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Polling Booth in Bhojipura Assembly Constituency

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Bhojipura Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhojipura

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhojipura Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pra.Paa. Nagriya Kala1051Nagaria Kalan
2Pra.Paa. Nagriya Kala R.No.2877Nagaria Kalan
3Pra.Paa. Kabra Kishanpur R.No.1714Kabra Kishanpur
4Pra.Paa. Norabad R. No.1268Nurabad
5Pra.Paa. Pipoli R.No.1636Pipauli
6Pra.Paa. Rampura R.No. 11027Rampura
7Pra.Paa. Rampura R.No. 21074Rampura
8Pra.Paa. Swalepur Mujhidpur1018Salehpur Mujahidpur
9Pra.Paa. Dugarpur Dehaat Majra Dugarpur284Dungarpur
10Pra.Paa. Iswalampur R.No. 1792Islampur
11Pra.Paa. Iswalampur R.No. 2408Shergarh (NP)
12Pra.Paa. Shergarh Pratham R.No. 11119Shergarh (NP)
13Lajpat Ray In.Coll. R.No. 3218Shergarh (NP)
14Lajpat Ray In.Coll. R.No. 41695Shergarh (NP)
15Pra.Paa. Shergarh Second R.No. 11133Shergarh (NP)
16Vikash Khand Meeting Hall Shergarh1190Shergarh (NP)
17Vikash Khand Lipik Karyala Shergarh1405Shergarh (NP)
18Pra.Paa. Kavar Khas R857Shergarh (NP)
20Pra.Paa. Balpur R.No. 1823Balpur
21Pra.Paa. Rajpura R.No. 1396Rajpura
22Pra.Paa.Varipura R.No. 11212Baripur
23Pra.Paa. Kasvapur R.No. 1619Kasbapur
24Pra.Paa. Mohamadpur R.No. 11334Muhammadpur
25Pra.Paa. Mohamadpur R.No.21125Muhammadpur
26Pra.Paa. Jashanpur R.No. 1865Jasanpur
27Pra.Paa. Nandpur R.No. 1602Nandpur
28Pra.Paa. Kubarpur R.No. 1449Kunwarpur
29Pra.Paa. Mohideenpur R.No. 11019Mohiudinpur
30Pra.Paa. Boyadha R.No. 11423BHUDWA
31Pra.Paa. Tanda R.No. 11087Tanda
32Pra.Paa. Manpur R.No. 1757Manpur
33Juh.Hi. Aaklabad R.No. 11337Akilabad
34Juh.Hi. Basudhran Jageer R.No. 11331Basudharan Jagir
35Jhu.Hi. Basdhuran Jageer R.No. 2981Basudharan Jagir
36Chandr Shekhar Sisha Niketan Nagariya Khurd1138Nagaria Khurd
37Pra.Paa. Galuhiya R.No. 1988Gahluiya
38Pra.Paa Gahuliya R.No. 21007Gahluiya
39Pra. Paa. Sisauna R.No. 1310Sisons
40Pra.Paa. Praladhpur R.No. 1359Prahladpur
41Pra.Paa. Sishai R.No. 1864Sisai
42Pra.Paa. Shahpur R.No. 1565Shahpur
43Pra.Paa. Dugana Majra Sharifnagar R.No. 1840Sharif Nagar
44Moti Lal Int.Coll. Sharifnagar R.No.1131Sharif Nagar
46Bal Vikash Vid. Mandir Udaypur Majra Sharifnagar R.No. 1699Sharif Nagar
47Pra.Paa. Itaua R.No. 11572Itaua
48Pra.Paa. Itaua R.No. 21265Itaua
49Pra.Paa. Dopariya R.No.1696Dopaharia
50Pra.Paa. Chandpur Chubakiya R.1340Chandpur Chubakia
51Pra.Paa. Gopalpura R.No. 1575Gopalpur
52Pra.Paa. Amrta R.No. 1894Amrita
53Pra.Paa. Rohli R.No. 11179Rohali
54Pra.Paa. Ganunagla R.No. 11043Ganu Nagala
55Pra.Paa. Khata R.No. 1709Khata
56Pra.Paa. Rhapura Ghanshyam R.No. 1933Rahpura Ghanshyam
57Pra.Paa. Kamalpur Janubi R.No. 11353Kamalpur Januvi
58Pra.Paa. Mundiya Udha R.No. 1403Mundiauda
59Pra.Paa.Shera R.No. 1830Senda
60Pra.Paa. Nagla R.No. 1745Nagla
61Pra.Paa. Ashpur Khera R.No. 1747Aspur Khera
62Pra.Paa. Dhanua R.No. 1608Dhanua
63Pra.Paa. Pakhurani R.No. 1759Pakhunni
64Pra.Paa.Pakhurni R.No. 21136Pakhunni
65Pra.Paa.Chatiya R.No. 1616Chathia
66Jun0Hai0School Chthiya Rom No 2173Tulsipur
67Pra.Paa. Shalar Nagla R.No. 1560Ssalar Nagla
68Pra.Paa. Buchanpur R.No. 1403Bucanpur
69Pra.Paa. Bhadrak R.No. 1939Bhadrak
70Pra.Paa. Takeya R.No. 1435Takia
71Pra.Paa. Bhikampur R.No. 1971Bhikampur
72Pra.Paa. Gunahhatu R.No. 1913Guna Hattu
74Pra.Paa. Gunahhatu Ex0R1877Guna Hattu
75Pra.Paa. Gulariya Mo0 Husain Ex0 No1172Gularia Mohammad Hussain
76Pra.Paa.Mohanpur R.No. 1705Mohanpur
77Pra.Paa. Mohanpur R.No. 3802Mohanpur
78Pra.Paa.Mohanpur R.No. 21052Mohanpur
79Jun0Hai0School Mangatpur Rom No 1965Mangadpur
80Pra.Vi.Rampura Kaystan R.No. 1951Rampura
81Pra.Vi. Baikarnanda R.No. 1790Baikarnanda
82Pra.Vi. Khatara R.No. 1927Katharra
83Pra.Vi.Kathara R.No. 21443Katharra
84Pra.Vi. Karanpur R.No. 11065Karanpur
85Pra.Vi. Viharipur Ishtamurar R.No. 1643Biharipur Istamarar
86Pra.Vi.Vechpuri R.No. 1360Bichpuri
87Jun0Hai0School Cheni Mil Shemikhera1398Deoranian (NP)
88Dr.Bangla Devraniya Rom N011134Deoranian (NP)
89Pra.Vi.Devraniya Pratham R.No. 11290Deoranian (NP)
90Pra.Vi.Devraniya R.No. 2794Deoranian (NP)
91Pra.Vi. Devraniya Pratham R.No. 3974Deoranian (NP)
92Pra.Vi.Devraniya Dutiye R.No. 11169Deoranian (NP)
93Pra.Paa. Nayamatpur R.No. 1262Niyamatpur
94Pra.Vi. Shemikhera R.No. 11359Deoranian (NP)
95Pra.Vi. Mundiya Jageer R.No. 11277Deoranian (NP)
96Jun0Hai0School Mundiya Jageer Rom No.1106Deoranian (NP)
99Pra.Vi. Dhakiya R.No. 1738Dhakia
100Pra.Vi. Anandipur R.No. 1504Anandipur
101Ju. High School Jogither Kam. No. 011122Jogither
102Ju. High School Jogither Kam. No. 02398Jogither
103Pra.Path. Mushirdabad Kam.No.01487Murshidabad
104Prim. Path. Ina Kam.No 01617Aina
105Pra. Path. Bahjuiya Jageer816Bahjuiya Jagir
106Prim.Path Dauliraghuver Dayal Kam0 No001979Dauli Raghuber Dayal
107Primary Basi. School Dauliraghuveer Dayal Kam.No.021345Dauli Raghuber Dayal
108Prim.Path Ghuraraghavpur1205Ranghopur
109Pra.School Sahsiya Hussainpur Kam. No.1838Sahasia Hasainpur Mustqil
110Pra. Path. Balrau Azampur R. N. 1503Balrau
111Pra. School Sarai Talfi1130Sarai Talfi Mustqil
112Pra. Path Madhopur Mafi Kam. No. 01867Madhav Pur Mafi
113Pra.Path Madhopur Mafi Kam. No.021088Madhav Pur Mafi
114Pra.Path Rasul Chaudhari Kam. No 011108Rasoola Chaudhry
115Pra. Path Dhantiya Kam. No .01954Dhantiya
116Pra. Path Dhantiya691Dhantiya
117Pra. Path Dhantiya Kam. No2577Dhantiya
118Pra. Path Kashopur661Keshonpur
119Pra. Pathshala Walle Kotha Kam. No .011037Balla Kotha
120Pra. Path. Badshanagar R. N. 1943Badshah Nagar
121Pra. Path. Badshanagar R. N. 2859Badshah Nagar
122Pra.School Tiliyapur Kam. No.21000Tiliya Pur
123Pra. School Tiliyapur Kam. No . 2640Tiliya Pur
124Pra. Path Tiliyapur Kam. No 21366Tiliya Pur
125Jun. High. School R. N. 1 Tiliyapur1421Tiliya Pur
126Pra. Pathshala Pardholi1032Pardholi
127Pra. Pathshala Kasampur757Kasampur
130Pra. Pathshala Ganpatrai625Khatola Ganpat Rai
131Pra Path Hameerpur524Hamirpur
132Pra. Path Veerpur Ur Kasamnagar561Hamirpur
133Pra Pathshala Ghunsa1188Goonga
134Pra. Pathshala Atakaysthan1237Atakayasthan
135Pra. Pathshala Wohit Kam. No .1989Bohit
136Pra. Pathshala Wohit Kam.No.02694Bohit
137Pra. Pathshala Lakhampur1006Lakhampur
138Pra. School Kodhampur Kam. No.1478Lakhampur
139Pra School Faridpur Ramcharan1105Faridapur Ramcharan
140Aa.Sh. Ni. I. K. 1 Gopalpur Ajijpur1056Gopalpur Azizpur
141Pra. Pathshala Ramiyaur Ur Ramipur180Ramiapur
142Pra. Pathshala Naua Nagla901Nawa Nagla
143Pra Pathshala Ghatampur832Naugawan Ghatampur
144Pra. Pathshala Nauga278Naugawan Ghatampur
145Pra School Safari695Safri
146Pra. School Khitosa1265Khitausa
147Pra. School Surla1023Surla
148Pra Pathshala Mohammadpur Thakuran333Mohammadpur Thakuran
149Pra . Pathshala Rahpura Kareem Baksh521Rahpura Karim Bux
150Junior Highschool Kamra No 1 Mudiya Chetram1062Mundia Chetram
151Pra. Pathshala Mawai656Mawai
152Pra. Pathshala Veerpur Makrruka895Beerpur Maqrooqa
153Pra. School Kam.No.01 Ghanghora Ghagori1051Ghanghoua Ghanghori
154Pra. Path School Kam. No. 2 Ghaghora Ghagori961Ghanghoua Ghanghori
155Pra. Pathshala Ghaghora Kam. No .1873Ghanghoua Ghanghori
156Pra. Pathshala Ghaghora Kam. No 2762Ghanghora Piparia
157Pra. Pathshala Pipariya Kam. No . 21390Ghanghora Piparia
158Pra. School Karampur Thakuran414Karampur Thakuran
159Pra. School Latoori730Latoori
160Pra. School Aaspur Pitamrai367Aspur Pitam Rai
161Pra. Pathshala Vilwa Kam.No01922Bilwa
162Pra. Pathshala Karampur Chaudhari816Karampur Chaudhary
163Pra. Pathshala Karampur Chaudhari Kam. No .1851Karampur Chaudhary
164Pra. Pathshala Karampur Chaudhari Kam. No. 21061Karampur Chaudhary
165Pra. Pathshala Karampur Chaudhari Kam No 2N Atirikat Kash1071Karampur Chaudhary
166Bharat Inter College Pipalsana Chaudhari Kam No 11272Pipalsana Chaudhari (CT)
167Bharat Inter College Pipalsana Chaudhari Kam No 21384Pipalsana Chaudhari (CT)
169Bharat Inter College Pipalsana Chaudhari Kam No 6870Pipalsana Chaudhari (CT)
170Bharat Inter College Pipalsana Chaudhari Kam No 4977Pipalsana Chaudhari (CT)
171Bharat Inter College Pipalsana Chaudhari Kam No 51007Pipalsana Chaudhari (CT)
172Pra. Pathshala Abhaykeshopur Kam. No 1795Abheypur Keshonpur
173Pra. Pathshala Abhaykeshopur Kam. No 2797Abheypur Keshonpur
174Pra. Pathshala Rampura Mafi Kam. No 1858Rampura Mafi
175Pra. Pathshala Kanthapur Kam. No.1440Baikunthapur
176Pra. Path. Rampura Mafi R. N. 21139Rampura Mafi
177Pra. Path. Makranpur Peetamrai R. N. 1701Makrandpur Pitam Rai
178Pra. Path. Makranpur Gautiya R. N. 1493Makrandpur Pitam Rai
179Pra. Path. Harbanspur Laxmipur868Harbanspur Urf Lachhmipur
180Pra. Pathshala Maghoaa Gangapur1356Majhawa Gangapur
181Pra. Pathshala Kam. No.1 Saidpur Ur Syyedpur586Saiyad Pur Urf Saimudpur
182Junior High School Prahladpur1006Pahladpur
183Pra. Pathshala Ambarpur Majra Prahladpur608Pahladpur
184Pra. Pathshala Sagalpur1284Sagalpur
185Pra. Pathshala Faridapur Jagir555Faridapur Jagir
186Pra. Pathshala Khanpur Kam. No . 1826Khanpur
187Pra. Pathshala Khanpur Kam. No 2818Khanpur
188Pra. Pathshala Kam. No 1 Nayodhna586Neodhana
190Pra. Pathshala Kam. No 1 Viviyapur Kaysthan739Bibia Pur Kayasthan
191Pra. Pathshala Kam.No.1 Adhkata Brahnan680Adkata Bramnan
192Pra. Pathshala Janakmagir714Janak Jagir
193Pra.Pathshala Daiya Kam. No . 1875Dahiya
194Pra. Pathshala Daiya Kam. No 2537Dahiya
195Pra. Patshala Abhayrajpur Kam. No . 2490Abheyrajpur
196Pra. School Manehara1269Manehra
197Pra. School Bhikampur Mafi1061Bhikampur
198Pra. School Sighai Kaysithan691Singhai Kayesthan
199Pra. School Nawdiya Ilaka Sighai506Nawadia Ilaqa Singhai
200Pra. School Kalapur635Kalapur
201Pra. School Warkapur307Barkapur
202Pra. Pathshal Adupura Jagir540Adoopura Jagir
203Pra. School Kumhra Kam. No 1940Kumrah
204Pra. Schook Kumhra Kamra No 2914Kumrah
205Pra. School Rajpura Mafi868Rajpura Mafi
206Pra. School Kamra No 1 Ahladpur1273Ahladpur
207Pra. School Kamra No Kalari1064Kalari
208Pa. Schook Kamra No 2 Kalari989Kalari
209Pra. School Kamra No 1 Lalpur509Lalpur
210Pra. Pathshala Adhlakhiya492Adlakhia
211Pra. School Abdullapur Mafi751Abdullapur Mafi
212Pra. Pathshala Dhoreramafi Kam. No .11215Dhaurera Mafi
213Pra. Pathshala Dhorreramafi Kam. No 21642Dhaurera Mafi
214Pra. Pathshala Dhorera Mafi Kam. No 1584Dhaurera Mafi
215Pra. School Khajuriya Julfikar734Khajuria Zulfiqar
216Pra. Pathshal Pahadganj492Pahar Ganj
217Pra. Pathshala Chandur Vichpari Kam.No.11100Chandpur Bichpuri
218Pra.Path Chandpur Vichpuri Kamra No Atirikat Kash1267Chandpur Bichpuri
219Pra. Pathshala Vichpuri Kamra No 1840Chandpur Bichpuri
220Pra. Pathshala Vichpuri Kamra No .1894Chandpur Bichpuri
221Pra. School Mohanpur Ur Ramnagar1392Mohenpur (CT)
222Pra.Pathshala Pipalsana Khatiyan1041Pipalsana Khatian
223Pra. Pathshala Khajuaa Jagir920Khajua Jagir
224Pra. Patshala Sabjipura Khata1177Sabzipur Khata
225Pra. Pathshala Jamuniya Jagir731Jamunia Jagir
226Pra. Pathshala Bajriya Jagir1356Banjaria Jagir
227Pra. School No Dhoratanda1430Dhaura Tanda (NP)
229Lal Thakur Das Intermedite Dhoratanda1165Dhaura Tanda (NP)
230Lal Thakur Das Intermedite Dhoratanda 21464Dhaura Tanda (NP)
231Lal Thakur Das Intermedite Dhoratanda 31278Dhaura Tanda (NP)
232Islamiya Junior High School Purvi Block Dhoratanda1473Dhaura Tanda (NP)
234Madrasa Mohammadiya Dhoratanda1395Dhaura Tanda (NP)
235Madarsa Mohammadiya Dhoratanda852Dhaura Tanda (NP)
237Pra School Kuaa Tanda Dhimani911Kuan Danda Dhimni
238Patel Inter College Dhora Miyanpur Kam. No 1641Mianpur
239Pra. Vi Parsunagla Kam. No 1664Parsu Nagla
240Pra. School Jatoaa1146Jatawa
241Pra. School Zafarpur660Jafarpur
242Pra. School Khatola Hulaskuwar389Khatola Hulas Kunwer
243Pra. Pathshala Nawnirmit Bhawan Kam. No . 1 Udhaypur Bannojan591Udaipur Banno Jan
244Pra. Fatehpur Durga Prasad489Fatehpur Durga Prasad
245Pra. Pathshala Mudiya Hafij Kam. No 1885Mudia Hafiz
246Pra. Pathshala Naveen Bhawan Mudiya Hafij Kam.No.21000Mudia Hafiz
247Pra. Pathshala Naveen Bhagwan Tanuaa869Tajua
248Pra. Pathshala Kam. No 1 Isapur780Isapur
249Pra. Pathshala Kamra No 2 Isapur1183Isapur
250Pra. Pathshala Bhairpur Khajuriya872Bhairpur Khajuria
251Pra. Pathshala Khajuriya844Khajua Jagir
252Pra. School Padari Hawla822Pandri Halwa
253Pra. School Chithiya Jagnnath336Pandri Halwa
254Pra. Pathshala Kalara1069Kalara
255Pra. Pathshala Dalpatpur637Dalpatpur
256Pra. Pathshala Milak Kalara334Dalpatpur
257Junior High School Memor811Memaur
258Junior Highschool Memor864Memaur
259Pra. School Jadopur Kam. No 1995Jadaunpur
260Pra.School Jadopur Kam. No .2853Jadaunpur
261Junior High School Jadopur Kamra.No 1764Jadaunpur
262Junior Highschool Jadopur Kam. No .2866Jadaunpur
263Pra. Pathshala Seda855Masit
264Pra. Pathshala Maseet629Masit
265Pra. School Ataputti Januwi528Atapatti Shumali
266Pra. Pathshala Jatan593Mohammedpur Jatan
267Pra. Pathshala Mahespur Shivsingh917Maheshpur Shiv Singh
268Pra. School Atapatti Januwi987Atapatti Janubi
269Pra. School Manda572Manda
270Pra. Pathshala Kamuaa Makruka766Kamuan Maqrooqa
271Pra. Pathshala Milak Imamnagar346Milak Imamnager
272Pra. Pathshala Kamra. No . Ghursamaspur754Ghur Shamashpur
273Pra.Pathshala Samaspur435Ghur Shamashpur
274Pra. Pathshala Kam. No 2 Ghursamaspur1040Ghur Shamashpur
275Pra. School Dabhora Khanjanpur1144Dabhora Khanjanpur
276Junior High School Bhojipura1227Bhoji Pura
277Pra. School Atoaa Kedarnath789Itauwa Kedar Nath
278Pra. School Raipur685Raipur
279Pra. Pathshala Pachdora Diyoriya Kam. No. 11306Pachdeora Deoria
280Pra. Pathshala Pachdora Diyoriya Kam. No 21224Pachdeora Deoria
281Pra. School Pachdora Kala Kam. No 11134Pachdeora Kalan
282Pra. School Pachdora Kala Kam. No .21146Pachdeora Kalan
283Pra. School Tulsipur Kam. No . 1743Tulsi Pur
284Pra. School Alinagar Mazra Pachdorakala Kam. No . 1666Pachdeora Kalan
285Pra. School Alinagar Mazra Pachdorakala Kam. No . 21066Pachdeora Kalan
286Pra. Pathshala Ladpur Kamra. No 11308Lad Pur
287Pra. Pathshala Ladpur Kamra. No 2920Lad Pur
288Pra. Dohriya Jagir Kam. No 1514Deoria Jagir
289Pra. School Guplapur646Gupalapur
290Pra. School Dohriya Jagir Kamra. No . 2577Mullapur
291Pra.School Jatau Patti1153Jatau Patti
292Pra. School Saidpur Chunni Lal R.N.1976Saidpur Chunni Lal
293Pra.School Saidpur Chunni Lal R.N.2886Saidpur Chunni Lal
294Pra.School Bhagbantapur426Bhagwantapur
295Pra.School Didar Patti505Didar Patti
296Pra. School Dohna Pitamrai1200Dohna Pitam Rai
297U.Pra.Path Shala Mudiya Ahmadnagar R.N.11245Mundia Ahmed Nagar
298U.Pra.Path Shala Mudiya Ahmadnagar R.N.21309Mundia Ahmed Nagar
299Pra.School Bhuda R.N.1856Bhoora
300Pra.School Bhuda E.R.N.3732Bhoora
301Pra.School Bhuda R.N.2860Bhoora
302Pra.School Bhuda R.N.3683Bhoora
303Secret Hart Pra. School R. N. 1 Nagariya Kala1084Nagaria Kalan
304Secret Hart Pra. School R. N. 2 Nagariya Kala868Nagaria Kalan
305Pra. School Chawar941Chawer
306Darbari Lal Sharma I. C. R. N. 1 East Block Rithora1380Rithora (NP)
307Darbari Lal Sharma I. C. R. N. 7230Rithora (NP)
308Darbari Lal Sharma I. C. R. N. 1 West Block Rithora1415Rithora (NP)
309Darbari Lal Sharma I. C. R. N. 3 East Block Rithora875Rithora (NP)
310Darbari Lal Sharma I. C. R. N. 4 East Block Rithora926Rithora (NP)
311Town Area Office Rithora1368Rithora (NP)
313Pra. Pat Rithora R. N.1969Rithora (NP)
314Pra. Path. Rithora R. N. 2748Rithora (NP)
315Pra. Path. Patti Biharipur780Akhtiarpur
316Pra. Path. Akhatyarpur590Akhtiarpur
317Pra. Path. Saidpur Pyare Lal R. N. 1276Saidpur Piareylal
318P. M. C.Chopara Shumali R. N. 11123Chaupara Shumali
319Pra. Path. Chopara Janoobi R. N. 21183Chaupara Janubi
320Pra. Path. Bujhiya Shumali711Bahjuiya Jagir
321Panchayet Home Bhujhiya Janoobi801Bahjuiya Jagir
322Pra. Path R. N. 1 Dohra1806Bithri Chainpur
323Pra. Path.R.No.2 Dohra886Bithri Chainpur
324Pra. School Etua Beniram646Itawa Beni Ram
325Pra. Pathshala Kachuli440Kacholi
326Pra. School Bhagwanpur Dhimari Kam. No 1987Bhagwanpur Dhimri
327Pra. School Dhimari Bhagwanpur Kam. No 2765Bhagwanpur Dhimri
328Pra. School Guldiya Rajkul Nisha506Gularia Riziqulanisan
329Pra. Pathshala Rupapur Badhepura459Roopapur Barehpura
330Pra. School Malhpur811Mallahpur
331Pra. School Moharniya1076Mohrania
332Pra. School Chainamurarpur1229Chena Murarpur
333Janki Devi . High Secondary School Bhandsar1446Bhandsar
334Pra. School Dandiya1006Dandia
335Pra. School Kunwarpur Banjariya R. N. 11219Kunwerpur Banjaria
336Pra. School Kuwarpur Bajriya Kam. No 21180Kunwerpur Banjaria
337Pra. School Sawarkheda Kamra. No 1843Sawer Khera
338Pra. School Sawarkheda Kamra No 2695Sawer Khera
339Pra. School Kiratpur758Keeratpur
340Pra. Pathshala Girdharipur1316Girdharipur

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