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Polling Booth in Deoria Assembly Constituency

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Deoria Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Deoria

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Deoria Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Bairia1080Belwa Pandey
2P.V. Bharia1231Sauna Parushram
3Panchayat Bhawan Pipradhanni1114Sauna Lachhuman
4P.M.V. Kunwar Bakhra Chorkhari925Sauna Lachhuman
5I.College Bakhra R.N.-1313Bairia
6I.College Bakhra R.N.-2536Bairia
7I.College Bakhra R.N.-31007Pipradhani
8I.College Bakhra R.N.-4528Chorkhari
9I.College Bakhra R.N.-5883Bakhra Khas
10P.V. Badhai Purwa766Baliyaya
11P.V. Madarsan830Bakhra Khas
12P.V. Pipravari803Bakhra Khas
13P.V. Kataura R. N.-1682Bakhra Khas
14P.V. Kataura R.N.-2970Baraipur
15P.V. Chariyanw Bujurg R.N.-11061Madarsan
16P.V. Chariyanw Bujurg R.N.-2582Piprabari
17P.V. Chariyanw Bujurg R.N.-3913Kattaura
18P.V. Mohanmath1218Kattaura
20P.V. Rasauli793Chriaw Buzurg
21P.V. Karaundi846Chriaw Buzurg
22P.V. Laxmipur911Mohan Math
23J.H.Scholl Gulharia Sohsa R.N.-1694Rasauli
24J.H.Scholl Gulharia Sohsa R.N.-2635Karaundi
25P.V. Tendubari1000Karaundi
25P.V. Babhnauli1000Laxmipur
26P.V. Chariyanw Khas R.N.-11102Sohsa
27P.V. Chariyanw Khas R.N.-2859Sohsa
28J.H.School Khairabanua R.N.-1971Tendubari
29J.H.School Khairabanua R.N.-2723Babhaibauli
30J.H.School Khairabanua R.N.-3921Chriawon Khas
32P.V. Narayanpur Tiwari1256Khaira Banua
33P.V. Bansahia820Khaira Banua
34P.V. Dummarbhiswa608Khaira Banua
34P.V. Pandey Bhiswa608Mathpalgir
35Panchayat Bhawan Karjahi1107Narainpur Tiwari
36P.V. Badahara1404Bansahia
37P.V. Ratanpur782Dumar Mhisawa
39P.V. Kakwal544Karjahi
40P.V. Vishunpura R.N.-1557Badhara
41P.V. Vishunpura R.N.-21184Ratanpur
41P.V. Kunwarbakhra1184Pathohiya
43P.V. Bharthipipra1196Bishanpura
44P.V. Tengargadhi329Dumari
45P.V. Gopalpur589Dumari
45J.H.School Devtahan589Kuwar Bakhara
46P.V. Harpur R.N.-1530Bharathi Pipra
47P.V. Harpur R.N.-2635Tengargarhi
48P.V. Chilauna1379Gopalpur
50P.V. Karmahan1319Harpur
51P.V. Mathia R.N.-11134Harpur
52P.V. Mathia R.N.-21280Chilauna
52P.V. Vinayak1280Mundera
54P.V. Raishri872Mathia
55P.V. Khairatia R.N.-1744Mathia
56P.V. Khairatia R.N.-21279Mathia
56K.J.H.School Bhatauli Bujurg R.N.-11279Vinayak
57K.J.H.School Bhatauli Bujurg R.N.-21217Raishree
58K.J.H.School Bhatauli Bujurg R.N.-31208Khairatia
59K.J.H.School Bhatauli Bujurg R.N.-41249Khairatia
60P.V. Gauri Bujurg922Bhatauli Buzurg
61J.H.School Gauri Khurd610Bhatauli Buzurg
63P.V. Harerampur806Bhatauli Buzurg
64P.V. Karmajitpur R.N.-11218Gauri Buzurg
65P.V. Karmajitpur R.N.-21107Gauri Khurd
65P.V. Karmajitpur R.N.-31107Mathpal Jati
66J.H.School Kalaban R.N.-11340Hari Rampur
67J.H.School Kalaban R.N.-21122Karmajit Pur
68J.H.School Kalaban R.N.-31251Karmajit Pur
69P.V. Tola Godhawali Kalaban1351Karmajit Pur
70P.V. Bhatauli Khurd1130Kalaban
72P.V. Panankunda R.N.-1801Kalaban
73P.V. Panankunda R.N.-21130Kalaban
74K.J.H.School Panankunda R.N.-11285Bhatauli Khurd
74K.J.H.School Panankunda R.N.-21285Kotawa
75Kendriya P.M.V. Panankunda R.N.-1854Panankunda
76Kendriya P.M.V. Panankunda R.N.-2492Gauri Bazar (NP)
77Kendriya P.M.V. Panankunda R.N.-3847Gauri Bazar (NP)
78Kendriya P.M.V. Panankunda R.N.-4496Gauri Bazar (NP)
79P.V. Mathia Mafi702Gauri Bazar (NP)
80K.P.V. Patharhat R.N.-1606Gauri Bazar (NP)
81K.P.V. Patharhat R.N.-2586Gauri Bazar (NP)
82K.P.V. Patharhat R.N.-3910Gauri Bazar (NP)
84Panchayat Bhawan Patharhat R.N.-11310Pathar Hat
85Panchayat Bhawan Patharhat R.N.-21129Pathar Hat
86P.V. Asnahar R.N.-11438Pathar Hat
86P.V. Asnahar R.N.-21438Karkathi
88P.V. Usari Bujurg717Pathar Hat
89J.H.School Sanda R.N.-11058Asanhar
90J.H.School Sanda R.N.-21239Asanhar
90P.V. Parsia1239Damodra
91P.V. Pokharbhinda1137Usari Buzurg
92P.V. Nagarauli1025Sanda
93Chandrasekhar A.I.C. Devgaon Rampur R.N.-11432Sanda
94Chandrasekhar A.I.C. Devgaon Rampur R.N.-2356Parasia
96P.V. Devgaon R.N.-1970Nagrauli
98P.V. Devgaon R.N.-21383Rampur
98P.V. Devgaon R.N.-31383Rampur
99P.V. Ubhanw1057Rampur
99P.V. Devkuwan R.N.-11057Deogaon
100P.V. Lakhanchand813Deogaon
101P.V. Keshobari1016Deogaon
102P.V. Chherihan793Ubhawon
103P.V. Bhanda833Devkuon
105P.V. Sirjamdei795Lakhan Chand
106P.V. Sirjam R.N.-11195Keshobari
107P.V. Sirjam R.N.-21158Chheriha
108P.V. Sirjam R.N.-3688Bhanda
110P.V. Balua1341Sirjamdei
112P.V. Baitalpur R.N.-11257Sirjamdei
113P.V. Baitalpur R.N.-21191Balua
113P.V Gudari R.N.-11191Khiraha
114P.V Gudari R.N.-2975Balua
114P.V Itwa975Baitalpur
116P.V. Bhagua R.N.-1919Gudri
117P.V. Bhagua R.N.-2696Gudri
118P.M.V.Sopari Bujurg R.N.-1970Bankati
119P.M.V.Sopari Bujurg R.N.-21101Bhagua
120P.V. Badhya906Tendua
121P.V. Udhopur R.N.-1830Sopri Buzurg
122P.V. Udhopur R.N.-2745Sopri Buzurg
122P.V. Jagdishpur745Sopri Khurd
123P.V. Mukundpur1057Badhya
124P.V. Vishunpura823Udhopur
125P.V. Govindpur1107Udhopur
126P.V. Belhi Tiwari459Jagdishpur
127P.V. Tenduhi515Mukundpur
128P.V. Dhatura Khas R.N.-11046Vishunpura
129P.V. Dhatura Khas Usarahawa Tola R.N.-1877Govindpur
130P.V. Beldariya846Belhi Tiwari
131P.V. Dhatura Khurd872Tenduhi
132P.V. Vikrampur Banspar R.N.-11383Dhatura Khas
133P.V. Vikarampur Banspar R.N.-21352Dhatura Khas
134P.V. Baurdih Tiwari R.N.-1701Beldaria
135P.V. Baurdih Tiwari R.N.-2439Dhatura Khurd
138P.V. Batulahi R.N.-11230Baurdih
139P.V. Batulahi R.N.-2608Itawa
139P.V. Batulahi R.N.-3608Bharauli
139P.V. Jungle Thakurahi R.N.-1608Jungle Dhatura Banki
140P.V. Jungle Thakurahi R.N.-2936Batulahi
141P.V. Jungle Thakurahi R.N.-31025Batulahi
142P.V. Banki R.N.-1700Batulahi
143P.V. Banki R.N.-2862Jungle Thakurahi
144P.V. Banki R.N.-3709Jungle Thakurahi
147P.V. Basdila R.N.-11303Banki Khas
148P.V. Basdila R.N.-2847Bhelapar
148J.H.School Khorarm R.N.1847Sahara
149J.H.School Khorarm R.N.21491Basdila
150J.H.School Khorarm R.N.31293Basdila
150P.V. Jungle Sahajauli (Bodia Sultan)1293Parasia
151P.M.V. Jungle Sahajauli1114Khoraram
152P.V. Mahuanwa988Khoraram
153P.V. Ruchchapar1349Khoraram
155P.V. Aurachauri684Jungle Sahjauli
156J.H.School Bodia Anant R.N.-1771Mahuawa
157J.H.Scool Bodia Anant R.N.-2690Mahuawa
157B.R.D.P.G. College Deoria Mehra R.N.-1690Ruciapar
158B.R.D.P.G. College Deoria Mehra R.N.-21286Awara Chauri (Amara)
159B.R.D.P.G. College Deoria Mehra R.N.-4781Boria Anant
160B.R.D.P.G. College Deoria Mehra R.N.-5789Boria Anant
161Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-11222Mehra
162Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-21257Mehra
164Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-31023Mehra
165Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-4723Mehra
166Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-5999Deoria (NPP)
167Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-61080Deoria (NPP)
168Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-7842Deoria (NPP)
169Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-8931Deoria (NPP)
170Dayanand U.M.V. Lakshiram Pokhra Deoria R.N.-9806Deoria (NPP)
171P.V. Mudadih R.N.-11201Deoria (NPP)
173P.V. Mudadih R.N.-21339Bharauli Bazar
174P.V. Raghwapur R.N.-1650Babhani
175P.V. Raghwapur R.N.-2743Babhani
175P.V. Dhanauti Khurd743Mundadih
176P.V. Goabrai Khas591Mundadih
177P.V. Pidra Dehat R.N.-1882Raghwapur
178P.V. Pidra Dehat R.N.-2816Raghwapur
180M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-1794Gobarai Khas
181M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-2717Pidara
182M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-3815Pidara
182M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-4815Sonbarsa
183M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-51021Deoria (NPP)
184M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-6939Deoria (NPP)
185M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-71204Deoria (NPP)
186M.R.P.J.H.School Deoria R.N.-81115Deoria (NPP)
187Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-1853Deoria (NPP)
188Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-2556Deoria (NPP)
189Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-31154Deoria (NPP)
190Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-4936Deoria (NPP)
191Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-51360Deoria (NPP)
192Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-61055Deoria (NPP)
193Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-7790Deoria (NPP)
194Subash P.V. Deoria R.N.-81356Deoria (NPP)
195P.V. Piparpati R.N.-11022Deoria (NPP)
196P.V. Piparpati R.N.-2713Deoria (NPP)
198P.V. Mathia697Deoria (NPP)
199P.V. Sakrapar R.N.-1802Pipar Patti
200P.V. Sakrapar R.N.-2930Pipar Patti
200B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-1930Chntaman Chakh
201B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-21139Mathia
202B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-3889Sakatua
203B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-4790Sakatua
204B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-5810Deoria (NPP)
205B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-6549Deoria (NPP)
206B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-7847Deoria (NPP)
207B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-8670Deoria (NPP)
208B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-91330Deoria (NPP)
209B.R.D.I.College Deoria R.N.-101142Deoria (NPP)
210M.A.B.I.College Deoria R.N.-1933Deoria (NPP)
211M.A.B.I.College Deoria R.N.-2877Deoria (NPP)
212M.A.B.I.College Deoria R.N.-3876Deoria (NPP)
213M.A.I.College Deoria R.N.-1836Deoria (NPP)
214M.A.I.College Deoria R.N.-21298Deoria (NPP)
215M.A.I.College Deoria R.N.-3890Deoria (NPP)
216M.A.B.I.College Deoria R.N.-41400Deoria (NPP)
217M.A.B.I.College Deoria R.N.-5814Deoria (NPP)
218M.A.I.College Deoria R.N.-6628Deoria (NPP)
219M.A.I.College Deoria R.N.-71194Deoria (NPP)
220M.A.I.College Deoria R.N.-91414Deoria (NPP)
221Maharani Laxmibai P.M.V. Sabjimandi Deoria R.N.-11045Deoria (NPP)
222Maharani Laxmibai P.M.V. Sabjimandi Deoria R.N.-21071Deoria (NPP)
223Maharani Laxmibai P.M.V. Sabjimandi Deoria R.N.-3792Deoria (NPP)
225Maharani Laxmibai P.V. Sabjimandi Deoria R.N.-11022Deoria (NPP)
226Maharani Laxmibai P.V. Sabjimandi Deoria R.N.-2755Deoria (NPP)
227G.V.N.P.P. Bhawan Deoria R.N.-1788Deoria (NPP)
228G.V.N.P.P. Bhawan Deoria R.N.-21368Deoria (NPP)
229G.V.N.P.P. Bhawan Deoria R.N.-3741Deoria (NPP)
230G.V.N.P.P. Bhawan Deoria R.N.-4383Deoria (NPP)
231S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-1543Deoria (NPP)
232S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-2777Deoria (NPP)
233S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-3678Deoria (NPP)
234S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-4878Deoria (NPP)
235S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-5856Deoria (NPP)
236S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-6590Deoria (NPP)
237S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-7771Deoria (NPP)
238S.S.B.L.I.College Deoria R.N.-8730Deoria (NPP)
239S.M.N.P. Town Hall Ke Peeche Deoria R.N.-1865Deoria (NPP)
240S.M.N.P. Town Hall Ke Peeche Deoria R.N.-2852Deoria (NPP)
241S.M.N.P. Town Hall Ke Peeche Deoria R.N.-3689Deoria (NPP)
242Vivekanand P.V. Naya Bhawan Deoria R.N.-1926Deoria (NPP)
243Vivekanand P.V. Naya Bhawan Deoria R.N.-21150Deoria (NPP)
244J.H.School J.P.Ke Under Deoria R.N.-1971Deoria (NPP)
245J.H.School J.P.Ke Under Deoria R.N.-2896Deoria (NPP)
246J.H.School J.P.Ke Under Deoria R.N.-31027Deoria (NPP)
247J.H.School J.P.Ke Under Deoria R.N.-41338Deoria (NPP)
248Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-1944Deoria (NPP)
249Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-2977Deoria (NPP)
250Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-3591Deoria (NPP)
251Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-4761Deoria (NPP)
252Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-51392Deoria (NPP)
253Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-6839Deoria (NPP)
254Swamni Dayanad P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-7553Deoria (NPP)
255Swami Dayanand P.M.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-81349Deoria (NPP)
256Swami Dayanand P.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-11070Deoria (NPP)
257Swami Dayanand P.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-2863Deoria (NPP)
258Swami Dayanand P.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-3991Deoria (NPP)
259Swami Dayanand P.V. Deoria Khas R.N.-4635Deoria (NPP)
261K.J.H.School Deoria Khas R.N.-1762Deoria (NPP)
262K.J.H.School Deoria Khas R.N.-21202Deoria (NPP)
263 964Deoria (NPP)
273P.V. Deoria Devpur R.N.-31128Deoria (NPP)
275Shri Rajiv Gandhi P.V. Deoria Ramnath R.N.-11285Deoria Khas
276Shri Rajiv Gandhi P.V. Deoria Ramnath R.N.-21135Deoria Khas
277Shri Rajiv Gandhi P.V. Deoria Ramnath R.N.-31422Deoria Khas
277Shri Rajiv Gandhi P.V. Deoria Ramnath R.N.-41422Amethi
278Indira Gandhi K.P.V. Deoria Ramnath R.N.-11050Deoria (NPP)
279Indira Gandhi K.P.V. Deoria Ramnath R.N.-2602Deoria (NPP)
280Indira Gandhi P.M.V. Deoria Ramnathk R.N.-11103Deoria (NPP)
281Indira Gandhi P.M.V. Deoria Ramnathk R.N.-2505Deoria (NPP)
282Indira Gandhi P.M.V. Deoria Ramnathk R.N.-31087Deoria (NPP)
283Indira Gandhi P.M.V. Deoria Ramnathk R.N.-4978Deoria (NPP)
284J.H.School Bhatwaliya Deoria R.N.-1899Deoria (NPP)
285J.H.School Bhatwaliya Deoria R.N.-21078Deoria (NPP)
286J.H.School Bhatwaliya Deoria R.N.-3840Deoria (NPP)
287P.V. Bhatwaliya Deoria R.N.-1777Deoria (NPP)
288P.V. Bhatwaliya Deoria R.N.-2864Deoria (NPP)
289P.V. Parsia Urf Kharjarwa R.N.-1911Deoria (NPP)
290P.V. Parsia Urf Kharjarwa R.N.-21209Deoria (NPP)
291J.H.School Tilai Belwa571Deoria (NPP)
292P.V. Parsia Miskari R.N.11128Deoria (NPP)
293P.V. Parsia Miskari R.N.-21238Parsia Urf Kharjarwa
295Ramroop H.S.School Sonda R.N.-11252Tilai Belwa
296Ramroop H.S.School Sonda R.N.-2736Parsia Miskari
297P.V. Danopur R.N.-1815Barawa Gorasthan
297P.V. Danopur R.N.-2815Chak Deoria
298K.P.V. Kathinahiya986Sonda
299P.V. Parsia Ahir R.N.-1880Sonda
300P.V. Parsia Ahir R.N.-2787Danopur
302P.V. Katarari R.N.-11100Kathinhia
303P.V. Katarari R.N.-2913Parasia Ahir
304P.V. Mohnidei849Chak Ram Chand
306P.V. Saraura R.N.-1955Katarari
307P.V. Saraura R.N.-2907Mukundpur
308P.V. Bahorwa R.N.-1777Mohanidei
309P.V. Bahorwa R.N.-21043Saraura
310P.V. Malkauli1042Saraura
311P.V. Haraiya1095Saraura
312P.V. Kolhua541Bahurwa
313P.V. Ijarahi R.N.-11388Malkauli
314P.V. Ijarahi R.N.-2587Kolhuwa
315P.V. Barsath1218Kolhuwa
316P.V. Singahi957Ijarahi
317I.C. Majhganwa583Ijarahi
317P.V. Chhitarua583Chandauli
318P.V. Agya590Barasath
319P.V. Surauli R.N.-11041Singhi
320P.V. Surauli R.N.-2936Majhaganwa
321P.V. Paikauli Kuti R.N.-11064Chhitrua
322P.V. Paikauli Kuti R.N.-2487Agaya
323P.V. Paikauli Kuti R.N.-31106Surauli
324P.V. Paikauli Kuti R.N.-41090Surauli
325P.V. Nagaur (Paikauli)804Paikauli
326P.V. Baida R.N.-1719Paikauli
328P.V. Baida R.N.-2828Paikauli
330P.V. Bhatjamuaon R.N.-1495Baida
331P.V. Bhatjamuaon R.N.-21315Banspar
332P.V. Phulwariya Lachhi843Bhat Jamuawa
333P.V. Phulwariya Karan875Bhat Jamuawa
334P.V. Agustpar R.N.-1830Bishanpura
334P.V. Agustpar R.N.-2830Patakhauli
335P.V. Dhamaur Parshuram1286Phulwaria Lachi
336P.V. Dhamaur Gopal1157Phulwaria Karan
337P.V. Ranighat R.N.-1988Augustpar
338P.V. Ranighat R.N.-2804Augustpar
339P.V. Sahajauli1346Dhamur Parsuram
341P.V. Mastodargir1143Ranighat
342P.V. Hata R.N.-1885Ranighat
343P.V. Hata R.N.-2583Sahjauli
343P.V. Mundera583Kurthia Badhia
345P.V. Rohuaar Vishunpur1384Hata
347P.V. Rohuaar Dhirjan513Mundera
347P.V. Banuadih513Chakbibi Fatama
348P.V. Chaumukha361Mundera
348P.V. Tibri361Rohuarvishunpur
349P.V.Tibri459Rohuar Dhirjan
350P.V.Burhan Nagar388Baruadih
351P.V.Hakimpur Megha1013Chaumukha

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