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Polling Booth in Didarganj Assembly Constituency

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Didarganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Didarganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Didarganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Sangawali1249Bairag Dih
1Primary School Jhabrapura1249Chak Matiyar
3Primary School Silayata1253Baraiepur
6Janta Inter Collegepoothan Sakrouli1083Guwaie
11Primary School Doondpura927Sarawan
11Primary School Paharhpura927Puraktawaru
12Primary School Vijaypura1487Nauhara
13Primary School Hardaspura1100Nauhara
13Primary School Dhimrai1100Dhaurahara Shri Kishun
13Primary School Padua1100Dhaurahara Roshan Ali
16Jhs Raja Ka Baag1404Charauwan
19Primary School Chanderpura873Chakiya Chak Murtuja
21Primary School Harchandpura1169Dariya Pur
22Primary School Roora670Dariya Pur
23Primary School Nagla Chaugan1264Dubripur
24Primary School Toda983Meer Ahamadpur Sahzada
25Primary School Sarangpura540Meer Ahamadpur Sahzada
28Primary School Vikrampur1090Abu Saidpur
30Primary School Bulakipur Luhanna Room-11199Kaithauli
30Primary School Bulakipur Luhanna Room-21199Sadarpur
32Veena Vadini Inter College Ashok Nagar Room-1574Dih Kaithauli
34Veena Vadini Inter College Ashok Nagar North Room-3601N/A
35Veena Vadini Inter College Ashok Nagar North Room-41023Amgaon
37Veena Vadini Inter Collegeashok Nagar1060Bela
38Naveen Galla Mandi Shop No-251017Kharsahan Kalan
39Naveen Galla Mandi New Const Shop1215Kharsahan Kalan
40Naveen Galla Mandi Shop No-101121Kheta Patti
41Naveen Galla Mandi Shop No-1756Sangrampur
42Naveen Galla Mandi Shop No-21158Kharsahan Khurd
43Bhartiya Krishak Vidyala Adda Usra642Kharsahan Khurd
44Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-5404Pura Kishuni
45Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-151081Phulesh
46Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-61220Phulesh
46Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-11220Molanapur Madar Bakas
48Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-201048Kushal Gaon
49Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-7520Kushal Gaon
50Janta V Frkd Road Etawah Room-81084Rasanwa
51Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah East1155Rasanwa
52Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah Room-61290Noorpur
53Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah Room-2749Noorpur
53Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah Room-7749Mahuwara Kalan
54Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah West Room-31306Mahuwara Khurd
55Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah Room-41052Mahuwara Khurd
55Bodh Vidya Mandir Inter College Etawah Room-51052Gadaie Pur
56Primary School Ram Nagar542Garawpur
57Primary School Ram Nagar East1173Pook
58Primary School Ram Nagar West1115Pook
59Jhs Shanti Nagar Ranveer Nagar1177Chakbal
61Pv Shanti Nagar Ranveer Nagar1159Harunpur
61Eng College Etw Kainteen Parisar Room 11159Meer Ahmad Tilak
61Eng College Etw Kainteen Parisar Room 61159Chak Dhanchha
62Eng College Etw Kainteen Parisar Room 21199Hadawa
63Eng College Etw Kainteen Parisar Room 31217Bihata
64Eng College Etw Kainteen Parisar Room 4628Bihata
64K.K. Digree College Etw Room-1628Khadara
64K.K. Digree College Etw Room-9628Laherwa
65K.K. Digree College Etw Room-2819Gaddopur
66K.K. Digree College Etw Room-10717Gaddopur
66K.K. Digree College Etw Room-6717Chak Kirta
67Primary School Pakka Talab New Building361Wari
69Junior High School Pakka Talab Old Bhawan931Malgawan
70K.K. Inter College Etw Room-11381Bhaderiya
70K.K. Inter College Etw Room-31381Singarpur
71K.K. Inter College Etw Room-71165Ishapur
73K.K. Inter College Etw Room-51043Sadaruddinpur
73K.K. Inter College Etw Room-81043Rasoolabad
74K.K. Inter College Etw Room-6563Boorhapur Kutub Ali
75G.G.I.C Room No-1570Chak Dharna
75G.G.I.C Room No-3570Boochipur
76G.G.I.C Room No-5918Boonda
77G.G.I.C Room No-6858Muh Chura
78G.G.I.C Room No-71056Adam Mau
79G.G.I.C Room No-81082Haydara Bad
80Primary School Katra Balsingh Room No-11038Yushuphpur Khanpur
81Primary School Katra Balsingh Room No-21080Yushuphpur Khanpur
81G.I.C. New Building Etawah Room 11080Yushuphpur Khanpur
82G.I.C. New Building Etawah Room 21164Sahijana
83G.I.C. New Building Etawah Room 3399Chhangan Pur
84G.I.C. Etawah Room N0-71527Bhatin Para
85G.I.C. Etawah Room N0-81066Bhormau
86G.I.C. Etawah Room N0-91198Bhormau
87G.I.C. Etawah Room N0-101122Daudpur
87Islamia Inter College Room-11122Gandi
88Islamia Inter College Room-9970Jafarpur Jaie
89Islamia Inter College Room-21088Sikraursahbari
89Islamia Inter College Room-31088Chak Rjjoshaidani
90Islamia Inter College Room-61467Khizirpur
90Islamia Inter College Room-101467Sikraursahbari
91Islamia Inter College Room-81098Demri Makhdoompur
92Islamia Girls Inter College Room-1925Purandarpur
93Islamia Girls Inter College Room-2920Purandarpur
93Primary School Naurangabad Room-1920Chak Munauwar
93Primary School Naurangabad Room-2920Chak Kaji
94Arya Samaj Inter College Room-11475Kasba Fatehpur
95Arya Samaj Inter College Room-21209Kasba Fatehpur
95Arya Samaj Inter College Room-31209Naraiepur
96Arya Samaj Inter College Room-4737Tejpur Sultanpur
96Chitragupt Inter College Etawah Room 1737Chak Tewkhar
97Chitragupt Inter College Etawah Room 2984Tewkhar
98Chitragupt Inter College Etawah Room 31242Para
99S.D Inter ClOllege Etawah Room-11184Para
100S.D Inter ClOllege Etawah Room-2972Siswara
101S.D Inter ClOllege Etawah Room-31016Siswara
102S.D Inter ClOllege Etawah Room-4961Dhangwal
103S.D Inter ClOllege Etawah Room-6397Shiwrajpur
104S.D Inter College Etawah796Khas Dih
105Tehsil Hall Sadar Room-1 Etawah870Khas Dih
106Tehsil Sadar Room-4 Etawah1185Leduwavar
107Office Rajaswya Nirikshak Pachar Tehsil Sadar Etawah474Pharaha Mau
108Tehsil Sadar Room-5 Etawah1046Rang Dih
109Office Rajaswya Nirikshak Paar Tehsil Sadar Etawah1450Rang Dih
110Jhs Lala Lajpat Rai1429Belahari Imam Ali
113Primary School Davgran Road Etawah954Kuriyanwa
118Primary School Katra Shamsher Khan706Salauddinpur
120Archna Saraswati Gyan Mandir Jhs Katra Shamsher Khan Room-1597Chhettepur
121Archna Saraswati Gyan Mandir Jhs Katra Shamsher Khan Room-4813Nonari
122Archna Saraswati Gyan Mandir Jhs Katra Shamsher Khan Room-2746Nonari
123Archna Saraswati Gyan Mandir Jhs Katra Shamsher Khan Room-3775Nonari
124Govt. Cold Store Anand Nagar Room-1769Nonari
125Govt. Cold Store Anand Nagar Room-21421Kavra Gahani
126Primary School Guru Govind Singh Khalsa School Etawah1200Kavra Gahani
131Primary School Sha Qamar1110Karuie
133Junior High School Sha Qamar1149Pipraula
134Maharana Pratap Jhs Sha Qamar447Pipraula
136Primary School Garhi Pura Ram Lila Road Etawah688Ladpur Jokhoo
137Primary School Garhi Pura Ram Lila Road Room-2959Ladpur Baksoo
138Primary School Garhi Pura Ram Lila Road Room-4813Ladpur Sahab Ali
139Primary School Garhi Pura Ram Lila Road1138Kalepur
140Municipal Board Meeting Hall Room-14385Katherawa
141Municipal Board Room No. 23906Kuswan
142Municipal Board Room No. 25900Kuswan
143Municipal Board Etawah Room No. 131342Pakraul
144New Primary School Chaukhar Kuan Room No. 1878Pakraul
144New Primary School Chaukhar Kuan Room No. 2878Kadanpur
145New Primary School Chaukhar Kuan Room No. 31265Chitara Mahmoodpur
146Primary School Chipetti Etawah1068Chitara Mahmoodpur
151Primary School Phoolan Devi Danda1233Surhan
152Sheetla Prsad Shorawaal Balika Inter Collegeetawah Room-2759Surhan
153Sheetla Prsad Shorawaal Balika Inter Collegeetawah Room-3781Surhan
154Sheetla Prsad Shorawaal Balika Inter Collegeetawah Room-41094Irana Gokulpur
155Sheetla Prsad Shorawaal Balika Inter Collegeetawah Room-51341Jethahari
156Sheetla Prsad Shorawaal Balika Inter Collegeetawah Room-6641Basti Kapuri
157Saraswati Mahavidyalya Etawah1139Basti Kapuri
158Primary School Dhoomanpura848Aurangabad
159Primary School Lalpura West1460Mahuja Newada
160Primary School Lalpura East1457Mahuja Newada
161Shiv Narayan Inter Collegeetawah Room-4695Mahuja Newada
162Shiv Narayan Inter Collegeetawah Room-1662Amnawen
163Shiv Narayan Inter Collegeetawah Room-21140Bangaon
164Shiv Narayan Inter Collegeetawah Room-31022Bangaon
166Shiv Narayan Inter Collegeetawah Room-51256Nikasipur
167Saraswati Balika Vidyalya Shivajipuram (Madayya Shiv Narayan) R.No. 11088Dariyapur
168Saraswati Balika Vidyalya Shivajipuram (Madayya Shiv Narayan) R.No. 3702Makhadumpur
169Saraswati Balika Vidyalya Shivajipuram (Madayya Shiv Narayan) R.No. 21129Bhadon
170Saraswati Balika Vidyalya Shivajipuram (Madayya Shiv Narayan) R.No. 41068Bhadon
171Primary School Desharmau1022Bhadon
172Panchayat Ghar Nagla Kurat1029Rasulpur
175Primary School Chandanpur Etawah1014Dehduar
180Primary School Daulatpur1482Badhawa Islam
184Primary School Indhaua968Ajaur
185Primary School Keshonpur Jadonpur1507Kurthuwa
187Primary School Pilkhar1062Barra
188Primary School Phoophai Badi933Bairi
189Primary School Phoophai Chotti903Chiksanwa
189Primary School Ikdil903Chaktekchand
191Primary School Ekdil1126Lalan Garha
192Gyan Chand Hsc Ekdil Rom-11003Kodahara
193Gyan Chand Hsc Ekdil Rom-6518Kodahara
194Gyan Chand Hsc Ekdil Rom-2896Sataini
194Gyan Chand Hsc Ekdil Rom-3896Dhangwal
195Gyan Chand Hsc Ekdil Rom-41216Dasmarha
196Gyan Chand Hsc Ekdil Rom-5384Dasmarha
197Kanya Primary School Ekdil600Jakhawan
198Primary School Kathgawan648Usar Ganwan
199Primary School Beelampur1126Lilaie
200Primary School Kankarpur1248Dubra
202Primary School Klayanpur Etawah883Belharihaspur
204Primary School Pachdevra876Tirhutipur
205Primary School Manikpur Mohan1302Fatuhi
207Primary School Manikpur Vishu1195Kumbha
209Kanya Primary School Manikpur Vishu1062Kohrauli
212Primary School Hawilia1426Lasara Khurd
214Kanya Purva Junior High School Harouli937Lasara Kalan
217Primary School Adda Talaiya1186Narwey
218Primary School Musawali944Narwey
219Primary School Raypura Sitoura953Saifpur
221Primary School Jodhpura1124Asarha
222Primary School Sukha Taal Sitoura445Ubarsepur
224Primary School Nagla Gehlot884Gosari
227Primary School Sitoura888Gonthanw
228Primary School Neverpur799Bhatpura
230Primary School Prathvipur Bhonakpur435Inao Bhar
231Primary School Nagla Chauhan1432Arara
235Primary School Pura Murong414Nandaon Khas
239Primary School Bahadurpura568Ram Raipur
241Primary School Garahita529Surahi Bujurg
244Primary School Karia Danda723Parsurampur
246Primary School Pura Tilak Singh676Nagawan
248Primary School Saray Bhagat1070Kamravan
249Primary School Lakhanpura988Khurrampur
253Mahatma Gandhi Sainik Inter Collegepachay Gaon Room-1847Dharnipur Bisyan Naya b.
255Mahatma Gandhi Sainik Inter Collegepachay Gaon Room-21158Chhaun
258Primary School Naya Bela1227Chakderhwani
259Primary School Pura Basawan Singh1092Luhsamu Barakpur
262Primary School Pura Mansa Ram1169Isharpur
264Primary School Pura Dangli941Ambarpur
266Primary School Nayakpura649Faridabad
266Primary School Bhaupura649Ashikpur
267Primary School Surekhipura476Bibipur
268Primary School Jaitpur Jmanpaar574Ban Gaon
270Primary School Barouli Jamanpaar872Makkhn Patti
270Primary School Marhiya Kareelgarh872Kayamuddinpur Patti
274Primary School Baswara484Mohammadpur Madar Dar
275Primary School Beedhupura1471Chakiya Husenabad
277Primary School Udhann Pura1381Fariha Khas
278Primary School Manikapura934FariHA Khas
282Primary School Chanderpur Khurd997Fariha Khas
283Primary School Ratnupura784Fariha Khas
284Primary School Aswa Khass559Asilpur
286Primary School Purvi Kachaar827Faijullahpur
287Primary School Pura Rewari1267Dayalpur Pratham
289Primary School Ajabpur Jhingupur1024Dayalpur
289Primary School Marhiya Ajabpur1024Dariyapur
290Primary School Barhpura1370Thakuripur
290Primary School Kundeshwar1370Husenpur
290Primary School Madayan1370Chak Unji
292Primary School Dhamna Ki Marahiya935Bairadih Urf Gambhirpur
294Primary School Dhamna922Bairadih Urf Gambhirpur
296Primary School Bahuri762Singhar
297Primary School Nagla Beerbal1076Uttar Gaona
298Primary School Nagla Kachaar875N/A
299Primary School Kamet Naveen659Jahanpur
301Primary School Nagla Gaur557Rasulpur Mafi
302Primary School Nagla Hawilia1138Kohraura
305Vikas Khand Barhpura Meeting Hall New Udi Mod1223Mohammadpur
307Vikas Khand Barhpura Meeting Hall Old Udi Mod1304Sarsena Khalsa
308Primary School Nagla Ajeet1000Abu Saidpur
310Primary School Sunwara1057Andhauri
310Primary School Awari1057Gaddopur
312Jila Panchayat Junior High School Udi1179Rowan
313Primary School Khera Ajab Singh1117Shekhpurdaud
313Primary School Nagla Bhawani Dass1117Mukundpur
314Primary School Rami Ka Var1239Dilauri
315Primary School Dabha Bhatpura1028Muradabad
317Primary School Rajpura Poothan798Amoda Mohiuddinpur
322Primary School Gaati1058Sirsal
325Junior High School Jarhouli1485Avak
326Primary School Mihouli724Khalishpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014