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Polling Booth in Bhognipur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bhognipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhognipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Thanwapur883Thanwapur
2Primary School Durjanpurva H. Bihar821Bihar
3Junior High School Bargwan1022Bargawan
4Primary School Rairamapur463Rai Ramapur
5Primary School Bihari782Bihari
6Junior High School East Kaksh Keshi687Keshi
7Junior High School West Kaksh Keshi960Keshi
8Primary School Kutra453Kutra
9Junior High School Nigohi993Nigohi
10Prathmik Vidyalay Maholiya397Maholiya
11Junior High School Dudiamau562Dundiyamau
12Primary School Bhajjapurva H. Todarpur731Todarpur
13Primary School Kalenapur H. Kailai721Kailai
14Junior High School Hajipur H. Kailai516Kailai
15Junior High School Balika Vidyalya Middle Kaksh Kailai535Kailai
16Junior High School Balika Vidyalya South Kaksh Kailai1124Kailai
17Primary School Murlipur713Murlipur
18Primary School Jalalpur878Jalalpur
19Primary School Saidalipur616Saidalipur
20Junior High School Kishorpur789Kishorpur
21Primary School Bamhanauti1227Bamharauli
22Patel Vidya Peeth Inter College North First Kaksh Baraur863Baraur
23Patel Vidya Peeth Inter College North Second Kaksh Baraur932Baraur
24Patel Vidya Peeth Inter College North Third Kaksh Baraur797Baraur
25Patel Vidya Peeth Inter College North Fourth Kaksh Baraur867Baraur
26Patel Vidya Peeth Inter College North Five Kaksh Baraur1217Baraur
27Primary School Meenapur1192Minapur
28Primary School Mundera941Mundera
29Primary School Dulichandpur498Duli Chandpur
30Junior High School Barvarasulpur1031Barwa Rasulpur
31Primary School Jagammanpur699Jagammanpur
32Primary School East Kaksh Taranpur655Taranpur
33Primary School West Kaksh Taranpur444Baharai
34Primary School Angadpur1119Angadpur
35Primary School Balaharamau520Balharamau
36Primary School Bivapur618Bibapur
37Pataleshwar Inter College North Kaksh Doharapur886Doharapur
38Pataleshwar Inter College South Kaksh Doharapur762Doharapur
39Primary School Dera H. Bedamau1135Beramau
40Primary School Tutuichand551Tutui Chand
41Primary School Nerakrapalpur991Nera Kripalpur
42Primary School Devipur575Debipur
43Primary School Devbrahmapur1052Nanhuwapur
44Primary School Madaripur538Madaripur
45Primary School East Kaksh Tatarpur957Tatarpur
46Primary School West Kaksh Tatarpur928Tatarpur
47Primary School Kunvarpur835Kunwarpur
48Primary School North Kaksh Pachlakh779Pachlakh
49Primary School South Kaksh Pachlakh817Pachlakh
50Primary School North Kaksh Gaurikaran879Gauri Karan
51Primary School South Kaksh Gaurikaran810Gauri Karan
52Primary School Birma1224Birma
53Primary School East Kaksh Sithara Bujurg769Sithara Buzurg
54Primary School West Kaksh Sithara Bujurg813Sithara Buzurg
55Primary School Sithara Khurd654Sithara Khurd
56Mailan Kedra Chandanamau605Chandanamau
57Primary School Arahariamau1043Arhariyamau
58Junior High School North Kaksh Akodhi819Akorhi
59Junior High School Middle Kaksh Akodhi802Akorhi
60Junior High School South Kaksh Akodhi989Akorhi
61Junior High School East Kaksh Gurugaon899Gurgaon
62Junior High School West Kaksh Gurugaon857Gurgaon
63Primary School Prahladpur H. Gurugaon946Gurgaon
64Primary School Makarandapur740Makarandapur
65Primary School Anantapur749Anantapur
66Primary School Suryapur H. Anantapur272Anantapur
67Primary School Haramau1343Hara Mau
68Primary School Dobha620Dobha
69Primary School Andvan995Andawan
70Primary School Haidarpur1161Haidarpur
71Primary School Haidarapur H. Haidarpur623Haidarpur
72Primary School Badhauli1251Barhauli
73Primary School Pilkhini1017Pilkhini
74G.G.I.C. East Kaksh Of Noth Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan999Pukhrayan (NPP)
75G.G.I.C. West Kaksh Of Noth Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan1250Pukhrayan (NPP)
76G.G.I.C. West Kaksh Of Noth Middle Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan1294Pukhrayan (NPP)
77Primary School East Kaksh Deeksha School Ground Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan1111Pukhrayan (Dehat)
78Primary School West Kaksh Deeksha School Ground Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan1140Pukhrayan (Dehat)
79Shri Ramswaroop Gram Udyog Inter College First Kaksh Of North Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan1040Pukhrayan (NPP)
80Shri Ramswaroop Gram Udyog Inter College Second Kakshof North Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan1145Pukhrayan (NPP)
81Shri Ramswaroop Gram Udyog Inter College Third Kaksh Of North Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan956Pukhrayan (NPP)
82Shri Ramswaroop Gram Udyog Inter College Fourth Kakshof North Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan871Pukhrayan (NPP)
83Shri Ramswaroop Gram Udyog Inter College Five Kaksh Of North Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan789Pukhrayan (NPP)
84Shri Ramswaroop Gram Udyog Inter College Six Kakshof North Part Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan829Pukhrayan (NPP)
85Deeksha Vidyalay Diet Training Kaksh East Kaksh Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan719Pukhrayan (NPP)
86Deeksha Vidyalay Diet Training Kaksh West Kaksh Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan832Pukhrayan (NPP)
87Deeksha Vidyalay Lab Diet Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan772Pukhrayan (NPP)
88Deeksha Vidyalay Diet Nagar Panchayat Sansdhan Kendra North Kaksh Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan719Pukhrayan (NPP)
89Deeksha Vidyalay Diet Nagar Panchayat Sansdhan Kendra South Kaksh Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan871Pukhrayan (NPP)
90Milan Kendra North Kaksh Rajendra Nagar Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan757Pukhrayan (NPP)
91Milan Kendra South Kaksh Rajendra Nagar Nagar Palika Parishad Pukhrayan748Pukhrayan (NPP)
92Junior High School Rajendra Nagar Nagar Palika Parishadpukhrayan1453Pukhrayan (NPP)
93Junior High School West Kaksh Meerpur1076Mirpur
94Junior High School Middle Kaksh Meerpur537Mirpur
95Primary School North Kaksh Ahraulishekh980Ahrauli Shekh (CT)
96Primary School South Kaksh Ahraulishekh1321Ahrauli Shekh (CT)
97Vivekanand Inter College North Kaksh Ahraulishekh1183Ahrauli Shekh (CT)
98Vivekanand Inter College South Kaksh Ahraulishekh1093Ahrauli Shekh (CT)
99Primary School Hardua Aima871Hardua Aima
100Primary School Kusarjapur755Kushrjapur
101Primary School North Kaksh Mancha903Macha
102Primary School South Kaksh Mancha900Macha
103Primary School Allapur594Allahpur
104Primary School Kalla993Kalla
105Primary School Sunarapur555Sunrapur
106Primary School Rania1069Raniya
107Primary School Bidakhuri822Bid Khuri
108Primary School Sukhasaura1093Sukhsaura
109Primary School Heerapur651Heerapur
110Primary School Asuvapur424Asuapur
111Primary School Shyamsundarpur650Shyam Sunderpur
112Primary School Dadhavapur653Darhwapur
113Primary School Anguri958Anguri
114Primary School East Kaksh Baherimah875Baherimah
115Primary Schoolwest Kaksh Baherimah738Baherimah
116Junior High School North Kaksh Rurgaon674Rurgaon
117Junior High School South Kaksh Rurgaon780Rurgaon
118Junior High School Sujagavan1057Sujgawan
119Primary School Salempur Aima565Ajaiyapur
120Primary School Giradharpur1070Girdharpur
121Patel Inter College Shekhpur948Shekhpur
123Junior High School Bijhauna H. Shekhpur644Shekhpur
124Junior High School Mahakapur638Mahkapur
125Primary School Jalalpur H. Jahangirpur576Jahangirpur
126Junior High School Dhikchi H. Jahangirpur879Jahangirpur
127Junior High School North Kaksh Jahangirpur698Jahangirpur
128Junior High School South Kaksh Jahangirpur439Jahangirpur
129Junior High School North First Kaksh Shahajahanpur800Jahangirpur
130Junior High School North Second Kaksh Shahajahanpur761Shahjhanpur
131Junior High School North Third Kaksh Shahajahanpur1228Shahjhanpur
132Primary School North Part Of West Kaksh Satti934Satti
133Primary School North Part Of East Kaksh Satti842Satti
134Primary School South Part Of East Kaksh Satti842Satti
135Primary School South Part Of West Kaksh Satti873Satti
136Primary School East Kaksh Kamalpur912Kamalpur
137Primary School West Kaksh Kamalpur934Kamalpur
138Junior High School Nabipur H. Kamalpur654Kamalpur
139Primary School Kharaka499Kharka
140Primary School Kishunpur876Kishunpur
141Junior High School Kharatala547Khartala Bangar
142Primary School East Kaksh Kathari869Kathari
143Primary School West Kaksh Kathari927Kathari
144Junior High School Swarooppur H. Dibair852Debair
145Junior High School Dibair614Debair
146Junior High School Madaiya H. Dibair658Debair
147Junior High School Naubadpur1189Naubadpur
148Primary School Tyonga943Teoga
149Junior High School Tyonga809Teoga
150Primary School Patepur553Patepur
151Primary School Langade Ka Purava396Langre Ka Purwa
152Junior High School Maukhas1018Maukhas
153Junior High School Gaurirajjan695Gauri Rajjan
154Primary School Raingavan Ki Madaiya766Raigawa
155Primary School North Kaksh Bhognipur932Bhoganipur
156Primary School South Kaksh Bhognipur1000Bhoganipur
157Junior High School North Kaksh Bhognipur1120Bhoganipur
158Junior High School South Kaksh Bhognipur1014Budhera Bhoganipur
159Braj Bihari Vidya Mandir Inter College First Kaksh Of West Part Nagar Panchayat Amraudha743Amraudha (NP)
160Braj Bihari Vidya Mandir Inter College Second Kaksh Of West Part Nagar Panchayat Amraudha647Amraudha (NP)
161Braj Bihari Vidya Mandir Inter College Second Kaksh Of East Part Nagar Panchayat Amraudha704Amraudha (NP)
162Braj Bihari Vidya Mandir Inter College South Second Kaksh Nagar Panchayat Amraudha1001Amraudha (NP)
163Braj Bihari Vidya Mandir Inter College South Third Kaksh Nagar Panchayat Amraudha740Amraudha (NP)
164Girls Junior High School Second Kaksh Of South Amraudha1017Amraudha (NP)
165Girls Junior High School Third Kaksh Of South Amraudha643Amraudha (NP)
166Primary School First Amraudha530Amraudha (NP)
167Primary School Second Amraudha695Amraudha (NP)
168Primary School Pipari522Pipri
169Primary School Jalpura595Jalpura
170Primary School Udaipur503Udaipur
171Primary School Kariyapur Bhognipur752Kariyapur Bhoganipur
172Primary School Chaura778Chaura
173Primary School Daulatpur1406Daulatpur
174Primary School Dilauliya Bangar1271Dilauliya Bangar
175Junior High School East Kaksh Bilhapur1147Bilhapur
176Junior High School West Kaksh Bilhapur1058Bilhapur
177Primary School Puraini845Puraini
178Primary School Kanhakhera533Kana Khera
179Primary School Paniyamau619Paniyanmau
180Primary School Dudhaniya430Dudhaniya
181Primary School Nagasiya1154Nagasiya
182Primary School Bhalar577Rasulpur Bhalar
183Primary School Nagavan Bangar313Nagawa Bangar
184Primary School Salarpur454Salarpur
185Primary School Lakhanapur839Lakhanapur
186Primary School Selhupur890Selhupur
187Primary School Madanupur475Madanupur
188Junior High School North Kaksh Barauli854Barauli
189Junior High School Middle Kaksh Barauli675Barauli
190Primary School Jari H. Devrahat Bangar802Daorahat
191Primary School Devrahat Bangar910Daorahat
192Junior High School East Devrahat Bangar1221Daorahat
193Junior High School Middle Kaksh Devrahat Bangar1058Daorahat
194Primary School Ahrauli Ghat Bangar935Aharauli Ghat Bangar
195Primary School Bamharauli Ghat Bangar1169Aharauli Ghat Bangar
196Primary School Nageena Bangar1120Nagina Bangar
197Primary School Suryapur H. Nageena Bangar325Nagina Bangar
198Primary School Kyotara Bangar569Keotra Bangar
199Junior High School Sultanapur1196Sultanapur
200Junior High School North Kaksh Gauri926Gauri
201Junior High School South Kaksh Gauri844Gauri
202Primary School Jallapur Mahera895Jallapur Mahera
203Primary School Sarayan1394Sarayan
204Primary School Amiliya1007Amiliya
205Primary School Nathuvapur615Bauwan
206Primary School Mahera925Mahera
207Primary School Prempur1021Prempur
208Shri Shankar Junior High School East Kaksh Sujaur587Sujaur
209Shri Shankar Junior High School West Kaksh Sujaur873Sujaur
210Primary School Harahara1131Harhara
211Primary School Gaur1347Gaur
212New Primary School Nonapur1333Nonapur
213Primary School North Kaksh Chandapur1133Chandapur
214Primary School South Kaksh Chandapur1096Chandapur
215Primary School Biroha871Biroha
216Primary School Haldharpur1291Haldharpur
217Primary School Sikhmapur841Sikhamapur
218Primary School Pareharapur1395Pareharapur
219Primary School Durgdaspur469Durga Daspur
220Primary School Umariya526Umriya
221Primary School Astiya746Astiya
222Junior High School Kachhagaon1255Chauki
223Junior High School Chauki787Chauki
224Primary School Chakchalpur774Chak Chalpur
225Primary School Atawa953Atwa
226Primary School Gadaikhera748Gadai Khera
227Primary School Hansemau885Hansemau
228Primary School Asewa1227Asewa
229Primary School Sahabapur568Sahabapur
230Primary School Lawarsi1074Lawarsi
231Junior High School Gopalpur Bhognipur860Gopalpur Bhoganipur
232Primary School Giradaun1081Girdaun
233Primary School Mutaharapur833Mutaharapur
234Primary School Mohdiyapur498Mohadiyapur
235Primary School Chhateni1306Chhataini
236Primary School Deegh1388Deega
237Primary School Akbar Nagar792Akabarnagar
238Shri Krishna Audyogik Inter College East Kaksh Mohammadpur795Mohammadpur
239Shri Krishna Audyogik Inter College Middle Kaksh Mohammadpur817Mohammadpur
240Shri Krishna Audyogik Inter College West Kaksh Mohammadpur703Mohammadpur
241Primary School Gauradada H. Mawar605Mawar
242Primary School Junedpur H. Mawar521Mawar
243Primary School Mawar368Mawar
244Junior High Schoolnorth Kaksh Malasa665Malasa
245Junior High School Middle Kaksh Malasa687Malasa
246Primary School West Kaksh Malasa560Malasa
247Primary School East Kaksh Malasa758Malasa
248Primary School Asalapur567Aslapur
249Junior High School Jagdishpur867Jagdishpur
250Primary School Sarauta First1288Sarauta
251Primary School Sihari1088Sihari
252Primary School East Kaksh Chaparghata993Chapar Ghata
253Primary School West Kaksh Chaparghata999Chapar Ghata
254Primary School Rasulpur Bhuranda525Rasulpur Bhuranda
255Junior High School Khiriyan Purva H. Chaprehata983Chprehata
256Junior High School North Kaksh Durauli H. Chaprehata824Chprehata
257Junior High School South Kaksh Durauli H. Chaprehata674Chprehata
258Primary School Krapalpur639Kripalpur
259Primary School Kumbhapur H. Krapalpur204Kripalpur
260Primary School Haliya573Haliya Bangar
261Primary School Moosanagar Bangar1283Musanagar Bangar
262C.P.K.U. Inter College West Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj871Gausganj (CT)
263C.P.K.U. Inter College West Kaksh Of South Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj935Gausganj (CT)
264C.P.K.U. Inter College Middle Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj980Gausganj (CT)
265C.P.K.U. Inter College Middle Kaksh Of South Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj743Gausganj (CT)
266C.P.K.U. Inter College East Part Of North Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj893Gausganj (CT)
267C.P.K.U. Inter College East Part Of Middle Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj843Gausganj (CT)
268C.P.K.U. Inter College East Part Ofsouth Kaksh Moosanagar Gausganj1183Gausganj (CT)
269Panchayat Ghar North Kaksh Fattepur1155Fattepur
270Panchayat Ghar South Kaksh Fattepur850Fattepur
271Primary School North Kaksh Fattepur925Fattepur
272Primary School South Kaksh Fattepur752Fattepur
273Primary School Extra Kaksh Fattepur828Fattepur
274Primary School Bibiyapur H. Fattepur994Fattepur
275Primary School Junedapur1298Junedapur
276Primary School East Kaksh Jarsen1176Jarsen
277Primary School West Kaksh Jarsen1083Jarsen
278Primary School Sherpur H. Gudha969Gurha
279Primary School Gudha818Gurha
280Primary School Bhartauli618Bhartauli
281Primary School Bhunda H. Bhartauli191Bhartauli
282Primary School Bamharauli774Dhar
283Primary School Ghar1209Dhar
284Primary School North Kaksh Pulandar1157Pulandar
285Primary School South Kaksh Pulandar848Pulandar
286Primary School Hardua Khalsa633Hardua Khalsa
287Junior High School Sigarasipur H. Vijaipur992Bijaipur
288Primary School Vijayipur844Bijaipur
289Primary School Sanaya Salvahan452Sanaya Sal Bahan
290Primary School Levamau962Lewamau
291Primary School North Kaksh Sanayakhera1219Sanaya Khera
292Primary School South Kaksh Sanayakhera1197Sanaya Khera
293Junior High School Turkimau1243Turkimau
294Primary School North Kaksh Gulauli873Gulauli
295Primary School South Kaksh Gulauli828Gulauli
296Primary School Kudhva961Kurhwa
297Primary School Jafrabad924Jafarabad
298Primary School Kathethi969Kathari
300Primary School Raugawn622Raugaon
301Primary School Mangta1008Mangata
303Primary School Korari1008Korari
304Juniyar High School Mohana925Mohana
307Primary School Himmapurwa Hamlet Mohana332Mohana
308Primary School Usmanpurjamrehi614Usmanpur Jamrehi
309Primary School Kausam1232Kausam
311Juniyar High School Gajner1016Gajner
316Primary School Bhadesa812Bhadesha
318Primary School Patrasandva1176Patara Sandawa
320Primary School Tilaunchee977Tilaunchi
321Juniyar High School Mangolpur822Mangolpur
322Primary School Jaraila1247Jaraila
323Primary School Bilsarayan897Bilsarayan
325Juniyar High School Karsa1097Karsa
327Primary School Nahijyuniya1120Nahi Jyuniyan
329Primary School Ratva Hamlet Nahijyuniya435Nahi Jyuniyan
330Primary School Shahjahanpurninayan1339Shahjahanpur Ninayan
331Primary School Shahjahanpur Ninayan1160Shahjahanpur Ninayan
332Primary School Surajpur970Surajpur
333Primary Schoolhradaypur Hamlet Surajpur1117Surajpur
334Primary School Sarwankhera1113Sarwan Khera
335Primary School Baburampurwa H. Sarwankhera1192Sarwan Khera
336Primary School Sikandarpur H. Sarwankhera1127Sarwan Khera
337Primary School Ahirani H. Sarwankhera1154Sarwan Khera
338Primary School Biltee1237Bilti
339New Primary School Bhaithana1008Bhathana
341Primary School Lohari939Lohari
343Primary School Duaaree1056Duwari
345Primary School Gangraulee964Gangrauli
347Primary School Bhilsi H. Gangraulee651Gangrauli
348Primary School Manethu951Manethu
350Juniyar High School Khanpna Hamlet Manethu1083Manethu
351Primary School Servatappasaintha1285Serwa Tappa Santha
352Primary School Saintha988Saintha
354Primary School Gangaganj H. Saintha1056Saintha
355Primary School Muktapurtappasaintha670Muktapur Tappa Saintha
356Primary School Jithraulee852Jitharauli
357Primary School Jasvapur1176Jasawapur
358Primary School Murra700Murra
359Primary School Hilauthi532Hilauthi
360Primary School Bharatpurpiyasi765Bharatpur Piyasi
361Primary School Sardarpur Hamlet Bharatpurpiyasi871Bharatpur Piyasi
362Primary School Aalapur1345Alapur

Last Updated on June 05, 2020
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