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Polling Booth in Fazilnagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Fazilnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Fazilnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Jangal Siswa Room .No1846Jungle Siswa
2Primary School Jangal Siswa Room. No. 2819Jungle Siswa
3Primary School Jangal Luathha Pashchimi Khand972Jungle Luathaha
4Primary School Jangal Luathha Purvi Khand743Jungle Luathaha
5Primary School Jangal Luathha Kachahri Tola Room No.1714Jungle Luathaha
6Primary School Jangal Luathha Kachahri Tola Room No. 2806Jungle Luathaha
7Primary School Jangal Nawgawa Pashchimi Khand772Jungle Naugawan
8Primary School Jangal Nawgawa Purvi Khand769Jungle Naugawan
9Primary School Jangal Nawagawa Room No. 11114Jungle Naugawan
10Primary School Barwa Babhanaoli1333Babhanauli
11Primary School Kubera Bhuali1079Bhual Patti
12Primary School Narahwadih722Narahwa
13Panchyat Bhawan Maila Narahawa788Narahwa
14Primary School Kirat Patti709Kirat Patti
15Primary School Narahwa Acharaj Dube743Narhwa Achraj Dubey
16Primary School Gobind Patti597Govind Patti
17Primary School Kokil Patti North Khand1320Kokil Patti
18Primary School Kokil Patti Room No. 11290Kokil Patti
19Primary School Kokil Patti South Khand1376Kokil Patti
20Primary School Baikunthpur Room No. 1733Baikunthpur
21Primary School Baikunthpur Room N0.2743Baikunthpur
22Primary School Baikunthpur Room No. 31365Baikunthpur
23Primary School Baikunthpur Extra Room1088Baikunthpur
24Pripary School Ahiroli565Ahiraule
25Pripary School Mathiya Kartagiri1050Badahara Buzurg
26Pripary School Badahara Brit973Badahara Brit
27Pripary School Chirkutha824Lohar Patti
28Pripary School Loharpatti996Lohar Patti
29Pripary School Mathiya Mafi Dakahi Paschimi Khand1163Mathiamafi Urf Dukhi Ganeshpur
30Pripary School Mathiya Mafi Dakahi Purvi Khand1514Mathiamafi Urf Dukhi Ganeshpur
31Pripary School Godriya1239Godaria
32Pripary School North Khand Jangal Vishunpura1143Jangle Bishunpura
33Pripary School South Khand Jangal Vishunpura1191Jangle Bishunpura
34Juniar Haischool Lala Chapara North Khand1513Jangle Lala Chhapra
35Juniar Haischool Lala Chapara South Khand1256Jangle Lala Chhapra
36Pripary School Chaff Room No. 1874Chaf
37Pripary School Chaff Room No. 2843Chaf
38Pripary School Chaff Room No. 31117Chaf
39Pripary School Chaff Extra Room1044Chaf
40Primary School Batroli Dhurkhadwa Room No. 11264Dhokaraha
41Primary School Batroli Dhurkhadwa Room No. 21336Batarauli Dhur Khandwa
42Primary School Shahpur Khalwapatti1466Shapur Khalwa Patti
43Primary School Shahpur Uchakipatti1121Shapur Khalwa Patti
44Primary School Shahpur Maffi451Shahpur Mafi
45Primary School Soharawa562Sorahwa
46Primary School Jangal Shankarpur Uttri Khad792Shankarpur
47Primary School Jangal Shankarpur South Khand700Shankarpur
48Primary School Machariya Bharti607Machhariha Basant Bharati
49Primary School Jangal Ghorath Pashchimi Khand1037Jungle Ghorath
50Primary School Jangal Ghorath Purbi Khand1118Jungle Ghorath
51Primary School Amahi763Amahi
52Juniar Haischool Thadibhar Room No. 1860Thari Bhar
53Juniar Haischool Thadibhar Room No.2872Thari Bhar
54Juniar Haischool Thadibhar Room No.31438Thari Bhar
55Primary School Thadibhar Inderpatti1360Thari Bhar
56Primary School Misoli965Mishrauli
57Juniar Haischool Dudhi Room No. 11265Dudhi
58Juniar Haischool Dudhi Room No.2889Dudhi
59Juniar Haischool Dudhi Room No. 3701Dudhi
60Juniar Haischool Dudhi Room No. 4966Dudhi
61Panchayat Bhawan Dudahi1368Dudhi
62Primary School Padaraun Madurahi Room No. 11373Padraun Madurahi
63Primary School Padaraun Madurahi Room No. 21433Padraun Madurahi
64Primary School Padaraun Madurahi Room No. 31208Padraun Madurahi
65Primary School Padaraun Madurahi Room No. 4975Padraun Madurahi
66Primary School Vishunpur Bariya Ptti Room No 11055Bishunpur Baria Patti
67Primary School Vishunpur Bariya Ptti Room No. 2926Bishunpur Baria Patti
68Primary School Vishunpur Bariya Ptti Room No.3960Bishunpur Baria Patti
69Primary School Prithvipur Room No. 1784Pirathipur
70Primary School Prithvipur Room No. 2739Pirathipur
71Primary School Mathiya Bhokariya1374Mathia Bhakariya
72Primary School Mathiya Bhokariya Purvi Khand1184Mathia Bhakariya
73Primary School Dumahi Uttri Khand902Dumahi
74Primary School Dumahi Uttri Khand Extra Room853Dumahi
75Primary School Dumahi South Khand918Dumahi
76Primary School Jamuaan1301Barwa Rajapakar
77Genda Singh U.M.V Barwa Raja Pakar Room No.1648Barwa Rajapakar
78Genda Singh U.M.V Barwa Raja Pakar Room No.2936Barwa Rajapakar
79Genda Singh U.M. Barwa Raja Pakar Room No. 31525Barwa Rajapakar
80Primary School Barwa Raja Pakar Room No. 11039Barwa Rajapakar
81Primary School Barwa Raja Pakar Room No.2703Barwa Rajapakar
82Primary School Khudura Ahiroli Room No. 1783Khudra-Ahirauli
83Primary School Khudura Ahiroli Room No .2685Khudra-Ahirauli
84Panchayat Bhawan Bagara Rambaksh Rai811Bangara Ram Bux Rai
85Primary School Rajapakar1049Raja Pakar
86Primary School Barampur Uttri Khand937Barampur
87Primary School Barampur South Khand697Barampur
88Primary School Dharampur Room No. 11175Barampur
89Primary School Dharampur Room No. 21123Barampur
90Primary School Vijaypur U. Patti Room No. 11380Bijaipur Uttar Patti
91Primary School Vijaypur U. Patti Room No. 21326Bijaipur Uttar Patti
92Primary School Vijaypur South Patti U. Khand Room No. 11028Bijaipur Dakhin Patti
93Primary School Vijaypur South Patti U. Khand Room No. 2818Bijaipur Dakhin Patti
94Primary School Gurwaliya Room No. 11135Gurwalia
95Primary School Gurwaliya Room No. 2841Gurwalia
96I.C Gurwaliya952Gurwalia
97Primary School Mathiya972Mathia Khurd
98Primary School Srisawa Uttri Khand Room No. 1829Sariswa
99Primary School Srisawa Uttri Khand Room No. 2723Sariswa
100Primary School Maheshpur360Machhariha Daljit Kunwar
101Primary School Machariyadaljit Kuwar884Machhariha Daljit Kunwar
102Primary School Khiriya Purvi Khand1130Khiriya
103Primary School Doghra Room No. 11006Doihara
104Primary School Dhoghra Room No. 21054Doihara
105Primary School Doghra Room No. 3667Doihara
106Primary School Tarvishunpur798Beni Bhar
107Junior High School Semra Hardo Patti Room No. 1987Semara Hardo Patti
108Junior High School Semra Hardo Patti Room No. 2814Semara Hardo Patti
109Panchayat Bhawan Prasad Giri846Pagara Prasad Giri
110Primary School Sapahi Room No. 1980Saphi
111Primary School Sapahi Room No. 2830Tandwa
112Primary School Pagara Padari 11090Pagara Parari
113Primary School Pagara Padari Room No. 2995Pagara Parari
114Primary School Basantpur Haricharan Rai561Pagara Parari
115Primary School Nawgawa821N/A
116Primary School Amarwa Khurd1042Amarwa Khurd
117Primary School Padari Tilak Rai591Padari Bishun Dayal
118Panchyat Bhawan Padari Vishundayal409Padari Bishun Dayal
119Primary School Amarwa Bujurg968Amarwa Buzurg
120Primary School Pakari Gosai1197Pakari Gosai Patti
121Primary School Sapahi Khurd1044Sapahi Khas
122Primary School Khalwa Patti483Khalwa Patti
123Krishak I. C. Sapahi Bujurg1056Sapahi Buzurg
124Primary School Jawar783Jawar
125Primary School Bhaisaha580Bhaisaha
126Primary School Lohalangri682Loh Langari
127Primary School Gagalwa1013Gagalwa
129Primary School Matholi515Mathauli
130Primary School Rajawatiya North Khand897Rajawatia
131Primary School Bagahi Room No. 11194Bagahi
132Primary School Bagahi Room No. 2588Bagahi
133Primary School Narayanpur Ramsahay461Narainpur Raja
134Primary School Balua Takiya655Baluatakia
135Primary School Pataherwa Room No. 1797Patherwa
136Primary School Pataherwa Room No. 2711Patherwa
137Primary School Pataherwa South Khand823Patherwa
138Primary School Pataherwa Extra Room803Patherwa
139Nawajiwan I C Patherawa Room N0. 3494Shahdauli
141Primary School Amawa989Amwa
142Primary School Pipara Kanak Room No. 11436Pipra Kanak
143Primary School Pipara Kanak Room N0. 21340Pipra Kanak
144Primary School Pipara Kanak Room N0. 3788Pipra Kanak
145Primary School Pipara Kanak Room N0. 4794Pipra Kanak
146Primary School Pakhihwa Urf Karjaha737Pakhihawa Urf Karanjaha
147Primary School Karmaha1216Karmaha
148Primary School Jogiya Somali Patti472Jogia Shomli Patti
149Kanya Primary School Jogiya Sumali Patti886Jogia Shomli Patti
150Primary School Jogiya Hicharai892Jogia Hichharai
151Primary School Bardha Panday725Bardha Pandey
152Primary School Basdila Mahanth1025Basdilla Mahant
154Primary School Parsaoni1177Parasaubi Khurd
155Primary School Sultanpur937Sultanpur
156Primary School Vishunpura684Matloob Chapar
157Primary School Ahaladpur Room No. 1979Ahladpur
158Primary School Ahaladpur Room No. 2353Deoria Bishundayal
159Primary School Mahuawa North Khand1340Marawa
160Primary School Mahuawa South Khand699Mahuawa
161Primary School Senduriya Bujurg1358Senduria Buzurg
162Primary School Mogalpura1234Mogalpura
163Primary School Karmaini North Khand Room No. 11388Karmoni
164Primary School Karmaini Sout Khand Room No. 21143Karmoni
165Juniar Haigschool Chandota958Chandravta
166Primary School Chandrota899Chandravta
168Primary School Bhelaya1061Bhelya
169Primary School Tirma Sahun1256Tirama Sahun
170Primary School Korya Bhrlhi683Korya Bhelahi
171Juniar Highschool Sondiya Bujurg Room No. 1890Sondiya Buzurg
172Juniar Highschool Sondiya Bujurg Room No. 2760Sondiya Buzurg
173Primary School Bataraoli597Sapaha
174Primary School Sapaha Room No. 1978Sapaha
175Primary School Bhaluhi772Batrauli
176Primary School Kishundash Patti899Kishun Das Patti
177Primary School Mahuawa Khrud Room No. 11007Mahuawa Khurd
178Primary School Mahuawa Khurd Room No. 2960Mahuawa Khurd
179Primary School Mahuawa Khurd Room No. 3421Madhavpur Khurd
180Primary School Gangitikar973Gangi Tikar
181Primary School Padari580Padari
182Primary School Dewpokhar Room No. 11160Deo Pokhar
183Primary School Dewpokhar Room No. 2638Kishun Deo Patti
184Primary School Lawakush Purab Patti665Lav Kush Purab Patti
185Juniar Highschool Mahuawa Bujurg Room N0. 1905Mahuawa Buzurg
186Juniar Highschool Mahuawa Bujurg Room N0. 2862Mahuawa Buzurg
187Juniar Highschool Mahuawa Bujurg Room N0. 3898Mahuawa Buzurg
188Primary School Mahuawa Bujurg Uttri Khand1007Mahuawa Buzurg
189Primary School Mahuawa Bujurg South Khand897Mahuawa Buzurg
190Primary School Shreeram Patti507Sri Ram Patti
192Primary School Korya North Khand1382Korya
193Primary School Korya South Khand222Korya
194Primary School Parsaoni Khurd929Parasaubi Khurd
195Primary School Tejwaliya955Tejwalia
196Primary School Nakatha Basdila Room No. 1800Nakataha Basdila
197Primary School Nakatha Basdila Room No. 2734Nakataha Basdila
198Kanya Juniar Haischool Amawa Bujuag1120Amawa
199Primary School Amawa Buurg1025Amawa
200Primary School Singha612Singaha
201Primary School Jamuniya Mahuawa694Jamunia Mahuawa
202Primary School Dhanoji775Bhaluha Khas
203Primary School Sirpatkhad489Shripata Khand
204Primary School Kurmota490Kurmota
205Primary School Rudawaliya Room No. 11111Rudawalia
206Primary School Rudawaliya Room No. 2895Rudawalia
207Primary School Amawa Dube839Amawa Dubey
208Primary School Belwa Khurd645Bhaluha Khas
209Primary School Chahu Room No. 11398Chhahun
210Primary School Chahu Room No. 21198Chhahun
211Primary School Jhankol Room No. 11057Jhankaul
212Primary School Jhankol Room No.2608Jhankaul
213Primary School Tenua574Tenua
214Primary School Rautpar1042Rawatpar
215Juniar Haischool Basdila Room No. 1927Basdila
216Juniar Haischool Basdila Room No. 2570Basdila
217Primary School Barwa Sukdew984Barwa Sukhdav
218Primary School Belwa Bujurg Room No. 11168Belwa Buzurg
219Primary School Belwa Bujurg Room No. 2465Belwa Buzurg
220Primary School Fursatpur609Fursatpur
221Primary School Mahason Room No. 11428Mahason
222Primary School Mahason Room No. 21126Mahason
223Primary School Mahuawa Bujurg Room No. 11471Mahuawa Buzurg
224Primary School Mahuawa Bujurg Room No. 21340Mahuawa Buzurg
225Primary School Purandarpur603Purandarpur
226Primary School Lavkush P Patti1293Lav Kush Pashchim Patti
227Primary School Hata843Hata
228Primary School Gaowakhor1340Gaura Khor
231Primary School Dehawa Patti974Dehwa Patti
232Primary School Kripa Patti690Kripa Patti
233Primary School Dhunwaliya1256Dhundhwalia
234Juniar Haischool Sohang Room No. 1984Sohang
235Juniar Haischool Sohang Room No. 2987Sohang
236Primary School Jokwa Kurd757Jokwa Buzurg
237Primary School Gadhiya1488Garahiya
238Juniar Haischool Bairagi Patti556Bairagi Patti
239Primary School Aorwa Sofigang1368Avarwa Safiganj
240Primary School Kuchya973Kuchaya
243Primary School Dhanoji Kala868Dhanauji Kalon
244Juniar Haischool Dhanoji Kala1157Dhanauji Khurd
245Panchyat Bhawan Belawa Chitu Urf Kajipur Room No. 1859Sukarauli
246Panchyat Bhawan Belawa Chitu Urf Kajipur Room No. 2769Belwachhit Urf Kajipur
247Juniar Haischool Fazilnagar Room No. 11085Fazi Nagar (CT)
248Juniar Haischool Fazilnagar Room No. 21001Fazi Nagar (CT)
249Juniar Haischool Fazilnagar Room 31187Fazi Nagar (CT)
250Juniar Haischool Fazilnagar Room No. 41234Fazi Nagar (CT)
261Primary School Saraiya Mahnath Patti Room No. 11011Sariya Mahanth Patti
262Primary School Saraiya Mahnath Patti Room No. 2702Sariya Mahanth Patti
263Primary School Saraiya Mahnath Patti Room No. 3969Sariya Mahanth Patti
264Primary School Dhorahara Room No. 11403Dhaurahara
265Primary School Dhorahara Room No. 2794Dhaurahara
266Primary School Dhorahara Room No. 3723Dhaurahara
267Primary School Kotawa815Kotwa
268Primary School Kajarhi550Karjahi
269H. Primary School1297Rahasujanubi Patti
270Primary School Rahasujanubi Patti Room No. 11455Rahasujanubi Patti
271Primary School Rahasujanubi Patti Room No. 21327Rahasujanubi Patti
272Primary School Rahasu Sumslipatti922Rahasujanubi Patti
273Primary School Kanaora1323Kanaura
275Juniar Haigschool Jaora Manrakhan Room No. 11143Jauramanrakhan
276Primary School Jaora Manrakhan366Jauramanrakhan
277Juniar Haigschool Jaora Manrakhan Room No.21230Jauramanrakhan
278Primary School Noniya Patti Room No. 1808Nonia Patti
279Primary School Noniya Patti Room No. 2868Nonia Patti
280Primary School Parasoni1061Parsauni
282Primary School Dhanaha1003Dhanaha
283Primary School Beili667Beili
284Primary School Matihaniya565Matahiniya
285Primary School Lakchmipur1079Laxmipur
286Primary School Bakulhar Kala551Bakulahar Kalan
287Primary School Bakulhar Khurd493Bakulahar Kalan
288Primary School Mahuawa663Mahuawa
289Primary School Nadawa Vishunpur Room No. 11284Nadwa Bisunpur
290Primary School Nadawa Vishunpur Room No. 21307Nadwa Bisunpur
291Primary School Madhopur1034Madhopur
292Primary School Basdila Durjan504Basdila Durjan
293Primary School Dhekuliya Urf Duboli632Dekuliya
294Primary School Debichak643Dekuliya Urf Duboli
295Primary School Ashogwa Bujurg Room No. 11125Asogawa Buzurg
296Primary School Ashogwa Bujurg Room No. 2743Momin Tekulia
297Juniar Haigschool Badahara1314Barahara
298Primary School Bardaha Bajar1052Barwa Bazar
299S.S.S. Vishunpur Raja931Bishun Pura
300Primary School Belwa Kala1076Belwa Kalan
302S.I.C Katya Mainuddin1087Katya Mainuddin
303Primary School Pokharbhinda729Pokhar Bhinda
304Primary School Taruwanwa Room No. 11341Taruanwa
305Primary School Taruwanwa Room No. 21232Taruanwa
306Primary School Taruwanwa Room No. 31463Taruanwa
307Primary School Bhatwaliya495Bhatwalia
308Primary School Chaora Ram Tawakal Shahi876Chaura Ramtawakalshahi
309Primary School Chaora Khas619Chaura Khas
310Primary School Patkhaoli1141Pathkhauli
311Primary School Kasturba861Kasturba
312Primary School Pachrukhiya Room No. 11310Pacharukhia
313Primary School Pachrukhiya Room No. 21407Pacharukhia
314Primary School Pachrukhiya Room No. 3391Pacharukhia
315Primary School Bhadsarwa855Batesara
316Primary School Khairatiya Room No. 1752Khairatia
317Primary School Khairatiya Room No. 2760Khairatia
318Primary School Bhathawa1202Bhathawa
319Primary School Narayenpur Kothi1204Narainpur
320Primary School Sankarpatti692Shanker Patti
321Primary School Chakiya473Chakia
322Juniar Haigschool Sumahi Bujurg Room No. 11200Sumahi Buzurg
323Juniar Haigschool Sumahi Bujurg Room No. 21151Sumahi Buzurg
324Primary School Sumahi Khurd620Sumahi Khurd
325Primary School Pampur Urf Khusihal Tola860Rampur Urf Khushihal Tola
326Juniar Haihschool Lakchmipur868Laxmipur Misra
327K.M.I.C. Vishunpur Shekhjarlli356Bishunpur Shekh Fazalali
328Primary School Darjiya322Darajiya
329Juniar Haischool Arusawa438Arusawa
330Primary School Usamanpur Room No. 1891Asmanpur
331Primary School Usamanpur Room No. 21328Asmanpur
332Primary School Chattu Kateya981Chhatthu Katya
333Primary School Mundera1109Mundera
334Primary School Bhathahi Dariyaw Tola Room No. 11087Bhathahi Daria Tola
335Primary School Bhathahi Dariyaw Tola Room No. 21120Bhathahi Daria Tola
336A.B.P.I.C.Nakataha Urf Harihar Chapra Room No. 1872Nakataha Urf Harihar Chhapar
337A.B.P.I.C.Nakataha Urf Harihar Chapra Room No. 2540Nakataha Urf Harihar Chhapar
338Bahuddeshiya Bhawan Bhanpur Room No. 1711Manpur
339Bahuddeshiy Bhawan Bhanpur Room No. 2796Manpur
340Primary School Farendha1250Farendaha
341Juniar Haischool Baduraw Room No.11273Badwrav
342Juniar Haischool Baduraw Room No. 21029Badwrav
343Primary School Nathapatti Room No. 11425Natha Patti
344Primary School Nathapatti Room No. 2315Natha Patti
345Primary School Loharwaliya954Loharwalia
346Primary School Baliyawa Room No. 1654Baliawa
347Primary School Baliyawa Room No. 21431Baliawa
348Primary School Bhathahi Bujurg1090Bhathahi Buzurg
349Primary School Bhathahi Khurd944Bhathahi Buzurg
350Panchayat Bhawan Belwa Alam Das Room No. 11328Belwa Alamdas
351Panchayat Bhawan Belwa Alam Das Room No .2370Belwa Alamdas
352Primary School Dulduliya505Dul Dulia
353Primary School Sherpur Badahara1336Sherpur Badahara
354J.S.I.C. Narayanpur (Chainpur)1130Chainpur
355Juniar Haischool Bankata Bajar Room No. 11396Bankata Bazar
356Juniar Haischool Bankata Bajar Room No. 21105Bankata Bazar
357Primary School Koilasawa Bujurg Room No.836Koilaswa Bazar
358Primary School Koilasawa Bujurg Room No. 2693Koilaswa Bazar
359Primary School Koilasawa Bujurg955Koilaswa Bazar
360Juniar Haischool Koilasawa Bujurg Room No. 11366Koilaswa Bazar
361Juniar Haischool Koilasawa Bujurg Room No. 21436Koilaswa Bazar

Last Updated on June 08, 2020
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