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Polling Booth in Etmadpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Etmadpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Etmadpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Garhi Koomra R.No.11269Gajauli
2Primary School Nagar R.No.11015Garhi Daulta
2Primary School Bhadaura R.No.11015Nagla Bhawani
3Primary School Bheekan Pur R.No.1498Sonia
5Primary School Jawaharpur R.No.1828Sorai
6Primary School Teekatpura(Khander) R.No.11211Bhud Nagria
8Primary School Tursipura R.No.1899Pant Khara
9Primary School Nayapura R.No.11059Pant Khara
11Primary School Pura Bijaul R.No.1894Garhi Nainsukh
14Primary School Chachipura R.No.1684Khandia
16Primary School Garhi Mohanlal R.No.1727Khandia
18Primary School Nagla Bhogli(Jarari) R.No.11247Ramnagar
19Purva Middle School Jarari R.No.1921Ramnagar
20Primary School Gubrauth R.No.1675Nagla Mattu
20Primary School Naugavan R.No.1675Ramnagar Khandauli
22Primary School Kheda Jawahar R.No.11137Nekpur
23Primary School Himanyupur Gujar R.No.1462Nekpur
23Primary School Kachpura R.No.1462Juraila
25Primary School Chamarpura R.No.11312Nagla Gonda
26Purva Middle School Bhalokhra R.No.1479Ujrai Jat
26Primary School Nagla Lohiya R.No.1479Ujrai
27Primary School Ujhavali R.No.1727Ujrai Kalan
28Primary School Aai 424Ujrai
29Primary School Pinnapura R.No.11003Poiya
30Primary School Nagla Hazi R.No.1604Poiya
31Primary School Charrpura R.No.1661Poiya
32Purva Middle School Muraval R.No.11178Vasindra
32Primary School Dharapura R.No.11178Poiya
34Primary School Mehra Choudhary R.No.1526Poiya
34Primary School Jalalpur R.No.1526Vas Achalu
35Primary School Swara R.No.1735Poiya
36Purva Middle School Pakkapura R.No.11068Thar Darshi
37Primary School 6 Visva R.No.11006Tarrakpur
38Primary School Rooppur R.No.1899Agra (CB)
39Primary School Gattpura R.No.1785Agra (CB)
43Primary School Tibaha R.No.11122Agra (CB)
47Primary School Tadawali R.No.11083Agra (CB)
49Primary School Sankuri Khurd R.No.11446Agra (CB)
53Primary School Bilauni R.No.1494Agra (CB)
56Primary School Sankuri Khurd R.No.21368Agra (CB)
59Primary School Sankuri Kalan R.No.11285Agra (CB)
65Primary School Silawali R.No.1943Agra (CB)
69Primary School Bagediya Dhanaulakhurd R.No.1414Agra (CB)
72Primary School Begumpur R.No.11011Agra (CB)
75Primary School Nagla Mawai R.No.1894Agra (CB)
78Primary School Tarauli Gujar R.No.11174Agra (CB)
79Primary School Rihawali R.No.11346Agra (CB)
80Purva Middle School Varna R.No.11046Agra (CB)
81Primary School Gurja Nandan R.No.11219Agra (CB)
84U.P.S. Sahimapur Majre Unnaur Room-11335Agra (CB)
86U.P.S. Sahimapur Majre Unnaur Room-21024Agra (CB)
89P.S..Tarapur Room-1985Agra (CB)
91P.S. Bishapur Majre .Bhitaura1251Agra (CB)
95P.S. .Bhitaura Room-11349Agra (CB)
97P.S. .Bhitaura Room-21053Agra (CB)
99. P.S. Kaidepur1324Agra (CB)
100. P.S. Alampur Narhi688Agra (CB)
101Baratshala Daulatpur1155Agra (CB)
103P.S. .Bhadar1046Agra (CB)
104. P.S. Badagaon938Agra (CB)
105P.S. .Mohammdipur1008Agra (CB)
107P.S. Rasoolpur636Agra (CB)
110P.S. Gaurakala443Agra (CB)
111Agagn Badi Kandra Malipur1478Agra (CB)
112P.S.Mansoorpur Modhanpur381Agra (CB)
113. P.S. Basohni Room- 11206Agra (CB)
115. P.S. Basohni Room- 2808Agra (CB)
117P.S. .Asai Ka Purwa Majre Jagatpurgada224Agra (CB)
119P.S. .Abhaiya Lakshmanpur804Agra (CB)
120Sa.Mi. Kandra Palnaha1029Agra (CB)
121P.S. .Salemabad585Agra (CB)
122P.S. .Ghanshyampur1209Agra (CB)
123P.S. .Bahlolpur Urf Bhupatpur678Agra (CB)
124P.S. .Kaseruwa612Agra (CB)
125P.S. .Purehtaj Mahmood1171Agra (CB)
126P.S. .Mawaiya1201Agra (CB)
128P.S. .Aladadpur718Agra (CB)
130Panchat Ghar Bastapur1099Agra (CB)
131P.S.Udhannapur1225Agra (CB)
132P.S. .Ajgawan Room - 1900Agra (CB)
133P.S. .Ajgawan Room - 2993Agra (CB)
134G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -1939Agra (CB)
135G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -2692Agra (CB)
136G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -3917Agra (CB)
137G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -4909Agra (CB)
138G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -5690Agra (CB)
139G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -6877Agra (CB)
140G.I.C.Fatehpur Room -71187Agra (CB)
141A.R.T.O.Office Byepass Ke Kinare Fatehpur Room-11471Agra (CB)
142A.R.T.O.Office Byepass Ke Kinare Fatehpur Room-2973Agra (CB)
143. Aa.Pu.Ma.Vi. Narmal School Ke Pass Fatehpur Room- 11035Agra (CB)
144. Aa.Pu.Ma.Vi. Narmal School Ke Pass Fatehpur Room- 21069Agra (CB)
145. Aa.Pu.Ma.Vi. Narmal School Ke Pass Fatehpur Room- 31012Agra (CB)
146. Aa.Pu.Ma.Vi. Narmal School Ke Pass Fatehpur Room- 41436Agra (CB)
147Go.Ad.Vi.Maswani Fatehpur Room -1962Agra (CB)
148Go.Ad.Vi.Maswani Fatehpur Room -2997Agra (CB)
149Primary Vidhayala Maswani - 2 Fatehpur Room -1488Agra (CB)
150Primary Vidhayala Maswani - 2 Fatehpur Room -21071Agra (CB)
151Bright Careeare School Pakka Talab Ramganj Fatehpur Room-1843Agra (CB)
152Bright Careeare School Pakka Talab Ramganj Fatehpur Room-2752Agra (CB)
153Bright Careeare School Pakka Talab Ramganj Fatehpur Room-31249Agra (CB)
154U.P.Rajya Bhandaran Nigam Fatehpur Room-11189Agra (CB)
155U.P.Rajya Bhandaran Nigam Fatehpur Room-21064Agra (CB)
156Sri Naga Ni.Balika Inter College Fatehpur Room-1461Agra (CB)
157Sri Naga Ni.Balika Inter College Fatehpur Room-2939Agra (CB)
158Sri Naga Ni.Balika Inter College Fatehpur Room-31218Agra (CB)
159Arya Samaj Bhawan Fatehpur Room-1736Agra (CB)
160Arya Samaj Bhawan Fatehpur Room-21073Agra (CB)
161Arya Samaj Bhawan Fatehpur Room-3980Agra (CB)
162Arya Samaj Bhawan Fatehpur Room-41272Agra (CB)
163Arya Samaj Bhawan Fatehpur Room-51282Agra (CB)
164Arya Samaj Bhawan Fatehpur Room-6456Agra (CB)
165Govt. Kanya Primary Vidhayala Sadashiv Ke Pass Fatehpur Room-1882Agra (CB)
166Govt. Kanya Primary Vidhayala Sadashiv Ke Pass Fatehpur Room-21109Agra (CB)
167Sarswati Shisu Mandir Chauk Fatehpur Room-1992Agra (CB)
168Sarswati Shisu Mandir Chauk Fatehpur Room-2925Agra (CB)
169Ramavtar Degreecollege Sheshpur Unwa Fatehpur986Agra (CB)
170Purani Tehcil Bhawan Fatehpur Room-11294Agra (CB)
171Purani Tehcil Bhawan Fatehpur Room-21409Agra (CB)
172Purani Tehcil Bhawan Fatehpur Room-3808Agra (CB)
173P.P.Asti Bajyafati Fatehpur Room-1933Agra (CB)
174P.P.Asti Bajyafati Fatehpur Room-2813Agra (CB)
175P.P.Asti Bajyafati Fatehpur Room-31346Agra (CB)
176Ji.Ni & V.Office Fatehpur Room-11386Agra (CB)
177Ji.Ni & V.Office Fatehpur Room-2741Agra (CB)
178Ji.Ni & V.Office Fatehpur Room-3799Agra (CB)
179Ji.Ni & V.Office Fatehpur Room-4902Dhorau
180Ji.Ni & V.Office Fatehpur Room-5994Dhorau
180Ji.Ni & V.Office Fatehpur Room-6994Pura Lodhi
181Patel Ju.Hi.School Fatehpur Room-11220Nadau
182Patel Ju.Hi.School Fatehpur Room-2733Nadau
182Patel Ju.Hi.School Fatehpur Room-3733Vas Inda
183Patel Ju.Hi.School Fatehpur Room-4513Vas Agaria
183Patel Ju.Hi.School Fatehpur Room-5513Nadau
184Dr. Bihm Rao Abendkar Maha Vidhayala Fatehpur Room-11009Mundi Jahangirpur
185Dr. Bihm Rao Abendkar Maha Vidhayala Fatehpur Room-2652Mundi Jahangirpur
185Dr. Bihm Rao Abendkar Maha Vidhayala Fatehpur Room-3652Tangarhi
186Jila Purati Office Fatehpur Room-1392Satera
186Jila Purati Office Fatehpur Room-2392Mundi Jahangirpur
187Jila Purati Office Fatehpur Room-3623Mundi Jahangirpur
187Rajendra Bhadur I.C. Sadipur Fatehpur Room-1623Nijamatpur
187Rajendra Bhadur I.C. Sadipur Fatehpur Room-2623Phadilpur
188Jila Sewa Yojan Office Fatehpur Room-1907Hasanpur
189Jila Sewa Yojan Office Fatehpur Room-2865Hasanpur
190Jila Sewa Yojan Office Fatehpur Room-3804Uncha
190I Ti Bhawan Fatehpur Room-1804Nagla Girdhari
190I Ti Bhawan Fatehpur Room-2804Nagla Brijlal
191I Ti Bhawan Fatehpur Room-31345Agarpur
191I Ti Bhawan Fatehpur Room-41345Vas Mohan Sahai
191G.G.I.C Fatehpur Room-11345Sakalpur
191G.G.I.C Fatehpur Room-21345Dera Sapera
191G.G.I.C Fatehpur Room-31345Nagla Harsukh
191G.G.I.C Fatehpur Room-41345Uncha
192G.G.I.C Fatehpur Room-5911Semra
192N.P. Primary Vidhayala Murian Tola Fatehpur Room-1911Nagla Dhamali
192N.P. Primary Vidhayala Murian Tola Fatehpur Room-2911Nagla Lodha
192U.P.S. Murian Tola Fatehpur Room-1911Nagla Jalim
193U.P.S. Murian Tola Fatehpur Room-21593Nagla Arjun
193N.P. Primary Vidhayala Mahajary Room-11593Semra
194N.P. Primary Vidhayala Mahajary Room-2310Semra
194Mahatma Gandhi Junior High School Fatehpur Room-1310Nagla Arjun
195Mahatma Gandhi Junior High School Fatehpur Room-21199Vas Jokhi
195N.P. Primary Vidhayala Pani1199Lahlar
195Lal Bahadur Sahtri Junior High School Fatehpur Room-11199Semra
196Lal Bahadur Sahtri Junior High School Fatehpur Room-21093Semra
197Lal Bahadur Sahtri Junior High School Fatehpur Room-3848Semra
197Lal Bahadur Sahtri Junior High School Fatehpur Room-4848Lalgarhi
197P.S. Peeranpur Fatehpur Room-1848Bichpuri
197P.S. Peeranpur Fatehpur Room-2848Vas Shobharam
198P.S. Peeranpur Fatehpur Room-31168Semra
199P.S. Peeranpur Fatehpur Room-4898Semra
199Nav Bharti Junior High School Fatehpur Room-1898Nagla Nim
199Nav Bharti Junior High School Fatehpur Room-2898Pyau Paltu
200Nav Bharti Junior High School Fatehpur Room-3418Garhi
200Nav Bharti Junior High School Fatehpur Room-4418Garhi Sadasukh
200Nav Bharti Junior High School Fatehpur Room-5418Vamani
200Nav Bharti Junior High School Fatehpur Room-6418Semra
201Bikri Kar Office Harihar Ganj Fatehpur Room-11083Semra
201Bikri Kar Office Harihar Ganj Fatehpur Room-21083Malipura
201Bikri Kar Office Harihar Ganj Fatehpur Room-31083Vas Risal
202C.Be.Ba. School Sadipur Naka Se Deviganj Road Fatehpur Room-11357Garhi Rathaur
202C.Be.Ba. School Sadipur Naka Se Deviganj Road Fatehpur Room-21357Vas Gadria
202C.Be.Ba. School Sadipur Naka Se Deviganj Road Fatehpur Room-31357Semra
203Govt. Kanya Primary Pathshala Sadipur Naka Fatehpur Room-11407Khandia
203Govt. Kanya Primary Pathshala Sadipur Naka Fatehpur Room-21407Khadiha
203Rail Bajar Inter College Fatehpur Room-11407Nagla Kanchan
204Rail Bajar Inter College Fatehpur Room-21093Vas Dalel
204Rail Bajar Inter College Fatehpur Room-31093Baman
205Rail Bajar Inter College Fatehpur Room-4852Baman
205Ra. Ma. School Devi Ganj Fatehpur Room-1852Nagla Rambala
205Ra. Ma. School Devi Ganj Fatehpur Room-2852Garhi Maharaj
205Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-1852Vas Dalti
206Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-2982Pesai
207Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-3868Pesai
207Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-4868Kharagpur
208Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-5764Naharra
209Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-6834Naharra
209Kariy Vikriy Samiti Radha Nagar Fatehpur Room-7834Nagla Gadria
210P.S. Bakaspur Fatehpur Room-1439Vas Sona
210P.S. Bakaspur Fatehpur Room-2439Naharra
211P.S. Sathariyan Fatehpur Room-1238Naharra
211P.S. Sathariyan Fatehpur Room-2238Nagla Umrav
212P.S. Andauli Fatehpur Room-1332Nagla Pirautha
212P.S. Andauli Fatehpur Room-2332Nagla Gvaliara
212P.S. Andauli Fatehpur Room-3332Naharra
213P.S. Bibi Pur Fatehpur Room-11051Bailoth
214P.S. Bibi Pur Fatehpur Room-21331Roopdhandu
215P.S. Narayan Pur Fatehpur Room-1884Chaukra
216P.S. Narayan Pur Fatehpur Room-2781Chaukra
217P.S. Mau Fatehpur Room-1812Chaukra
217P.S. Mau Fatehpur Room-2812Nayabans
218P.S. Rara Room -1883Nagla Ajita
218P.S. Rara Room -2883Sherkhan
221P.S. Rara Room -3577Usmanpur
222P.S. Madan Pur Majray Rara583Burj Akabar
224P.S. Umari931Arela
224P.S. Dhakauli931Nagla Mohan
224P.S. Madriya Pur931Nagla Amaru
226P.S. Kawai Room-1485Bahrampur
228P.S. Kawai Room-2740Gurha
229P.S. Malaka Room-11294Bahrampur
231P.S. Malaka Room-21212Agra (CB)
233P.S. Baranpur738Agra (CB)
234P.S. Sonhi693Agra (CB)
235P.S. Saray Abhaya933Agra (CB)
236P.S. Manipur920Agra (CB)
237P.S. Ramwa Panthua -I1076Agra (CB)
239P.S. Ramwa Panthua Room -11209Agra (CB)
241P.S. Ramwa Panthua Room -21026Agra (CB)
242P.S. Panthua1123Nagla Gola
244P.S. Baswanpur Majre Ramwa Panthua1398Rahan Kalan
245P.S. Madaripur Kala554Garhi Jagannath
245P.S. Chak Mugal554Rahan Kalan
246P.S. Sari Said Khan757Rahan Kalan
246P.S. Sudwya757Nagla Ranjit
246P.S. Kashim Pur Bibihat757Dalel Nagar
247P.S. Ambhi783Manoharpur
247P.S. Shukpur783Rahan Kalan
248P.S. Beti Sadat1212Nagla Nakta
248Ekikrit U.P.S. New Buldinj . Chak Barari Room -11212Garhi Sampti
248Ekikrit U.P.S. New Buldinj . Chak Barari Room -21212Nagla Raghuvanshpura
249Ekikrit U.P.S. New Buldinj . Chak Barari Room -31061Nagla Kharga
250P.S. Kasvpur412Nagla Gurudayal
250P.S. Mohmmadpur Newada412Nagla Nandapur
250P.S. Kalilpur412Nagla Parshuram
250P.S. Karamchandra Pur Sada412Nagla Harkeshi
251P.S. Lateef Pur1326Dhaurra
253P.S. Bamhrauli935Dhaurra
253P.S. Hasnapur935Nagla Fula
254Purba M.V. Habatpur772Rahan Khurd
255P.S. Mishra Mau978Raipur
255P.S. Chauferwa978Nagla Siras
256P.S. Ahmad Pur1327Bhagupur
257P.S. Padri818Bhagupur
258P.S. Gayas Pur785Nagla Rambaksh
259P.S. Jalal Pur Itauli1046Vas Shobha
260P.S. Pilkhini Room -1780Nayabans
261P.S. Pilkhini Room -2619Nagla Kehari
262U. P.S.Makanpur Room -11092Nagla Lale
262U. P.S.Makanpur Room -21092Agwarkhas
263U. P.S.Makanpur Room -3893Nagla Darvesh
263P.S. Mohai Room -1893Vas Ratna
263P.S. Mohai Room -2893Garhi Bhains
265P.S. Manpur473Agwarkhas
265Si. P. V. Mohdpur Kala Room -1473Nagla Keshri
266Si. P. V. Mohdpur Kala Room -2844Garhi Gajju
267P.S. Parmi Kutabpur1203Nawalpur
268P.S. Sacholi823Dhaurra
269P.S. Bari Kurad Room -1627Dhaurra
270P.S. Bari Kurad Room -2908Pipria
271P.S. Kashimpur Abhapur1048Burhia Ka Tal
271P.S. Koadr Pur1048Dhaurra
272P.S. Abdulla Pur Ghuri532Dhaurra
272Ma Hans Vahini Gyan Nikund Vidhylaya Rashoolpur532Ranpai
273Panchyat Ghar Dihuli646Nagla Mani
274P.S. Saray Udai1082Garhibachchi
274P.S. Murao Room -11082Nagla Deviram
274P.S. Murao Room -21082Vas Bodia
275P.S. Asik Pur Auraiya625Lakhna Mai
276P.S. Ghuri Bujurag544Lakhna Mai
277P.S. Sukui411Nagla Ninnu
277P.S. Katherwa411Nagla Mani
278P.S. Ahewea1381Siktara
279P.S. Semra908Chaoli
280P.S. Bhalewa Room -1754Chaoli
280P.S. Bhalewa Room -2754Garhi Khemi
281P.S. Sakhiyaon861Bailoti
281P.S. Saray Mohan Salem Pur861Burj Karher
281P.S. Saray Manda861GArhi Bijaul
282P.S. Malao Room -1274Chaoli
282P.S. Malao Room -2274Vashira
283P.S. Kharsola968Vasbala
283P.S. Kwajigirpur Smriya968Vas Adaul
283P.S. Sitapur Majre Rampur Thariyaon Room -1968Garhi Chhaijit
284P.S. Sitapur Majre Rampur Thariyaon Room -2789Burj Gangi
285P.S. Karnpur Majre Rampur Thariyaon Room -11130Chirhauli
286P.S. Karnpur Majre Rampur Thariyaon Room -21083Chirhauli
288P.S. Rampur Thariyaon Room -11203Garhi Dahar
290P.S. Rampur Thariyaon Room -2875Thekari
291P.S. Rampur Thariyaon Room -31392Garhi Madde
291P.S. Bharat Pur Majre Rampur Thariyaon Room-11392Anwal Khera
293P.S. Bharat Pur Majre Rampur Thariyaon Room-21448Jhandabag
294P.S. Kariya Mau1051Bandhanu
296P.S. Arabpur1356Khandia
297P.S. Rampur500Khandia
298P.S. Imad Pur669Khandia
298Anya P.S. Teksari Bujjurag Room-1669Nagla Dhokal
298Anya P.S. Teksari Bujjurag Room-2669Garhi Vrindavan
299Poo.Ma.Vi. Nagala Sukhdev Khanda R0No-1818Marhi
300Pra.Vi.Gadhi Khanjar R0 N0-1435Khandia
301Pra.Vi.Nagala Dayali R0 N0-1830Nagla Dayali
302Pra.Vi.Nagala Haniram460Khandia
303Pra.Vi.Nagala Panday586Thar Navav
304Pra.Vi.Nagala Johari R0 N0-21003Khandia
305Pra.Vi. Jamalnagar Bhens R0 N0-1972Jamalnagar Bhains
306Pra.Vi.Nagala Amar Singh R0 N0 -1483Jamalnagar Bhains
307Pra.Vi.Nagala Nattha919Nagla Nattha
313Pra.Vi.Tehu R0 N0-11097Tehu
314Pra.Vi.Tehu R0 N0-2927Tehu
315Pra.Vi.Janki Gadhi1066Tehu
317Pra.Vi.Sall Gadhi410Tehu
318Ra.Inter College Barhan Esat861Barhan
319Ra.Inter College Barhan R0 N0-2 Esat1353Barhan
320Ra.Inter College Barhan R0 N0-3 Esat851Barhan
321Ra.Inter College Barhan -4 Esat849Barhan
322Ra.Inter College Barhan -2870Barhan
323Ra.Inter College Barhan -1873Barhan
324Pra.Vi.Nagala Chhavila R0 N0-1817Nagla Chhabila
325Pra.Vi.Gadhi Bhandar1204Barhan
326Pra.Vi.Nagala Brij311Nagla Birja
327Pra.Vi.Was Sundar546Barhan
330Pra.Vi.Gohila R0 N0-1740Gohila
331Pra.Vi.Gohila R0 N0-2937Barhan
332Pra.Vi.Nagala Bel R0 N0-1960Nagla Beal
333Pra.Vi.Nagala Bel R0 N0-2406Nagla Beal
334Pra.Vi.Was Guman Singh493Nagla Beal
335Pra.Vi.Sarai Jairam R0 N0-11391Sarai Jairam
336Pra.Vi.Sewara R0N0-1883Seora
337Pra.Vi.Biruni R0 N0-1923Okarpur
339Pra.Vi.Mukhawar R0 N0-1515Mukhwar
340Pra.Vi.Mukhawar R0 N0-2566Mahabatpur
341Pra.Vi.Nagala Taj410Burj Shivsingh
342Poo.Ma.Vi.Mukhawar R0.N0-1774Mukhwar
343Pra.Vi.Was Bodhiya400Bas Bodia
344Pra.Vi.Gadhi Teeket1334Mukhwar
345Pra.Vi.Nagala Gol797Nagla Gol
346Pra.Vi.Gadhi Maha Singh R0 N0-1687Mitaoli
347Pra.Vi.Omkarpur R0 N0-1161Onkarpur
348Pra.Vi.Mitawali R0 N0-1729Mitaoli
349Pra.Vi.Mitawali R0 N0-2805Mitaoli
350Pra.Vi. Shekhpur868Mitaoli
351Pra.Vi.Gadhi Maharam671Garhi Maharam
352Pra.Vi.Sawai R0 N0-11134Swain
353Pra.Vi.Sawai R0 N0-21339Swain
358Janta Inter College Etmadpur R0 N0-1 Esat874Etmadpur (NPP)
359Janta Inter College Etmadpur R0 N0-2 Esat1104Etmadpur (NPP)
360Janta Inter College Etmadpur R0 N0-3 Esat1000Etmadpur (NPP)
361Janta Inter College Etmadpur R0 N0-4 Esat372Etmadpur (NPP)
362Janta Inter College Etmadpur R0 N0-1 Bath1062Etmadpur (NPP)
363Janta Inter College Etmadpur R0 N0-2West1199Etmadpur (NPP)
364Aadarsh Pra.Vi.Etmadpur R0 N0-1456Etmadpur (NPP)
365Poo.Ma.Vi.Etmadpur R0.N0-1779Etmadpur (NPP)
366Poo.Ma.Vi.Etmadpur R0.N0-21206Etmadpur (NPP)
367Poo.Ma.Vi.Etmadpur R0.N0-3551Etmadpur (NPP)
368Poo.Ma.Vi.Etmadpur R0.N0-41153Etmadpur (NPP)
369Aadarsh .Poo.Vi.Etmadpur R0 N0-11001Etmadpur (NPP)
370Aadarsh Pra.Vi.Etmadpur R0 N0-21436Etmadpur (NPP)
371Pra..Kanya Vi.Etmadpur R0 N0-1656Etmadpur (NPP)
372Pra.Kanya Vi Etmadpur R0.N0-21494Etmadpur (NPP)
373Pra.Vi.Bhikanpur1033Etmadpur (NPP)
374Pra.Vi.Surhara R0N0-1806Surehra Ahatmali
375Pra.Vi.Surhara R0N0-2539Surehra
376Pra.Vi.Chhirawai747Surehra (Must.)
377Pra.Vi.Garapur1283Yadav Nagar
378Pra.Vi.Khedhi Adu R0 N0-11415Kheri Aru
379Pra.Vi.Nagala Adu R0 N0-1740Nagla Aru
380Pra.Vi.Burj Atibal1165Kheri Aru
381Pra.Vi.Nagala Bari1175Nagla Govardhan
382Bhagwan Shankar Ju.H.School Aharan R0 N0-11253Aharan
383Bhagwan Shankar Ju.H.School Aharan R0 N0-21081Aharan
384Bhagwan Shankar Ju.H.School Aharan R0 N0-3526Aharan
385Bhagwan Shankar Ju.H.School Aharan R0 N0-41214Vas Ghanshyam
386Pra.Vi.Udaipur R0 N0-11132Aharan
387Pra.Vi.Udaipur R0 N0-2519Nagla Ishvari
388Pra.Vi.Jataua R0.N0-1319Aharan
389Pra.Vi.Nagala Swaroop R0 N0-11122Nagla Sarup
390Pra.Vi.Hasan Jahanpur327Saifuddinpur
392Pra.Vi.Murthar Alipur R0 N0-1810Murthar Alipur
399Pra.Vi.Gadhi Thalu1434Tamanchgarh
400Pra.Vi.Nagala Sirji934Nagla Sirji
401Pra.Vi.Kurgawa Khokhar R0 N0-11125Kurgawan Khokar
402Pra.Vi.Kurgawa Khokhar R0 N0-2233Kurgawan Khokar
403Pra.Vi.Nagala Maha Singh746Nagla Mahasingh

Last Updated on June 08, 2020
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