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Polling Booth in Bhongaon Assembly Constituency

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Bhongaon Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhongaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhongaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Hannukheda Room 1565Hannukhera
2P.P. Hannukheda Room 2467Hannukhera
3P.P. Hannukheda Room 3828Hannukhera
4P.P. Marhari1018Marhari
5P.P. Balarpur556Marhari
6P.P. Nagla Himmat603Balarpur
7J.H. School Bhojpur455Bhojpur
8P.P. Ganeshpur385Bhojpur
9J.H. School Shahpur507Bhojpur
10P.P. Nagla Kankan468Bhojpur
11P.P. Gaushalpur502Bhojpur
12J.H.School Marhari425Marhari
13P.P. Lehra Room 1890Lehra
14P.P. Lehra Room 2935Lehra
15P.P. Nagla Semar1030Aurandh
16P.P. Nagla Dhansingh443Nagla Semar
17J.H. School Nagla Mitkar1140Nagla Mitkar
18P.P. Snda Room 1662Sanda
19P.P. Sanda Room 2625Sanda
20P.P. Atmadpur Room 11141Sanda
21P.P. Nagla Misur336Simarai
22P.P. Simrai Room 1539Simarai
23P.P. Simrai Room 21030Simarai
24P.P. Innikheda420Simarai
25P.P. Devgunj1063Devganj
26P.P. Daleeppur Kailai618Daleeppur Kailai
27Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Nagla Bhagat894Nagla Bhagat
28P.P. Sunnamai1165Sunnamai
29J.H.Schol Nagla Jain Kha704Sunnamai
30P.P. Jaramai654Jaramai
31P.P. Meharmai829Jaramai
32P.P. Nagla Shimbhu424Tisaulli
33P.P. Tisauli Room 1825Tisaulli
34P.P. Tisauli Room 21354Tisaulli
35P.P. Dhaukalpur722Tisaulli
36P.P. Jaili698Tisuli
37P.P. Jirauli Room 1869Jaili Jirauli
38Amar Shaheed Jadunath Chauhan P.M.V. Jirauli885Jaili Jirauli
39P.P. Shastri Nagar637Brijpur
40P.P. Barajpur480Brijpur
41P.P. Kunjalpur Sahara Purv Room801Sahara
42P.P. Nagla Devi Room 1981Sahara
43J.H.School Sahara Purv Room915Sahara
44J.H.Schoolpakshim Room606Sahara
45P.P. Babeena633Sahara
46P.P. Nagla Bhajan Room1805Simarai
47Panchayat Ghar Tejpura850Sahara
48P.P. Chitaua658Sahara
49P.P. Dhanmau1031Dhanmau
50P.P. Khatana876Dhanmau
51P.P. Nagla Jeesukh465Kinhawar
52P.P. Kinhawar Room 1727Kinhawar
53P.P. Kinhawar Room 2770Kinhawar
54Kanya P.P. Kinhawar636Kinhawar
55Angan Badi Kendra Badanpur381Kinhawar
56P.P. Bhavichandpur Room 1756Aurandh
57P.P. Bhavichandpur Room 2491Aurandh
58P.P. Dulhapur Purv Room400Aurandh
59P.P. Aurandh Room1738Aurandh
60P.P. Aurandh Room21024Aurandh
61P.P. Bhoota564Aurandh
62Dayanand Inter College Aleepur Kheda Room 11296Alipur Khera
63Dayanand Inter College Aleepur Kheda Room 21277Alipur Khera
64Dayanand Inter College Aleepur Kheda Room 3794Alipur Khera
65J.H. School Bardhania1002Alipur Khera
66P.P. Bardhania561Alipur Khera
67Panchayat Bhavan Balarpur521Balarpur
68P.P. Ramnagar469Balarpur
69P.P. Jagatpur Room 1734Jagatpur
70P.P. Jagatpur Room 2697Jagatpur
71P.V. Nagla Ujeer562Jagatpur
72P.P. Surajpur539Surjanpur Barkhera
73P.P. Barkheda614Surjanpur Barkhera
74P.P. Dudhauna Room 1813Dudhauna
76P.P. Burrachak Sahara711Bura Chak Sahara
77P.P Bhanau1295Aurandh
78P.P. Akbelpur509Alipur Khera
79P.P. Dalpatpur935Alipur Khera
80P.P. Gadiya Govindepur825Garhiya Govindpur
81P.P. Chaturibari341Chhatripur
82J.H. School Asafpur451Asafpur
83P.P. Hussainpur445Husainpur
84P.P. Kalyanpur736Jasrathpur
85Panchayat Ghar Jasrathpur403Jasrathpur
86P.P. Barhat603Jasrathpur
87P.P. Manikpur Room 11654Manikpur
88P.P. Manikpur Room 285Manikpur
89P.P. Vikrampur814Alipur Patti
90P.P. Alipurpatti Uttari Room 1953Alipur Patti
91P.P. Alipurpatti Uttari Room 3655Alipur Patti
92P.P. Alipurpatti Dakshani Room930Alipur Patti
93P.P. Shivplapur1390Alipur Patti
94P.P. Kamalpur421Alipur Patti
95P.P. Vilon Room11025Billon
96P.P. Vilon Room2998Billon
97P.P. Naka948Naka
98P.P. Nagla Dhura344Sultan Ganj
99P.P. Nagla Chirra717Sultan Ganj
100P.P. Sultangunj808Sultan Ganj
101J.H. School Sultangunj834Sultan Ganj
102P.P. Fakaita258Sultan Ganj
103Bhaktavatsal Inter College Vichwa11106Bichhawan
104Bhaktavatsal Inter College Vichwa21162Bichhawan
105P.P. Nagla Dharapur398Bichhawan
106J.H. School Surjanpur 11086Surjanpur Barkhera
107P.P. Haviliya296Surjanpur Barkhera
108P.P. Santoshpur599Surjanpur Barkhera
109P.P. Fardpur741Fardpur
110P.P. Malpur1145Malpur
111P.P. Pal971Paal
112Panchayat Ghar Surajpur377Bara Surajpur
113P.P. Makkhanpur755Bara Surajpur
114P.P. Bara Surajpur600Bara Surajpur
115P.P. Jamaura1206Jamaura
116P.P. Harganpur470Harganpur
117P.P. Duli Bhag Misaura382Missaura
118P.P. Sulkhanpur860Sulkhanpur
119P.M.V. Sulkhanpur652Sulkhanpur
120P.P. Parsadpur562Harganpur
121P.P. Kulipur625Isapur Khas
122P.P. Chhacha Uttari Room1432Chhachha
123P.P. Chhacha Dakshani Room1178Chhachha
124P.P. Dwarikapur694Chhachha
125Kanya P.P. Banhar858Chhachha
126P.P. Jagatpura Majra Chhacha729Chhachha
127P.P. Umarihar825Chhachha
128P.P. Chanderpur901Chhachha
129P.P. Gigaura618Chhachha
130P.P. Jalalpur710Jalalpur
131P.P. Jamthari884Jambhari
132P.P. Nagla Naya Bhag Jamthari716Jambhari
133P.P. Nagla Deepa1240Ahirwa
135P.P. Nagla Lau636Ahirawa
136J.H. School Ahirva Uttari Room1093Ahirwa
137J.H. School Ahirva Dakshani Room1211Udaipur Naraini
138P.P. Nagla Mangali845Udaipur Naraini
139P.P. Narayanipur904Udaipur Naraini
140P.P. Soojapur701Meerapur Sujapur
141P.P. Nagla Mukund598Meerapur Sujapur
142Rajkiy Diksha Vidhyalay Mahavatpur936Mohabbatpur
143P.P. Nagla Sheesh933Mohabbatpur
144P.P. Nagla Khara721N/A
145P.P. Devipur893Devipur
146P.P. Durgapur Jasanpur444Jasanpur
147P.P. Jogpur476Devipur
148P.P. Rajvana900Rajwana
149P.V. Shivpura584Rajwana
150P.P. Nijampur580Nijampur
151P.P. Nijampur 2716BAROLI
152P.P. Rakri890Rakari
154P.P. Rakra987Rakra
155P.P. Muradpur Nagariya608Muradpur Nagaria
156P.P. Satghara755Biraimpur Satdhara
157P.P. Apoorpur476Apoor Pur
158Kanya P.P. Barauli1277BAROLI
159Hans Sarvodya J.H. School Takhrau Jeevanpur1052Takharau Jiwanpur
160P.P. Himaupur1204Himayunpur
161P.P. Bhvani Nagar Danchaura964Hasra
162P.P. Virsinghpur388Birsinghpur
163P.M.V. Noorampur823Bhainsroli
164P.P. Jasrajpur705Jasarajpur
165P.P. Bhainsrauli Uttari Room1096Bhainsroli
166P.P. Bhainsrauli Dakshni Room1233Bhainsroli
167P.P. Dayanatpur Mota698Dayant Nagar Mata
168P.P. Maddapur Bhogi380Dayant Nagar Mata
169P.P. Tikuri Dakshani Room882Tikuri
170P.P. Maddapur Dharam627Maddapur Khurd
171P.P. Madhaunagar753Madhonagar
172P.P. Tigwa412Tigwan
173P.P. Hasanpur Mallamai409Mallai Hussainpur
174P.V. Beelpurkhas701Beerpur Khas
175P.M.V. Vinodpur1407Binodpur
176P.P. Mayachandpur704Mayachandpur
177P.P. Partapur571Partappur
178P.P. Narsinghpur452Narsinghpur
179Panchayat Ghar Singhai231Partappur
180P.P. Amhera Purv Room1268Amhira
181P.P. Pooranpur484Pooranpur
182P.P. Naurangabad380Naurangabad
183P.P. Mahdiya393Mahadiya
184P.P. Merapur Chdami1181Meerpur Chhadami
185P.P. Aramsarai864Aram Sarai
186M.J.H. School Aram Saray895Aram Sarai
187P.P. Naglapayi Room 1444Aram Sarai
188Kanya P.V. Aramsaray435Aram Sarai
189P.P. Nagla Madhu395Aram Sarai
191P.P. Chivkariya1042Padampur
192P.P. Padampur422Padampur
193P.P. Mahanandpur581Mahananadpur
194P.P. Syona518Syona
195P.P. Shahalampur719Shah Alampur
196P.P. Sarjanpur534Sarjanpur
197P.V. Padua Bhongaon Dehaat678Bhogaon Dehat
198P.P. Nagla Bhagat637Ahemadpur
199P.P. Saidpur766Saidpur
200P.P. Salempur Padina1436Salempur Parhina
201Kanya. P.V. Ratanpur Kirkich664Ratanpur Kirkitch
202P.P. Veerpurkhurd683Nagla Bari
203P.P. Mayaorachak Abdullapur619Myora Chak Abdullapur
204P.V. Mangalpur592Mangalpur
205P.P. Jaitulpur979Jaitoolpur
206P.P. Koutpur Harchandpur547Harchandpur Meerapur
207P.P. Nagla Harisingh Shahjadepur Uttari Room745Sahjadopur
208P.V. Nagla Shahjadepur Room 1419Tarapur Chak
209P.V. Maholikheda Room 1518Maholi Khera
210P.V. Govindepur Room 1687Govindpur
211P.P. Maujepur542Maujepur
213P.P. Bhongaon Room 11390Bhogaon (NP)
214P.P. Bhongaon Room 21193Bhogaon (NP)
215P.P. Bhongaon Room 3536Bhogaon (NP)
216P.P. Bhongaon Room 4612Bhogaon (NP)
217Kanya P.V. Bhongaon1352Bhogaon (NP)
218Madan Inter College Room 1903Bhogaon (NP)
219Madan Inter College Room 22600Bhogaon (NP)
221Madan Inter College Bhongaon Room 1943Bhogaon (NP)
222Madan Inter College Bhongaon Room 61334Bhogaon (NP)
223National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 1532Bhogaon (NP)
224National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 2756Bhogaon (NP)
225National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 3931Bhogaon (NP)
226National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 4467Bhogaon (NP)
227National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 5773Bhogaon (NP)
228National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 6794Bhogaon (NP)
229National Inter Colllege Bhongaon Room 7702Bhogaon (NP)
230Buddha Ambedkar Vidhalaya Bhongaon Room 1642Bhogaon (NP)
231Buddha Ambedkar Vidhalaya Bhongaon Room 31138Bhogaon (NP)
232Buddha Ambedkar Vidhyalay Bhongaon Room 41307Bhogaon (NP)
233P.P. Mo. Chaudhari Kasba Bhongaon956Bhogaon (NP)
234P.P. Mo. Chaudhari Kasba Bhongaon 2687Bhogaon (NP)
235P.V. Rasulabad Room 1526Bhogaon (NP)
236P.V. Rasulabad Room 2969Bhogaon (NP)
237P.P. Sinaura835Rui Sinaura
238P.P. Rui Room 1993Rui Sinaura
239P.P. Rui Room 21098Rui Sinaura
240P.P. Lalupur Uttari Room766Murhauli
241P.P. Lalupur Dakshani Room1212Lalupura
243P.P. Mohanpur935Mohanpur
244P.P. Pusaina1495Pussaina
245Panchayat Bhavan Rampura995Rampura
246P.P. Jatpura Room 1555Rampura
247P.P. Shahjahanpur Room 1381Shahjahanpur
248Kanya P.P. Shivpuri558Adhar
249P.P. Aghar1055Adhar
250P.P. Aghar 2701Adhar
251P.P. Lalpur453Adhar
252P.P. Ruhela1015Adhar
253P.P. Katra607Byonti Kalan
254P.P. Lalman Room 1557Byonti Kalan
255P.P. Imiliya904Byonti Kalan
256P.P. Pahadpur Purv Room1380Paharpur
257P.P. Sherpur Chuharpur452Sherpur Chuharpur
258P.P. Akbarpurganau911Akbarpur Ganu
259P.P. Nagla Peith1337Nagla Penth
260P.P. Athalkada849Athalakra
261P.P. Kishanpur Gadiya972Bewar Grameem
262J.H. School Nagla Khikhar552Bewar Grameem
263P.P. Maddapur Khas912Maddapur Khas
264P.P Ramnagar532Ramnagar
265P.P. Nagla Param642Ramnagar
266P.P. Manpur Biku439Manpur Biku
267P.P. Sultanpur Navada739Sultanpur Nevada
268P.P. Ahmadpur Karuamai902Ahmadpur Karuamai
269P.P. Nagla Tankan Mallamai Uttari Room881Mallamai
270P.P. Nagla Tankan Mallamai461Mallamai
271P.V. Amrpur Room 1518Mallamai
272P.P. Lalapur830Mallamai
273P.P. Bajpur652Bajpur
274P.P. Jilhi871Jilhi
275P.P. Bhodhar514Jhandepur
276J.H.School Manpuruhari Uttari Room1133Kushalpur
277Panchayat Ghar Manpurhari996Manpur Hari
278Kanya P.P. Jalalpur Room 1594Jalalpur
280P.P. Bagpur940Baghpur
281J.H. Schol Bhoodpatiya299Bhur Patia
282.P.P. Bankiya1462Banakia
283Karashi Farm Gaggarpur Mallamai640Mallamai
284Amar Shaheed Inter College Bewar Room11307Bewar (NP)
285Amar Shaheed Inter College Bewar Room2723Bewar (NP)
286Amar Shaheed Inter College Bewar Room31054Bewar (NP)
287Amar Shaheed Inter College Bewar Room41417Bewar (NP)
288Amar Shaheed Inter College Bewar Room51125Bewar (NP)
289Bhartiya Inter College Room 1848Bewar (NP)
290Bhartiya Inter College Room 2695Bewar (NP)
291Bhartiya Inter College Room 31120Bewar (NP)
292Bhartiya Inter College Room 41077Bewar (NP)
293Bhartiya Inter College Room 51339Bewar (NP)
294P.P. Bewar First Room906Bewar (NP)
295P.P. Bewar Second Room1463Bewar Grameem
296P.P. Bewar Third Room282Bewar Grameem
297P.P. Rasulabad897Bewar Grameem
298P.V. Dalit Varg Sheelvant Bewar Room 11394Bewar Grameem
299P.V. Dalit Varg Sheelvant Bewar Room 2228Bewar Grameem
300Adarsh Janta Inter College Bewar1396Bewar Grameem
301P.P. Lakshmanpur819Sakat Bewar
302Kanya P.P. Sakat Bewar948Sakat Bewar
303P.P. Badahar586Sakat Bewar
304P.P. Puraiya Pakshim Room756Parigawan
305P.P. Jhandepur699Parigawan
306P.P. Saraymaddu555Sarai Mandu
307P.P. Joga1041Joga
308P.P. Nagla Bahori483Joga
309P.P. Durjanpur1031Paraunkha
310P.P. Akbarpur625Akbarpur Biku
311P.P. Akbarpur Biku Room 2565Naika Mau
312P.V. Manikapur854Akbarpur Biku
313P.P. Chahavilepur886Akbarpur Biku
314P.P. Ramnagariya411RAM NAGARIA
315P.P. Mehmoodiya Kamalpur965Kamalpur Mahmoddia
316P.P. Mehmoodiya Kamalpur2836Kamalpur Mahmoddia
317Deveshwar Inter College Room 11433Nabiganj
318Deveshwar Inter College Room 21237Nabiganj
320P.M.V. Taravdev449Tarwa Dewa
321P.P. Nagla Sudama1164Nagla Sudama
322P.P. Janaura1418Janaura
323P.P. Daudapur711Daudpur
324P.P. Shyampur Bhatpura881Shyampur Bhatpura
325Anganbadi Kendra Shyampur Bhatpura589Shyampur Bhatpura
326P.P. Mudai951Mundai
327P.P. Mudai 21308N/A
329P.M.V. Madhupuri971Madhupuri
330P.P. Harjapur727Harzapur
331P.V. Pachpukhra639Tiliyani
332P.P. Tiliyani1462Tiliyani
333Hair Secondary School Hussainpur955Hussainpur
334Panchayat Ghar Veelpur Room 1419Bilpur Hussainpur
335P.P. Raipur543Raipur
336P.P. Saraychak Govindpur466Raipur
337P.P. Kehari623Bajhera
338P.P. Paraukha557Paraunkha
339P.P. Paraukha 21494Paraunkha
340P.P. Sovanpur658Paraunkha

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