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Polling Booth in Etawah Assembly Constituency

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Etawah Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Etawah

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Etawah Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Singecha R.No.1859Basrehar
2Primary School Kurrachittarpur R.No.1532Jafrabad
4Primary School Kurrachittarpur R.No.2470Bhada Mai
4Anup Kanya School Kurrachittarpur R.No.1470Dabha
5Primary School Gauharpur R.No.11081Bhadva Savran
5Purva Middle School Todra R.No.11081N. Lachhi
6Purva Middle School Todra R.No.2706N. Shikariya
8Primary School Garhi Udda (Todra)R.No.1935Ayara Luhia
9Primary School Shala (Todra)R.No.1588Rajpur
9Primary School Karaudhna Khurd R.No.1588Kalyanpura
12Primary School Karaudhna Khurd R.No.21202Sherpur Basgawan
12Purva Middle School Karuadhna Kala R.No.11202Naglachkakn
14Kanya Primary School Karodhana Kalan R.No.1666Vishunpur Loharai
14Primary School Visairi Gorva R.No.1666Naglagera
16Primary School Garhi Mohanlal R.No.1836Khadkoli
17Primary School Therai R.No.1912Ganpura
19Primary School Therai R.No.2949Khudisur
20Primary School Phoolpur R.No.1471Khudisur
20Primary School Dheemar Pura R.No.1471N. Chhata
21Primary School Garhi Gajindra R.N0.1607Hadiyapur
22Primary School Inayatpur R.No.11428Badri Pooth
22Primary School Inayatpur R.No.21428Shahjahanpur
23Kanya Primary School Nagla Patam R.No.1602Bankati Khurd
28Kanya Primary School Nagla Patam R.No.2992Basrehar
29Primary School Vas Dansahay R.No.1993Basrehar
31Primary School Dabrai R.No.11143Basrehar
32Primary School Duliya Pura R.No.1647Ludhpura Mohabbatpur
32Primary School Luhaita R.No.1647Ludhpura Mohabbatpur
33Primary School Thanapura R.No.11208Mohabbatpur Ludhpura
35Primary School Tor R.No.11077Sarai Malpura
36Primary School Tor R.No.2726Sarai Malpura
37Primary School Sevla Aheer R.No. 1667Rajpura Totaram
38Purva Middle School Gadauli Khurd R.No.11010Killi Sltanpur
39Primary School Lehra R.No.1902Sultanpur
40Primary School Lehra R.No.2350Kelamau
41Primary School Nagla Bhikki R.No.1385Wamnpura
42Primary School Hirner R.No.1394Bulakipur Ludhpura
44Primary School Hirner R.No.2201Durgapur
48Primary School Navada R.No.11210Sirsa Etawah
48Primary School Kheda R.No.11210Nagnamni
50Primary School Garhi Jahan Singh R.No.2700Chakwa Bujurg
53Primary School Bakalpur Extra Room 1418Naglahiralal
54Purva Middle School Nagla Surajbhan R.No.11078Kunaiya
58Purva Middle School Nagla Surajbhan R.No.21116Naglababu Harnrayna
62Primary School Bada Gaun (Siktara) R.No.11083Chitbhawan
62Primary School Bada Gaun (Siktara) R.No.21083Nagla Bhupsingh
65Primary School Garhi Baldev R.No.1968Manikpur Mohan
67Primary School Garhilal Kalan R.No.11201Shekhupur Jakhauli
68Primary School Garhi Shreepati R.No.1533Kishonpur Kala
69Primary School Lakurani R.No.1455Kishonpur Kala
69Primary School Lakurani R.No.2455Naglabadhan
70Primary School Shekhupur R.No.1987Adda Nawli
70Primary School Jharpura R.No.1987Nagla Ramnagar
73Primary School Heerapura(Banjarapura R.No.1)983Ahladpur
74Purva Middle School Meerpur R.No.1914Arrashantoshpu
77Primary School Luhari R.No.11287Pachaoli
79Primary School Lihari R.No.21280Datawali
80Primary School Beekapur R.No.11280Jugaramau
80Primary School Thapkharga R.No.11280Nagla Phua
80Primary School Isauli R.No.11280Nagla Phua
80Primary School Isauli R.No.21280Jugaramau
80Primary School Gulba Pura R.No.11280Nagla Mandhata
81Primary School Shankarpur R.No.11083Nagla Khadar
83Primary School Nayavas R.No.1917Etawah (NPP)
86Primary School Chandora R.No.1470Etawah (NPP)
88Primary School Nayavas R.No.2511Etawah (NPP)
90Primary School Char Visva R.No. 1773Etawah (NPP)
92Primary School Garhi Khanderao R.No.11177Etawah (NPP)
94Primary School Shahpur R.No.11149Kunara
95Primary School Toola R.No.1817Harijan Kaloini
96Purva Middle School Gubrari R.No.1775Pawar Haus
97Primary School Nayapura R.No.11252Garam Dugari
98Primary School Garhi Parsa R.No.1944N. Kothi
100Primary School Garhi Parsa R.No.2748Etawah (NPP)
102Primary School Lehar Patti Lehar R.No.1464Kandhani
104Primary School Mehrampur R.No.1505Sarai Esar
105Primary School Vas Mahua R.No.11076Nagla Butahr
105Primary School Mehrampur R.No.21076Nagla Bacha
107Primary School Kothi Char Bigha R.No.1674Kachhapura
109Primary School Nagla Dheer R.No.1858Bhadurpur
110Purva Middle School Atmadpur Ajnera R.No.11173Silayata
110Primary School Kareempura R.No.11173Naglabhag
111Primary School Kankarpur R.No.1266Silayata
112Primary School Vas Daulatram R.No.11047Sokho
114A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.1512N/A
115A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.21018Vijaipura
116A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.3923Vijaipura
116A.P. Inter College Shamshabad R.No.4923Hardas Pura
117Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.No.1539Dhimarai
118Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.No.2593Pratapner
118Dharam Amardeep Inter College Shamshabad R.No.3593Jwahrpura
118Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.1593Phua
119Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.2640Pratapner
119Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.3640Dewipura
119Gulakandi Devi Girls Inter College R.No.4640N. Chetram
119Kanya Purva Middle School R.No.1640Addawirbal
119Kanya Purva Middle School R.No.2640Naglaindarjit
120Kanya Purva Middle School R.No.3392Pratapner
120Primary School Shamshabad R.No.1392Rajakabag
121Aadarsh Junior High School Shamshabad R.No.1648Pratapner
121Aadarsh Junior High School Shamshabad R.No.2648Chandrpura
122Aadarsh Junior High School Shamshabad R.No.3461Pratapner
122Primary School Bhanpura R.No.1461Hatchandpura
123Meeting Hall Block Shamshabad622Pratapner
123Panchayat Ghar Patti Shekhupur Jatav Basti622Rura
125Primary School Jaroli R.No.1498Pratapner
126Primary School Jaroli R.No.2834Pratapner
126Primary School Garhi Thana R.No.1834Sarangur
127Primary School Chitora R.No.1680Sarangpura
128Primary School Chitora R.No.21307Naglangoli
129Purva Middle School Chitora R.No.11268Bahadurpur Luhiya
130Primary School Garhi Dharjeet R.No.1368Bahadurpur Luhiya
130Primary School Garhi Gusain R.No.1368Naglabulakipur
132Primary School Sudrai R.No.1723Etawah (NPP)
133Primary School Shankar Pur R.No.11013Etawah (NPP)
135Primary School Madi (Koulari)R.No.11120Etawah (NPP)
138Primary School Kaulari R.No.1837Etawah (NPP)
141Purva Middle School Uncha R.No.11395Etawah (NPP)
142Purva Middle School Uncha R.No.2422Etawah (NPP)
143Primary School Banguri R.No.11010Etawah (NPP)
144Primary School Banguri R.No.21070Etawah (NPP)
145Primary School Lakhan Pur R.No.1645Etawah (NPP)
146Primary School Pavsar R.No.11243Etawah (NPP)
147Primary School Sevla Gorva R.No.1845Etawah (NPP)
148Primary School Garhi Thakur Das R.No.11079Etawah (NPP)
150Primary School Kaulara Kalan R.No.11001Etawah (NPP)
151Primary School Kaulara Kalan R.No.2524Etawah (NPP)
152Purva Middle School Kaulara Kalan R.No.1812Etawah (NPP)
156Primary School Madhi R.N.11171Etawah (NPP)
160Primary School Nagriya R.No.1825Etawah (NPP)
162Primary School Putha Jheel Kaularakalan R.No.11107Etawah (NPP)
164Primary School Garhi Shisupal R.No.1985Etawah (NPP)
167Primary School Mutnai R.No.11120Etawah (NPP)
168Primary School Guda R.No.11241Etawah (NPP)
169Primary School Garhi Bhajje R.No.1769Etawah (NPP)
173Primary School Nari Kankar R.No.1897Etawah (NPP)
177Primary School Dauki R.No.1870Etawah (NPP)
179Primary School Dauki R.No.2597Etawah (NPP)
181Primary School Dauki R.No.31322Etawah (NPP)
184Primary School Chamarpura R.No.1726Etawah (NPP)
187Primary School Nagla Aman R.No.1705Etawah (NPP)
190Primary School Jainagar R.No.1747Etawah (NPP)
195Primary School Vidrai R.No.1864Etawah (NPP)
197Primary School Kaulara Khurd R.No.1814Etawah (NPP)
198Primary School Garhi Rampal R.No.11135Etawah (NPP)
201Primary School Badovra Khurd R.No.1997Etawah (NPP)
202Primary School Badovra Khurd R.No.21234Etawah (NPP)
203Primary School Badovra Kalan R.No.1914Etawah (NPP)
205Primary School Badovra Kalan R.No.21025Etawah (NPP)
206Primary School Nagla Shadi R.No.11134Etawah (NPP)
207Primary School Majhara R.No.1778Etawah (NPP)
209Panchayat Ghar Kutuk Pur Rohai920Etawah (NPP)
210Primary School Kutuk Pur Rohai R.No.11396Etawah (NPP)
211Primary School Mohan Pur R.No.11234Etawah (NPP)
214Primary School Himanyupur Rohai R.No.11083Etawah (NPP)
216Primary School Pura Shah R.No.1881Etawah (NPP)
218Primary School Garhi Dharam Jeet R.No.1771Etawah (NPP)
223Primary School Lokas R.No.11143Etawah (NPP)
228Primary School Pura Panchah R.No.1292Etawah (NPP)
234Primary School Garhi Ganesh R.No.1588Etawah (NPP)
238Primary School Rohaikhashr.No.1991Etawah (NPP)
240Primary School Paltua Pura R.No.11252Etawah (NPP)
245Primary School Rampur R.No.11002Etawah (NPP)
246Primary School Dhariai R.No.11151Etawah (NPP)
248Primary School Dandaniya Pura R.No.1739Etawah (NPP)
252Primary School Gadarpura R.No.1882Etawah (NPP)
254Primary School Heerapura R.No.1769Etawah (NPP)
256Panchayat Ghar Chamrauli R.No.1398Etawah (NPP)
259Purva Middle School Bilaipura R.No.2912Etawah (NPP)
263Primary School Garhi Gusain R.No.2665Etawah (NPP)
267D.A.V. Inter College Dhimshree R.No.1637Etawah (NPP)
268D.A.V. Inter College Dhimshree R.No.2758Etawah (NPP)
269D.A.V. Inter College Dhimshree R.No.31176Etawah (NPP)
270Primary School Nagla Jamuni Bhan R.No.1853Etawah (NPP)
272Sarvjanik Milan Kendra Peetapura R.No.11091Etawah (NPP)
275Primary School Nagla Turshi R.No.1547Etawah (NPP)
278Primary School Vas Bale R.No.1834Etawah (NPP)
280Primary School Vas Bale R.No.21141Etawah (NPP)
282Purva Middle School Paintikheda R.No.1513Etawah (NPP)
283Purva Middle School Paintikheda R.No.2576Etawah (NPP)
285Primary School Garhi Paras Ram R.No.11230Etawah (NPP)
289Purva Middle School Neevri Gajiya R.No.11208Etawah (NPP)
292Purva Middle School Neevri Gajiya R.No.21132Etawah (NPP)
294Primary School Netpura R.No.1853Etawah (NPP)
297Primary School Nagla Behad (Mevlikalan) R.No.1874Nagla Alai
298Primary School Rabar1393Nagla Ransingh
300Primary School Nagla Bada R.No.1617Nagla Daulatpur
302Primary School Nagla Bada R.No.2824Jadhonpur
305Primary School Bajid Pur R.No.1459Fufai Chhoti
306Primary School Bajid Pur R.No.2624Fufai
306Primary School Pura Durji R.No.1624Khera
307Primary School Pura Durji R.No.21080Ekdil (NP)
309Purva Middle School Bajid Pur581Ekdil (NP)
312Primary School Shala Mandir R.No.11103Ekdil (NP)
314Panchayat Ghar Nagla Made R.No.1988Ekdil (NP)
316Primary School Kotra R.No.1785N/A
317Primary School Mutabai R.No.11204Khadar Ki Muraiya
318Primary School Bhata Ki Peepri R.No.1858Kalyanpur Ayara
319Primary School Nagla Devhans R.No.1597Pachdeora
320Purva Middle School Garhi Kishan R.No.11459Nagla Parmdham
323Purva Middle School Garhi Kishan R.No.2376Manikpur Bisu
324Primary School Nagla Kadam (Sikrara) R.No.11477Arrda Sati
325Primary School Sikrara R.No.1593Kalyanpur Etawah
325Primary School Varipura R.No.1593Hadauli
328Primary School Nagla Gadriya R.No.1848Musawali
329Primary School Madayna R.No.1576Sitora
329Primary School Kalyanpur R.No.1576Raypura
330Primary School Puthpura (Kalyanpur) R.No.1864Sitora
331Primary School Jagrajpur R.No.11001Iswarpur
331Primary School Jagrajpur R.No.21001Naglawar
332Primary School Ranpura R.No.1674Sitora
332Primary School Tanshpura R.No.1674Naglagahlot
332Primary School Gangora R.No.1674Busa
333Primary School Salempur Mudiya R.No.1315Sitora
335Primary School Ghaghpura R.No.1495Newarpur
336Primary School Mohammad Pur R.No.11327Prathvipur Bhonakpur
337Primary School Koompura R.No.1789Nagla Jhinna Maraj Prathvipur Bhonakpur
337Primary School Kanhapura R.No.1789N. Chauhan
337Primary School Pura Banjara R.No.1789Naglapate Prathvipur Bhonakpur
338Purva Middle School Maharajpur R.No.1470Nagla Bhawra Mjara
339Primary School Musepur R.No.1637Nihal Ka Pura
341Primary School Neechakheda R.N678Garaita
343Primary School Raipura R.No.1388Garaita
343Primary School Pokhariya R.No.1388Pura Tilaksingh
344Primary School Jatpura R.No.11018Sitapura
344Primary School Bhogpura R.No.11018Addalkhnpura
346Primary School Pura Doctor R.No.11062Karanpura
348Primary School Garhi Jahan R.No.1678Bela
349Primary School Nibohra R.No.1747Purakirtsingh
350Purva Middle School Nibohra R.No.1732Bela
350Primary School Pura Nehra R.No.1732Puramnohar
351Primary School Shahved R.No.1958Pradangli
352Primary School Pura Nanda R.No.1840Nayakpura
352Primary School Pathar Kot R.No.1840Kumhera
356Primary School Kankarpura R.No.1538Barauli Jamanpar
358Primary School Ramgarh R.No.1740Barauli Jamanpar
360Primary School Choti Basai R.No.11232Beedhupura
360Primary School Salempur Dhankar R.No.11232Lodhupura
360Primary School Salempur Dhankar R.No.21232Nayepura
362Purva Middle School Paliya R.No.1721Talkapura
363Primary School Garhi Godhna R.No.1682Chandarpur Khurd
365Primary School Partappura R.No.1703Asbakhas
365Primary School Partappura R.No.2703Aswa
366Primary School Bichaula R.No.1580Aswa Asnshik Puwi Kchar
369Primary School Chatariya Pura R.No.1423Ajabpur Jhingupur
370Purva Middle School Nagarchand R.No.11448Badpura
370Purva Middle School Nagarchand R.No.21448Nagladhimran Ki Maraiya
371Panchayat Ghar Behdi590Nagla Kundeshwar
372Primary School Bamrauli R.No.1698Madarayn
372Primary School Parauli Sikarvar R.No.1698Pokhara
373Primary School Parauli Sikarvar R.No.2500Dhamana Ki Muraiya
373Purva Middle School Idaun R.No.1500Nagla Kachhar
374Primary School Meethpura R.No.1652Nagla Jamdhar
375Primary School Dhorra R.No.1955Adda Pyarmpura
379Primary School Kripalpura R.No.1987Kamet
380Primary School Kripalpura R.No.2863Kamet
381Primary School Rasulpur R.No.1875Kamet
381Purva Middle School Rasulpur R.No.1875Ura Mora Chairaha Majara Kamet
382Primary School Mohanpur (Bharapur) R.No.1702Ura Mora Chauraha Mjara Kameta
385Primary School Bholpura R.No.11200Bwari
385Uchch Primary School First 1Fatehabad R.No.11200Chak Pipronahar
386Uchch Primary School First 1Fatehabad R.No.2868Udi
387A.B.S.A. Office Fatehabad R.No.1745Udi
388A.B.S.A. Office Fatehabad R.No.2824Kheda Azab Singh
389Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.1580Kheda Azab Singh
389Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.2580Naglabhawani Das
390Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.3619Paroli Mustkil Kamet
390Saraswati Gyan Mandir Bye Pass Road Fatehabad R.No.1619Rmikawar
391Bhagvan Devi Kanya Inter College Fatehabad R.No.4797Bhatpura
391Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.1797Hwiliya
391Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.2797Dbha
391Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.3797Dbha Bhatpura
392Purani Tehsil Bhavan Fatehabad R.No.1815Rajpura Janewrasi
392Primary Kanya School Fatehabad815Kishnpura
393Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.41011Rajpura Janewrasi
393Janta Inter College Fatehahab R.No.51011Puthan Adda
393Primary School Garhi Dariyab R.No.11011Ksauga
394Primary School Sarangpur R.No.1965Gaati Schoo
394Primary School Sarangpur R.No.2965Bangla
395Aarya Vedik School Kutukpur Gola R.No.11388Jarhouli
396Primary School Garhi Udayraj R.No.1938Dhubiya
397Purva Middle School Lalpura R.No.1648Miholi
398Primary School Garhi Koomra R.No.1506Miholi

Last Updated on November 15, 2014