Sailai Room.No. 21395Firozabad (NPP)
207Jila Parisad P.P. Sailai Room.No. 3707Firozabad (NPP)
208Jila Parisad P.P. Sailai Room.No. 4957Firozabad (NPP)
209R.A. Chatrabas Sailai Room.No.1770Firozabad (NPP)
210R.A. Chatrabas Sailai Room.No.2826Firozabad (NPP)
211R.A. Chatrabas Sailai Room.No.31251Firozabad (NPP)
212R.A. Chatrabas Sailai Room.No.41100Firozabad (NPP)
213R.A. Chatrabas Sailai Room.No.51422Firozabad (NPP)
214R.A. Chatrabas Sailai Room.No.61045Firozabad (NPP)
215Junior High School Sailai Room.No.1945Firozabad (NPP)
216Junior High School Sailai Room.No.2794Firozabad (NPP)
217Junior High School Sailai Room.No.3789Firozabad (NPP)
218Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.11339Firozabad (NPP)
219Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.21173Firozabad (NPP)
220Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.31105Firozabad (NPP)
221Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.41083Firozabad (NPP)
222Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.51001Firozabad (NPP)
223Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.61256Firozabad (NPP)
224Gomadevi Inter College Vijay Nagar Room.No.71164Firozabad (NPP)
225P.P. Nagla Bri Mo0 Gajmalpur1195Firozabad (NPP)
226National Junior High School Chaparriya Room.No.11000Firozabad (NPP)
227National Junior High School Chaparriya Room.No.21130Firozabad (NPP)
228National Junior High School Chaparriya Room.No.3968Firozabad (NPP)
229National Junior High School Chaparriya Room.No.4925Firozabad (NPP)
230P.P. Didamai Room.No.1840Firozabad (NPP)
231P.P. Didamai Room.No.2837Firozabad (NPP)
232P.P. Didamai Room.No.3794Firozabad (NPP)
233P.P. Didamai Room.No.4875Firozabad (NPP)
234Sun Flower Junior High School Noor Nagar Room.No.11206Firozabad (NPP)
235Sun Flower Junior High School Noor Nagar Room.No.21390Firozabad (NPP)
236P.M.V. Didamai Room.No.11455Firozabad (NPP)
237P.M.V. Didamai Room.No.21184Firozabad (NPP)
238P.M.V. Didamai Room.No.31085Firozabad (NPP)
239Haji N.K. Public School Ramgarh Road Room.No.11194Firozabad (NPP)
240Haji N.K. Public School Ramgarh Road Room.No.2975Firozabad (NPP)
241Madarsa Talimul Kuran Bilal Nagar Room.No.1872Firozabad (NPP)
242Madarsa Talimul Kuran Bilal Nagar Room.No.2982Firozabad (NPP)
243Madarsa Talimul Kuran Bilal Nagar Room.No.31770Firozabad (NPP)
244Saraswati Shishu Mandir Didamai Room.No.11071Firozabad (NPP)
245Saraswati Shishu Mandir Didamai Room.No.21305Firozabad (NPP)
246Saraswati Shishu Mandir Didamai Room.No.31207Firozabad (NPP)
247Saraswati Shishu Mandir Didamai Room.No.41202Firozabad (NPP)
248Ekta Public School Ajmeri Gate Room.No.1978Firozabad (NPP)
249Ekta Public School Ajmeri Gate Room.No.21183Firozabad (NPP)
250Ekta Public School Ajmeri Gate Room.No.3800Firozabad (NPP)
251Abu Huraira H.S.School Madina Colony Room.No.1530Firozabad (NPP)
252Abu Huraira H.S.School Madina Colony Room.No.21002Firozabad (NPP)
253Abu Huraira H.S.School Madina Colony Room.No.31254Firozabad (NPP)
254Abu Huraira H.S.School Madina Colony Room.No.41149Firozabad (NPP)
255R.S.Gyaneshwari V.P. Didamai Room.No.1478Firozabad (NPP)
256R.S.Gyaneshwari V.P. Didamai Room.No.2502Firozabad (NPP)
257R.S.Gyaneshwari V.P. Didamai Room.No.3734Firozabad (NPP)
258R.S.Gyaneshwari V.P. Didamai Room.No.4469Firozabad (NPP)
259R.S.Gyaneshwari V.P. Didamai Room.No.51159Firozabad (NPP)
260R.S.Gyaneshwari V.P. Didamai Room.No.61209Firozabad (NPP)
261Rehmania Inter College Habibganj Room.No.11204Firozabad (NPP)
262Rehmania Inter College Habibganj Room.No.21244Firozabad (NPP)
263Rehmania Inter College Habibganj Room.No.31584Firozabad (NPP)
264Rehmania Inter College Habibganj Room.No.4543Firozabad (NPP)
265Lakshmidevi Public School Nagla Mirja Chota Room.No.1934Firozabad (NPP)
266Lakshmidevi Public School Nagla Mirja Chota Room.No.2860Firozabad (NPP)
267Panchayat Ghar Muhammadpur Gajmalpur Room.No.11095Firozabad (NPP)
268Panchayatghar Muhammadpur Gajmalpur Room.No.2909Firozabad (NPP)
269Chintaharad P.P.N.Mirja Bada Room.No.1754Firozabad (NPP)
270Chintaharad P.P.N.Mirja Bada Room.No.2911Firozabad (NPP)
271Chintaharad P.P.N.Mirja Bada Room.No.3908Firozabad (NPP)
272Jawaharlal Nehru H.School Eailani Nagar Room.No.11290Firozabad (NPP)
273Jawaharlal Nehru H.School Eailani Nagar Room.No.21125Firozabad (NPP)
274Jawaharlal Nehru H.School Eailani Nagar Room.No.3955Firozabad (NPP)
275Jawaharlal Nehru H.School Eailani Nagar Room.No.41038Firozabad (NPP)
276Jawaharlal Nehru H.School Eailani Nagar Room.No.5836Firozabad (NPP)
277Udal Singh Inter College Aasfabad Room.No.11378Firozabad (NPP)
278Udal Singh Inter College Aasfabad Room.No.21045Firozabad (NPP)
279Udal Singh Inter College Aasfabad Room.No.3773Firozabad (NPP)
280Udal Singh Inter College Aasfabad Room.No.4791Firozabad (NPP)
281B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.1916Firozabad (NPP)
282B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.21361Firozabad (NPP)
283B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.31427Firozabad (NPP)
284B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.4904Firozabad (NPP)
285B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.5814Firozabad (NPP)
286B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.6823Firozabad (NPP)
287B.R.Ambedkar Inter College Nagla Karan Singh Room.No.71131Firozabad (NPP)
288Manav Dayal H.S.School Dakhal Room.No.11270Firozabad (NPP)
289Manav Dayal H.S.School Dakhal Room.No.21351Firozabad (NPP)
290Manav Dayal H.S.School Dakhal Room.No.3799Firozabad (NPP)
291Manav Dayal H.S.School Dakhal Room.No.4799Firozabad (NPP)
292P.P.Tapakala Jalesar Road Room.No.1853Firozabad (NPP)
293P.P.Tapakala Jalesar Road Room.No.2786Firozabad (NPP)
294P.P.Tapakala Jalesar Road Room.No.31065Firozabad (NPP)
295P.P.Tapakala Jalesar Road Room.No.41108Firozabad (NPP)
296Gopishyam Inter College Koshalya Nagar Room.No.11083Firozabad (NPP)
297Gopishyam Inter College Koshalya Nagar Room.No.21159Firozabad (NPP)
298Gopishyam Inter College Koshalya Nagar Room.No.31195Firozabad (NPP)
299Gopishyam Inter College Koshalya Nagar Room.No.41339Firozabad (NPP)
300Kamla Nehru Bal V. Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.11264Firozabad (NPP)
301Kamla Nehru Bal V. Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.21010Firozabad (NPP)
302Kamla Nehru Bal V. Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.31155Firozabad (NPP)
303Kamla Nehru Bal V. Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.41230Firozabad (NPP)
304Kamla Nehru Bal V. Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.5823Firozabad (NPP)
305Kamla Nehru Bal V. Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.61398Firozabad (NPP)
306P.Munshi Maharaj Inter College Vibhav Nagar Room.No.1970Firozabad (NPP)
307P.Munshi Maharaj Inter College Vibhav Nagar Room.No.2715Firozabad (NPP)
308P.Munshi Maharaj Inter College Vibhav Nagar Room.No.31006Firozabad (NPP)
309P.Munshi Maharaj Inter College Vibhav Nagar Room.No.41127Firozabad (NPP)
310Ramanand Inter College Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.11184Firozabad (NPP)
311Ramanand Inter College Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.21413Firozabad (NPP)
312Ramanand Inter College Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.3625Firozabad (NPP)
313Ramanand Inter College Bodhashram Tapakala Room.No.41192Firozabad (NPP)
314Sarojini Naidu Junior High School Bodhaashram Room.No.11232Firozabad (NPP)
315Sarojini Naidu Junior High School Bodhaashram Room.No.21456Firozabad (NPP)
316Sarojini Naidu Junior High School Bodhaashram Room.No.3691Firozabad (NPP)
317Sarojini Naidu Junior High School Bodhaashram Room.No.4854Firozabad (NPP)
318Sarojini Naidu Junior High School Bodhaashram Room.No.5817Firozabad (NPP)
319Brijraj Singh Junior High School Mathura Nagar Room.No.1789Firozabad (NPP)
320Brijraj Singh Junior High School Mathura Nagar Room.No.2806Firozabad (NPP)
321C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.1847Firozabad (NPP)
322C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.2798Firozabad (NPP)
323C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.3818Firozabad (NPP)
324C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.4654Firozabad (NPP)
325C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.5871Firozabad (NPP)
326C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.61474Firozabad (NPP)
327C.L.Jain Digree College Room.No.71014Firozabad (NPP)
328Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.1967Firozabad (NPP)
329Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.2919Firozabad (NPP)
330Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.3912Firozabad (NPP)
331Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.41235Firozabad (NPP)
332Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.51355Firozabad (NPP)
333Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.6825Firozabad (NPP)
334Prof.Rajendra Singh Aavasia V.Suhag Nagar Room.No.7798Firozabad (NPP)
335Saraswati Shishu Mandir Suhag Nagar Room.No.1894Firozabad (NPP)
336Saraswati Shishu Mandir Suhag Nagar Room.No.21019Firozabad (NPP)
337Swami Krishnanand V.Mandir Himaupur Room.No.11112Firozabad (NPP)
338Swami Krishnanand V.Mandir Himaupur Room.No.21123Firozabad (NPP)
339Swami Krishnanand V.Mandir Himaupur Room.No.31271Firozabad (NPP)
340Swami Krishnanand V.Mandir Himaupur Room.No.41261Firozabad (NPP)
341Swami Krishnanand V.Mandir Himaupur Room.No.51249Firozabad (NPP)
342Swami Krishnanand V.Mandir Himaupur Room.No.61291Firozabad (NPP)
343Shyama Devi Inter College Himaupur Room.No11146Firozabad (NPP)
344Shyama Devi Inter College Himaupur Room.No21182Firozabad (NPP)
345Shyama Devi Inter College Himaupur Room.No31462Firozabad (NPP)
346Shyama Devi Inter College Himaupur Room.No41069Firozabad (NPP)
347P.P.Himaupur Room.No.1979Firozabad (NPP)
348P.P.Himaupur Room.No.21420Firozabad (NPP)
349Sarojini Naidu Memoriyal Junior High School Himaupur Room.No.1866Firozabad (NPP)
350Sarojini Naidu Memoriyal Junior High School Himaupur Room.No.2945Firozabad (NPP)
351P.P. Nagla Bhau Room.No.11287Firozabad (NPP)
352P.P. Nagla Bhau Room.No.21352Firozabad (NPP)
353P.P.Rehna606Firozabad (NPP)
354Junior High School Rehna Room.No.1552Firozabad (NPP)
355Junior High School Rehna Room.No.2974Firozabad (NPP)
356Junior High School Rehna Room.No.3843Firozabad (NPP)
357Kuber V.Anand Nagar Jalesar Road787Firozabad (NPP)
358Budhbihar Junior High School Bheem Nagar Room.No.1865Firozabad (NPP)
359Budhbihar Junior High School Bheem Nagar Room.No.2965Firozabad (NPP)
360Budhbihar Junior High School Bheem Nagar Room.No.31144Firozabad (NPP)
361Yadav Dharamsala Mahaveer Nagar Room.No.11177Firozabad (NPP)
362Yadav Dharamsala Mahaveer Nagar Room.No.21352Firozabad (NPP)
363Yadav Dharamsala Mahaveer Nagar Room.No.31281Firozabad (NPP)
364Nardanand Saraswati Shishu Mandir Jagjivan Ramnagar1067Firozabad (NPP)
365Gyan Lok Inter College Suhag Nagar1020Firozabad (NPP)
366Chote Lal Inter College Nagla Vishnu Room.No.11423Firozabad (NPP)
367Chote Lal Inter College Nagla Vishnu Room.No.2997Firozabad (NPP)
368Chote Lal Inter College Nagla Vishnu Room.No.3737Firozabad (NPP)
369Chote Lal Inter College Nagla Vishnu Room.No.4761Firozabad (NPP)
370Chote Lal Inter College Nagla Vishnu Room.No.5957Firozabad (NPP)
371Chote Lal Inter College Nagla Vishnu Room.No.6541Firozabad (NPP)

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