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Polling Booth in Bindki Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bindki

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bindki Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
8U.P.S Mauhar1044Mauhar
10K.P.S Mauhar835Mauhar
16P.S.Kansapur644Kanspur Gangauli
18Kanya P.S.Mahraha833Mahrha
19U.P.S. Mahraha853Mahrha
21P.S. Sauh1318Souh
26P.S.Paharwapur M. Korsam658Corsam
28P.S.Dadnankheda548Dadan Khera
29P.S. Korsam1225Corsam
32U.P.S. Bahrauli1139Baharoli
34P.S. Rajipur921Rajipur
36U.P.S. Selawan1076Selawan
40P.S.Chak Jahanpur367Chak Jahanpur
41Shaheed Me.S.Kh.P.S.Missi898Missi
43P.S. Kansa Kheda985Kansa Khera
44P.S.Khuruwa Kheda M. Gobha459Gobha
46P.S. Banjholwa M. Khunta870Khoonta
48P.S. Khunta1006Khoonta
53U.P.S. Alamganj1364Alamganj
55P.S.Nathukheda M. Alamganj516Alamganj
56P.S.Partappur1171Pratap Pur
58P.S.Chak Hata Murain Hata688Chakhata
62P.S.Kamrapur M. Mandaraon1206Mandrov
63P.S.Bhawanipur M.Mandraon1155Mandrov
64P.S.Dariyapur M. Mandaraon1003Mandrov
65P.S.Darautalalpur1169Darota Lalpur
68P.S. Barhat1314Barhat
73P.S.Dilawanlpur Majre Bilauna784Bilona
74P.S.Shahjadipur647Shahijadi Pur
78P.S. Naraicha1272Nariacha
82P.S.Himmatpur1040Himmat Pur
83P.S.Ajmatpur1229Himmat Pur
85Panchayat Ghar Tapni997Tapani
86P.S. Tapni929Tapani
88P.S. Akilabad888Akilabad
92P.S.Umarkola Khurram Nagar795Umarkola Khurram Nagar
94P.S.Khandedewar910Khanda Dawar
95P.S.Budhauli Majre Rawatpur1089Rawatpur
99P.S. Fareedpur1040Faridpur
101P.S. Gaura825Gauri
102P.S. Dhanemau973Dhamamau
103P.S. Sardarpur757Sardar Pur
104P.S. Urdauli605Urdouli
105P.S. Benhta1079Bhata
106P.S. Tikari Manauti906Tikari Manouti
108P.S. Joniha1105Joniha
109P.S. Jonuha969Joniha
110P.S. Korawan Roo - 11261Korwa
111P.S. Korwan Roo21483Korwa
112P.S. Gulabpur Majre Korawan873Korwa
113P.S. Amena958Amana
115P.S. Fareedpur M. Jafarabad1208Jafrabad
116P.S. Khidirpur M. Jafarabad862Jafrabad
117P.S. Jafarabad1543Jafrabad
119P.S. Milan Kendra Jafarabad1289Jafrabad
121P.S. Gokulpur Majre Jafarabad1171Jafrabad
122P.S. Chakmohiuddinpur566Akbarpur
123Gandhi U.M.S. Bindki883Bindki (NPP)
125Gandhi U.M.S Bindki770Bindki (NPP)
127Nagar Palika Gandhi S.S. Purani Bindki1178Bindki (NPP)
130P.S. Lalauli Road Hajratpur Bindki1193Bindki (NPP)
131P.S. Lalauli Raod Hajratpur Bindki994Bindki (NPP)
132Dayanand I.C. Bindki1168Bindki (NPP)
135K.P.S. Paigambarpur Kasba Bindki937Bindki (NPP)
137Nehru I.C.Kasba Bindki1198Bindki (NPP)
138Nehru I.C. Kasba Bindki1060Bindki (NPP)
139N.P.S. Office Bindki1171Bindki (NPP)
141Gy.Bh.Mu.D.U.P.S. Lahauri Bindki1311Bindki (NPP)
143N.P.P. & P.M.V. Katra Bindki1005Katra
144N.P.P. & P.M.S. Katra Bindki515Bindki (NPP)
145Sohan Lal Dwivedi G.G.I.C. Bindki1097Bindki (NPP)
148H.Ch.J.H.S. Bindki866Bindki (NPP)
151P.S. Murad Pur449Muradpur
152P.S. Gauspur966Gouspur
153P.S. Janta1289Janta
155P.S. Nandauli574Nandouli
156P.S. Chooraman Kheda682Churaman Khera
157P.S. Darveshpur595Darveshpur
158P.S. Darveshabad1287Darveshabad
159P.S. Koraiyan956Koriaya
161P.S. Jahanapur M. Deegh981Deegh
162P.S. Sairpur Majre Deegh778Deegh
164P.S. Deegh578Deegh
165U.P.S. Deegh1183Deegh
167P.S. Hardauli1300Hardouli
168P.S. Chakmada1159Chakmada
169P.S. Aliyabad834Chakaliyabad
170P.S. Rari Bujurg1118Rari Bujurg
172P.S. Rari Khurd706Rari Khurd
173P.S. Gopalpur904Gopalpur
175P.S. Habeebpur720Habibpur
176P.S. Dariyapur728Dariyapur
177P.S. Vajidpur843Bajidpur
178P.S. Umraudi Kalyanpur1137Umrauli Kalyanpur
180P.S. Doodhikagar Majre Mawiya731Mayaiya
181P.S. Noorpur Majre Mawiya790Mayaiya
182P.S. Guneer1187Guneer
184Saryoday I.C.Gopalganj1324Guneer
185Saryoday I.C. Gopalganj1607Guneer
186P.S. Lahngi1056Lahangi
187P.S. Goonjhi Majre Lahangi994Lahangi
188P.S. Mahmoodpur616Mahmudpur
189P.S. Maksoodan Kheda483Maksudan Khera
190P.S. Rewadi Khurd1067Rewari Khurd
191Harvansh Singh I.C. Rewadi Bujurg1458Rewari Bujurg
192P.S. Mamrejpur941Mamrejpur
193P.S. Daulatpur750Daulatpur
194P.S. Basawankheda1037Hasanpur
195P.S. Rampur602Rampur
196P.S. Lakshamanpur468Lakshmanpur
197P.S. Sultanpur606Sultanpur
198P.S. Devmai1149Dev Mai
199P.S. Kotiya1329Kotiya
200P.S. Mayaramkheda Majre Kotiya1353Kotiya
201P.S. Mujwa Kheda Majre Kotiya1356Kotiya
202P.S. Ravatpur1193Rawatpur
203P.S. Dubaki Majre Bhiyamau640Miyamau
204P.S. Meermau Majre Paigamberpur1117Mirmau Pagamberpur
205P.S. Dawatpur926Davatpur
206P.S. Bakoli807Bakoli
207P.S. Amaura796Amoura
210U.P.S. Jena1280Rana
211P.S. Baraura1098Baroora
213P.S. Saunra1016Saura
215P.S. Malwan1446Malwan
217P.M.S. Malwan1183Malwan
218P.S. Ibrahimpur880Ibrahimpur
219P.S. Sauna Kheda567Sauna Khera
220P.S. Jagdeeshpur643Jagdishpur
221P.S. Itraura Pilkhani1125Itarora Pilkhini
223P.S. Chakki1093Chakki
224P.S. Chakki ???? ; 2944Chakki
225U.P.S. Chakki1175Chakki
226P.S. Benhta Majre Okhara988Okhara
227P.S. Okhara947Okhara
229P.S. Sikrorhi936Sikrodhi
230P.S. Umargahna1389Umarghana
232P.S. Panai Inayatpur964Panai Inayatpur
234Inter Collage Ojhi Kharagsenpur May Bhadba1036Ojhi Kharagsenpur Maibhadwa
237P.S. Saray Sahijada640Sarai Shahjada
238P.S. Mohan Kheda1347Mohankhera
240P.S. Aswar Tarapur1250Aswa Tarapur
243U.P.S Rawatpur1011Rawatpur
244U.P.S. Rawatpur978Rawatpur
245P.S. Sahili1491Sahli
246P.S. Baijani1266Baijani
247P.S. Dhamina1134Dhamina
248P.S. Bairampur1031Bairampur
249P.S. Damapur930Damapur
250P.S. Muchuwapur680Muchuwapur
251P.S. Kakabairi446Kakaberi
252P.S. Badalpur753Badalpur
253P.S. Bharsawa758Bharsawan
255U.P.S Udayrajpur277Udaiy Rajpur
256P.S. Alnapur378Alanapur
257P.S. Kurustikala779Kurusti Kala
259P.S. Ajamabad Bhaesahi606Ajmabad Bhaisahi
260Panchyat Ghar Meerpur Kurusti477Meerpur Kurusti
261U.P.S Asta1031Asta
263P.S. Beni Harsinghpur557Beni Harsinghpur
264P.S. Jhaumednipur941Jhau Mednipur
266P.S. Chakhedi1183Chakheri
268P.S. Vahidpur608Vahidpur
269P.S. Allipur Majre Saray Khargu1374Sarai Khargu
270P.S.Sallipur Majre Saray Khargu437Sarai Khargu
271P.S. Jaggannathpur760Jagannathpur
272P.S. Manjhupur898Manjhupur
273P.S. Mewali Bujurg1057Mewli Bujurg
274P.S. Hasnapur Sani897Husnapur Sani
275P.S. Adampur1209Adampur
277P.S. Khanpur375Khanpur
278P.S. Nayapurwa Majre Hajipurgang931Hajipur Gang
280P.S. Semarhata Majre Hajipurgang1147Hajipur Gang
282P.S. Naseerpur Belwara608Nasirpur Belwara
283Inter Collage Senipur Malauni964Senipur Malauni
285P.S. Teliyani487Teliyani
286P.S. Bari Govindpur487Bari Govindpur
287P.S. Chitaura903Chitaura
289Panchyat Ghar Sangaon1454Sangaon
290P.S. Sangaon770Sangaon
294Mannalal Dixit Inter Collage Korain1396Korari
298P.S. Bakandha1276Bakandha
299Block Development Office Teliyani Bharhara1115Bharhara
300P.S. Bhairampur780Bhairampur
301P.S. Trilokipur1081Trilokipur
302P.S. Parashurampur387Parshurampur
303P.S. Bilandpur993Bilandpur
304P.S. Newlapur Majre Kodhai958Korai
305P.S. Kandhi1287Kandhi
308P.S. Ummedpur683Umedpur
309P.S. Bhagwantapur1040Bhagawantpur
310P.S. Dharupur1234Dharupur
311P.S. Keshavpur1052Keshopur

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