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Polling Booth in Bisauli Assembly Constituency

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Bisauli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bisauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bisauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhood Bisauli Pr. School1098Bhur Bisauli
3Kuanrera Pr. School1303Kuarera
4Todarpur Pr. School854Todarpur
5Begamnagar Urf Danpur Pr. School672Begamnagar Urf Danpur
6Basaumi Pr. School1128Basaumi
7Bhojpur Pr. School691Bhojpur
8Gangagarh Mazra Seekri Pr. School767Gangagar Majra Sikri
9Seekri Pr. School1029Sikari
11Seekri Jr. High School1479Sikari
12Mannunagar Pr. School1261Mannu Nagar
13Pahadpur Pr. School998Paharpur
14Shyampur Pr. School648Shyampur
15Nehdoli Pr. Shool1001Nehdoli
16Rajtikoli Pr. School808Rajtikoli
17Allehpur Khurd Pr. School968Allahpur Khurd
18Takhaura Pr. School1095Takhaura
19Kishanpur Pr. School688Kishanpur
20Kanuakheda Pr. School553Kanua Khera
21Ajeetpur Naveen Pr. School919Ajitpur
22Mugarra Naveen Pr. School962Mugrra
23Nabawpura Pr. School570Nababpur
24Orchhi Pr. School1110Orchhi
26Parmanandpur Pr. School1124Parmanandpur
27Sisarka Jr. High School1081Sisaraka
29Sisarka Pr. School970Sisaraka
30Pipariya Pr. School1408Pipariya
31Bhawanipur Sisarka Pr. School803Bhavanipur Sisaraka
32Habibpur Dazram Jr. High School1116Habibpur Dajram
33Suraini Papdi Pr. School1087Sureni Papri
34Thanpur Naveen Pr. School551Thanpur
35Dhoranpur Naveen Pr. School916Dhoranpur
36Darela Naveen Pr. School1289Daraila
37Noornagar Kaudiya Pr. School1104Noornagar Kauria
38Ashokpur Pr. School542Ashokpur
39Jaitpur Pr. School864Jaitpur
40Nagla Mazra Jait Pr. School511Nagala Majra Jait
41Faizganj Pr. School Mirzapur Behta1381Faizganj (NP)
44Faizganj Jr. High School Mirzapur Behta North Part1391Faizganj (NP)
47Faizganj Jr. High School Mirzapur Behta South Part Extra913Faizganj (NP)
49Gangoli Pr. School916Gangoli
50Khedadas Naveen Pr. School1007Kheradas
52Bajheda Pr. School859Bajhera
53Tark Parauli Pr. School990Tark Parauli
54Daspur Pr. School542Daspur
55Dhanyawali Pr. School1070Dhanyavali
56Khajuriya Pr. School1082Khajuria
57Jakhaura Jauharpur Pr. School749Jakhaura Jauharpur
58Dawri Pr. School1370Danvari
59Saidsaray Pr. School847Saidsarai
60Jagatua Pr. School491Jagtua
61Jagat Peepri Pr. School1374Jagat Pipari
62Mahori Pr. School971Mahori
63Pisanhari Pr. School1118Pisanhari
64Mudiya Pr. School1343Mundiya (NP)
65Mudiya Janta Inter College901Mundiya (NP)
68Saindola Pr. School1207Saindola
69Thiriya Pr. School495Dhiriya
70Naraui Naraura Pr. School859Narauri Naraura
71Mohkampur Jr. High School1109Mohkampur
72Manpur Pr. School733Manpur
73Asafpur Triveni Sahay Inter College1047Asafpur Phakawali
76Doondpur Pr. School1032Dhoondpur
78Hardaspur Pr. School1341Hardaspur
79Davthara Pr. School1163Dabthara
80Puruvakheda Pr. School854Puruwa Khera
81Kalrawala Pr. School893Kalrawala
82Sirsavan Pr. School892Sirsawan
83Bijauri Pr. School749Bijauri
84Sangrampur Pr. School856Sangrampur
87Sangrampur Jr. High School1192Sangrampur
88Lakshmipur Pr. School1153Laxmipur
89Lakshmipur Urdu Med. School571Laxmipur
92Lakshmipur Jr. High School1348Laxmipur
95Bavepur Pr. School757Bavepur
96Nizamuddinpur Shah Pr. School1187Nizamuddinpur Shah
99Sahavar Shah Jr. High School911Sahawar Shah
101Malkhanpur Pr. School1118Malkhanpur
102Ratanpur Pr. School585Ratanpur
103Gahora Pr. School782Gahora
104Maujampur Naveen Pr. School1111Maujampur
105Kunadada Pr. School786Kuwwan Danda
106Guladiya Pr. School1360Gulariya
108Bhamori Pr. School581Bhamauri
109Ambiyapur Pr. School621Ambiapur
110Jalaalpur Pr. School1338Jalalpur
111Guriyari Pr. School784Guriyari
112Dabtora Pr. School1191Dabtora
114Lalua Nagla Pr. School978Lalua Nagala
115Beedhanagla Naveen Pr. School578Bidha Nagala
117Daulatpur Pr. School820Daulatpur
118Bharatpur Jr. High School1209Bharatpur
120Musiya Nagla Pr. School1100Musia Nagala
121Dabtory Jr. High School1123Dabtori
123Parsiya Jr. High School1458Parsia
125Ahroli Pr. School1141Ahrauli
126Aadpur Pr. School1140Aadpur
128Papgaon Pr. School1435Papgaon
129Nabawpur Pachtaur Pr. School481Nawab Pur Pachtaur
130Karkhedi Pr. School1067Karkheri
132Harraypur Pr. School885Harraipur
133Dharmpur Biharipur Pr. School995Dharmpur Biharipur
134Chandpura Pr. School1058Chandpura
137Disauliganj Pr. School1055Disauliganj
138Ladheda Pr. School773Ladhera
139Mohammadpur Mai U. M. School1315Mohammadpur Mai
141Mubarikpur Pr. School367Mubarakpur
142Parsera Mazra Mohammadpur Mai Pr. School887Parsera Majra Mohammadpur Mai
143Sichauli Pr. School1035Sichaulli
145Barkheda Pr. School670Barkhera
146Basai Pr. School1248Basai
147Malikpur Mazra Chandpura Naveen Pr. School952Malikpur Majara Chandpura
148Kalupur Pr. School1121Kaloopur
149Panaudi Pr. School1043Panaudi
150Purohitkheda Pr. School446Purohit Khera
151Sahanpur Pr. School1042Sahanpur
152Nijra Pr. School599Nizara
153Kudauli Pr. School677Kudhauli
154Madanjudi Pr. School1392Madanjhuri
155Hatsa Pr. School1086Hatsa
156Hatsa Panchayatghar939Hatsa
157Banjariya Khanpur Pr. School987Banjaria Khanpur
158Paiga Bheekampur Pr. School1054Paiga Bhikampur
159Jarara Pr. School541Jarara
160Mainthra Pr. School714Maithra
161Atarpura Pr. School876Atarpura
163Parvez Nagar Pr. School1453Parvejnagar
164Parvez Nagar Girls Pr. School1325Parvejnagar
165Prathvipur Pr. School1448Prithipur
166Salempur Pr. School801Salempur
167Pindara Pr. School1352Pindara
169Bisauli Devki Devi S. Shishu Mandir1219Bisauli (NPP)
172Bisauli Upsambhagiye Krishi Prasar Karyalaya829Bisauli (NPP)
175Bisauli Pr. School1002Bisauli (NPP)
177Bisauli Jr. High School834Bisauli (NPP)
179Biauli Madan Lal Inter College946Bisauli (NPP)
180Bisauli Madan Lal Inter College846Bisauli (NPP)
184Bisauli Govt. Girls Inter College774Bisauli (NPP)
194Ajnavar Pr. School1140Ajanavar
196Sarva Pr. School773Sarva
197Sarva S. Sadhan Samiti Godown1020Sarva
198Bhatpura Pr. School1398Bhatpura
199Dhilwari Pr. School1038Dhilwari
200Tarapur Pr. School749Tarapur
201Sidhhpur Kaitholi Pr. School1106Siddhpur Kaithauli
202Kaitholi Mazra Sidhhpur Kaitholi Pr. School592Kaithauli Majra Siddhpur Kaithauli
203Adupura Pr. School480Adupura
204Gadgaon Pr. School1072Gadgaon
205Bhagatpur Pr. School689Bhagatpur
206Ladauli Pr. School472Ladhauli
207Mitroli Pr. School1441Mitrauli
208Bhusaya Pr. School805Bhusaya
210Rafatpur Pr. School862Rafatpur
211Balpur Pr. School997Balpur
212Jarainda Pr. School1213Jarainda
213Bhawanipur Nagla Pr. School919Bhawanipur Nagla
214Kunwarpur Pr. School762Kunwarpur
215Nauna Pr. School722Nauna
216Ulla Pr. School476Ulla
217Dhimarpura Pr. School476Dhimarpur
218Jafarpur Bakhtpur Pr. School1087Jafarpur Bakhtpur
219Chamarpura Pr. School459Chamarpura
220Chandoi Jr. High School1497Chandoi
223Chandoi Pr. School856Chandoi
224Chandpur Nithaya Pr. School1053Chandpur
225Byaur Kasimabad Pr. School1132Byorkasmabad Sikanderpur Urf H
227Samadpur Pr. School1127Samadnagar
228Alinagar Pr. School978Alinagar
229Allehpur Samaspur Jr. High School1217Allahpur Samaspur
232Sitholi Pr. School1410Sithauli
233Sitholi Girls Pr. School1045Sithauli
234Nagla Barah Pr. School1251Nagla Baraha
235Nagla Barah Girls Pr. School1337Nagla Baraha
236Labhari Pr. School1012Labhari
237Shivnagar Urf Chidiyakheda Pr. School1097Shivnagar Urf Chiria Khera
238Azadnagar Pr. School1279Azadnagar
239Vikrampur Charsaura Pr. School817Vikarampur Charsaura
241Sakhamai Pr. School1020Sakhamai
242Kanharpur Pr. School744Kanharpur
243Hempur Naveen Pr. School282Hempur
244Ramnagar Saidpur Pr. School577Ramnagar Saidpur
245Muhabbe Alipur Chichaita Jr. High School1385Muhabbey Alipur Chicheta
246Miyanpur Diyaura Pr. School1122Mianpur Deora
247Etmadpur Pr. School1391Etmadpur
248Piwari Pr. School942Pivari
249Bhawipur Pr. School1432Bhavipur
250Raypur Kalan Pr. School1109Raipur
251Nasrol Pr. School1415Nasrol
254Behta Pathak Pr. School1276Behta Pathak
256Karanpur Pr. School1032Karanpur
258Nibhaira Sarvarpur Pr. School1319Nibhera Sarvarpur
259Epura Pr. School1060Aipura
261Jasrathpur Pr. School565Jasrathpur
262Antaipur Pr. School872Antaipur
263Husainpur Pr. School623Hussainpur
264Fatehpur Veerampur Pr. School1024Fatehpur Virampur
265Veerampur Mazra Ftehpur Veerampur Pr. School531Virampur Majra Fatehpur Virampur
266Ranet Govindpur Pr. School1068Ranet Govindpur
267Sujanpur Pr. School473Sujanpur
268Bhanpur Pr. School1069Bhanpur
270Rajpur Pr. School701Rajpur
271Bhilauliya Sattpur Pr. School1463Bhilaulia Satarpur
272Vithamai Pr. School1184MITHAMAI
274Nagpur Nurpur Pr. School1269Nagpur Nunpur
277Shekhupura Pr. School1079Shekhupura
278Raypur Jagman Pr. School695Raipur Jagman
279Parauli Jr. High School805Parauli
283Parauli Pr. School1029Parauli
284Ahmadganj Mazra Parauli Pr. School884Ahmadganj Majra Parauli
285Harnathpur Nauli Pr. School831Harnathpur Nauli 83 Palei
288Bhatani Pr. School532Bhatani
289Bakarpur Pr. School1076Bakarpur
290Palai Pr. School854Palai
291Singthara Pr. School782Singthara
294Angthara Pr. School1321Angthara
296Navada Pr. School477Nawada
297Sarauri Pr. School645Sarauri
298Saindoli Pr. School888Sandauli
299Manakpur Pr. School663Manakpur
300Bagrain Badan Singh Jr. High School1362Bagrain
303Bagrain Pr. School1610Bagrain
304Bheekampur Pr. School299Bhikampur
305Bhawanipur Pr. School932Bhawanipur
306Alhua Pr. School786Alhua
307Mudiya (Satasi) Pr. School1093Mundia
309Karengi Pr. School870Karengi
310Gargaiya Pr. School1457Gargaia
311Itaua Pr. School600Itoua
312Baripura Pr. School1155Baripura
313Penpal Pr. School1139Painpal
316Udaypur Pr. School786Udaipur
318Agei Pr. School1211Ageyee
319Sisaiya Pr. School1373Sisaiyan
321Katgaon Pr. School1368Katgaon
322Sahawar Kheda Pr. School1100Sahawar Khera
323Uraina Pr. School1082Ureina
325Uraina Naveen Pr. School1006Ureina
326Sherandajpur Pr. School754Sherandazpur
327Saidpur Jr. High School988Saidpur (NP)
331Saidpur Pr. School819Saidpur (NP)
333Saidpur Girls Pr. School1348Saidpur (NP)
335Saidpur Nagar Panchayat Office883Saidpur (NP)
337Saidpur S. Galib Ali S. Talib Ali Memo. High School1342Saidpur (NP)
339Nadvari Pr. School1286Nandwari
340Rahediya Jr. High School1237Raharia
342Nabawpura Mazra Rahediya Pr. School1221Navabpura
343Malin Gautiya Mazra Rahediya Pr. School1150Malinpur Gautiya Majra Rahadia
344Khurrampur Bhamori Pr. School1154Khurrampur Bhamauri
346Khurrampur Bhamori Girls Pr. School647Khurrampur Bhamauri
347Makrandpur Pr. School1371Makrandpur
348Veerampur Pr. School1428Virampur
349Kanjua Pr. School498Kanjua
350Kurvi Pr. School730Kurvi
351Amroli Pr. School402Amrauli
352Nijampur Pr. School1394Nizampura
353Byauli Pr. School1151Byoli
355Pusgavan Pr. School1224Pusgawan
357Pusgavan Gram Sachivalya1338Pusgawan
358Jalibpur Mazra Pusgavan Pr. School401Jalibpur Majra Pusgawan
359Karrgaon Pr. School953Karrgaon
360Mahera Pr. School568Mahera
361Manwa Pr. School825Manwa
362Hatra Islamiya Pr. School776Hatra
365Hatra Jr. High School911Hatra
367Sarauriya Pr. School249Sarauria
369Baraur Amanullapur Jr. High School1244Barour Amanullapur
370Baraur Amanullapur Pr. School762Barour Amanullapur
371Malampur Mazra Baraur Amanullapur Pr. School725Malampur Barour Amanullapur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014