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Polling Booth in Bikapur Assembly Constituency

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Bikapur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bikapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bikapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ps Seewar North1055Sibar
2Ps Seewar South1019Sibar
3Ps Barai Kala852Baraikala
4New Ps Ramnagar Dhaurahra West1216Ramnagar Dhaurahra
5New Ps Ramnagar Dhaurahra East1256Ramnagar Dhaurahra
6New Ps Ramnagar Dhaurahra Extra1040Ramnagar Dhaurahra
7Ps Barai Khurd1001Ramnagar Dhaurahra
8Ps Maholi1061Maholi Uparhar
9Jhs Mohammadpur807Maholi Uparhar
10Ps Saidpur1058Maholi Uparhar
11Ps Ambarpur East1403Hazipur Barsedi Uparhar
12Ps Ambarpur West1328Hazipur Barsedi Uparhar
13Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Ltd. Hajipur Barsendi1271Hazipur Barsedi Uparhar
14Ps Barsendi1135Hazipur Barsedi Uparhar
15Ps Bisauli1483Saranga Pur
16Ps Sarangapur1425Saranga Pur
17Ps Rahimpur Badauli940Rahimpur Baidauli
18Ps Deramusi1301Dera Musi
19Ps Mustafabad East1188Mustafabad
20Ps Mustafabad West1179Mustafabad
21Kanya Ps Mustafabad North993Mustafabad
22Kanya Ps Mustafabad South1215Mustafabad
23Ps Pirkhauli East1200Pirkhauli
24Ps Pirkhauli West1154Pirkhauli
25Ps Pirkhauli Extra1279Pirkhauli
26Ps Kotdeeh Saraiya1191Kotdeeh Sarraiya
27Ps Dakshinpara East787Dakhin Para
28Ps Dakshinpara West535Dakhin Para
29Ps Tandwa607Tandwa
30Ps Kareru North1104Kareru
31Ps Kareru South339Kareru
32Jhs Kareru West814Kareru
33Jhs Kareru Middle496Kareru
34Jhs Rampur Grant762Kareru
35Ps Sihaita Lohani673Sihaita Lohani
36Jhs Deorhi North1070Kundurkha Khurd
37Jhs Deorhi Middle 11153Kundurkha Khurd
38Jhs Deorhi Middle 2947Kundurkha Khurd
39Jhs Deorhi South790Kundurkha Khurd
40Ps Pindawan550Pindwa
41Jhs Ibrahimpur Kandai779Ibrahimpur Kandie
42Ps Babhaniyawan1245Babhaniyawa
43Ps Dewai East1286Deoie
44Ps Dewai West634Sihaita Lohani
45Ps Aliganj943Pilkhawan
47Jhs Arkuna1410Pilkhawan
48Naya Ps Pilkhawan East1287Pilkhawan
49Naya Ps Pilkhawan West1499Pilkhawan
50Ps Mubarakganj782Deora Kot
52Jansamaj Vidyapeeth Inter College Deorakot Middle 1744Deora Kot
53Jansamaj Vidyapeeth Inter College Deorakot Middle 3835Deora Kot
54Jansamaj Vidyapeeth Inter College Deorakot Middle 21353Deora Kot
55Jansamaj Vidyapeeth Inter College Deorakot West696Deora Kot
56Ps Godwa862Deora Kot
57Ps Sarainamu1169Sarai Namoo
58Jhs Ismailnagar Sinhora1404Ismil Nagar Sirohi Uparhar
59Ps Thareru1011Harbandhan Pur
60Ps Kalafarpur1038Kalaferpur Uparhar
61Ps Sanaha1352Sanaha Uparhar
62Ps Dinkarpur853Dinkar Pur
63Ps Tahseenpur1293Tahasin Pur
64Ps Lahrapur910Lahra Pur
65Patel Smarak Vidyapeeth Paranapur922Parana Pur
66Ps Theonga671Thenvga
67Ps Misrauli549Thenvga
68Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital Baidarapur528Bhawaniya Pur
70Ps Kapasi1028Kapasi
72Ps Gopinathpur (Newada) North1074Gopinath Pur
73Ps Gopinathpur (Newada) South598Gopinath Pur
74Jhs Lakhauri East972Lakhauri
75Jhs Lakhauri West1172Budhauli
76Ps Shekhpur Zafar West1226Sheikhpur Jafar
77Ps Shekhpur Zafar East801Sheikhpur Jafar
78Ps Dhannipur854Sheikhpur Jafar
79Ps Raunahi904Raunahi Uparhar
80Ps Raunahi Extra961Raunahi Uparhar
84Kanya Jhs Raunahi North826Raunahi Uparhar
85Kanya Jhs Raunahi South849Raunahi Uparhar
86Ps Salhepur Nimaicha Extra618Salhepur Nimaicha
87Ps Salhepur Nimaicha East954Salhepur Nimaicha
88Ps Salhepur Nimaicha West760Salhepur Nimaicha
89Ps Gopinathpur (Sohawal)827Sohawal
90Ps Uchitpur757Uchit Pur
91Ps Vishunpur Sara East171Bishunpur Sara
92Ps Vishunpur Sara West1482Bishunpur Sara
93Jhs Mirpur Kanta (Nai Bazar) East1072Mirpur Kanta
94Jhs Mirpur Kanta (Nai Bazar) West999Mirpur Kanta
95Govt. Girls Inter College Mirpur Kanta North1020Mirpur Kanta
96Govt. Girls Inter College Mirpur Kanta South1107Mirpur Kanta
97Jhs Surwari North907Surwari
98Jhs Surwari South766Surwari
99Ps Agethuwa830Agethua
100Ps Majnawan North1348Majnawa
101Ps Majnawan South1432Majnawa
102Ps Gaura Bramhnan (Sultannagar)938Gaura Brahman
103Ps Arthar East1199Arthar
104Ps Arthar West1246Arthar
105Ps Barauli I First1217Antpur
106Ps Pure Diwan843Arthar
107Ps Sokhawan East1011Sukhawa
108Ps Sokhawan West636Sukhawa
109Ps Panditpur805Pandit Pur
110Ps Khirauni1168Khirauni
111Kanya Ps Khirauni East1199Khirauni
112Kanya Ps Khirauni West1256Khirauni
113Ps Suchittaganj East790Khirauni
114Ps Suchittaganj West1169Khirauni
115Ps Suchittaganj Extra574Khirauni
116Ps Kola East1059Kola
117Ps Kola West779Kola
118Ps Katrauli North918Katrauli
119Ps Katrauli South912Katrauli
120Jhs Magalsi North1326Manglasi Uparhar
121Jhs Mangalsi Middle 11446Manglasi Uparhar
122Jhs Mangalsi Middle 21031Manglasi Uparhar
123Jhs Mangalsi South1171Manglasi Uparhar
124Ait Inter College Jaganpur North1086Jaganpur
125Ait Inter College Jaganpur South818Jaganpur
126Ps Jaganpur East1017Jaganpur
127Ps Jaganpur West918Jaganpur
128Ps Ibrahimpur Diwli North1340Ibrahimpur Dewali Uparhar
129Ps Ibrahimpur Diwli South209Ibrahimpur Dewali Uparhar
130Ps Firojpur Uparhar801Ibrahimpur Dewali Uparhar
131Ps Chirra Mohammadpur East1188Chirra Mohammad Pur
132Ps Chirra Mohammdpur Middle990Chirra Mohammad Pur
133Ps Chirra Mohammadpur West690Chirra Mohammad Pur
134Ps Rasoolpur Sakrawal1028Rasulpur Sakrawal
135Ps Bhitaura968Bhitaura
136Ps Bhikharipur604Moiya Kapoor Pur
137Ps Moiya Begamganj North1285Moiya Kapoor Pur
138Ps Moiya Begamganj Middle1340Moiya Kapoor Pur
139Ps Moiya Begamganj South743Moiya Kapoor Pur
140Ps Hunsepue742Hunsepur
141Ps Hunsepur765Hunsepur
142Ps Salarpur1106Salarpur
143Jhs Haripur Jalalabad South649Haripur Jalalabad
144Jhs Haripur Jalalabad Middle774Haripur Jalalabad
145Jhs Haripur Jalalabad North1427Haripur Jalalabad
146Ps Manapur1250Manapur
147Ps Raipur East1408Raypur
148Ps Raipur West1076Raypur
149Ps Kotsarai East1102Kot Saray
150Ps Kotsarai West551Kot Saray
151Ps Fatehpur Saraiya1052Fatehpur Saraiya Uparhar
152Ps Manjhakala975Kot Saray
153Ps Ghatampur924Mumtaj Nagar
154Ps Mumtajnagar East948Mumtaj Nagar
155Ps Mumtajnagar West1056Mumtaj Nagar
156Ps Hajipur Singhpur East1258Hazipur Singhpur
157Ps Hajipur Singhpur South249Hazipur Singhpur
158Ps Mirzapur1486Banvir Pur
159Ps Banbirpur South1111Banvir Pur
160Ps Jagdishpur743Jagdish Pur
161Ps Bichhiya742Bichhiya
162Kanya Jhs Gopalpur852Gopalpur
164Ps Bhikhanpur639Mumtaj Nagar
165Ps Tajpur Kodra1200Tajpur Kodara
166Ps Vallipur1052Ballipur
167Ps Gauhania East1065Gauhaniya Saloni
168Ps Gauhania West433Gauhaniya Saloni
169Ps Mokalpur509Gauhaniya Saloni
170Ps Sirhir Narsinghpur North1093Sirhir Narsinghpur A.
171Ps Sirhir Narsinghpur South1072Sirhir Narsinghpur
172Ps Mohiuddinpur1266Mohiuddin Pur
173Ps Bhaipur1048Bhaie Pur
174Ps Daulatpur920Daulat Pur
176Ps Daulatpur Extra855Daulat Pur
177Ps Amouna North1105Amauna
178Ps Amouna South906Amauna
179Ps Kadipur1334Kadipur
180Ps Bandidaspur540Bandi Daspur
181Ps Usru Amouna1328Usru Amauna
182Ps Rani Bazar (Sathari)1185Sathri
183Ps Sakhupara724Sakhupara
184Ps Kurawan543Kurawan
185Ps Sariyawan1480Sariyawa
190Jhs Shiwala Mau North1257Mau Yaduvansh Pur
191Jhs Shwala Mau Middle950Mau Yaduvansh Pur
192Jhs Shiwala Mau South1036Mau Yaduvansh Pur
193Ps Sophiyapara747Mahawan
194Jhs Mahawan661Ragghoopur
195Ps Mahawan North990Mahawan
196Ps Mahawan South556Mahawan
197Ps Barwa North993Barwa
198Ps Barwa South985Barwa
199Ps Kandaila1419Kandaila
200Ps Pora1058Pora
201Ps Antpur1118Antpur
202Ps Dasauli806Dasauli
203Ps Chhatirwa1200Chhatirwa
204Ps Chandpur Kail835Chandpur Kail
205Ps Saraiya1276Saraiya
206Ps Parakail933Para Kail
207Ps Kail Keshavpur1158Kail
209Ps Rajepur895Rajapur Mafi
210Ps Vinayakpur613Rajapur Mafi
211Ps Babhangawan1156Babhangawan
212Ps Mirjapur Nimauli East938Mirzapur Nimauli
213Ps Mirjapur Nimauli West1037Mirzapur Nimauli
214Ps Paliya Gova North941Paliagoa
215Ps Paliya Gova South925Paliagoa
216Ps Bargdhiya (Mainuddinpur)1105Mainuddinpur
217Ps Mainuddinpur (Jamuratganj)1186Mainuddinpur
218Pachayat Ghar Aruwawan North1206Arwawa
219Pachayat Ghar Aruwawan South682Arwawa
220Ps Najirpur674Arwawa
221Ps Khanpur Masodha East1259Khanpur Masodha
222Ps Khanpur Masodha West1180Khanpur Masodha
223Seth Dwarikadas Mhs Motinagar1411Madhupur
225Ps Dharmdaspur661Dharamdaspur
226Jhs Abanpur Saroha East692Abanpur Saroha
227Jhs Abanpur Saroha Middle1183Abanpur Saroha
228Jhs Abanpur Saroha West1032Abanpur Saroha
229Ps Paliya Risali1090Paliyarisali
230Ps Madhupur Extra1099Madhupur
231Ps Madhupur New Building446Madhupur
232Ps Madhupur239Madhupur
233Ps Kalyan Bhadarsa (Paglabhari)1135Kaliyan Pur Bhaderash
234Ps Bibipur571Bibipur
235Ps Raithua1385Raithuwa
236Shri Bharat Umv Nandigram North1035Nandigram
237Ps Dostpur955Dostpur
238Ps Naipura East910Naipura
239Ps Naipura West751Naipura
240Ps Bhadarsa Bhahar (Mira Jaina)861Bhadersa Ta. Bahar
241Kanya Jhs Raja Ka Purwa (Bhadarsa Bhahar)827Bhadersa Ta. Bahar
242Ps Bhadarsa Town North782Bhadarsa (NP)
243Ps Bhadarsa Town South871Bhadarsa (NP)
244Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Rajepur (Bhadarsa)1191Bhadarsa (NP)
245Jab Inter College Bhadarsa798Bhadarsa (NP)
250Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Ltd. Rajepur (Bhadarsa)1247Bhadarsa (NP)
251Ps Pipri1234Pipri
252Ps Halledwarikapur First1357Halle Dwarikapur
253Ps Halledwarikapur Second729Halle Dwarikapur
254Ps Shahganj First972Mukimpur Urf Paharpur
255Ps Shahganj Extra984Mukimpur Urf Paharpur
256Ps Shahganj Second1190Mukimpur Urf Paharpur
257Jhs Shahganj First1140Mukimpur Urf Paharpur
258Jhs Shahganj Second1368Mukimpur Urf Paharpur
259Ps Chandipur Nagahara366Chandipur Nagarha
260Ps Parua East1125Parwa
261Ps Parua West903Parwa
262Ps Sarai Bhanauli East773Sarai Manauli
263Ps Sarai Bhanauli West959Sarai Manauli
264Jhs Sarai Bhanauli North1374Sarai Manauli
265Jhs Sarai Bhanauli South1018Sarai Manauli
266Ps Punhpi1273Puhpi
267Ps Khevli527Khewli
268Ps Ismilepur752Imliya
269Ps Jalalpur Mafi East1165Jalalpur Mafi
270Ps Jalalpur Mafi West1124Jalalpur Mafi
271Ps Dasrathpur East1291Dashrath Pur
272Ps Dasrathpur West308Pure Bajaj
273Ps Jainpur800Jainpur
274Ps Nevada Bhavapur East1318Bhawapur
275Ps Nevada Bhavapur West294Bhawapur
276Ps Jeruwa829Jarua
277Ps Baburiha Kaundha747Baburiha(Kaundha)
278Ps Sherpur838Sherpur
279Ps Gundhour New Buliding1148Gundhaur
280Ps Gundhour Old Buliding1355Godhaura
281Ps Patupur1417Patupur
282Ps Patupur Ballipur First942Patupur
283Ps Patupur Ballipur Second913Patupur
284Ps Lutfabad Bachauli East670Lutfabad Bachhauli Anshik
285Ps Lutfabad Bachauli West1344Lutfabad Bachhauli
286Ps Malethu Kanak East1264Malethu Kanak
287Ps Malethu Kanak West1398Malethu Kanak
288Ps Dhenuvavan944Dhanuawa
289Ps Karaundi East737Karaundi
290Ps Karaundi West684Karaundi
291Ps Ramdaspur Majhauli512Ramdaspur Manjharauli
292Ps Khempur Chandai1496Khemapur Chandei
293Jhs Rurukhas1434Rus Khas
294Ps Rurukhas East593Rus Khas
295Ps Rurukhas West1191Rus Khas
296Ps Padri1227Padera
297Panchayat Bhavan Dhemavaishya1408Tama Vaisya
298Ps Devkali Mafi989Deokali
299Ps Nandupur359Nandupur
300Ps Parvarpara479Parwar Para
301Ps Sohval Saloni1380Sohwal Saloni
302Ps Kudha949Kundha
303Ps Dhema Shivbakhsrai1114Tema Shivbaxrai
304Ps Saresar448Saresar
305Ps Chanvardhar632Chwardaar
306Ps Bikapur North1193Bikapur (NP)
307Ps Bikapur South1384Bikapur (NP)
308Bharti Inter Collage Bikapur790Bikapur (NP)
312Ps Toromafi North879Toro Mafi
313Ps Toromafi Extra633Toro Mafi
314Ps Toromafi South1310Toro Mafi
315Ps Toromafi Middle1408Toro Mafi
316Ps Vasudevpur906Yadav Pur
317Ps Sonkhari North1111Sonkhari
318Ps Sonkhari South456Sonkhari
319Ps Sulhepur945Sulhepur
320Ps Pakdi Durgadaspur528Pakri Durgadas Pur
321Jhs Rampur Bhagan North725Rampur Bhagan
322Jhs Rampur Bhagan South 2832Rampur Bhagan
323Jhs Rampur Bhagan Middle1265Rampur Bhagan
324Jhs Rampur Bhagan South 1780Rampur Bhagan
325Ps Sagarpur524Rampur Bhagan
326Ps Satna973Satna
327Ps Kodaila East550Kodaula
328Ps Kodaila West1019Kodaula
329Ps Umarni Pipri866Umrani Pipari
330Ps Bhikhi Sarai748Bhiki Sarai
331Ps Nandrauli First1296Bikapur (NP)
332Ps Nandrauli Second757Bikapur (NP)
333Ps Usri747Usari
334Ps Karanpur644Karan Pur
335Ps Khemasaray663Khema Sarai
336Ps Bachrampur1010Bachhram Pur
337Ps Bilarimafi North847Bikapur (NP)
338Ps Bilarimafi South780Bikapur (NP)
339Ps Sherpur Para1051Sherpur Para
340Ps Purelala West580Purelala
341Ps Purelala Extra968Purelala
342Pandit Jawaharlal Inter College Khjurahat858Khajurahat
343Pandit Jawaharlal Inter College Kajurahat778Khajurahat
345Ps Pranpur547Pranpur
346Ps Sahapara1425Shahpara
347Ps Katari East1352Katari
348Ps Katari West733Katari
349Jhs Mahavan1324Mahawan
350Ps Sahavan722Mahawan

Last Updated on November 15, 2014