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Polling Booth in Fatehabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Fatehabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Fatehabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Mubarikpur R.No.1801Mubarikpur
2Primary School Mubarikpur R.No.2528Mubarikpur
3Primary School Garhi Nauhvar R.No.1604Garhi Nauhvar
4Primary School Garhi Usra R.No.1777Usara
5Primary School Bagiya Syamlal R.No.1701Bagia Shyamlal
6Primary School Singecha R.No.1838Singaicha
7Primary School Kurrachittarpur R.No.11131Shala
8Primary School Kurrachittarpur R.No.21021Kurra Chitterpur
9Anup Kanya School Kurrachittarpur R.No.1976Kurra Chitterpur
10Primary School Gauharpur R.No.1853Karahi
11Purva Middle School Todra R.No.1986Dhirampura
12Purva Middle School Todra R.No.2888Singaicha
13Primary School Garhi Udda (Todra)R.No.1826Garhi Uda
14Primary School Shala (Todra)R.No.1835Karaudhna
15Primary School Karaudhna Khurd R.No.1681Garhi Ramsukh
16Primary School Karaudhna Khurd R.No.2537Karaudhna
17Purva Middle School Karuadhna Kala R.No.1981Karaudhna Kalan
18Kanya Primary School Karodhana Kalan R.No.1704Karaudhna
19Primary School Visairi Gorva R.No.11160Garhi Jahan Singh
20Primary School Garhi Mohanlal R.No.1548Therai
21Primary School Therai R.No.1731Garhipatria
22Primary School Therai R.No.2735Therai
23Primary School Phoolpur R.No.11149Phulpur
24Primary School Dheemar Pura R.No.1804Phulpur
25Primary School Garhi Gajindra R.N0.1915Garhi Gajinda
26Primary School Inayatpur R.No.1826Inayatpur
27Primary School Inayatpur R.No.2610Inayatpur
28Kanya Primary School Nagla Patam R.No.1664Nagla Patam
30Kanya Primary School Nagla Patam R.No.21034Mansapura
31Primary School Vas Dansahay R.No.1650Nagla Patam
32Primary School Dabrai R.No.1537Dabari
33Primary School Duliya Pura R.No.1612Dabari
34Primary School Luhaita R.No.1610Loheta
35Primary School Thanapura R.No.1966Loheta
36Primary School Tor R.No.1??
37Primary School Tor R.No.2737Tor
38Primary School Sevla Aheer R.No. 1489Seola Ahir
39Purva Middle School Gadauli Khurd R.No.1978Gadoli Kalan
40Primary School Lehra R.No.11011Nagla Mawa
41Primary School Lehra R.No.2744Lahara
42Primary School Nagla Bhikki R.No.1875Nagla Bhikki
43Primary School Hirner R.No.1921Hirner Newadakhera
44Primary School Hirner R.No.21077Hirner
45Primary School Navada R.No.1707Hirner Newadakhera
46Primary School Kheda R.No.11172Khera
47Primary School Garhi Jahan Singh R.No.21147Hirner Newadakhera
48Primary School Bakalpur Extra Room 1934Bakalpur
49Purva Middle School Nagla Surajbhan R.No.11170Nagla Suraj Bhan
50Purva Middle School Nagla Surajbhan R.No.21086Siktara
51Primary School Bada Gaun (Siktara) R.No.1899Bada Gaon
52Primary School Bada Gaun (Siktara) R.No.2647Siktara
53Primary School Garhi Baldev R.No.1599Ikalas Pura Upagaon Siktara
54Primary School Garhilal Kalan R.No.1765Siktara
55Primary School Garhi Shreepati R.No.1544Gadhi Shripati
56Primary School Lakurani R.No.11124Lakhurani
57Primary School Lakurani R.No.2564Lakhurani
58Primary School Shekhupur R.No.1372Dhamaina
59Primary School Jharpura R.No.1696Bisauri Gaurwa
61Primary School Heerapura(Banjarapura R.No.1)758Shekhupur
62Purva Middle School Meerpur R.No.11212Kalupura
63Primary School Luhari R.No.1878Lohari Iradatnagar
64Primary School Lihari R.No.2807Lohari Iradatnagar
65Primary School Beekapur R.No.1961Bikapura
66Primary School Thapkharga R.No.1670Thap Khargh
67Primary School Isauli R.No.1680Isauli
68Primary School Isauli R.No.2667Isauli
69Primary School Gulba Pura R.No.1861Thap Mahadwari
70Primary School Shankarpur R.No.1331Shankarpur
71Primary School Nayavas R.No.11021Thana Shankar Dwari
72Primary School Chandora R.No.1522Chandora
73Primary School Nayavas R.No.2857Thana Shankar Dwari
74Primary School Char Visva R.No. 1520Cha Vishwa
75Primary School Garhi Khanderao R.No.1645Garhikhanderav
76Primary School Shahpur R.No.1639Shahpur Toola
77Primary School Toola R.No.1587Toola
78Purva Middle School Gubrari R.No.1634Garhi Kesari
79Primary School Nayapura R.No.1994Gubrari
80Primary School Garhi Parsa R.No.1403Garhi Parsa
81Primary School Garhi Parsa R.No.2509Lohari Iradatnagar
82Primary School Lehar Patti Lehar R.No.11066Madanpura
83Primary School Mehrampur R.No.11535Maharampur
84Primary School Vas Mahua R.No.1883Maharampur
85Primary School Mehrampur R.No.2956Nagla Tihaia
86Primary School Kothi Char Bigha R.No.1557Nagla Dhir
87Primary School Nagla Dheer R.No.1473Kothi Charbigha
88Purva Middle School Atmadpur Ajnera R.No.11007Garh Marhaia
89Primary School Kareempura R.No.1212Etmadpur Ajnera
90Primary School Kankarpur R.No.1594Mukitpura
91Primary School Vas Daulatram R.No.1807Etmadpur Ajnera
92A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.11291Shamsabad (NPP)
93A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.21031Shamsabad (NPP)
94A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.3886Shamsabad (NPP)
95A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.41344Shamsabad (NPP)
96Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.No.1484Shamsabad (NPP)
97Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.No.21028Shamsabad (NPP)
98Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.No.3857Shamsabad (NPP)
99Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.11061Shamsabad (NPP)
100Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.2760Shamsabad (NPP)
101Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.31103Shamsabad (NPP)
102Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.4773Shamsabad (NPP)
103Kanya Purva Middle School R.No.1682Shamsabad (NPP)
104Kanya Purva Middle School R.No.21119Shamsabad (NPP)
105Kanya Purva Middle School R.No.3405Shamsabad (NPP)
106Primary School Shamshabad R.No.11091Shamsabad (NPP)
107Aadarsh Junior High School Shamshabad R.No.11041Shamsabad (NPP)
108Aadarsh Junior High School Shamshabad R.No.21002Shamsabad (NPP)
109Aadarsh Junior High School Shamshabad R.No.3835Shamsabad (NPP)
110Primary School Bhanpura R.No.1769Bhanpura
111Meeting Hall Block Shamshabad963Muzaffarpur
112Panchayat Ghar Patti Shekhupur Jatav Basti1491Patti Shaikhupur
113Primary School Jaroli R.No.1950Basakhedas
114Primary School Jaroli R.No.2528Jarauli
115Primary School Garhi Thana R.No.1295Garhithana
116Primary School Chitora R.No.11095Chitaura
117Primary School Chitora R.No.21015Chitaura
118Purva Middle School Chitora R.No.1514Chitaura
119Primary School Garhi Dharjeet R.No.1295Chitaura
120Primary School Garhi Gusain R.No.1434Garhigosai
121Primary School Sudrai R.No.11023Sudhrai
122Primary School Shankar Pur R.No.1455Sudhrai
123Primary School Madi (Koulari)R.No.1832Kolari
124Primary School Kaulari R.No.11140Malhaila
125Purva Middle School Uncha R.No.11059Uncha
126Purva Middle School Uncha R.No.21005Uncha
127Primary School Banguri R.No.1836Banguri
128Primary School Banguri R.No.2813Banguri
129Primary School Lakhan Pur R.No.1442Lakhanpur
130Primary School Pavsar R.No.11052Pauser
131Primary School Sevla Gorva R.No.1878Seola Gaurwa
132Primary School Garhi Thakur Das R.No.1210Seola Gaurwa
133Primary School Kaulara Kalan R.No.1818Kolara Kalan
134Primary School Kaulara Kalan R.No.2629Kolara Kalan
135Purva Middle School Kaulara Kalan R.No.1672Kolara Kalan
136Primary School Madhi R.N.11338Nagla Hare
137Primary School Nagriya R.No.11029Kolara Kalan
138Primary School Putha Jheel Kaularakalan R.No.1428Putha
139Primary School Garhi Shisupal R.No.1547Kolara Kalan
140Primary School Mutnai R.No.1992Mutnai
141Primary School Guda R.No.1728Gurha
142Primary School Garhi Bhajje R.No.1456Gurha
143Primary School Nari Kankar R.No.1566Nari
144Primary School Dauki R.No.1941Gurha
145Primary School Dauki R.No.21167Dauki
146Primary School Dauki R.No.3682Gurha
147Primary School Chamarpura R.No.1774Nagla Jagmohan
148Primary School Nagla Aman R.No.1677Gurha
149Primary School Jainagar R.No.11512Jai Nagar
150Primary School Vidrai R.No.1537Bidrai
151Primary School Kaulara Khurd R.No.11128Kolara Khurd
152Primary School Garhi Rampal R.No.1777Barobara Khurd
153Primary School Badovra Khurd R.No.11075Barobara Khurd
154Primary School Badovra Khurd R.No.2745Barobara Khurd
155Primary School Badovra Kalan R.No.11292Barobara Kalan
156Primary School Badovra Kalan R.No.2523Barobara Kalan
157Primary School Nagla Shadi R.No.1664Nagla Shadhi
158Primary School Majhara R.No.1571Dhanaula Kalan
159Panchayat Ghar Kutuk Pur Rohai844Kutakpur Rohai
160Primary School Kutuk Pur Rohai R.No.1980Kutakpur Rohai
161Primary School Mohan Pur R.No.1422Kutakpur Rohai
162Primary School Himanyupur Rohai R.No.11314Pura Surajmal
163Primary School Pura Shah R.No.1499Dhanaula Kalan
164Primary School Garhi Dharam Jeet R.No.11105Nagaru
165Primary School Lokas R.No.1874Dhanaula Kalan
166Primary School Pura Panchah R.No.11148Garhi Bhagatu
167Primary School Garhi Ganesh R.No.1337Dhanaula Kalan
168Primary School Rohaikhashr.No.1921Kotra
169Primary School Paltua Pura R.No.1758Rohai Khas
170Primary School Rampur R.No.1655Rampura
171Primary School Dhariai R.No.1521Rampura
172Primary School Dandaniya Pura R.No.1980Dandnia Pura
174Primary School Gadarpura R.No.1479Nagariya
175Primary School Heerapura R.No.1630Hirapura
176Panchayat Ghar Chamrauli R.No.1820Chamrauli
177Purva Middle School Bilaipura R.No.2831Chamrauli
179Primary School Garhi Gusain R.No.2473Chamrauli
180D.A.V. Inter College Dhimshree R.No.1820Dhimsiri
181D.A.V. Inter College Dhimshree R.No.2990Dhimsiri
182D.A.V. Inter College Dhimshree R.No.31170Dhimsiri
183Primary School Nagla Jamuni Bhan R.No.1566Dhimsiri
184Sarvjanik Milan Kendra Peetapura R.No.1871Jharpura
185Primary School Nagla Turshi R.No.11206Dhimsiri
186Primary School Vas Bale R.No.1810Basevale
187Primary School Vas Bale R.No.2587Dhimsiri
188Purva Middle School Paintikheda R.No.11111Penti Khera
189Purva Middle School Paintikheda R.No.21123Penti Khera
190Primary School Garhi Paras Ram R.No.11062Garhiparas Ram
191Purva Middle School Neevri Gajiya R.No.1693Nivari Gajia
192Purva Middle School Neevri Gajiya R.No.2717Penti Khera
193Primary School Netpura R.No.1608Majhtila
194Primary School Nagla Behad (Mevlikalan) R.No.11057Mewali Kalan
195Primary School Rabar1240Galhaipura
196Primary School Nagla Bada R.No.1828Nagla Bada
197Primary School Nagla Bada R.No.2541Mewali Kalan
198Primary School Bajid Pur R.No.1733Wazidpur
199Primary School Bajid Pur R.No.2576Wazidpur
200Primary School Pura Durji R.No.1789Wazidpur
201Primary School Pura Durji R.No.2536Pura Ase
202Purva Middle School Bajid Pur292Wazidpur
203Primary School Shala Mandir R.No.1649Nagla Vise
204Panchayat Ghar Nagla Made R.No.1439Wazidpur
205Primary School Kotra R.No.1256Kotara
206Primary School Mutabai R.No.1862Mutawai
207Primary School Bhata Ki Peepri R.No.1549Bhata Ki Pipari
208Primary School Nagla Devhans R.No.11103Mewali Khurd
209Purva Middle School Garhi Kishan R.No.1526Garhi Thakur Das
210Purva Middle School Garhi Kishan R.No.2734Mewali Khurd
211Primary School Nagla Kadam (Sikrara) R.No.1277Naglakadam
212Primary School Sikrara R.No.1863Sikrara
213Primary School Varipura R.No.1399Baripura
214Primary School Nagla Gadriya R.No.1692Nagla Gadria
215Primary School Madayna R.No.1882Maraina
216Primary School Kalyanpur R.No.1589Kalayan Pur
217Primary School Puthpura (Kalyanpur) R.No.1682Kalayan Pur
218Primary School Jagrajpur R.No.1599Jagraj Pura
219Primary School Jagrajpur R.No.21034Jagraj Pura
220Primary School Ranpura R.No.1554Ran Pura
221Primary School Tanshpura R.No.1588Tas Pura
222Primary School Gangora R.No.1570Gangaura
223Primary School Salempur Mudiya R.No.1890Salempur Muria
224Primary School Ghaghpura R.No.1708Ghaghpura
225Primary School Mohammad Pur R.No.1841Mohammadpur
226Primary School Koompura R.No.1644Koomppura
227Primary School Kanhapura R.No.1757Kanharpura
228Primary School Pura Banjara R.No.1456Kanharpura
229Purva Middle School Maharajpur R.No.11315Hinsaki
230Primary School Musepur R.No.1812Musepura
231Primary School Neechakheda R.N1066Nichakhera
232Primary School Raipura R.No.1582Raipura
233Primary School Pokhariya R.No.1607Nichakhera
234Primary School Jatpura R.No.1996Jatpura
235Primary School Bhogpura R.No.1698Bhogpur
236Primary School Pura Doctor R.No.1534Nibohra
237Primary School Garhi Jahan R.No.1635Garhi Jahan
238Primary School Nibohra R.No.1657Nibohra
239Purva Middle School Nibohra R.No.1672Nibohra
240Primary School Pura Nehra R.No.1906Puranehra
241Primary School Shahved R.No.1589Shahved
242Primary School Pura Nanda R.No.1568Purananda
243Primary School Pathar Kot R.No.1920Bilpura
244Primary School Kankarpura R.No.11306Kankarpura
245Primary School Ramgarh R.No.11220Ramgarh
246Primary School Choti Basai R.No.11124Basai
247Primary School Salempur Dhankar R.No.11050Salempur Ghankar
248Primary School Salempur Dhankar R.No.2744Salempur Ghankar
249Purva Middle School Paliya R.No.1906Garhi Godana
250Primary School Garhi Godhna R.No.1291Paliya
251Primary School Partappura R.No.1885Pratap Pura
252Primary School Partappura R.No.2711Pratap Pura
253Primary School Bichaula R.No.11001Garhi Gusai
254Primary School Chatariya Pura R.No.1713Chhatriapura
255Purva Middle School Nagarchand R.No.1489Nagar Chand
256Purva Middle School Nagarchand R.No.2874Nagar Chand
257Panchayat Ghar Behdi722Bamrauli
258Primary School Bamrauli R.No.1854Bamrauli
259Primary School Parauli Sikarvar R.No.1991Paroli Sikarwar
260Primary School Parauli Sikarvar R.No.21194Paroli Sikarwar
261Purva Middle School Idaun R.No.11376Indon
262Primary School Meethpura R.No.11200Marhaia Badshah
263Primary School Dhorra R.No.11282Dhaurra
264Primary School Kripalpura R.No.1718Garh
265Primary School Kripalpura R.No.2816Krapal Pura
266Primary School Rasulpur R.No.11456Rasulpur
267Purva Middle School Rasulpur R.No.1279Rasulpur
268Primary School Mohanpur (Bharapur) R.No.1925Bharapur
269Primary School Bholpura R.No.1497Mallapura
270Uchch Primary School First 1Fatehabad R.No.11027Fatehabad (NP)
271Uchch Primary School First 1Fatehabad R.No.2774Fatehabad (NP)
272A.B.S.A. Office Fatehabad R.No.1931Fatehabad (NP)
273A.B.S.A. Office Fatehabad R.No.2765Fatehabad (NP)
274Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.1685Fatehabad (NP)
275Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.2561Fatehabad (NP)
276Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.3841Fatehabad (NP)
277Saraswati Gyan Mandir Bye Pass Road Fatehabad R.No.1815Fatehabad (NP)
278Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.4976Fatehabad (NP)
279Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.11174Fatehabad (NP)
280Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.2898Fatehabad (NP)
281Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.3703Fatehabad (NP)
282Purani Tehsil Bhavan Fatehabad R.No.1515Fatehabad (NP)
283Primary Kanya School Fatehabad1380Fatehabad (NP)
285Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.41261Fatehabad (NP)
286Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.51105Garhi Dariyab
287Primary School Garhi Dariyab R.No.1445Ambedakar Nagar
288Primary School Sarangpur R.No.1574Sarangpur
289Primary School Sarangpur R.No.2813Sarangpur
290Aarya Vedik School Kutukpur Gola R.No.1780Kutakpur Gaula
291Primary School Garhi Udayraj R.No.11266Jhumraipura
292Purva Middle School Lalpura R.No.1755Bihari
293Primary School Garhi Koomra R.No.1921Grhikumara
294Primary School Nagar R.No.11089Nagar
295Primary School Bhadaura R.No.1330Punnapura
296Primary School Bheekan Pur R.No.1843Bhikanpur
297Primary School Jawaharpur R.No.1270Jawaharpur
298Primary School Teekatpura(Khander) R.No.11217Khandar
299Primary School Tursipura R.No.1553Tursipura
301Primary School Pura Bijaul R.No.1937Vijolpura
302Primary School Chachipura R.No.1827Khandar
304Primary School Nagla Bhogli(Jarari) R.No.1515Jarari
305Purva Middle School Jarari R.No.1915Jarari
306Primary School Gubrauth R.No.11000Gubrauth
307Primary School Naugavan R.No.1602Puraandaua
308Primary School Kheda Jawahar R.No.1680Khera Jawahar
309Primary School Himanyupur Gujar R.No.1414Humayonpur Gujar
310Primary School Kachpura R.No.1627Humayonpur Gujar
312Purva Middle School Bhalokhra R.No.1768Bhalokhara
313Primary School Nagla Lohiya R.No.1832Nagla Lohiya
314Primary School Ujhavali R.No.1661Pokhar Ujhawali
315Primary School Aai 929Aie
316Primary School Pinnapura R.No.1958Aie
317Primary School Nagla Hazi R.No.1355Nagla Haji
318Primary School Charrpura R.No.1703Nagla Haji
319Purva Middle School Muraval R.No.1633Murawal
320Primary School Dharapura R.No.1570Shahidpur
321Primary School Mehra Choudhary R.No.1850Mahra Chaudhri
322Primary School Jalalpur R.No.1622Jalalpur
323Primary School Swara R.No.1190Swara
324Purva Middle School Pakkapura R.No.11071Luhari Fatehabad
325Primary School 6 Visva R.No.1567Char Biswa
326Primary School Rooppur R.No.1878Ruppur
327Primary School Gattpura R.No.1809Babarpur
328Primary School Tibaha R.No.1980Bikrampur
329Primary School Tadawali R.No.1443Luhari Fatehabad
330Primary School Sankuri Khurd R.No.1824Sankuri Khurd
331Primary School Bilauni R.No.1969Rajapura
332Primary School Sankuri Khurd R.No.2585Biloni
333Primary School Sankuri Kalan R.No.1771Kotra
334Primary School Silawali R.No.1651Silauli
335Primary School Bagediya Dhanaulakhurd R.No.1510Bagedia
336Primary School Begumpur R.No.1665Begampur
337Primary School Nagla Mawai R.No.1881Thipura
338Primary School Tarauli Gujar R.No.1486Tarauli Gujar
339Primary School Rihawali R.No.11116Rihauli
340Purva Middle School Varna R.No.11264Barna
341Primary School Gurja Nandan R.No.1589Tarauli Gujar

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