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Polling Booth in Faridpur Assembly Constituency

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Faridpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Faridpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Faridpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
2Pri.Pat. Udaypur Ganeshkhera722Richa
3Pri.Pat. Padhauli788Padoli
4Ambedkar B.I.C. Bhuta R.N.11153Umedpur Bhuta
5Ambedkar B.I.C. Bhuta R.N.2913Umedpur Bhuta
6Ambedkar B.I.C. Bhuta R.N.3991Umedpur Bhuta
7Ambedkar B.I.C. Bhuta R.N.4977Umedpur Bhuta
8Pri.Pat.Ladpur Mudiya1313Ladpur Mudia
9Pri.Pat.Daulatpur Karena Room. No.11038Dalautpur Karena
10Pri.Pat.Daulatpur Karena Room. No.2650Dalautpur Karena
11Pri.Pat. Dandiya Hetram398Dandia Hetram
12Pri.Pat.Gajnera Room. No.11082Gajnera
13Pri.Pat.Gajnera Room. No.2541Gajnera
15Pri.Pat. Ahirola864Ahrola
16Pri.Pat.Brahampur Mo. Husain601Brahampur Husain
17Ju. Hai. Angadpur Khamriya640Angadpur Khamria
19Pri.Pat.Banjariya Ei. Gajnera347Banjria Ilaka Gajnera
20Pri.Pat. Khardha Ik. Gajnera535Khardaha Gajnera
21Pri.Pat. Magrasa Room. No.1924Magrasha
22Pri.Pat. Magrasa Room. No.2725Magrasha
23Pri.Pat.Varnai Kesaupur696Barnai Keshowpur
24Pri.Pat. Kuiyan Rampur569Kuiya Rampur
25Hai. Sec. School Rampura Praveen1119Rampur Pravin
27Ju. Hai. School.Rupapur487Rupapur
28Pri.Pat.Kakraklan1369Kakra Kala
30Pri.Pat.Girdharpur Jaydevram649Girdharpur Jai Davram
32Pri.Pat.Dabhora Ta. Ganagapur1025Gangapur Taluka Damora
33Pri.Pat.Rasoolpur Bahanpur1161Rashulpur Bahanpur
34Pri.Pat.Dandiya Navajish Ali874Dandia Nawzis Ali
35Pri.Pat.Simra Bahor Nagla654Simra Bahosar Nagla
37Pri.Pat.Amrta Ik. Budhauli452Amirta Ilaka Budholi
39Pri.Pat.Kakra Khurd792Kakra Khurd
41Pri.Pat.Itauriya Jalalpur540Itauri Jalalpur
44Pri.Pat.Sekhapur R.N.11022Shekhapur
45Pri.Pat.Sekhapur R.N.2543Shekhapur
46Ju. Hai.Veval Varkatpur R.N.11452Bewel Barkatpur
47Ju. Hai. Veval Varkatpur R.N.2427Bewel Barkatpur
49Pri.Pat.Mahauliya Jalalpur568Maholia Patti Jalalpur
51Pri.Pat.Budhauli R.N.11354Budhauli
52Pri.Pat.Budhauli R.N.2657Budhauli
53Pri.Pat.Bharatpur Urf Agara569Bharatpur Urf Agra
56Pri.Pat.Khardha Ik. Kunatanda568Khardaha Ilaka Kuan Danda
57Block Karyala Kunatanda851Kuan Danda
60Pri.Pat.Udaypur Bhikampur495Udaipur Bhikampur
61Pri.Pat.Simra Kesavpur739Simra Keshopur
62Pri.Pat.Hajipur Khajuriya946Hazipur Khjooria
63Pri.Pat.Sunaura Murarpur1000Sunaura Murarpur
64Pri.Pat. Mankapur547Mankapur
65Pri.Pat.Kanjachkerpur625Kanja Chakarpur
67Pri.Pat.Raval Kla Khurd532RAWAL KALA Khurd
68Pri. Pat.Maheshpur615Maheshpur
69Ju.Hai. School.Fajnagar Room No. 1999Faiz Nagaar
70Ju.Hai. School.Fajnagar Room No. 2889Faiz Nagaar
71Ju.Hai. School.Fajnagar Room No. 31284Faiz Nagaar
72Pri. Pat.Mackpurklan671Mekpur Kala
73Pri. Pat.Mirjapur847Mirzapur
74Ju.Hai. School Guladiya Hajarilal680Gularia Hazari
75Pri. Pat.Mallhpur Room No. 11083Malahpur
76Pri. Pat.Mallhpur Room No. 21135Malahpur
77Pri. Pat.Sahjanpur Hetram1145Shajanpur Hetram
78Ju.Hai.R.N.1 Khajuriya Sampat1107Khajuria Shampat
79Ju.Hai.Khajuriya Sampat Room No. 2968Khajuria Shampat
80Pri. Pat. Biharipur669Bihari Pur
81Pri. Pat. Bahgulpur706Bahgulpur
83Pri.Pat.Bhagwanpur Niyamatulla720Bhawanpur Niamatullah
84Pri.Pat.Barua Husainpur592Barua Husanpur
85Pri.Pat. Bhagwanpur Ek. Zihi614Bhagwanpur Jihi
86Pri.Pat.Kalyanpur Ta. Inayatpur696Mekpur Kala
87Ju.Hai.Mehtarpur Karod Room No. 1838Mehtarpur Karor
88Ju.Hai.Mehtarpur Karod Room No. 2916Mehtarpur Karor
89Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Bhojpur Ramnath610Bhojpur Ram Nath
91Pri.Pat.Bhajpur Ramnath Room No. 2666Bhojpur Ram Nath
92Pri.Pat.Bahadurpur Karod651Bhadurpur Karor
94Pri.Pat.Veerpur Ek. Metarpur762Birpur Ilaka Mehtarpur
95Pri.Pat.Hardaypur Urf Andharpura887Hardevpur Urf Andharpur
96Ju.Hai.Rajauparspur Room No. 11325Rajau Paraspur
97Ju.Hai.Rajauparspur Room No. 21333Rajau Paraspur
99Pri.Pat.Karanpur Elaka. Jed520Karanpur Ilaka Shankarpur
102Pri.Pat.Navadiya Dehajabti405Nawadia Deha Jabti
105Pri.Pat.Matiya Nagla467Matiya Nagla
106Pri.Pat.Diyothoka396D Dhoka
107Pri.Pat.Jagniya Harchal Muhal1063Jiganiya Harchahar Muhal
108Pri.Pat.Kiratpur Parewa691Kiratpur Parewa
111Ka.Ju. Hai.Jed Room No. 1788Jerh
112Ka.Ju. Hai.Jed Room No. 3771Jerh
113Ka.Ju. Hai.Jed Room No. 2767Jerh
114Pri.Pat. Jed Room No. 2747Jerh
115Pri.Pat.Sabdalpur Ek. Jed673Sabdalpur Ilaka Jerh
117Pri.Pat.Sighai Kalan1207Singhai Kala
118Ju.Hai.Dalpura Room No. 1567Dalpura
119Pri.Pat.Bhasoker Mohanpur338Bhshokar Mohanpur
120Pri.Pat.Majhua Hetram771Majhowa Hethram
121Pri.Pat.Sahoda Kurd599Shora Khurd
124Ju.Hai. Dakani Rajpuri Room No. 1828Dhakni Rajpuri
125Ju.Hai. Dakani Rajpuri Room No. 21465Dhakni Rajpuri
126Ju.Hai. Dakani Rajpuri Room No. 3738Dhakni Rajpuri
127Pri.Pat.Rajpuri446Dhakni Rajpuri
128Pri.Pat.Gulabnagar602Gulab Nagar
130Pri.Pat.Mathurapur Manjra Charpur287Charpur
132Pri.Pat.Kairsadi563Kair Shadi
133Pri. Pat. Ulehatpur Majra Jawahargunj729Jawahar Ganj
134Pri.Pat.Bhagwantapur Room No. 11427Bhagwantapur
135Ju.Hai.Bhagwantapur Room No. 11368Bhagwantapur
136Pri.Pat.Mehtarpur Tizasingh Room No. 11419Mehtarpur Tej Singh
138Pri.Pat.Mehtarpur Tizasingh Room No. 2859Mehtarpur Tej Singh
139Pri.Pat.Mehtarpur Tizasingh Room No. 3904Mehtarpur Tej Singh
140Pri.Pat.Badra Kasampur Manjra Manoharpur587Badra Kasampur
142Pri.Pat.Kahteli Room No. 11426Khateli
143Pri.Pat.Kahteli Room No. 21306Khateli
144Pri.Pat.Piprathra Room No. 1949Piparthara
145Pri.Pat.Piprathra Room No. 2555Piparthara
146Pri.Pat.Vilaua Ta. Nagriya1309Bilahwa Ilaka Nagria
147Pri.Pat.Kalyanpur Ta. Vilaua593Kalyanpur Ilaka Bilihawa
148Pri.Pat.Mevasafopur913Mewa Shafipur
149Pri.Pat.Nad Angani1138Nand Anagni
150Pri.Pat.Kanja Ek. Piprathra469Kanja Ilaka Piparthara
152Pri.Pat.Kiratpur Dheeri795Khanpur
153Ju. Hai. Gangepura636Gularia Makrandpur
154?646Chathia Faizoo
163Ju. Hai. School Tisua1210Tisuwa
164Pri.Pat.Jadaupur (Goli Nagla)744Jadopur Golinagla
165Pri.Pat.Hasangunj Manjra 865Madhia Bhagwantapur
166Pri.Pat.Riyona Klan1262Reona Kalan
168Aa. Pa. Pat. Fatehgunj Purvi R. N. 11437Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
169Aa. Pa. Pat. Fatehgunj Purvi R. N. 2761Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
170Aa. Pa. Pat. Fatehgunj Purvi R. N. 3786Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
171Krasak Samaj I. Co. R. N. 1 Fatehgunj Purvi849Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
172Krasak Samaj I. Co. R. N. 2 Fatehgunj Purvi1053Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
173Krasak Samaj I. Co. R. N. 3 Fatehgunj Purvi1218Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
174Pri.Pat.Veelpur932Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
175Krasak Samaj I. Co. R. N. 5 Fatehgunj Purvi1128Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
176Krasak Samaj I. Co. R. N. 4 Fatehgunj Purvi1077Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
177Kannya Pri.Pat.Nai. Basti R.N.1Fatehgunj Purvi648Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
178Kannya Pri.Pat.Nai. Basti R.N.3 Fatehgunj Purvi1016Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
179Kannya Pri.Pat.Nai. Basti R.N.2 Fatehgunj Purvi719Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
180Kannya Pri.Pat.Nai. Basti R.N.4 Fatehgunj Purvi867Fatehganj Purvi (NP)
181Pri.Pat.Harela R.N.11365Haraila
182Pri.Pat.Harela R.N.2316Bhadpura
183Pri.Pat.Rampura Kaman862Rampura Kaman
184Pri.Pat. R.N.1 Hareli Alipur875Harali Alipur
185Pri.Pat. R.N.2 Hareli Alipur728Harali Alipur
186Ju. Hai. School R.N.1 Tarakhas1130Tara Khas
187Ju. Hai. School R.N.2 Tarakhas535Tara Khas
188Pri.Pat.Mevapatti786Tara Khas
189Pri.Pat.Bhagwanpur Fulwa1344Bhagwanpur Phulwa
192Pri.Pat.Naglajasi567Nagla Jasi
195Pri.Pat.Kuiyan Uganpur492Kuiya Uganpur
196Ju. Hai.R.N. 1 Pachomi787Pachauni
197Ju. Hai.R.N. 2 Pachomi815Pachauni
198Ju. Hai.R.N. 3 Pachomi1254Pachauni
199Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Bakainiya1064Bakainiya
200Pri.Pat.R.N.2 Bakainiya983Bakainiya
201Kannya Ju. Hai. School R.N. 1 Nagariya Vikram855Nagaria Vikram
202Kannya Ju. Hai. School R.N. 2 Nagariya Vikram803Nagaria Vikram
203Pri.Pat.Tanda Sikanderpur692Tanda Sikandarpur
205Pri.Pat.Pra Second R.N.1 Faridpur1474Faridpur (NP)
206Pri.Pat.Pra Second R.N.2 Faridpur1198Faridpur (NP)
207Kamla Nehru R.N.1 Faridpur1303Faridpur (NP)
208Kamla Nehru R.N.2 Faridpur789Faridpur (NP)
209Kamla Nehru R.N.3 Faridpur888Faridpur (NP)
210Kannya Pri.Pat. R.N. 1 Faridpur1251Faridpur (NP)
211Kannya Pri.Pat. R.N. 2 Faridpur1153Faridpur (NP)
212Kannya Pri.Pat. R.N. 3 Faridpur1431Faridpur (NP)
213Shayam Sunder Kannya I.Co.R.N.1 Faridpur928Faridpur (NP)
214Shayam Sunder Kannya I.Co.R.N.2 Faridpur944Faridpur (NP)
215Shayam Sunder Kannya I.Co.R.N.3 Faridpur873Faridpur (NP)
216Shayam Sunder Kannya I.Co.R.N.4 Faridpur920Faridpur (NP)
217Shayam Sunder Kannya I.Co.R.N.5 Faridpur814Faridpur (NP)
218Vidhya Mandir R.N.7 Faridpur1445Faridpur (NP)
219Vidhya Mandir R.N.1 Faridpur1425Faridpur (NP)
220Vidhya Mandir R.N.2 Faridpur1219Faridpur (NP)
221Vidhya Mandir R.N.3 Faridpur1036Faridpur (NP)
222Vidhya Mandir R.N.6 Faridpur1409Faridpur (NP)
223Vidhya Mandir R.N.4 Faridpur834Faridpur (NP)
224Vidhya Mandir R.N.10 Faridpur871Goeshganj Tarai
225Pri.Pat.Co. N. 1 Gausgunj Saray796Goeshganj Tarai
226Pri.Pat.Co. N. 2 Gausgunj Saray843Goeshganj Tarai
227Vidhya Mandir R.N.5 Faridpur1482Faridpur (NP)
228Sishu Mandir Co. N. 1 Faridpur871Faridpur (NP)
229Sishu Mandir Co. N. 5 Faridpur828Faridpur (NP)
230Sishu Mandir Co. N. 2 Faridpur1321Faridpur (NP)
231Sishu Mandir Co. N. 3 Faridpur1137Faridpur (NP)
232Sishu Mandir Co. N. 4 Faridpur1074Faridpur (NP)
233Kisaan I. Co. R.N. 1 Faridpur1190Faridpur (NP)
234Kisaan I. Co. R.N. 2 Faridpur1454Faridpur (NP)
235Kisaan I. Co. R.N. 4 Faridpur1129Faridpur (NP)
236Chngamal Mantesari School R.N.1 Faridpur1140Faridpur (NP)
237Chngamal Mantesari School R.N.2 Faridpur1041Faridpur (NP)
238Chngamal Mantesari School R.N.6 Faridpur666Faridpur (NP)
239Chngamal Mantesari School R.N.3 Faridpur1466Faridpur (NP)
240Chngamal Mantesari School R.N.4 Faridpur999Faridpur (NP)
241Chngamal Mantesari School R.N.5 Faridpur1004Faridpur (NP)
242C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.1 Faridpur705Faridpur (NP)
243C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.2 Faridpur691Faridpur (NP)
244C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.3 Faridpur783Faridpur (NP)
245C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.4 Faridpur754Faridpur (NP)
246C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.5 Faridpur937Faridpur (NP)
247C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.6 Faridpur712Faridpur (NP)
248C.A.S.I.Co.R.N.29 Faridpur806Faridpur (NP)
251Pri.Pat.Farrakhpur Majhaua1103Pharkhapur Majowa
256Pri.Pat.Sipaiya Gauhtiya231Sipriya Gotiya
257Pri.Pat.Manpur Ta. Hardaypur692Manpur Ilaka Hirdeypur
259Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Laungpur1318Longpur
263Pri.Pat.Raypur Hans684Raipur Hans
264Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Ruiriya1455Ruriya
265Pri.Pat.Kapoor Mouddinnagar924Kapoorpur Mohiuddinpur Nagar
268Pri.Pat.Nabada Bilsandi1378Nawada Bilshandi
270Pri.Pat.Navadiya Kalyanpur1438N/A
273Pri.Pat.Mohanpur Ta. Raypur Tokaman662Mohanpur Ilaka Rampur
274Pri.Pat.Rampura Ratan951Rampura Ratan
275Pri.Pat. Amrekh590Amrekh
276Pri.Pat. Navadia E. Sahora475Nawadia Ilaka Sahora
277Kanya Pat. R.N.1 Sisaiya Maganpur669Sisaiya Maganpur
278Kanya Pat. R.N.2 Sisaiya Maganpur401Sisaiya Maganpur
279Pri.Pat.Karnpur Klan603Karanpur Kala
281Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Navadawan890Nawadavan
282Pri.Pat.R.N.2 Navadawan385Nawadavan
283Pri.Pat.Navadiya Ashok642Nawadiya Ashok
284Pri.Pat.Bharampur Kundan579Brahampur Kundan
285Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Rampuriya Ta. Lakhora1127Rampuriya Ilaka Takhari
286Pri.Pat.R.N.2 Rampuriya Ta. Lakhora353Rampuriya Ilaka Takhari
288Ju. Hai. School R.N.1 Padera1386Pandhera
289Ju. Hai. School R.N.2 Padera1134Pandhera
290Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Behra1200Behra
291Pri.Pat.R.N.2 Behra1154Behra
292Pri.Pat Kadargunj R.N.1706Kadarganj
293Pri.Pat Kadargunj R.N.2814Kadarganj
294Pri.Pat.R.N.1Nagariya Klan607Nagria Kala
295Pri.Pat.R.N.2Nagariya Klan902Nagria Kala
296Pri.Pat.R.N.1 Radhauli Klan1326Lathauli Kala
299Pri.Pat.Bhikampur Ik. Shivpuri706Bhikampur Ilaka Shivpuri
303Pri.Pat. R.N.1 Uchsiya698Unchasia
304Pri.Pat.Kuthla Faridpur747Kuthla Faridpur
305Pri.Pat.R.N.2 Uchsiya1048Jhada
306Ju.Hai.School R.N.1 Shivpuri861Shivpuri
307Ju.Hai.School R.N.2 Shivpuri1185Shivpuri
309Pri.Pat.Amrata Ilk. Shivpuri1186Amirta Ilaka Shivpuri
311Pri.Pat.Udhranpur Ilk. Jaraul649Bargawan
312Pri.Pat.Sindhwanakhi Gunj839Sindhvankiganj
313Pri.Pat.Chamar Sukatiya332Chamar Suktiya
314Pri.Pat.Itauriya Ilk. Shivpuri590Itauria Ilaka Shivpuri
315Pri.Pat.Sukatiya Shinghavari716Suktiya Singhabari
316Pri.Pat.Saidpur Mu.652Saidpur Mustkil
317Pri.Pat.Chatiya Chtanpur Mu.654Chathia Charanpur Mustkil
318Pri.Pat.Jaraul824Jaroula Mustkil
319Pri.Pat.Bandiya Khurd767Bandia Khurd
320Pri.Pat.Nagariya Nauvaramad Mu.633Bandia Khurd
321Pri.Pat.Manpur Tirlok576Manpur Tilok

Last Updated on November 15, 2014