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Polling Booth in Dariyabad Assembly Constituency

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Dariyabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Dariyabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dariyabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Parsa Room N0.1822Parsa
2P.S. Auliyalalpur Room N0.11201Aulia Lalpur
3P.S. Turkani Room N0.11145Turkani
4P.S. Turkani Room N0.2367Turkani
5P.S. Sadenwa Room N0.11065Sondhawa
6P.S.Kithuri Room N0.11029Kithuri
7P.S.Kithuri Room N0.21172Kithuri
8P.S. Jalalpur Room N0.1785Jalal Pur
9J.H.S. Birauli Room N0.11343Bir0Li
10J.H.S. Birauli Room N0.2486Bir0Li
11P.S. Agehra Room N0.1834Bir0Li
12P.S. Muskabad Room N0.1945Mushka Bad
13P.S. Muskabad Room N0.2826Mushka Bad
14P.S. Kevlapur Room N0.11462Kewala Pur
15P.S.Jangravasawanpur Room N0.11358Jangra Basawanpur
16P.S. Saifpur Room N0.1826Saifpur
17P.S. Saifpur Room N0.2845Saifpur
18P.S. Sisauna Room N0.1599Sisauna
19P.S.Jariyari Room N0.1662Jariyari
20P.S.Dularpuwa H/O Mangrauda Room N0.11317Magaraunda
21P.S. Bahrapur H/O Mauhra Room N0.1857Mehaura
22P.S. Bahrapur H/O Mauhra Room N0.2979Mehaura
23J.H.S. Chakbadauli Room N0.1407Chak Madauli
24J.H.S. Gajipur Room N0.11429Gazipur
25J.H.S. Gajipur Room N0.2780Gazipur
26J.H.S Gajipur Room No.3642Gazipur
27P.S.Gajipur Room No.11116Gazipur
28P.S.Gajipur Second Room No.1625Gazipur
29P.S.Puremishri H/O Gajipur Room No.1904Gazipur
30P.S.Saidkhanpur Room No.11030Saidkhanpur
31P.S.Saidkhanpur Room No.21289Saidkhanpur
32P.S.Noorganj H/Ohamidnagar Room No.11380Hamidnagar
33J.H.S.Mahmudabad Room No.11330Mahmooda Bad
34J.H.S.Mahmudabad Room No.2867Mahmooda Bad
35J.H.S.Mahmudabad Room No.3765Mahmooda Bad
36P.S.Muskipur Room No.1633Muski Pur
37P.S.Doondi Room No.11000Dundi
38P.S.Doondi Room No.2820Dundi
39P.S.Jalalabad Room No.1286Jalalabad
40P.S.Baghaura Room No.1627Baghaura
41J.H.S.Gangauli Room No.1813Gangauli
42P.S.Untawa Room No.1734Untawa
43P.S.Khalsapur Room No.11295Khalasa Pur
44P.S.Thakurpur First Room N0.11093Thakur Pur
45P.S.Shyamnager Room N0.1937Shyam Nagar
46P.S.Thanadeeh Room N0.1721Thanadih
47P.S.Madhanapur Room N0.1994Madhna Pur
48P.S.Khajuri Room N0.11384Khajuri
49Bh.D.I.College Khajuri Room N0.11169Masud Pur
50P.S.Nargaura Room N0.1433Nargaura
51P.S.Akbarpur Room N0.11176Akbarpur Mangaronda
52P.S.Veerkithai Room N0.1864Beerkithai
53P.S.Veerkithai Room N0.2713Beerkithai
54P.S.Rohilanagar Room N0.1871Rohila Nagar
55J.H.S.Itaura Room N0.1973Etaura
56J.H.S.Itaura Room N0.2637Etaura
57P.S.Kamoli Room N0.11288Kamoli
58P.S.Akohara Room N0.1273Akohara
59P.S.Udwatnagar Room N0.11069Udwat Nagar
60P.S.Chikapur Room N0.1974Chika Pur
61P.S.Sarairajjan Room N0.1639Sarai Ranjjan
62P.S.Khemapur Room N0.1392Khempur
63P.S.Sekhwapur Room N0.1431Shekhwa Pur
64P.S.Mallulalpur Room N0.1833Mallu Lalpur
65P.S.Ufrauli Room N0.1490Ufarauli
66P.S.Jamina Room N0.1763Jameena
67P.S.Surra Room N0.11016Surra
68P.S.Dulhadepur Room N0.1757Duladey Pur
69P.S.Dulhadepur Room N0.2707Duladey Pur
70P.S.Haraha Room N0.11164Haraha
71P.S.Haraha Room N0.21105Haraha
72P.S.Ranikatra H/O Aganpur Room N0.11316Aganpur
73P.S.Ranikatra H/O Aganpur Room N0.2936Aganpur
74P.S.Ranikatra H/O Aganpur E.R. N0.1543Aganpur
75P.S.Bibiyapur Room N0.1737Bibia Pur
76J.H.S.Dadiyamau Room N0.1386Dandia Mau
77Panchyat Bhawan Jadwapur Room N0.1937Jadwa Pur
78P.S.Saraidunauli Room N0.1924Saray Dunauli
79P.S.Saraidunauli Room N0.2858Saray Dunauli
80P.S.Gedrapur Room N0.11290Gedrapur
81P.S.Panapur Room N0.1939Panhpur
82P.S.Tada H/O Etahuapurab Room N0.11012Itahua Purab
83J.H.S.Parsawal Room N0.11355Parsval
84J.H.S.Parsawal Room N0.2502Kamrauli
85P.S.Lodhemaw Room N0.1642Lodhemao
86Agan Badi Kendra Barain Room N0.1648Barain
87P.S.Dereraja Room N0.1673Dereraja
88J.H.S.Kasbaechauli Room N0.1940Kasba Ichauli
89J.H.S.Kasbaechauli Room N0.2564Kasba Ichauli
90J.H.S.Kasbaechauli Room N0.31143Kasba Ichauli
91J.H.S.Kasbaechauli E.R. N0.1688Kasba Ichauli
92J.H.S.Kasbaechauli E.R. N0.2974Kasba Ichauli
93Rain Basera Kasbaichauli Hal916Kasba Ichauli
94Rain Basera Kasbaichauli Room N0.11016Kasba Ichauli
95P.S.Kasbaichauli Room N0.11147Kasba Ichauli
96C.D.C.Kasbaichauli Room N0.1980Kasba Ichauli
97P.D.Jain I.College Tikaitnagar Room N0.11072Tikait Nagar (NP)
98P.D.Jain I.College Tikaitnagar Room N0.21110Tikait Nagar (NP)
99P.D.Jain I.College Tikaitnagar Room N0.3591Tikait Nagar (NP)
100P.D.Jain I.College Tikaitnagar Room N0.41073Tikait Nagar (NP)
110P.S.Bansganv Atirikt Room Daksin.Bhag858Bans Gaon
112P.S.Kakarha Ma. Atarsuiya384Atarsuiya
113P.S.Basan Tpur891Basant Pur
115P.M.V.Ranimau Room. No. 11322Ranimau
116P.M.V.Ranimau Room. No. 2706Ranimau
119P.S.Khemapur Vastauli1197Khemapur Vastauli
131 1010Bangawa
135P.M.V Kusfar Room. No. 11219Kushkar
136P.M.V. Kusfar Room. No. 21121Kushkar
137P.M.V Kusfar Room. No. 31059Kushkar
138P.S.Meennagar920Min Nagar
139P.V. Khooba Ka Purwa679Jataha
140P.S.Baksoopur437Bakasu Pur
150P.M.V. Aosergarh Room No.2821Ause Garh
153P.S.Nan Da Ka Purva Ma. Udaimaoo Room Na. 1821Udaimau
154P.S.Nan Da Ka Purva Ma. Udaimaoo Room Na. 2900Udaimau
155P.S.Nim Bha591Nibaha
157P.S.Gulam Purva Ma. Pooredlai Poorvi Bhag738Pureydalai
158P.S.Gulam Purva Ma. Pooredlai Pa. Bhag915Pureydalai
159P.M.V. Belkhra Room. No1202Belkhara
160P.M.V. Belkhra Room. No. 21146Belkhara
161P.M.V. Belkhra Room. No. 3911Belkhara
162P.M.V. Belkhra Room. No. 1838Pansara
164P.S.Mangrauda Pu.Bhag1149Mangraunda
165P.S.Mangrauda Pa.Bhag1438Mangraunda
166P.S.Koodhasukhipur Pu.Bhag1069Kurha Sukhipur
167P.M.V. Sukhipur Room. No. 1789Sukhipur
168P.M.V. Sukhipur Room. No. 2920Sukhipur
169P.S.Khetasranya Pu.Bhag1322Khatasarai
170P.S.Khetasranya Madhya.Bhag1284Khatasarai
180P.S.Chirra Pa.Bhag1069Chirra
181P.M.V. Saranya Barai1476Sarai Barai
182P.S.Khamoli Room. No. 1769Khamoli
183P.S.Khamoli Room. No. 2802Khamoli
184P.S.Aal Hanamau Room. No. 11340Alhanmau
185P.S.Aal Hanamau Room. No. 21303Alhanmau
189P.M.V. Fat Tapurkla Room. No. 21196Fattapur Kalan
190P.M.V. Fat Tapurkla Room. No. 3958Fattapur Kalan
191Eg Lon Inter.College Brahunva U.Bhag Room. No. 11070Barhua
192Eg Lon Inter.College Brahunva Da.Bhag Room. No. 21099Barhua
193P.S.Gulchap Pakla Room. No. 11330Gulchappa Kalan
194P.S.Gulchap Pakla Room. No. 2220Gulchappa Kalan
195P.S.Chamrauli U.Bhag1192Chamrauli
196P.S.Chamrauli Da.Bhag1285Chamrauli
197P.S.Aliyabad Sthit Gram Ken Haura808Kenhora
198P.S.Belhri U.Bhag1306Belhari
199P.S.Belhri Da.Bhag542Belhari
200P.S.Aliyabad U.Bhag1418Aliabad
201P.S.Aliyabad Da.Bhag1266Aliabad
202P.S.Purekamgar1185Pure Kamgar
203P.M.V. Rasoolpurkla Room. No. 1740Rasoolpurkalan
204P.M.V. Rasoolpurkla Room. No. 2786Rasoolpur
205P.M.V. Rasoolpurkla Room. No. 3883Rasoolpur
208P.S.Badanpur942Baranpur Kalan
209P.S.Saranyshah Aalam Pa.Bhag1036Sarayshah Alam
210P.S.Saranyshah Aalam Pu.Bhag998Sarayshah Alam
211P.S.Mahdipur Ma. Sh Yamnagar Purvi706Shyam Nagar
214P.S.Rampur Raisahab1441Raipur Raisahab
215P.S.Ranepur478Rane Pur
216P.S.Telma Room. No. 1876Telma
217P.S.Telma Room. No. 2850Telma
218P.S.Lalganj Dvitiya Navnirmit1113Lalganj
219P.S.Kila Belhri Pu.Bhag997Kila Belahari
221P.S.Saranya Singai1032SARAY SINGHAI
222P.M.V (Kanya). Driyabad Room. No.1143Dariyabad (NP)
223P.M.V (Kanya) Driyabad Room. No. 2876Dariyabad (NP)
224P.M.V.(Kanya) Driyabad Room. No. 3799Dariyabad (NP)
225P.S.Dariyabad Room No.11208Dariyabad (NP)
226P.S.Dariyabad Room No.2796Dariyabad (NP)
227P.S.Dariyabad Atirikt Room779Dariyabad (NP)
228Is Laminya P.S.Dariyabad Room. No. 1882Dariyabad (NP)
229Is Laminya P.S.Dariyabad Room. No. 2742Dariyabad (NP)
230Is Laminya P.S.Dariyabad Room. No. 31046Dariyabad (NP)
231P.M.V. Dariyabad Room. No. 11463Dariyabad (NP)
232P.M.V. Dariyabad Room. No. 21015Dariyabad (NP)
233Kas Toora Ba Gandhi Aavasiya Balika Vi.Driyabad Ka.Na. 11348Dariyabad (NP)
234Kas Toora Ba Gandhi Aavasiya Balika Vi.Driyabad Room. No. 2781Dariyabad (NP)
235P.S.Mathurangar U.Bhag1164Mathura Nagar
236P.S.Mathurangar Da.Bhag1451Mathura Nagar
237P.M.V. Bikapur1490Beekapur
238P.S.N Yamtpur800Niyamatpur
240P.S.Nevli Danapur Room. No. 1933Danapurkyampur
241P.S.Nevli Danapur Room. No. 2695Danapurkyampur
242P.S.Nohrepur Sthit Khevrajpur Paschimi233Khevrajpur
243P.S.Khanpur Sham Bhudyal542Khanpur Shambhudayal
244P.S.In Darpur787Inder Pur
245P.S.Pahroopur1167Paharu Pur
246P.S.Lalpur Guman1215Lalpur Guman
247P.S.Jethauti Rajputan1094Jethauti Rajputan
248P.S.Jethauti Kurmiyan1135Jethauti Rajputan
249P.S.Murarpur Room. No. 11065Murar Pur
250P.S.Murarpur Room. No. 2721Mirja Ka Purwa
252P.S.Dul Hdepur Da. Bhag964Dulhadepur
253P.S.Murarpur Ma. Shahpur Room. No. 1815Shahpur
254P.S.Murarpur Ma. Shahpur Room. No. 2833Shahpur
256P.S.Malinpur Room. No. 11067Malinpur
257P.S.Malinpur Room. No. 2854Malinpur
258P.S.Bhitriya Pratham Banikodr Room. No. 1879Bani Konder
259P.S.Bhitriya Pratham Banikodr Room. No. 2834Bani Konder
260P.S.Banikodar Room.No.11008Bani Konder
261P.S.Banikodar Room.No.2886Bani Konder
262P.P. In Tar College R.S.Ghat Room. No.51114Dharauli
263P.P. In Tar College R.S.Ghat Room. No.61439Dharauli
264P.P. In Tar College R.S.Ghat Room. No.7901Dharauli
266P.S.Chan Dauli1351Chandauli
267P.S.Asena Atirik T Room No. 1784Asena
268P.S.Asena Atirik T Room No. 2776Asena
270P.S.Khevrajpur225Kheoraj Pur
271P.S.Bir Ma. Umrapur Raisahb Room. No. 1976Umarpur Raisaheb
272P.S.Bir Ma. Umrapur Raisahb Room. No. 21133Umarpur Raisaheb
273P.S.Mo. Pur Kirt Room. No. 1568Mohammadpur Kirat
274P.S.Bhagvanpur Room. No. 1410Bhagwan Pur
275P.S.Hanthaudha Da.Bhag1471Hathounda
276Aanganbadi Kendra Sohilpur753Sohil
277P.S.Sahadtaganj Ma. Lalpur Rajpur Pu. Bhag1046Lalpur Rajpur
278P.S.Sahadtaganj Ma. Lalpur Rajpur Pa. Bhag1159Lalpur Rajpur
279P.S.Hunsepur766Hoose Pur
280P.S.Chhan Daval Pu.Bhag1152Chhandwal
281P.S.Chhan Daval Pa.Bhag1407Chhandwal
282P.M.V. Ahamadpur Room. No. 1791Ahamad Pur
283P.M.V .Ahamadpur Room. No. 2947Ahamad Pur
284P.M.V. Ahamadpur Room. No. 31396Ahamad Pur
285P.S.Ahamadpur488Ahamad Pur
286P.S.Devkli Room. No. 11082Deokali
287P.S.Devkli Room. No. 2886Deokali
288P.S.Kithoori Pa.Bhag1200Kithoori
289S.Kithoori Pu.Bhag1074Kithoori
290P.M.V. Snauli Room. No. 11154Sanauli
291P.M.V. Snauli Room. No. 21275Sanauli
292P.M.V. Snauli Room. No. 31061Sanauli
293P.S.Snauli Pu.Bhag1195Sanauli
294P.S.Snauli Pa.Bhag903Sanauli
295P.S.Shobhapur Bhelsd563Shobhapur Bhelsari
296P.S.Lalupur714Lal Pur
297P.M.V. Menduva Room. No. 11120Bhendua
298P.M.V. Menduva Room. No. 2911Bhendua
299P.M.V. Menduva Room. No. 3747Bhendua
300P.S.Kotva Sadak Room. No. 11242Kotawa Sarak
301P.S.Kotva Sadak Room. No. 2941Kotawa Sarak
302P.S.Bhavniyapur Khevli Pu. Bhag781Bhawaniyapur Kheoli
303P.S.Bhavniyapur Khevli Pa. Bhag1054Bhawaniyapur Kheoli
304P.S.Sadullapur922Sadulla Pur
305P.S.Jagdishpur Ma. Sadullapur1431Sadulla Pur
306P.S.Thorthiya Pa. Bhag761Raghoo Pur
307P.S.Thorthiya Pu. Bhag1159Thorthiya
309P.S.Rajepur983Raje Pur
310Shri Bhaironath U.Ma.Vi. Maoo Room. No. 11296Mau
311Shri Bhaironath U.Ma.Vi. Maoo Room. No. 2709Mau
312P.S.Kandhaipur799Kandhi Pur
313P.S.Umrapur Taluk582Umarapur Taluk
314P.M.V. Skauli669Sakauli
315P.S.Niskapur576Nisaka Pur
316Kanya P.S.Gorpur Room. No. 1634Gorpur
317Kanya P.S.Gorpur Room. No. 2889Gorpur
318P.S.Ftehganj1152Fateh Ganj
319P.S.Purerambakhsh Ma. Gunauli810Gunauli
321P.M.V. Dhunauli Thakuran901Dhunauli Thakuran
322P.M.V. Badela Narainpur Room. No. 1697Barela Narainpur
323P.M.V. Badela Narainpur Room. No. 2830Barela Narainpur
325P.S.Bhenduva Bahrela1095Bhendwa Bahrela
326P.S.Bhenduva Bramhnan563Bhenduwa Brahmanan
328P.M.V. Vajiuddinpur536Wajiuddinpur
329P.S.Mhulara Pu.Bhag1114Mahulara
330P.S.Mhulara Pa.Bhag978Mahulara
331P.S.Mhulara Atirit Room.No.1612Mahulara
332P.S.Mo.Pur Upadh Yaya847Mohammadpur Upadhya
335P. M. V. Bhikharpur1046Bhikhar Pur
339P.S.Toriganv Pa.Bhag1127Torai Goan
341P.S.Poore Duniya Singh Ma. Hakami1110Hakami
343P.S.Kharikafool Pa.Bhag880Kharika Phool
344P.S.Kharikafool Da.Bhag906Kharika Phool
345P.S.Soorypur Sthit Gram Khushehti755Khusehari
346P.S.Deviganj Ma. Soorypur Room. No. 1817Surajpur
347P.S.Deviganj Ma. Soorypur Room. No. 2997Surajpur
348P.M.V. Surypur Sthit Gram Khushehti Room. No. 1350Surajpur
349P.M.V. Surypur Sthit Gram Khushehti Room. No. 21252Surajpur
353P.S.Ibrahimabad Room. No.1769Ibrahimabad
354P.S.Ibrahimabad Room. No.2846Ibrahimabad
355P.M.Kanya V. Jaiychandpur1022Poini
357P.S.Chauriladadpur Naya Bhavan Room. No. 1790Chauri Akadaspur
358P.S.Chauriladadpur Naya Bhavan Room. No. 2793Chauri Akadaspur
359P.S.Kunvarpur383Kuwanr Pur
360P.M.V. Bharhemau1072Bhare Mau
361P.S.Imamganj Ma. Ratauli848Ratauli
363P.S.Pooredulm Ma.SilhaurU.Bhag814Selhaur
364P.S.Pooredulm Ma.SilhaurDa.Bhag872Selhaur
365P.S.Tikra Pa.Bhag799Tikra
366P.S.Tikra Pu.Bhag1011Tikra
367P.S.Poore Chaubekhurd Ma. Baburigaon1496Baburi Gaon
369P.S.Manpur Makohiya1311Manpur Mokahiya
371P.M.V. Kithaiiya1280Kithaiya
372P.S.Bhavniyapur1286Bhawani Pur
374P.M.V. Jarauli Room. No. 11067Jaroli
375P.M.V. Jarauli Room. No. 21175Jaroli
376P.S.Oharpur646Ohar Pur
377P.S.Dhnaulikhas Pa. Bhag1208Dhanaulikhas
378P.S.Dhnaulikhas Pu. Bhag586Dhanaulikhas
379P.S. Danaulikhas Atirikt Room No.1935Dhanouli Misran
380P.S.Gajaptipur1275Gajpati Pur
381P.S.Supamau1165Supa Mau
383P.S.Dalasinghpur Ma. Tanda1503Kuwanr Pur
385P.M.V. Lakdiya Sthit Gram Dandoopur625Dandupur
387Aanganbadi Kendra Mavaiya732Mawaiya

Last Updated on December 19, 2014