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Polling Booth in Charkhari Assembly Constituency

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Charkhari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Charkhari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Charkhari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Rajauni979Rajauni
2P.S. Parauvari546Parauwari
3P.S. Khiriakhurd91Khiriya Khurd
4G.P.M.V. Pachhara1163Pachara
5P.S. Chhitarwara989Chhitarwara
6P.S. Thurat R.No-11065Thurat
7P.S. Thurat R.No-2699Thurat
8P.S. Sarangpura348Sarangpura
9P.M.V. Jaitpur R.No-11329Jaitpur
10P.M.V. Jaitpur R.No-21291Jaitpur
11P.S. Jaitpur R.No-11445Jaitpur
12P.S. Jaitpur R.No-21281Jaitpur
13P.S. Jaitpur R.No-31493Jaitpur
14G.P.M.V. Jaitpur1434Jaitpur
15G.P.S. Jaitpur R.No-1881Jaitpur
16G.P.S. Jaitpur R.No-2801Jaitpur
17P.S. Jaitpur East R.No-1861Jaitpur
18P.S. Jaitpur East R.No-2874Jaitpur
19P.M.V.Nayapura Jaitpur R.No-11329Jaitpur
20P.M.V.Nayapura Jaitpur R.No-2341Jaitpur
21P.S. Budhaura1015Budhaura
22P.S. Khiriakalan1211Khiriya Kalan
23P.M.V. Kudai814Kudhai
24P.S. Hansla420Hansla
25P.S. Gudha705Gudha
26P.S Basaria Jaitpur359Basariya Jaitpur
27P.S Tikaria Jaitpur1493Tikariya Jaitpur
28P.S. Mawaiya1163Mawaiya
30P.S. Jailwara1107Jailwara
31P.M.V.Aari R.No-11149Ari
32P.M.V.Aari R.No-2772Ari
33P.S. Ladpura931Ladpura
34P.S. Baghaura R.No-11186Baghaura
35P.S. Baghaura R.No-2808Baghaura
36P.S. Sigaun1366Sigaun
37P.S. Chamaruwa1032Chamarua
38P.M.V. Narawara590Narwara
39P.S. Khama R.No-1650Khama
40P.S. Khama R.No-2664Khama
41P.S. Pathari Nauawad432Pathari Navabad
42P.S. Jagatpur Or Gadia371Jagatpur (Urf) Gadhiya
44P.S. Rawatpura Khalsa589Rawatpura Khalsa
45P.S. Ganj857Ganj
46P.S. Dhawarra R.No-11279Dhawarra
47P.S. Dhawarra R.No-21080Dhawarra
48P.S. Bijauri760Bijauri
49P.S. Ghanghaura652Ghaghaura
50P.M.V. Budhwara1008Budhwara
51P.S. Budhwara887Budhwara
52P.S. Indrahata1045Indrahata
53P.S. Pasanabad462Pasanabad
54P.M.V.. Saguniamaf R.No-1673Saguniya Maph
55P.M.V.. Saguniamaf R.No-2873Saguniya Maph
56P.M.V. Nagaradang R.No-1870Nagara Dang
57P.M.V. Nagaradang R.No-21006Nagara Dang
58P.S. Bhagari1164Bhagari
59P.M.V. Salaiyamaf1345Salaiya Maph
60P.M.V. Syawan R.No-11033Syavan
61P.M.V. Syawan R.No-2524Syavan
62P.S. Gund458Gund
63P.S. Rajpura449Rajpura
64P.S. Bamnaura366Bamnaura
65P.S. Ragauli174Ragaulli
66N.P.S. H.B.Ajnar R.No-11449Ajnar
67N.P.S. H.B Ajnar R.No-21212Ajnar
68P.M.V. Ajnar R.No-11034Ajnar
69P.M.V. Ajnar R.No-21185Ajnar
70P.S. Badera Khurd1044Badara Khurd
71P.S. Badkhera1357Badkhera
72P.S. Bachhecharkalan1177Bachhechhar Kalan
73P.S. Beri465Beri
74P.M.V. Magraulkalan R.No-1834Magraul Kalan
75P.M.V. Magraulkalan R.No-21104Magraul Kalan
76P.M.V. Magraulkhurd238Magraul Khurd
78P.S. Kutra317Kutra
79P.S. Mudhari1458Mudhari
80G.P.S. Mudhari1265Mudhari
81N.P.S. Mudhari R.No-11360Mudhari
82N.P.S. Mudhari R.No-21087Mudhari
83N.P.S. Tikaria Panwari358Tikariya Panwari
84P.S. Lamaura1190Lamaura
85P.S. Bachhecharkhurd970Bachhechhar Khurd
86P.S. Akauni661Akauna
87P.M.V.. Akauna R.No-1825Akauna
88P.M.V.. Akauna R.No-2780Akauna
89P.S. Kaithaura R.No-1718Kaithaura
90P.S. Kaithaura R.No-2795Kaithaura
91P.S. Arghatmau683Arghat Mau
92P.V.. Majhgawankhurd540Magraul Khurd
93P.M.V. Mahuabandh948Mahua Bandh
94P.S. Mahuabandh1040Mahua Bandh
95G.P.S. Mahuabandh953Mahua Bandh
96P.S. Ramupura788Ramupura
97P.S. Purwa Panwari792Purwa Panwari
98P.S. Bamaulia363Bamauliya
99P.S. Lewa684Leva
100P.S. Ragaulia Bujurg902Ragaulia Bujurg
101P.S. Rikhwaha704Rikhawaha
102P.S. Khairaria437Khairaria
103P.S. Baghwaha R.No-1673Bagwaha
104P.S. Baghwaha R.No-2636Bagwaha
105P.S. Bhadarwara243Bhadarwara
106P.S. Nanwara549Nanwara
107P.S. Ragaulia Khurd643Ragaulia Khurd
108P.S. Natarra1176Natarra
109N.P.S. Naugaon471Naugaon
110P.S. Fadna547Fadna
111P.S. Nakra1465Nakra
112G.P.S. Nakra1100Nakra
113P.S. Khagarra386Khagri
114N.P.S. Jakha1382Jakha
115P.S. Sergarh633Shergarh
116P.S. Turramuhar R.No-1961Turra Muhar
117P.S. Turramuhar R.No-2823Turra Muhar
118P.S. Salaiya Khalsa1360Salaiya Khalsa
119G.P.S. Syodi R.No-11275Sayauri
120G.P.S. Syodi R.No-21369Sayauri
121P.S. Raipura Majra Syodi204Sayaura
122P.S. Gaungudha529Silalpura
123P.S. Haiwatpura Khangaran721Haiwatpura Khagaran
124P.S. Masoodpura1454Masudpura
125P.S. Nekpura822Nekpura
126P.M.V.. Silalpura759Silalpura
127G.P.S. Nagaraghat826Naghara Ghat
128P.S. Nagaraghat898Naghara Ghat
129P.S. Lidhaurakhurd820Lidhaura Khurd
130P.S. Budhero878Budherau
131P.M.V. Budhero1033Budherau
132P.S. Laulara531Laulara
133P.M.V. Alipura718Alipura
134P.S. Baindo707Baidaun
135G.U.M.V.. Baindo R.No-1919Baidaun
136G.U.M.V.. Baindo R.No-2926Baidaun
137P.S. Maragpura315Maragpura
138P.S. Garrauli512Garrauli
139P.S. Chachari436Chhachhari
140P.S. Jagpura Bujurg337Jagpura Buzurg
141P.S. Ruri Khurd249Ruri Khurd
142P.M.V. Kotra R.No-1771Kotra
143P.M.V. Kotra R.No-2756Kotra
144P.S. Beehat701Rupnaul
145P.S. Lohargaon975Luhargawn
146N.P.S. Naipura R.No-1772Naipura
147N.P.S. Naipura R.No-2796Naipura
148P.M.V. Marwari846Marwari
149P.S. Kohania1463Kohaniya
150P.S. Dharwar803Dharwar
151P.S. Richhara547Richhara
152P.S. Tikaria1033Tikariya
153P.S. Lilwan365Lilwah
155N.P.S. Kashipur973Kashipura
158P.S. Umrai1012Umrai
159N.P.S. Taiya R.No-11131Taiya
160N.P.S. Taiya R.No-2642Taiya
161N.P.S. Chamarra618Chamarra
162P.S. Saura R.No-11191Saura
163P.S. Saura R.No-21194Saura
164P.S. Rawatpurkalan489Rawatpura Kalan
165P.S. Manki410Manki
166P.S. Karhara Khurd Khairo151Karahara Khurd Khairau
167P.M.V. Chauka R.No-1762Chauka
168P.M.V. Chauka R.No-2753Chauka
169P.S. Barenda Bujurg851Barenda Buzurg
170P.S. Gado791Gadhau
171N.P.S. Teli Pahadi1303Teli Pahari
172P.S. Ghutai R.No-11008Ghutai
173P.S. Ghutai R.No-2543Ghutai
174P.M.V. Ghutai470Ghutai
175P.S. Pipri1365Pipri
176N.P.S. Kanaura440Ruri Kalan
177P.S. Gadaura462Gadaura
178P.M.V.Rurikalan R.No-1872Ruri Kalan
179P.M.V.Rurikalan R.No-2853Ruri Kalan
180P.M..V. Kankuwan949Kankua
181P.S.. Kankuwan915Kankua
182G.P.M.V Mahobkanth E.P1242Mahobkanth
183G.P.M.V.. Mahobkanth W.P548Mahobkanth
184P.S. Khairokalan776Khairau Kalan
185P.S. Bamhauri Kurmin188Bamhauri Kurmin
186P.S. Bhoora1001Tunder
187P.M.V. Dhawar924Dhawar
188P.S. Sataura352Sataura
189P.S. Basaria Panwari487Basariya Panwari
190P.S. Bahadurpurkalan935Bahadurpur Kalan
191P.S. Didwara R.No-11118Didwara
192P.S. Didwara R.No-2775Didwara
193P.M.V. Devganpura1055Devganpura
194N.P.S. Alipura651Alipura
195P.S. Haiwatpura Bramhnan295Haiwatpura Brahamanan
196P.S. Sargpura233Saragpura
197G.G.I.C. Panwari R.No-11448Panwari
198G.G.I.C. Panwari R.No-2864Panwari
199G.G.I.C. Panwari R.No-31004Panwari
200G.G.I.C. Panwari R.No-4811Panwari
201G.G.I.C. Panwari R.No-5861Panwari
202N.I.C. Panwari-R.No-1802Panwari
203N.I.C. Panwari-R.No-2794Panwari
204N.I.C. Panwari-R.No-3739Panwari
205N.I.C. Panwari-R.No-4783Panwari
206N.I.C. Panwari-R.No-5894Panwari
207N.I.C. Panwari-R.No-61312Panwari
208P.S. Rahuniyapura Panvari1281Panwari
209P.S. Simaria652Panwari
210P.S. Uldan177Uldan
211P.S. Lodhipura595Lodhipura
212P.S. Bijrari950Bijrari
213P.S. Kilhauwa R.No-11021Kilhauwa
214P.S. Kilhauwa R.No-21123Kilhauwa
215P.S. Kilhauwa R.No-3654Kilhauwa
216P.M.V. Budaura513Budhaura
217P.S. Gugaura878Gugaura
218P.S. Kheda Nankari217Khera Nankari
219G.P.S. Mahuwa Itaura785Mahua Itaura
220P.M.V.Mahuwa Itaura831Mahua Itaura
221P.S. Chatesar525Chhatesar
222P.S. Konia677Kauniya
223P.M.V.. Pahadia1286Pahariya
224P.M.V. Itaura Bujurg717Itaura Buzurg
225P.S. Kunata732Kunata
226P.S. Byarjo1095Byarjau
227P.S. Parapantar753Parapantar
228P.S. Rewai1209Rivai
229P.S. Tolapantar1140Tola Patar
230P.M.V. Dulara R.No-11180Dulara
231P.M.V. Dulara R.No-2653Dulara
232P.S. Amanpura629Amanpura
233P.S. Bhujpura723Bhujpura
234P.S. Santhar380Dadri
235P.M.V.. Dadri1127Dadri
236P.S. Ghatera619Bhujpura
237N.P.S. Bihar1072Bihar
238P.S. Satari R.No-11200Satari
239P.S. Satari R.No-21063Satari
240P.S. Churari R.No-1973Churari
241P.S. Churari R.No-2680Churari
242P.M.V. Bharwara R.No-11449Bharwara
243P.M.V. Bharwara R.No-2972Bharwara
244P.S. Bharwara302Bharwara
245P.M.V. Pathari Kadim383Pathari Kadim
246P.S. Charua571Charua
248P.S. Vijaypur R.No-11061Bijaypur
249P.S. Vijaypur R.No-2595Bijaypur
250P.S. Panara504Panara
251A.P.M.V. Andwara R.No-1956Andwara
252A.P.M.V. Andwara R.No-2514Andwara
254P.S. Budi137Budhi
255P.S. Baura1021Baura
256G.P.M.V. Sungira R.No-1802Sugira
257G.P.M.V. Sungira R.No-2764Sugira
258P.S. Sungira1200Sugira
259G.P.S. Sungira1194Sugira
260P.S. Gadhi Sungira1104Sugira
261G.P.M.V. Kulpahar R.No-1576Kul Pahar (NP)
262G.P.M.V. Kulpahar R.No-21027Kul Pahar (NP)
263G.P.M.V. Kulpahar R.No-31160Kul Pahar (NP)
264Sant Vinova P.S. Kulpahar R.No-11010Kul Pahar (NP)
265Sant Vinova P.S. Kulpahar R.No-21302Kul Pahar (NP)
266M.S. Kulpahar R.No-11063Kul Pahar (NP)
267M.S. Kulpahar R.No-2542Kul Pahar (NP)
268M.S. Kulpahar R.No-31464Kul Pahar (NP)
269J.I.C. Kulpahar R. No-11361Kul Pahar (NP)
270J.I.C. Kulpahar R. No-21171Kul Pahar (NP)
271J.I.C. Kulpahar R. No-3830Kul Pahar (NP)
272J.I.C. Kulpahar R. No-4840Kul Pahar (NP)
273J.I.C. Kulpahar R. No-51150Kul Pahar (NP)
274J.I.C. Kulpahar R. No-6969Kul Pahar (NP)
275P.S. Saila Khalsa420Sela Khalsa
276P.S. Kamalpura862Atarpatha
277P.S. Atarpatha460Atarpatha
278P.M.V. Ladpur R.No-11187Ladpur
279P.M.V. Ladpur R.No-2911Ladpur
280P.S. Mauhari807Mohari
281G.P.S. Mauhari708Mohari
282P.S. Bamhauri Khurd708Bamhauri Khurd
283P.S. Gurja Khuda304Bamhauri Khurd
284P.S. Sirmaur861Sirmaur
285P.S. Bhatewara Khurd1401Bhatewara Khurd
286P.M.V. Rawatpurakhurd1298Rawatpura Khurd
288P.M.V.. Thathewara660Thathewra
289N.P.S. Gorkha-11153Gorkha
290P.S. Chhedimau675Chhedimau
291P.S. Rampura Kadim294Rampura Kadim
292N.P.S. Luhari912Luhari
293P.M.V. Akthoha1006Akathauha
295P.S. Akthoha950Akathauha
296G.P.S. Gudha1035Gudha
297K.S.K. Gudha1066Gudha
299P.S. Bhatewarakalan1075Bhatewara Kalan
301P.M.V. Gaurhari1113Gaurahari
303G.P.S. Gaurhari964Gaurahari
304P.S. Karharakhurd847Karahara Khurd
306P.M.V. Baphretha1277Bapretha
307P.S. Anghora953Anghaura
309V.P.M.S. Jarauli982Jarauli
311P.S. Ballay568Ballayn
312P.M.V. Chandauli847Chandauli
314P.M.V. Kudar1401Kudar
315G.P.S. Rewai1188Rewai
316P.M.V. Rewai1222Rewai
317N.P.S. Rewai868Rewai
318P.S. Santoshpura157Santoshpura
319P.S. Sabua797Sabuwa
320P.S. Ghutvai105Ghutbai
321P.S. Kusarma361Kusarma
322P.S. Bamhaurikhurd318Bamohauri Khurd
323N.P.V. Sudamapuri271Kanera
324P.M.V. Chhanikhurd356Channi Khurd
325P.S. Kanera420Kanera
326P.S. Nausara969Nausara
327P.M.V. Jataura459Jataura
329P.S. Panchampura307Panchampura
330P.S. Kiratpura760Kiratpura
331G.P.S. Bamhaurikalan1028Bambhauri Kalan
332N.P.S. Bamhaurikalan1175Bambhauri Kalan
333P.S. Shivhar571Shivhar
334P.S. Bamrara764Bamrara
335K.J.H.S. Bamrara777Bamrara
336N.P.S. Imiliadang1173Imaliya Dang
338P.S. Maharajpura954Maharajpura
339P.M.V. Sohjana767Suhjana
340P.M.V. Roshanpura489Suhjana
341G.G.I.C. Charkhari1099Charkhari (NPP)
345P.S. J.N. Charkhari1472Charkhari (NPP)
347U.P.V.T.C. Charkhari1062Charkhari (NPP)
349P.S. B.G. Charkhari772Charkhari (NPP)
351G.P.S. S.B. Charkhari1046Charkhari (NPP)
353G.G.S.I.C. Charkhari N.P.-11054Charkhari (NPP)
354G.G.S.I.C. Charkhari1223Charkhari (NPP)
356P.S.J.G.K. Charkhari1062Charkhari (NPP)
358P.S.Ramnagar677Charkhari (NPP)
359U.P.S. Jayantidevi Amarganj1215Charkhari (NPP)
361P.S. Kurauradang950Kuraura Dang
362P.S. Fatehpur499Fatehpur
363P.S. Bhaisai369Fatehpur
364P.S. Bagraun939Bagraun
366N.P.S. Asthaun1016Asthaun
367P.M.V. Asthaun595Asthaun
368P.S. Bamhauribeldaran1070Bambhauri Beldaran
369P.M.V. Soopa1124Supa
371G.P.M.V. Soopa1082Supa
373G.P.S. Soopa1159Supa
374P.S. Salat1116Salat
375U.P.S. Salat803Salat
376G.P.S. Swasamaf1290Swasa Maf
377N.P.M.V. Tolasoyam1037Tola Soyam
378P.S. Naredi615Naredi
379P.S. Balchaur755Balchaur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014