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Polling Booth in Caimpiyarganj Assembly Constituency

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Caimpiyarganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Caimpiyarganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Caimpiyarganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School New Building Marahatha1133Maratha
3Primary School Bakharia1016Padari
4Primary School Mejhuka1277Mejhuka
5Primary School Kharkharia1174Kharkharia
7Primary School Badua646Badua
9Panchyat Bhawan Gaura425Gaura
10Primary School Bandoh1068Bandoh
11Primary School Kunwar1202Kunwar
13Primary School Moglaha1284Mugalha
14Primary School Javainiha989Jawnihya
15Primary School Ramkola590Ramkola
16Primary School Belma1099Belama
18Primary School Baluwa1248Balua
21Primary School Sonoura Khurd511Sonaura Khurd
22Primary School Khairat684Khairat
23Primary School Dumariya1373Dumaria
24Barat Ghar Bhuvahi342Bhowhi
25Primary School Sonoura Buzurg1377Sonaura Buzurg
30Primary School Gay Ghat627Gayaghat
31Primary School Vishunpur662Bishunpur
32Primary School Rigauli Purab1113Rigauli
33Primary School Rigauli West1437Rigauli
34Primary School Bhaisala872Bhainsala
35Primary School Bhagwanpur759Bhagawanpur
36Primary School Khajurgawa1081Khajur Gawan
38J.H.School Khajurgawa1110Khajur Gawan
39Primary School Pachama1285Pachma
41Primary School Baraipar985Baraipar
43Primary School Bahabolia481Bahboliya
44Primary School Mirahiriya1302Mirhiriya
45J.H.S. School Musavar1119Musawr
46J.H.S School Musavar944Musawr
47Primary School Gerui Buzurg610Geruie Buzurg
48Primary School Gerui Khurd907Geruie Khurd
49Primary School Sangad1104Songad
51Primary School Kaharouli1087Kahrauli
52Primary School Ahirouli675Ahirauli
53Primary School Powa655Powa
54Primary School Majhgawa447Majhganwa
55Primary School Tal Banjaraha983Bhargain
56Primary School Gauraiya462Gauraiy
57Primary School Banakata940Bankta
58Primary School Chhitahi Khurd850Chhitahi Khurd
59Primary School Kakatahi328Kakarhi
60Inter College Thakur Nagar1269Thakur Nagar
63Primary School Loharpurwa1075Loharpurwa
66Primary School Hanuman Nagar Loharpurwa1373Loharpurwa
68Primary School Gopalapur1278Gopalpur
70Primary School Basantpur1359Basntpur
75Poorv Madhyamic Schoovl Basantpur974Basntpur
76Primary School Sarpatha1232Sarpatah
80Primary School Madhopur968Madhopur
82Janta Inter College Indarpur1308Indarpur
86Primary School Gopalganj Urf Harnampur1415Gopalpur Urf Harnampur
88Primary School Ramawapur966Ramwapur
90Primary School Chauri1133Chauri
91Primary School Parasa574Parsa
92J.H. School Machhligaon832Machhali Gaon
94J.H. School Machali Gawa1456Machhali Gaon
95Inter College Machhaliganwa Bargadhai1300Bargadhi
98Indra Ghandi U.M.V Karim Nagar1333Kareemnagar
100Primary School Muhammad Pur Ur Hagna1060Mohammadpur Urf Hargna
101Primary School Muhammad Pur Urf Hagna1006Mohammadpur Urf Hargna
102Primary School Chandipur885Chandipur
103Primary School Aligarh923Aligarh
105Primary School Lakshamipur858Laxmipur
107Primary School Bhaurabhari1145Laxmipur
109Inter College Mohammadp Urf Jungle Babban1315Mohammadpur Urf Jangal Babhan
110Inter College Mohammadpur Urf Jungle Babban1145Mohammadpur Urf Jangal Babhan
112Primary School Mohanag910Mohnag
114Primary School Algatpur1333Alagatpur
116Primary School Lakshamipur Second1106Laxmipur
118Primary School Sooras1436Suras
120Primary School Rajpur1248Rajpur
123Primary School Campiernagar908Compier Ganj(Nagar)
124Primary School Alenabad769Alenabad
125Primary School Chaumukha1395Chaumukha
129Primary School Banbhagalpur979Banbhagalpur
131Primary School Janakpur1088Jankpur
133Primary School Tendua Vishambharpur1080Tendua Bisambharpur
135Primary School Ramchaura958Ramchaura
137Primary School Kunjalgadh603Kunjalgarh
138Primary School Bajahi795Bajahee
139Primary School Bajaha975Bajaha
140Primary School Badshahpur1055Badshahpur
141C.M.V.M.U.M.V Ravatganj Kui867Kuin
142Primary School Karmahava488Karmahwa
143Primary School Muhammadpur770Mohammadpur
144Primary School Navapar1123Nawaapar
146Primary School Khokhari551Khokhari
148Primary School Shivelahiya1021Shivlhiy
150Primary School Shivpur Karmahava1094Shivpur Karmahwa
152Primary School Gulariha1384Gulariha
153Primary School Bharwalia904Bharwalia
155Panchayat Bhawan Raikabel643Raikabel
156Primary School Netwar Pandey274Netwar
157J.H. School Ramnagar Keva Taliya1432Ramnagar Keotalia
158J.H. School Ramnagar Kevataliya1110Ramnagar Keotalia
159Primary School Dharampur1430Dharmpur
161Primary School Aalamchak969Alamchak
163Primary School Mahawankhor1018Mahawnkhor
165Primary School Kalyanpur1026Kalyanpur
168Primary School Akatahawa1216Ankatahawa
169Primary School Jungle Agahi1059Jangal Agahi
173Primary School Budheli828Burehli
176Primary School Bhabhaur1324Bhabhaur
178Primary School Vistauli1321Bistauli
179V S I.C Sarahari1409Sarhari
186Primary School Makhnaha1117Makhanha
188Primary School Baghibhari1094Bagahi Bhari
190J.H. School Sahabganj First1410Pipiganj (NP)
194Primary School Sahabganj New Bilding 11106Pipiganj (NP)
195Primary School Sahabganj New Bilding 2601Pipiganj (NP)
196Primary School Sahabganj First1029Pipiganj (NP)
198J.H. School Sahabganj Second998Pipiganj (NP)
202Primary School Jungle Bihuli816Jangal Bihuli
206Primary School Jungle Jhajhawa1273Jangal Jhajhwa
208Primary School Harpur1344Harpur
210Primary School Pachgawa1134Pachganwa
212J.H. School Gopalapur829Gopalpur
213Primary School Dhedhana485Dhedhna
214Primary School Nuruddinchak1245Nooruddin Chak
215Primary School Baijnathpur1063Baijanathpur
216Primary School Jagdieshpur879Jagdeeshpur
217Primary School Rakhukhor1116Rakhookhor
219Poorv Madhyamic School Rakhukhor939Rakhookhor
221Primary School Chetariya545Chetaria
222Primary School Baan902Ban
224Primary School Jalar665Ban
225Primary School Hiruwa628Hirua
226Primary School Majhouna1192Majhauna
227Primary School Harkhori758Harkhori
228J.H. School Fardahani1331Phardahni
232Primary School Terhaveer676Terhabir
233Amar Singh U.M.V Badhaya1082Barhaya
236Panchyat Bhwan Chauk Maafi1140Chauk Mafi
237Panchyat Bhwan Chaouk Maafi563Chauk Mafi
238Primary School Bhuidharpur906Bhuindharpur
239Primary School Fazilpur987Phazilpur
240Primary School Ranadeeh1032Ranadeeh
241Primary School Madaha985Marha
242Primary School Sakhi1132Sakhi
243J.H. School Sakhi723Sakhi
244Primary School Kartahari1306Karathari
246Primary School Manjhariya637Manjharia
247Primary School Jaswal986Jaswal
248Primary School Rajabari1102Rajabari
252Primary School Bairghatta789Bairghata
253Primary School Itwa582Itwa
254Panchyat Bhwan Barahpati567Barhpati
255J.H. School Bhiti469Bhiti
257Primary School Dadhadeeh1052Dhadhadih
258S.K.Inter College Thawaipar961Thawiepar
259Primary School Dihawa Buzurg418Dihwa Buzurg
262Primary School Ramughat1237Ramughat
263Purab M.V.Rampur Kaithwalia577Rampur Kaithwalia
264Primary School Rampur Kaithwalia382Rampur Kaithwalia
265Panchyat Bhwan Neeba539Nibi
266Primary School Kanapar612Kanapar
267Panchayat Bhawan Barahata718Barhatha
268Primary School Bharohiya701Gangpar
270Kanya Primary School Tighara1006Tighara
274Primary Pathashala Kolhuwa1421Kolhua
275Primary School Nayansar988Nainsar
276Primary School Raipur1155Raipur
278Panchayat Bhawan Rasulpur Chakiya968Rasoolpur Chakia
279Panchyat Bhwan Jarhad589Jarhad
280Primary Pathashala Turkwaliya Ansik Purab1366Turkwalia
281Primary Pathashala Turkwaliya.Anshik1484Turkwalia
282Kishan Inter College Abhuram844Abhooram
283Primary Pathashala Belghat Khurad Pacshmi995Belghat Khurd
284Primary Pathashala Belghat Khurad P0Orvi660Belghat Khurd
285Primary Pathashala Singha616Singaha
286Primary Pathashala Matiyari668Meerpur
287Primary School Phulwariya North794Phulwaria
288Primary Pathashala Phulwariya822Phulwaria
289Primary Pathashala Tal Likhiya1475Tal Likkia
290Primary Pathashala Mohammadpur908Mohmmadpur Mafi
291Primary Pathashala Madha Gokuli414Marha Gokuli
292Primary Pathashala Nayagavon788Naya Gaon
294Primary Pathashala East Old Building Jangal Kaudiya842Jangal Kauria
295Primary Pathashala Old Building Jangal Kaudiya833Jangal Kauria
297Primary Pathashala New Building Jangal Kaudiya690Jangal Kauria
299Primary Pathashaluraa Pni Building Jangal Kaudiya649Jangal Kauria
300Primary Pathashala New Purani Building Jangal Kaudiya797Jangal Kauria
301Primary Pathashala Chiuatha1057Chiutaha
302Primary Pathashala Gaighat827Gay Ghat
303Primary Pathashala Karahiya476Karhiya
304Primary Pathashala Jindapur781Jindapur
306Primary Pathashala Deehaghat Purab1235Deehghat
307Panchyat Bhwan Chiutijam552Chinuti Jam
308Primary Pathashala Ahirauli Purab868Ahirauli
309Primary Pathashala Ahirauli Paschim526Ahirauli
310Primary Pathashala Sakhi Urf Mehedriya718Sakhi Urf Mehoria
311Primary Pathashala Singhorwa661Sihorwa
313J.H. School Singhorwa770Sihorwa
314Primary Pathashala Bantukla854Sihorwa
315Panchyat Bhawan Kewatliya878Keotalia
316Panchyat Bhawan Balua911Balua
317Primary Pathashala Ajijullah Urf Chakiya808Azizullah Urf Chakia
318Primary Pathashala Pratapur954Partappur
320Primary School Kurwa504Kurwa
322Primary Pathashala Mainabhagar759Baur Deeh
323Primary Pathashala Meerpur North1263Meerpur
324Primary Pathashala Meerpur South650Meerpur
325Primary Pathashala Uska718Usaka
327Primary Pathashala Dahla1005Dahla
329Primary Pathashala Baurdeeh650Baur Deeh
330Primary Pathashala Bariyarpur881Bariarpur
331Primary Pathashala Tarangchak994Tarngchak
332Primary Pathashala Budhiyabari1379Buriya Bari
333Primary Pathashala Kajipur1326Kazipur
334J.H. School Dohriya1040Doharia
339Primary Pathashala Awaipakad681Awaiepaker
340Primary Pathashala Karanjhawa1141Karnjahwa
341Panchayat Bhawan Bhauramalnew Calony1007Bhauramal
343Purb Madhiymik School Belpar Urf Gurunagar371Belpar Urf Guroo Nagar
344Primary Pathashala Mohammadpur Mafi539Mohmmadpur Mafi
346Primary Pathashala Kotha716Kotha
347Primary Pathashala Jamuar854Jamuar
348Primary Pathashala Tajdeeh537Tajdeeh
349Panchyat Bhwan Bela1221Bela
350Primary Pathashala Manjhgavan1070Majhgaonwa
351Primary Pathashala Gaurakhas993Gaura Khas
353Primary Pathashala Ghunghunkotha1042Ghunghunkotha
355Primary Pathashala Domingadh1277Domin Garh(Part)
357Primary Pathashala Majhriya1338Manjharia
358Primary Pathashala Semra390Semra
359Primary Pathashala Utrasot595Utrasot
361Primary Pathashala Bhandro1310Bhandari
363Panchyat Bhwan Kalani Urf Badni557Kalani Urf Barhni
364Primary Pathashala Bhitini1141Bhitani
365Primary Pathashala Bhitni680Bhitani
366Primary Pathashala Sherpur Chamrah859Sherpur Chamrah
368Primary Pathashala Kushara1263Kusahra

Last Updated on November 15, 2014