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Polling Booth in Bilaspur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bilaspur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bilaspur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Chandela921Chandela
2Primary School Naya Bhawan Manunagar838Manu Nagar
3Inter College Nawabganj1304Nawab Ganj
4Primery School Chakferi498Chak Pheri
5Junior High School Bda Bosena696Bosena
6Primery School Guladiya Teula551Gularia Tuela
7Primery School Khamri859Shri Nagar
8Primery School1044Hamidabad
10Primery School Chandayan678Chandayan
11Primery School Jafrabad635Sihora
12Primery School Dibdiba916Dibdiba
14Junior High School1556Dibdiba
17Primery School Manihar Kheda939Manihar Khera
18Primery School Temra760Temra
19Primery School Kaushalganj [Dhuryai]985Kaushalganj
20Primery School Khanpur606Khanpur
21Primery School Suanagla624Sua Nagla
22Primery School Hajratpur Naya Bhawan773Bachhyai
23Govt.Higher Secondary School Ashoknagar [Manpur Ojha]804Manpur Ojha
25Govt.Higher SeconfDary School Ashoknagar [Manpur Ojha]1004Manpur Ojha
27Primery School Gokal Nagri649Gokal Nagri
29Gandhi Shatabdi Smarak I. College1307Lalpur
31Primery School Sihor434Sihore
32Primery School Gaganpur [Hamidnagr]908Hamid Nagar
33Primery School Shivnagar Near Ramnagar766Qasamganj
34Primery School Kadriganj460Qadriganj
35Primery School Berkheda621Bair Khera
36Primery School Berkhedi Fejabad471Bair Kheri Faizabad
37Primery School Dhara Nagri (Ambarpur)1157Amberpur
38Primery School Govindpura (Kachnal)1280Kachnal
39Primery School Sarbarnagar850Mundia Khurd
40Primery School Tah Khurd694Tah Khurd
41Primery School Gadiya Naseemganj457Gadaia Nasimganj
42Primery School Mulla Khera1227Mulla Khera
43Primery School Sadarakheda499Sadra Khera
44Primery School Alipur Theka857Alipur Thaka
45Primery School Milak Mundi1026Milak Mundi
46Primery Schoolkhunta Khera823Khunta Khera
47Junior High School Panjawnagar336Pazaw Nagar
48Primery School Maheshpura1244Mahesh Pura
53Primery School Kuakhera641Khaudalpur
54Primery School Nagariya Kalan {Durjanpur}1311Nagaria Kalan
56Primery School Ratanpura641Bishnpur Jagir
57Primery School Sikraura802Sikraura
58Primery School Ramnagar1004Ramnagar
59Primery School Khaundalpur802Khaudalpur
61K.G.V.& Seh. Simiti Bilaspur ?????????Bilaspur (NPP)
63Kirshi Prashar K. Bilaspur Sithit Urmatnagar Tanda1392Bilaspur (NPP)
65Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Room No.-1Khondalpur914Bilaspur (NPP)
66Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Room No.-2Khondalpur1033Bilaspur (NPP)
67Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Khondalpur889Bilaspur (NPP)
69Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Room No.-31391Bilaspur (NPP)
70Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Room No.-4 Khondalpur920Bilaspur (NPP)
71Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Room No.-6 Khondalpur819Bilaspur (NPP)
72Gurunanak I. Colloge Bilaspur .Room No.-7 Khondalpur979Bilaspur (NPP)
73Govt.Girls Primary School Bilaspur Moh. Jyarat Shiri Miyan805Bilaspur (NPP)
74Govt.Girls Primary School Bilaspur Moh. Shiri Miyan Jyarat Shiri Miyan860Bilaspur (NPP)
75Govt.Inter Colloge Bilaspur811Bilaspur (NPP)
80Karalya Khand Vikas Adhikari ???????? ?????? ???Bilaspur (NPP)
83Nav Chetna Sishu. Sadan.I.Colloge Sahukara Bilaspur1171Bilaspur (NPP)
84Nav Chetna Si. Sadan.I.Colloge Bilaspur1249Bilaspur (NPP)
85D.A.V.K.Inter.V. Sahukara Bilaspur922Bilaspur (NPP)
86D.A.V.K.Inter.V.Bilaspur869Bilaspur (NPP)
87D.A.V.K.Inter.Collage Sahukara.Bilaspur816Bilaspur (NPP)
88D.A.V.K.Inter.Collage.Bilaspur878Bilaspur (NPP)
89Primery School Kayasthan1163Bilaspur (NPP)
90Primery School Bhensiya Jualapur896Umri
92Primery School Sakatuba716Saktuwa
93Primery School Dhaki903Beebra
94Primery School Paipura1076Paipura
95Primery School Khata723Khata
96Primery School Aakilpur673Aqilpur
97Primery School Lakhmipur1076Lakhmipur
98Primery School Sitaura810Sitora
99Primary School Naya Bhawan Godhi949Godhi
100Primary School Godhi1031Godhi
101Primery School Rampura Bujurga1219Rampura Bujurg
103Primery School Dalki1065Malki Kamalpur
104Primery School Rustampur966Jamnapur
105Primery School Pipaliya Mehto605Pipalia Mehto
106Primery School Kaswa Rajpur1205Bilaspur (NPP)
107Primery School Kotha Jageer999Kotha Jagir
108Primery School Fajalpur575Fazilpur
109Primery School Kurthiya554Kurthia
110Primery School Gangapur Bahpur Gangapur ?????? ???????Bahapur Gangapur
111Primery School Hirankhera628Hiran Khera
112Primery School Naya Bhawan Siraskhera638Siras Khera
113Primary School Devipura988Debi Pura
114Primery School Dohaiya773Doharia
115Primery School Kuiya864Kuiya
116Primery School Talmahawar934Tal Mahawar
117Primery School Anwariya Taliwabad890Anwaria Talibabad
118Primery School Khempur499Khempur
119Primery School Bhuksaura473Bhuk Saura
120Primery School Chaukoni806Choukoni
121Primery School Begmabad883Mohammadpur Urf Biskharia
122Junior High School Senjna795Sujatganj Khera
123Primery School Pegamwarpur {Dandiya Nayamatgang}853Mubarkpur
124Primery School Saray Kadeem946Sarai Qadim
125Primery School Dhawani Bujurg772Dhavni Bujurg
127Primery School Husainganj1172Husainganj
128Primery School Itanga Beramnagar1202Itanga Bairam Nagar
129Primery School Jaurasi655Jorasi
130Primery School Panwadiya1221Panwaria
131Primery School Khajuriya Khurd854Khajuria Khurd
132Primery School Pipaliya Vijaynagar546Pipalia Vijay Nagar
133Primery School Khajuriya Kalan1361Khajuria Kalan
134Primery School Udhampur697Udhampur
135Primery School Kayamganj587Qayamganj
136Primery School Orangnagar Kheda756Aurang Nagar Khera
137Primery School Rasulpur990Rasulpur
138Primery School Narsua507Narsua
139Primery School Kanakpur541Kanakpur
141Primery School Karsaula1019Karsaula
142Primery School Iswarpur483Ishwarpur
151Primery School Karsauli370Karsauli
152Primery School Bahadurganj508Bahadarganj
155Junior High School Mahtosh1391Mahtosh
158Junior High School Khandiya1065Khandia
159Junior High School Balkheda979Bal Khera
162Junior High School Padpuri969Padpuri
163Junior High School Malankheda782Malan Khera
164Primery School Udayepur507Udaipur
165Junior High School Prithvipur & Chidiyakheda953Prithvipur Urf Chiriya Khera
166Junior High School Dankara785Dankara
167Primery School Dankari879Dankara
168Primery School Mudiya Kalan1419Sujanpur
169Primery School Pajiya824Mundia Kalan
170Primery School Pipaliya Misra1247Pipalia Misra
171Primery School Narayan Nagala805Narain Nagla
172Primery School Hariya Kalan783Harraiya Kalan
173Primery School Gangapur Kaln706Gangapur Kalan
174Primery School Kamua Nagla1076Bhatpura Chakaryan
179Primery School Mudiya Near Mankara833Mundia Near Mankara
180Primery School Mankara1179Mankara
181Primery School Sankara1247Sankara
182Primery School Gajraula1053Gajraula
183Primery School Bidau1191Bidhau
184Primery School Lala Nagla986Lala Nagla
185Primery School Bidpura818Bidhpura
186Primery School Kemri (Second) Moh.Sikhadiyan802Bilaspur (NPP)
187Primer School Kemri (Second) Moh. Sikhadiyan764Bilaspur (NPP)
188Primery School Kemri (Second) Moh. Sikhadiyan988Bilaspur (NPP)
190Primery School (First) Kemri Moh. Imambada1413Bilaspur (NPP)
196Girls Junior High School1278Bilaspur (NPP)
198Govt.Inter College1298Bilaspur (NPP)
202Primary School Suhag Nagla667Suhag Nagla
203Primary School Swar Khurd North836Swar Khurd (Suar)
204Primary School Swar Khurd South802Swar Khurd (Suar)
205Primary School Janunagar S. Side1414Janu Nagar
206Primary School Simariya N. Side1101Simaria
207Primary School Simariya S. Side1067Simaria
208Primary School Chakiya Hayat Nagar N. Side1205Chakia Hayat Nagar
209Primary School Chakiya Hayat Nagar West Disha783Chakia Hayat Nagar
210Primary School Gangapur Kadim816Ganga Pur Kadim
212Primary School Kotra730Kotra
213New Primary School Mohammadpur Kadim1481Mohammadpur Qadim
214Primary School Bara Khas1354Bara Khas
215Primary School Nipaniya N. Side1329Nipania
216Primary School Nipaniya S. Side1370Nipania
217Primary School Faijnagar752Faiznagar
218Primary School Ram Nagariya687Ram Nagaria
219Primary School Khempur531Khempur
220Primary School Kaganagla628Kaga Nagla

Last Updated on June 05, 2020
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