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Polling Booth in Bharthana Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bharthana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bharthana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Singhua North863Sinhuan
2Primary School Singhua South625Sinhuan
3Primary School Kalandara968Sinhuan
4Primary School Chandrapura South692Sinhuan
5Primary School Salimpur885Salimpur
6Primary School Nagla Dhana409Salimpur
7Junior High School Umarsenda East1300Salimpur
8Junior High School Umarsenda West1181Salimpur
9Primary School Jatupur Khwajgi742Jetu Pur Bajgi
10Primary School Betiyapur749Betiapur
11Primary School Dera Banjaran Nagla Asharam379Betiapur
12Primary School Gopiyaganj1142Gopiyaganj
13Primary School Bholi North884Bholi
14Naveen Bhawan Primary School Bholi844Bholi
15Primary School Nagla Gudey1355Bholi
16Primary School Saraiya Room 11228Bharthana Dehata Chhera
17Primary School Saraiya Room 2416Bharthana
18Prakash I.C. Bharthana555Bharthana
19Primary School Purana Bharthana Ekal Bhawan1184Bharthana (NPP)
20Primary School Purana Bharthana Centre East437Bharthana (NPP)
21Primary School Purana Bharthana East1206Bharthana (NPP)
22Primary School Purana Bharthana West987Bharthana (NPP)
23Primary School Girdharipura Naween Bhawan East1071Bharthana (NPP)
24Primary School Girdharipura Naween Bhawan North1155Bharthana (NPP)
25Primary School Girdharipura Naween Bhawan South1255Bharthana (NPP)
27Guru Nanak Kanya Jhs Bharthana R.No. 11091Bharthana (NPP)
28Guru Nanak Kanya Jhs Bharthana R.No. 21022Bharthana (NPP)
29Guru Nanak Kanya Jhs Bharthana R.No. 3736Bharthana (NPP)
30Aarya Shyama Balika I.C. Bharthana R.N. 1998Bharthana (NPP)
31Aarya Shyama Balika I.C. Bharthana R.N. 2902Bharthana (NPP)
32Aarya Shyama Balika I.C. Bharthana R.N. 31015Bharthana (NPP)
33Aarya Shyama Balika I.C. Bharthana R.N. 4935Bharthana (NPP)
34Junior High School Bharthana Room-1958Bharthana (NPP)
35Junior High School Bharthana Room-2818Bharthana (NPP)
36Kanya Primary School Bharthana Room-11226Bharthana (NPP)
37Kanya Primary School Bharthana Room-21271Bharthana (NPP)
38Block Sansadhan Center Bharthana Room No. 1823Bharthana (NPP)
39Block Sansadhan Center Bharthana Room No. 21226Bharthana (NPP)
40Purv Kannya Junior High School Bharthana Room-1634Bharthana (NPP)
41Purv Kannya Junior High School Bharthana Room-21172Bharthana (NPP)
42Purv Kannya Junior High School Bharthana Room-3504Bharthana (NPP)
43S.A.B.I.C. Bharthana Centre1076Bharthana (NPP)
44S.A.B.I.C. Bharthana South828Bharthana (NPP)
45Primary School Bharthana Kadhara Tahsil Ke Samne (R.N. 1)810Bharthana (NPP)
46Primary School Bharthana Kadhara Tahsil Ke Samne (R.N. 2)715Bharthana (NPP)
47Parigarit Primary School Bharthana East-11020Bharthana (NPP)
48Parigarit Primary School Bharthana East-2563Bharthana (NPP)
49Parigarit Primary School Bharthana West317Bharthana (NPP)
50Primary School Kuwara North R.N. 11159Kunwara
51Primary School Kuwara1004Kunwara
52Junior High School Sujipur429Kunwara
53Junior High School Kunwara Room-11007Bharthana (NPP)
54Junior High School Kunwara Room-21209Bharthana (NPP)
55Junior High School Nagla Pooth678Kunwara
56U.P.V. Palikala802Pali Kalan
57Primary School Nagla Ghumariya704Pali Kalan
58Primary School Nagla Bhisai1409Pali Kalan
59Adarsh Junior High School Ramayan R.N. 1801Ramain
60Adarsh Junior High School Ramayan R.N. 2815Ramain
61Adarsh Junior High School Ramayan R.N. 3923Ramain
62Primary School Nagla Chola805Ramain
63Naveen Primary School Karwa Khurd North776Karwa Khurd
64Naveen Primary School Karwa Khurd South785Karwa Khurd
65Primary School Mangupur1305Mangupur
66Primary School Booda737Mangupur
67Primary School Sefi890Saiphi
68Primary School Nagla Buthar627Nagla Useera
69Primary School Adalipur1013Adlipur
70Primary School Gansara North783Gansara
71Primary School Gansara South872Gansara
72Primary School Dhakpura1429Dhakpura
73Shri Shankar Junior High School Dhakpura Pakka Tal723N/A
74Junior High School Guraiya Warho663Dhakpura
75Primary School Tiliya Kathara872Katahara
76Primary School Lalpura401Katahara
77Primary School Baharpur East1344Bhareipur
78Primary School Baharpur West574Bhareipur
79Primary School Dasipur1278Bhareipur
80Primary School Laharoi East805Lahroi
81Primary School Laharoi Weast513Lahroi
82Primary School Nagla Sawal312Lahroi
83Primary School Padiyapura528Lahroi
84Primary School Banamai792Banamai
85Primary School Thari (R.N. 1)989Thari
86Primary School Dadiyan1020Thari
87Primary School Malhosi (R.N. 1)763Malhosi
88Primary School Malhosee1003Malhosi
89Primary School Samhon North1456Samhon
90Sankul Bhawan Samhon700Samhon
92Primary School Nagla Puthiya542Samhon
94Primary School Lahariyapur534Lahariyapur
95New Primary School Kathmau944Kathmau
96Primary School Nagla Khanta542Kathmau
97Nyay Panchayat Sansadhan Kendra Palikhurd1116Pali Khurd
98Panchayatghar Palikhurd825Pali Khurd
99Primary School Palikhurd1095Pali Khurd
100Junior High School Palikhurd757Pali Khurd
101Primary School Jarpura874Jarpura
102Primary School Sarai Chouri1145Sarai Chauri
103Primary School Sirkora565Sarai Chauri
104Primary School Bhanpur657Bhanpur
105Primary School Besoli Bhanpur611Baisoli Bhanpur
106Primary School Tilokpur586Baisoli Bhanpur
107Primary School Kunethi794Kunethi
108Primary School Sahajpur730Sahajpur Gyanpur
109????0??0 ????????451Sahajpur Gyanpur
110Primary School Modi646Mohari
111Junior High School Modi1098Mohari
112Primary School Asafpur500Asafpur
113Primary School Turakpur Pachhar973Turakpur Piparipur Pachar
114Junior High School Kandhesipachar998Kandhesi Pachar
115Nyay Panchayat Sansadhan Kendra Kandhesi Pachhar887Kandhesi Pachar
116Junior High School Hajipur492Hajipur
117Primary School Seehpur East649Sihpur
118Primary School Ikarpur554Ekrarpur
119Primary School Ninawa685Ninawa
120Primary School Tada563Tadaukharra
121Primary School Kushna1206Kusana
122Primary School Khanpura900Dinarpur
123Primary School Nagla Ramfal273Kusana
124Primary School Jhindua657Gangora Bojhera
125Primary School Gangora612Gangora Bojhera
126Kannya Primary School Medidudhi (R.N. 1)834Gangora Bojhera
128Kannya Primary School Medidudhi (R.N. 2)1302Merhi Dudhi
129Primary School Biboli846Biwoli
130Primary School Alampur Biboli East699Alampur Bebouli
131Primary School Bhilona502Bhilona
132Panchayatghar Samaspur1162Samaspur
133Primary School Lalpur497Samaspur
134Primary School Mudena Biboli503Mudaina Biwoli
135Junior High School Birodhi East1136Birondhi
136Primary School Birodhi725Birondhi
137Primary School Qutubpur639Qutubpur
138Primary School Khushalpur328Rampur
139Primary School Prathvirampur1051Pirthverampur
140Primary School Patiya665Patiya Chatorpur
141Primary School Indrosi1137Indrosi
142Primary School Sarai Ilahi940Sarai Ilahi
143Primary School Kunetha (R.N. 1)840Kunetha
144Primary School Kunetha (R.N. 2)886Kunetha
145Primary School Pilakhna (R.N. 1)875Pilkhana
146Primary School Pilakhna667Pilkhana
147Primary School Nagla Heeralal342Pilkhana
148Primary School Khitora1362Khitora
149Primary School Kushgawana Ahiran1089Kushgawan Ahiran
150Primary School Nagla Khajuriya447Kushgawan Ahiran
151Primary School Pewali827Naugawan
152Primary School Nabgawa445Naugawan
153Primary School Tadba Ismailpur859Tadwa Ismailpur
154Primary School Indrapur719Indrapur
155Junior High School Niwari Kala North (R.N. 1)887Indraokhi
156Junior High School Niwari Kala (R.N. 2)792Niwari Kalan
157Junior High School Niwari Kala South (R.N. 1)989Niwari Kalan
158Junior High School Niwari Kala South (R.N. 2)847Niwari Kalan
159Junior High School Ureng976Ureng
160Primary School Santoshpur432Ureng
161Primary School Tadwa Kachhiyan1088Ureng
162Primary School Karpiya??
163Primary School Aliyapur1010Muraina Kalan Khurd
164Primary School Mudena Kala Khurd617Muraina Kalan Khurd
165Primary School Bharaipur (R.N. 1)982Bhareipur
166Primary School Bharaipur (R.N. 2)850Bhareipur
167Junior High School Ludhiyani Room-11029Ludhiyana
168Junior High School Ludhiyani Room-2772Ludhiyana
169Primary School Halupura543Ludhiyana
170Primary School Harrajpur743Haluhrjipur
171Primary School Jaimalpur1148Jaimalpur
172Primary School Singoli643Singoli
173Primary School Nagla Heere732Megoopur
174Primary School Gulabpura889Bishuna Mai
175Primary School Nagla Raman755Bishuna Mai
176Primary School Saidpur918Saidpur
177Primary School Khargupur439Khargpur
178Primary School Muretha1040Muraitha
179Primary School Besoli Ghat1007Baisoli Ghat
180Primary School Nigoh Ikarpur959Nigoh Ikarapur
181Primary School Kunwarpur Bhatpur1090Kunwarpur Bhatpur
182J.N.I.C. Buapur Room-1683Buapur
183Primary School Nagla Banjaran604Balampur
184Primary School Deenarpur511Dinarpur
185Primary School Mugalpur Naraini760Dinarpur
186Junior High School Mugalpur Naraini850Mugalpur Nraini
187Junior High School Ritor North Room-11004Reetor
188Junior High School Ritor North Room-2902Reetor
189Primary School Bhawanipura1078Reetor
190Primary School Nagla Moti682Reetor
191Junior High School Birari East766Birari
192Junior High School Birari West732Birari
193Junior High School Birari West (R.N. 1)884Birari
194Milan Kendra Birari850Birari
195Primary School Birari1264Birari
196Primary School Ibraheempur836Ibrahimpur
197Primary School Damodarpur991Damodarpur
198Primary School Mahanepur Naween585Mahnepur
199Primary School Karba Bujurg377Karwa Bujurg
200Primary School Parsoopura670Karwa Bujurg
201Primary School Karbakhera557Karwa Bujurg
202Primary School Gopiyapura768Gopiyapura
203Primary School Keeratpur772Kiratpur
204Primary School Ratanpur760Ratanpur
205Primary School Gulalpur284Ratanpur
206Primary School Lalitpur582Ratanpur
207Primary School Kudariya East1048Kudariya
208Primary School Kandayya1202Kudariya
209Janta I.C. Bakewar R.N. 1876Bakewar (NP)
210Janta I.C. Bakewar R.N. 2627Bakewar (NP)
211Janta I.C. Bakewar987Bakewar (NP)
212Janta I.C. Bakewar Madhya Pratham R.N. 1720Bakewar (NP)
213Janta D.C. Bakewar R.N. 11180Bakewar (NP)
214Janta D.C. Bakewar R.N. 2913Bakewar (NP)
215Janta D.C. Bakewar R.N. 31426Bakewar (NP)
216Primary School Bakewar (R.N. 1)826Bakewar (NP)
217Primary School Bakewar (R.N. 2)589Bakewar (NP)
218. Primary School Nagla Bani1111Bakewar (NP)
219Primary School Nagla Bani950Bakewar (NP)
220Primary School Chandrapura690Bakewar (NP)
221Naween Primary School Nasedipur1271Bakewer
222Primary School Sherpur Rasoolpur1085Sherpur Rasoolpur
223Primary School Sherpur Kothi509Sunwrsa Bhatpur
224Junior High School Sunbarsa (R.N. 1)851Sunbarsa Bhatpur
225Junior High School Sunbarsa (R.N.2)951Sarai Nodhana
226Primary School Nodhana654Naudhna
227Primary School Nodhana West (R.N. 2)387Naudhna
228Primary School Nodhana (R.N. 2)1102Naudhna
229Primary School Nagla Matirampur611|Nagla Matrampur
230Primary School Nasirpur Bojha752Naserpur Bojha
231Primary School Ghughseena668Ghughseena
232Primary School Nagrilolpur910Nagari Lolupur
233Primary School Shakoorpur (R.N. 2)837Nagari Lolupur
234Primary School Ikghara1073Ikaghara
235Panchayat Ghar Nagariya Bujurg998Nagaria Bujurg
236Primary School Jagmohanpur1220Jagmohanpur
237Primary School Pahadpur331Daderpur
238Primary School Dadarpur1179Daderpur
239Primary School Niwari Khurd (R.N. 1)1146Niwari Khurd
240Primary School Niwari Khurd (R.N. 2)1208Niwari Khurd
241Primary School Indraukhi (R.N. 1)808Indraokhi
242Primary School Indraukhi (R.N. 2)900Indraokhi
243Primary School Beerpur Salempur (R.N. 1)1258Beerpur Salempur
244Primary School Beerpur Salempur (R.N. 3)761Beerpur Salempur
245Primary School Chakarpur647Beerpur Salempur
246Primary School Salempur777Beerpur Salempur
247Junior High School Aheripur (R.N. 1)983Aheripur
248Junior High School Aheripur (R.N. 2)992Aheripur
249Junior High School Aheripur (R.N. 3)1018Aheripur
250Junior High School Aheripur (R.N. 4)1164Aheripur
251Primary School Mukutpur1224Aheripur
252Primary School Rahatpur856Rahatpur
253Lokmanya Tilak I.C. Mahewa1382Mahewa
254Lokmanya Tilak I.C. Mahewa South Pratham1014Mahewa
255Lokmanya Tilak I.C. Mahewa South Ditiya1019Mahewa
256Primary School Bhawanipur792Bamhora Humayounpur
257Purv M.V. Bamhora Humaunpur Tiletila606Bamhora Humayounpur
258Primary School Rampura400Bamhora Humayounpur
259Primary School Bamhora Humaunpur807Bamhora Humayounpur
260Primary School Bahera Pratham1002Birari
261Primary School Bahera Ditiya1139Birari
262Primary School Aanepur (R.N. 1)1036Aneypur
263Primary School Aanepur958Aneypur
264Primary School Chatnapur293Aneypur
265Junior High School Ujhiyani1101Ujhiaani
266Naween Primary School Ujhiyani North1018Ujhiaani
267Naween Primary School Rajpura601Ujhiaani
268Primary School Sarai Nirottam705Sarai Narotam
269Primary School Nagla Shukal361Nagla Shukul
270Primary School Vyaspur South1023Vyaspur
271Primary School Vyaspur South Pratham1087Vyaspur
272Primary School Vyaspur South Ditiya406Vyaspur
273Junior High School Lakhana Pratham1234Lakhna (NP)
274Junior High School Lakhana Ditiya1133Lakhna (NP)
275Junior High School Lakhana Tratiya1091Lakhna (NP)
276Junior High School Lakhana Chaturtha1310Lakhna (NP)
277Kalawati Rampyari I.C. Lakhana (R.N. 1)1109Lakhna (NP)
278Kalawati Rampyari I.C. Lakhana (R.N. 2)1358Lakhna (NP)
279Kalawati Rampyari I.C. Lakhana (R.N. 3)1007Lakhana
280Kalawati Rampyari I.C. Lakhana (R.N. 4)638Lakhana
281Primary School Maroli1452Lakhana
283Primary School Bheem Nager831Beri Khera
284Primary School Nagla Berikhera912Beri Khera
285Primary School Nagla Sabit Khan Kakraiya498Beri Khera
286Primary School Manpura628Manpura
287Primary School Sarai Mitthe North921Sarai Mithey
288Primary School Sarai Mitthe South756Sarai Mithey
289Primary School Bijoli East1143Bijauli
290Primary School Bijoli West1296Bijauli
291Primary School Dhorkha1185Dhaurkha
292Primary School Igurri West1291Ingurri
293Primary School Igurri East568Ingurri
294Primary School Nagla Malepura767Ingurri
295Primary School Sarai Jalalprimary School Sarai Jalalprimary School Sarai Jalal1292Sarai Jalal
296Primary School Maniyamau1262Maniya Mau
298Primary School Jagannath Pur600Maniya Mau
299Primary School Kushgawana Badshahpur1294Kushgawan Badashpur
300Primary School Akbarpur673Kushgawan Badashpur
301Primary School Dolatpur712Kushgawan Badashpur
302Milan Kendra Balampur752Balampur
303Primary School Udhanpur832Udhannpura
304Milan Kendra Daipur854Daipur
305Primary School Bhoolpur488Bhulpur
306Primary School Mubarikpur398Mubarikpur
307Primary School Dharampur930Dharampur
308Primary School Peparipurghar822Piparipur Dhar
309Primary School Durgapur879Jaitpur
310Naween Primary School Jaitpur (R.N. 1)1042Jaitpur
311Naween Primary School Jaitpur (R.N.2)894Jaitpur
312Junior High School Chandra Pura1093Chandpura
314Primary School Dadora1004Dadora
315Junior High School Iswaripur697Ishwaripur
316Primary School Nagla Jaik455Nagla Jek
317Primary School Birahipur691Birahipur
318Primary School Aasai678Aasai
319Juniyar High School Chindauli732Chindoli
320Primary School Ramgarh697Chindoli
321Primary School Dabha1093Chindoli
322Naween Primary School Bahadurpur Ghar947Bahadurpur Dhar
324Junior High School Bahadurpur Ghar810Bahadurpur Dhar
325Primary School Nagla Shriram447Bahadurpur Dhar
326Primary School Nagla Girand827Bahadurpur Dhar
328Primary School Nawada Khurd Kala971Nawada Khurd Kalan
330Junior High School Nawada Khurd Kala1094Nawada Khurd Kalan
331Primary School Labedi1479Labedi
332Primary School Turakpur644Turukpur Paharpur
334Primary School Vidhipur771Bidhipur
335Primary School Ikari683Ekari
336Primary School Asadpur Room-11056Asadpur
337Primary School Asadpur Room-2581Barauli
338Primary School Basaiyahar570Basaiyahar
339Primary School Bilhati821Bilahati
341Primary School Nadgawa1409Nogawan
342Primary School Lakhanpur Ghar351Takrupur
343Primary School Takarupur780Lakhanpur Ghar
344Primary School Daudpur1168Sabdalpur Daudpur
345Primary School Sabdalpur458Nagla Maha Singh Pur
346Primary School Karondhi1275Karondhi
347Primary School Mahipalpur926Mahipalpur
348Primary School Nagla Kale1013Mahipalpur
349Junior High School Iknor660Eknor
351Primary School Parsoli Odampur524Parsoli Orampur
352Primary School Ramaupur453Ramaupur
353Primary School Fatehpura488Fatehpura
354Primary School Nagla Mahasingpur418Maha Singh Pur
355Primary School Gotampur938Gautampur
356Primary School Baraukh701Baraukh
357Primary School Nagla Madaiya942Baraukh
358Primary School Daleep Nager459Dalip Nagar
360Junior High School Dhakatal655Purawali
361Primary School Leeteypura600Purawali
362Primary School Purawali798Purawali
363Primary School Mehadipur1052Mehdipur
364Primary School Nagla Chhiddi805Mehdipur
366Primary School Lakhi622Andawa
367Primary School Vinayakpur525Binayakpur
368Primary School Andawa461Aandawa
369Primary School Madaiya Malahan662Andawa
370Primary School Madaiya Ahiran659Andawa
371Primary School Nogawa878Nandgawan
372Primary School Kanchhi291Kainchhi
373Primary School Chibroli850Chhibroli
374Primary School Palighar812Palighar
375Primary School Gohani784Gohani
377Primary School Khireeti487Khiriti
378Primary School Nagla Raniya546Khiriti
379Kannya Primary School Kundol1216Kundol
380Primary School Rajpur Naveen Bhawan1178Kundol
381Naween Primary School Bachhedi762Banchheri
382Primary School Ganiyawar950Ganiyawer
383Primary School Tejpura543Tejpura
384Primary School Rampura Ghar325Rampura Dhar
385Primary School Maharajpura536Dilauli
386Primary School Dibholi688Dibholi
388Primary School Chandai377Chandai
389Primary School Nagla Jor729Chandai
390Jawahar I.C. Chakar Nager1069Chakar Nagar
392Primary School Nagla Mahanand374Chakarnagar
393Primary School Sagra797Chakarnagar
394Naween Primary School Dhakra565Dadara
395Primary School Barcholi415Barcholi
396Primary School Dadra716Dadara
397Primary School Jagtoli500Jagtoli
398Primary School Bahaliyapura376Jagtoli
399Primary School Phootatal418Jagtoli
400Primary School Mitrol597Mitrol
401Pprimary School Kandhesi Ghar995Kandhesi Dhar
402Primary School Jonani655Kandhesi Dhar
403Primary School Nagla Kadori593Barecha
404Primary School Barecha563Barecha
405Primary School Bindwakala396Bindwan Kalan
406Primary School Sone Ka Pura824Bindwan Kalan
407Primary School Bhoya763Bhoya
408Primary School Birona Bagh275Bhoya
409Primary School Titawali547Titawali
410Junior High School Titawali516Khola
411Primary School Kola656Kola
412Jprimary School Sirsa East497Sirsa
413Primary School Mithati585Mitahti
414Primary School Ranipura490Garaiya
415Primary School Gariya483Garhaiya
416Primary School Chandra Hanspura669Pasiya
417Primary School Pasiya467Pasiya
418R.U.M.V. Sahson East (R.N. 1)1391Sahson
419R.U.M.V. Sahson East (R.N. 2)496Sahson
420Primary School Badanpura525Sahson
421Primary School Hanumantpura1355Hanumntpura A.
422Primary School Ajit Ki Gariya894Hanumantpur
423Primary School Piproli Gariya1236Piproli Gadhiya
425Primary School Kariyawali541Kachahari
426Pprimary School Neemari439Nimri
427Primary School Kachhari319Kachahari
428Primary School Shergarh383Kachahari
429Primary School Haroli Bahadurpur970Hrouli Bahadurpura
430Primary School Bhareh802Bhareh
431Primary School Gada Kasda1462Garha Kasda
432Primary School Mahuwa Sunda717Mahua Sunda
433Primary School Patarra1284Patharra
434U.P.P. Imilia246Bhareh
435Primary School Bansari East1215Bansari
436Primary School Bansari West939Bansari
437Primary School Vihar770Bihar
438Primary School Katroli415Katrauli
439Primary School Anetha1095Anhatha
440Primary School Bitholi888Bithauli
441Primary School Bidori1243Birori
442U.P.V. Reetor Ki Madaiya397Ritaur Ke Maraiya
443Primary School Kurcha376Birori
444Primary School Kunwarpur Kurcha564Birori
445Primary School Chorela East899Chaurela
446Primary School Lalupura570Lalupura
447Junior High School Sindous (R.N. 1)1247Sidaraiya
448Junior High School Sindous (R.N. 2)870Sindaus
449Primary School Khodan673Sindaus
450Junior High School Sakatpura376Sindaus
451Primary School Bindwa Khurd731Bindwa Khurd
452Primary School Garimangad489Garhimangad
453Primary School Jajepura713Jajepura

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