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Polling Booth in Chhaprauli Assembly Constituency

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Chhaprauli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chhaprauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chhaprauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary Pathshala Uttar Tanda1257Tanda
2Primary Pathshala Dakshin Tanda1192Tanda
3Primary Pathshala Bodha1074Bora
4Primary Pathshala1161Bora
5Harijan Chaupal Bodha550Bora
6Primary Pathshala No.11382Nangal
7Primary Pathshala Nangal907Nangal
8Primary Pathshala Tugana991Togana
9Shiv Mandar Jr. High School East Tugana752Tanda
10Shiv Mandar Jr. High School West Tugana691Togana
11Primary Pathshala No.1 Tugana751Togana
12Add. Harijan Chaupal East Tugana764Togana
13Add. Harijan Chaupal West Tugana637Togana
14Harijan Chaupal Hewa1181Hewa
15Primary Pathshala No.1 North Hewa909Hewa
16Primary Pathshala No.1 South Hewa993Hewa
17Purva Madhiyamik Vidhalay Tilwada757Tilwara Patti
18Primary Pathshala Tilwada538Tilwara Sakin
19Primary Pathshala South Kudi1087Koori
20Primary Kanya Pathshala West Kudi921Koori
21Primary Pathshala North Kudi1172Koori
22Samudayik Vika Kendra Kudi1031Koori
23Harijan Chaupal Add. Kudi937Koori
24Samudayik Vikas Kendra Chhaprauli966Chhaprauli (NP)
27Shahid Satypal Singh Purva Madhymik Vidhalaya665Chhaprauli (NP)
30Shahid Harendra Singh Pri.Vidhalaya877Chhaprauli (NP)
32Vrahat Samaj Sudhar Inter College R.N.1 Chhaprauli774Chhaprauli (NP)
33Vrahat Samaj Sudhar Inter College R.N.2 Chhaprauli1028Chhaprauli (NP)
34Vrahat Samaj Sudhar Inter College R.N.3 Chhaprauli1028Chhaprauli (NP)
35Vrahat Samaj Sudhar Inter College R.N.4 Chhaprauli1419Chhaprauli (NP)
36S.V.M. Inter College Chhaprauli968Chhaprauli (NP)
37Ravidas Chhopal Badrkha859Badarkha
38Primary Pathshala Uttar Badarkha801Badarkha
39Primary Pathshala Dakshin Badarkha788Badarkha
40Harijan Chaupalhalalpur1172Halalpur
43Primary Pathshala Purva Kakaur1122Kakor Kalan
44Primary Pathshala Pashicham Kakaur1139Kakor Kalan
45Asthai Dhancha Add. Brahma Ke Gher Ke Pass Kakaur727Kakor Kalan
46Prathmik Vidhalay No.-2 R.N.-1 Shabga645Shabga
47Prathmik Vidhalay No.-2 R.N.-2 Shabga702Shabga
48Rajkiy Inter College Madhy Shabga750Shabga
50Rajkiy Inter College Pashichim Shabga841Shabga
52Primary Pathshala R.N.-2 Shabha696Shabga
53Harijan Chaupal Shabga771Shabga
55Primary Pathshala No.1 Bachhaud649Bachhor
56Harijan Chaupal Bachhaud512Bachhor
57Harijan Chaupal Khwajgirpur Urf Chandanheri564Khwajgipur Urf Chandanheri
58Nai Primary Pathshala R.N.-2 Khwajgirpur Urf Chandanheri550Khwajgipur Urf Chandanheri
59Harijan Chaupal Add. Khwajanagla958Khwaja Nagla
60Adarsh Jr. High School Uttar Khwajanagla1029Khwaja Nagla
61Adarsh Jr. High School Dakshin Khwajanagla930Khwaja Nagla
62Kanya Pathshala Purva Luhara865Luhara
63Kanya Pathshala Pashichim Luhara958Luhara
64Shri Ajitnath Jain Uchchtar Madhymik Vidhalay Luhara1057Luhara
65Primary Pathshala Sherpur896Sherpur
66Asthai Dhancha Raidas Mandir Ke Pass Sherpur455Sherpur
67Harijan Chaupal Silana846Silana
68Panchayat Ghar Silana924Silana
69Primary Pathshala No.1 Silana850Silana
70Primary Pathshala Harijan No.-2 Rathaura464Rathaura
71Primary Pathshala No.4 Rathaura948Rathaura
72Zamiya Isatul Islamiya School Rn.-1 Rathaura859Rathaura
73Zamiya Isatul Islamiya School Rn.-2 Rathaura590Rathaura
74Junior High School Rn.-1 Rathaura781Rathaura
75Junior High School Rn.-2 Rathaura889Rathaura
76Harijan Chaupal Add. Mukandpur1085Mukandpur
77Primary Pathshala Mukandpur925Mukandpur
78Ravidas School Sup1319Soop
79Primary Pathshala No.2 R1384Soop
81Nai Pathshala Paschim Soop1011Soop
82Primary Pathshala Sonthi887Sothi
83Add. Harijan Chaupal Uttar Kirthal741Kirthal
84Add. Harijan Chaupal South Kirthal767Kirthal
85Primary Pathshala Patti Maghan Kirthal1226Kirthal
86Primary Kanya Pathshala East Kirthal1217Kirthal
87Primary Kanya Pathshala West Kirthal643Kirthal
88Primary Pathshala Patti Bijnan Kirthal978Kirthal
89Adarsh Shiksha Sadan Inter College East Kirthal977Kirthal
90Adarsh Shiksha Sadan Inter College Madhya Kirthal648Kirthal
91Dulli Wali Chopal Kirthal997Kirthal
92Primary Pathshala No.2 Uttri Lumb1196Loomb
93Primary Pathshala No.1 Madhya Lumb1439Loomb
94Primary Pathshala No.1 Rn.-2 Lumb1294Loomb
95Add. Harijan Chaupal Lumb743Loomb
96Primary Pathshala No.3 Lumb700Loomb
98Primary Pathshala No.3 Kakripur672Kakripur
99Primary Pathshala No.1 Rn.-1 Kakripur853Kakripur
100Primary Pathshala No.1 Rn.3 Kakripur992Kakripur
101Harijan Chaupal Add. Kakripur950Kakripur
102Harijan Chaupal Ramala795Ramala
103Primary Pathshala Uttar Ramala950Ramala
104Primary Pathshala South Ramala743Ramala
105Primary Pathshala No.3 Uttar Ramala830Ramala
106Primary Pathshala No.3 South Ramala1124Ramala
107Junior High School Rn.-1 Ramala640Ramala
108Junior High School Rn.-2 Ramala937Ramala
109Primary Pathshala Uttar Asara1338Asara
110Primary Pathshala South Asara1402Asara
111Muslim Inter College Uttar Asara1345Asara
112Muslim Inter College Madhya Asara1289Asara
113Maktab Himajutul Islam Asara1382Asara
114Maynul Islamiya Schooleast Asara1239Asara
115Maynul Islamiya School West Asara1169Asara
116Harijan Chaupal Bhudpur1330Bhudpur
117Basikprimary Pathshala Nimwali Rn.1 Bhudpur1118Bhudpur
118Basik Primary Pathshala Nimwali Rn.2 Bhudpur1095Bhudpur
119Primary Pathshala Gopalpur Khadana566Gopalpur Khadana
120Primary Pathshala Imbrahimpur Majra781Ibrahimpur Majra
121Harijan Chaupal Imbrahimpur Majra924Ibrahimpur Majra
122Nai Pathshala Fathapur Chak476Fatehpur Chak
123Purva Madhiyamik Vidhalay Fathapur Chak463Fatehpur Chak
124D.A.V.Inter College Kisnpur Biral1126Kishanpur
125D.A.V. Inter College Kisanpur Biral1394Kishanpur
126Add. Dhacha Khali Jgah Kaliram S/0 Khemchand Harijan Kisanpur Biral1366Kishanpur
127Primary Pathshala No.1 Rn.1 Kisanpur1332Kishanpur
128Ashthai Dhancha Harijan Chopal Uttar Kishanpur637Kishanpur
129Asthai Dhancha Harijan Chaupal Kisanpur649Kishanpur
130Harijan Chaupal Basauli891Basoli
131Harijan Chaupal Pashichim Basauli674Basoli
132Primary Pathshala Uttar Basauli812Basoli
133Primary Pathshala Dakshin Basauli1100Basoli
134Harijan Chaupal Barwala943Barwala
135Primary Pathshala Barwala997Barwala
136Junior High School Uttar Barwala968Barwala
137Junior High School Dakshin Barwala946Barwala
138Primary Pathshala Karimpur479Karimpur
139Primary Pathshala Uttar Hasanpur Jiwani1204Hasanpur Jiwani
140Asthai Dhancha Harijan Chaupl Ke Khali Jagah Mulkhi S/0 Baldeva Ke Makan Ke Pass Kasimpur Kheri788Kasampur Kheri
141Harijan Chaupal Kasimpur Kheii522Kasampur Kheri
142Primary Pathshala Purva Kasimpur Kheri779Kasampur Kheri
143Primary Pathshala Pashichim Kasimpur Kheri1037Kasampur Kheri
144Primary Pathshala Uttar Asharfabad Thal977Asharfabad Thal
145Primary Pathshala Dakshin Asharfabad Thal800Asharfabad Thal
146Primary Pathshala No.3 Mukarrabpur Kandera723Mukarrabpur Kandera
148Primary Pathshala No.2 Mukarrabpur Kandera1147Mukarrabpur Kandera
149Shri Subhash Higher Secondery School Rn.-3 Mukarrabpur Kandera579Mukarrabpur Kandera
150Harijan Chaupal Add.Mukarrabpur Kendra408Mukarrabpur Kandera
151Chaupal Patti Ahlawat Mukarrabpur Kendra768Mukarrabpur Kandera
152Primary Pathshala Purva Sujti573Sujti
153Primary Pathshala Pashichim Sujti978Sujti
154Dhivron Ki Chaupal Sujti843Sujti
155Kanya Pathshala Rn.-1 Gangnauli1197Gangnauli
156Primary Pathshala Purva Gangnauli913Gangnauli
158Asthai Dhancha Harijan Koop Ke Pass Khali Jagh Sohamlal Harijan Ke Makan Ke Pass Gangnauli731Gangnauli
159Primary Pathshala No.2 Tikri912Tikri (NP)
160H.M. Inter College Tikri1197Tikri (NP)
161H.M. Inter College Uttar Tikri1145Tikri (NP)
163H.M. Inter College Madhya Tikri685Tikri (NP)
164Jain Dharmshala Mohalla Ratrana Tikri1007Tikri (NP)
165Harijan Chaupal Tikri1059Tikri (NP)
166Primary Pathshala No.-1 Uttar Tikri1025Tikri (NP)
167Primary Pathshala No.1 Dakshin Tikri1006Tikri (NP)
168Jawahar Smarak Inter College Uttar Nirpura1021Nirpura
169Jawahar Smarak Inter College Madhy Nirpura941Nirpura
170Primary Pathshala No.-3 Nirpura847Nirpura
171Primary Pathshala No.-3 Uttar Nirpura1083Nirpura
172Primary Pathshala N0-3 Nirpura972Nirpura
173Harijan Panchayat Ghar R.N.-1 Add. Nirpura994Nirpura
174Harijan Panchayat Ghar R.N.-2 Add. Nirpura907Nirpura
175Jain Kanya Primary Pathshala Uttar Daught859Doghat (NP)
176Jain Kanya Primary Pathshala Daksin Daught1027Doghat (NP)
177Primary Pathshala No.1 Uttar Daughat1217Doghat (NP)
178Primary Pathshala No.1 Dakshin Daughat1191Doghat (NP)
179Ravidas Harijan Chhopal Daughat971Doghat (NP)
180Gandhi Smarak Inter College Uttar Daughat1136Doghat (NP)
181Gandhi Smarak Inter College Dakshin Daughat1180Doghat (NP)
182Gandhi Smarak Inter College Madhya Daughat938Doghat (NP)
183Primary Pathshala Mojijabad Nangal1040Mozizabad Nagal
184Harijan Panchayat Ghar Bhagwanpur Majara Mojijabad Nangal898Mozizabad Nagal
185Primary Pathshala Bhagwanpur Majara Mojijabad Nangal740Mozizabad Nagal
187Primary Pathshala Purva Idrishpur1015Idrishpur
188Harijan Chaupal Idrishpur870Idrishpur
189Primary Pathshala No.-2 Bamnauli1446Bamnauli
190Nai Harijan Chaupal Bamnauli905Bamnauli
191Harijan Chaupal Bamnauli908Bamnauli
192Jawahar Inter College Dakshin Bamnauli823Bamnauli
193Jawahar Inter College Pashichim Bamnauli659Bamnauli
194Primary Pathshala No.-1 Uttar Bamnauli1021Bamnauli
195Primary Pathshala No.-1 Dakshin Bamnauli1251Bamnauli
196Primary Pathshala Adampur1125Adampur
197Nai Harijan Chaupal Pusar1176Pusar
198Primary Pathshala Rn.-1 Pusar734Pusar
199Primary Pathshala R.N.-2 Pusar651Pusar
200Primary Pathshala R.N-1 Palda890Palra
201Primary Pathshala R.N- 2 Palda785Palra
202Primary Pathshala Harijan Basti Paldi907Palri
203Primary Pathshala Uttar Paldi991Palri
204Primary Pathshala Madhya Paldi757Palri
205Primary Pathshala Kanhad Talabpur1099Kanhar Talibpur
206Primary Pathshala Kheri Chittam733Kheri Chittam
207Primary Pathshala No.-1 Purva Daha917Kheri Chittam
208Primary Pathshala No.-1 Dakshin Daha851Daha
209Harijan Chaupal Daha865Daha
210Primary Pathshala No.2 Dakshin Daha823Daha
211Primary Pathshala No.-2 Madhya Daha1028Daha
212Junior High School Rn.-1 Daha979Daha
213Junior High School Rn.-2 Daha1001Daha
214Primary Pathshala Garhi Kangran1046Garhi Kanmaran
215Primary Pathshala Purva Bharal917Bhadal
216Ambedkar Chaupal Bharal1135Bhadal
217Primary Pathshala No.-2 Purva Bharal990Bhadal
218Primary Pathshala No.-2 Pashichim Bharal823Bhadal
219Jawahar Krishak Inter College Rn.-1 Dhanaura Tikri942Dhanaura Tikri
220Jawahar Krishak Inter College Rn.-2 Dhanaura Tikri1060Dhanaura Tikri
221Primary Pathshala No.2- Dhanaura Tikri952Dhanaura Tikri
222Harijan Chaupal Gaidabara718Gaidabra
223Primary Pathshala Dakshin Gaidabara575Gaidabra
224Primary Pathshala Bopura1068Bopura
225Nata Ji Subhash Chand Bos Memorial Madhymik Vidhalay Rn.-2 Tabela Garhi867Tabelagarhi
226Nata Ji Subhash Chand Bos Memorial Madhymik Vidhalay Rn.-1 Tabela Garhi1028Tabelagarhi
227Primary Pathshala Banjaran Patti Tabela Garhi788Tabelagarhi
228Primary Pathshala Sarora264Sarora
229Primary Pathshala Jundpur600Jhundpur
230Harijan Chaupal Jhundpur650Jhundpur
231Primary Pathshala Rn.1 Milana813Milana
232Primary Pathshala Rn.2 Milana753Milana
233Primary Pathshala Phauladnagar975Fauladnagar
234Primary Pathshala Rn.1 Muzaffarpur Kanwara1270Mujaffarpur Kanwara
235Primary Pathshala No.2 Rn.-1 Azampur Mulsam871Azampur Mulsam
236Primary Pathshala No.2 Rn.-2 Azampur Mulsam593Azampur Mulsam
237Harijan Chaupal Add.Azampur Mulsam1112Azampur Mulsam
238Primary Pathshala Mohammadpur Khunti445Azampur Mulsam
239Primary Pathshala Khaprana874Khaprana
240Primary Pathshala Shahpur Banganga1046Shahpur Banganga
241Primary Pathshala Purva Chandayan992Chandayan
242Primary Pathshala Shahjahanpur806Shahjahanpur
243Primary Pathshala Begmavad Garhi1142Begamabad Garhi
244Primary Pathshala Mangrauli1179Mangrauli
245Primary Pathshala Rahtna874Rahatna
246Primary Pathshala Uttar Sirsali906Sirsali
247Primary Pathshala Dakshin Sirsali912Sirsali
248Pashu Chikitsalay Rn.1 Sirsali806Sirsali
249Harijan Chaupal Sirsali893Sirsali
251Lalbahadur Inter College Rn.1 Ranchhar921Ranchhar
252Lalbahadur Inter College Rn.2 Ranchhar619Ranchhar
253Harijan Chaupal Rn.-1 Ranchhar938Ranchhar
254Harijan Chaupal Rn.-2 Ranchhar1113Ranchhar
255Primary Pathshala Purva Ranchhar828Ranchhar
256Primary Pathshala West Ranchhar626Ranchhar
257Arya Kanya Inter College Rn.1 Jiwana913Jiwana
258Arya Kanya Inter College Rn.2 Jiwana?Jiwana
259Primary Pathshala No.2 Rn.1 Jiwana882Jiwana
260Primary Pathshala No.2 Rn.2 Jiwana1006Jiwana
261Primary Pathshala Makhar1035Jiwana
262Primary Pathshala Malmajra987Malmazra
263Primary Pathshala Rn.1 Pichaukara857Pichokra
264Primary Pathshala Rn.2 Pichaukara1014Pichokra
265Rajkiy Primary Pathshala Rn. 1 Dadri679Dadri
266Sarvhitkari Inter College Uttar Rn.1 Binauli1200Binauli
267Sarvhitkari Inter College Uttar Rn.2 Binauli1209Binauli
268Primary Pathshala No.-1 Binauli1238Binauli
270Primary Pathshala Uttar Barnawa1269Baranawa
271Primary Pathshala Dakshin Barnawa1097Baranawa
272Panchayat Ghar418Baranawa
274Primary Pathshala Fakharpur Shekhpura1042Fakharpur Shaikhpura
275Primary Pathshala Rn.-1 Galhaita821Galheta
276Primary Pathshala R.N0-2 Gelhota948Galheta
277Primary Pathshala Mukimpura886Sirsal Darkaoda
278Primary Pathshala Garhi Dulla969Sirsal Darkaoda
279Primary Pathshala Rn.1 Darkawda1021Sirsal Darkaoda
280Primary Pathshala Rn.2 Darkawda546Sirsal Darkaoda
281Primary Pathshala Sirsalgarh1236Sirsal Darkaoda
282V.P. Inter College Uttar Bijwara1159Bijwara
283V.P. Inter College Madhya Bijwara1137Bijwara
284Primary Pathshala No.1 Uttar Bijwara847Bijwara
285Primary Pathshala No.-1 Dakshin Bijwara805Bijwara
286Primary Pathshala No.-2 Dakshin Bijwara606Bijwara
287Junior High School Uttar Fazalpur987Fazalpur
288Junior High School Madhya Fazalpur1145Fazalpur
289Primary Pathshala No.-1 Fazalpur933Fazalpur
290Primary Pathshala Rn.-1 Muzaffarpur Poies614Muzaffarpur Poes
291Primary Pathshala Rn.-2 Muzaffarpur Poies557Muzaffarpur Poes
292Primary Pathshala Naglarava1140Nagla Rawa
293Primary Pathshala Rn.-1 Tera695Tera
294Primary Pathshala Rn.-2 Tera939Tera
295Primary Pathshala Pashichim Tera800Tera
296Primary Pathshala Uttar Titronda1225Titrouda
297Primary Pathshala Madhya Titraunda1287Titrouda
298Primary Pathshala Uttar Muzaffarpur Kambala909Muzaffarpur Kambala
299Primary Pathshala Madhya Muzaffarpur Kambala863Muzaffarpur Kambala
300Inter College Rn.-1 Muzaffarpur Kambala907Muzaffarpur Kambala
301Primary Pathshala Ibrahimabad Gawri712Ibrahima Bad Gawri
302Primary Pathshala Uttar Jainuddinpur Urf Chirchita1064Jainuddinpur Chirchiya
303Primary Pathshala Dakshin Jainuddinpur Urf Chirchita921Jainuddinpur Chirchiya
304Primary Pathshala Hajurabad Garhi1300Hazurabad Garhi
305Primary Pathshala Purva Sanjarpur Kerwa724Sanjarpur Kaidwa
306Primary Pathshala Pashichim Shanjarpur Kerwa805Sanjarpur Kaidwa
307Primary Pathshala No.-2 Mawikalan1027Mawi Kalan
308Primary Pathshala No.-1 Rn.2 Mawikalan849Mawi Kalan
309Primary Pathshala No.-1 Mawikalan774Mawi Kalan
310Harijan Chaupal Mawikalan996Mawi Kalan

Last Updated on November 15, 2014