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Polling Booth in Chail Assembly Constituency

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Chail Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chail

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chail Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Shakhabaripur?Sakhabaripur
2P.S. Makhdoompur Kaji?Makhdompur Kaji
3P.S. Sihori?Sihori Uprhar
4P.S. Rasoolpur Kaji?Rasoolpur Kagi
5P.S. Grameen Bharwari?Bharwari Gramin
6National I C Bharwari West Part?Bharwari (NP)
7National I C Bharwari West Part First?Bharwari (NP)
8National I C Bharwari Center Part?Bharwari (NP)
9National I C Bharwari Center Part First?Bharwari (NP)
10National I C Bharwari West Part 2?Bharwari (NP)
11National I C Bharwari West Part 3?Bharwari (NP)
12National I C Bharwari West Part 41324Bharwari (NP)
13Kastoorba Gandhi I C Bharwari South Part 1?Bharwari (NP)
14Kastoorba Gandhi I C Bharwari South Part 21002Bharwari (NP)
15Kastoorba Ganddhi I C Bharwari South Part 3?Bharwari (NP)
16Kastoorba Gandhi I C Bharwari North Part 1?Bharwari (NP)
17Kastoorba Gandhi I C Bharwari North Part 21433Bharwari (NP)
18P.S. Asdullapur Rohi East Part?Asdullhapur Rohi
19P.S Asdullapur Rohi East Part 1672Asdullapur Rohi
20P.S. Asdullapur Rohi East Part 2?Asdullapur Rohi
21P.S. Asdullapur Rohi East Part 3?Asdullapur Rohi
22P.S. Marufpur?Maroofpur
23Ps Kashiya East Part744Kasiya (CT)
24Ps Kashiya East Part 1?Kasiya (CT)
25P.S. Kashiya West Part?Kasiya (CT)
26Ups Kashiya East Part?Kasiya (CT)
27Ups Kashiya West Part877Kasiya (CT)
28Ups Kashiya Center Part?Kasiya (CT)
29P.S. Bhikhampur950Bhikampur Taluka Ibrahimpur
30P.S. Saita East Part1309Saita
31P.S. Saita West Part?Saita
32P.S. Palhana East Part?Plhana Uprhar
33P.S Palhana West Part?Plhana Uprhar
34P.S Palhana West Center Part?Plhana Uprhar
35P.S. Palhana East Part 1?Plhana Uprhar
36Ups Palhana Kachhar?Plhana Uprhar
37P.S. Dhanni East Part?Dhanni
38P.S. Dhanni West Part?Dhanni
39P.S. Sakadha1367N/A
40P.S. Ibrahimpur Naugira?Ibrahimpur Nogira Uprhar
41P.S. Pattinarvar North Part1167Pattinarwar Uprhar
42P.S. Pattinarvar South Part?Pattinarwar Uprhar
43P.S. Pattinarvar North Part 11335Pattinarwar Uprhar
44Ups Barai Sulem870Baree Salaim
45P.S. Basedhi East Part?Basaidi Uprhar
46P.S. Basedhi West Part1134Basaidi Uprhar
47P.S. Shobhna East Part?Sobhna Uprhar
48P.S. Shobhna West Part828Sobhna Uprhar
49Maheshvari Prasad I C Alamchandra North Part976Narna Urf Alamchand Uprhar
50Maheshvari Prasad I C Alamchandra North Part 1?Narna Urf Alamchand Uprhar
51Maheshvari Prasad I C Alamchandra Center Part?Narna Urf Alamchand Uprhar
52P.S. Adampur Nadirali1454Adampur Nadir Ali Uprhar
53P.S. Sikandarpur Bajhan North Part922Sikandarpur Bajha
54P.S. Sikandarpur Bajhan North Part 1789Sikandarpur Bajha
55P.S. Sikandarpur Bajhan South Part?Sikandarpur Bajha
56P.S. Lohra?Lohra
57P.S. Sokhda?Sokhda
58Mahgoan I C Mahgaon East Part1268Mahgaon Kachhar
59Mahgaon I C Mahgaon East Center Part1324Mahgaon Kachhar
60Mahgaon I C Mahgaon West Center Part775Mahgaon Kachhar
61Mahgaon I C Mahgaon East Center Part 1816Mahgaon Kachhar
62Mahgaon I C Mahgaon West Center Part 1?Malak Mohiuddinpur Uparhar
63Mahgaon I C Mahgaon Center Part 1965Malak Mohiuddinpur Uparhar
64P.S. Bhitideh Mafi766Bhitidaih Mafi
65Ups Umarchha1073Umarchha Uparhar
66P.S. Kurai1040Kori Uparhar
67P.S. Mohiuddinpur Gaus1332Noorpur Taluka Asdullapur
68P.S. Mohan Nagar Hathiyabheet?Hatiyabhit
69P.S. Hathiyabheet389Mohnapur
70P.S. Husainmau1023Husain Mau Uparhar
71P.S. Umarpur Ta. Saiyad Sarawan?Umarpur T. Saiyad Sarawa
72P.S. Kyamuddinpur?Kayamuddinpur
73P.S Mirjapur Gaus East Part?Mirzapur Chandapur
74P.S. Mirjapur Gaus West Part?Gospur Uparhar
75P.S. Ujihini Khalsa North Part?Ujihani Khalsa Uparhar
76P.S. Ujihini Khalsa South Part?Ujihani Khalsa Uparhar
77P.S. Faridpur Chaktajpur1263Faridpur Chak Tajpur
78P.S. Naya Talab Saiyad Sarawan East Part1022Sayd Sarawan
79P.S. Naya Talab Saiyad Sarawan West Part?Naya Talab Sayd Sarawan
80P.S. Koodapur Saiyad Sarawan East Part?Koodapur Majra Sayd Sarawan
81P.S. Koodapur Saiyad Sarawan West Part760N/A
82Ups Saiyad Sarawan North Part?Sayd Sarawan
83Ups Saiyad Sarawan North Part 11000Sayd Sarawan
84P.Kanya S Saiyad Sarawan?Sayd Sarawan
85Panchayat Bhavan Saiyad Sarawan358Sayd Sarawan
86P.S Kajipur East Part1072Junidpur
87P.S Kajipur West Part?Junidpur
88P.S. Udathu?Udatho
89P.S. Bathui?Bathui
90P.S. Rasoolpur Badle East Part?N/A
91P.S. Rasoolpur Badle West Part?Rasulpur Badlai
92Ups Amni Lokipur North Part?Amnilokipur
93Ups Amni Lokipur South Part?Amnilokipur
94P.S Pansaur East Part?Pansor
95P.S Pansaur West Part?Pansor
96P.S. Balkaranpur East Part?Balkaranpur
97P.S. Balkaranpur West Part?Balkaranpur
98P.S. Malak Nagar?Malak Nagar
99P.S. Ashrafpur Ta. Asdullapur North Part?Asrafpur Taluka Asdullapur
100P.S. Ashrafpur Ta. Asdullapur South Part?Asrafpur Taluka Asdullapur
101P.S. Balihawan East Part?Balihawan Daih
102P.S. Balihawan West Part595Mitwapur
103P.S. Sarvakaji591Sarwakaji
104P.S. Pannoi?Pannoi
105P.S. Pattiparvejabad West Part?Patti Parwaijabad
106P.S Pattiparvejabad West Center Part?Patti Parwaijabad
107P.S. Pattiparvejabad Center Part?Patti Parwaijabad
108P.S. Pattiparvejabad North Part?Patti Parwaijabad
109P.S. Jalalpur Boriyo North Part?Jalalpur Boriya
110P.S. Jajalpur Boriyo South Part760Jalalpur Boriya
111P.S. Darveshpur?Darwaispur
112P.S. Lalpur748Lalapur
113P.S. Chakmahpur Pandeymau North Part938Chakmahpur Pandymau
114P.S. Chakmahpur Pandeymau South Part?Chakmahpur Pandymau
115P.S. Parsara North Part?Parsara
116P.S. Parsara South Part?Parsara
117P.S. Mohammadpur Aswan North Part?Mohammdpur Aswa
118P.S. Mohammadpur Aswan South Part?Mohammdpur Aswa
119P.S. Ashokpur907Chaksae Ganj
120Ups Ashokpur?Faridpur Tappa Malak
121P.S. Mauli North Part?Mauli
122P.S. Mauli South Part?Mauli
123P.S. Chaphua957Chaphowa
124P.S. Birauli?Biroli
125P.S. Jaleelpur716Jalilpur
126P.S. Berua?Bairua
127P.S. Malak Bharat?Malak Bharat
128P.S. Siriyavan Kala?Siriyawa Kala
129P.S. Arai Sumerpur1452Ari Sumairpur
130P.S Kaju North Part?Kajoo
131P.S Kaju South Part?Kajoo
132P.S. Kaju North Part 1?Kajoo
133P.S. Kaju Center Part?Kajoo
134P.S. Kaju Center Part 1886Kajoo
135P.S. Paksarai771Paksarai
136P.S. Samaspur North Part?Samaspur
137P.S. Samaspur South Part?Samaspur
138P.S. Samaspur South Part11193Samaspur
139P.S. Gauhani Kala East Part657Gohani Kalan
140P.S. Gauhani Kala West Part?Gohani Kalan
141P.S. Mahmoodpur North Part?Mahmudpur Taluka Madpur Sult (CT)
142P.S. Mahmoodpur South Part?Mahmudpur Taluka Madpur Sult (CT)
143P.S. Mahmoodpur West Part?Mahmudpur Taluka Madpur Sult (CT)
144P.S. Meerpur976Mirpur
145P.S. Ratgaha North Part809Rathgha
146P.S. Ratgaha South Part?Rathgha
147P.S. Mohiuddinpur Ta. Saiyad Sarawan605Muhibuddinpur Taluka Saiyed Sa
148P.S. Pahadpur Sudhwar North Part1164Pharpur Sudhwar
149P.S. Pahadpur Sudhwar South Part1110Pharpur Sudhwar
150P.S. Kamalpur Ta. Jalalpur Shana?Kamalpur Taluka Jalalpur Sana
151P.S. Faridpur Sulem East Part959Faridpur Salem
152P.S. Faridpur Sulem West Part?Faridpur Salem
153P.S. Nijampur Puraini North Part874Nizampur Puraini
154P.S. Nijampur Puraini South Part 1?Nizampur Puraini
155P.S. Mohammadpur North Part?Nizampur Puraini
156P.S. Mohammadpur South Part.1067Mohammadpur
157Lal Bahadur Shastri I C Chayal North Part?Chail (NP)
158Lal Bahadur Shastri I C Chayal Center Part1179Chail (NP)
159Lal Bahadur Shastri I C Chayal South Part?Chail (NP)
160Lal Bahadur Shastri I C Chayal Center Part 1?Chail (NP)
161Lal Bahadur Shastri I C Chayal South Part 1?Chail (NP)
162Lal Bahadur Shastri I C Chayal North Part 1?Chail (NP)
163P.S. Giriya Khalsa1355Chak Giriya
164Ups Lalapur563Lalapur
165P.S. Chalauli1008Chalauli
166P.S. Kasenda East Part?Kasenda
167P.S. Kasenda West Part?Kasenda
168P.S. Muradpur?Muradpur Chalouli
169P.S. Fatehpur Sahavpur1020Fatehpur Sahabpur
170P.S. Singhpur?Singhpur
171P.S. Kattra?Kathra
172P.S. Chauradeeh East Part?Chauradih
173P.S. Chauradeeh West Part?Chauradih
174P.S. Balipur Tata North Part826Balipur Tata
175P.S. Balipur Tata Center Part745Balipur Tata
176P.S. Balipur Tata South Part?Balipur Tata
177P.S. Balipur Tata Center Part 1834Balipur Tata
178P.S. Shekhpur Rasoolpur North Part1258Shaikhpur Rasoolpur
179P.S. Shekhpur Rasoolpur South Part1429Shaikhpur Rasoolpur
180P.S. Chillashabaji North Part881Chilla Shah Bazi
181P.S. Chillashabaji East Part673Chilla Shah Bazi
182P.S. Daniyalpur?Daniyalpur
183P.S. Rasoolabad Urf Koilaha East Part?Rasoolabad Urf Koilha
184P.S. Rasoolabad Urf Koilaha West Part1069Rasoolabad Urf Koilha
185P.S. Pipri Majra Charwa North Part?Charwa
186P.S. Pipri Majra Charwa North Part 1?Pipri Majra Charwa
187P.S. Pipri Majra Charwa Center Part?Pipri Majra Charwa
188P.S. Poore Ayodhya Charwa West Part?Pure Ayodhya Majra Charwa
189P.S. Poore Ayodhya Charwa Center Part?Pure Ayodhya Majra Charwa
190P.S. Dhamseda Charwa East Part?Dhamsera Majra Charwa
191P.S. Dhamseda Charwa West Part?Dhamsera Majra Charwa
192Adarsh I C Charwa East Part?Charwa
193Adarsh I C Charwa East Part 1861Charwa
194Adrash I C Cahrwa East Part 21072Charwa
195Adarsh I C Charwa East Part 3840Charwa
196Adarsh I C Cahrwa East Part 41265Charwa
197P.S. Raiyadehmafi?Raiya Deh Mafi
198P.S Jalalpur Shana East Part?Jalalpur Sana
199P.S Jalalpur Shana West Part?Jalalpur Sana
200P.S. Shana Nibi856Sananibi
201P.S Chakbadshahpur757Chakbad Sahpur
202P.S. Harduajot North Part392Hardua Jot
203P.S. Harduajot South Part?Hardua Khas
204Samudayik Bhavan Hasimpur Chhabilepur890N/A
205Asthayi Nirman Khanpur Satwan Gram Ke Uttar Purva Esthit Mandir Ke Pass?Khanpur Satwa
206P.S. Bilaspur972Bilaspur
207P.S. Bhojpur?Bhojpur
208P.S. Makhaupur East Part?Makhaupur
209P.S. Makhaupur West Part1087Makhupur
210P.S Perai East Part898Pairi
211P.S Perai East Part 1811Pairi
212P.S. Dariyapur1098Dariyapur
213P.S. Khapra?Khapra
214P.S. Sikandarpur Aima?Sikandarpur Aima
215P.S Ghoori?Ghuri
216P.S Kaudiya?Koriya
217P.S Bairamad Karari North Part1076Bair Amad Karari
218P.S. Bairamad Karari South Part953Bair Amad Karari
219P.S Lohi?Sukhwari
220P.S Baraulaha1015Barolha
221P.S Rampur Ta. Basuhar?Rampur Taluka Basuhar
222P.S Bariyawan?Bariyawan
223P.S Basuhar East Part918Basuhar
224P.S Basuhar East Part 1?Basuhar
225Ups Basuhar North Part?Basuhar
226Ups Kataini?Kataini
227P.S Bairagipur1098Bairagipur
228P.S Kharsen Ka Pura363Kharsen ka Pura
229P.S Mohiuddinnagar Urf Bahugari678Mohiuddinnagar
230P.S Ichchna East Part?Ichchhana
231P.S. Ichchana West Part815Ichchhana
232P.S Ghosiya North Part?Ghosiya
233P.S Ghosiya Center Part?Ghosiya
234P.S Ghosiya South Part?Ghosiya
235P.S Chittapur North Part?Chittapur
236P.S Chittapur South Part761Haraipur
237P.S. Bhagwanpur Bahugara East Part801Bhagwanpur Bahugara
238P.S. Bhagwanpur Bahugara West Center Part?Bhagwanpur Bahugara
239P.S Bhagwanpur Bahugara West Part1117Bhagwanpur Bahugara
240P.S Chadupur Amrayan1349Chandupur Amrain
241P.S Koora Ta. Basuhar?Kura Taluka Basuhar
242Bramhachari I C Tilhapur?Sewdha
243P.S Govindpur Ta. Bashuhar East Part?Darha Taluka Basuhar
244P.S Govindpur Ta. Bashuhar West Part?Govindpur
245P.S Hasimpur Kinar1033Hasimpur Kinar
246Harijan Samaj P.S Jawaharganj784Jalalpur Jawaharganj
247P.S Jaitpur Poore Hajari?Jaitpur Pure Hajari
248P.S Mustafabad South Part754Mustfabad Munjabata
249P.S Mustafabad South Part 1?Mustfabad Munjabata
250P.S Mustafabad South Part 2869Mustfabad Munjabata
251P.S Amirsa?Amirsa
252P.S Dahiya?Dahiya
253P.S Barai Sarai Akil?Bari Urf Sarai Akil
254Adarsh I C Sarai Akil South Part?Sarai Aquil (NP)
255Adarsh I C Saraiakil North Part?Sarai Aquil (NP)
256Adarsh I C Saraiakil North Part 1909Sarai Aquil (NP)
257Adarsh I C Saraiakil North Part 2?Sarai Aquil (NP)
258Sardar Patel Ha Se School Sarai Akil East Part?Sarai Aquil (NP)
259Sardar Patel Ha Se School Saraiakil East Part?Sarai Aquil (NP)
260Sardar Patel Ha Se School Saraiakil East Part 1770Sarai Aquil (NP)
261Sardar Patel Ha Se School Saraiakil East Center Part?Sarai Aquil (NP)
262Adarsh I C Saraiakil East Part?Sarai Aquil (NP)
263Adarsh I C Saraiakil East Part 1?Sarai Aquil (NP)
264Adarsh I C Saraiakil East Part 2?Sarai Aquil (NP)
265Adarsh I C Saraiakil West Part1370Sarai Aquil (NP)
266P.S Rasoolpur Tappa?Rasoolpur Tappa
267P.S Khopa East Part?Khopa
268P.S Khopa West Part?Khopa
269P.S Khopa West Part 1?Khopa
270P.S Purana Khopa?Khopa
271P.S Panaragopalpur East Part?Panara Gopalpur
272P.S Panaragopalpur East Part 1862Panara Gopalpur
273P.S. Dariyav Ka Pura?Dariyaw ka Pura
274P.S Dariyav Ka Pura718Dariyaw ka Pura
275P.S Usmanpur Bighara?Usmanpur Bighra
276P.S Khanpur Khas1128Khanpur Khas
277P.S Sarai Youshuf?Sarai Usuf
278P.S Banthari844Banthri
279P.S Akbarabad East Part?Akbarabad
280P.S Akbarabad West Part?Akbarabad
281P.S Chakpinha531Chak Paihna
282P.S Sihorva?Sihorwa
283P.S Kataiya?Kataieya
284P.S Benpur Ta. Purkhas?Benpur Khas
285P.S Mohammadabad721Muhamdabad
286P.S Nanda Ka Pura Youshufpur?Yousufpur T. Purkhas
287P.S Shyampur Urf Malhipur?Shyampur Urf Malhaipur
288Ups Purkhas East Part787Purkhas
289Ups Purkhas East Part 1?Purkhas
290Ups Purkhas West Part?Purkhas
291Ups Purkhas West Part 1782Purkhas
292Ups Purkhas North Part 1?Purkhas
293Ups Purkhas North Part 2846Purkhas
294Ups Purkhas North Part 3898Purkhas
295P.S Kishunpur Ambari East Part?Kishunpur Ambari
296P.S Kishunpur Ambari West Part?Kishunpur Ambari
297P.S Chirari830Chirari
298P.S Birner?Birner
299P.S Hasanpur?Hasanpur
300P.S Dharupur691Dharupur
301P.S Umarval1028Amarbal
302P.S Piparhata?Piparhata
303Ps Jawai?Jawai
304P.S Bighara Usmanpur North Part?Bighra Usmanpur
305P.S Bighara Usmanpur South Part?Bighra Usmanpur
306P.S Tilhapur North Part1285Tilhapur
307Ups Tilhapur?Tilhapur
308P.S Tilhapur Center Part?Tilhapur
309P.S Durgapur East Part788Durgapur
310P.S Durgapur East Part 1?Durgapur
311P.S Durgapur West Part320Githura
312P.S Kadirpur Nevada North Part?Kadirpur Newada
313P.S Kadirpur Nevada South Part?Kadirpur Newada
314P.S Amvan965Amwa
315P.S Lodhaur?Mohiuddinpur Chandrasen Urf Loddhour
316P.S Kotiya East Part858Kotiya
317P.S Kotiya West Part?Kotiya
318P.S Kotiya West Part 1215Kundari
319P.S Khijirpur Kailayi East Part?Khigirpur Kailai
320P.S Khijirpur Kailayi West Part?Khigirpur Kailai
321P.S Gaura?Gaura
322P.S Tarna?Tarna
323Ups Tarni?Tarni
324P.S Padumnathpur Surseni?Padumnathpur Sursaini
325P.S Sursena?Sursena
326P.S Tilgodi?Tilgori
327P.S Jaraini?Bhagwanpur Kotiya
328P.S Ahladpur416Ahladpur
329P.S Shahpur Perva843Shahpur Perwa
330P.S Barethi Kamalpur?Barethi Kamalpur
331P.S Alampur?Alampur
332P.S Boonda1205Boonda
333P.S Rasoolpur Vyor East Part846Rasoolpur Byur
334P.S Rasoolpur Vyor West Part?Rasoolpur Byur
335P.S Audhan East Part?Audhan
336P.S Audhan East Part 1?Audhan
337P.S Audhan East Part 2?Audhan
338P.S Noorpur Hajipur1255Noorpur Hazipur
339P.S Rehi714Raihi
340P.S Balhepur?Raihi
341P.S Makhdoompur Khas?Makhdoompur Khas
342P.S Ibrahimpur Urf Dulhapur?Ibrahimpur Dulhapur
343P.S Sevdha East Part?Saiwtha
344P.S Sevdha West Part?Saiwtha
345P.S Shergarh?Shairgarh
346P.S Nasirpur Ta. Ibrahimpur900Nasirpur Taluka Ibrahimpur
347P.S Bhopatpur East Part?N/A
348P.S Bhopatpur West Part?N/A
349P.S. Jalalpur Bharti North Part840N/A
350P.S. Jalalpur Bharti South Part?N/A

Last Updated on November 15, 2014