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Polling Booth in Bidhuna Assembly Constituency

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Bidhuna Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bidhuna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bidhuna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ps Ishwarpur454Ishwarpur
2Ps Jaisinghpur Kanak1001Jai Singhpur Kanak
3Ps Harnagpur265Harnagarpur
4Ps Umrain Room No1709Umrani
5Ps Umrain Room 2801Umrani
6Jila Panchyat Umv Umrain Room1300Umrani
7Jila Panchyat Umv Umrain Room 21213Umrani
8Ps Nagla Daulat401Nagla Daulat
9Ps Bandha Kuchuaila431Nagla Silwat
10Ps Kukarkat1094Kukarkat
11Ps Rampura921Rampura
12Ps Gajipur886Gazipur
13Ps Udai Pur1287Udaipur
14Ps Nagira Raja Ram1204Udaipur
15Gandh Ic Erwa Katra Room No11029Airwa Kuili
16Gandh Ic Erwa Katra Room No21026Airwa Kuili
17Gandh Ic Erwa Katra Room No3979Airwa Tikur
18Gandh Ic Erwa Katra Room No4505Airwatikta
19Ps Bhatpur East Room1009Bhatpura
20Ps Bhatpur West Room865Bhatpura
21Ps Airwakatra East855Airwa Tikur
22Ps Airwa Katra Single Room720Airwa Tikur
23Ps Airwa Katra Wast1134Airwa Tikur
24Ps Katika636Katika
25Ps Raghunath Pur East1139Raghunathpur
26Ps Raghunath Pur Wast506Raghunathpur
27Ps Belghali569Beljhali
28Ps Umredi663Umredhi
29Ps Patna Airwa1291Patna Airwa
30Ps Nagla Vaishya814Nagla Bais
31Ps Dova Mafi East1219Dobaa Mafi
32Ps Dova Mafi West1144Dobaa Mafi
33Ps Dovamafi New Bilding1072Bojha
34Ps Pajhangoi East856Pakhangoi
35Ps Pakhangoi West627Nagla Pahari
36Ps Murcha Musha276Murcha Musha
37Ps Barona Khurd593Barauna Khurd
38Ps Surajpur Umrain714Surajpur Umrain
39Ps Sejhupur New Building764Shekhupur
40Janta Vidhalay Ic Barauna Kala Room No1992Barauna Kalan
41Janta Vidhalay Ic Barauna Kala Room No2660Barauna Kalan
42Janta Vidhalay Ic Barauna Kala Room No31223Barauna Kalan
43Janta Vidhalay Ic Barauna Kala Room No4909Barauna Kalan
44Ps Barona Kala1373Barauna Kalan
45Ps Ajara1356Barauna Kalan
46Ps Bhaidpir East808Bhedpur
47Ps Bhaidpur West1138Bhedpur
48Ps Nahra Bojh504Barauna Kalan
49Ps Ballpur Rajpur North1082Ballpur Rajpur
50Ps Ballpur Rajpur South656Ballrajpur
51Ps Banjharhar Ganupur594Ganupur
52Ps Alainagar M Ganupur380Ganupur
53Ps Hinhapur499Kalarpur
54Shri Mahaveer Mv Punavar759Punawar
55Ps Saray Shishgran1092Sarai Shishgaran
56Ps Baivaha East1339Baibaha
57Ps Baivaha West1254Baibaha
58Ps Ratha780Ratha Bujhoua
59Ps Rampur Khas1415Rampur Khas
60Pmv Masudpur1405Masodpur
61Ps Nandpur872Nandpur
62Ps Ekghara Bidhuna923Bidhuna
63Ps Manikothi1100Manikothi
64Ps Muradpir East1157Nurabad
65Ps Miradpur West480Nurabad
66Pmv Kudarkot North Room N0 11565Kudar Kot
67Pmv Kudarkot North Room N0 2104Kudar Kot
68Ps Second Kudarkot East742Kudar Kot
69Ps Second Kudarkot West763Kudar Kot
70Ps Kudarkot834Kudar Kot
71Ps Gopiyapur448Gopiapur
72Ps Shankarpur229Shankarpur
73Ps Bibipur868Bibipur
74Pmv Hamirpur Ruru1382Hamirpur Ruru
75Ps Samayan East1312Samain
76Ps Samayan West777Samain
77Ps Ratanpur1106Samain
78Ps Nagla Hirmi872Nagla Hirmi
79Ps Faijujlapur684Faijullapur
80Ps Saray Kachwaha859Bahadurpur Ruru
81Ps Kaba876Kaba
82Ps Gulalpur380Gulalpur
83Ps Chikta875Chikta
84Ps Surendha1364Surendha
85Ps Beelpur Airwa1057Beelpur Airwa
86Ps Surajpur Airwa716Surajanpur Airwa
87Ps Badhin North1108Badin
88Ps Badhin South1029Badin
89Ps Badhin562Badin
90Ps Bhatora370Badin
91Ps Karmupur583Kunwarpur
92Ps Ahilwara308Badin
93Sahkari Sangh Harchandrapur803Harchandpur
94Ps Bhatoli Room No11164Bhatoli Bidhuna
96Ps Pilakhana352Pilkhana
97Ps Chandoli1180Chandauli
98Ps Rathgav1331Rathgaon
99Pmv Rathagav677Rathgaon
100Pmv Rathagav South590Rathgaon
101Ps Nagla Nirjan Room No11171Rathgaon
102Ps Nagla Nirjan Room No21135Rathgaon
103Ps Kala Bojh1294Kalabojh
104Ps Dhanwali East921Dhan Wali
105Ps Dhanwali West891Dhan Wali
106Ps Pasua959Pasua
107Ps Bhagwanpur549Pasua
108Ps Khanjahapur Chirkua792Khan Jahanpur Chirkuan
109Ps Khanjahapur Chirkua Room No 2785Khan Jahanpur Chirkuan
110Adarsha Umv Bidhuna Room No1831Sarai Pratham
111Adarsha Umv Bidhuna Room No121039Ludhpura
113Ps Bidhuan Pratham Room No1957Bidhuna (NP)
114Ps Bidhuan Pratham Room N2854Bidhuna (NP)
115Ps Bidhuna Old Bidhuna North Room No 11481Bidhuna (NP)
116Ps Bidhuna Old Bidhuna South Room No 2829Bidhuna (NP)
117Ps Bidhuna Old Bidhuna South Room No 3795Bidhuna (NP)
118Pmv Bidhuan Room No 1742Bidhuna (NP)
119Pmv Bidhuan Room No 21170Bidhuna (NP)
120Pmv Bidhuan Room No 31094Bidhuna (NP)
121Pmv Bidhuan Room No 41481Bidhuna (NP)
122Pmv Bidhuan Room No 5917Bidhuna (NP)
123Pv Ambedkar Nagar Town Bidhuna971Bidhuna (NP)
124Pv Ambedkar Nagar Town Bidhuna West Room1199Bidhuna (NP)
125Rajkiya Balika Ic New Building Roomno 1893Bidhuna (NP)
126Rajkiya Balika Ic New Building Roomno 2995Bidhuna (NP)
127Rajkiya Balika Ic New Building Roomno 3784Bidhuna (NP)
128Rajkiya Balika Ic New Building Roomno 1-4786Bidhuna (NP)
129Rajkiya Balika Ic New Building Roomno 5804Bidhuna (NP)
130Rajkiya Balika Ic New Building Roomno 61227Bidhuna (NP)
131Ps Kurpura East Room1267N/A
132Ps Kurpura West Room914Bidhuna (NP)
133Ps Sahaspur757Bidhuna (NP)
134Ps Mau East1141Mahu
135Ps Mau West1362Mahu
136Ps Gura636Gura
137Ps Tara Ka Purwa Majra Rajpur362Rajpur Bidhuna
138Ps Katara Maja Sabhad East1348Sabahad
139Ps Katara Maja Sabhad Wast904Sabahad
140Ps Katra Sabhad Single Room612Sabahad
141Naveen Ps Jagatpur Majra Sabhad1157Sabahad
142Ps Badanpur Majra Sabhad1006Sabahad
143Ps Madha Machijhee1060Marha Machhi Jhil
144Ps Sanwaliya1014Sanwaliya
145Ps Banthra North1223Banthara
146Ps Banthra South847Banthara
147Ps Banthra West656Banthara
148Ps Raudha Pur1138Belpur Bela
149Ps Kiratpur600Kiratpur
150Ps Tajpur Room No 11042Tajpur Bidhuna
151Ps Tajpur Room N0 2513Tajpur Bidhuna
152Ps Basai725Basaai
154S Purwa Ajeet925Nurpur Kharagpur
155Ps Raipur Kaihtawa368Rampur Kaithawa(Rampur)
156Ps Dharmandpur1443Dharmangadpur
157Ps Jaravan984Jaraon
158Ps Purwa Dhane395Purwa Dhane
159Ps Amratpur548Amritpur
160Ps Kaithawa1277Kaithawa
161Ps Kashari616Kashari
162Ps Bandhmau Room No1932Purwa Bhadauria Bela
163Ps Bandhmau Room No 2984Bahdhmau
164Ps Siryava North Room No 1711Sirawan
166Ps Gaili1141Gaili
167Ps Ram Nagar586Achhalda
168Ps Kakrahi453Kakrahi
169Ps Mahu1292Mau
170Ps Shivra645Seora
171Ps Bhadoraroom No 1``866Bhadaura
172Ps Bhadora Room No2809Bhadaura
173Ps Barrulkulasar1023Burkulasar
174Ps Dhipara527Burkulasar
175Ps Bela Pratham Room No 11012Bela
176Ps Bela Pratham Room No 2928Bela
177Ps Bela Pratham Room No 31266Bela
178Ps Bela Pratham Room No4999Bela
179S Purwa Lachhi Part Bela463Bela
180Ps Hardu1375Hardu
181Ps Prathavipur686Hardu
182Ps Nurari960Hardu
183Ps Kursi828Kursi
184Ps Kohari North547Kursi
185Ps Kohrai South1170Kursi
186Ps Bunchpur404Bunchpur
187Ps Chando476Chandau
188Ps Alipur1105Alipur
189Ps Usraha East1077Usraha
190Ps Usarah West632Alipur
191Ps Paliya542Palia
192Panchyat Ghar Pusali489Pusauli
193Ps Bhanupur Pusauli602Narainpur Bhanu
194Ps Dodapur1387Dondapur
195Janta Maha Vidhyala Bhagwantapur643Bhagwanpur
196Ps Nabada Dadu Room No 1930Nawada Dandu
197Ps Nabada Dadu Room No 2698Nawada Dandu
198Ps Maghokmeet East889Marokh Mit
199Ps Maghokmeet West835Marokh Mit
200Psmpurwa Dala888Nawada Mal Khan
201Ps Banhorilya927Bamrauliya
202Ps Purwa Dixit923Bhadsiya
203Naveen Ps Bhikara West792Bhikhra
204Naveen Ps Bhikara Eest768Bhikhra
205Sadhan Sahakari Samati Ruppur1068Rooppur Sahar
206Ps Indapamau999Indapamau
207Shri Naraya Ic Asjana Auraiya East1294Asjana
208Shri Naraya Ic Asjana Auraiya West1040Asjana
209Ps Kalyan Pur Jagu East1219Kaliyanpur Jagoo
210Ps Kalyanpur Jagu West1027Purwa Mohkam
211Kanya Ps Hathnapur434Hathnapur
212Ps Saraypukhta North1200Harchandpur
213Ps Saraypukhta South1242Harchandpur
214Ps Bhasora1441Bhasora
215Bhagwandas Ic Harchandra East1133Har Chandpur
216Bhagwandas Ic Harchandra East Room No1820Har Chandpur
217Bhagwandas Ic Harchandra East Room No2790Har Chandpur
218Shri Sundarsingh Ic Rangar Harchandpur Room No1843Har Chandpur
219Shri Sundarsingh Ic Rangar Harchandpur Room No21444Harchandpur
220Ps Jalalpur Phaphund646Jalalpur Phaphund
221Ps Dakhani1310Dakhnai
222Ps Kanho Room No 11055Kanhon
223Ps Kanho Room No 2546Kanhon
224Ps Gahesar531Gahesar
225Shrimati Ramdulari Umv Auton Room N1953Aouton
226Shrimati Ramdulari Umv Auton Room N2706Purwa Asha
227Ps Gulriha1235Gulriha
228Jic Aseni Room No 1952Ashaini
229Jic Aseni Room No 2948Ashaini
230Janta Ic Aseni Room N0 31216Ashaini
231Ps Barru Phaphund1137Bhatauli Phaphoond
232Ps Purwa Bale949Purwa Walai
233Ps Dhakar1101Dharkan
234Ps Aghara1284Aghara
235Tomar Raghunath Ic Ariyari Room No 1892Ariyari
236Tomar Raghunath Ic Ariyari Room No 21062Mudaina Chhadami Lal
237Ps Malgawa644Aghara
238Ps Lakhnu649Lakhunon
239Ps Pahadpur1243Lakhunon
240Ps Purwa Hari607Lakhunon
241Ps Bahadur1129Bhahadur Pur Sahar
242Ps Piprauliya405Pipraulia
243Ps Purwa Khagan1311Harbanspur
244Ps Tilak Pur807Tilakpur Sahar
245Ps Purwa Jain Noth1113Harpura
246Ps Purwa Jain Soth992Harpura
247Pmv Sahar Room No11039Purwa Kutemadari
248Pmv Sahar Room No21068Purwa Kutemadari
249Jagdish Chandra Agnihotri Purwa Danshah Room No 11260Purwa Danshah
250Jagdish Chandra Agnihotri Purwa Danshahwest Room No 2957Purwa Danshah
251Jagdish Chandra Agnihotri Purwa Danshah Room No 2602Purwa Danshah
252Ps Purwa Somvansi737Purwa Som Banshi
253Ps Rawat Pur1089Purwa Rawat
254Ps Fatehpur1088Basaai
255Ps Fatehpur West684Fatehpur
256Ps Baderahar455Barerahar
257Ps Badriyapur762Bandriapur
258Ps Patna Bela1210Puwa Bela
259Ps Chiroli 1/3650Chirauli Eksucs 1/3
260Ps Chiroli 2/3902Chirauli Eksucs 1/3
261Ps Neemhar672Nimhar
262Ps Simra Majra Neemhar1010Nimhar
263Ps Karoli839Karauli
264Narayan Ic Malhosi Room No11436Malhausi
265Narayan Ic Malhosi Room No21059Malhausi
266Ps Barkasi1317Barkasi
267Ps Purwa Makhan Lakhi1272Bamnauhti
268Ps Johar943Jaohar
269Ps Madhahapur949Marhadaspur
270Ps Auron1289Oron
271Ps Damarpur611Damarpur
272Ps Yakoobpur East1394Yakubpur
273Ps Yakoobpur West1202Yakubpur
274Ps Yakoobpur South1134Yakubpur
275Ps Piproli Shiv Room No1`877Piparauli Shiv
276Ps Piproli Shiv Room No2704Piparauli Shiv
277Ps Piproli Shiv Room No3685Piparauli Shiv
278Ps Piproli Shiv Room No4823Piparauli Shiv
279Ps Balidadpur776Balidadpur
280Ps Baroli1391Barauli
281Ps Matera Room No 1805Matera
282Ps Matera Room No 2853Matera
283Ps Ramnagar Malhosi783Ramnagar Malhausi
284Ps Aneso1049Anison
285Ps Jamalpur548Jalalpur Bidhuna
286Ps Patti Gayani1006Nawada Singh
287Ps Shiic Tidua Yakoobpur1095Tidua
288Ps Dharam Pur Gyani734Tidua
289Ps Tiknapur828Patti Torana
290Ps Damari Ghurau404Patti Ghurau
291Ps Jalalpur Bidhuna800Jalalpur Bidhuna
292Pmv Kihkichagopalpur933Kichahiya Gopalpur
293Ps Gopal752Kichahiya Gopalpur
294Ps Shahbajpur Bidhuna West1369Shahbajpur Bidhuna
295Ps Shahbajpur Bidhuna North Roomn0 11269Shahbajpur Bidhuna
296Ps Shahbajpur Bidhuna North Roomn0 2527Shahbajpur Bidhuna
297Ps Jeewa Sirsani East964Jiwa Sirsani
298Ps Jeewa Sirsani West952Jiwa Sirsani
299Ps Barau774Barau
300Ps Gapchariyapur1111Ingura
301Ps Sauthra1041Sauthara
303P&Pmv Bahlolpur919Bahalolpur
304Ps Purwa Phakera903Purwa Fakire
305Ps Tajpur Chhaunk Room N0 1980Tajpur Dhonk
306Ps Tajpur Chhaunk Room N0 2580Tajpur Dhonk
307Ps Bhatoli Phaphund1158Bhatauli Phaphoond
308Ps Shivganj1407Bariyare Mau
309Ps Purwa Maka1226Pouthi
310Ps Sabalpur554Sabalpur
311Ps Attethse529Udaipur
312Pmv Samai588Purwa Samai
313Ps Seenpurmana Room No1`889Singpur Wamana
314Ps Seenpurmana Room No2`643Singpur Wamana
315Ps Deeppur Majra Seegpur Mana844Singpur Wamana
316Ps Pura Kala Room No 11148Pura Kalan
317Ps Pura Kala Room No 21168Pura
318Ps Uprenga Part Thulpiya Urf Dhupkari1302Thurpip Urf Dhupkari Thulpia U
319Ps Dhupkari East1150Thurpip Urf Dhupkari Thulpia U
320Ps Dhupkari West1052Thurpip Urf Dhupkari Thulpia U
321Swami Premshivsnand Manyoda Thulpiya672Manyoda
322Ps Bandi Ka Purwa Bhaisodi858Bhaisodi
323Ps Patti Thakur Gaun505Patti Thakur Gaon
324Ps Thakur Gaun911Thakur Gaon
325Ps Purwa Hema431Purwa Hema
326Ps Parsu486Parsu
327Pmv Bichauli502Nagal Bhichauli
328Ps Kanhai546Purwa Kanhai
329Ps Asu Room No1`1174Asu
330Ps Asu Room No 2777Asu
331Pmv Mandhawan East822Sahayal
332Pmv Mandhawan Weast1182Sahayal
333Ps Sahayal East Room No 1789Sahayal
334Ps Sahayal West Room No 21127Sahayal
335Swatantra Ic Sahayal East1380Sahayal
336Swatantra Ic Sahayal West1374Sahayal
337Ps Badshahpur Chhaunk908Badshahpur Chhonk
338Ps Hari Singh Madiya639Gauri Ram Prasad
339Ps Avavar East1208Avavar
340Ps Avavar West1417Avavar
341Ps Niranjanpur462Niranjanpur
342Ps Tayea Pur761Taiya Pur
343Ps Kanmau1431Kanmau
344Ps Aghar629Adhar
345Ps Madhwapur Room N0 1`1148Madarakhapur
346Ps Madhwapur Room N0 2826Madhawapur
347Adarash Guru Baba Jhs Mogriha1386Mugriha
348Ps Belhupur480Bhedpur
349Ps Navimohan East993Navi Mohan
350Ps Navimohan West423Navi Mohan
351Ps Sekhu635Sikhoo
352Ps Maharahpur Bidhuna577Maharajpur Bidhuna
353Ps Karchala949Karchala
354Ps Sachenanand Jan0 I C Lahrapur1104Karchala
355Pmv Tidua Part Lehrapur1076Laharapur
356Ps Divare East764Divari
357Ps Divare W Est821Divari
358Ps Bhuniyapur477Bhuniyapur
359Ps Madnai493Marnai
360Ps Lachhimau Room No 1789Lachhiya Mau
361Ps Lachhimau Room No 21307Lachhiya Mau
362Ps Naugawa North1100Naugawan
363Ps Naugawasouth1274Naugawan
364Manas Ic Kanchosi Bajar North899Thikiyapur
365Manas Ic Kanchosi Bajar Souh693Thikiyapur
366Ps Sukhampur631Sukhampur
367Ps Mudriya680Mudriya
368Ps Amuahar1211Amoahar
369Ps Hartoli1427Hartauli
370Ps Bijhai1170Basaai

Last Updated on November 15, 2014