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Polling Booth in Chharra Assembly Constituency

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Chharra Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chharra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chharra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School. Kheda Narayan Singh R.N.1674Khera Narayan Sinh
2Primary School Rajipur722Rajipur
3Primary School Dubhiya Nagla Banjara1090Dubhiya
4Primary School Bilauthi527Bilauthi
5Primary School Bhatauli813Bhatauli
6Primary Scool Khurrampur1108Khurrampur
7Primary School Nanau R.N.11004Nanau
8Primary School Nanau R.N. 21012Nanau
9Primary School Haidar Nagar368Haidarnagar
10Primary School Nagla Risaldaar452Nanau
11Primary School Dhauri R.N.1852Dhaurai
12Primary School Dhauri R.N.2827Dhaurai
13Primary School Keeratpur696Kiratpur
14Primary School Suhawali R.N.11058Suhawali
15Primary School Dinawali458Suhawali
16Primary School Suhawali R.N.2702Suhawali
17Primary Schoo Nagla Sartaj500Nagla Sartaj
18Primary School Chitaroli540Chitrauli
19Primary School Dubhiya916Chitrauli Dubhia Nagla Banjara
20Primary School Nagla Tularam643Nagla Tularam
21Junior High School Barauth562Barautha
22Primary School Vijalpur549Bijalpur
23Junior High School Mandanpur R.N.1855Mandanpur
24Junior High School Mandanpur R.N.2789Mandanpur
25Primary School Irkhinee839Mandanpur
26Primary School Kilanpur701Kelanpur
27Primary School Ladhauaa R.N.11046Ladhauwa
28Primary School Ladhauaa R.N.2700Nagla Baksi Ladhauwa
29Primary School Dhrampur369Ladhauwa
30Primary School Manai R.N.1749Manai
31Primary School Manai R.N.2975Manai
32Primary School. Nagla Hari849Nagla Bagia
33Primary School. Bhadpura332Manai
34Primary School Dhaurai1122Kiwlas
35Primary School Kivalaas397Dhaurai
36Primary School Aamamdapur820Ahamadabad
37Primary School Shankargarh546Shanker Garh
38Primary School Dhnauli Chinauli894Dhanoli Chinauli
39Primary School Gopi875Gopi
40Primary School Rudayan629Gopi
41Primary School Nagla Kamalu410Nagla Kamlu
42Primary School Prempur496Gopi
43Kanya Primary School Chandpur R.N.1679Bhupalgarhi
44Primary School Heerapur590Gopi
45Primary School Kanakpur R.N.1567Chandpur
46Primary School Kanakpur968Kanakpur
47Primary School Gudmai Mishripur1138Gudmai Mishripur
48Junior High School Bistaulee R.N.1999Bistauli
49Junior High School Bistaulee R.N.2213Bistauli
50Junior High School Gangalapur533Gangalpur
51Primary School Bhinaulee R.N.1970Bhinoli
52Primary School Kishanpur493Kishanpur
53Primary School Bhinaulee R.N.2473Bhinoli
54Primary School Vadri402Badri
55Primary School Siktarasani507Sikatarasani
56Primary School Bhura Ki Garhi394Bhura Ki Garhi
57Junior High School Nagla Keshiya765Nagla Kesia
58Primary School Maloi1045Katra Maloi
59Sankul Bhawan Ki Imarat Me Maloi750Katra Maloi
60Primary School Nagla Basant369Katra Maloi
61Mahatma Gandhi Guru Smarak Inter College Vijaygarh 11115Vijaigarh (NP)
62Mahatma Gandhi Guru Smarak Inter College Vijaygarh 21325Vijaigarh (NP)
63Mahatma Gandhi Guru Smarak Inter College Vijaygarh 3947Vijaigarh (NP)
64Mahatma Gandhi Guru Smarak Inter College Vijaygarh 4692Vijaigarh (NP)
65Primary School Manikpur1135Vijaigarh
66Primary School Deeppur539Dipapur
67Primary School Gopalpur435Vijaigarh
68Primary School Singhpur713Madhaua
69Primary School Karhala535Vijaigarh
70Primary School Baghiyaar1193Jogipura
71Primary School Barakla549Bara
72Primary School Nagla Bari R.N.11239Nagla Bari
73Primary School Nagla Bari R.N.21074Nagla Bari
74Primary School Kathaira1304Kathaira
75Primary School Gaulara1020Gwalra
76Primarty School Nagla Ranjeeta482Nagla Ranjita
77Primary School Kahandwar558Nagla Ranjita
78Primary School Parauri1309Nagla Khajanchi
79Primary School Aalampur876Alampur
80Primary School Warhad1183Barhad
81Primary School Narrau1103Thiramai
82????0 ????? ??????? ????0 ??0 Primary School Gangraul1491Gangraul
83Primary School Tuamai1335Tuamai
84Primary School Jujharpur972Jujharpur
85Primary School Bheem Haripur735Bhimpur
86Primary School Karhla1236Karahla
87Primary School Dbha834Dabha
88Primary School Dabhi1049Dabhi
89Primary School Dariyapur1037Dariyapur
90Junior High School Govra920Gobra
91Primary School Nasairabad532Niserabad
92Primary School Bamroi R.N.11039Bamnoi
93Primary School Bamroi R.N.2826Bamnoi
94Primary School Chandpur Mirja527Chandpur
95Primary School Naya Bans559Nagla Daulatpur
96Junior High School Chandpur Mirja R.N.2972Chandpur
97Malkhan Singh Inter Colage Hasauna Jagmaohanpur R.N.1974Hasona Jagmohanpur
98Malkhan Singh Inter Colage Hasauna Jagmaohanpur R.N.21273Hasona Jagmohanpur
99Primary School Govahanpur494Govardhanpur
100Primary School Bhadroi1258Bhadroi
101Primary School Kaudiyaganj903Kauriaganj (NP)
102Primary School Kaudiyaganj R.N.1815Kauriaganj (NP)
103Junior High School Kaudiyaganj R.N.2925Kauriaganj (NP)
104Primary School 3 Kaudiyaganj R.N.11127Kauriaganj (NP)
105Primary School 3 Kaudiyaganj R.N.21040Kauriaganj (NP)
106Prachin Primary School Tanki Ke Paas Kaudiyaganj R.N.1893Kauriaganj (NP)
107Prachin Primary School Tanki Ke Paas Kaudiyaganj R.N.21455Kauriaganj (NP)
108Primary School Sikandarpur1184Sikandarpur
109Junior High School Pilkhna R.N.3980Pilkhana (NP)
110Junior High School Pilkhna R.N.4677Pilkhana (NP)
111Junior High School Pilkhna R.N.11205Pilkhana (NP)
112Junior High School Pilkhna R.N.2839Pilkhana (NP)
113Mathura Prasad Primary School Pilkhana R.N.11222Pilkhana (NP)
114Mathura Prasad Primary School Pilkhana R.N.21388Pilkhana (NP)
115Primary School Akrabad R.N.11109Akbarpur
116Primary School Akrabad R.N.2986Akbarpur
117Junior High School Akarabad R.N.1841Akbarpur
118Junior High School Akarabad R.N.2886Akarabad
119Aadarsh U M Vidhalay Jirauli Heera Singh900Jiroli Hira Singh
120Aadarsh U M Vidhalay Jirauli Heerasingh R.N.2944Jiroli Hira Singh
121Aadarsh U M Vidhalay Jirauli Heerasingh R.N.3847Jiroli Hira Singh
122Aadarsh U M Vidhalay Jirauli Heerasingh R.N.4766Jiroli Hira Singh
123Primary School Kuangawn619Kuwagaon
124Junior High School Shahgarh R.N.1952Shah Garh
125Junior High School Shahgarh R.N.21264Shah Garh
126Primary School Shahgarh951Shah Garh
127Primary School Nagriya Patti Chahram998Nagaria Patti Chahram
128Primary School Raypir Manipur1150Raipur Manipur
129Primary Schoolbahadurpur879Bahadurpur
130Primary School Kasimpur R.N.1935Kasimpur
131Primary School Kasimpur R.N.21206Kasimpur
132Primary Scholl Khediya Harchand559Kheria Harchand
133Primary School Dabhaura871Dabhaura
134Primary School Kutubpur Amarpur1124Kutubpur Amarpur
135Primary Scholl Utasani829Untasani
136Primary School Bhilawali899Bhilawali
137Primary School Kaseri667Kaseri
138Primary School Tehra1403Tehara
139Primary School Ramnagar1158Bhelet Ramnagar
140Primary School Bhagausa591Bhagosa
141Panchayatgarh Bhilait501Bhelet Ramnagar
142Primary School Mahua Kheda910Mahua Khera
143Primary School Darapur683Darapur
144Primary Schol Sikendrapur Machhua862Sikandarpur Machhua
145Primary School Barkatpur851Barkatpur
146Primary School Gurusikran R.N.1793Gurushikharan
147Primary School Gurusikranr R.N.2768Gurushikharan
148Primary School Nijamatpur Worna994Yakutpur
149Pirmary School Pikhaune1246Pikhlauni
150Primary School Imlanee1064Nayawas
151Kanya Pirmary School Khan Alampur1065Khan Alampur
152Primary School May778Mai
153Primary School Itawali612Burhasi
154Panchayatghar Deendayalpur415Dindayalpur
155Kisan Uma Ma0 Vidyalaya Budhasi R.N.1861Burhasi
156Kisan Uma Ma0 Vidyalaya Budhasi R.N.3815Burhasi
157Kisan Uma Ma0 Vidyalaya Budhasi R.N. 41118Burhasi
158Primary School Nidhaula1114Nidhaula
159Primary School Rahsoopur1349Rahsupur
160Junior High School Kharai703Kharai
161Primary School Shekhupur728Shekhupur
162Junior High Bhataula847Bhataula
163Primary School Daulatpur395Dolatpur Cikawti
164Kanya Primary School Khitkari R.N.1664Khitkari
165Kanya Primary School Khitkari R.N.811Khitkari
166Primary School Baharampur R.N.11136Bahrampur
167Primary School Baharampur R.N.2783Baharampur A.
168Panchayatghar Ukrna381Ukarana
169Primaryy School Shahjahanpur Tajpur R.N.1697Shahjahanpur Tajpur
170Primaryy School Shahjahanpur Tajpur R.N.2661Shahjahanpur Tajpur
171Primary School Bhadurgarhi Jalali1306Jalali (NP)
172Swami Krishananand Inter College Jalali 11069Jalali (NP)
173Swami Krishananand Inter College Jalali R.N.21442Jalali (NP)
174Swami Krishananand Inter College Jalali 31022Jalali (NP)
175Primary School Bhadurgarhi Jalali R.N.41142Jalali (NP)
176Primary School Jalali R.N.1908Jalali (NP)
177Primary School Jalali R.N.2873Jalali (NP)
178Primary School Jalali R.N.3983Jalali (NP)
179Swami Krishananand Inter College Jalali R.N. 51020Jalali (NP)
180Nagar Panchayat Karyalaly Jalali886Jalali (NP)
181Swami Krishananand Inter College Jalali 61406Jalali (NP)
182Primary School Edalpur793Edalpur
183Primary Shool Ukawali779Ukavli
184Primary School Chandgarhi568Chand Garhi
185Primary School Shekha449Edalpur
186Primary School Kaliyanpur600Kaliyanpur
187Primary Shcool Changeri948Changeri
188Prumary School Mahamudapur Jamalapur R.N.1851Mahamudpur Jamalpur
189Prumary School Mahamudapur Jamalapur R.N.2830Nagla Katik Mahmudpur
190Primary School Alhdadpur R.N.11104Alahdadpur
191Primary School Alhdadpur R.N.21019Alahdadpur
192Primary School Ikari1421Ikari
193Purv Ma0 Vi0 Panaithi1154Panaithi
194Primary School Khangarhi707Khan Garhi
195Primary School Bhojpur R.N.1622Bhojpur
196Primary School Bhojpur R.N.2877Bhojpur
197Primary School Dumhera575Dumhaira
198Primary School Jasrathpur596Jasrathpur
199Primary School Bhawankheda818Bhawan Khera
200Primary School Bhura Kishangarhi701Bhura Ki Garhi
201Primary School Alinagar R.N.1427Rahamatpur Garmai
202Primary School Boner958Boner
203Junior High School Dnipur R.N.1853Dhanipur (CT)
204Junior High School Dnipur R.N.3885Dhanipur (CT)
205Junior High School Dnipur R.N.2964Dhanipur (CT)
206Junior High School Dnipur R.N.4847Block Road
207Primary Schoolschool Dnipur R.N.11118Dhanipur (CT)
208Primary School Dnipur R.N.21142Prabhat Nagar
209N.D M.Junior High School Dhanipur R.N.11130Mali Nagla
210N.D M.Junior High School Dhanipur R.N.21170Dhanipur (CT)
211N.D M.Junior High School Dhanipur R.N.31064Mali Ka Nagla
212N.D M.Junior High School Dhanipur R.N.41142Dhanipur (CT)
213New Shastri Baal Vidhalay Asadpur Qyam954Nagla Devi
214Primary School Devi Ka Nagla R.N.11187Asadpur Kayam
215Primary School Devi Ka Nagla R.N.21190Asadpur Kayam Devi Ka Nagla
216Primary School Devi Ka Nagla R.N.31185Asadpur Kayam
217Primary School Sidhauli R.N.1996Sidhauli
218Primary School Sidhauli R.N.3901Sidhauli
219Primary School Sidhauli R.N.21489Sidhauli
220Primary School Nagla Maansingh R.N.11387Nagla Mansingh
221Primary School Nagla Maansing R.N.21337Gambhirpura Dehat
222Primary School Nagla Maansingh R.N.31334Nagla Mansingh
223Primary School Nagla Maansingh R.N.41338Gambhirpura Dehat
224Primary School Alinagar R.N.2723Alinagar
230Chandgarhi Datawali1045Chandgarhi
238Kharsa Nagla Bhud716Khersa
240Mohakampur Taluka Datawali487Mohkampur Ta Dadon
247Dilalpur Alfatpur Nagla Khitkari1074Dilalpur
249Nagla Khitkari917Barla
250Nagala Khari M. Barala819Nagla Khari
260Sikarna Kalan912Sikharna Khurd Kalan
262Bhudiya Mazra Rampur916Rampur Mazara Bhuria
263Rampur Mazra Bhudiya640Rampur Mazara Bhuria
264Chharra1120Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
278Nagla Badshah979Chharra Rafatpur
288Baikala ????0??0 ???? ????Dhansari
290Bai Kalan1490Baikala
296Bai Khurd1267Baikhurd
300Nagla Gulariya Mazra Rukhala754Rukhala
301Bahadurpur Rahchoi921Bahadurpur Rachoi
305Nagla Baman Mazra Majhola543Majhaula
306Ratroi Mazra Majhola1231Ratroi
308Husenpur Deymafi1305Hussainpur Dehmafi
309Kumrua Mazra Shadipur Kumraua1187Shadipur Kamrua
310Shadipur Kumraua1105Shadipur
311Dhansingh Mazra Shadipur Kumraua842Shadipur Kamrua
312Narayan Mazra Shadipur Kumraua657Chandanpur
313Gangiri1317Gangiri (CT)
318Kadampur Mazra Badhari Bujurg459Budhari Buzurg
319Bhigipur Mazra Badhari Bujurg600Bhogipur
320Todarpur Mazra Badhari Bujurg538Todarpur Dabbalpur
321Badhari Bujurg1103Budhari Buzurg
323Badhari Khurd579Budhari Khurd
324Ummedpur Mazra Manena Ummedpur1270Mamiana Ummedpur
326Nagla Dohra Mazra Kanovi516Nagla Doraha
327Sherpur Mazra Kanovi630Kanaubi
328Goshapur Mazra Kanbi1353Goshpur
330Makhadum Nagar900Makhdum Nagar
333Bilona Chitrasi937Bilauna Chitrasi
335Nagla Summer Mazra Bilona Chitrasi1325Nagla Summer
336Chitrasi Mazra Bilona Chitrasi714Bilauna Chitrasi
339Jaraith Mazra Naugwan742Jaraith
344Nagla Mohan Mazra Tandoli619Tandauli
345Khulawali Urf Havivgang718Khulavali
346Bhamori Bujarg982Bhamori Buzurg
348Nagla Nathu Mazra Bhamori Bujarg897Bhamori Buzurg
349Chitakura904Mudia Kheda
221Shobhari Inter College Khayra R.N0.11337Gambhirpura Dehat
221Shobhari Inter College Khayra R.N0.21337Dhanipur (CT)
221Shariah Inter College Khayra R.N0.31337Nagla Mansingh
222Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Pisava1334Nagla Mansingh
223Primary School Ajanaukha1338Gambhirpura Dehat
223Primary School Bijwari1338Nagla Mansingh
224Primary School Nandgaon R.N01723Alinagar
225Primary School Nandgaon R.N0 2879Sunhara
226Primary School Nandgaon R.N0. 31307Nausha
227Primary School Nandgaon R.N0. 41343Datavali
228Shri Krishna Chetanya Inter College Nandgaon R.N0.1795Datavali
229Shri Krishna Chetanya Inter College Nandgaon R.N0.2685Datavali
229Shri Krishna Chetanya Inter College Nandgaon R.N0.3685Datavali
230Shri Krishna Chetanya Inter College Nandgaon R.N0.41045Chandgarhi
230Primary School Jasoda Kund Nandgaon1045Datavali
231Primary School Badangarh683Khargupura
231Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Maharana R.N0.1683Kanti Nagla
232Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Maharana R.N0.2934Alahdadpur
233Primary School Bhadokhar847Alahdadpur
234Primary School Nagla Imam Khan1157Paharipur
236Primary School Rithaura504Azadpur
237Primary School Lauharvari1085Mudhail
238Primary School Sanket716Khersa
238Primary School Gajipur716Nagla Bhud
239Primary School Unchagaon R.N0.1533Pusawali
240Primary School Unchagaon R.N0.2487Mohkampur Ta Dadon
241Primary School Barsana R.N0.11195Pusawali
242Primary School Barsana R.N0.21239Paraura
243Primary School Barsana R.N0.31244Paraura
244Radha Bihari Inter College Barsana R.N0.11183Barla
245Radha Bihari Inter College Barsana R.N0.21305Barla
246Radha Bihari Inter College Barsana R.N0.3838Barla
246Radha Bihari Inter College Barsana R.N0.4838Nagla Nansram
246Radha Bihari Inter College Barsana R.N0.5838Nagla Hasan Kan
246Primary School Shrinagar838Alafpur
247Primary School Manpur1074Dilalpur
247Primary School Chiksauli R.N0.11074Barla
247Primary School Chiksauli R.N0.21074Alfapur
248Primary School Roopnagar244Nagla Samanti
248Primary School Dabhala244Barla
249Primary School Rankauli917Barla
249Primary School Nahara917Nagla Khitkari
249Primary School Nagla Kishanpura917Nagla Karsav
250Primary School Hathiya Second R.N0.1819Barla
251Primary School Hathiya Second R.N0.21468Barla
251Primary School Hathiya Pratham R.N0. 11468Barla Sarai
253Primary School Hathiya Pratham R.N0.2843Arni
254Primary School Hathiya Pratham R.N0.3906Arni
256Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Hathiya R.N0.11138Kamalabad
257Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalay Hathiya R.N0.21080Satarapur
258Primary School Daharauli907Satarapur
259P.P. Dalupur480Daheli
260P.P. South Part Dalupur Sultanpur912Sikharna Khurd Kalan
261P.P. Dileeppur579Sikharna Khurd Kalan
262P.P. Deenpur916Bhuria
265P.P. Fareedpur869Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
267P.P. Ramkhera1058Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
269P.P. Bharauli Sirkanepur839Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
271P.P. Merapur1089Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
275P.P. Panthara826Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
276P.P. Bhola Nagariya Pamthara East Part1151Chharra Rafatpur (NP)
279P.P. Kunarpur Urf Lodhpur732Nagla Badshah
280P.P. Karnauli948Bonai
282P.P. Saisarpur West Part726Habibpur
285P.P. Saisarpur South Part740Barauli
286P.P. Nandlalpur1076Dhansari
286P.P. Mahmoodpur Jageer1076Barauli
287P.P. Mahmoodpur NanglaN.ADhansari
289P.P. Ladaita696Dhansari
291J.H.S. South Ghiloi Khas831Baikala
293P.P. Rampur Nigoh995Jijathal
294P.P. Bahadurpur Nigoh804Jijathal
296P.P. Ghiloi Khas1267Baikhurd
298P.P. Mahmoodpur Kirat1249Nagla Gumani
299P.P. Nigoh Khas1116Rukhala
300P.P. Sikandarpur Nigoh Nagla Lita754Nagla Gularia
301Barat Ghar Badepur921Rukhala
303P.P. Dhipari991Majhaula
306P.P. Karmullapur1231Ratroi
306P.P. Admapur1231Majhaula
307P.P; Barau Sabalpur1025Hidramai
309Prempur Inter College Room N.11187Shadipur Kamrua
310P.P. Sarai Gopal1105Shadipur Kamrua
311P.P. Harkaranpur842Shadipur Kamrua
311P.P. West Part Madhonagar842Hamir Nagla
312P.P. Singhpur657Chandanpur
312P.P. South Part Madho Nagar657Shadipur Kamrua
316P.P. West Part Mighauli788Ismailapur
318P.P. South Part Mighauli459Budhari Buzurg
318P.P. Bhojpur Nigoh459Nekramnagla
319P.P. South Part Jamamardpur600Bhogipur
319P.P.U.P. Sardamai600Nasirpur
324P.P. Dharnidharpur Nagariya1270Mamiana Ummedpur
326P.P.West Part Vishungarh516Nagla Doraha
326P.P. Vishungarh516Kanaubi
327G.P.P. South Part Vishungarh630Sherpur
328Balak P.P. Vishungarh1353Goshpur
329Balak P.P. East Part Vishungarh988Kanaubi
330P.P. Saraiya900Kanaubi
332G.P.P. Asaltabad539Rajgahila
334P.P. Asaltabad1020Nagla Khan
336U.P.S. Bahdurpur714Bilauna Chitrasi
338P.P. Baurajpur746Nagla Virkhi
339P.P. Barvari742Jaraith
341P.P. Usmanpur575Burhagaon
342P.P. Bhojpur1339Burhagaon
342P.P1339Indra Nagla
344P.P. Kairda619Tandauli
346P.P. Jagdeeshpur West Part982Bhamori Buzurg
348P.P. Jagdeeshpur South Part897Bhamori Buzurg
348P.P. Rasulabad897Bhamauri Natthu
348P.P. West Part Jafrabad897Bhamauri Girdhari

Last Updated on November 15, 2014