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Polling Booth in Bilsi Assembly Constituency

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Bilsi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bilsi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bilsi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pr. School Gudhni745Dudhani
3Pr. School Gudhni Bhookampe Rodhi Extra687Dudhani
5J.H. School Gudhni486Dudhani
6Pr. School Surajpur651Surajpur
7Pr. School Sadrpur417Sadarpur
8Pr. School Rudaina580Rudeina Ghangholi
9Pr. School Dhanuli1201Dhanauli
10Pr. School Rudaini Ghahausi1044Rudeina Ghangholi
11Pr. School Rudaini Ghagausi717Rudeina Ghangholi
12Pr. School Musepur1015Mooseypur
13Pr. School Naagar Jhoona New Building875Nagarjhoona
15Pr. School Sahaspur984Sahaspur
17Pr. School Pahadpur1136Paharpur
19Pr. School Rampur Tanda856Rampur Tanda
20Pr. School Katinna729Katinna
21Pr. School Nagala Shahbad Majra Fakirabad741Faqirabad
22Pr. School Khulait770Khulet
23Pr. School Behta Javi1102Behtajabi
25Pr. School Shahwaazpur903Shahbazpur
26Pr. School Bhatri Govardhanpur597Bhatri Govardhanpur
27Pr. School Oya766Oya
28Pr. School Jinaura1139Jinaura
29Pr. School Shahzad Nagar1264Shahbazpur
30Pr. School West Part Shahzad Nagar967Kherha
31Pr. School Niranjanpur Majra Pusgawan524Pusgawan
32J.H. School Pusgawan922Pusgawan
34Pr.School Pusgawan1210Pusgawan
35J.H. School Ulaiya855Ulikhya
37Pr. School Ramnagla ?????????????? ?????? ??? ?0??02Satetipatti Gaja
38Pr. School Sitapur ?????????????? ??????? ??? ?0?0 3Satetipatti Gaja
39Pr. School Sateti Gaja ?????????????? ??????? ??? ?0??04Satetipatti Gaja
40Pr. School Sundarnagar879Sundar Nagar
41Pr. School Haivatpur721Haivatpur
43Pr. School Vaghauli578Haivatpur
44Pr. School Antpur Majra Sateti Choora ??????? ??? ?0?02Sateti Patti Choora
45Pr. School Majhara Majra Dinnagar Shekhpur ??????? ??? ?0?04Din Nagar Sheikhpur
46Pr. School Dinnagar Shekhpur ?????? ??? ?0??0 1Din Nagar Sheikhpur
47J.H. School Sateti Patti Inchha East Part ?????? ??? ?0??0 2Sateti Patti Inchha
48J.H.School Sateti Patti Inchha Esat Part ?????? ??? ?0??0 3Sateti Patti Sukhat
49J.H.School Sateti Patti Inchha Weat Part ??????? ??? ?0??0 5Sateti Patti Sukhat
50J.H. School Bans Barauliy ??????? ??? ?0??0 1Bansbaraulia
52Pr. School Bans Barauliy ??????? ??? ?0??0 6Bansbaraulia
53Pr. School Gadharpura ??????? ??? ?0??0 1Gatarpur
54Pr. School Bamer ??????? ??? ?0??0 2Bamed
56J.H. School Simarra Bhojpur868Simribhojpur
58Pr. School Khausara ??????? ??? ?0??0 3Khausara
59G.S.I.C. Bairamei Buzurg ??????? ??? ?0??0 4Baramai Buzurg
61Pr. School Jaravan ?????? ??? ?0??0 1Jarawan
62Pr. School Bairmai Khurd ?????? ??? ?0??0 2Bairmai Khurd
63Pr. School Jarsaini ?????? ??? ?0??0 3Jarsaini
64J.H. School Dudhauni ?????? ??? ?0??0 4Dudhani
66Pr. School Baadshah Pur ????? ?0??0 3Badshahpur
67Pr. School Ambiapur ????????? ???? ?????Ambiapur
69Pr. School Nai Pindri ????? ?????? ??? ?0??0 3Naipindari
70Pr. School Khairi West Part910Khairi
72Pr. School Khairi Esat Part824Khairi
74Pr. School Kudarni432Kurdarni
75Pr. School Agaul1294Angaul
76N.A.I.College Bilsi North Part ??????? ??? ?0??0 1Bilsi (NPP)
79N.A.I.College Bilsi South Part ??????? ??? ?0??0 2Bilsi (NPP)
81Nagar Palika Offic Bilsi ??????? ??? ?0??0 9Bilsi (NPP)
82R.M. School New Building Bilsi1207Bilsi (NPP)
85Navin Adarsh Pr. School Bilsi1089Bilsi (NPP)
87Pr. School Saray Bilsi1532Bilsi (NPP)
88Jain Inter College Bilsi West Part1473Bilsi (NPP)
91Jain Inter College Bilsi Esat Part809Bilsi (NPP)
93Pr. School Raypur Buzurg934Raipur Buzurg
94Navin Panchayat Ghar Vain876Bain
95Pr. School Vain918Bain
96Pr. School Sidhpur Chitrasain960Siddhpur Chitrasen
98Pr. School Khairati Nagar605Khairati Nagar
99Pr. School Gadauli1143Garhauli
100Pr. School Jahanabad466Jahanabad
101Pr. School Nizaampur1138Nizampur
102Pr. School Akauli975Akauli
104Pr. School Haidalpur936Haidalpur
105Pr. School Raypur Majra662Haidalpur
106Pr. School Davihari347Dabihari
108Pr. School Gari1036Garhi
110Pr. School Bhilauliya782Risauli B.
111J.H. School Risauli Esat Part739Risauli A.
113J.H. School Risauli West Part826Risauli A.
114Pr. School Risauli West Part791Risauli A.
116Pr.School Risauli Esat Part818Risauli A.
118Pr. School Ruan793Rujhan
119Pr. School Harganpur1309Harganpur
120Pr. School Bichauli537Bichaula
121Pr. School Vanvehta843Banbehta
122Pr. School New Building Sirasaul Sitaram1104Sirasaul Patti Seetaram
124Pr. School Old Building Sirasaul Sitaram938Sirasaul Kuanwarshay
125Pr. School Mohammad Gunj469Mohammadganj
126J.H. School Sirasaul Jasa1109Sirasaulpatti Jasa
127J.H.School Sirasaul Jasa723Sirasaulpatti Jasa
128Pr.School Wagarpur Sagarpur414Bagarpur Sagarpur
129Pr. School Mirzapur Sohra1441Mirzapur Shohra
131Pr. School Mehmoodpur Sauguna440Mahmoodpur Sogna
132Pr. School Taraicha610Tarencha
133Pr. School Kuadanda432Kuwa Danda
134Pr. School Athgauna551Athgauna
135Pr. School Mishripur Makueya995Mishripur Mukuiyan
136J.H. School Ahmad Nagar Asauli1150Ahmad Nagar Asouli
138Pr. School Sukatia490Sukatiya
139Pr. School Afzalpur Chhaganpur721Afzalpur Chhaganpur
140Pr. School Sarai Mudiya Khagi577Sarai Mudia Khagi
141Pr. School Sirka Kheda399Sirki Kherha
142Pr. School Rafi Nagar835Rafi Nagar
144Pr. School Natihua1114Naithua
145Pr. School Fatehulla Ganj385Fatehullaha Ganj
146Pr. School Mudiya Nanda397Mudia Nanda
147Pr. School Rampura Ainuddin733Rampura Enuddin
148Pr. School Lahra Asdullapur1127Lahra Asdullapur
149Pr. School Nagla Salar906Sirki Khera
150Pr. School Mujariya625Mujariya
151Pr. School Jijahut732Mujariya
152Pr. School Bhikampur Hardo Patti1135Bhikampur Hardopatti
153Pr. School Subdalpur1153Sabdalpur
154Pr. School Bichauli Tappa Jamni716Bichaula Tappa Jamini
155Pr. School Kateya Bhagwanti1477Katiya Bhagwant
156Panchayat Ghar Tigoda Isapur463Tigora Isapur
157Pr. School Vasavanpur971Basawanpur
158Pr. School Hasopur Baheriya514Hasupur Baheriya
159Pr. School Rasoola1236Rasoola
160Pr. Schoolghori Nagla Khukhaniya Ramray865Khuniya Ramray
161Pr. School Mehdoda Gujar385Mahdooda Gujar
162Pr. School Khukhaniya Jauje958Khukhania Jauje
163Pr. School Parmo627Parmu
164Pr. School Mosepur664Mooseypur
165Pr. School Narsaina1209Narsaina
166Pr. School Palpur947Paalpur
167Pr. School Baksar Khalsa1237Buxer Khalsa
168Pr. School Ismaelpur Memdi985Ismaeilpur Bhemari
169Pr. School Bhajpura Tappa Jamni659Bhujpura Tappa Jamini
170Pr. School Gadanpur Sakatpur266Gadanpur Sakatpur
171Pr. School Sagray933Sagrai
172Pr. School Dhakpura Meerapur871Dhakpura Mirapur
173Pr. School Paatar Choha958Patar Chauha
174Pr. School Simarra Banveerpur845Simrra Banveerpur
176Pr. School Ranet Matkuli331Ranet Matkuli
177Pr. School Chhokrpur491Chhokarpur
178Pr. School Shamaspur Ballo611Shamspur Ballu
179Pr. School Kaulhae Esat Rmmo No. 11049Kolhai
180Pr. School Kaulhae Esat Rmmo No. 2463Kolhai
181Pr. School Kaulhae West Part Rmmo No. 31227Kolhai
182Pr. School Dariyapur980Dariapur
183Pr. School Mudsan951Mudsan
185Pr. School Alhadaddpur Bhoor951Allehdadpur Bhoorh
186Pr. School Anandipur1144Anandipur
187Pr. School Zahidpur Alampur803Jahidpur Alampur
188Pr. School Khandak1217Khandak
189Panchayat Ghar Shukaulla Pur774Shukrullahapur
190Pr. School Samda497Samda
191Pr. School Ganggapur944Gangapur
192Pr. School Relai Madhaupur852Relai Madhopur
193Pr.School Sirki Dammo607Sirki Dammu
194Pr. School Sujatganj Pachtaur945Shujatgang Pachtour
195Pr. School Baderiya1404Baderiya
196Pr. School Jaunera1422Jaunera
197Pr. School Zarifnagar Gadiya392Jarifpur Garhiya
199Pr. School Ghoranpur1022Dhuranpur
201Pr. School Abbonagar795Abbu Nagar
202Pr. School Shuzat Ganj Bela678Sujaatganj Bela
203Pr. School Naseerpur Gauso772Nasirpur Gausu
204Pr.School Nagla Kotar653Nagla Kotar
205Pr. School Bhikampur Tappa Jamni838Bhikampur Tappa Jamni
206Pr. School Kurbanpur835Kurbanpur
207Pr. School Aurangabad Tappa Jamni830Aurangabad Tappa Jamni
208J.H. School Khirakvari Maanpur Pukhta1437Kharkwari Manpur Pukhta
209Pr. School Husainpur Pukhta1064Hussainpur Pukhta
210Pr. School M. Husainpur Pukhta488Hussainpur Pukhta
211Pr. School Harpalpur574Hussainpur Pukhta
212Pr. School Chandanpur Pukhta628Chandanpur Pukhta
213Pr. School Tilayarganj M. Husainpur Pukhta1245Hussainpur Pukhta
214Pr. School Pipraul Pukhta Rmmo No. 1786Pipraul Pukhta
215Pr. School Pipraul Pukhta777Pipraul Pukhta
216Pr. School Teliya Nagla M. Pipraul Pukhta650Pipraul Pukhta
217Pr. School Sawanti Nagla M. Pipraul Pukhta465Pipraul Pukhta
218Pr. School Sikandrabad673Sikandra Bad
220Pr. School Bitroi787Bitroi
222Pr. School Dahemu830Dahemu
224Pr. School Peer Nagar608Peer Nagar
225Pr. School Dharampur M. Butla Khanjan1441Butla Khanjan
226Pr. School New Constructed Building Jyoraparwala1206Jyorapar Vala
228Pr. School Riyonayya Sakatpur1095Rionaia
229Pr. School Riyonayya1174Rionaia
230Pr. School Deshan Nagla1339Rionaia
231Pr. School Athayya635Atheia
232Pr. School Harharpur Narsinghpur1127Har Har Purnarsinghpur
234Pr. School Hazratganj1063Hajrat Ganj
235Poorv Madhyamik School Hazratganj789Hajrat Ganj
236Jr. High School Sanjarpur Baljeet1131Sanjarpur Baljit
238Panchayat Ghar Sanjarpur Baljeet1418Sanjarpur Baljit
239Pr. School Mihona1376Mihauna
241Pr. School Kinapur977Kinarpur
242Pr. School Rauli840Rauli
244Pr. School Bihar Harchandpur424Bihar Harchand
245Pr. School Jamroli443Jamrauli
246Pr. School Doonde Nagar847Dunde Nagar
247Pr. School Jirauliya401Jirauliya
248Pr. School Laua605Lauaa
249Pr. School Varamaldev Khera1513Baramay Khera
250Pr. School Kathauli1159Kadhauli
251Pr. School Chandau849Chandau
252Pr. School Basantnagar525Basant Nagar
253Pr. School Anni745Anni
254Pr. School Sanay537N/A
255Pr. School Bharkuyyan1194Bharkunia
256Pr. School Bastra491Bastara
257Pr. School Kurau750Kurau
259Pr. School Roshan Nagar392Raushan Nagar
260Jr. High School Varsua1013Barsua
262Pr. School Mirzapur561Mirzapur
263Pr. School Allapur Bhogi772Allapur Bhogi
265Pr. School Sirsauli868Sirsauli
267Jr. High School878Abdulla Ganj
271Girls Pr. School Varamaldev1461Abdulla Ganj
272Pr. School Manakpur1485Manakpur
274Senior Girls Basic School Ujhani1227Ujhani (NPP)
279Mahatma Gandhi Palika Inter College Ujhani1475Ujhani (NPP)
292Asharfi Devi Girls Inter College Ujhani1054Ujhani (NPP)
297Pr. School Gaddi Tola Ujhani R.No.21129Ujhani (NPP)
298Pr. School Gaddi Tola Ujhani Extra979Ujhani (NPP)
304Pr. School Gaddi Tola Ujhani948Ujhani (NPP)
305Asharfi Devi Girls Inter College689Ujhani (NPP)
307Dev Nagri Jr. High School Ujhani873Ujhani (NPP)
312Pr. School Kilakhera993Ujhani (NPP)
317Girls Jr. High School Shantigarh769Ujhani (NPP)
320Pr. School Kudha Narsinghpur995Kudha Narsinhpur
321Pr. School Chatuyya1085Chhatuia
322Jr. High School Butla Daulat1495Butla Daulat
324Pr. School Phoolpur1154Phul Pur
325Pr. School Allipur Madhayya638Allipur Maththaiya
326Radhelal Inter College Kachhla895Kachhla (NP)
332Pr. School Khajurara Pukhta1059Khajurara
333Pr. School Sarauta848Sarauta
334Pr. School Chausinga400Chausinga
335Pr. School Saray Suale511Sarai Swaleh
336Pr. School Kotra Sarangpur321Kotra Sarangpur
337Pr. School Bhainsora534Bhainsora

Last Updated on November 15, 2014