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Polling Booth in Bhagwantnagar Assembly Constituency

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Bhagwantnagar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhagwantnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhagwantnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No.1 Katri Piparkheda946Ramagar Nai Basti
2Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No.2 Katri Piparkheda681Katri Piper Khera (CT)
3Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No.3 Katri Piparkheda1154Katri Piper Khera (CT)
4Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No.4 Katri Piparkheda615Katri Piper Khera (CT)
5Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No.5 Katri Piparkheda767Katri Piper Khera (CT)
6Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No. 6 Katri Piparkheda867Katri Piper Khera (CT)
7Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No. 7 Katri Piparkheda1399Katri Piper Khera (CT)
8Ganga Prasad Mahto Vidyalaya Room No.8 Katri Piparkheda931Katri Piper Khera (CT)
9Praimari Pathsala Ravidas Nagar Room.No.1 Katri Piparkheda1413Katri Piper Khera (CT)
10Praimari Pathsala Ravidas Nagar Room .No.2 Katri Piparkheda1291Katri Piper Khera (CT)
11Om Vidya Mandir Shri Nagar Room.No.1 Katri Piparkheda1077Katri Piper Khera (CT)
12Om Vidya Mandir Shri Nagar Room.No.2 Katri Piparkheda1074Katri Piper Khera (CT)
13Praimari Pathsala Room No.1 Jurakhankheda M0 Katri Piparkheda1163Katri Piper Khera (CT)
14Praimari Pathsala Room No.2 Jurakhankheda M0 Katri Piparkheda749Katri Piper Khera (CT)
15Praimari Pathsala Ramcharamau615Ramchara Mau
16Praimari Pathsala Rajwakheda964Rajwa Khera
17Praimari Pathsala Lakhapur649Lakha Pur
18Praimari Pathsala Katri Alhuapur Saresa641Katri Alhuapur Sares
19Praimari Pathshala East Banther1200Benthar
20Praimari Pathshala West Banthr948Benthar
21Girld Praimari Pathshala East Banthr778Benthar
22Kanya Praimari Pathshala West Banthr1110Benthar
23Praimari Pathshala East Potariha845Potriha
24Praimari Pathshala West Potariha884Potriha
25Praimari Pathshala Babakheda M. Potariha1201Mugalpur
26Praimari Pathshala Duaa1410Dua
27Juniar High School Bhawanikheda M0 Korarikala857Korari Kalan
28Praimari Pathshala Bhubhuwar M0 Korarikala563Korari Kalan
29Praimari Pathshala East Koraikala988Korari Kalan
30Praimari Pathshala Koraikala679Korari Kalan
31Girls Praimari Pathshala Koraikala1286Korari Kalan
32Praimari Pathshala Iswarikheda M0 Korarikala1144Korari Kalan
33Naveen Praimari Pathshala North Amarsas773Amarsus
34Naveen Praimari Pathshala South Amarsas834Amarsus
35Praimari Pathshala Korarikhurd972Korari Khurd
36Praimari Pathshala Daulatpur527Daulatpur
37Praimari Pathshala East Behta835Behta
38Praimari Pathshala West Behta996Behta
39Praimari Pathshala Karnipur Shivepuri East912Behta
40Praimari Pathshala Karnipur Shivpuri West794Karnipur Shivpuri
41Praimari Pathshala Saidpur973Saidapur
42Adarsh Vidyalaya East Achalganj908Achalganj (CT)
43Adarsh Vidyalaya West Achalganj961Achalganj (CT)
44Adarsh Vidyalay Central Achalganj1380Achalganj (CT)
45Girls Praimari Pathshala Achalganj1184Achalganj (CT)
46Praimari Pathshala Kanti417Kanti
47Panchayat Ghar Lohcha776Kanti
48Praimari Pathshala Mawaiya Maphi1088Mawaiya Mafi
49Panchayat Ghar East Hadaha905Hadha
50Panchayat Ghar West Hadaha866Hadha
51Praimari Pathshala North Hadaha810Hadha
52Praimari Pathshala South Hadaha807Hadha
53V.S.Inter College East Hadaha961Hadha
54V.S.Inter College West Hadaha891Hadha
55Sahabkheda M0 Hadaha1402Hadha
56Praimari Pathshala Behtigopalpur542Behiti Gopalpur
57Praimari Pathshala Kurmapur506Behiti Gopalpur
58Praimari Pathshala Jagjeewanpur Behtigopalpur1003Jagjeewan Pur
59Juniar High School East Badraka1224Badarka Harbansh
60Juniar High School West Badraka1192Badarka Harbansh
61Praimari Pathshala Karoundi936Karaundi
62Praimari Pathshala Tajpur Noubasta695Tajpur
63Praimari Pathshala East Ata1214Ata
64Praimari Pathshala West Ata1039Ata
65Praimari Pathshala East Supasi869Supasi
66Praimari Pathshala Extra Room Supasi840Supasi
67Praimari Pathshala West Supasi763Sathara
68Praimari Pathshala East Mawaiya Layak Chheriha444Maviya Layak
69Praimari Pathshala West Chheriha875Chheriha
70Praimari Pathshala Shukulpur616Chheriha
71Praimari Pathshala East Gadari418Gadari
72Praimari Pathshala Manoharpur279Manohar Pur
73Praimari Pathshala Gadari West Manoharpur850Manohar Pur
74Praimari Pathshala Bairagar529Bairagar
75Praimari Pathshala Tikari Padmra420Tikry Padmara
76Praimari Pathshala Sarwagar515Sarwagar
77Praimari Pathshala Dudhauda432Dudhaora
78Girls Juniar High School Baliyakheda Tikari Ganesh Gaihehatmali771Tikry Ganesh Gair Ehatmali
79Praimari Pathshala Balai1189Balai
80Praimari Pathshala Malmau633Malmau
81Praimari Pathshala Basaina769Basdhana
82Panchayat Ghar Basaina1437Basdhana
83Praimari Pathshala Bethar North1006Benthar
84Praimari Pathshala Bethar South899Benthar
85Girls Praimari Pathshala North Bethar810Benthar
86Girls Praimari Pathshala South Bethar877Benthar
87Praimari Pathshala Band Hamirpur1149Band Hameer Pur
88Praimari Pathshala Itauli East900Ichhauli
89Praimari Pathshala Itauli West897Ichhauli
90Praimari Pathshala Raipur Satan714Raipur Satan
91Praimari Pathshala Shivpur North920Shivpur
92Praimari Pathshala Shivpur South220Shivpur
93Praimari Pathshala Sipatpur476Sikanderpur Karan
94Praimari Pathshala Maroi1170Maroi
95Shri Patel Haier Secondri School Mainaha1251Amilah
96Praimari Pathshala Bhadohi481Bhadohi
97Praimari Pathshala Hasnapur495Hasanapur
98Juniar High School East Rawatpur985Rawatpur
99Praimari Pathshala Tikauli755Tikauli
100Praimari Pathshala Manpur814Anup Pur
101Praimari Pathshala Sikandarpur Karan East1042Sikanderpur Karan
102Praimari Pathshala Sikandarpur Karan West723Sikanderpur Karan
103Juniar High School Sikandarpur Karan1395Sikanderpur Karan
104Praimari Pathshala Pachhodda Saraye East1201Pachodda Sarai
105Praimari Pathshala Pachhodda Saraye West1200Pachodda Sarai
106Girls Praimari Pathshala Bhaisai Naubasta1284Bhainshi Naubasta
107Praimari Pathshala Jhauha502Jhaoha
108Praimari Pathshala Gauri Tribhanpur592Gauri Tribhanpur
109Praimari Pathshala West Khutaha Naugwa1074Khutha Naugwan
110Praimari Pathshala Rithnai956Rithanai
111Juniar High School Kuluhagada1402Koluhuwa Gara
112Praimari Pathshala Kutkuri460Kutkuri
113Praimari Pathshala East Satan1463Satan
114Praimari Pathshala West Satan500Satan
115Praimari Pathshala Sthit Fattepur Anooppur598Anup Pur
116Praimari Pathshala East Raithana934Raithana
117Praimari Pathshala West Raithana788Raithana
118Praimari Pathshala Ranipur915Ranipur
119Praimari Pathshala Coratganj M0 Ranipur823Ranipur
120Praimari Pathshala Sumraha823Sumraha
121Praimari Pathshala Baruwa Mahramau541Barua
122Praimari Pathshala East Nibai Gairehatmali737Nibai Ehatmali
123Praimari Pathshala West Nibai Gairehatmali860Nibai Gair Ehatmali
124Praimari Pathshala Baruwa Mahramau West429Maharamau
125Praimari Pathshala Badiyakheda852Badiya Khera
126Praimari Pathshala Baidra1246Baidra
127Praimari Pathshala Vibhaura Chandanpur1105Vibhaora Chandan Pur
128Praimari Pathshala North Khrauli784Kharaoli
129Praimari Pathshala South Khrauli850Kharaoli
130Praimari Pathshala Devpur Adankheda1076Kanpur
131Praimari Pathshala Kathar1121Kathar
132Praimari Pathshala Kulha Bagaha1155Kulha Bagha
133Praimari Pathshala Bagaha M0 Kulha Bagaha1167Kulha Bagha
134Praimari Pathshala Bahurajmau East995Bahuraj Mau
135Praimari Pathshala Bahurajmau West1079Bahuraj Mau
136Praimari Pathshala Akbarpur511Akbarpur
137Praimari Pathshala Pansari East1118Pansari
138Praimari Pathshala Pansari West858Pansari
139Praimari Pathshala Saray M0 Panshari1381Pansari
140Praimari Pathshala Mahaai East856Mahai
141Praimari Pathshala Mahaai West922Mahai
142Nehru Inter College Pahadpur Subas906Pahar Pur Suwas
143Praimari Pathshala Dubepur926Dubey Pur
144Praimari Pathshala Bhaisai Chatur435Bhainshi Chatur
145Praimari Pathshala Bhaisai Koyal1054Bhainshi Koyalpur
146Prathmik Vidyalaya Lalganj638Lalganj 2
147Prathmik Vidyalaya Kailanv612Kailaw
148Prathmik Vidyalaya North Aanv676Aow
149Prathmik Vidyalaya South Aanv1410Aow
150Prathmik Vidyalaya Extra Room Aanv439Aow
151Prathmik Vidyalaya Jagdishpur612Jagdeeshpur
152Prathmik Vidyalaya Shivdeenkhera1399Magarwara
153Prathmik Vidyalaya Magrayar1130Magarwara
154Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Magrayar860Magarwara
155Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Rajapur Garhewa633Rajapur Garhewa
156Prathmik Vidyalaya Miyaganj181Miya Ganj
157Prathmik Vidyalaya Atwat768Atwat
158Prathmik Vidyalaya Mulahimpur567Mulahimpur
159Prathmik Vidyalaya Jagatkhera578Jagat Khera
160R.S. Inter College Room No. 1 Behta Bhawani1070Behta Bhawani
161R.S. Inter College Room No. 2 Behta Bhawani1170Behta Bhawani
162Prathmik Vidyalaya Afsari588Apsari
163Prathmik Vidyalaya East Garhakola841Gadha Kola
164Prathmik Vidyalaya West Garhakola553Jajanpur
165Prathmik Vidyalaya Kathar656Kathar
166Prathmik Vidyalaya Salethu1057Salaithu
167Prathmik Vidyalaya Maharamau1331Mahramau
168Prathmik Vidyalaya Kishunkhera721Kishan Khera
169Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhatmau912Bhatmau
170Prathmik Vidyalaya Sijni Sohramau997Sijnisohramau
171Shri Bhagatsingh Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Mohkamganj Sijni Sohramau North942Sijnisohramau
172Shri Bhagatsingh Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Mohkamganj Sijni Sohramau South468Sijnisohramau
173Prathmik Vidyalaya Tewariya703Tevaria
174Prathmik Vidyalaya Majhigawan Sewak866Majhigawan Sevak
175Prathmik Vidyalaya Arhauli691Arhauli
176Prathmik Vidyalaya Ghinakhera734Ghinakhera
177Prathmik Vidyalaya Baijuamau704Baizua Mau
178Prathmik Vidyalaya Ram Khera437Ramkhera
179Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Purandarpur987Purander Pur
180Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Panhan411Panhan
181Prathmik Vidyalaya Mamrejpur990Mamrej Pur
182Kanya Prathmik Vidyalaya Mamrejpur Raddhukhera787Mamrej Pur
183Prathmik Vidyalaya Muraita808Muraita
184Prathmik Vidyalaya Lakhmademau940Lakhmademau
185Prathmik Vidyalaya Tripurarpur1146Tiprarpur
186Gyan Bhartiya Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Tripurarpur North834Tiprarpur
187Gyan Bhartiya Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Tripurarpur South1225Tiprarpur
188Prathmik Vidyalaya Turkaha360Turkha
189Prathmik Vidyalaya Raghunathpur505Raghunath Pur
190Prathmik Vidyalaya Panhan Sthit Pakra Bujurg1446Pakra Buzurg
191Prathmik Vidyalaya Thokrepur Majra Pakra Bujurg954Pakra Buzurg
192Prathmik Vidyalaya Pakra Khurd1332Pakrakhurd
193Prathmik Vidyalaya Baruva352Barua
194Trilokchandra Inter College Kotwar860Kotwar
195Prathmik Vidyalaya Khijhauli911Khijhauli
196Prathmik Vidyalaya Malauna1414Malauna
197Prathmik Vidyalaya Gulriha Majra Malauna1383Malauna
198Prathmik Vidyalaya Dewara517Diwara
199Prathmik Vidyalaya Gaura1276Gaura
200Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Gaura1413Gaura
201Prathmik Vidyalaya Pokhri1100Pokhari
202Prathmik Vidyalaya Nevti442Niyoti
203Prathmik Vidyalaya Bisramau679Baijnath Khera
204Prathmik Vidyalaya Kutubpur1359Kutubpur
205Prathmik Vidyalaya Sahila North797Sahila
206Prathmik Vidyalaya Sahila South876Sahila
207Prathmik Vidyalaya Aakampur1483Akampur
208Prathmik Vidyalaya Siriyapur1066Siriyapur
209Prathmik Vidyalaya Bajaura1022Bajeura
210Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Sahila372Mawaiya
211Prathmik Vidyalaya Rampur476Rampur
212R.B.S.Inter College Room No. 1 Bihar1021Behar
213R.B.S.Inter College Room No. 2 Bihar1445Behar
214Prathmik Vidyalaya East Raghunathkhera760Behar
215Prathmik Vidyalaya West Raghunathkhera782Behar
216Prathmik Vidyalaya Rawatpur1389Rawatpur
217Prathmik Vidyalaya Kundanpur1379Kundunpur
218Prathmik Vidyalaya Porai First870Purai
219Prathmik Vidyalaya Durgaganj Majra Porai1083Purai
220Prathmik Vidyalaya Khesuva731Kheswa
221Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhairampur762Bairampur
222Prathmik Vidyalaya Maharajpur1071Maharajpur
223Prathmik Vidyalaya Parsanda1370Parsanda
224Prathmik Vidyalaya Meermau844Sukhdev Pur
225Prathmik Vidyalaya Dhamnikhera856Dhamni Khera
226Prathmik Vidyalaya East Shuklakhera838Shukla Khera
227Prathmik Vidyalaya West Shuklakhera933Kukri
228Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Kakrari1104Kakrari
229Prathmik Vidyalaya Maanpur1039Manpur
230Prathmik Vidyalaya Dhunwadhar372Dhuwadhar
231Prathmik Vidyalaya Mardanpur568Mardanpur
232Prathmik Vidyalaya Sasaan977Sasan
233Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya North Osiyan885Aosiyan
234Prathmik Vidyalaya Osiyan855Aosiyan
235Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Central Osiyan915Aosiyan
236Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya South Osiyan753Aosiyan
237Prathmik Vidyalaya Behtagopi1437Behta Gopi
238Prathmik Vidyalaya East Pahihardo963Pahihardo
239Prathmik Vidyalaya West Pahihardo586Pahihardo
240Prathmik Vidyalaya Jangalikhera635Pahihardo
241Prathmik Vidyalaya Saidpur439Saidpur
242Prathmik Vidyalaya Dandamau766Danda Mau
243Seth R.N.Inter College Room No. 1 Rujhihai1040Rujihai
244Seth R.N.Inter College Room No. 2 Rujhihai1228Rujihai
245Prathmik Vidyalaya Dundpur1309Dundpur
246Prathmik Vidyalaya Aadakhera807Dundpur
247Prathmik Vidyalaya Bighapur Kala 11299Bighapur (NP)
248Shri K.P. Inter College Room No. 3 Bighapur1460Bighapur (NP)
249Shri K.P. Inter College Room No. 4 Bighapur1159Bighapur (NP)
250Shri K.P. Inter College Room No. 5 Bighapur965Bighapur (NP)
251Shri K.P. Inter College Room No. 6 Bighapur557Bighapur (NP)
252Prathmik Vidyalaya Gauri718Gauri
253Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Katra Deewankhera Room No. 1875Katra Diwan Khera
254Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Katra Deewankhera Room No. 21497Katra Diwan Khera
255Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhabhemau583Bhabe Mau
256Prathmik Vidyalaya Aram862Aram
257Prathmik Vidyalaya Akwabad First Room No. 1774Akbabad
258Prathmik Vidyalaya Akwabad First Room No. 2792Akbabad
259Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhogaita851Bhogita
260Prathmik Vidyalaya Indemau1253Indemau Nihali Khera
261Prathmik Vidyalaya Goshikhera423Gosai Khera
262Prathmik Vidyalaya North Dubai805Dubai
263Prathmik Vidyalaya South Dubai1007Dubai
264Prathmik Vidyalaya Aatmannukhera671Atmannukhera
265Prathmik Vidyalaya Gadriyakhera432Gadariyakhera
266Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Room No. 1 Patan1422Patan
267Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Room No. 2 Patan1521Patan
268Mahatma Gandhi Inter College Room No. 3 Patan1480Chandpur
269Prathmik Vidyalaya Dewakhera389Dewakhera
270Prathmik Vidyalaya Kalyanpur First599Kalyanpur
271Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Chikanderpur700Kalyanpur
272Pt. Shivrajbali Ramshanker Inter College Sumerpur1199Chhanchirai Khera
273Prathmik Vidyalaya Sumerpur785Barkhera
274Prathmik Vidyalaya Keeratpur767Kiratpur
275Prathmik Vidyalaya Tajakpur880Tajakpur
276Prathmik Vidyalaya Kalani973Kalyani
277Prathmik Vidyalaya Room No. 1 Jaminpur1252Jamipur
278Prathmik Vidyalaya Room No. 2 Jaminpur1189Jamipur
279Prathmik Vidyalaya Mavaiya981Mawaiya
280Prathmik Vidyalaya Chainpur935Chainpur
281Prathmik Vidyalaya Chotiha Majra Chainpur786Chainpur
282Prathmik Vidyalaya Muratpur Majra Chainpur1176Chainpur
283Prathmik Vidyalaya Narikhera1019Taudhakpur
284Prathmik Vidyalaya Dubepur1177Dubey Khera
285Prathmik Vidyalaya Jalapur1113Jalapur
286Prathmik Vidyalaya Jangal Kala855Hariharpur
287Prathmik Vidyalaya Akathi458Akthi
288Prathmik Vidyalaya Narharpur636Narharpur
289Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhatkherwa509Chak Bhagan Khera
290Gangendra Ji Saraswati Junior High School Room No. 1 Manikapur845Manikapur
291Gangendra Ji Saraswati Junior High School Room No. 2 Manikapur761Manikapur
292Gangendra Ji Saraswati Junior High School Room No. 3 Manikapur1490Manikapur
293Prathmik Vidyalaya North Saraanya Manihar554Sarai Manihar
294Prathmik Vidyalaya South Saraanya Manihar823Sarai Manihar
295Prathmik Vidyalaya Rampur Kharahi974Rampur
296Prathmik Vidyalaya Bargadaha Digghi East589Rampur
297Prathmik Vidyalaya Bargadha Digghi West833Alawalpur
298Shri B.B. Singh Inter Ollege Vajidpur905Mohkampur
299Prathmik Vidyalaya Sanjhamau1103Sajhamau
300Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya East Kumbhi1371Kumbhi
301Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya West Kumbhi1136Kumbhi
302Prathmik Vidyalaya Akberpur1321Akberpur
303Prathmik Vidyalaya Talihai913Akberpur
304Prathmik Vidyalaya Pahadikhera Majra Bardaha1097Bardaha
305Prathmik Vidyalaya Bardaha1378Bardaha
306Prathmik Vidyalaya Rajapur Pipraha809Rajapur Piprha
308Prathmik Vidyalaya Nasirpur1438Naya Khera
309Prathmik Vidyalaya East Pali972Pali
310Prathmik Vidyalaya West Pali819Pali
311Prathmik Vidyalaya Ghatampur Khurd1091Chak Dhaurehara
312Girls Prathmik Vidyalaya Room No. 1 Ghatampurkala1234Ghatampur Kalan
313Girls Prathmik Vidyalaya Room No. 2 Ghatampurkala1045Ghatampur Kalan
314Prathmik Vidyalaya Pandepur645Pandeypur
315Prathmik Vidyalaya Narghuva257Narghva
316Prathmik Vidyalaya Adhurjpur584Adhujarnpur
317Prathmik Vidyalaya Kamrajanapur1292Kamra Jana Pur
318Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Sathnibalakhera1124Sathniwala Khera
319Prathmik Vidyalaya Karnaipur963Karnai Pur
320Prathmik Vidyalaya Sarhemau577Sajhamau
321Hublal Inter College Room No. 2 Terha1352Terha
322Hublal Inter College Room No. 3 Terha1412Terha
323Hublal Inter College Room No. 4 Terha377Terha
324Prathmik Vidyalaya Nandulankhera Majra Belha1096Belhadyal Ganj
325Prathmik Vidyalaya East Sarukhera740Saru Khera
326Prathmik Vidyalaya West Sarukhera1093Saru Khera
327Prathmik Vidyalaya Purauna1484Purauna
328Prathmik Vidyalaya Rudrapur848Purauna
329Prathmik Vidyalaya Kharjhara1133Kharjhara
330Prathmik Vidyalaya Naikamau1220Naikamau
331Prathmik Vidyalaya Panaikala First North867Panai Buzurg
332Prathmik Vidyalaya Panaikala First South1093Panai Buzurg
333Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhaiyakhera1107Kapurpur
334Prathmik Vidyalaya Sultanpur500Sultanpur
335Prathmik Vidyalaya Jangle Bujurg Bhadiha250Bhadiha
336Prathmik Vidyalaya Saranya Mangali1036Millipur
337Prathmik Vidyalaya First Nagar Panchayat Bhagwantnagar Patari802Patari
338R.R.B.N. Inter College Room No. 1 Bhagwantnagar1288Bhagwant Nagar (NP)
339R.R.B.N. Inter College Room No. 2 Bhagwantnagar967Bhagwant Nagar (NP)
340R.R.B.N. Inter College Room No. 3 Bhagwantnagar565Bhagwant Nagar (NP)
341R.R.B.N. Inter College Room No. 4 Bhagwantnagar1260Bhagwant Nagar (NP)
342R.R.B.N. Inter College Room No. 5 Bhagwantnagar942Bhagwant Nagar (NP)
343Prathmik Vidyalaya East Laltakhera Hamirpur923Hamirpur
344Prathmik Vidyalaya West Laltakhera Hamirpur1217Hamirpur
345Prathmik Vidyalaya Gobraha1006Gobaraha
346Prathmik Vidyalaya Pithaikhera Sangankhera640Pithai Khera Sagam Nora
347Prathmik Vidyalaya Bajpaikhera529Bajpaikhera
348Prathmik Vidyalaya Akwara494Akwara
349Prathmik Vidyalaya Pahadpur766Paharpur
350Prathmik Vidyalaya Bhanikhera Panaikhurd1066Panai Khurd
351Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Maheshkhera998Maheshkhera
352Prathmik Vidyalaya Ajeetikhera627Gosai Khera
353Prathmik Vidyalaya Majhigawan1340Majhigawa
355Prathmik Vidyalaya Joravarpur429Dundpur
356Prathmik Vidyalaya Birpur Dithuma630Birpur Dithwa
357Prathmik Vidyalaya Barahardo East1461Barahardo
358Prathmik Vidyalaya Barahardo West1387Barahardo
359Prathmik Vidyalaya Kutubuddin Garhewa1084Kutubuddin Gadewa
360Prathmik Vidyalaya Chilauli1367Chilauli
361Prathmik Vidyalaya Karmi884Karmi
362Prathmik Vidyalaya Shahibikhera Majra Garhewa1011Garehwa
363Prathmik Vidyalaya Ganganagar1155Karmi
364Prathmik Vidyalaya Piprasar752Terhwa
365Prathmik Vidyalaya Jhagarpur695Jhagar Pur
366Prathmik Vidyalaya Bharthipur1235Bhartipur
367Prathmik Vidyalaya East Sagwar982Sagwar
368Prathmik Vidyalaya West Sagwar1078Sagwar
369Prathmik Vidyalaya Parauri Chandika Baksh953Parauri Chandika Baks
370Prathmik Vidyalaya Baygulalkhera1048Bay
372Prathmik Vidyalaya Rishalkhera884Rawatpur
373Prathmik Vidyalaya Nihalikhera829Nihali Khera
374Prathmik Vidyalaya Tilokpur879Nihali Khera
375Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya East Raypur1291Raipur
376Prathmik Vidyalaya Jayrajmau1111Jairaj Mau
377Prathmik Vidyalaya Lalkhera Mustahkam1054Lala Khera Mustahkam
378Prathmik Vidyalaya North Dulikhera1001Dulikhera
379Prathmik Vidyalaya South Dulikhera912Dulikhera
380Prathmik Vidyalaya Serhupur Gair Ehatmali1205Sethupur Gairahetmali
381Prathmik Vidyalaya Harchandpur1127Pithai Khera Khurd
382Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya East Alipur894Alipur
383Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya West Alipur877Alipur
384Prathmik Vidyalaya Rasulpur Ratakhera763Rasulpur Rata Khera
385Prathmik Vidyalaya North Dhanuhikhera994Dhanuhikhera
386Prathmik Vidyalaya Central Dhanuhikhera732Dhanuhikhera
387Prathmik Vidyalaya South Dhanuhikhera1265Dhanuhikhera
388Prathmik Vidyalaya Gahrenda717Bhagulekhera
389Prathmik Vidyalaya Sairampur432Sairampur
390Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya North Dokrai843Chaturkhera
391Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya South Dokrai779Dokrai
392Prathmik Vidyalaya Mudiyankhera496Dharamdas Khera
393Prathmik Vidyalaya Dharamdaskhera584Dharamdas Khera
394Prathmik Vidyalaya Naya Bhawan Japsara1416Japsara
395Prathmik Vidyalaya East Sawain1098Sawain
396Prathmik Vidyalaya West Sawain913Bairampur
397Prathmik Vidyalaya North Bhadewara1228Bhadeora
398Prathmik Vidyalaya Goraiya1248Gauraiya
399Prathmik Vidyalaya Narayanpur983Baidan Khera
400Prathmik Vidyalaya Babukhera1094Babukhera Dixtanwala
401Prathmik Vidyalaya Dhankauli Second East1037Dhankauli
402Prathmik Vidyalaya Dewrahar659Dhankauli
403Prathmik Vidyalaya Dhankauli Second West1304Dhankauli
404Prathmik Vidyalaya Daudapur506Daudapur
405Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya North Ahraura642Racholiya
406Prathmik Vidyalaya South Ahraura1026Ahraura
407Prathmik Vidyalaya Kodra Bakhatkhera1345Kotwar
408Prathmik Vidyalaya North Mubarakpur909Mubarakpur
409Prathmik Vidyalaya South Mubarakpur900Mubarakpur
410Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya East Bhagwanpur Majra Sangrampur360Sangrampur
411Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya West Bhagwanpur Majra Sangrampur1450Sangrampur
412Prathmik Vidyalaya Rasulpur Dariyaav646Rukunpur
413Prathmik Vidyalaya Naanmau823Nanmau
414Prathmik Vidyalaya Unchganv1479Unchgaon
415Prathmik Vidyalaya Narayandas Khera773Naraindas Khera
416Prathmik Vidyalaya Ramner East875Anui Khera
417Prathmik Vidyalaya Ramner West868Ramnair
418Uchcha Prathmik Vidyalaya Jagatpur717Jagatpur
419Prathmik Vidyalaya East Kalyanpur643Kalyanpur
420Prathmik Vidyalaya West Kalyanpur365Kalyanpur

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