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Polling Booth in Chhata Assembly Constituency

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Chhata Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chhata

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chhata Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Ainch1347Ainch
2Primary School Chaundras767Chaundras Bangar
3Primary School Ailwada433Shahpur Bangar
4Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Shahapur R.No.1958Shahpur Bangar
5Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Shahapur R.No.21102Shahpur Bangar
6Primary School Nagla Sirauli603Shahpur Bangar
7Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Chauki R.No.1884Chauki Bangar
8Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Chauki R.N0.21123Chauki Bangar
9Primary School Dhanauta1099Dhanauta Bangar
10Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Baraka R.No.1908Baraka
11Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Baraka R.No.2630Baraka
12Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Bukharari1468Bukharari
13Primary School Bukharari1163Bukharari
14Primary School Sujavali403Sujawali
15Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Barachavali R.No.11222Barchawali
16Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Barachavali R.No.2532Barchawali
17Primary School Barchavali557Barchawali
18Primary School Roopnagar804Roopnagar Bangar
19Primary School Khairal Sade Sat Visva663Khairal 7 1/2 Biswa Bangar
20Primary School Majhoi781Shahzadpur Bangar
21Primary School Shahajadpur1186Shahzadpur Bangar
22Junior High School Shernagar1466Shernagar Bangar
23Primary School Maharauli858Mangrauli
24Primary School Vishambhara R.No.11402Bishambhara
25Primary School Vishambhara R.No.21348Bishambhara
26Primary School Vishambhara R.No.31313Bishambhara
27Primary School Falain1190Phalain
28Jnta Inter College Falain Ron0 .11160Phalain
29Jnta Inter College Falain R.N0 .21002Phalain
30Janta Inter College Falain R.No3622Phalain
31Primary School Supana1461Phalain
32Primary School Ballgadhi333Guheta 10 Biswa
33Primary School Guheta 3 Visva805Guheta 3 Biswa
34Primary School Guheta 10 Visva1234Guheta 10 Biswa
35Primary School Guheta 7 Visva1213Guheta 7 Biswa
36Primary School Ajeejpur R. N0 11077Ajijpur
37Primary School Ajeejpur Ro N0 2826Ajijpur
38Primary School Nagla Parsadi855Kosikalan(Rural)
39Primary School Gopal Bag R.N0 11251Kosikalan(Rural)
40Primary School Gopal Bag R.No.2874Kosikalan(Rural)
41N.P. Balika Inter College Kosikalan R.N0. 11171Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
42N.P. Balika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.2636Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
43N.P. Balika Inter College Kosikalan R.N0.31102Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
44N.P. Balika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.4748Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
45Primary School Gandhi Park Kosikalan R.No11224Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
46Primary School Gadhi Park Kosikalan R.N0.21066Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
47Primary School Gandhi Park Kosikalan R.N0 3572Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
48Primary School Tangda Kosikalan R.N0.1977Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
49Primary School Tangda Kosikalan R.N0.2571Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
50Kisan Bhawan Mandi Samiti Kosikalan943Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
51Primary School Holigate Pratham Kosikalan R.N0 1776Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
52Primary School Holigate Pratham Kosikalan R.N0 2998Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
53Primary School Holigate Pratham Kosikalan R.N0 3514Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
54Primary School Holigate Second Kosikalan Ro.N011701Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
55Primay School Second Holigate Kosikalan R0.N0 2988Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
56Primay School Baldev Ganj Pratham Kosikalan R.N0 1702Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
57Primary School Baldev Ganj Pratham Kosikalan R.N0 2614Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
58Primary School Baldev Ganj Second Kosikalan R.N0 1912Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
59Primary School Baldev Ganj Second Kosikalan R.N0 2606Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
60Nagar Palika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.11040Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
61Nagar Palika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.2517Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
62Nagar Palika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.3872Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
63Nagar Palika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.41218Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
64Nagar Palik Inter College Kosikalan R.No.5979Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
65Nagar Palika Inter College Kosikalan R.No.6644Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
66Hindu Inter College Kosikalan R.No.1819Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
67Hindu Inter College Kosikalan R.No.21150Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
68Hindu Inter College Kosikalan R.No.31076Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
69Hindu Inter College Kosikalan R.No.4892Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
70Hindu Inter College Kosikalan R.No.51274Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
71Primary School Naduvas Kosikalan Ro.N0 11455Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
72Primary School Naduvas Kosikalan Ro.N0 2983Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
73Primary School Naduvas Kosikalan Ro.N0 3760Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
74Primary School Jawahar Park Kosikalan R.No.1661Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
75Primary School Jawahar Park Kosikalan R.No.21064Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
76Primary School Jawahar Park Kosikalan R.No.31076Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
77Primary School Jawahar Park Kosikalan R.No.4525Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
78Primary School Nagla Hasanpur777Nagla hasanpur
79Poorv Madyamik Vidyalay Kharaut R.No. 11344Kharauth
80Poorv Madyamik Vidyalay Kharaut R.N0. 21146Kharauth
81Primary School Nagla Alipur373Kharauth
82Primary School Hatana R.N0 11214Hatana
83Primary School Hatana R.N0. 21275Hatana
84Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Hatana956Hatana
85Primary School Sheshsai220Hatana
86Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Kotwan R.N0. 11466Kotban
87Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Kharaut R.N0. 2962Kotban
88Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Kotwan R.N0. 3550Kotban
89Primary School Umarala642Umrala
90Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Dahagaon R.No 11387Dahgaon
91Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Dahagaon R.N0. 21246Dahgaon
92Primary School Navipur1037Nabipur
93Primary School Bathainkhurd R.N0. 11110Bathain Khurd
94Primary School Bathainkhurd R.N0. 2469Bathain Khurd
95Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Hulwana R. N0. 1955Hulwana
96Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Hulwana R.N0.21056Hulwana
97Primary School Lalpur R0. N0. 1947Lalpur
98Primary School Lalpur R0. N0. 2938Lalpur
99Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Kamar R. N0.11253Kamar
100Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Kamar R.N0. 21409Kamar
101Primary School Kamar1493Kamar
102Primary School Gadhi Barvari780Garhi Barwari
103Primary School Pakharpur258Garhi Barwari
104Primary School Sirthala1325Sirthala
105Primary School Nagla Banjara237Sirthala
106Primary School Kadauna R0. N0 . 1954Kadauna
107Primary School Kadauna R0. N0.2975Kadauna
108Primary School Poothari403Puthari
109Primary School Sanchauli R.N0. 1953Sanchauli
110Primary School Sanchauli R. N0. 2998Sanchauli
111Primary School Khitavita1123Khitwita
112Primary School Gidoh R0.N0. 11149Gidoh
113Primary School Gidoh R0.N0. 2396Gidoh
114Primary School Gidoh R0.N0. 31467Gidoh
115Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Bathainkalan R.N0.1924Bathain Kalan
116Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Bathainkalan R .N0.2604Bathain Kalan
117Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Bathainkalan R.N0 31203Bathain Kalan
118Primari School Second Bathainkalan1168Bathain Kalan
119Primary School Dharmnagar423Bathain Kalan
120Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Jav R0.N0.11306Jao
121Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Jav R.N0.21172Jao
122Primary School Barhana R.N0. 1879Barhana
123Primary School Barhana R.N0. 2697Barhana
124Primary School Meenanagar1231Barhana
125Primary School Survari883Surwari
126Primary School Tumaula R.N0. 11341Tumaula
127Primary School Tumaula R.N0. 21436Tumaula
128Primary School Dhamsinga1128Dham Singha
129Primary School Jalalpur739Jalalpur
130Primary School Nagariya599Nagariya
131Primary School Gauhari1297Gauhari
132Primary School Dautana R.N0. 11071Dautana
133Primary School Dautana R.N0.21464Dautana
134Primary School Gadhi Maliyan841Dautana
135Primary School Nagla Sevalgarh310Dautana
136Shri Chaturbhuj Bhagwan Madyamik Vidyalay Paigaon R.N0.11343Paigaon
137Shri Chaturbhuj Bhagwan Madyamik Vidyalay Paigaon R.N0. 21439Paigaon
138Shri Chaturbhuj Bhagwan Madyamik Vidyalay Paigaon R.N0. 31206Paigaon
139Primary School Paigaon1337Paigaon
140Primary School Bhimnagar630Baharawali
141Primary School Baharavli1068Baharawali
142Primary School Karahri822Karahari
143Primary School Pingari Balak Chhibramau Extra*RoomPeengari
144Primary School Undi R.No.1938Undi
145Primary School Undi R.N0.2645Undi
146Primary School Ladpur R.N0.1974Ladpur
147Primary School Ladpur R.No.2949Ladpur
148Chuadhary Charan Singh Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhata R.N0.1845Chhata (NP)
149Chuadhary Charan Singh Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhata Ro.No.2907Chhata (NP)
150Chuadhary Charan Singh Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhata R.N0.31291Chhata (NP)
151Chuadhary Charan Singh Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhata R.N0.41353Chhata (NP)
153Primary School Chhata Pratham R.N0.11070Chhata (NP)
154Primary School Chhata Pratham Ro.No.2520Chhata (NP)
155Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhata R.No.11310Chhata (NP)
156Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Chhata R.No.2346Chhata (NP)
157Sadholal Bhargav Kanya Inter College Nikat Kotwali Chhata R.N0 11516Chhata (NP)
158Shadholal Bhargav Kanya Inter College Nikat Kotwali Chhata R.N0 21469Chhata (NP)
159Primary School Chhata Second R.N0. 1793Chhata (NP)
160Primary School Chhata Second R.N0. 2879Chhata (NP)
161Primary School Chhata Second R.N0.31449Chhata (NP)
162Primary School Chhata Second R.N0.41263Chhata (NP)
163Primary School Chaundari R.N0.11408Chandauri
164Primary School Chandauri R.N0.21146Chandauri
165Primary School Bhadawal1381Bhadawal
166Primary School Nagla Bhadawal327Bhadawal
167Primary School Khanpur834Khanpur
168Primary School Dharampura430Khaira
169Primary School Khayra994Khaira
170Shobhari Inter College Khayra R.N0.1851Khaira
1P.P. West Part Jafrabad1347Ainch
2P.P. South Part Jafrabad767Chaundras Bangar
2P.P. Birahimpur767Sakurganj
2P.P. Tulsipur767Nagla Atra
3P.P. Kharauli433Elwara
4P.P. Rajapur958Shahpur Bangar
5P.P. Atrauli1102Shahpur Bangar
6P.P. Kunarpur Kasava603Shahpur Bangar
6Barat Ghar Sirsa603Nagla Sirauli
9P.P. Batela1099Dhanauta Bangar
12J.H.S. Kasava Room No. 11468Bukharari
16J.H.S. Kasava Room No. 2532Barchawali
18Baba Haripuri Inter College Ksava Room No.3804Roopnagar Bangar
20Baba Haripuri Inter College Ksava Room No.4781Madoi
24P.P. Naya Bhavan Khanpur Kasava1402Bishambhara
26P.P. Medepur1313Bishambhara
27P.P. Nagla Durga Behta Khas1190Phalain
29J.H.S. Nagla Madhai1002Phalain
31P.P. Behta Khas1461Phalain
31P.P. Baramda Behta Khas1461Supana
33P.P. Bhikampur Sani805Guheta 3 Biswa
36P.P. Jalalpur Deendarpur1077Ajijpur
38P.P. Nagla Bishma Mudiya855Kosikalan(Rural)
41P.P. Natha Nagla1171Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
43P.P. Paliya Boonchpur1102Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
45J.H.S. Boonchpur1224Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
48P.P. Nest Balak Hathin977Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
50Barat Ghar Atiya943Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
53P.P. East Hathin514Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
54P.P. Nagla Baldev1701Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
56P.P. Tirlokapur702Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
58P.P. Chandarpur Room No.1912Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
59P.P. Chandarpur Room No.2606Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
60P.P. Bikupur1040Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
62P.P. Rasulpur872Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
64P.P. Kaliyanpur979Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
65J.H.S. Kamalpur644Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
67P.P. Nest Part Khojipur1150Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
68P.P. Rampura1076Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
70P.P. East Part Khojipur1274Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
73P.P.Bhagbantpur760Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
77P.P. Nakatpur525Kosi Kalan (NPP + OG)
78P.P. Randheerpur777Nagla Banjara
80P.P. Lalpur1146Kharauth
81P.P. Pranpur Palyora373Kharauth
83Pamchayat Ghar Ahirua Rajarampur1275Hatana
84P.P. Ahirau Rajarampur956Hatana
85P.P. Hariharpur220Nagla Hastna
89P.P. Alhanapur642Umrala
91J.H.S. Alhanapur1246Dahgaon
93P.P. Rampur Hirday1110Bathain Khurd
95P.P. Balrampur955Hulwana
97P.P. Lokpur Nest Part947Lalpur
98P.P. Lokpur East Part938Lalpur
99P.P. Bhogpurn Nigoh1253Kamar
102P.P. Nandgrampur780Garhi Barwari
103P.P. Mahmoodpur Khas258Garhi Barwari
104P.P. Mahmoodpur Khas East Part1325Sirthala
108P.P. Nest Part Kunarpur Vanbari403Puthari
108P.P. East Part Kunarpur Banvari403Mahnaki
109Panchayatghar Rampur Baiju953Sanchauli
110P.P. Rampur Baiju998Sanchauli
111P.P. East Part Dev Varampur1123Khitwita
114Panchayat Ghar Asalat Nagar1467Gidoh
115Purvi Sahkari Samiti Chhibramau Dehat924Bathain Kalan
119P.P. Chhibramau Central Tehsil Parisar Chhibramau423Bathain Kalan
120P.P. Dayam Ganj Saraiya1306Jao
121Adarsh P.P. Dayat Chhibramau1172Jao
122Janta Inter College Chhibramau Room No.3879Barhana
123Adarsh P.P. Dayat Chhibramau Room No.1697Barhana
123Adarsh P.P. Dayat Chhibramau Room No. 2697Haripura
124Janta Inter Cillege Chhibramau Room No.51231Barhana
124Janta Inter College Chhibramau Room No.11231Minanagar
125Janta Inter College Chhibramu Room No. 2883Surwari
126Heera Lal Inter College Chhibrau Room No. 51341Tumaula
127Heera Lal Inter Collge Chhibramau Room No.71436Tumaula
128Heera Lal Inter Collge Chhibramau Room N0.61128Dham Singha
129Heera Lal Inter College Chhibramau Room No. 6739Jalalpur
130Girls Inter College Chhibramau Room No.3599Nagariya
131Heera Lal Inter College Baramda Chhibramau1297Gauhari
132Girls Inter College Chhibrau Room No.11071Dautana
133Ramabai Rajkey Girls Inter College Chhibrau Room No.11464Dautana
133Ramabai Rajkey Girls Inter College Chhibramau Room No.21464Nagla Mev
134P.P. East Part Chhibramau841Dautana
134P.P. East Part Chhabramau Room No. 2841Gharimaliyan
135Ramabai Rajkey Girls Inter College Chhibramu Room No.3310Dautana
135Heera Lal Inter College Room No. 3310Nagla Sewalghar
136Heera Lal Inter College Chhibrau Room No .41343Paigaon
137G.J.H. School East Part Chhibramau1439Paigaon
138G.J.H.S. Chhibramau1206Paigaon
139G.J.H.S. West Part Chhibramau1337Paigaon
140Barat Ghar Nagar Palika Parisad Chhibramau630Baharawali
140J.H.S. Balak Chhibramau Room No. 1630Bhimnagar
140Nagar Palika Parisad Chhibramau Hall East Part630Nagla Paijhrin
141Nagar Palika Parisad Chhibramau Hall West Part1068Baharawali
142J.H.S. Balak Chhibramau Room No. 3822Karahari
142J.H.S. Balak Chhibramu Room No. 4822Narayan Ghar
143 Balak Chhibramau Extra RoomN.APeengari
144Santi Niketan Vidhya Mandir H.S. Chhibramau938Undi
145Santi Niketan Vidhya Mandir H.S. Chhibramau Room No.2645Undi
146Heera Lal Inter College Chhibramu974Ladpur
147Barat Ghar Uncha Virtiya Nest Part949Ladpur
148Barat Ghar Uncha Virtiya South Part845Chhata (NP)
149Anvari Beham H.S.S. Chhibramau Nest Part907Chhata (NP)
150Anvari Begam H.S.S. Chhibramau South Part1291Chhata (NP)
151P.P. Balak South Part Chhibramu1353Chhata (NP)
152P.P. Balak Nest Part Chhibramau1356Chhata (NP)
153P.P. Balak Extra Room Chhibramau1070Chhata (NP)
154J.H.S. Balak Chhibramau Room No520Chhata (NP)
155J.H.S. Balak Chhibramau Room No.61310Chhata (NP)
156P.P. North Part Naugai346Chhata (NP)
158P.P. South Part Naugai1469Chhata (NP)
159P.P. Khallarup Mangadpur793Chhata (NP)
160P.P. West Part Khubariyapur879Chhata (NP)
161P.P. East Part Khubariyapur1449Chhata (NP)
163P.P. Nagla Mahua1408Chandauri
165P.P. Bhanpur1381Bhadawal
166P.P. Prathvipur Khubariyapur East Part327Nagla Sapera
168P.P. Prathvipur Khubariyapur West Part430Khaira
170P.P. Manikapur851Khaira
172P.P. Nagla Bhause1062Khaira
173J.H.S. Hariballabhpur North Part1430Lodhauli
176J.H.S. Hariballabhpur1320Nandgaon (NP)
177P.P. Kunarpur Janu327Nandgaon (NP)
181P.P. Patkuliya476Nandgaon (NP)
182P.P. North Part Vishunpur Hasilpur679Nandgaon (NP)
184P.P. South Part Vishunpur Hasilpur1217Nandgaon (NP)
186P.P. Atirajpur972Mahrana
187G.P.P. Madarpur1065Mahrana
189P.P. Kapoorpur660Nagla Imam khan
190P.P. Jasuamai1159Ruthari
192P.P. Raypur1463Sanket
194P.P. Salempur912Unchagaon
195G.P.P. Akbarpur Room No.1829Unchagaon
196G.P.P. Akbarpur Room No.21027Barsana (NP)
197National Vidhya Mandir Inter College Akbarpur652Barsana (NP)
198P.P. Sarai Sundar1485Barsana (NP)
200P.P. Mahoi776Barsana (NP)
202Rasal Singh H.S.S. Madhya Part Nauli Mahoi1070Barsana (NP)
204P.P. Kasiya Nandpur282Barsana(Rural)
207P.P. Nauli East Part528Chiksoli
208P.P. Nauli West Part368Roopnagar
212P.P. North Part Jagatpur632Hathiya
212P.P. South Parth Jagatpur632Nagla Kishanpur
215Panchayat Ghar Alha1287Hathiya
217P.P. Nagla Sadari692Hathiya
217J.H.S. Karmullapur692Nagla Gobindpura
218P.P. Sahjahanpur936Hathiya
219P.P. Ratanpur893Hathiya
220B.S.S.Inter College Sikandarpur Room No.11000Dahrauli

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