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Polling Booth in Chamraua Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Chamraua

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chamraua Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Junior High School Mirapur Meerganj North Disha1139Mirapur Mirganj
2Junior High School Mirapur Meerganj South Disha1295Mirapur Mirganj
3Primary School Imartaray North Disha1386Imartarai
4Junior High School Milak Taj Khan New1175Milak Bhoore Khan
5Kanya Pathshala Koyli573Koyli
6Primary Schoolmajhra Ameer Khan506Amirkhan Ka Majra
7Primary School Nabiganj Bathuakhera533Nabiganj Near Bathuwa Khera
8Primary School Mahuakhera495Mahuwa Khera Suar
9Junior High School Razanagar West Disha1079Rajanagar
10Junior High School Razanagar East Disha925Rajanagar
11Primary School Rajpura Suar385Chhattarpur
12New Primary School Bijhra New Building1156Bizra
13Primary School Mustfabad Khurd1135Mustfabad Khurd
14Primary School Hameerpur588Hamirpur
15Primary School Gajupura820Gajupura
16Primary School Padampur1013Ahemadnagar Near Padmpur
17New Primary School Bagi1099Nawabnagar Tah
18Primary Schoolnabigaj Pipli584Nabiganj Pipli
19Primary School Nasratnagar296Nasrat Nagar
20Primary School Pahadpur Bilaspur543Paharpur Bilaspur
21Primary School Shaidnagar Mundiya902Shadinagar Sakatpura
22Primary School Tahkla1232Tahkalan
23Primary School Mehndinagar570Mehndi Nagar
24Junior High School Shadinagar Hajeera North Disha1348Shadinagar Hazira
25Junior High School Shadinagar Hajeera South Disha1359Shadinagar Hazira
26Primary School Dilari1399Dilari
27Primary School Bamna937Bamna
28Primary School Kumharia Kalan1278Kumharia Kalan
29Primary School Biharinagar1156Hayat Nagar
30Junior High School Matkhera West Disha1164Mat Khera
32Junior High School Matkhera East Disha610Lodhipur Gulriya
33Primary School Pipaliya Jat533Alinagar Tah
34New Junior High School Pipaliya Jat1277Pipalia Jatt
35Primary School Muastfabad Urf Taklabad507Mustafabad Taklabad
36Junior High School Mirzapur Bilaspur602Mirzapur Bilaspur
37Primary School Nankarain709Nankarain
38Primary School Beramnagar427Bairam Nagar
39Primary School Narkhera1265Nar Khera
40Primary School Hasanpur Bilaspur779Shafayat Nagar
41Junior High School Mahunagar East Disha1429Mahoo Nagar
42Junior High School Mahunagar Middle Disha1225Mahoo Nagar
43Junior High School Mahunagar West Disha1494Mahoo Nagar
44Primary School Mohammad Nagar404Mohammad Nagar
45Primary School Noorpur1005Noorpur
46Junior High School Jithaniya Jageer728Jithania Jagir
47Primary School New Bhawan Sarkadi East Disha1166Sarkari
48Primary School New Bhawan Sarkadi West Disha734Sarkari
49Primary School Hashminagar681Hasminagar
50Primary School Ahmadnagar Nrar Ismailnagar772Ahmad Nagar Near Ismailnagar
51Primary School Daranagar342Bamna
52Primary School Manullapur464Manullapur
53Primary School Shazadnagar733Shahzadnagar
54Primary School Saeednagar Urf Madiyan Puse1121Saidnagar Urf Madyanpuse
55Primary School Naya Bhawan Kunwarpur Nankar1267Kunwarpur Nankar
57Primary School Salve Nagar617Salwenagar
58Primary School Gammanpura553Gammanpura
59Primary School Paigambarpur702Paigambarpur
60Primary School Shivpuri1394Shivpuri
61Health Center Shivpuri533Madyan Bhajjan
62Primary School Harnagla982Harnagla
63Primary School Naya Prithvinagar382Prithi Nagar
64Primary School Chattarpur833Chhattarpur
65Primary School Donkpuri Tanda North Disha1444Dhokpuri Tanda
66Primary School Donkpuritanda South Disha893Dhokpuri Tanda
67Primary School Donkpuritanda South Disharoom No -2829Dhokpuri Tanda
68Primary School Mustfabad Donkpuri1479Dhokpuri Tanda
69New Primary School Khera Tanda North Disha1267Khera Tanda
70New Rimary School Khera Tanda Extra459Khera Tanda
71New Primary School Khera Tanda South Disha833Khera Tanda
72New Primary School Khera Tanda Extra1074Khera Tanda
73Junior High School Bhotbakkal1378Bhotbaqqal
77Primary School Shadi Nagar Hardaspur890Shahdara Bhoot
78Primary School Hardaspurkotra North Disha1389Hardashpur Kotra
79Primary School Hardaspur Kotra South Disha1025Hardashpur Kotra
80Primary School Imarti835Imarti
81Primary School Imarta North Side1359Imartarai
82Primary School Imarta West Side841Imartarai
83Primary School Extra862Imartarai
84Junior High School Imarta801Imartarai
86Primary School Karanpur1102Karanpur
87Primary School New Bhavab Kuchita953Kuchaira
88Primary School Kumhariya1034Kumhariya
90Primarty School Parchai1018Parchai
91Primary School Badpura Shumali1167Badpuria Shumali
93Primary School Nawabganj Shumali849Nawabganj North
94Primary School Misrinagar Shumali690Milak Afzal Khan
95Primary School Bajawala900Bajawala
97Primary School Khizarpur864Khizarpur
98Kanya Junior High School Hakimganj1185Hakeemganj
99Primary School Mursaina1335Mursaina
100Primary School Bahadurganj1005Bahadurganj
101Primary School Wahadarganj1060Milak Abboo Khan
102Junior High School Khuad1449Khaud
103East Madhyamik School Khuad879Khaud
104Primary Schoolsigankheda1457Singan Khera
105Primary School Sigan Kheda1443Singan Khera
106Junior High School Sigankheda1461Singan Khera
107Junior High School Sigan Kheda861Singan Khera
109Junior High Schoolsigan Kheda727Singan Khera
111Junior High School Surajpur1216Surajpur
112Primary School Bichapuri1260Bijpuri
113Primary School Iswarpur1286Ishwarpur
114East Junior High School Nagliaya Kasam Ganj1193Nagalia Qasamganj
115Primary School Pahadpur716Paharpur
116Primary School Ahmadpur260Ahmadpur
117Primary School Ranua Nagala991Renka Nagla
118Primary School Saharia Daraz1084Saharia Daraz
119Primary School Mutiyapura Bazarpatti895Mutyapura Bajar Patti
120Junior High School Jhurakjhundi1166Jhurk Jhundi
121Primary School Kaliya Nagla1360Kaliya Nagla
122Primary School Baindukheda661Bendu Khera
123Primary School Gagan Nagala1006Gagan Nagla
124Primary School Hamirpur864Hamirpur
125Primary School796Hamirpur
126Primary Schhol Hamirpur921Hamirpur
128Primary School Hamirpur Situated Mazara Khushallpur801Hamirpur
129Primary School Hamirpur Extra Mazara Khushalpur849Hamirpur
130Primary School Bahadurpur609Bahadurpur
131Karyalya Khand Vikas Adhikari Said Nagar Bazarpatti East Side1067Saidnagar Bajar Patti
132Sahkari Beej Bhandar North Side Lalpur Kalan1199Lalpur Kalan
133Sahakari Beej Bhandar South Side Lalpur Kalan1219Lalpur Kalan
134Primary School New Bhavan1077Lalpur Kalan
136Junior High School Ahmadabad -Ahmadnagr Situated Faizganj979Ahmad Nagar Near Faizganj
137Junior Primary School Sigani1062Singni
139Primary School Bhatpura944Bhatpura
140Priamry School Manakpur Banjariya979Manakpur Banjaria
141Primary School Nasimganj969Nasimganj
142Junior High School Milak Nagali776Milak Nagli
143Primary School Hospur1050Haunspur
144Primary School Parshupura1231Parsupura
145Junior High School1177Sarawa
147Primary School Sarkadi958Sarkari
148Primary School Ahmadnagar Kalan958Ahmad Nagar Kalan
149Primary School Surat Singhpur Urf Nayagabroom No 1749Surat Singhpur
150Primary School Surat Singh Pur Urf Naya Gaon920Surat Singhpur
153Primary School Bainjni1235Bainjni
155Primary School Bajna950Bainjna
156Primary School Pranpur1057Pranpur
157Primary School Majhara Attaria922Atariya
158Primary School Ravanna1251Rawanna
159Primary School Aharola468Ahrola
161Primary School Alighang Benzeer708Aliganj Benazeer
162Primary School Zagatpur927Jagatpur
163Junior High School Kishanpur Atariya490Kishanpur Near Atariya
164Primary School Pasiya Pura Shumali559Kishanpur Doola Nagla
165Primary School Pega707Paiga
176Primary School Milak Aarif284Milak Arif
181Primary School Azeem Nagar1061Azim Nagar
184Primary School Painda Nagar872Painda Nagar
190Primary School Khimotiya Kheda749Khimotiya Khera
191Primary School Khimotiya Bakhti1014Khimotiya Bakhti
192Primary School Ali Nagar Shumali860Ali Nagar North
193Primary School Mohammad Pur Shumali604Mohammadganj
194Primary School Dariya Ghad894Darya Garh
197Junior High School Nagla Ganesh795Nagla Ganesh
198Primary School Khurshid Nagar742Khursheed Nagar
204Junior High School New803Nagaliya Aqil
210Primary School Khandia1170Khandiya
211Primary School Norang Pur780Naurangpur
212Primary School Mehndi Nagar Shumali584Mehndi Nagar North
217Primary School Milak Mirza Fayyaz1253Milak Mirza Faiyaz
218Primary School Kukdi Kheda618Kukri Khera
219Primary Schooldhanupura1479Dhanupura
220Primary School Nawada866Nawada

Last Updated on June 06, 2020
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